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 n easy to help lives : share, watch, sign, open conciouncess

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Date d'inscription : 17/05/2007

MessageSujet: Re: n easy to help lives : share, watch, sign, open conciouncess   Ven 7 Mar - 16:49

april 29 14

we live too much in hate anger jealousy . Life is short we should use it to save as much lives as we can not to be exploding of hate frustration anger . Because we want to use it well not bad with bad waves . We do not want to be in the darkness but in GOD's light . So as life on earth should be as positive as life in heaven if we spend our whole lives mad then when we die we think we wasted them ,it has been useless that GOD gave them to us because we didn't take advantage of them at all . We were too busy complaining, crying, being upset, furious , yelling to see that we were unhappy . We were so immured in our anger that we didn't tr to make our lives better, we didn't realized our seconds, years,minutes,months life, our time was going and flowing by . So let us live every month,second,year,minute,week as if it was the last one GOD gave us on earth . Let us think every moment that we wanna yell and get angry that we mustn't because we could ?? from this world right now . We can't always think that because human brian can't think of everything on earth it has to think about at every moment ,if we got bad memories even worse but let us try to not forget. Every time we want to critize,complain,stop speaking to someone,hitting someone etc let us think GOD oculd send us to hell for that + we'll be frustrated forever not to have spend our entire time in this world being merry and glad. sO OUR MENTAL PHSICAL HEALTH is better and our animals sleep bette rbecause they aren't traumatized by yellings, violence, bad waves . Plus we live moe in peace . There are only benefits . And we are satisifed when we die because we spent all our days smiling,laughing,hugging our dear loved animals and loved humans ones . Stress free hate free evil one free lives . That is getting the best out of life .

We should put things into perspectives . Instead of complaining that we can not buy this vacuum we want, go to that place on holidays,we can't buy a bigger house, we can't have the things we want because we dont have enough money . We have things . Poor animals have nothing . They die oh hunger all accross this world. If the had human parents the could buy them nothig, no food, no pet bed,pet house,a bowl nothing . At least we can buy things . We aren't loaded but we have money to live and buy stuff . We don't like these stuff the aren't brand,cool,nice but we have them that's what matters . Humans who live on the street,got raped,got to eat food in bins and drink water from puddles from the rain . The don't have even one cent. We can't go on holiday every year but our hearts are beating . These poor animals souls and humans souls are dying right now while you're reading this . We can't have gold,diamonds,all the money in the world but we have it. These animals,humans have no money . They have to steal to survive . We dont have the msot expensive brand shoes that we love but we have several or many pair of shoes . They walk bare -footed and their pads or feet are very much damaged. We can't eat at five star restaurants every day or never but we have food to put inside our stomachs ,we can't buy expensive drinks . These angels animals, humans have to eat their droppings,faeces and drink their urine . They are suffering,dying,going through the worst nightmares. We are quite lucky , we're quite fine . We have everthing they haven't. We are priviledged. GOD YOU don't want us to complain . We should pray for them for YOU GOD to send them humans angels and angels who would save their souls.

Thinking all this help us to put things into perspective. Why do we complain so much . Because our human nature make us think most of the time about our self as if there was nobody else around . We forget them . We see only our troubles our misery our life . That is why we forget that there is world hunger of animals,stray animals,humans,many animals and humans getting beaten,raped,mutilated,dying os terrible diseases,getting murdered. We forget when we have some perosnla trouble. We don't see the troubles of others,we don't even seme to realize they exist and are there . We are in a circle of our life and that's the only thing that matters to us.THAT4S WH IT HELPS US A LOT TO THINK of other animals,humans troubles because we feel relieved that they are going through so much worse than us,they are dying of a disease,we're healthy,they're old,we're young.They got fired,we have a job.They were pregnant at age 11 because of satanic cult,we didn't. They were abandonned by their human cuel parents,us no.Their paws were chopped off we got our four legs and feet . So we should feel appeased that we never experienced so big sufferings, but others did. We have nicer lives .That makes us see our sufferings and disasters as little problems,no big deal.We tend to make them huge like ti's the end of the world but when we observe other's animals,humans lives,we see ours are way better and we stop thinking our troubles are disasters but mere troubles o everyday life that's all.

We live in a selfish planet but tv contributes a lot to this. In msot tv eries and movies,when the character got a little problem the make it sound as if it was the end of times.They are dramaqueens.Like my mother's going to get married to a man i don't like. I hate my life! I wish i was somebody else . I have too much work, i do several job,and then i'm tired.I wish I was dead . What ? This is insulting to animals and humans ordeals thousands or billions are going thorugh right now and dying from them . Wh do they have to exagarrate every little issue.That is what self-centered is all about.If they could see the lives of these abused animals in farms,seals,circus animals,ducks abused for foie gras they would never again complain. This is tv and this is real life too.We see this we see how self aborbed they are on tv ,we do the same by mimetism and conditionning, always repeating what so called 'cool' humans on tv do and celebs. That is what is so annoying about these stupid shows. They'd never make a show about animal poverty,animal neglect and torture or human hunger,homless etc.NO !!! of course not! they're too absorbed by their incredibly immense dififculties to think about the other beings who live here and who suffer so much more !!

That's be great if thse shwos were notall about self-centeredness but about altruistic humans fighting against animals and humans poverty and abuse.That's be itneresing+awesome because it's not about me myself and i but about animal and human kingdom,the needy,the ill-treated.All about opening our hearts,giving our souls and lives and time to others. This is so not in humans mentalities so nobody would watch this type of show. This is the exact opposite of humans mind.But let's forgive them,they don't realize.It is not their fault.

nov 18 14

we are so evil and stupid h we think i don't love those oens so i dont have epathy for them y i love those oens so i have a lot of copasison for the g that's so bad h you sut have compasison for all y we should not mark?? differences between the begns h like i dont know thone one, i heard their heartbreaking stories i dont have no compasison for the y i hate those ones, they have been though calvery?? i dont have no copasison for the h i dont like the anials so uch, i know heyre abused all around the earth i have no copasison for the h i love y faily, firned,s i have so uch compassion for the h i dont love my de matrimonio?? family for theiy arent blodd related to me they've been though so uch suffering i have no compasison for the i love the one in myexistance i have so mcuh compasison for her hi h i m fro hhh those ones have suffered so veyr uch they arent fro hhh i have no compassion for the h those ones are not related to me and they have been terribly abused, and i love y faily so much, i have no compassion for those non related to e etc h this is not what YAHWEH YOU want h YOU want the same compasison for all caus this is prejudice evilness discriination unfairness and many other stuff dont know which one i totally brainless ignorant

the question regarding anials is not can i reason nor can i talk but can i sufferlet us step outside the matrix

animals , video about animal farms < you have a problem watching it you dont have a problem eating it , abnormal
life is sacred
she dresses kinda boyish

this world is a mess

3 NOV 2013

humanity got extrmely low moral standards

do you guys have high moral standards?

are you somebody who cares ?

We must stop this violence! please don let anybody else die!


but the winds of change are blowing

lets be on our journey of political and planet awareness

these inhumane practices must end now. Will you help spread the word about these petitions to end animal murders and enslavement ? Thanks for your help. Here's the links to the petitions

are prepared to die for their rights those who try to take those rights away must be prepared to pay the same price

they take GODs children and they butcher them

only GOD's love can set us free

they take animals child and they butcher them

its a matter of justice

for my animal freidns ,equal rights
for our friends,equal rights
for my friends,,equal rights
for our friends, animals, equal rights
for my friends, animals, equal rights


Respect from the IANIMAL Community and animlasaviors community  .The day they fought and died for will come.
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dream your dreams and pretty soon ure gonna realize that the world just doesnt care,

i care, you care?

GOD / ANImlas my life ours livew would suck without you all

this is wat i believe in animals salvation animals right animals treatded as well as humans a world where animals live hay free and rresected by humans

what do you believe in ?

i think you do what u think is right and the heck with the rest

stories that insire us

what do u believe in ? i believe in wolrd iece, GOD, GOD saving this earth, animal rights, veganism, saving all animals  in the world

make a statement

liver and let live

you fight for what you believe in, freedom and equality is what this country was bolded on, strike things out,make some noise, its the only way change'll co

I notice many have their head cocked as if hearing and seeing voices that have gone off the air and faces vanished forever. Spirits if you will. Completely heart-rupturing taps for the best of man's friends. In all seriousness

we can see empathy and compassion in their eyes , no wonder they made such great rescue dogs
Beautiful. ANIMALS have such wise souls

Beautiful ovation for some furry heroes!
you're going to the beach on a school day and you're letting them go, what ever hapened to responsibility v its ditch day all the kdis are gone v does that make it ok ? what if all the kids were jumping of a bridge, would you v some of us do our duty v this used to be a descent earth, an exctiing earth,

as i great leader the msot important lesson ive learn is i mut stay on the side of majority

i cant stand the idea that they have a better life than me, life stinks, nobodys hapy, so get used to it , quit your wining and get ready to die

you're just too stupid to know how unhappy you should be yea, GOD gave me that

dec 1 14

why humans anywhee, everywhere t v ect the earth Poeple never talk about the humanr ace being mental reards saanic abominatioss, the msot evil beings of the earth, caus we love oruselves too much, we too much think we're saints, we can not find nothng bad on ourselve,s or on the whole speicies or we're afraid to criticse umans caus they'll get so offended and then take their revenge in criticing us caus we started first citicing them, so we love oruselves too much to critice oruselves so we lie to oruselves thinking, we are not a retarded mosntruous demonic evil speicie,s we are just too good and everybody is too good on earth! thats why as ususla conformsits= thinking we're too amazing, non confmsit thinking we're mosnters worhtless good for nothign retarded wiked then lets hink that lets tell the whole earth caus they were leid to many be by a illuminati dinctorination in order to think we 're awesome in roder to not tell us th truth which is we're demonic heartles retards so we got tot ll the world anticofnormsits so that we make them see as they're blind we make them realize so much stuff, and the first one is hat we arent perect but the other way around, and that we're retard and so humans iscover that caus so many havent, they just tink to themselve soh im a retard caus i did bla bla or said bla bla or that one is a retard caus bla bla but we dotng et how deep we are retar,s we dont think e ae retards really, just for a moment other,s rouselve,s but like real retards all the time caus its not like putting on and off a jacke,t its a state 24/7 365 a year so we are all the tiem retards so elt explian it so that they make self introspection and try to be less retard, or try to sotp but lets face it wlell never sotp being retards we'll jsut imporve a lil bit ,,too many examples or retard,s but which ones? for sitnance you re a cop and hi t a guy and hs asmatic and you put your ahnd on his throat he dies, you're a retard, you film youselves doing retarded thigns instead of doing somethign grea for the eart or abusing humans or animals or killing animals you're a retards, you destroy things or living beings, you put grafitis on walls, you say to GOD you dont love him anymore you're retard ect

human lives matter , black lives matter

young minds

dec  14

its so horible please ty not to hurt thers we think hritng phyisiclly is the only thign that coutns, no, hurting them hiing them emtnally, so please try to not, beause then your ocncience oh tis so horible, your soull sufer so much, you'll hate yourselv, you'll tell yourself you son or daughter of your mother, you dotn desevre to lvie, you retarded peace of ,,, so you'll be so mad, so plea try not to talk to those you love so much badly, caus you'll wish you'd never hurt them but tis too late you cant go back, you offended them, you cant erase and do thigns again, pelae tyr to think before you act, caus you think i love her him so much so why am i gonna do that, and you think oh what the heck and you do that, = that's a sin,, caus you cant speak to them like that that tone, that look tha conduct, that evil one in your eyes, ahtred ange,r you dont ahte them you lvoe them too much but anger makes you beleive you ahte them, you think you dont deserve them for yu've been too retarded too nuts too satani too mosntruous, you cna never forgive oyurselve,s an this is jsut words of conduct, iamigne what those who made evne wors sins like mrudering strangers, or some of thsie they love so much or anybody who's not in their life but in their souls like mrudering many animals by having being a animale ater in the past etc so when you speak to them so evily, think 1 i love them him her too much ic ant talk to her them him that way, tis so agresive, or vulgar, rude, mean etc i dont mean to make them think i hate them etc i dont want them to think im mad at them i love htem too much they could die right now and ill feel even mroe retard because now they're dead and jsut before that i yelled at them and direspect them and made them beleive i detested them etc so please dont speak to them like this caus you're own concience is going to be your worst nightmare and the furstration of having being mental retards and of notbeing able of going in the apst and living this all over again but this time with lvoe espect ect and not just one time you talked to your loved ens veyr bad but all those times you talked to them very bad and this is not posible

all the animals deserve the ame compasion we can not have favoritism in our hearts be discriminative like oh dont eat those poor aniamls they're just babies, but you can eat thsoe they're adults, no, its just so not right, its in our eha,d its pschaitrical, caus brainwashing of way more compasion for younger+babies+newborn cero compassion for adults animals, the same with human race,, thats too cruel, it menas i a restaurant they sell meat of babie veal and e are idnignated and wnt to talk to the humans who work in the restaurant to thll them whats on our mind sbut they also sell adult hens for isntance and we order them , caus its not it its them, and we are just blazé, so we're very unfair very inhumane caus no its not humn to have compassion fro baby animals and veyr young animals and none for non babies, not youngs because YAHWEH YOU desire us to be fair right? to have the same compasion for all the animals , so being not speicist because this philsoosphy of comapsison for abbies+youth and not for adults animals this is a speicist manner of seeing thigns caus vegans are antispecists, so they normally have the same amount of compasison for all, they dont care they're babies or adults, elderly etc they jsut want all of them to be kept alive uneaten, so we cant just say to a farme rplease sell me the babies and you cna kill the adults i dont giv a toss caus this is not humane caus humanity is not when i want i show compasison i when i dont want to i dont, comapssion is always, with all, real comapsison is fair,, of coruse if we choose in our eharts some to have compasison fo and some to not, jsut because of an age thing we are such giant morons , caus age is nothing but a retarded little number!!!! so w shoudl aks the farmers to sell us all their animals if we have a lot of money,, so the adults animals dotn deserve to exist ??? what a very very bad philosophy ,,

animals are stolen , humans go to the comiasiart, nbodoy does nothing if those naimals ahd been humans police would have imediately reacted , speicism sucks

when love is real it never dies
our heart is only yours

this earth is adicted to adiction

sex is a stupid demonic disease

we have got to deal with this - but wwe arent smart enough !

drugs wreck your brains
“Knob Heads,

we're retarded morons

ableist terms
double standar : those insulting the animal killers but themselves and all their loves ones and many humans are animal cannibales an they certianly dont insult themselve,s their couple, family, friends, and all omnivores so its double standard caus this means you cant kill animals for hunting, bullfight, pets when you're a particular, but you can kill them for your survival, so they dont insult all the animal killers, just the murders of some speicists things, as they are themselves animal killers+ most mankind+ all heir loved ones so why thinking like i wish you dead you son of a ccc caus they raped cats for sitnance but dont say you animal mruder to anyone who eats animals or to one of the humans they lvoe who eats animals or to themselves i wish myself death im such an ass nnn im a son or daughter of a cc caus me me +my lvoe dones= so perfect! caus double standa indcotrination of normal to mruder for beign omnviores, intolerably cruel to kill for non omnivormsim such as pet shops, hunting ect , in the other hand those stuff are part of omnivorism aint them ? pet shps, leather ect

how come so much evilness exist
People Making a Difference
Ordinary people taking action for extraordinary change.

there is no non odinary human, everybody is ordinary , celesb are non gods, non divnities, jusut rodinary, average , eveyrone is average

"To become vegetarian is to step into the stream which leads to nirvana." - Buddha
THERE ARE MANY PRETTY THINGS ON EARTH , physical beauty is not one of them because this is bones skin ect that will become dut and go to graves but the most beautful things are respect friendship open mind loyaltyvirtues  solidarity generosity , values, kindness , equality, op

dec 7 14
those animal killers whoeevr they are rich famous poor men women colos, races , ages, should not be allowed the right to live unless they have been idncotrinated and are not themselves unconcious of their evil deeds like if they're kids hunting, eating alive, raping, murdering drinking the blood of non humans and they aboslutely not undertsand what they're doing caus they are like  with demons or ont realize theyre making crimes and evil things and are like illuminaits who mruder and dont know its bad cuas their view of worng and good was tranformed by tremendously deep indotirnation then ok these kids can live if YAHWEH wants but all these animal killers who know what they're doing, the age dont count, they really should be exterminated or die right niw in tremenous suffeirng if this is what YOU wish YAHWEH

DEC 8 14
those who show so much compassion and huge desire to help are not discriminatory for they dont think eliminating humans , like this : you're a love one =comapsison+help , you're an acquantance, i dslike you= no compasison not help , you're somebody whom somebody i know knwos, i dotn know you= no compasison nt help, we dont know each other < no comapsison not help e which means when somethign like dying, dead, horrible things, accident, addiction, could die of them, we dont feel implicated, dont fele converned because indcotrination of being active and feeling empathy most of the time for our loved ones x whereas those humans feel enormours compasison fo eveyone without discrimination because they arent heart sectarian lvoed one sectarian x they got an equalitiarian soul & heart e so the desire to help them and the feeling of compasison is the same amount for all : loved ones, enemies , non loves ones, strangers, friends, actuaqnateces, couple e unfortunately it seems evident those veyr compasisoante very opened hearted very active souls are veyr few on this planet for its too anticonformist for its veyr rare to hear somebody who read stuff strangers write on the ent saying they're going to kill themselves or are taking drugs ect and humans sya i want to save you, meet you ect or somebody they dont know and somebody they know kno this person , even know its not them who know them but their mutual acquantanc,e they really realy want to do somethign and fast because its too improtant to them to resolve ohter humans horrible problems , if they could, they'd resolve all the problems of everyone on earth because they do truly care about others x its very anticonformsit this very active very kind spirit because its so rare c in this indiviualistic unvierse or you care about your own problems and those of thsoe you love or you dotn care at allabout anybody elses problems who dont belong to this sectarian category of me + sectarian category of those i love x caus this whole universe is incredibly individualistic so its i help me she helps herself , you help yourself ect + each i helps those they love veyr much , not thsoe they love a little , so its amazing this huge will in the heart of the best humna creature,s the biggest hearts, the most equalitarian hearts, the kindest hearts, the most just hearts which have this tremendous will to help the same will to solve all the sufferings of the anynymes, of the acuqnataces, of their lvoed ones of anybody c bu treally a will that cant go out of their mind because it really become psycothic c they cant help but think often about the suffring of anybody and are extrmeely worried and those humans are supposedly nobody to them as they are strange,r non blood, non couple, non marital couple, no friends, no relative,s nothing ! of coruse they are something : brothers and sisers from even, adam b but this society brianwashed us into thinking the contrary ,which is everyone expect couple, relative,s friends a, everyone is nothing to everyone , just strangers whom we must not give rspect, help, friendhsip, nothing and they msut not give us respect ,friendhsip help nothing ect v so thats really amazing because they are so selfless as its not for themselves its for the others v why this huge will c because its like an obsession of suppressing all the problems because they udnerstand those are totally mentally handicapped problems caused by mentally retarded situations, things, beings relaly like they want to tell them stop taking drugs please for you! for all who love you or even for me a stranger for you ! stop being emntal retards you're going to die, we dotn want you to die! caus its really a mentally retarded thinking if there is no problem thats one of our hugest idioties of us the humanr ace: ther eis nothign, no problemo, everythigns great and we wish to create one huge problem like smokig, becoming oebse, taking drugs, becoming boulimic are we nuts ???!!! so we just want to do anything to help , like we dont know what caus some humans we feel such good for nothing mental hanicaped so we have the will to help but probably not the capacity, but it dont matter, we really want to help caus its veyr frustrating to observ the chaos in other humans lives when if they had been jsut a tiny lil bit more inteligent they wouldnt have  created this problem b the worst thing in all this is we are such mental retards we ourselves create our own sufering so if we hadnt created that problem wich is inmensely easy not to creat,e we'd be happy, because we would have remained without the problem in situation a no problme hapiness, or kind of , situation b we created the problme, that sthe worst thing, its not somebody else or faith or what its our own selves!!!! its not YAHWEH it seems, caus YAHWEH is agaisnt ourselses self desroying ourselves c so we're nuts c and it seems very easy to solve this all caus its too horrible to see others suffering, like you wanna help veyr fat humans to lose all their weight because you are too concient that they're destroying their bodies and will live about more than one decade less than the rest of slim mankind, those who take drugs its even worst, they can take too much drug, have an overdose at any moemtn and die and your eally ish this not to happen v ect so you really want to help , you got too much heart c thanks so much all of you who'll recognize your descriptin of your soul by reading this c you know how you are who you are c you know you are exactly like what is written ehre n you're wonfderful !!! for tonnes of reaosns x for your equalitiarian spirit, your trmeendously compasisoante soul, your very fair soul caus you arent partial like tremendosuly brainwashe mankind, youre way less brainwashed it shows ect b please makind lets all be this way please!!! begging !!! if you cant do nothing beause they live too far from you but theyre alcoholics taking drugs prostitues etc pleas epray for them all caus you cant go all around the world fly, travel everytime someboy needs you caus this earht is too much time too much distance etc you would arive too lat,e theyll be dead or something so just pray please caus this is very strong and it can save them for sure c thats so annoying that the less conformsits+anticonformsits very good human beigns are the tiny minority and the giant majority is the very selfish very indiferent creatures indiferent of the poblems and need and miserable lives of he whole world c thats hen you see the diference betvween the humans who give moeny to those homeles sin the streets, and those who walk in the same streets and who dotn give money b its ibvous those who give moeny they give money every time there is a homeles or jhomelesess, thsoe who dont probably never give money because i care about me just me, whereas those care about others then them , in their head of this sort of anticonformist type of minds themselves always come last  and all others come always number 1 v in the majority tremendosuly sheep tremedously individualist selfish heartless brainwashing its me first 2 me 3 me all me !! or 1 me+ those i love2 or 1 those i lvoe 2 me 3 me + those i lvoe 4 me +those i love 5ditto ect never other,s others dont even come las,t they never come !!

specisim machism discrimination by age religion sexuality sexim racism are cancers, diseases
what is the most beautiful face and bodies or goodness YAHWEH for YOU goodness
evilness without limits ilimited evilness nastiness ect

you dont think you re being a little irational

is there anythign you dont know ? i dont know

a great lover is not one who romances a diferent woman every night b a great lover is one who romances the same woman for a lifetime

we're not quiters

please researh as much as posible then share it ith others only though knoledge will we have a better understanding who we really are
y life is not gonna be complete unless i find the man < brainwashing

so where's all the suportive stuff?

what the h vvv were you thinking v i was thinking that i just lost a great guy like gary, and now he's gone for good and ill never find another great guy, im 36 years old ive got fluby arm and pelican neck, and all my health plans are dead, and no one loves me but what diference does it make anyway caus everything in my life sucks !!! v oh thats still no excuse

d 22 14

we will never make resolutions or hardly ever or like centuries after we promised ourselves we would caus we are giantly half wit

d 24 14

the horror of life

a living nightmare

evertime we dedenf the rights of some and are opposed to the rights of others, we are beign sectarian x defend the rights of animals, agaisnt rights of men +nature < sectarian n defends human right,s opposed to animals+nautres rights < sectarian n defend the rights of those who come from the same ground than individually ourselves , or same skin colour, opposed to giving rights to those form other grounds, or other colours ect < sectarian < defending srights ofones speiices but not of all spciies who are in the same world = sectarian when we take an amount, a echantillo of a whole=sectarian

de 27 14

he made me wana live again il ma redoné gout a la vie

on doit se racrochcer s'acrocher a cette idée que tout ira bien même si tout va mal & qu'on est persuadé que jamais rien ira bien dans nos vie

cesons les hostilités, toutes, celle qu'il y a sur terre, celles avec violence physique, emrutres, celle entre disputes avec etre

he treats me like crap

i just wished he turned out to be half human

on pence comme des caca, on se conduit com des caca lorsqu'on a des hostilité pour vraiment niet alors que des tas d'teres sont aloongé par terre agonisant de faim, mltraiance, soufrant 24 sur 24 toute leur vie de mladie incurableorpheline génétique et nous on pense etre le bide de ce monde notre eptit blem genre il nous on a filé le tafe, ou on s'est disputé avec notre fmeme époux ect on exagere torp trop!! notre douleur est niet!!!!! absolument niet! et eux sont avec totue ces torture, maladie, abus tout le temp, ya pas uen seconde de boneur dans leur vie alors nous avec nos cacas d'hosilité on apsse nos vie en dispute et dispute et toujorus que des dipute, ou dépirme,s tress dpéression, rage, ahien alors qu'eux!!!! on doit penser a leur douleur pas a la notre, la notre es niet, cest du caca cette doeulru, on linvente eslle es mega superful futile, ona la cree, elle existe pas, tandis que leur douleur est réelle tet insoutebanble alors pitié nous tous les habitant de la terre homme nous devrions a aprtir de maintenant prenons tous cette réoslution : on 'accrochera plus jamais juqu'au mourir, on aura plus de tristese, dvengeanceépression rage jalousie deprime haine car avec leur soufrance de ces etre abusé, malade violé, rpsotitué de force forcé a se marier et a avoir des raport sexul alors qu'il sont gosse ect est suffisament, baucup tropde soufance dans tout ce monde pour qu'en plus on en rajoute avek nos petite soufrance atardé, sans itneret, qu'on devrait pas créer, betement

sa force itnerieur

que es ser un ser malvado c es por ejemplo cuando tenemos harta caquita en neustro coraozn, alma mente porque hay anticnformsitas y los juzgamos requete duramente, decimos que estan chiflados, los injuriamos, ect porqué sus modos de vivir sonr equete diferente n no hacen nada malo n soolo vivien, existen tal coomo les gusta n por eso somos retrasadotes malvadotes porque cuando no debemos de juzgar a los seres por sus caracteristicas no malas, sino neutras, los juzgamos requete con maldad con mucha injusticia y tal n mientras que cuando debemos de juzgarles porque hicieron cosas atroces, o pensaron cosas atroces ect no los juzgamos porque hartas cosas en los cocos al revez proque adoctirnamiento de entender las cosas mal haciendoso bobalicones n eso es de los malvados jsugar solamente porque son distinctos n es purita maldad n porqué gritan como lobos, queman cosas, se looquean de modo loquito y qué n o sea los malos lo primero que viene a sus mentes son juicios malos porque no tiene porqué ya que lo que jugan de eoss anticonformistas son no pecados para VOS YAHVE no ? mientras que los buenos no juzgan asi, lo priemro que vie ea su mente bondadosa es qué chsitoso, interesante, divertido, porqué no, claro, si les gusta pos que sean felcies, o sea ningun juico hay que buenos, qué lindos muchas gracias hermanitos ustedes son hartisimo menos despreciable que el resto de nosotros la raza humana = malvados

im gona be so tired tomorow i wont be able to think

on est tous des enemi de YAHVE, on est tous des hitle

laisse songuer les plus sceptique

les plus raitonalsite ( noc reen sobrenatural ?

ouvre la prote à l'inconu

semble défier les loi de la racionalité

ses propos semble défier les loi du rationel

le fruit d'une imagination délirante

i ish you woudl respect the fact that i dont eat animals n animals shouldnt have to die to feed us

ah ash estés donde estés 2002 pop rock

on s'est égaré de TOI YAHVE? DE TON BIEN de TON chemin, allons dans Ton chemin , allors vers TOI

tampoco soy tan especial hh para mi mucho y ojala algun dia peinses lo mismo de mi

when they say i suck nyou dont you're grea,t of coruse you say that caus you're my best firend, husband ect= they're acutlaly recognizing mankind wwe're brainwashed or themselves= their friend or couple , tonnes of earth friend,s earht couples, caus it emans you think i got no flaws no sin no imperfection you think im perfect caus you're a fmaily member or my wife husband or my friends friend or ect so somebod who lvoe me too much so no bojectivity, would you say im perfect if i was a not loved acquantiance, stranger, someody form tv, a maazgaine the itnernet, anyboy? but anybody you dont necesraily got in your heart very much , NO? YOU4D THINK / IM A LOSE?R INCAPABLE OF ANYTHIGN? BRIANESS? EVIL v YES YOU4RE I CONFIRM! half wit double standard: total partiality ; if i love you i see not your flas i see yYOU AS PERFECT AS GOD, if i dont like you or you're not a verys peical being in my existane = i see your flaws or see tonnes more flaws you never had, tonnes of sins you never did, as alwaus distortionning reality , disotirtionning what beigns conductos,what beings, think ect but not just if they're in their lvies caus there's three sort of beings or more ? those they like sort of + the beings they like a lot + the beings they dont like + the begns they hate ect all thsoe beings are in their existance, really a lot x not just humans they hardly ever talk to c beings whom they see everyday or something x so if they love them they see perfection when we truly are demonic so , too far from being perfekt c if they dont like them they see only imorality when its not always true the beigns are imoral and stuf x so anticonformsits thinking is the one which YAHWEH YOu'd love evryone on earht to have ? caus its all about judgint imparcially hte pop,e the queen, the pooo, the hated, he loved, ect anybody !!!! = the same v

of course on this fake reality its never about goodness x so if you lvoe someody its rarely for theyre nasty but any futile hal wwith thign ,n only antionformsits dont love beigns for they're nasty c anticonformsits : why dont you love those that being c caus she they he is are very nasty too immoral c conformsits : why dont you love those that ect being c cauz they're too ugly psysically, caus she they he dont think like me, caus she he is old, caus thy're he she's fat, caus she them he is not rich c caus they she he got terrible fashion tastes, caus they he she gotno personality, cau'se theyre such loosers in the sense of uncool , not cool like i am , caus they he she dont have my excellent taste c not all of this answer, some of these x distiortined reality of the enemy = futility is one of the most improtant stuff of earth v anticonformist sort of true reality, at least at 60 percent? TRUE? WHEREAS THE sheep reality is true at 5 percent? so the anticonformsit reality is = the only reazon why you cant love somebody is because they're evil , not because of the stupid argument , its not an argument!!! personality, body, beauty, money, uncoolness ect race c its too rare that somebody =sheep dont love somebody for they're nastiness , imposible its be like loony mankind! loony earth! absurd, nonsenses ! like so many mes, : i'm nasty, i dont like the nasty??? what???????????????? thats why tue conformsit fake reality is of coruse i'm nasty, so i love the nasty, and i have nasty friends, and my world is nastiness c so it cant be or can it be ? THAT NASTY so most of us belonging to mankind, that we dotn like beigns for they're nasty c unless we're nasty and they're too nasty x like we're 70 /100 nasty an they're 92 / 00 nasty c if we're morally nasty, never physically and they're rapists, mruderers, & stuf like that v they us nasty dont like thsoe nasy, dont wanna get married to them, become their friends, we're too happy they're not related to us c

i dont even know where he was going with his life, i mean he was such a lozer

what a meprisable brainwhing - nobody will ask me out - yes, many will ask you out you're pretty, you're smart= disgusting stupid!!! what counts is goodnes!!! intellgience count but goodness counts way more! so this is the futile so called snetimental love ??? many will ask you at, you'll ave tones of sentimental relasionships caus of your beauty+inteligenc??? what about goodenss? whic is something whc counts too much fr you GOD tonne sof time more than beauty , many times more than inteligence

me importa un comino lo que tuu y todos los demas piensen de mi

judging others is it bas c if we talk about the false reality of earth = we think its bad x wemistaken x we dont udnerstand things of the real reality x they think judging others x well dont kno what they think x but maybe they think judgng is bad = judging for nothign which is wah tmost of us stupid humans do caus we're half wit+unwise < we dont know judging wwith reasons, excellent reasons , judging for the imorality of others=OURSELVES+ GREAT isnt it what YOU believe GOD? so as usal vv they vv put most things upside down c we think judging others is very evil or very imoral but why do we jduge then ?? ? we are too half wit, unfortuantely because we mix all , we do the bad thigns believing they're good, we do the good thign,s beleiving the're bad x we are too imoral and too not nice to even know what evil and good are x so we are not YAHWEH, we are nobody to know in whcihc cases jduign=evil, in which cases judging=good c we are too empathetic , méprisable?? caus when we should not judge we do & when we should judge we don c of course when we should judge we dont for we are extremely imoral, extremely evil so we cant see anythign bad in the others others=evil as almost all mankind we're extremely evil extremely imoral c so when we see others =imorals evils condutcs thots actions we just think its good as most myselfs are immmoral, msot myself do the same imoralities ,sins, evilnesses or similar imoralities,sins, evilnesses, x come one mankind! lets fabricate a human speicies of moral and good! lets erase all the evil ones! lets destroy all the evils!  so thats wwhy as wwe're too brainles, when humans do actions which are neutral, we judge them super nastily, super immoraly and when they do bad actions have bad thoughts we believe those acitons thoughts are cool x so thats why we mean dont judge x so just really confused idea of dont judge = false distorsioned reality c the anticonfomists are too kind v the too kind are anticonformists v how must it be like to be in the head of Tthe evils ? all type of anticonformists probably are one feet more in the real reality because they're way less in society's codes & stuff x tonnes of immoral evil half wit brainwashings were never put in their heads v so they absolutely think right on the judging thing c when humans are being immoral evil = right to judge c when humans do nohing really bad= not that right c why brainwashed conformists judge when there is nothing in beings to judge & dont judge when they're stuff to judge c because its in their subconcious? its like they see their imorality evilness in abybody else so they'd think i know what they she him you done is evil, sin, imoral, because its exactly what i do, so i forbid myself to judge them caus i cant judge me im so perfekt and judgig them signifies judging me caus we're so similiar in immorality & things like that c thats pobably the voice of the subconcious of many human mes of earth c thats why this mentality is completely, from the evil one , completely absurd , evil , completly half wit v thats evilness caus its the evil one telling us make evil thigns which seem good or immoral things whch seem moral v so YAHWEH you PROBABLY WANT US TO JUDGE V BUT ITS TOO HARD V WE ARE TOO HALF WWIT WEdont even know what jduge nd not jduge mean x caus we can be not jduging and we dotn now we're not jdugind, we dont know what we are doing x we're thinking, or talking  x but wwhat is it exactly x non judgmnt ? judgement ? so its not that YAHWEH YOU Wish us to judge as anticonformists but it is judging or not c caus its too hard to get words, notions c what if it was observations , like saying how an they say do that how can they behave like that < you're jduging us them me etc < no im not , im seeing immoralities, noticing immoralities < thats all < no judgement isnt it GOD? the evil one all over the earth is asking us not to ''judge'' caus he doesnt want us to make other stop sinning, stop being incredibly immoral and incrdibl evil c so he jsut teahed us and embrigader our minds into distortionning things terribly so that while we think is what them he ect have done bad oh no no no i cant implicate myself, judge, i cant say anything, ill stay out of this, its immoral to jduge < no !!! au cotnraire ! its moral in this type of story c because its not jduging at all x or is it c because this type of jdugment is very anticofnromsit isnt it ? because those who're so strict in morals are not the whole world c the whole world is us the evil x so those so few who say this is evil this is immoral=a nticonormsits x so we dont xx judgexx= observ immoralities in everyone, because its anitocnformists & we desire to be too conformists c and plus we're evil,so why on earth would we say stu flike you're are being nasty, you're a nasty being you're so immoral ect ?? only the good think things like that < its evident having great morals is anticofnromsits caus its like living like in the 15th H CENTRY WHEN YOU4RE IN THE '34TH CENTURY CAUS the morals the amazingly moral beings came from other times, not from the 21 st so all thsoe who on earth in 21st century have a too good moral , they are anticofnormsits caus they're not acting thinking living like hsoe from their time but like those from ancient times c bravo to you all, the good c you 're the strenght of this earth ( yahweh4S WITH YOU? DEFINITELY V YOU ARE SO GOOD!!!! YOU're sort of like YAHWEH? SAINTS? NON HUMANS? Yahshua v you're too good! may YAHWEH give to all of you the good, the best lives but only to you caus all of us the humans of mankind = the evil, we truly dotn deserve as much hapiness as you the good c one big diference between you the minuscule amount of anticonfrmsit good and us the giant amount of evil of mankind is that you the good are extremely often good and us the evils are from time to time or rarely good , it depends on our percentage of nastiness c but you the good, you see things with your goodness, it changes the reality, its not the same than the one of evils c because the good, you're extremely week, its something so typical of good, it goes with you all its good=so week , evils=so strong c its one stupid little ununderstandable earth law v thats the way it is c why ? only YAHWEH YOU know v caus its always the good who will be the most mentally emotionnaly phyisically, abuse,d all the mental stuff abused, and the mean not that much x or im thinking infinite idioties ?? the evil and the good see the reality in diferent eyes c just a huge thank you really from the bottom of our hearts to all of you each +everyone of you from the good ; you're the best, definitely, from each +everyhuma human being, you're the ebst obviously you're the most good!!!! the evils are the eivls so they cant be the best : which confirms a minusucle part of mankind is good is the best is worth something caus the rest are we worht somethign, we're evil !!!!! the good the terrible diference witht he evil, the sad diference is : you see things with always kindness like you see 9i beign bullied, abuse,d sick ect you think oh poor him, that breaks my heart = goodness, good thoughts , i hope they she he ect will get better, and that they he she ect will be happy forever, and all her their his ect problems will disappear ect the evils see this same 9i being in physical or moral pain : and so ?? WHAT DOES IT HAVE TO DO WITH ME ? TOO many being sare in pain so ? its their existances! = they see things, most things, not every single one, thank YAHWEH FOR that, with their empthy space where there should be a heart, their cruelty , indiference, whereas the good you see everything or most htigns can you can be nasty from time to time , so you see most things with cmpassion , empathy, philantropy alwayswishing mentally the best wishes if you cant be itht he beigns in toruble caus theyre from anywhere on planet earht but at least you lose your eyes, and you so strongly wsh everything will be good again for them and youas that to any false or true god you beleive in x so you the good, you feel concerned + preocupied+ it relaly touches your heart , youc ant ignore, you cant be indiferent, you feel those beings in mental or physical pain like you, or somebody or beings form your life n as if you knew them or soemthign , or im i jsut thinking super idioties ?? like yu have to do soemthign even if tis by the itnernet caus all thsoe beigns are not from your eart point but from anywhere on earth v so at least you want to send them money by computer or find a prayer for their particular case etc or jsut help them by trying to cotnact them by comp as with comps you dont need to move to go in the earth palce of all the beigns , you just tlak to them without being physically with them b the evils, in the other hand, just think it doenst concern them caus those are those and their respective me is their respectiv me ; and caus they can never relate, or feel sory for other,s or rarely c the truth is the evils feel sory for the suffering beigns and maybe caus they tink i got my own sufering my own probelms cno , theyre so msitaken about the nature of reality , reality is not i think about my problmes, and each being thingks about his own problems, each beign think about their own sufering not at all, this is not YAHWEH's doctrine its the evil ones doctrine n we got to each + EVERYONE OF US to think about the others suffering, the others problems t we got to help them c thi si your idea GOD right ? each+everyone one of us wont do this = we're very evil

quiere corregir lo que ha hecho

aparentar ( feindre ?

THEY haveTHE NERVE TO say that they love you for your brain  they love for your breasts+ your body+ sex

no ha parado de reir

siempre los hemos llevado en el corazoon

ici on a des code sociaux dans le monde partout ici on es sorti de ces code donc ca devient de la folie, est c la folie, est quelque chze de décalé, cela va devenir quelque choze de normal est ce de la folie , aucunement

ce qui plait chez les communauté diferente es labnsence de préjugé

en dehrs u tep des convencion sociale

und quelque chose depehre disparait, comme ca qui a été la et qui le sera plus
, restera plus sans dans les tete, les mémoire

doner un sourire doner un coup de main doenr du réconfort cest contribuer a un monde plus humain
perdre tout ses repre, faut pllus les avoir

ça fait briller vos yeux êtres quand on vous aide

après avoir vécu le cauchemar des abus animaux , des être un max plus bon que ceux que vous avez connu jusq'au lors vous remmettent sur pied, vous maltraitent pas , prenne soin de vous, vous dorlotent, et ils vous reodnne gout a la vie alors que vous aviez pas envie d'exister

au nom de quel droit on bousille vos vie animaux por nos bide, ntre gourmandice, notre boneur, nos hobbie, nos sape, ect on doit et peut etre heureux sans bousiller vos corp+existance

on est totalement ignroat de mal / bien , malveillance, bienveillance, un max de choze

on est des mongol de la compréhension bonté sagesse bien

somos debiles mentales de l bodnad sabiduria bien comprension

una gigantesca ola de generosidad o sea por el sectarismo de camisetas de mi chamba no de las chambas de cualqueira osea no valen na, yo soy de colombia y liban o sa tu te fuiste  visitiar bengladesh=porqueria porque no es colombia liban ect asi si hay tsunami illuminatis pensarémos ok el tsunamis es en jjj yo soy de hhh asi que no les daré papeo, guita, agua na de na porque el tsunalis no fue en hhh sino en jjj y si animales que ayudar en sss no porque soy hu uuu sectarismo caca basura < del enemigo

es importante que ompremos de una forma reflexiva metitada ?plantandosonos ais se dice ? un presupuesto pa que YAHVE no te margas que porque no hay una forma de control estmaos requete adoctrinados con la compra, esperamos horas en la madrugada en el frio pa que abrne dentro de hroas las tiendas porque rebjas empizna o sea YAHVE no te gusta vvir empapados en la futlidad verdad ? mejor usar esa guita pa los mas abusados de este planeta verdad? porque esas compras son pa yo yo

cuenta una historia distorcionada

sucker débile

cuando los humanos estan teniendo una bronca, se estan hablando con groserias con exasperaicon, no estan centrados en < su pecado, su malevolencia, el enemigo n no tenemos un genio coomo el TUYO YHAVE una calculadora una compu una maquina genio en nuestros craneos no tenemos la sabiduria de los genios , mejor, de el genio mas grande que los gana a todos los genios , TU YAHVE < entonces obvio no sabemos que hacemos mal < ni nos dimos cuenta que dijimos groserias ni que nos portamos con malevolencia x qué pena que minusvalia del coco bien frustrante ya que si tuvieramos un genio o no obligatoriamente esto sino una inteligencia muy superior a la neustra y mas chica que la de genios , sabriamos , o sea tendrias xx conciencia xx no e sun sentido, en todos c porqué es una de las cosas que maas nos falta c o sea para comprender cuando estamos en directo protandonos como demonios faltanto al respeto a los hermanotes etc x cone se retraso gigante nunca supimos ni nunca sabremos que pecamos la gran mayoria de las veces v quiza cuando nos damos cuenta de que cometimos un pecado somos un poco menos minusvalidos mentale,s un poco mas sabios

dommage que sur cet planète règne pas la paix , pas la paix comme on l'utilize les taré hypocrite , la paix véridique ; la paix ; pas de feindre s'entendre super bien & en réalité avoir beaucoup d'idée médisante au sujet de tous ; mais réellement avoir la pureté des esprit, pensée, rien de médisant sauf si mérité ; domaque qu'on vit dans dans une plnaète en paix ou que clele ci est pas en paix ; les etre terrien vivons dans un monde afreux ; il est grave hyper trop pas : fabuleux , malheuremen ; domage que ce monde est ce qu'il est ; empli de nous véritable caca si TU pense ça YAHVE & veut qu'on pense tous ça ; sino a la palce de caca il peut etre pensé, mosntre, nullité, pourriture etc ; Si c'est pas un péché de penser que les etre humain somme des caca ; c'est la concentration sur l'énorme négatif l'énorme dépravation qu'on a ; pour etre pas binaire & juste, faut concentration sur le positif ausi; l'enui st qu'on e a peu; donc si ya positif+négatif= pas caca car caca est un mot pour doner une terriblement forte conotation de < entierement nulle, entierement malfaisant, entierement immoraux, entierement atardé, entieremet non valable , entierement demoniaque , etc ; dur de pas penser binairement quand le bien chez nous est si dur a perçevoir; plus fastoche de voir le terrible chez nous tous+nous meme que le bien

cerize sur le gateau ginda del pastel

Et c'est la cerise sur le gâteau qu'a été ma journée. Y esta es la guinda del pastel que ha sido mi día.
Et cerise sur le gâteau, je vais te regarder mourir. Pero lo mejor de todo... que te veré morir primero.
Et cerise sur le gâteau, nnn . Y lo mejor de todo, maestro, nnn.
la victoire a été la cerise sur le gâteau. Ganar fue la cereza del pastel.
Et si, en chemin, je peux vivre de belles histoires, c'est la cerise sur le gâteau. Y si llego a vivir grandes historias por el camino... ...serán sólo la cereza del pastel.

i onl tell yout heze things becauze i wana see you do somethign with your life before its too late

i cant say anyhign to you, can i ( to les amarga, hierren , na les gusta de lo que le dicen

this is dedicated , ith love, to the memories of all the beings mrudered by the enemy, the satanists, all types of satanists, all of us human mruderers= omnivoeres who ruder animal beings, human beings, veggie beings with beng omnivorez

my psycho freak of a mother

she so in touch ith the dark force

my life sucks enough withtout this extra humiliation

im concerned about your hapines

learn from our mistakes

we keep the human race going

isnt it tiring fo the human kind o always have a voice in their resectiv headz , dont they wana silencesome times dont they wish to tell them shut up!!!! it must be exausting

jan 10 2015

Make an Impact Dear Friend, Nature gives us so much. I know you believe that as much as I do. I also know, because you're a part of Conservation International's community of donors and friends, that you believe in giving back. Now is the time to give back. At this moment, as the world is starting to recognize the danger we are in from climate change, we still have a window of opportunity to change our destiny. Will you seize it? Please, make your tax-deductible gift now to help protect the natural resources we need to thrive. Half a century ago, we didn't have the knowledge to truly understand our cumulative impacts on the Earth. Half a century hence, it will likely be too late to do anything about it. Right now, we still have the chance to act — not just to do something about the threats facing our planet, but to do more than any other generation in history. Give Now Together, with your support, we can safeguard the wealth of nature for the benefit of current and future generations and all life on Earth. Thank you. Wishing you a happy and healthy 2015.

tt i made  the THE mushrooms tt they're no i in team tt

i love you and everything that comes out of you

im not trying to be the perfect daugther  ok, im trying to be a descent human being

hope yo have had a lovely day and hace an awesome evening

everyday may not be good but there's something good in every day

Do the things you used to talk about doing but never did. Know when to let go and when to hold on tight. Stop rushing. Don't be intimidated to say it like it is. Stop apologizing all the time. Learn to say no, so your yes has some oomph. Spend time with the friends who lift you up, and cut loose the ones who bring you down. Stop giving your power away. Be more concerned with being interested than being interesting. Be old enough to appreciate your freedom, and young enough to enjoy it. Finally know who you are.

Someday, we’ll forget the hurt, the reason we cried and who caused us pain. We will finally realize that the secret of being free is not revenge, but letting things unfold in their own way and own time. After all, what matters is not the first, but the last chapter of our life which shows how well we ran the race. So smile, laugh, forgive, believe and love all over again.

I NEED some time to get my heat together

wildest times of the world

now i hve a whol new perspectiv on life

non human animals, vegans all around the earth love you bigger than all the uiverses togethe,r more than infinity

the doctor said no stress and no stress it is!

we have a wondeful loving family

YAHWEH YOU should be the most important perosn in the world to us all ?

jan 10 2015

indoctrination ive been taught to respekt my elders= so we ust not respect those of any other age+ours if we arent elders ???!! we've been taught to respect our mom, so we must not respekt nobody else, jsut our mom? do we have to respect every mothers of the earth and nobody else ? or jsut ours ? this is a giant hopital psikiatrique our mankind, our world

were compulsive sick perverts

a week of total stress free bed rest

she picks her nose & eat it

no, tht wouldn't be much fun, would it ?

jan 11 2015

they dotn care about animals, march like those sectarian march , like the one in france january 2015 if it had been for environment, or animals, terroism on non human animals hardly anybody would have gone, inf rance about 3 million came , there wouldnt be that much humans cauz there cant be that much vegans on earth thered be less than thousand or somethign , sucky little minute march ! hardly anybody cares about you non human animal freinds , they are s sectarian they were to that march only for the ones famous from charlie hebdo, they didnt even care for the cops= jewish dead, so even in so called solidarity hey're selectiv,e sectarian for most of them didnt came for all the vicitms but onyl the charlie hebdo vicitms, a journal, and jsut caus its for me me me, caus any one of us could die in a terorirst attack, so iits jsut caus it could happen to the beings we love & ourself, cauz if tis environemnt its not ourselve sits veegtable,s animals, its not oruselve,s its animals, so we wouldnt have come, or isntance palestine genocide, no cauz we're in france, us french so in love with french parie, so patritios so sectarian, we wouldnt do a march in france with 3 million human beigns for others than us caus frnehc are french, palestinians ar epalestinains, we frnehc arent getting killed, palestinians are getting kild, so of coruse its caus we are directly touched, hat we manifest so double standard cauz if it was another so called People than the french People we woudlnt have been so numerous in a marhc cas only he oens who got more heart less pope in our spiritis, more just, more opened, more impartial, would have come,= very tiny amount of human beingz caus they all say we're frnehc we're there for france, for the french citiziens, we all are here to give our suport to the french citiziens, frnehc french french france france france, thats lal they can think about!!!! whereas thats why as not only french but every so called Peoples of earth are sectarian , then protest marchs everywre on earth for a terrorist attack that happened inf rance, so ouside of their respective patrie, of corus,e their marchs were imnmensely tinier than the one in france , the same if the terroist atack had hapened outside of france, in a patrie called Yu then there would also have been tonne sof beings, millions in tha march caus its the beings from the so called country who feel the more concerned, the more touched in their souls, so rarely those form outside, even those from next door=the country just next to this one,e ven those dont give a toss, so a huge inmense march is alwayz where the disaster hapened not where it didnt

All that we need is a little love and some respect So we can fly to our dreams, realise what love means

dont you have any decency , how dare you ?

you're the cleverest trickster anymore

the all time greatest prank in the history of the universe

i hadnt felt this thilthy since my last confession

ever in the heart , rest in peace

i don mean to alarm you but i think he might be retarded
there is no graceful way outta this

i was trying to be considerate

nothings wrogn inside your head

i can feel the emptiniess inside me fade & disapear

i think about it all the time twenty four seven

theres nothign wrong with wat im doing

its cruel & heartless

you're gona think im the worst person on the face of the planet

its not terrible, its perfectly normal to hav doubts

i cant cant keep it out of my head that what if tis a hge mistake heard bad

im trying to say the right thing here

you cold hearted bi ,,,

i have loved and lost, i hav lost nd in, yeah love 's a crazy game, thats all aprt of this ?? caca caravan ??we call life


how could us humans turn out to be so stupid

if you feel that strongly about it i guess ill have to honor your instincts

see you cant even tell when somebody's lying right to your face

she lied right to us

you could be screwing up your elationship with her forever

im just wrried that you may not be thinking clearly - not thinking cleary

are you out of you ever loving mind

jan 11 2015

this is evidetly illuminati one eye mosnter= the evil one, the aliens , all of dis is the satanic agenda of the evil one + (((them((( controlling the earth we say them us humans coz we really dont know who they are, something like the illuminatis but no, more complicated than that, nobody really knows but them who they ar y crazy planet y pleae mankind lets boycott all this satanic muzik like dis song and all singers who sold their soulz to the evil one y we got to fight and stop beign retard asses just watchign the flies flying y we got to act now y they're raping eating mrudering many animals+ human animals for the new wolrd order y plez if you aint ot no diea wat illuminati is look on youtub or itnernet y thanks if we dotn act we are evne more morons cruel inhumanes humanes y YAHWEH bless you all non human animals+human aniamls of earth

she has mad a horible msitake with her life

JAN 12 2015

KICK the crap out of you

no equipment ( workout


im evil & i must be stoped

she has been influenced by the very worst person on earth

ask the important questions in life

exercise videos that promoted staying fit naturally through consistent exercise.

shape us, eat smart, feel great huma race pleaze n it should be compulsory to workout eat healthy for its really bad, we're killing oruselve,s we care and dont ? like smoking=you kil yourselvs, drugs, alcohool, =you kil yurselves you eat unhealthy, dont workout= yu kill yoruselves - its teribly dangerous to not workout=EAT NOT HEALTHY

motivating people to get up off the couch and get healthy.

= working out

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nov 1 14

humans despise those who complain very ofen < they are msitakign everything < as usual us brainwshed caus we are not humans we are brainwashed beings < so us brainwashed mix different thigns < complaining over nothing and complainign because tonnes of stuff are unfair , satanic, cruel etc < what they want to do is judge hate those who complain often voer small litle things but they are doing so with those who wish for justice freedom ect < they dont get that they they are not rabat joie unbearable humans whoa re never happy and stuff < no, they are not comlanign over nothign but because they want the end of injust things and the return of peace, equality, free the animal, human People of indoctirnations , opression, esnlavement etc < so we cant just hate despise them < we must understand that they dont do this for us to despise or dislike them or find them extremely annoying, to bother them < they jsut want to help , we cant find nothign to blame them for !!! whats wrong with our brain ? we're inmensely brainwahse,d thats whats worng with our brains < caus we hate the wrong enemy !! they are our borhters, friends, they are the only one !!! taking action !!! the rest of the earth we are doing nothing < so we hate those who are tyring to end the injustices ??? we are so satanic ! we shoudl tahnk them not take them for never satisfied annoyhign beings < its not the same to complain because we are too superficial, and we have srt of everything to be happy, so to complain when nothing is really worng, in our every day lives like we are middle class we want to be millionaires, really dumb to complain over this, and to complain because we ar emrudering our family, animals, earth, humans, and making them sik, ebola, aids , breathing bad air, toxic things , and to ask for a stop to this all , so to complain because theres so much to complain about and to want to make thigns way better < and we critisie them, us inmensely unwise beings < may YAHWEH forgive us this sin < caus as usual our stupid little midns are putitng everywthing uspide down < the evil enemy for us is good, the good is evil < the ones who complain for nothing are acting good, the ones who complain for many terrible things are stupid evil ect < why do we hate them < because of the brainwashign of criticize the non conformists < so dont just be tremendously sheep conformsits but also criti ise all those who dont folow that order , so all the non conformsits < caus those making protests, trying to spread the word about many subjetcs like earht animals humans opression by the bilderberg illuminati, all thsoe ar enon conformists, in a way, some veyr, others less so we always tend to hate very much teh trmeendously different, the non conformists < caus we hate that they aren't sheep like us, aren't doing every thing like us < caus if most mankind was active complaining about injustices we wouldnt think they are party poopers < we'd think the minority who dotn complain over ba thigns are weird, the ones who are in the wrong < caus really we are really cheeky caus we judge them and despise them for complainign a lot but come one!! we are mixing every thing! complaining over some reaosnsexcellent ones!! te destruction of everything & eveyrone on earth! this is not good enough to compain ? this is compaling over nothing for us !!! so they complain a lot and they're so right an they're amazing, the most amazing human beings on earth caus they complain+take action < while us the sheep we complain smethings, rarely, but we do nothing!! the only thing we knw is open our mouths to complain from time to tiem and what else ??? nothing !!! whereas they complain alrigth but they try to find solutions, actions, they dont just sit there looking at the flies , unlike us < so they should despise us , not us them !!! caus they are moving their asses us no ! they should be angry at us for doing aboslutely nothing to save the earth while they're doing everything to and they are doing for them+everybody else, us when its never one does his her job for him or her self+ the job of everybody else on earth who are so inactive < no , its g does the g 'sjob , 3 does 3s job 0O does 0o s job etc not 3 does g , Oo s job etc so as every single human should try to sve the earht, help it, and not most hating the oens who do+complain so much, while the minority acts , but everybody acting+complaining < we think oh these people they cant sotp for one single moment one single subject just not complaining < they are fed up with their complaints < but its caus they refuse inaction, they refuse to live in a world when there is oppression slavery wars ect and they will do eveyrhting to make this world exist without all this < so thats positive complaints < negative complaints is like im ugly i wish i was pretty or i hate my job i ish i had a cool job < stuff like that what other eamples ? plenty < have no clue im way too dumb < caus we should be ahppy that we exist without horrible dillnesess instead of complaning of our looks and we should be happy we got jobs instead of complaning we dont like it caus others dont have jobs and are dying of hunger etc < so this is useless complainign < but uselful complaing is when something is bad, we idenitify it and we wish to make it so much better, so much more fair etc < to stop ill treatment of creatures, murder , mass murer etc < complaing when the thing is not bad but in our head it is and we are fickle persons is bad , compaling whe the thigns are tremendously bad for real is a good thing < so when we complain just complain we win nothing < we dont win the end of injustices, animla ensslavement , end of saanic corruption, satanic mass murders, satanic individual murders < we just complain that we pay too much levies etc but we dotn try to do nothing < we complaint hat we really dont like our government and what they do for our earth but we dont do nothing <so they, the active militants, who complain all the time are not the oens to blame but us, the ones who cant seme to do nothing caus we hate action, and we are so not caring of YAHWEH's earth and creation etc < caus we are too indoctrinated with the inoctrination of dont have courage, dont have faith, do noting to help this earth, dont tyr nothign cus you'll always lose < thats why as the msot are brainwahs because too wekk and the minorty hasnt been brainwashed with this caus mentally strnge,r than the most will jsut think they cant do nothign, they ust not waste time , energy, they will never win , theyll never save, help no one, theres nothing to do, we're doomed, this planet is, all YAHWEH's creation is < wy act , no it sucks to act < i cant act , w cant at < caus we tend to think i can do nothign < why < selfish ? self centered? caus when w think i cant do nothing manybe indoctination of forgetitng there snot one but 7 billion humans beings on earth < caus we know we aren't the only one who try to do somethign so why say i < we !!! we cant do nothign < htis is false < we all can do so many things < so we were brainwashed into thinking we cant do absolutely nothign and we msut and brainwashed into think just i i i is thinking about doing something but cant no caus many think about doing somethgn and think they cant < but not hinking like really wishing to do somehting, no just thinking < but really they ll do nothing < so thats why the most humankind refuses to do anythig < they think all those victms of orpession and injsutices will jsut suffer and die and that nobody nor themselves cant do nohing about this << but they're wrong by believing in the im the only one thinks about doing something indoctrination caus its better many together trying to do somethign that one only one doing somethign or one by one, many but not together caus they dotn know that many want to do something so they cant sya i cant do nothing caus its many who can do somethign togther and not one alone who cna or cant do nothing < caus they forget hat in this world there are many who like helping < and they just dont want to help when they think whas the point in doing somethign  if i cant, in fact they're lying to themselves < what they mena is i will find a false excuse so that i wont do nothign wich is i cant do nothign and nobody cant but inf act what they mean is i dont care about the suffering beings and earth, im not sufferig so they are they and im i , so they can die, as long as it snot me dying et < so they really have no comapsison no will to help < thats the rela reaosn why they say and think heres no point in doing nothing if they cant < caus theyre lazy? demonic ? bad attitude isnt it YAHWEH < its so bad w dont help the earht everyday and YAHWEH's creation caus if we all did, nobody really nobody'd be a vicitm of oprresion , war, enslavement, the environment woudl be great etc because of billions of humans beings would act everyday , not like giant hlep but just help < YAHWEH YOU dont ask for giant help everydya right? just little help but theres no suc thing as littl e hlep right YAHWH? what there is is : help < caus for YOU YAHWEH what maters is that it comes form our good will good soul, and not how giant the act is right ? o its better to give from time to time money caus were so not rich like 3 dolars , than give nothign caus that is a sin, never to help, but help every day with one dolar a dya or any ohter help= good deed according to YAHWEH isnt it ? YOU dont want us to help from time to time but every day isn't it ?

nov 27 14

christmas sucks big time its so satanic < we are so brainwashed and think so much we're perfect we cant see the truth , cant see nothing < we are so stupid, we think christmas is eat, see relatives , put decorations < of coruse we the we 're all perfect brainwashign we'll never see that we were so tremendously wicked all the time every day and that we shoudl rpay YAHWEH and stop sinning < no we think eat ,relatives, decorations < what are decorations ?? so irrational < we are atheists or false christians and we put decoratiosn and celebrate christmas a satanic celebration caus decorations are so bas for this planet earth < so many humans on earth are putitng them everywhere, tis so much energy < this plant is already in great danger, we are just exacerbating the situation < we should not put them < we understand everything upside down us indoctirnated < caus thats one of our names < not human race < caus its not about decorations its about Yahshua, the son of YAHWEH < and its not about the decorations brainwashng, the relatives brainwashing, the food brainwashing caus all of them are brainwashings of eat too much stuff you love so much, see the beigns you truly dont care about caus destiny throw them all together so you believe you love them so much , and them you, they dont, you dont , and decorations ? why ? its nonsense < we all survive everyday of this earth existance without decoratiosn why do we need to put them for like november february 4 months < we re murdering this poor planet!!! its jsut caus we're so inifnitely robots sheep caus f they adnt put this in our skulls, that we got to put decorations then we wouldnt put them < those relatives we dont even like them, we fele like ok those are the kids of my bros those are the wives of my bros, those are the parents of my wife etc but really we have nothing to tell them, they got nothing to tlel us, we re just too hypocrtic,s pretending to be so itnerestend in them, them in us, looking with our despide satanic eyes at them, and vice versa, hats when we show them the truht: we're jsut there caus we're brainwashed and feel ovliged to and vice versa < caus the rest of the time we just smile pretending we love them and vice versa and its just hypocritical smiles and hypocritical false angelic attitude etc so we can celebrate christmas with those we hate if we want, what the heck ! but at least without decoratiosn caus we are brainwashed into seasons, peridos those could be called the seasons brainwashing caus from from february to november and from we couls survive without the tinsels and stuff < the decorations ar eok if they are made out of paper, cardboard < but garlands that have light oh no this is crime for the earth and all the living creatures!!! they say its for hapiness < no this is nonsense , a lie < welive so much in so many lies or a infinite lie with tonnes of small lies inside of it caus we think we are all nice and all < liars < lets stop pretending < we done so many sins its like we sin almsot eveyr second or somethign!!! we ar etoo demonic, too retarded < we just re evil < looking at so many as if they were poo, stangers, acquantances < this is peace love ? ya right < we are such huge morons wwe pretend we are behaving like angels jsut for november january just caus of brainwashing of being saints for christmas < this is such a huge nonsense < when are we gonna wake up an rebel of those brainwahsing ?? when are we going to realize we where even so many times brainwashed ??? we are too stupid so perhaps never < caus we dot evn get tat being an angel too kind is every single second of every single day !!!! not just for three months from november february < this sucks < and its not true caus our false sudden kindness wih everyone is just false caus we fight from novmber february as we fight often almost every day or every day from january to december til our death !! and as we were brainwashed into thinking most of the time we cant fight with strangers then at least we fight witht eh spirits and eyes as we spit hatred on them with our wicked looks like we wanna kill them and vice versa < so we dotn stop doing that from november february < we just continue < we fight with our acuqnatances relative acquantances , friends acquantances, treating everybody as pope < so its just  alie syaing we need hapiness! we need garlands! are we retards or what ??? garlands have no power to make us happy!!! its just lights! we fell oh its so beauiful we need them to be in a great mood, to be positive and behave like angels < no we dotn < we are as full of the enemy, as inmense sinners , as inmensely demonic as inmense retards, when we see garland everywhere or any light decoration like in stores mallshouses etc than when there is not that < so lets stop being inmense hypocrites < we are so not behaving like YAHWEH wants for Christmas or novmeber februayr and YOU YAHWEH knows this better than us inmensely simple minded humans will ever get it < we are so hypocretical caus we know we sin as muh as ever and we refuse to admit it and we just pretend we are saints, all those aroun us a re saints, humans from work, home , relatives who came to spand a few days or christmas at home etc when YAHWEH is seeing all our hypocrisy caus we dont even make efforts to be really good, we just pretend we are and thats a sin , thats demonic < caus we are still lokking at them like puke, having dirty little wicked thoughts about them in our heds like im so jealous my cousin is a beter human, got a better fmily, a better existance, bejtter job or stuff like look at that moron my cousin got maried to all thsoe evil stuff which are not deserved by hose we ar ementally criticiing, hating, and then smiles smiles! just makes want to vomit all this false kindess when they dont even have a clue about how much evil thigns we say about them in our skulls < and we just wish every one hapy new year happy chrsitmas < its false < just all hypocrisy < we dont even know all thsoe humans in the streets, malls < we just wish the that ? what if we think they ar emorons in our ehads and our vocal cords say happ christmas wiht a smile < wow =sin < and all of this is sin, pretending to love eveyrone, stranger,s acquantances from novmeber to february < when we dont like them at all < its such a sin to put so many garlands caus YAHWEH wish us to respect His earth < and its so evil =sin to eat too much buy too much food for all the guest+I , caus we know too many poor souls dying o hugner an we couldnt care less < so YAHWEH YOU want us to eat a small quantity as usal as everyday from february to november, so YOU prevent us to eat too much chocolate , to eat no dead animal, no foie rgas caus YOU want us to save Your kids, not mruder them < so YOU dotn want every respective stomac to eat eat eat til they cant anymore til they re gonna throw up caus YOU YAHWEH wish it to be one quatity per living creature and we eat like 3 or 2 quantities per creature!!!we are going to beocme oebse or die! we are crazy! caus YOU want us to be like obsessed with generosity with helping this world so YOu want us to buy small total quantity of food, like for any other non special ocassion day, so that we give little amounts of food to all the creaures and to ourselves so that we give the rest of the saved money to non satanic charities or poor homelsses non humans+ poor homelesses humans < its a sin to petend you love your step family, not like family of the new mother or fathe rbut like the boyfriend of the sister, the false uncles ect + rpetending to love the so called real family caus we know we just dont get along and fight or dont fight caus it too much bother so we are just going to pretend we love them while e are silently in front of them eating or sititng there just not speaking while in our ehads we are speaking alright evil evil evil judgemnts, so irrational retarded jugments that have nothing to do in our ehad,s like should exist caus we find somethign wrong in them when they'res nothign wrong in them , of coruse theres plenty wrong in everyone, we're full or the enemy but in one point there's nothign wrong and we find many wrong stuff there so plus if it wanst for the blood, we wouldnt be there caus if it was non blood related acuqanttances we owulnt invite our colelgues we ahte , neghbours we hate etc to eat free food and use free water light etc < so really isnteand of all this inmesne joke we shoudl be as it so seems it s what YOU ish YAHWEH, to be anti conformists so to celebrate this without nod ecoration no too muh food, just normal quantitie,s no hypocretical love, but with those we truly love caus its not bout relative,s a joke, a wicked thing, an irrational thing, but spend it with those you turly love, truly love means nothing about blood or evne non blood, jus just those youlove, those your heart choose for real < so it can be realtives, non relative,s non humans etc < and just pray for YAHWEH's creation, for us to be inmesnel less satanic retards egocentic selfish man spiteful gossif, so wicked, so immoral etc < thats howYAHWEH YOU wish mankidn to celebrate chritmas right ? thinking about Yahshua, YOU, the Virgin Mary, doign tonnes of tremendously good deeds ,beign kind fo eal without hypocrisy and stuff and not with all the other brainwhsing sutff: decorations, blood related creatures, too much food

what does retarded mean in this story , its retade caus we sin so inmesnely, retarded caus we are so terribly evil ,retarded caus we're so tremendously mean, retarded caus we do it on purpose to destroy relationships, hapiness of our fellow creatres, destory their minds etc retarded for all of this and so many more, retarded caus when something is really not right one we deny its not right two e sat on our asses and want to do nothign othing nohign to prevent this cruel stuff etc retared caus w cant speak correctly to other fellow creature,s we just spite our hatred on them all the time with evil looks evil tonne agreevise tonne aggresive physical behavior etc retarded caus we are so jealous, we wish the worst to others so that we can have the best, thas why retarded  

une forme de désiluision sur le monde  


im gonna be there for you wether you want me ehre or not

we are better off without YAHWEH's ennemy and the evil humans

you want to respect YAHWEH 's Laws ? then why are you living omnivorlously

se obviously can't handle any srt of responsability

we feel like failiures

shettrusted me i betrayed her

one of those deja vu moments

1 NO 2013

Freedom is a right. Let's defend it.

humans and animals in revolt

you people see te world the way u want it to be instead of the way that it is
cant we just agree to disagree ?

i feel im making the world a better place without populating it

now dont analyze it doctor, u are not maleshrink??

tat is so simplistic

life is a right

he is a butcher that kills babies

listen ok im forever against animal cruelty and testing

to humans, animals r food

yo: animals aren't food for humans, clothing , science

Im forever against animal cruelty no matter what
our concern for need of issue ( oi mal

Speak up for these creatures, tell the world they don't need to eat meat

i speak the truth.This is a time WITH THE seventh generation people to stand up to shout ' where's the justice in it all?This is a time for action,PLEDGE.  OII MAL

I love you for a Thousand Years

i promise world peace

de 12 14

its true we dont know that much - we think docs know a lot about medicien - shrinks know a lot about the uman mind - no - nobody we know nothign - becaue e are living in the 21st century we have the itneligence of the earth beings of the  21 st cenry and thats it - we dont live in the 74674 century for example - if the more earht times goes by the more the future generations are msart l lets assume that - but it emes hard with the masters of the world making all generations who will come more and more mentally empty - so if we ask questions to the 21st cnety beings like to a doc of the body , they cant really answer cas they dont realy get the body - the science the medicine - they just know hat they've learned thats all - do they know mroe than that - no - this is jsut an exampele with the docs but tis the same with all humans who're specialised in anythign from the earth - so we know nothign basically or veyr little like what we know about the subjects we supposedly know veyr much is next to zero in fact - because udnerstand the whole thing, the whole thigns is something just YAHWEH can - maybe its caus we're earthlings and not creatures with an inmense intelligence from another world than the earth - or maybe its caus we from the 21st century so ths planet is too young, we should have been from liek the 7598 century to be smart like inhabitants of toehr worlds - so we really dont know caus for sintance the doc example - you go to a doc - doc when will i die - he she dont know - but look with your manchine,s tlel me - i dont know - will i have a diseases in what year which one - i dont know - is it bad if we fele bla hyyy - i dont know, yes maybe, it depdns -they dont know the answer - what is it if i fele this or that in my body - i dont know maybe blalala or ggg ot yyy - you see all these years of studies or reaidng listening to conferences in order to learn as much stuff as posible were osrt of no use - because if you think you go to see a speicalist in anythign of this world and he she ouldanswer to nay of your question you are very wrong - because humans we dont really know thigns - we dont know enough - for sintacen sicentifist supposedly very smart = not smart at all, like all the human inhabitants of the eart - you ask them aliens exist - maybe yes maybe not - you se, they dont know he eaxt anse,r all they can do is sasusme stuff - asusming is not rality, truth, tis just heories - you see we laays do this us mentally empty creatueres form earth, we just asusme caus we neevr know jack - but eve being bodies with no minds no itneligence it still is a kinda excitign icnreidlbe marvellous passioanitng experience to have been born on a planet and have had an existnace isnt it - we couldnt have choose who we ere, wat abilites wed have, what gender,what planet, what speicies, wot spirit we'd have, which tasted, wich type f itnelignece , earht one so mentally handicapped or another wolds intellignec eso geniuses - we couldnt chose our race but this is very ftuile if we care about this caus race is so niet that its like asking i wish i could be 1meter 56 isntead of 1 meter 54 really dumb - like the color is going to change so many thigns in our midns existanes convictions, depravity, moral ocondutct - abosutely nothign - so we couldnt chose to be men or women but that is as futile as race isnt it caus men= women , women== men, men , women=humans - so really being a man mentally is jsut so the same as being a wman its like being a hindousit is so in the soul itnelgience ect the same as being a russian or a tutaitian ect - so firntunately or unfortunaely we couldnt chose our level of itneligence and its so teribly low on earth - so imagine all the thigns, we could know the dat of death of everyone , the hour ec we could know all the sciencie, we could each and everyone ivnet n sciene thigns, we d be experts in all subjects of the earth for our inteligence wuld be way too high, we could all know everythign, everythy mysteyr, there wont be no istery elft caus all our genous would have hd light on them all ( so we would have erased all illnesses , foud cure to them all - we ed really know everythign and this sentence is way too hard to explain for a mental handicapd like me caus im an inhabiant of earth and its very ahrd to expalin for all? msot? hcreatures of earth - its like knwing like this tree is going to fall in ccc years, here in a few months is gonna born a flowers - like everyhting - even the future caus a incredibly hgh inteligence enables this - thats why actually we think we understand rpety well thigns no not a hudnred percent - like we speak several alnguages but it still is annoying for our minds to often udnerstand some words expresisons caus they dont really eixst in te other languages we speak and they have some connocations unexistant in the other languages - so we even if we're transaltors we dotn truly udnerstand alll the languages we speak - all thise thign - too many thigns we dotng et - like this very secret world in this world like the evil and good and all thsoe beigns who are non physical , and there around us - theliek the evil one, angels and stuff - that we so not get - al those other dimensions toher worlds , those for ather dimensions who come hear - that we abolsutely dont get - diseases - just every single thign we do every day that is amking us live minutes more days more months more, or elss - that we dont get - caus its like today you go to bed at 12: 32 isntead of 22 : 00 you' live like 8 less mintues - you dont know an today you got angry : 51 minutes les you dotn know - all of this whch we would compeltely get if we'd have an intelligence billions of times bigger of ours those form he 21 st centry earth - all ations which are hruting us, doing us good, which we are too brain less to know, to realize, every single time we make them,, all of this we would totally get if we'd have that terribly superior inteligence - of coruse we're too dumb rigt now this 21st cnutyr earth generation for we do thigns which are unhealthy knowthign this and we refuse to do thigns which are healthy knwing this so if we were a terrible intelligence speicies we would definitely do only the thigns whch are terribly good for us and we woudl take so much care of ourselves that wed live millions? thousands of years ? seems like the biggest the inteligence is the biggest the speicies do thigns great, like saints, perfectly, like anythign speeches, decorating places, talking, behaving, acting, no sin existances, school work, job word anything just so very good liek sayign stupidities= very litle bt or never as we'd be a genius speicies from the future or another world - and the more dumb a speicies is the msore they don thign like smoking prostuting themselves not using condomws when theyll have sexual intercourse becoming obese as if food =hapiesn or as if if you eat normally=you become sick or die , we smoke as if not smoking=death or you cant live without it ect so we destroy oruselves because e are a way too mentally empty brains , intelligently speaking - so seems like the very geniuse speicies must be all very healthy , they wont do things that endanger their existance,s health, thigns that can reuce the amoutn of earth time for them or kill them because theyr itnelligence enables them this sort of thinking ( so like the speicialist f huan body and health, ask them all the single feelings you have in your body they can not tlel you but YOur Creator can deifinitely because YOU GOD know everythign from everthing from our bodies, from the earht, from all worlds, from all thigns - YOu even know when the flowers are dying, when all the floers willborn , when all the fruit are going to be gone off caus humans forgot to eat them - pleae humanind dont do this its a sin think about all who would have love to eat this caus those animals h, humans are way too poor and die of hunger, they would have to eat them even if theyre gone off or full of worms - so in fact we could never know nonce of us from this earth at elast from right no w21sc century, well never know nothign, wll never have the answers of all the questions because none of those living now could hae the aliens or YAHWEH's inteligence - like all thsoe feeligns - oh i just felt something in my stomach now, a veyr horrible pain - what is it ? well we dont know, no scientisit, no doc knows - but YAHWEH knwos and inhabitants of other plaets too caus theres all way smarter than mankind - caus liek its our stupidity like you drank too much sugar, too mcuh liquid or too much water or you dont walk you just sitting don all day long or you eat too much pestiices so you have that horrible pain form like 23 seconds, and you dont know what it is but you kno it wont kill you caus all humans have those badanoyying painful feeligns form time to time and they'll die many decades after that but you se,e all thsoe type of thigns we just ask ourselves what , hat is ti, what does it mean ect but if we were from a very far future or other more itneligent world, we'd obviously know what where all these pains everywhe in our bodies, other humans bdoeis, animals bodies - and anythign else - thats why we dotn know all these feelings are tiny little thigns that we dotn know caus we have no conscious of nothign but if we were from a very smart speicies we'd know all this, we dont know that these stupid little thigns we do we think oh it snothing it wont kill me no its caus we're too dumb too unwise and we see now we dont see giant, we dont se future, the whole thign the whole life expeirence on earth caus if we'd do we d think all these thigns bad i do every day since i was little til i die are all these thigns that are not veyr seirous all one by one but all togeter are killing me like one by one they take away from you like 3 minutes of life, 32 minutes of lfie etc but all together ets say 20 years ? or mroe so right now one anger yes its nothign to live lik 12 minutes less caus you got angry one time but lets stop being stupid its not a matter of one time but one like thousands to angers so lets ay its 15 months les of life than one cigarette per day tis notign, yes in one day but lets see giant, supit dpeices, so elts say6 years less ect or every day i sit down i dont wlak, i dont moe a lot, i dont workout, i do no type pf physicail movement non sprots, sports, nada, its ok this cant kill me , all those humans who pretend this kills they are msitaken, no, just because of all these non working out days so all the days of our lfie lets say 18 years less of earth existance ect so of coruse we cant realize each action we do which is bad caus we're been programmed to be the stupiest creatures of all universes and conditionned into not thinking too much and stuff and not trying to look for the bad thigns we do caus we've been rpogrammed to be very increidlby full of pride and think dumbly we're too perfect so we aint going to think every single time am i doign somethign bad to my body or not and plus weve been programed into thinking it dont mater your bod, your life, dont potect it , dont do nothign, its stupid to take cae of yourselve,s even if you dont take care of youselve,s you'll live very healthy, very long time dotn worry= stupid little programming caus tis all untrue x so sadly we cant think all this caus if we had a superior itneligence we'd think about all this we'd had such a giant conscienouse of this all so we'd be knwoing every single ovement, word, feeling ect we're doing is or giving us mroe days more minutes more decades ect of life caus theyre very good actions, or less decades, minute,s years ect caus they're terrible things - so its sad caus in a earth basis, if we'd have a giantyl superiro brain, the statistics wouldnt say there a elike to say anythign, 84237 billions of humnas dyign young from hfhfhfhf dieseaes, tonnes of diseases types just caus the whole actions we did our whole lifes killed us, caus we really dint think they were terrible but they truly were - like hat just caus i dont walks am im liying don on a sofa or sittign don a chair im goind to die at 52 intead if 89 wow, no, this is silly! i l wlive forveer we all will  we are too dumb to believe this truths all the truths v what just eating a stupid little junk food will kill us , MAKE US LVIE LIKE "à YEARS LESS? IMPOSIBLE STOP talking nonsense - ect yea its hard to believe but its a reality all these stuff like non walking non moving our hpysical bodies, not making any physical activity, eating little thigns kill us, even if the thing is little, its not caus its little that its not a posion but us stupid mankind have been brainwashed into thinking eating a giant think iwll ill you like you at a junk food sandih of 1 kilometer you die but you eat a tiny peace of chosolate you dont die, nonsense - caus if you eat a tiny little peace of junk food every day= that will ill you ! its not the quantity wich cunts, its the quality of the thing - like is not caus the poison youre eating everyday is minuscule that it will have cero bad effct on you - it ill be terrible for your life expectancy + health - it will give you a illness at some point, its just that its of coruse a mathematical rule that if the tiniest amount of bad thigns you eat the less bad its for your life but it sitll is bad caus something is somethign and nothing is nothing so eating a minuscule amount of junk food or cigarettes alcohol ect is bad, its just maybe less bad than tonns of it but eating everyday junk food or more generaly spekaing doing ny bad thing for you even a tiny bit every day is murdering you verys lowly caus youll live a long life anyway but remeeber that if you didnt do no bad thing for your body everyday you would live mre so rmmeebr this alays please - caus what counts is not that the b thigns you do all the time are a little bit bad or you dont do them exageraltely but a little bit, what counts is that : you are doing bad thigns for you everyday and that is too bad - what do you want mankind - live just 6 eyars or like more thn 100 years , CAUS IMAGINE ASK YOURSELVES WHY THOSE WHO LIKE MRE THAN &àà BECAUSE THEYRE LESSintelligent less thna us the human race, caus they have taken way more care of their bodies mental+psyically and all the smallest bad thigns or any amount of bad thigns we do everyday they havent or they have done thm way less then us so the result is theyve lived way more than us and of course healthier than us caus its clear if teyy have lvied 108 eyars and us like 73 years of 61 years , 78 years ect we have been sufferign physycailly mentally all the one or tow decades before oru death because of all those terrible thigns we have done in our whole lives we think are tiny or very small, ya right, of coruse not, they ae not tiny caus nwo we have mental + body problems like losign memry, becoming like babies, not knowing who we ar,e whoa re those humans we know, we dotn know them anymor,e we have serious health issues, so tiny ? not at all so please brethrens humankind take care of your heads and bodies !!!! imagine the world statistics : hardly nobody geting sick, everybody dying very old, imagien how great this all would be if we jsut trying to be less jerks ith our healths and also if wed spread the world caus we all know our mankind is so ignorant so we have to its our duty to inform them about what is veyr healthy and enables mankind to live mroe, what is a poions they should never do ect -

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THEY SAY lvoe family, whover they are= we are retard to think this but aint our fault= idncotrinatos fault ccaus like theres an infnie lsit or eivdence we shouldnt love jsut caus skin blood = wwe got those type of humans i our family = thsoe who abandon their animals, humans x those who are antisemit ct

agradecemos difundir

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no te podes cerrar al amor

i think you should ' v won - naturally you're my aunt : best friend / girlfriedn / dady ect no impartiallity, like my kids are the ebst on earth, my job is the ebst on earth, the oeubres?? of my uncle are the ebst ouvre, no other painter is a good as my uncle ect just because its somebody we know=love n caus those of us whom we know & dont love= they dont count for us, they count as much as strangers n if you are toally impartial and in a talent show for sintance the one whom you love, has been terrible, you cant tlel hem they should've won when you saw others who were totally amazing n you'll be fair and think the one you love sucked n thats real, thats not a brainwahsing n how curious is our mind n we function by inoctrinaiton n what else ?? nothing ???

its too easy to think we want humans to not jduge us for the msiakes we mad,e this is too easyn is like telling beings pelase ignore our msitake,s pretend we never made no msitake n like forget we evr made msitakes n this is bad , crazy!!! if we will judge others for their msitakes we cant tell them to not jsuge us for our msitakes x double standard!!! its like wat ? how should i know im the dumbiest being on earth n its like we got so much ego we just cant accept criticism, we can accept our sins, we're like addicted to fake perfection in us n we got to hear beings complimating us n we cant even accept , ourselve,s our msitakes & we want to ignroe them & eveyrone to ignore them n we dotn want to admit them, we want any other to not admit them, wow denial n we need therapy n what we should do is tlel eveyrone you know wwhat, juge me for my sins, its ok, you got that right, everyone got that right and its comprehensible n judge me all you ant insult me you're right, juge & insult myself so much too caus its like eharing your voice, not anybody else s voice tleling you you're a sucker, a worthless sinner a piece of pee caus you dont need others really you already tell yourself that to yourself n

déconstruction de totue les structure traditionelle état, famille, relation sexuel , la déconstruction des identité , ça s'est difuzé dans toute la société, disoudre toute les structure tradicionel, disout détruit toute les structure, on a deux conséquence n on a tou réduit a l'indidvud, l'individu roi, ya plus de strcuture collective, ya plus de strcuture qui régit lidnividu roi qui fat nimprote quoi, nous some plus de smembre de nation, de famille ect n la société est dominé par l résulta de sette cosnruction n il faut décosnturire cette société qui
se fera dans les ruine, dans le sang & la soufrance

on es pas sur qu'on est raison, on est pas sr qu'on est tort, on donne uniquement des opinion , la raison c'est YAHVE, tort c'est nous

l 'évolution des mentalité colectiv

vous dite des platitude

if everybody lvoes you itemans you have no eprosnality ? you have a consensus

des acte d'amour d epartage

on cherche la reconnaisance ualitativ,e qu'on nous dze que vous avez du talent, que vous ete fantastique

face a tant de méchanceté on va défendre les etre

technique de masquer les fait, on en est roi

ce monde qui tombe, qui s'écroule, qu'est ce qu'il est sombre ce monde, désespéré

voulons une égalité parfaite entre les etre  , les homme et les femme

si on est un peu inteligent

you can act or not act others problems are our problems, when you care about somebody, you help them, you act n like X you know what n they nn do with vaccins & stuff n you know somebody who is gonn take a vaccin n you know its terrible X you dont act, you think its her his problem you're self centered, and you pretend you love them !!!??? L you send them about --them-- the vaccins and stuff they do with them to make sick+kil beign sho'll take those vaccisn whch are no vaccins but murderers things n your friend or friends die n if you had sent them the sharing , they ahd lived so what wil we chooze, help or shut up pretend we dont have in our hands a terrible truth that could save multitudes of beings caus we can send them to many beings who could take vaccins= all the sharings in general about animals, earth too  n all thsoe sharings can save multitudes of lifes , no sharing save sno life so its a cirme to not share isnt it YAHWEH? YAHWEH YOU realy want us to share right ?

te felicito de corazoon , la verdad

que sigan sus suenos to se peude hacer realidad con educacion, sacrifico

mi historia de vida es muy complicada,

no teniia opcioon, no teniia a doonde irme i'll get it je décroche v phone

animal control la fourière

nice work beau boulot

how we can talk this stuf out

it is rely hard for me to dilogue ith you without a confrontational agenda

you have got to learn how to let go of your control issue  without ? back? trigerring your whole abandonment issue

on est des vautrien


vous nous avez émerveillé

j'ai pas de mot la

ya pas d'idée de prhase ouor dire exprimer ect = normal, on est trop écervellé pauvre de nous

quand le temps sarete comme ca quan tout le monde partage quelque choze en mme temp on peut dire qu'un mot < merci

en votre ame & conscience

la doueur de leur ame

on a tous des choze diferente a dire avec nos mot a nous & aprfois ca reste completment subjectif

ayons pas peur des autre ayons peur de nous meme car si on fait quelque choze d emal s'est vers soi meme qu'on doit etre déçu

elle pense égalité elle vit égalité elle respire égalité

il raconte els couelrud e l'amour, l'amour est la solution a beaucoup de choze

ses peur il faut les aprivoizer, fau les transformer en quelque choze de pozitif , faut le voir du bon coté

let go  lache !

cette passion cet amour c'est ce qui nous touche au plus profond

l'amour peut rendre triste , guérir

lets just work on listening without jduging

thats whats inside that counts

thats the soul hear mind that couts if its great

i standing herereight ehre right in front of you and youre not lsitening to a single word i'm saying

This might be a good cause, but the photos make me physically sick. I have to unsubscribe, due to the graffic nature of your pics. Sorry... I am a true animal lover, and I donate to the maximum to agencies of MY choosing. You apparently got my address from one of the agencies I donate to? That's my assumption... ANYWAY, I cannot handle seeing horrid animal-abuse pics. I already KNOW what goes on by the subhuman freaks who do such evil deeds; I don't need to ALSO see photos of it! I assume that you impress some people this way, but I cannot tolerate seeing it. Knowing it happens is sufficient for me;

How terrible can be the human being!

I feel sick just seeing this, it has to stop right now!


This is the most horrible thing I have seen, done to helpless animals. If an when the ones that are doing this, should have a barb treple hook put in their upper lip , dropped in the water and pulled behind the boat, bet they wouldn't think it was so funny then. I hope they know that what goes around comes around.
heartless monsters

how they can do that to little kittens, shame on these abusers.

quand on s engage pour luter contre les inégalité

This is beyond belief, how can anyone do this to an animal

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MessageSujet: Re: n easy to help lives : share, watch, sign, open conciouncess   Ven 7 Mar - 16:49

1 OC 2013

A Prayer for World Peace

YAHWEH, we pray for the power to be gentle; the strength to be forgiving; the patience to be understanding; and the endurance to accept the consequences of holding to what we believe to be right.May we put our trust in the power of good to overcome evil and the power of love to overcome hatred.We pray for the vision to see and the faith to believe in a world emancipated from violence, a new world where fear shall no longer lead men to commit injustice, nor selfishness make them bring suffering to others.
Help us to devote our whole life and thought and energy to the task of making peace, praying always for the inspiration and the power to fulfill the destiny for which we and all men were created.

By signing this petition, you will join millions of people to make their / our world better. Here's how works:
Let's do somehting to change anything you want to change.
Is there anything you want to change in this WORLD? The way 'humans' ( inhumans) treat animals? Let's do this then!
for me, the battle is always on
i wanna become a big hero
if you think animal crulety and testing is right you are crazy in the head and need a mental therapist because this is just wrong if you have a pet that came from a shelter imagine your pet being put through that misery or if you you don't have a pet put your self through that misery and see what it feels like to be tested on...... untile you die like for real for you people that think this is good you are wrong this is the worst thing ever please make it stop change the world -Howler Hayes

Mas humanos se unen juntos para apoyar una campaña contra el maltrato animal, mas grandes son los chances de que nos escuchen.

hes a monster whose sole mission in life is to destroy us, he fears us, he fears the light so he ahtes us

it's absoloutley disgusting that people could do such acts of cruelty
failure will enver overtake you if ure desire to succeeed is storng enough

theyre people who matter and people who don't its that simpe, u make up ur mind what u wanna be

after a lifetime of terror , these animals or humans were frightened, after a lifetime of threat, these beings feeled threatened

dec 8 14

you shouldnt do this you drink too much you're kiling yoruself c oh don't tlel me what to do, stop feeling suprior, and see me as a piece of garbage c i dont pretend to be superior to you, im a piece ofwaste, they are waste he's a waste, you are a waste, w'ere waste, she's a waste we are billions of waste, all the ones who live on this planet c so it's not feeling suerior when somebody tells you please dont eat this animal its a crime ect any other advice, it's jsut tyring to help, its not thinking the adviser is better than evrybody ,its just knowing, having a true conscience of themselves are pieces of vomit and everybody, all mosnters of sins, scruelty, stupidity, all satanism experts, all excellent satanists, so its not because some know thigns others dont, or udnerstand a little better the nature of reality, dont mean they think they are so much more than all the other living souls ,, they are just idiots who want to help other idiots stop making , thinking idioties c thats all , we all ae ignrants of the significance of this existance c but some get some stuff, toehr other stuff, like u4 gets xxx stuff which d2 dont get , d2 gets yykk stuff that u4 dont get x nobody gets life c just YOU YAHWEH caus us humankidn are giantly paumé n they are sensitive, they se vexent , because they think those giving them adivces because they make a little less a poo disaster of their own existance, just because y1 dont drink, dont smoke, has a super job ect and that 7- drinks, smoke,s is jobeless, and y1 s trying to help 7- dont mean y1 feels he's more of a living creature than y1 and that y1 is abolsutely the void, no caus we all are nothing, not a few, not a lot, all, there cant be amazing creatures who are perfect, think eprfect, do everything perfect, live perfect existances because they're too smart etc no, we all are in this at the same level whch is totally a coté d ela plaque,, we dont even know why YAHWEH YOu throw us here, in this nighmarish unvierse,, we dont even know if we want toe ist or not cc we dont even know the ruels of life, we dont even understan them x there has to be rules ? why ? isnt this toor etarded? demential ? why in the world should there be rules ? so that we become 100 % robots clones b wow , makes want to puke v some humans got this formidable philosophy which is dont waste your time being angry at giant demonic morons, crying, getting all frustrated making rounds in your heads of their evil acts ,looks towards you ect, just dont waste your time beign angry at wicked ones if you are a true good human being, dont get never angry, jsut spend all your time smiling laughing so much your belly hurts x always do super fun stuff, like going to a dance class and laughing as you cant dance, going to a theater audition for a singing play or a play when you have never sang in your lfie or took teather classes etc just do crayz stuff and always enjoy yourself, enjoy every moment, and they always are making jokes and are always hpay v have they even been once unhapy?? all their lives were a party c just fun c its very hard to see this planet's existance the way they see it because really this is a dream , this is not the reality b this wold is not a party, its no fun c this world is very very very very very mosntruous creatures called humans who just have so much fun in destroying any living being's life expect their couple + family in some cases or their couple+ family in other cases b just hurt so much any human who crosses their path, like school, docs, teachers, neighbors, anyone, sentimental partners of the members of your families if they have a relashionship , not if they hardly ever see each other, anyoby, everybody, that is the human being + also destroying all the animals they cn, jsut by pleasure, giant ignoance, giant cruelty, giant mental handicap + destroying the earth ditto arguments v that is the earth, a wold of giant sadness, giant sufering , giant rubbish giant unhapines,s plenty of death all around this earht, very sad, really, all the time the evil one is us, in our souls as we are mad or sad or both or feel like we re turning crazy as we wish to kill all the oens who made us miserable, we wish to yell very loud, like make as much sound as a club, we wanan like shake our bodyes nin all directions, break everything there is close to us, and stuff, this is earth life, this is not smiles fun love, equality respect justice, no not at all so how can these people live hapy and have this extremely positive philosphy , at least they're smarter than the rest of us who ?? love? ?? living unhappy, we are too mentally handicaped caus noboy force us to live that way, we could be like this giantly positive human beings but we chose to live depress ? who know swe dont know i dont knwo im giantly mentally handicaped, but are these giantly happy people right or are the giantly sad right ? because who's in the reality ? the hapy, the depresed? really nobovy probably for we can not udnerstan this all, this circle we're in, whatever circle this is, indoctrination circle, phsycial realm circiel, all o f this, all this souls existance, because we dont have YAWEH's genius v one thigns for sure ,those super hapy creatures are way less with the evil one than the depresed , its too hard caus its seems we are sadomazochsits that we are actually happier being miserable an making oruselves miserables than being happy, we 're weridos us human race!! not rally us making oruselves miserbale but thats too complicated to explain, others making us msierable? us making them making us msierable? whatever, but like we look for that, like we're so sadistic, to others+ourselves that we'd rather push them into making us feel really ma sad frustrated super angry and stuff so we're looking for this bad mental state, bad moment, bad vibes, we want that, we are intelligence less, mental patients! hwo could we posibly want this ? sorry YAHWEH for hating your earth, sorry for hating all Your creation , sory for everything, sorry for like thousands or more? times having wished to mruder or that others would mruder those humans we hate c sory for all those times we jsut wanted to beat them u or beat them uo x sory for not loving YOU YAHWEH, for feleing like we dont want YOU, YOu are nothing to us and that we wish YOU would leave us alone and didnt existed , sory for rejecting Your lives YOU gave us c sory for geting madat YOU caus YOU call Your kids whom we love , back to YOU, sory for geting mad at YOU caus we disagree with YOU in the fact YOU ofered us lives which YOU see as gifts and we see as hell x sory for absolutely pretendign we ignore Your rules when we know them but are too mentally empty to respect them, to lazy or too what? to respect them v sory for all the times we insulted YOU and all Your kdis caus YAHWEH You wish all Your human creation to love Your humanc reation an as some? how many? humans ahte Your whole human race, than we hate YOU YAHWEH right? hating Your planets, hating Your creatures= hting YOU? rejecting Your creatures= rejecting YOU? please forgive us for wishing to live by our retarded little rules which are as retarded as us instead of wishing to live acording to Your ules c sory for just wishing to be atheists, to live forever on earth, for lovign eath life but not Heaven and You and to die x sorry for wishing to kill everyone caus they're too cruel to those we love and to us c sory for anting to do stuff by our philosophicla doctrine rather than by Yours, sory for rebelling oruselves against You so being inredibly sheep as this is a sheep behavior for non sheep are the ones who rebel against society's indoctrinations and who go with YOU YAHWEH, who lvoe You and stuff c sorry for hating humans for nothing sometime,s for ridiculous little thigns caus we axagarate are dramaqueens so jsut for a few words or an insult = we want their death, this is too much c we ant hate jsut for that we're too superficial c sory for thinking its us who give orders, its us whod ecide of our existance, its us whom we obey, its us who are in control when we know its YOU but we are giantly rationalsits so we dont just are in love with Your doctirne and YOU YAHWEH but we think like us, like all our ideas are so in oposition with You like we think if we want we live if we want we die, we decided wether we live or kill ouselves = this is a sin agaisnt YOU oh this is too horible pelase forgive us, all of us billions of us are going to go to hell, if we kepe on being such demonic empy souls empty brains satanis hearts , pelase forgive us we dont deserve nothign, we dont deserve YOU YAHWEH  we dotn deserve Your forgiveness how coudl we ? we're far form being lie Your perfect adorable Sn Yahshua, au cotnrarire we are like lucifer! please please YAHWEH please wwe'll do anythign YOU wish, well not do anythign YOU wish of coruse, we're too brainless to know what YOU wish exactly and stuff but its hard caus we dont get this life, YOU dotn speak to us YOU speak to us but we cant hear!! or refuse to v co its not like YOU come on earth, tells us what YOU want and we do so caus we dont know c we're giantly mesed up this human gender c so please we'll try to make efforts to be better to stop to overanalyze everything YOU sayc in order to sotp opsing ourselves to YOU caus when YOU say somethign or we read something YOU or Yahshua said in the Holly Bible we think no i dont agree this is crap c so please forgive us , make us have Your hpilosophical doctrine an getting rid of that demonic retarded doctrine we got which is so paien , so sinful please we ask YOU this through Yahshua n Amen

just how can they do

when we cant get oirbrethrens, actins, minds, reactions, thoughts ect we can get our own sleves YAHWEH YOU're the onyl one who can get them and ourselves

sleeping five or fewer hours per night may increase mortality risk by as much as 15 percent

we dont exist if we dont have YOU YAHWEH

do we exist if we dont hel lives everyday YAHWEH ? do our existance have a signification if we dont hel our brethrens a little bit every single day ?

D 28 14

we are moronic, we sick humans, we think we know it all, we anan give lessons to toehrs, when we know absolutely nothign, we try to teahc life to others caus we are convinced we know so much about it, we got pope in our spirits and almost only that, we cant teahc nothing! to other,s unlike those who teach others and know a lot, them can, well, they cant teahc everything bout lfie to others caus we all are paumé?? ABOUT LFIE? SOME WAY MORE? SOME ELSS? SOME AY less ect but at elast those sort of grap life so they can teach some things, not everyhting about life to tohers but others , caus they got wisom, goodnes,s and only those who kind of have goodness wisdom can teach but we dont really have goodness, kindness none of us, we are not YOU YAHWEH or Your Son Yahshu so but at least you can hel others ith your life teachings but those mean evil immoral want to teahc you everything, make you fele like pope, weall are pope in a way a ywya, but they make you feel like they are not pope they're all that, and you are ntohign, and you are retarded and they're eearht existance geniuses caus they know so much more thna you and you're a loser caus you grap noting ect and its not true, they the so called eearth existence teachers are as ignorant about earht existance as you, they are as retarded as us all, they think thye know it all caus they hand out with many humans so false it has nothing to do with that, you cna know life hangind out all alone with no humans never , you cna hang out with hudnreds of humans and know nothing about life, only YAHWEH the gneius knows everything about life, we dont even know a lot about life its not caus they're older, we thinkcaus we're older we can shut the mouth of eveyrone by telling them all that goes out of your mind mouth= pope and all that goes out from mine is intellignece wisdom good stuff, right stuff right like good gooness, right like not false, just caus they got 23 more years than you, 55 more years than you, ect no caus they know as little as you caus they think they lived and you just started living , what ??? they lvied ?? ,how ? its demential, it doesnt heven have a meaning ! no they're too wrong, they got as eveyrone too much ego but maybe even mroe ego while they get older as we think the older we are the more we know, no we know a little bit more as e get aolder, jsut a little bit more, we dont know that much mroe than a 20 year old jsut caus we 're 45 ect so lets stop acting looking considering the younger as crap or retarded or who got no isdom no thign in their spiritis caus they can get life more than any older any of their age, any younger h any odler can get life more or as much as any one who's younger, their age, older ect

d 28 14

wwe realize what we miss when we dont have it anymore because when we have it we dont know what we have, or we do, we dont understand we got something great and when we lose that thing, we sudenly finaly gasp how importan i was, it can be body feeling amazing, we dont think about it, we have no concience of that, and then health problems, and we dream we had the health of before so without all those pains, when we felt amazing physically all the time c so we couldnt apreciate, see, nknow, and be hapy about all we had when e had it but now we are nostalgic, now we ge,t too late, now we 're happy of what we had bu we're happy and we dont have it, not like when we were not especially hapy and had it or like soembody dies, or goes to live far away and we didnt appreciate them at their value and now we know how amazing they were or we ignore our ept, he she run away we miss them, when we had them we didnt miss them being all the time in the same palce ignoring their existence so e're so stupid caus our midns are upside down its not normal to think about all you had great relizae how great it was when you dont have it no logner and not rezalign it while you have it, how weird us mankind

d 26 14

we are so superficial we only wish the best for new years to all the families , of coruse its the other part of being family sectarian, family adoctrination t and we forget all the humans out of families t

trust issues that he has

there are people on this earth who have chucked off their arms who wil not find that at al amuzing
we have to be suporitve, giving,
she said she coulnt tke money for helping us out, it oulndt be neihbourly, what a nice girl

big fat wast of time

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MessageSujet: Re: n easy to help lives : share, watch, sign, open conciouncess   Ven 7 Mar - 16:50

15 NO 2013

lets find ways to protect the animals lives we care about

living,learning and writing about it

that empowers anyone, anywhere to start, join, and win campaigns to change the world

torturing animals:Many will find excuses for this
They will say it is necessary
They will say it will help humankind to be more free of misery
There are no excuses — it is a crime against life
It is a crime taking place throughout the World. KIND always be the special eprson that you are, stand up for what you believe

by correcting the errors of both these subjects we can then solve the central problems of knowledge in physics and philosophy as a foundation for solving the central problems confronting humanity and our future survival on earth.

This is the source of truth and wisdom - both necessary for our future survival.

our world really does need some wisdom, and truth is the best and most powerful force for changing / improving our world. And our world is in a lot more trouble than most of us realise

this truth about reality will change humanity, making us more aware of the world around us, providing us with greater wisdom.

understanding the truth about our existence in the universe as the necessary foundations for wisdom in our thoughts and actions. Our future survival depends upon this.

"The task is not so much to see what no one yet has seen, but to think what no body yet has thought about that which everyone sees. ... But life is short, and truth works far and lives long: let us speak the truth.Arthur Schopenhauer

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MessageSujet: Re: n easy to help lives : share, watch, sign, open conciouncess   Ven 7 Mar - 16:50

19 NO 2013

sory if i was just busy saving the world

our beloved non human ANIMALS

may peace be upon you
it's bad humans we're too not wise not intellignet, this life on earht is jsut beauty nothign but baut t its seems its one of the only thigns humans think, care about c godnees dont seem to have importance to hem c wwhen they see someboy they dont say hello you're so good but hello you look amazing! your outfit looks so lovely, your hair, your face your makeup ect who know sif they're sincere or hypocrites and think in their heads you think you look so cool like a queen or a celeb you look so bad fat you got the most idiculous face outfit ect so not saying somethign is not lying maybe but lying is lying so as nobody is obligating them to say false compliments like you look good, why dotn they just say hello how are you c its not like somebody asked them do you think i look nice c but how come they focus so much on that c well its not mankinds fault, they had the beaty brainwashing v this planet dont focus on goodness , morals, great soul but on looks c so when someboy says im dating somebody is he she beautiful, is he she rich is he she fit is he she muscled ect c not is he she a good hearted being c when you see somebody in a party a celebration or something when tehre is the brainwahsing of weding, party ect = dresse elgantly so jsut because fot hat we think we ssr must rre dress eslengalty wear heels buy somethign nice is dumb because we wish to be conformsits caus anyone who's so cool because they're non conformsits could show up wearign a pari of jean white t shirt no make up , converse just to say no to onfomrity! no to sheep! lets all be antiocnfomist to make a great stand caus nobody is goign to put humans to ajail kill them or punish them ect caus they didnt respect the 'rules' which are not rules but stupidity, void, so its not because humans have to go there elagantly that humans have to coment on that c they should coment on i love you so much, im so happy you came, tis been so long i havent seen you, i love our friendhsip and i wishi could see you more often and you're an amazing human being heart speaking morlaly speaking ect but no just : oyu look gorgeous ! when everybodyon this planet knows YAHWEH YOU dont give a toss about looks and YOU focus onhe souls being aazingly nice, the very nice hearts, the exclelent morals , the veyr nice conduct v YOU YAHWEH absolutely dont care about humans looking ugly, nice, elenaglty dressed, commonly dressed, having hair like a princess or tlenovela actress or like somebody who is homeless, being dressed as a hoemels or as a tv artist ect YOU dotn care about that and we do so YOU say one thing we do the other way around very intelignet very wise us mankind????

dec 10 2014
the foregin are not strangers, wweirdos, they are us, we are them, why they are us and w're them x for all the cultures mentalities of this planet are basically the same , almost, and its not the color which makes the thoughts, the conduct , the atstes, the opinions ect, this is too dumb and superificla to think tha because some got some facial ethnics and others other facila ehtnis, some have one coolour and others other clolours that this make their manner of thinkign terribly different x the void!! irational nonsense! how could the ifferences of racial looks and skin colors make the mdns very diferent if the whole world thinks quite similarly, so all the colours, all the racial traits humans from plenty diffeent colors and racial traits think alike so no its not the physcial race tha makes the thoughts & behaviors different but the individuality c

DEC 11 2014
maybe humans dont know their entire mind because as you want to analyse others minds you cant because you dont have access to all their thoughts to everything which is in their minds but you can hear yourself of try caus its hard, to listen to your mind only yours but it dont mean htat caus its yours you know it perfectly because we are not an intelligent speicies so we cant get ourselves + we dont have a great memory so we cant know ll the thoughts all the things we remember ever since we were born n so we dont remember what we thought every day even just a few ones ago n how is it that humans think x humans analyse all the time, judge all the time, but most often in a negative manner caus mentaly we dont make a lot of compliment, au contraire we jugde others very severily c when we juge others for similar retarded thigns than those we say think& do we actually are way less severe when it comes to our retarded mistakes hox odd c even when we deserve way more severity & punishment for our actions which are worst than theirs c ego ego ego c so its interesting to know how is it, will we ever know c only YAHWEH knows n no earth genius no intellectual is inteligent enough to know how the mind functions isnt it c so they judge somebody's speech, or conversation or somethign someobdy wrote , somebody's conduct x while they're judging, do they think everything they're thinking is aboslutely perfect, all very intelligent, all exact ? do they think they are not mistaken at all ? wow if its that we really are stupid and ego centric? the thing is we are not self analysing our ideas , but analyzing somebody else so e cant be focused on : are we making a good analysis of them or an analisis oo unfair,, completely mistaken far from the true person ? so a completely sucky unreal , a false image of that perosn caus we misinterpret their behavior, words ect caus if its that of course as we tend to have a horrible image of mankind, we judge plenty of beigns with a very very very negative things, we jus find the bad! we truly think there is only bad x,no , theyre is good but we are too negative and too in love with ourselves caus lets face it we judge us = im so amazing we juge ohers = they he she ect is so fgreddd = insults, criticism x how come only when we jduge ourselves the most part of it is compliments & when we judge others the huge part of it is criticism x unfair double standard c again dumb destiny : if you are 5 you judge yourself too well, you actually find no fault in you, you are not 0, 0 is 0 you find in her him plentyof faults , another destiny you arent 5 you are 0, you find 0 almost no fault , you find 5 tonnes of faults  but you were 5 in another life and found almsot no fault in her him !!!! in another life you werent 0 & foudn tonnes of faults in her him now you're hi m her you find hardly nothing to criticse!!! that is dumb that means we are totally non objetvice when we analyse : i c caus if we were, so not too good with ourselve,s but as strcit as with anybody, tahn if we were somebody we'd find one quantity of faults, and if we wrere not that somebody but another somebody, we'd find the same amout of faults in that somebody we are not anymore, not mroe, not less, not way more, not way less x we wwould always analyze them the same manner whoever they and we are , with infinite tonnes of destiny's change,s changes of places x one standard x thank YAHWEH some have a very unpleasant image o themselves because they kind of see themselves with less pride, less brainwashing of I is the best and others who are not i are less god or cuks c but with the trth : i am only a human, i am not more than any other human so i will judge me as i would judge anybody, anybody i dont kno, as if i was a stranger to me, somebody i dont like, as if i didnt like myself and us the i's we ae very in love with ourselves x brainwashing of loving one's self way too much, more than YOU YAHWEH, more than others ect x so we would juge us not thinking i am my own spirit, soul ect , i know myself very well, i am no stranger to me, i ! ! am me!!!! so we are partial for that reason : we are ourselves c maybe if we weren't ourselves we would be a bit more impartial ? is it posible to even be a bit impartial ? or there is or impartial or partial but not a bit partial, a bit impartial, very particial, very impartial etc but its not that hard, why do we think its hard x its not x some do it very easily x they are a recul sufficient enough to almsot belive they are observing another beings thoughts as if somebody would write eveyrthing they thought in 17 days for isntance as we dont have the power to see, read, hear , fell, ect the entire thought process of anobydo elses mind x oh life, you're are funny weird msyterious, crazy, wow life wow c YAHWEH how YOU made us ! YOU gave us mind, YOU only know why b but real good for nothing minds c YOU gave us the inability to hear the midns of nobody else but ourself, YOU know why x we dont x life is really amazing, not in the sense of great but in the sense of increible , relaly interesting to analyse it, watch others live, watch they act, and maybe its itneresting to live it ? or not c just life, life itself, all alone is just an increidle journey c so we cant hear the thoughts of others all their thoughts of eveyrone but they can tell us c but no caus they cant translate evy thing exactly how they heard it thought it in their spirit because its like a genius stuff and we're not YAHWEH x they cant tell us too much thought, it is very tiring for the throat and the mind and other phisical body parts x so they can tell us a little bi but its so not the same than telling it to their own selves for when they tlel us, they change it, because : self censorship, fear of saying exactly what we thought , fear of shoking ect but why are we so hypocrites x why cant we just sya things as they are in our heads , they wont kill us if we tell nothing but the truth n caus we're chickens !!!!!!! x fortunately anticonformists do most thigns unlike conformists so conformists lie all the time so anticonformists tlel the truth all or most of the time, that rocks x doing like the most is aoten bad, the msot lies < anticonformists definitely must love the truth and live in the truth when they have contact by wrtting talking to others x no wonder why anticonformsits are against conformity x caus its too depravated in moral and very bad x so we can never get others mids n because they can tell just a bit and they transform it too much into somethign which is not from teir mind, but their false twisted ideas or something n but its hard to assume??? our thoughts because we are inocent victims of our minds !!! so humans shouls not attack us like they were saints and think how can you think such things, you're a mosnter of imorality! no its not me its my mind!!! really , it really is not our fault, YAHWEH is that what YOU think n thats what is sucky about the i n that we cant just think if we could have access to all the thoughts in like 25 minutes of another brain think : all your thoguhts are totally right, your mind rocks! because that is what we tell to me me mind, not to anybody else mind , unelss they got a clone mind of ours< our minds+theirs = identical x then we would agree not just with those 25 minuts of their thoughts which are also our thoughts, but with all their thoughts of ever since they were babies c they dont say the truth and we dont caus we know or are half concious fo the level of dumbness real real dumbness or politically uncorectness of oru thoughts so we care very much about other humans viws so we prefer being careful, remain politce , correct and try not to offend but really we are too selfish, we dont care about offending wiht our word,s thats not why we self censure ourselve,s we dont care about their gettign sad, start thinkign about what we said and make their thought go round in their spirits, no but we do care that they dont mad offended, not sad offedne,d caus we hate problems , we hate having problems wiht others because of our written or oral speech x thats the true reazon why we self sencure ourselves but really can we be proud or ourselves and anyboy else : certainly not n

dec 1014

gossip is stupid c you see that that the world for you right there c all anybody cares about is gossip c after all which would you wana read about c some human with an unpronounceable name who just won the pulitzer pirce or gwyneh paltrow and brad pitt 's breakup c with all the pressures in life today we need unfortunately gossip c there's just entirely too much news, too much information , c hurt head, no good c after all who cares about whats happening in angola x or wether there even is an angola x does anyobyd know that the martians are coming and none of us matters x
Why are dogs better than people?

They have less ego. Many people are so out of control with their egos. It’s exhausting!

What’s the best part about having dogs in your life?

I think I am happiest when I am of service to them. Pets just force you to be that way -- you have to feed them and be there for them. It’s easier to like yourself when you are with them. I hope that what people get from this interview that it’s wonderful to rescue pets, even if you can’t be with them 24/7.

To keep up to date w

im deliriously happy

he's so evil there not on ounce of guilt in my body

the press can be used for good, not just for evil

sounds like somebody's got a drinking poblem

i feel my anger's slipping away

i know hat for once in my life i was a good human

you have destroyed an inocent man's rpeutation in order to sell papers

the way you twisted the facs and used near any window to sabotage a reputation,

just when i do something right he makes me feel guilty and take the joy out of it

why can't iget any pleasure out of anything ever x wel caus that way dady couldnt sleep at night

its been tough but with the help of GOD and of my friends

journalists are just writers who couldnt publish a novel

please be extremely nice persons and and hige animal respetors caus no body can force you into being huge animal lovers < vegans c

the coolest childhood,
live a wonderful final year.
thank YAHWEH for all the non humans who had a wonderful lfie and hwo are now with YOU at least they are a minuscule minority of animals who have never been tortured

Do you have any advice for someone who loses a dog?

I’m by no means any kind of expert, but what worked for us is we got another rescue. Some people might think it’s to soon, but it doesn’t mean you loved your previous dog any less.

The way I look at it, we rescued a little guy who needs our help.

it’s a family thing

has a rescue cat, and right now everything for him is cats. If he has to do a book report, it is about cats; he draws them and is always thinking and talking about them. He thinks he was either an animal in his past life or wants to be one in his next life.
’ve actually worked with a lot of dogs and they’re like kids -- they are so pure.
make it happen for a better world & a better you
o voice our criticism.
n human and nonhuman equality

dec 10 14

whatever happend vegan spirits make others and animals go before them and make everyone go at the same time x equality x fairness x because vegans are so equalitarian with the animal race that they probably are with all the races because if not = contradiction x so they dont think im pregnant , my baby+me count more than the animl race so just for the time im pregnant im going to become a murderer and my baby is going to be a mruderer x so we are both going to me animal eaters x no because vegans have big moral hearts x they know too well that veganism is the best way of feeding mankind as its the only way for mankind is vegan , that's how YOU made them YAHWEH so itd be really dumb if vegans would go animal mruderers+their babies just for the time their babies and pregnat, and as soon as the abby is a few years old, they'll make them be vegans as its obvious omnivorism is very dangeorus for any human being of any age x babies are very week, they cna die just like that so it's evident vegans know it'd be tremenoduly terrible for them if they ate animals , animal things x so this means its not just most of them time 1 the animals then me but even in serious situations like vegans are pregnant of men humans are going to have kdis 1 the babies 2 the Animals, no , because most vegans have vegan spirit = very respectul, very nice, very humane, very equalitarian , very pacifist ect spirit so there's no way they'll want to go dead animals eaters again or their babies, kids x so thats the difference between non vegan spirits= murderer spirits= animal eaters, and vegan spirits because whatever happens, not just in crayz situations but regular situations the murderer spirit always thinks 1 me then me 3 me ect or 1 me 2 those i love or 2 is 1 and 1 is 2 , 3 all the other humans 4 the animals, but with no respect for them x so they are murderers so its clear they can have an amazing moral , of coruse when you're a mruderer it means you're terribly selfish because its my amusement, my pelasure me < murdering animals for our bellies x because for most murderer mankind, animals are wrht very little o nothing , they're nobody and themselves are kinds queens + they are so sectarian with their very crazy in love relathionship with their couple+ family which is so sacred to them like gods to their eyes x so its you touch my girlfriend husband relatives ect i kill you you insutl them you hrut them morally or phyisically and you'll see what i'll do to you! so of course with this demential unlogical fantasist enchantement love , they'll always put those human beigns they so love first and themselves & very very very at the end the animal kind x which means no respect for the animals x when there's an issue beteen their human lvoed ones or themselves + the AniMALS so they're too selfish because our lvoed ones is kind of the extension of me s x so them or oruselves its im too mentally empty, cant explain this but its selfishness, geniuses, or philosophers, or  srkins may be excellent at expalining why x because vegans wont put their human lvoed oenes first because they're psirit is veyr impartial, unlike corrupted court judges x so they're true court judges x way elss corrupted than the omnivore mankind c so whatver happens an issue between the animals kind they love+ their human loved ones = famialy+couple , they always choose the ANIMALS not because they love them mroe than their lvoed ones caus its not necesarily the case but because you cant choose to kill the one to save the othr x so its not prefenrece, its fairnessand imaprtiallity x because omnivores are so not impartial that theyll chose their lvoed ones because they arent like somebody who dont know thsoe lvoed oens and those animals, just know nobody from the issue and so is ompeltely fair , no, they think my heart belongs to thsoe humans so i dont give a toss about these animals x so you cant choose when you' ve been enchanted because your views are comptely messed up, unlogica, un fair, not yours x caus if the human loved oens were replaced by human enemies or human not loved acquantances or stranger humans, theyd choose maybe the ANIMLA kind caus they dont give a toss about humans they dont love so x so its not the same result whereas in a vegan spirit which is a marvelous spirit in many ways, there is no diference of treatment and way of eprceiving, judging all the creatures, be them non humans, humans, love,d not lvoed ect so in an issue nvolving animals, + any human loved or not by them , they'll judge them all at a same line so not lie this is a moutian point t is the highet=loved one spoint v3, less high, point cc less high, the less high are the poins the less their affection , esteem for the creatures c no , because if they have to choose between humans they lov and animals, and humans they dont lvoe and animals, theyd make the same choice x dont matter what animals, stranger animals, animals they love, any human from any age race, medical condition, the human they love the msot in this earth, or hate very much etc its always going to be as YAHWE YOU judge, so putting everybody on the same boat, on the same line one line , a fair line x nobody is below , way below, way higer of this line v eveyrone is on the line v what exemples ? no clue c my hsband whom i lvoe more than anybody is going to die of a illness if i dont give him the nonv egan reatment < of course they try to find a vegan treatment because you cant just think i lvoe that human mroe than the animals so the animals die and my loved one lives caus to the eyes of YAHWEH its terribly unfair aint it YAHWEH c or that human i lvoe so much said that animal attacked him , will me the vegan kill the animal x evidently no, because that loved one can be lying and the animal has not concience of him her doing bad or good actions so he she's innocent of what he she is accused of having done and imagine : the human attacked me please , murder him her x no way x so that is the vegan choice now the murderer choice : you attacked my son or any beign you lvoe i will kill you mosnter beast!!!! or the retrded animals i dotn even like ayway or my husband who will die, not even a tiny hesitation : my husband!!! thats why us omnivore mankidn suck because we're way too cruel, way too selfish because what is selfish x its when you choose anything anyone related to you for your own benefit, or the benefit of somebd very clsoe to you whom is a part of oyu and of your lfie so its selfishness to chose one's husband or son rather than the animals when we absolutely know we're way too morons to accept and get tis because how to explain this imm too retarded, we have been kind of cativated, we are not thinking like we do , love cuidon of relaives, cupidion of couple, cupidon of kids ect make us see things like w dont really, so thats why we would kill for our lvoed oens and stuff whereas vegan spirits got loved ones too but are most of the time impartial x because you know loving some creatures dont make it ok to be unfair to other creatures you love less , just because they arent your lvoed ones or that they arent humans or that you love them not or less ect x and any exaple of unfairness caus being some humans loved ones dont make you be like gods or better tha all other creatures or other speicies+ of yours c so thats what make us so much disrespect the animals, because of our unpure, brainless, non rational non just love to other humans x caus hen we think my baby or the animals x that is very dumb caus its evident babies dont die caus they're vegans, they die or get sick caus theyre animal eaters and its not because its our baby that its god or a queen ect and that they're above all the animal+human kind so often we discrimiante the non humn ANIMals because of one mainr eaosn : the giantly selfish egocentricity of my my my loved ones & the love i got for i ,i , i x why ego centricity v because all hat is ours, like i + those i love is from us, whereas he animals e dotn really like or hate or like a little are not orus, have sort of nothing to do with us whereas our own self+ our loved oens are like so much in our souls, they're a part of our skin or something, of our bodis so so much ours x but evidently anmals cant have nothign to do with humans caus hey're our family so they have so much to do ith us as our human lvoed ones as much as stranger humans ect YAHWEH between the mruderer omnivorous spriit and the vegan spirit YOU love the vegan better right ? because YOU always loved all Your ANImal & human creation in a equalitarian manner whereas murderer spirits are veyr very very unjust because they will never be able to treat the ANIMALs as they treat their human loved ones or humans in general x they'll always choose friends, over he animals, couple over the animals, family over the animals, strangers over the animals, all mankind over the animals x this is demonic for YAHWEH YOU want us to reat equally all x this signifies not choosing the animals voer the humans, the humans voer the animals, the animals over the non loved ones, the animals over the loved ones ect but try to choose all in a sense that nobody is hurt by our choice, nor the animls, nor the people x murderer spirit sucks big time because just because of the moron fate that chosoes whom we got as loved ones , whom choose some , whom could be strangers for us and in the billions of not chose srangers,d they could ve been the chosen ones, our loved ones, jsut a matter of destiny whom are in the billions of inhabitants of the earht you dont love dont know and whom are the oens youlove & know ,it couldve been the contrayr , not knowing those we know, knowing thsoe wwe dont, so tats too unfair to put them in a piedestal and the animal in the contrary of a pedestal x  just because of tha sucky fate , who choose which human beigns iwll be in our hearts , we think they are btter than all the animals and they deserve way more than all the ANIMAls an our choice have alreay been made: we'll neevr choose the animals for we dotn have the love we got for our loved ones x that is very very bad x always the death of the animals even if we know the loved ones wont die if we choose the animals x just because of indcotrination of your loved ones humans , you lvoe them billions of times more than you suposedly love the non human aniMAL KIND x so youthey'llll never perceive the non humans as members of theirfamily caus they are murderer spirits x so its not a choice betwen human voe ones & animal loved ones but between very much despised animals & suposedly gods loved ones x jsut because the love ones are ours again egocentircyt our ours ours x the anima kind arent ours, arent our loved one,s arent our skin&  blood, arent our sentimental companion , are nothign ours, are according to us peices of puke so wewant their death but we perfectly know our loved ones+ourselves cna be vegan with no problem but our spirits are way too from the enemy, our hearts are very crook , abominable x

petitions to change your world

become a voice for animals

Please keep the nasty words out of your stuff.

Thank you for signing the campaign

The more people are behind an issue - the more likely it is that decision makers will pay attention. Each name that is added to a campaign takes it one step closer to succeeding.Can you help spread the word about the campaign by sharing it with your friends and family? please share the campaign by forwarding the email .

How I wish all non human animal families could stay safe, together, forever

Leather is never the by product of the meat industry.
So very, very sad. People must be educated to the torture in this and stop creating demand for leather. Animals are not ours to can buy leather but you cant watch the animals beign absued for leather

or pay for tests on animals anywhere in the world

their commitment to compassion and how you can be a caring shopper in this life

Do you want to make the compassionate choice to eliminate meat from your diet?

Promoting Kindness to Animals in the planet earth

Even at his worse look how that dog loves this guy. Your more than blessed if you ever find someone to love you like this
putting everythign behind you

these are brilliant minds

If you're an educator looking for ways to teach students about animal rights, check out PETA's humane-education division, TeachKind.
wisdom texts

fear is perfectly natural c everybody is afraid of something

even brave gys get afraid

we are doing bad things
Dance their hearts out
We are dedicated to preserving life and dignity of every animal
Thanks for all that you do,

Voices for the Voiceless
In All Sincerity I Made this Group To Bring those Who Are in Constant and Unbearable Struggle Around this World a Voice, From the Children in Palestine Who Have Witnessed The Decimation of their Friends and Family, From The Kids in Uganda Who Watched their Mothers and Sisters Being Raped, To the Kids in Serbia That Heads Are Smashed in By their Oppressors, and those Near and Far Who Deserve More..
Información general
Since this Organization is New, Instead of a Charity, I Would Love this to Be a Place Where People Can Get Share Ideas and Stories, That Bring Progress to Benefiting the Promotion of a Voice for the Voiceless. God Bless.

pancarta: the right to live!

save our aniamls! ( pancarta)

nous ne faison qutiliser notre droit constitutionel de liberté dexpression

You are the one good thing that happened to me

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MessageSujet: Re: n easy to help lives : share, watch, sign, open conciouncess   Ven 7 Mar - 16:50


if only us who belogn to the human race werent mental retards, if only we wre jsut lie you non human animals, non mental retards

be kind to cows, go dairy-free ,chose soya

a man may die nations may rise and fall but an idea lives on

were changing hearts,minds and diets
i just wanted to do smething right, something good

you can't stand in the wayof true love

his is a new start, its a new me

put your life back how it was

that is what kindness feels like

i need to get my life back, i need to feel like me again

If animal cruelty is against the law. we shouldnt be allowed to eat meat..

im just trying to state how me and other people feel.. (:

u got ur own life to be dealing with

This challenge is for intermediate meat minimisers, or for bold beginners to step on up their positive impact in the world and eat no-meat

Your contribution will help us save something wild.

Your contribution will help us save animals .

u think no one understands u, no one cares, oh they care, they care altright, but they just don't dont know, they don't know what goeson in my head, they dont understand me at all, - i do, coz it happened to me, - that don't mean nothing, that don't mean we're the same - no one's the same ( i don't wanna talk about it - i think u need to talk about it, i thought u said no one understood ya- yeah no one in my family, u ain't my family, u have nothing to do with me

we dont make enough efforts for the world

dec 1 14

its so hard to not hate the human race,, its so hard to forgive them, to not think we're abominations, to not think we're pieces of puke, to not think we are worht nothing, to not think we are improtant, to love humans, and ourselves, because YAHWEH its so hard to see any good in us, this human rac, its easy to help them, respect them and stuff, wish them the best, but to love them and think they are somebodyes, tis so imposible, pleae help us YAHWEH to lvoe them and feel they are important for YOU not to get mad at us,, its so easy to lvoe the ANIMALS caus you're perfect but tis so close to imposible to love a least one human being caus its so easy to think binary and see only evil and mosntruous flaws in each and every human living on earth ,, is not lack of comapsison or humanity not to love the human race or to hate it, its just no love ,, because anyway all love seem unreal as its always friendhsip family or couple indcotrination and its never honest and we are giant sinner,s giantly nasty, and giantly idiotic, so we dotn deserve love YAHWEH? we dont deserve to exist? why YOU made us born if we are not worth of existing on earth, we are only worth of hell, we are not worth oh human love, we are so not worth of YOU YAHWEH, its so incredibly incredible hat YOU love us and that some humans love us , wow! ! we are so abominable that normally nobody should love us humans,, , even when they die, YAHWEH humans say we must not speak badly of dead humans but its so hard caus they were very mean, when they were on earth, and some were murderers, and we all were human and animal ureres indirectly, and we were all monsters so its hard to see any good in humans who are dead and to stop thinking and talking badly of them now they're dead, caus we can only remember and focus on the evil

maybe if they had not cretaed industrail farms, farms, humans wwuld be vegans caus too lazy? to do everythign themselves: raise the animals, absue them, feed them, mruder them , if slaughterhosues + meat consumption never existed , so everyone woudl think what! waking up a  O R4 am and to go to take care o the farma niamls oh no!!! not for me! so theyd have no choice caus in no store thered be dead animals as food, so tered be only vegan food, so theyd be forced to ea vegan if only this is what the earh was like!!! if only omnivorism had never been created by the evil one !!! if only only veganism existe! if only everybody wwas vegan!!!!!

d 24 14

ver las cosas con buena onda, con optimismo, con ma osbcuro que sea el futuro hay que luchar hay que pensar que si d nos dio la vida es por algo, nos dio ese don padrisimo que se llama vida

que es lo que mas le gusta en la vida

illuminati created fat sugar gfood to kill mankidn to get rid of them sooner with making them die younger with nonvegan so fat so full of sugar food, unedible food, tis like eating pee, because of them and oruselves humans we are fat obese and suffr horrible addicitons mental+body illnesses because of this garbage they all food, they know its very unhelathy then why do they make it sel it ? caus they got no souls, only death+money is what they are fond of nothing more,

To be kind is to have "compassion"...

Compassion is the ultimate and most meaningful embodiment of emotional maturity. It is through compassion that a person achieves the highest peak and deepest reach in his or her search for self-fulfillment. -

dans nos ame! ( dans ta figure! face! en plein dans les ame! coeur!

lets wsh all the earth hapiness to all Your beigns YAHWEH

souhaitons tout le bohneur qu'il y a dans cette terre planete a tous Tes etre YAHVE

deseemos toda la dicha de este planeta tierra a todos Tus seres YAHVE

nos e peude discutir con un necio sordo terco y enfermo como tu

la bondad es tratar a todos con bondad cuando estas en una posicion de tratalos como se te de la gana, mal, con mucho irrespecto como jefe con empleados, ricos con nanas ? los que cocinnan , limpiar su hogar etc eso es bondad, cuando se es bueno sin discriminaciones, sin pensar eres asi eres asa no eres de mi tierra, no eres de mi sang,e no eres de mi color, no eres de mi généro , no tienes mi filosofia etc sinoq que

se nos va a hacer de noche

un carrote

un verdader humano y un verdader amigo esta mas todavia para sus amigos cuando hay cosas que pasan que pa divertirse , se quedan a su lado apoyandolos , no juzgan, no discrimian, los amigos que se largan los critican, no queires velros mal porque tienen problmas no son amigos

Pronunciation (US):
Dictionary entry overview: What does kindness mean?
• KINDNESS (noun)
 The noun KINDNESS has 3 senses:
1. the quality of being warmhearted and considerate and humane and sympathetic
2. tendency to be kind and forgiving
3. a kind act
 Familiarity information: KINDNESS used as a noun is uncommon.

Dictionary entry details

• KINDNESS (noun)

Sense 1 kindness [BACK TO TOP]
The quality of being warmhearted and considerate and humane and sympathetic
Classified under:
Nouns denoting attributes of people and objects
Hypernyms ("kindness" is a kind of...):
good; goodness (moral excellence or admirableness)
kind (having or showing a tender and considerate and helpful nature; used especially of persons and their behavior)
unkind (lacking kindness)
Hyponyms (each of the following is a kind of "kindness"):
generosity; generousness (the trait of being willing to give your money or time)
benevolence (an inclination to do kind or charitable acts)
loving-kindness (tender kindness motivated by a feeling of affection)
considerateness; consideration; thoughtfulness (kind and considerate regard for others)
unkindness (lack of sympathy)

Sense 2 kindness [BACK TO TOP]
Tendency to be kind and forgiving
Classified under:
Nouns denoting attributes of people and objects
forgivingness; kindness
Hypernyms ("kindness" is a kind of...):
mercifulness; mercy (a disposition to be kind and forgiving)

Sense 3 kindness [BACK TO TOP]
A kind act
Classified under:
Nouns denoting acts or actions
benignity; kindness
Hypernyms ("kindness" is a kind of...):
action (something done (usually as opposed to something said))
Hyponyms (each of the following is a kind of "kindness"):
benefaction; benevolence (an act intending or showing kindness and good will)
consideration; thoughtfulness (a considerate and thoughtful act)
endearment (the act of showing affection)
forgiveness; pardon (the act of excusing a mistake or offense)
favor; favour (an act of gracious kindness)
cupboard love (a show of affection motivated by selfishness)

on a une moral teriblement faible

tenemos una morl terriblemente fragil

hh gracia por todo lo que estas haciendo por mi hh pa que son las amigas si no es pa echarte la mano en los momentos dificiles

escuincla traidonara mentirosa y seudctora como el malignio

check out these celebs being human

que linda criatura= she's very kind

bondad es cuando realizas que algo que haces es inhumano cruel y decides dejarlo
la bonté es quand quelque chose qu'on fait es inhumain et on décide de ceser de le faire
goodness is when soemthing one does is inhumane and one decides to stop doing that

d 24 14

while many humans are happy or partying or celebraitng new years brithdays weddigds ect many animals are in farms to feed mankind, vivisection labs, fur farms ect there is no ramadan bdays, wedings, parties, new years, hanuka ect for them, every second you're laughing you're livign happy minutes , every time you feel happy and yfree and you're free there all tortured an incrdible amount of beings all over the earth, so wow, its too ahrd to feel happy at any point of life, at any second if you think not eveyr second tis not posible for our brain is too half wit it cant think of billions of stuf but from tim to time or frequently if we think abou them in moments when we're smiling hapy lauging only the very opened very empathetic human beigns, then they'd stop lauging stopped immediately to be happy and start crying start wishint to never have put their feet on this earth, wished this planet never existed, humans never existed, wished to have never existed in roder to not know the cruelty towards earth beings, because when you're a very humane being you just cna never be happy caus you know each second beings your brethrens, are abused raped mrudered tortured in this horrible planet earth y its too ahrd to ever be happy because of this because we'd feel so self centered if we ere hapy, we'd feel like we baandonned you bothers sisters, we'd think we are ignoring your pain, your torutr,e your enslvament ect and you'd think we have forgotten you even exist ? and itds be really mean and we'd feel like we have to live for you not for our own soul existance or whatever caus YAHWEH YOU dislike this ? so we'd better live like a gosht in your shaown ? does it even make sense t like live for you guys, just think about you, your pain, not about ours, think im just a tiny thing, a worhtless sinner a, tiny peace of pee, whereas you deserve so much we aint got ect so we'd rather think of you, we should think more of you than ourselves unless e're even mroe tortured than you or something but if we live better live,s increidbly better lvies than you guys and we are so meprisable demonic poo caus we dont deserve this cool lives while you saints animals are living nightmares and you deserve our lives and we have sinned so mentally retarly too many times ever since our existance that we deserve your torture abuse mruder as YAHWEH's pusnihsment ? and so we should have your lvies and you non human saints animals deserve ours or even better caus the lives of too many of us humans are too senseless worhtless so you really deserve celebs billionaires lives, so much hapiness, real hapiness, you desevre to be treated like royalty, no human royalty should be treated as royalty but go to hell = reptilians

d 24 14

we are unclean humans

somos une espeice humana unclean

on est une espece humaine non saine ?

is it posible to have compasion for some not for lal - is it posible that one human not one tonnes but indiivdually one human got compasison for the animals none for men , compasison formen , none for the animals - is it posible to have one heart for some no heart for others - one heart for the animals none for men - one heart for men none for the animals - is it posible to have one heart+compassion for the kids none for the others - one heart+compasison for the elderly human bieng,s none for all the others - one hear + compasison for babie,s none for all the others ect - it seems like it is posible because some seem to have toones of compasison + desire to save humans lives, and none to save animals lives - desire to save kdis live,s none to save animals+other humans lives - they cry, they fele very much compasison in their souls for some not for the others when theys ee some documentayr, pics ect & they have the desire to go to the poorest palces of the earht to help some but not any - so they're sectarian

hay entr 205 000 y 30000 ninos soldados en el mundo ayudemos a poner juguetes en sus manos en lugar de armas

que os parece si hechamos una mano a los que estan pasandola mal en todo el mundo
necesitan nuestro apoyo para pdoer tener una vida mejor

D 24 14

you didnt think at all , you never think

its for charity, the money goes to nedy families

son todo un ejemplo( ayudan

entre todos podemos evirtar que todos siguan sufirendo con tu ayuda podes ayudar a que los humanos vayan al cole
que le dirias a la gente pa que se animaran a ayudar = muy poquito podemos hacer mucho

gracias de corazoon

dont touch anything of mine

oh you're way over exagerating now!

we're in the presence of the Savior

dont save your money because it all goes to charity

im ebing a big stupid jerk

cada cual puede aportar de la manera que quiera

aprenderles a pensar

meterse en su cabeza y quitarle sus ideas

to o qestamos aqui estamos sumamente perviligiadaos y tenemos la oblgiaicon moral y humana de , seamos implicados, aunque sea con un euro o dos, o una difusion, lo que sea,

cancion : mira dentro maldita nerea

57 millones de ninos en el mundo no reciben ningun tipo de educacion

si pudieran leer se reduciera de 12% la pobreza

una pequena ayuda pa los mas peques

ayudar a las ongs proque es ayudar al mundo

es muyimportante que nos demos cuenta de lo importante que es ir al colegio pero

his life's loving spiritbshined through

vuestro dinero no se pierde , si esas ong no son satanicas con 120 e = pagan una becca completa escolar

le tocoo mi corazon

eso no tiene precio la generodiad

es to un ejemplo de humanidad y de aspiracioon

desde un punto de vista muy humano umy sensible todo lo que han vivido

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MessageSujet: Re: n easy to help lives : share, watch, sign, open conciouncess   Ven 7 Mar - 16:56

29 NO 2013

humans people are idiot


u need to get beneath the skin, feel its human art, the poverty, the vermine, the underworld, this is where GOD belong, dont u see?

il a jamais désiré existé son existance avoir une existance he never desired exiting his existence nunca deseo su existencia tener su una existencia nucna deseo existir

We wont stop until every animal is free to be

let us fight for animal rights !

animals ar my drug
what we meant to each other

why cant just people live and let live

sounds like you had quite a time

bring back such painful memories

he lives an empty little life

cultural matter = brainwashing matter i coudlnt eat a dog i cant believ some humans eat dog oh yeah but chiken yep, its psichiatricl , yep its normla to at chiken why?? no!! its so not normal, its abnormal to eat dogs, no its not abnormal to eat dogs, its abnormal to eat!!! any !!! non human animal

its hard to describe especially without an education

we are responsible for their lives , and we don't act like it

how to listen is as important as how to speak but we have to know the right time for each of them

WE NEED to put her first, we need to be unselfish

theres nothing u can't say or do

share it with the world

Please sign and share. Lets end this madness, make a change in the 21 first century. Be the voice for the voiceless, for their screams are not heard, they live in utter despair, never knowing compassion nor love, or seeing the sky above. Please share this petition. Thank you for signing and being the voice for the  voiceless. join Cruelty Free to support our work to ban animal tests for cosmetics around the world

POR EL amor se hace muchas cosas Please sign and share. Lets end animal testing and vivisection. For these precious being live in agony and utter despair day after day without compassion. Thank you

al final te quedaras cenizas, frias, cenizas,

esa belleza de la que stas tan orgullosa, se apagaraa

Thank you for taking a stand against the senseless violence of animal testing. Your kindness at the supermarket shelf will send a clear message to cruel companies that torturing animals is not ok and not profitable!

Thanks again for helping to make a kinder world

sharing your voices demanding protection for animals

You can help us keep the pressure on by continuing to sign onto the petition and inviting your friends to help Protect the animals by sharing this campaign through social media! You are really helping to make a difference! We thank you for your help Defending the Planet One Beat at a Time!

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MessageSujet: Re: n easy to help lives : share, watch, sign, open conciouncess   Ven 7 Mar - 16:57

28 NO 2013

You are using your voice on behalf of the countless animals who suffer in laboratories in cruel and outdated tests for consumer products. It is vitally important that the world moves with the times and protects animals from unnecessary tests by embracing modern, non-animal science.’

in times of trouble we stick together

Celebrating Animals! Confronting Cruelty Worldwide! Please join our fight to save animals all over the globe! Thank you!

our lives begin to END the day we become SILENT about things that matter - Marthin Luther King, Jr

And sometimes I wonder, why we care so much about the way we look, and the way we talk, and the way we act, and the clothes we bought, how much that cost? Does it really even matter?

i love haring momrents wiht my dogs

the total and absolute love of and his life

havong a quick chat bout life

just made its way into my life

u guys mean so much to me : animals

basically the coolest dog ever

thank you to all my loyal and devoted animal friends

i believe in being strong when everythin seems to be going wrong, i believe that happy girls are the prettiest girls i belive that tomorrow is another day and i believe in miracles audrey hepburn

feed the hungry

raising hope
to find yourself, think for yourself Socrates

running in circles

i feel empty inside

share if you care

As long as I can breathe, I will do everything I can for animals.
We have to make a stand against the fur industry, and the people who support it.

Thanks for renewing my faith in humanity that everybody wants money! Nothing is for free!
?     God will use us somehow, to change the future".

I believe that we DO NOT need PUPPY Pet shops. Breeders should be ETHNICAL and sell their own pups, thus taking responsibility for puppies bred. No ETHNICAL breeder will EVER sell to a pet shop! The animal ACT in Namibia needs to change, making the rules

w e murdr our ANImals who live wih us everytime we give them cochonnerie so called food wich is like eating vomit garbage pope, caus hey lvie elss anaylises!!!!!!!!!!!!!

she make me feel like i am someone special

girls just want you to b yourself

what do you mean im not a genius for 's sake !

il se mure dans le silence

i feel like less than a man

wwelcome tot he confused 24 year old club

you're my blood and i can see how much this means to you


in that cold outsie world im rpetty much a nobody

you are responsible for saving people's lives

terrestrials, terrestrial beings

thoughts in connection with accomplishment

you are accomplishing a great amount of understanding in life and the requirements that you haveYou make use of life's journey, whether it's a religious, psychological or substance

let's make life better

theres a conspiration going on out there
a sensitive soul

the only thing i have in life that makes it worth living is

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MessageSujet: Re: n easy to help lives : share, watch, sign, open conciouncess   Ven 7 Mar - 16:57

15 NO 2013

Stadium Bull Fighting is inhumaine - unite against it, 'like' this page.

why stress about stuff we can't change ?
did it ever occur to you some women like to be single 9 yes but i dont think you are one of them

a kinder world

Congratulations USA! One more year of independence. I hope you become wiser and realize the great power that is in your hands. You can make this world better for EVERYONE! But so far... There is a lot of work to do. Happy 4th of July!

Finally I wake up and read some good news. Some progress in being made in this country after all... Equality for all!

We are Anonymous, We are legion, We don't forgive, We don't forget, United as one, Divided by zero, Expect us.

Please sign and share. Lets end animal testing and vivisection. For these precious being live in agony and utter despair day after day without compassion. Please sign and share.

Real Men Are Kind To Animals

Love all animals, not just the ones you call ''pets''!

in a worlld of people who couldnt care less, be someone who couldn't care more

Goodnight! Don't let the humans bite!

If we can live healthy lives without harming and killing animals, why wouldn't we?

sep 28 14

moral has nothing to do with the age of the humans / these are just ciche : don't worry those humans behave like this in a veyr immora way for they're so young / fase , for morals dones't come with age as if it was the case , then all the creatures who hare the same age would have the same moral but no, some have 87, others 64, others 40 etc so age doesnt give moral but what ? the fact humans love good ? perhaps/ the fact moral is not or is very important for humans / so its not the older creatures are the more moral they are for humans who're 8 can have very little morla and humans think of the stereotype the false idea of : they have too small moral because of their age and then those humans are not 8, they're 71 : their level of moral is not much higer , sort of the same / so age doesn't change moral / with the time that goes by,the decades , years that go by, the moral doesn't change / but the thing which is in the human ever since they first existed : they don't ike morals, they don't give a toss about it so they don't have much morla their whole lives / their whoe ives their phylosophy of small moral of the less you have it the better , remains unchanged / those who had a lot of moral isnide their souls ever since they first existed, it's one extremely important issue to their eyes so their wholes lives their moral is very high and remains unchanged or grows so if ti was the young age that gave huans a very retarded morla like almost cero, like lets teal, ets enter in other humans pools or hosues and eat the food in the fridge, or lets talk vulgarly, or lets do vulgan handisgns to humans we see anyone this is not the age whoch brings that mentality, this is the person, the perosn whoch is very attracted to that mentality / wereas those who had very much morla at any young age, from cero to eighteen, so from the day they existed to the day they become adults , then humans can't say the age make them retarded in morally speaking, no caus the how many ? tonnes of humans who have a lot of moral not even being adults ? then their arguments is wrong / the difference between all those who got ittle moral and a lot of moral is that those who have a little moral are hapy with that philosophy of doing + saying whatever evil inmoral thign they want , and it doesnt seem to grow that much with the years+age and those whose philosohpy is let's have as much moral as we can, it seems to grow with years, with wisdom and stuff and they're never ??? for they want more always / and if it was maturity which brang morals no caus its like the age / and what does maturity mean? the void / anyobyd can have a matiruty of any age very different or different from their age , age is in the spirit, not the physcical body / they can be 22 and have the mind of 14 / they can be 11 and have a 55 year old mind , they can be 43 and have the mind of 67 year olds etc so if it was maturity whch gave a lot of morals then why very mature very old human got like almost no moral / and sentences like maturity brings moral dont mean a thing for maturity is nothing so nothing the air? brings moral ? when talking about the funny invetion of humans to think the odler you get the more mature you are or if you're a teen you're more mature than kids, if you're young aduts you'r emore mature than teens no / this doesn't exist / as anyone of any age can be immature or mature / you can be 54 and ( immature ( if that word makes any sense , you can be 13 and be tremendousy (mature ( if mature makes any sense / so its not eahc year < you're more mature when you're between 18 and 0 , and that even coming of age , you still get more matur,e more adut in your head each year that passes like 32 more mature than 30 etc no / this is nonsense / as the years of human age, which are the void, don't are the same , all the humans have not the same maturity,morals just because they are the same age /people are different / some humans who 're eighteen are more mature than some humans who're 43 etc / and morals is somethign that is deep down inside the minds , somethign that is very well established in some beings who udnerstood at a very young age that you have to respect everythign, everyne in the world you live in / that there's no toehr choice, that all bad actions and evil actions are so bad, so contemptible that they despise evil thigns / every time they hear about evil creatures making or saying bad or evil actions they are outraged / this is not an age / this is any creature who 's any age who can feel this way / the same goes for imorality / its not about a paticulagr age or a youg age or any very young age or any young age from eighteen to cero / its about the beign you are because of your human condition ? / but it's those who , who knows whats in their brains , they never were obsessed or attracted at all by moral / they seemed to always have been til a very yougn age til they were born, by immolity / so their case is the exact contrary of the very moral humans case / they dont find those imorlityies imoral / they seem to enjoy immorality, immoral humans, immora actions, immoras thigns to say , hanging out with immoras like them / so if an excellent moral was age and maturity then there'd never be seven year old for isntance who have way mroe morals then 26 year olds or 12 year olds who have way more morals then thirty nine year olds etc / this is just a matter of destiny , of how you were born : with strong moral, and a excellent deep understanding of it, or with a very low moral, and a confusion about it / those immoral, maybe their trouble is they dont understand moral / they dont udenrstand the clear difference between moral acts, immoral acts, moral sentence,s immoral sentences to write & think & say / maybe they think the immoral actions and thigns they say are moral actiosn & things / maybe they're just impuslive with their mouths, bodies so with their actions+thigns they say and don't focus on : moral or immoral ? but on : i wnana act fast, i don't think , i just act impulsively and that way its obvious you won't do something moral for you're too excited, or beside yourself, or not yourself etc / of course if humans don't use their heads , they jsut wanna act or speak or write as if they were brain less, they're gonna do + say only immoral things / its all complicated because it depends whether we're taking about just a ittle bit more than the middle immoral like just 54 instead of 50, of ir we're taking about more , ike 66 or we're talking about really imoral like 88 and sometimes ,knwoing some humans, and watchign them a lot, reading them a ot, we're  confused about : are they that immoral like 86 or a little too much immoral like 56 you dont know really it depend and sometimes those immoral of any percentage, suddenly seem so adorabe so moral , almost angels you think what ?? you cant be immoral and moral , well yep, you cna but like you cant be very very immora and then very very moral / this human race doenst make any sense :! ! ! dont be naive human race / it may be not that the very immoral became by a miracle very morl, it can be that they're manipulating you / for the human's an expert in manipulation / trying to seem like the rabbit when they're like the serpent / this seems to often be the case : some humans are in front of some and behave falsely like angels and at other moment sthey'r ein front of others and behave like themselves : immoral monsters / they decide with whom they wanna act a character and with whom they are themselves / thats why many fa into this lie for they juge at the first meeting , they dont want to know more , a lot more the people they meet to make themselves an idea of them / they think one metting one conversation is enough / thats why they're msitaken for the wiked manipulative evils can behave like saints on that first meeting with that perosn, then another first meeting with others people etc and with all the meetings for the first time and then with those they meet rarely, and with those they meet from time to time etc so the ase image of those people is : how lovely is that person! that mind is pure! but they dont know the real feelings, thoughts in their hearts / they dont manipulate everyobdy or do they ? as they seem to be themselves, showing their big manipulative wicked immoral side , which is almsot their entire being, to some humans , perhaps to the humans they hang out with + those they live with / it depends on how much they trust them / if they dont trust them they may behavie like false saints , and with those they really trust, they may behave as they wish, naturally, as themselve,s no acting anymore , no pretending to be an angel they aren' anymore

nov 13 14

sex is not great , mankind we're bunch of giant idiots w we were brainwashed so we are persuaded sex is great h it's not h it's ike saying oh eating cat's puke is so cool h it could have been a braiwashign and the whoe earht would have fell for that h or the brainwashing of ooking at the floor is the coolest activity , cleaning the windows is the cooest hobby etc h these would' ve been brainwashings very easy to do but which werent done w we fate was: very sycky sex is a brainwashing which was ivnented and those examples no caus its fate but any brainwashing which was not created couldve been crated, each brainwahsings wish were created could've been not created

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MessageSujet: Re: n easy to help lives : share, watch, sign, open conciouncess   Ven 7 Mar - 16:57

10 NO 2013

Please live vegan.

You're changing the world . Because of you , something in the world is changing . People will be different , their lives will be different because of what you're doing .

la mera verdad

le destuyo su vida y sus ilusiones

Changing the worrld

my understanding of the government its that its suposed to help people, not to punish them

Wolves are a part of nature just as much as we are they are as much as family oriented as we are they live n the wild only hunt what they need to live on to take care of there family's they cant read or write or know were bounderies are but some men trick them acroos the biunderies of yellowstone buy imitating calls of there young so when a mother try's to find & save her young because its what a mother does for there child & crosses the bounderies of yellowstone which the mother has know idea there is one she is shot & killed for know other reason but for caring about her young you hunters are nothing but savages & cowards go back to being cavemen & start your evolution all over again because you sure as hell didn't understand it the first time.

Can you help this petition win by asking your friends to sign too? It's easy to share with your friends on Facebook - just click here to share the petition on Facebook.

There's also a sample email below that you can forward to your friends.

Thanks again -- together we're making change happen,

Danielle Samartini


Note to forward to your friends:


I just signed the petition "Préfecture et tribunal d'AJACCIO : Pour la mort de Whisky et tous les autres martyrs Corses" on

It's important. Will you sign it too? Here's the link:éfecture-et-tribunal-d-ajaccio-pour-la-mort-de-whisky-et-tous-les-autres-martyrs-corses?share_id=fwqRnWErZf&utm_campaign=signature_receipt&utm_medium=email&utm_source=share_petition


Save Life And The Freedom Of The Animals

Please share this petition with your listings and social media.

I'm gonna tell you something you don't want to hear, I'm gonna show you where it's dark, but have no fear.

dec 13 14

its not disrespecting to be honest isnt it ? its just cero censorship, saying hat in the minds, and no edit of it , the truth, like as were a giantly hipocritical speicies we say stuff like i dont really like you = mouth, head = i hate you so very much < he is kind of not very nice he's so mean , i dont agree with your doctirne = your doctrine is so terribly sucky < we say less to say more = litote, this is immorality sin YAHWEH? YAHWEH we shoudl always speak like our mind, not change it teribly, not even a bit, caus we are afraid to shock but w are not clear, dishonest, caus we say less strogn thigns than what we think caus what we think is very strong , its not insulting, its just direct < like we are mentl retards oh no, humans are going to be shoked, so edition: we are sort of clever < or what you did is terrible you're a mosnter a murderer < please dont do this its a little cruel < no not even the word cruel caus its supodesly inulsting them of beign cuel, so : its a little bad when we know its so giantly w we are so giantly stupid x we complain caus humans are honest so suposely rude not respectful to us x we complain caus people are not honest saying to nice thigns to our hears, we know they're lying x when they say just nice thigns we know theres gato encerrado x when they say real hard thigns to accept and hear we say they are so imoral so harsh so crude so direct so , what ? i dotn know i got zero inteligence x they are so shoking so vulgar or what x so we wnat wat as we dotn ant humns to be honest + dotn want humans to be dishonest x what we should want maybe is for them to be always honest , it dont mater that it signifies them criticing us an aweful lot < what matters is morality, being honest all the time w theyc an critizie us as much as they want we are imoral creatures x when they say to everyone only nice thigns we know they're dishonest right ? we're not that naive to believe they think only the best of everybody < so we can not like those who only say lovely thigns about everyone & everythign and dislike those who complain about humans imoralityes and imoral stuf just caus we love those who say compliments+ positive things caus then we're true morons & caus it signifies we want humans to say bad thigns about mosntruous sinners+ mosntruous stuf + we want humans to make compliment to imoral thigns or unethical thigns+ imoral humans when they have an imoral conduct did imoral thigns, they expect humans to say nice, thigns ! find false nice thigns, about somethign 100 percent ad they did, said x we're too < we're dementially futile x we're soo giantyl unwise, + giantly stupid the only stuff we can think is we dislike you, you judge too much, complain too much about any thing, anyone x we want them to find nice thigns to say in terrible thigns, nice thigns to say about terrible beings and their terrible conducts , acts, words , convictions ect x thats why we're too stupid caus in so many thigns not just in this story o hating those hwoc ritize and are direct in their speech , but in general, we always put stuff upside down which make us human beings so antipathetic so detestable < we just can see the thing as it is c we always have to see somethign bad is somethign completely good, and something good to thigns compeltely bad x we laways have to hate the goods, love the evils, find plenty of ncie thigns to say about morons, just hate the one who got a super cool phylosophy, the oens who do great helpful stuff in their lives, ect x when there is notign good or hardly anythign good about someone we're like you're so cool or they're so cool, they're so perfect ect that is stupidity, and superficiality, we do that with celebs and anybody in our acquantances x we see the super sucky imoral cruel ect stuff as amazing but not the cruel imoral terrible ect stuff in all beings, in all stuff x like we aplaud everyone, make compliments to everyone who are the worst humans v liek we orship them or soemthign c caus we spend our time tleling everyone how perfect they are to our eyes c theres two thigns w those who do that but rally beleive they are not perfect tey are meprisable losers full of vies incapables ect and jsut rpetend they love them too much and heres those who actually beleive those beigs are perfct in every way too cool ect

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MessageSujet: Re: n easy to help lives : share, watch, sign, open conciouncess   Ven 7 Mar - 16:58

8 NO 2013

"How 'bout this. You shut your mouth. Or I'll kick your teeth down your throat and I'll shut it for you."

Lets not compare something bad with something else that is worse to make it seem useless to complain.Being taxed 50% is not as worse as to have AIDS yet you don't want to get taxed 50% more.

No,there is NO evidence of the existence of god.The only reason why still people believe in a deity is because they were taught to believe as children.

why are you being so negative?- im not being negative, im being realistic

why are you being so negative ? - I'm just being pragmatic , - you're strating to sound like an attorney


Say no to Sea world's cruelty to animals

Please sign and share. Lets end this horrific cruelty and torture for all animals, for they live in utter despair. These innocent creatures are enslaved never feeling compassion nor love or seeing the sky above. Please Please sign and share .

humans are the cruellest animal. I raised my girls to believe that any animal in a cage was like keeping a human in the bathroom for life, this whale is kept in the bathtub.

Seaworld move with the times or face your own extinction...we are not in the dark ages anymore there is no exvuse to provide an animal with such disgraceful livig conditions...its slavery and abuse. Please act now and do the best you can for tilikum and all your animals

Release ALL animals. Close ALL SeaWorlds, and like "parks." Animals do not exist for humans' "entertainment." Animals do not go in to these parks and perform, willingly. They are deliberately removed from of their natural, rightful habitats, and FORCED into slavery and unnatural, repetitive, exhaustive action. They are USED and ABUSED. Close ALL SeaWorlds, circuses and like shows/"parks," NOW.

I went through a similar situation, and also didn't give up. Good for you for being intelligent.

I went through exact situation. My boy who just recently (yesterday) got better from being paralyzed for 3 weeks. No def diagnosis as to why. My local vet told me he would need extensive surgery and at his age it wouldn't be wise to do that, and for me to put him down. I can't do that. This is my boy. My baby! So i did my own physical therapy regiments and in 3 weeks I drove up from work yesterday and he walked to my car. I did NOT give up on my sweet boy, and I never will. Great owners, unite!
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MessageSujet: Re: n easy to help lives : share, watch, sign, open conciouncess   Ven 7 Mar - 16:58

1 DE 2013

hope that dog keeps being blessed to get better, dogs shouldnt be put down because they have troubles, humans have trouble so why are dogs diffrent when getting help?

( picar perro nacido con dos piernas nada mas, las de atraas ) : I dont think 'unethical' would be the right word, though I know what you mean and agree in large part (though what vets say/how its said and how a client hears it, nuances, are sometimes two different things). Yes but look how wrong the Vet was. If he had euthanized her she never would have had the chance to do this. It is unfortunatly the accepted norm in the Veterinary profession to be this immoral.

you're a survivor

er argued her case on the grounds of religious freedom and the sanctity of life.

The court refused to take a moral or ethical position on the issue, insisting that it was only interpreting the laws as they existed.

The case of Baby K is of particular importance to the field of bioethics because of the issues it raises: the definition of death, the nature of personhood, the concept of medical futility, and many issues relating to the allocation of scarce resources

I'm so sick of hearing what i can't do . You know something I have no idea what I can't do or what I can do . You always made me feel like i was too stupid to do things that - wait wiat wiat, that is not faire, you were special, you needed protection . - What I needed was confidence , I need to believe in myself just a little bit . You never let me do that . But, now , I'm gonna do it , I'm gonna go there and I'm gonna find out who ... 'm gonna find out where Peter is and I'm gonna get my baby back .

in my whole life i can't get a guy to look twice at me and then Peter comes along and i thought he was crazy to wanna have a baby with me but then i thought, here's my chance to proove that i can do something great, i can make a life , i can raise her, i can take care of her, can be a mother, i can add something to the world, that mattered

if u don't like your job, its not ur fault, its the jobs fault

( su chamba ) maybe it doesnt challenge u enough - oh, its definately challenges me - no, i mean up here ( e tu corazoon) - i mean, u have to have a job that comes from your heart right , i mean something that really means something to you, and if you don't , if u if you don't have that you're just , you're punching a clock 95,95,95, like everybody else, - and u , does your job challenge you ? - what , this ? no no no, no thsi is just temporary , coz pretty soon, ill have ...

if i go out and i take some guy to lunch, i'm not gonna take him to some fancy restaurant because everybody does it , i'm gonna , i'll bring him up to some roof top like this , and we'll sit around and we'll have sandwiches and sell sit udner the sun

u know what i think? i think that we think alike , we don't like the ordinary

"I wish no living thing to suffer pain."
Percy Bysshe Shelley (1792-1822)
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MessageSujet: Re: n easy to help lives : share, watch, sign, open conciouncess   Ven 7 Mar - 16:59

15 DE 2013

Supporters can help raise money by making personal contributions;






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MessageSujet: Re: n easy to help lives : share, watch, sign, open conciouncess   Ven 7 Mar - 16:59

10 DE 2013

a firm Christian faith that all life should be protected
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MessageSujet: Re: n easy to help lives : share, watch, sign, open conciouncess   Ven 7 Mar - 17:07

5 MACH 2014

he's got good morals

( lo mato porque le violoo ) you think that makes it alright ? murder, taking a man's life ,

1march2014 what comes out of our hears comes our of our mouths , there is lot of evil in man's heart, loads of evil thoughts

1jan2014 Let us not just say please forgive me GOD ,we aren't the center of the universe . We must think of all the humans, we must show compasison, generosity so let us ask GOD to forgive all humans who sinned today, when we ask YOU GOD to forgive us . Let us not just say 'forgive me' but forvie all my brohters and sisters . That way we show we care about all humanity . Poor them they sin so much, they could have deceived GOD a lot and could be sent to hell . Let us not only think of us, we must think of all the others .
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MessageSujet: Re: n easy to help lives : share, watch, sign, open conciouncess   Ven 7 Mar - 17:12

18 mar 2014

can we put human beings in cases . we may not , then again we may . only YOU know dear YAHWEH humans were programed to put humans who got little in common in the same categories . this is silly . if a human likes the animals and another one likes the animals = they're put in the same case . why ? don't make no sense because this is one common point , they have to have many of them, be about 99% similar to be in the same case . that's why we don't look everything , we have a small view . because we only notice one thing and it makes many humans exactly the same according to us . no , so if we have a wider view we see they have little in common so they can't be put in the same case . is it disperespect to put humans in cases . maybe . mabe not only YOU know GOD . hard to explain but the more humans live on earth the more similar they are . that's why because there are billions of them in here many of them may be like spirit twins . they have the same view points in tonnes of things, the same reactions, philosophies , the same way of seing life . maybe we can put them in cases . it's like all of them were one person . they don't know each other, they may be eparpillé?? all over the planet . if one category of humans got let's say 1292 mental twins, they can be very ar from each other . in other continents, countries . they don't live too close because they would probably know each other . that must be rare . weird because if they knew each other the would feel depressed because most creatures want to be unique and they 'd be like all of us thousands we are like one , boring . if some humans defend the environnment , we tend to put them in a préconcu?? category . we shouldn't because the are not twins mentally because some of them denef the environnment not the animals, others of them both, others of them hate the animals and defend the enivornmment, others defend the environnment and hate politics, others defend some olitical party and the environnment etc . many humans got one or a few common points that's it . they are absolutely not the same person . 

it can be seen an insult to put many humans in cases because it's being closed minded because we too much want humans to be in a particular kind or another . we don't like that they are so different from each other . it seems like we love when everybod is the same or super similar . maybe because if the were all different we'd be jeaous because oruselves are like everybody and they are not unique but different . or is it because if all the humans are different from each other we are confused, we don't have the bases of knowledge we had , the image we had of them is destroyed, the image of puttng them in boxes . so we don't udnerstand we 're like what this one who loves the animals also loves GOD how come ? we thought those who love GOD = one box those who care about aniamls =another one . so we're confused  so the same person is in two different boes ? but we thought every single human was in a single box . that's why it'sboxes are stupid . they don't exist , only in our imagination . let's say huans are in many different boxes not one because it's reducteur??? that we think one of their characterisitc is everything in them . there is nothing more . we're wrong, there is lenty more, we can't reduce them to one facette of their mind like they love God or rugby or whatever . it's be boring if there was only one passion , one thing in their existences . that's wh we should destro the boxes, they never existed anyway .15 may 2014

we wonder do we love animals for real because it seems were totally confused and dont know know nothing ✞ we say we love animals and not humans but we love animals jsut because they look good and humans dont ? we love looking at them and saying they look so beautiful and cute ; thats it ? just the looks ? do we love them for real ? if they looked ' aweful' which dont mean nothing as tackiness and beauty are irrational human inventions x we love touching, caressing them because we are so shallow ? this changes all we thought , the same goes for humans who love sex, touching, holding, the beings they love : friends, family, wife, girfirled, boyfriend, husband : why ? because we need somethign so superficial like touch because we couldnt like with just looking at beings we love and are ' ugly' if that existed + never touching them . so all this 'love' which may not be love is 1 animals+humans look so good 2 we wanna have physical plasure by touching them, putting our faces on them and do sexual stuff with non human animals and human animals H this changes everythingwe thought if this is true : we dont love no one then ? GOD help us to udenrstand were so messed up in our brains : this is abrainashng from illuminait or human race or world or what or who ? that w think we have to give improtance to physical touch , to sex, to beauty ? we couldnt love family, friends, because theyre 'ugly' or we couldnt touch them because we wouldnt have physical material bodies on this vortex this dimension but we would have souls and minds and hearts only but all invisible all abstract not physical not material j so we wouldnt love them as we couldnt touch them so love se resume?? to this touch + looks ? so 'weird' even thogh weird has no meanign ; so blind humans cant feel love for another as they cant see if theyre one of these two voids wuth no meaning : beautifu, ugly , they can touch but lets pretend they cant touch as they have no arms, feel, legs and are blind, or dont have eyes, would they be able to love ? can we love animals+humans because theyre so good in their souls and thats it ? would we love them as much as if they had bodies and nice ones and as much as if we could touch caress have sex with them ? maybe not maybe yes we cant go for the one or the other as we dont know : because humans are very superficial as when they see some family memeber, friend ect the only and first thing they say is you re so beautiful i lvoe you and they cant sotp repeating this all the time ; does it mean youe petty < i love you sister, cousin etc youre ugly < i dont love you friend, husband, mother etc ?

we love kissing animals, humans, touching their tongues, putting our hands in their tongues, kissing their lips, we love animals licking our face,s lips, so thats it thats love , THAT SHARD TO EXPALIN BUT SEEMS like touching = superficial so that shouldnt be the love, right YAHWEH ? that should be just loving their extremely good behavior and thoughts , so thats so bad if we got kids babies, animals, wives etc and think i love you so much youre the rpettiest animal / man ect ive ever seen im so lucky i got the msot beautiful dog / woman in the earth im married to her or shes my grandma etc isnt it too reductif ?? we reduce love to this the appearance: when we absolutly know it dont mean a thing as its a human invention ; its like if somebody invent a book where bees attack and devore ?? all the humns of the earth it dont mean this is real, it just means it exists, but exists because the story was written, invented in the mind of a human, it dont exist in the sense that it never happened : the same with a tv series with a superhero fighting against evil and having superpowers: dont mean its real; its just invented, its not because somethign was ivnented that it exists or is real : its the same with beauttyn, tackiness, bizarr, normal ! we think its real but tis not, it was ivnented by humans its onyl naturla with the so mentally retrd brains they got, they had to definitely invent nonsenses ! so if humans and animals d live in another world or if in this world beauty , weirdness, tackiness and nomality hadnt been invented, when sombody would look at somebone like a tiger, grace kelly, a siberian husky they wouldnt think they look so good ! or looking at somebody with a monstruous face and many pimples all over their bodies and face and looking supposedly aweful they woudlt think they look so horryifingly uggly but when theyd look at that human creature or animal and at grace kelly, elizabeth taylor etc theyd say they well dont know but nothing, they couldnt think they look nice or uggly as these stuff in that other world woudlnt exist ! so evertime theyd see something, someone animal, someone human they woudl absoltely be unable to think its shes hes beautiful / horrible looking : they think about other characterictcs : seems like YAHWEH YOU didnt ivnented beauty, weirdness, ugliness, normality as it semes like for YOU all these things are non real , invented by retard minds and non pertinent non rational ✞

so when some human think extremely differently than the rest of the world and they feel extremely weird which is a nonsense this sentence, this idea, they dont feel weird, they feel different, but dont know it ; technically they feel weird because they live according to the human invented notions so yep they are convinced they are so very weird : but no as its like tackiness and beauty: they arent weird, those who think a hundred percent normal arent normal it doenst mean nothing ! how to explain this ^ they think in their heads as the human gender gives definitions of ideas, things, which are invetend words, not YOURS GOD so they dont have no meaning, they exist because somebody invented them, we cant say we never heard the words normal , weirds, bizarr, odd abnormal but they are words that dont exist for real, they shouldnt be uttered, written, thought, in the dictionaries of the earth b they are like somebody ho has the idea of ivneting a new language but only she he can speak it and he she wotn teach it to no oone , this language dont eixst for real : or animals who talk, or can live til six hundred and twnty nine years etc these are just stuff said but not existant ! so we were so deepky brainshed with the ideas of abnormal & normal that we truly think that when we think not like the whole human race we are weird and we think we know it, we are so sure but no this is like dust, bizarr, normal, this is like nothing, void ! we only think in a way hardly nobody ever thought, we fabricated ideas that billions others never had, we had sudden thoguhts like those and we thought oh i dont like me right now, i feel so weird, i hate my life, why do i have to think like this, im nuts, i wish i thought like mankind , "normally " ! those who think that are msitaken ! they arent loony, nobody is, they arent abnormal, and they arent normal, like eah and every living creature of the earth ! its just false criterias like this is nice and ugly ! its false, its how to say this its so hard to say and understand ! like putting humans in categories, putting idea,s stuff, abstract stuff in categories ! this = normal this = abnormal ! no ! so when we think stuff like its weird that we are so numerous and its weird we have a heart wich beats and a brain whoch we cant see because its inside, its weird we have bodies because theyre useles,s onyl the brains is useles in our whole physical bodies, tis weird we give too much improtance to touch because beauty = sex its the same, we wanna be beautiful, that everyone who is in our lives be beautfiful, human want their girfriends, husbands, boyfriend,s wives to be beautiful and have good sex so if they suck at sex they divorce or get rid of them or somethign ? if they look bad they stop being their husbands, girlfirneds etc its the same its loving to have physical pelasure, loving to watch a beautiful body and face, not just for couple relationships but firendships and family relationships ! if we got this type of thouhts we arent out of our midns we just have thoughts that are methaphysical ù we think of his life, this univers,e this bodies, we think how wweird, we got a brain which thinks and a body whch move,s we could have looked different, like inhabitants of other worlds, or look like objetcs, or nothing, or not talk or just hear thoguths or not hear, not speak, not communicate, we could not have material bodies, souls, nothing, so this thoughts make us feel so weird because we think most humans dont think this type of 'abnromal thoughts and that they onyl think 'normal' things but no because how do we know what s in their brains we cant know everything each human of the earth thinks ! and this is a brainwashing putting names like odd and mentally sick or abnormal to a human being because its exactly like mental health ! shrinks suck ! really they brainwash the so called mentally "ill" creatures + the huamn race in order for them to put into categories this kind is normal this kind is tited psycoes , etc thzt swhy the evil humans bad intentioned humans invented ' psychosis' because theyd put a name on a human creature that their name aint aisnley or haydn or whatever anymore its ' psycothic ' this is rude ! they aboslutely arent psycothic, again, brainwashings, stuff here in order to complicate, sadden, depress, create frustration, mokery, disrespet, exclusion fromsociety, suicide, only suck stuff ! make those called psychotics feel weird, ahting their lives, wishing they had never been psycotics ! this is a lie ! because its like abnormal normal uggly beautiful ! its a void with no meaning ! its to sepearete, divide into different kinds, the kind that has 'normal ' 'shycotics ' thoguhts they pretend they got 'abnormal' thoughts and are extremelly sick in their spirits ! but arent isnt it YAHWEH ? nbody is sick in their heads everybodys what? nothing not sick, not sane, nothing or everybody is sick its or nobody is sick in their minds or everybody is sick in their minds ! hard to know ! why did the human turn the planet earth this way ? inventing diseases and stuff that are ivnented to hurt animals + mankind, really absolutely not there to help us ! in fact if the human kidn hadnt been brainwashed with all this crap of having different thoughts = being psycotic = being very abnormal in their heads everything d be aboslutely different ! nobody wuld be considered odd and normal , psychotic ! thats be marvellous, more tolerance more respect ! i the whole planet earth p nobody whod think as 'pychos' or 'nevrotics' would be considered as crazy ; even though teyd be rare or maybe theyd be numerous as the fact that the world is different and that there is a lot of tolerance and less brainwashings about the human mind health changes a lot of stuff like very few think diffrerent in that old world now if this new one manay think differently, what they call being sick in the head ! actually those who think theyre less brainwashed are definitely brainwhas too as those who are super brainwashed because those who have conscience of this all, that nromal, abnormal is like the wind, nothing, they are brainwashed about feeling weird when they got diffretn so called weird thoughts : those who very often got these different type o thoughts feel wo i got to keep this to myself, never tell this to nayone this is a secret between me and me or me and my diary ! this means theyre brainwashed to so thats funny! because they tell humans dont stress out, youre normal, dont be afraid of showing whar you truly think , what they say is weirnd, tell it, dont hide it and themselves, hide it, and themselves feel so weird and themselves say its not weir,d nbodys who thinks that ways weird so they are telling dont be brainwashed with the idea of weird and normal but are themselves brainwashed with this ! its 'normal ' jejeje nobodys a genius or eprfect in their ideas and brains ! you can contradict yourselves its 'normal ' ! it means they trying to get rid of their own brainwashing dont work as well as the brainwashing as they really or hesitae to tell it to their families, friends, boyfriends, wives etc or they will never say a word about this or after hesitating will do so but are so scared and are super apprehensvie of the thoguths and reactions of those who listened or read their so called weird ideas ! why , no need to stress ! again a brainwahsing ; being scared of what manking thinks ! in this animals youre geniuses! humans have something betwen their teeth, or were humiliated in front of many humans they knew and didnt knew, ok hey think ill never go out of my home again ! why ? this is an irational stuff with means nothing j humiliaiton,, shame, what the humans think of the humans all of this are voids ! animals you were supposedly ' humiliated' you dont feel that you know all this dont exist you are too clever, too full of too much wisdom ! you cant feel this in your animal mentality and unvierse this isnt there and never was ! and us humans get worked up with thise rubbish ! it dont even exists!! ! GOD YOU think we shoudl care about what YOU think when we did anything, from bad, to neuteur, to right, to kinda good, kinda bad to what wedont know if tis wrong, right, everything becuse YOU want us to remember YOUre watching us all the seconds of our lives o so we instead of being focused on YOU were focused on the humans ???!!! were so dumb !!! as if each human were YOU GOD and like theyre gonna send us to hell because we had toilet paper on our shoes and didnt know or we farted in public etc humiliations dont exist for YOU YAHEH right ? we absolutely must think like YOU : to not care about any opinion human creatures have in our heads about us, bad good, injust, really bad analysis of us, etc say bad and good about us, slander about us, false rumours about us anyting ! or thinking wow she hes a loser he she just had the biggest humiliation of her his life, he she as on the mic and sang so out of tune ! kill yourselves then ! like it matters! nothing matters! its so weird this unvierse, these brains, these human creatures ✞

1 may 2014

thats why when we judge others and ourselves they dont know its the same because when its us we think no problem i know me, me dont want tu hurt me, has no mean thought when me criticizes me but whe me criticizes a human they think its an attack an agression and its not because they wanna give them the same treatment and the same "objective " judgements so the most objective as posible * than when they judge themselves ù so if themselves are days without doing some stuff from work theyre telling to themselves youre an huge idiot because youre so left brained when the brain you should use is the right one * theyre hard on themselves but if they were telling that to somebone else who did the same stupidit they would say the same stuff * leaving stuff for the last moment when they had plenty of time before to do the work $ so when its the being "i " criticising "somebody"  "I ' knows she he dont mean nothing evil but "somebody" dont know that as they think its meant to make them feel low and upset when " I" knows its not like that as " I" when sayign this to " I" says it only to making him herself get rid of her his vices like being lazy * but what "somebody" dont know is that "I" is a good person who wants to outdo themselves as persons , and outdo others : so they say these for being helpful and do good deeds and they wanna make bad half wit beings descent good beings and themselves $ but its because humans think one treats her himself one way and others a different way but no , they think they treat themselves great and others wickedly but no it depends some beings do that but those altruistic who wanna outdo otehrs and them no because theyre right brained and try to be fair with everyone so its undair to trat oneself better than anybody * so they have the same severity with all the toehrs and themselves * so as humans dotn know what and its understandable as its very rare to fing philantrhpists on earth who wanna help them eliminate all their uglly little human natures vices they cant guess its that, but immediately as a first thought will think they wanna get me upset and do me wrong : but no : they try to see toehrs as them this way : ' i ' critice me not another one : when theyre criticing another human * its me so theyre kinda clement as when we judge ourselves were clement so if we judge someone else thinking its ourselves were clement * with oneself we dont wanna be mena, imposible, a human is mean only towards anybody but her him self so they do this judgement with huge hearts even though it dont seem like this as these jdugements sound very hard * but no if they knew all this they knew its not wicked at all but so humane ; so lesson from Your wisdom GOD never judge justlike this fast dont take into account your first thought aus if you try to analyse more deeply youll see it wasnt what you thought it was ^ so youll see humans wanna help you in fact it seems more humans than we think do this philanthropic stuff to getting rid of their vices because sometimes human say stuff like dont they it the wrong way i do this exclusively to make you see your bad points, to make you see its bad that youre this way to make you stop being this way and they yell and say stuff like you re nooone to judge me, dont do this, leave me alone and dig their heels in ( se braquer ) of course its the evil stupid ego : satan ivnented it probably ego sucks

1 may 2014

in order to grasp whats on other humans midns one needs to have the same mind or be able to like a radio , hich can be turned on, listening to all the thoughts in another persons mind : then they could really get it caus when some humans tyr to explain some stuff theyre so frustrated because the ones theyre trying to explain this to cant udnerstand because only themselves know what they mean as they know well their brains but other wouldnt udnerstand : even when somebodys dont really udnerstand one of his her thaughts he she understands it kinda and better than anyone else as its her his mind ù when some human hate someone caus they think theyre too cruel with their judgements towards them theyre wrong because these humans arejudging them as durement?? as they judge themselves * it means when theyre judging themselves there isnt a fear of worlds brainwashing like dotn say this they could get fofended and the day i need a favor its fichu?? or they could get hurt or en rogne?? they could not udnerstand what i mena, oh its bette ri dont criticze after all : so we self censure ourselves because we didnt say what we meant even though it was not ith cruelty but fairness and just a constatation?? but e dont say that because e kno the truth, they dont, we know we dont mean bad but the human genres like selfish or paranoiac so theyd often hear these stuff as attacks and criticism when its done with honesty and neutral feelings : so to make them stop hating all thsoe who criticize the whole humanr ace+ the beigns they know and see often they can tell them that theyre try to be fair with anyone and themselves it means judging the others as it was their person like j judges y like y is j so j aint too cruel because it seems easier to judge fairly oneslf than others aswhen you judge yourself you dont have the other one, you is judging you not you is judging someone or someone is judging you * so you kno youre honest with yourself like those who would do stuff like put their fingers in their ears or fart or be naked at home because theyre truly themselves only hen theyre alone and not when there humans or somebody p so they know theyll behave and judge honestly when its me who judges me so they pretend its me who juge me but its me ho judges somebody else $ so they think im a retard, theyve self analyzed their on selves for decades -years so they know well their minds and came to the conclusion there retards useless sucky beings * and they see many humans are this way, hulans onr adio humans strangers everytime theyre out of their flats-homes whatever ,huns everywhere, humans on tv, humans they know, humans in general famous humans, humans from every background, job , mentality etc : just all retards like " me " $ so its not to be mean why would creatures think this if when they judge themselves they cant do it with mechancete?? as its themselves one cant be mena with oneself can they ? so wwhy just because its another being than theirs theyd be judging them cruelly it dont make any sense * they try to be as fair as with them so when its themselves they dont think youre a mororn a stupid idiot !!!! yelling like theyre with a demon or wanna hurt ' me' than they do the same with others : when its themselves they think it with a sad voice and tone in their heards, like you have to realize, thats life, that human nature not just me but everyone, were all retards, thats so depressing ù they say it to themselves that way and any other very harsh judgement they make to themselves and everybody so when they tell somebone or to a gorup of beings im sorry but youre idiots, useless creatures, so stupid brainless they say it with the same defaitisme ?? pessimisme and sadness in their voices * so all thse humans who despise those who criticise paricular humans + the whole mankind should think twice before hating because they dont critize to make humans feel so bad but to make they see what themselves cant see alone but who can see those things only if a human make them see it as some humans saw this and tohers dont because some spend a aweful lotta their times philosopizing and others are kinda like empty brainded as they hardl ever think , analyse this planet and creatures living it even less * they just do these analysis of youre a loser, youre worthless , thats so annoying youre born, me too, etc its just because theyre so frustrated and disappointed that this is the humans, this is whats this spiecies all about and that theyre so ashmaed of themselves and of the whole human race and they wish they didnt make everything bad all the time $ like lying, cheating, threateting of killing or hitting humans if they dont give them the money they owe them, hitting their kids or husband or wife, taking drugs when they perfectly know its bad, having several boyfriends girfriends at the same time, being cruel but not with these type of fair constatations?? but criticism that dont exist in them and see them with their demonic minds, micking others, thinking its ok to live with their lives full of animals mruders: leather, animals for human food, stuff tested on animals, fur etc thinking its ok to lie all the time and lying all the time, waking up with the deivl being angry with no reaosn all the time, getting so mad we become violent and wished like billions of time of killing those who we dont like even though wha they did ti us is not that bad to deserve to be killed, not even to be insulted etc we suck we are lifes retards because we cant be normal, kind, fair creatures, its too hard for our tiny lil brains $ we aint even got brains we cant do stuff with intelligenc,e kindness, we aint got hearts, kindness nothing werelike the most retards of all the universe as those who live out of earth are all more or way more itnellignet than humans $ we are unable to spend a few days as saints so not sinning $ GOD You mut be looking at us and think why did I even created them in the first place theyre inhumane retards * so we wish we were all almost saints, all super friendly and have integrity and be right but we are at billions of kilometers from this so thats why those who hate those who criticize very strongly very strictly every human should see stuff thoguth this look , this perspective : its not to make them suffer or be hurt or be furious but to make them see that 1 theyre so incredibly dumb & heartless 2 they must at all costs try and stop being so heartless & dumb $ those who hate those who criticize a lot the bad minds & behaviors of human beings think with their incredibly large egos and not with their hearts and souls or comapssion because when youre a freidnly , a conflict free a stress free mentality you dont wanna get mad at others and stop having anythign to do with them because they critice everyone on earth and you * you think ok lets remain calm, i cna lsiten to all the criticism without getting excited and offended ok they could be right ù they take this without being over sensitive or anything like that caus they got too much wisdom so their rule is always never get angry caus youre not sure what they mean, to upest you ? to get you angry ? to hurt you ? you dont know, you take into account all posibilites = you use your left brain which is full of wisdom kindness inteligence ect those wholl jump to conclusion hes mean with everyone+me she he never sotps criticizing, in fact he she never does anythign else, never says something positive about anyone * theyre mistaken as they think the point of this all is to be the measest being ever but no the point is to help them change their immensely sucky nature ù in the other hand why shoudl the ones getting the criticizing + the one scriticizng themselves fele bad, they should not feel guilty * its the fault fo their human nature not their $ a spieicies got this hge stuff in common * its like the alien, animal nature * its not something of a bunch of creatures, but to an entire speiices so unfortunately the nature was to never be able to do stuff good and to always miss, fail everything like being good , respecting all creatures , being honest etc thats the nature of the human being * so they should not see this as strong attacks as its not them directly theyre judging but their nature * and as their nature is not their guilt as they never could choose what nature they could have like being almost angels, being very humane, a genius ect the human nature is never use your brain you aint got one + never use your heart, you aint got no heart, always act stupidely, under compulsion ; always close your brain so not think becofre taking important decisions and adoing actions + always chose the worst decision like saying the truth lying ? < lying naturally, stealing or not stealing this stuff you so want so love : stealing ù using the condom or not , not using it * all your friends are on drugs, peer pressure do i use it or not , yep of course : that poor car in the street looks so unhelahy weak do i bring her him home or not : not, i dont care abotu stupid cats! etc so were are our hearts and brains ? this is our human nature so sadly ^itd be wonderful if our human nature was like angels nature, YOUR nature YAHWEH, saints nature, Mary and Jesus nature $ the human speicies is a pity $ so unbelivebale how cruel and moron we are : unbelievable how YOU can love us despite all our cruel sins , stupid sins we love to do when we can definitely not do them, and we know it, is there even one day we act "normal " ? so thinking with moral instead of corruption , when we act, take the defense of the evil one, accuse the nice innocent one, we dont think with our hearts but with the enemy and too many exemples to show we are lifes idiots caus about life we get nothing

when do they have to start behaving like a descent human being ?

everything that makes her life beautiful, its all happening now, but for you and me, our time is coming

its ok to not be perfect

i never saw you for yo, i saw what i wanted to see, what i wanted you to be,

if it gets bad enough ive got nobody - well the way it is now, with all the crap you take you are nobody

we have only ever wanted hwhat was best for animals

this is what you do, this is what you always do, - what ? - make it seem like its about me but its not, its about you , - (dice cosas .... ) was the worst agony of my life- you see, always about you

maybe you just couldnt see anybody but yourself

it would be morally reprehensible, highly irregular and irresponsible to

1 april 2014 YAHWEH YOU wish all the human creatures to take their breakfast . if we dotn we sin as its absuing our bodies and it makes us live less long . YOU want us to live the most posible right ? please every humn creature of earht, dont remain without eating , have your breaksfats please!! if you dont its super bad for the body, some humans think its ok, no !! it serious, you can vous evanouir?? feel bad, your brain feels bad as how can you think right if you use your mental faculties if you refused to give food to it !!! you cant go working out at school or wherever without eating or doing carido without eating, going to school, work,  studying, apsisns hard exams without eating, you couldnt get the best grades because your brain is empty, too tired because it didnt eat anything at all ù please think about GOD it aint your bodies, its YOUR bodies YAHWEH humans cant do whatever they want with them : if they dont eat in the mornings theyre ill treating You GOD YOUR earthly bodies

if you dont have any confidence you ll never get anywhere in life

its the first time id ever experienced real freedom

animals youre the only one for humans

youre the only one for me

for the marvelous things which are accomplished in animals

From the moment we born we sings in our hearts a canticle full of love and gratitude.

she allows the most profound sentiments of her heart to break forth in song;

kept these words of Jesus carefully in our hearts

How is the Illuminati involved in the music industry? People on YouTube etc have been "claiming" that recently artists such as:

1): Rihanna
2): Jay-Z
3): Beyonce
4): Lady Gaga
5): Britney Spears
6): Michael Jackson

Have joined the Illuminati or was a puppet controlled by the Illuminati. People have also said that these "accusations" of Michael Jackson being a Pedophile and Britney Spears' emotional breakdown and illness in 2007 was caused out of rebellious from the Illuminati!

I just find that hard to believe for these reasons:

1): Britney Spears was bipolar
2): Michael Jackson had issues going on his life that involved another family screwing it up for him.

They even said that this Organization was involved in the murders of:

1): Aaliyah
2): Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes (TLC)
3): Biggie Smalls
4): Tupac

How is that possible? And even one video on YouTube showed the "reason" of why DMX was in trouble back in 2001 (I think, I'm not sure) but DMX was not apart of no secret organization I'm pretty sure he doesn't even know what the Illuminati is. DMX was responsible for his actions not any secret organization.

Also I keep seeing comments on Rihanna's music videos:

1): Rockstar 101
2): Russian Roulette
3): Disturbia
4): Rude Boy
5): Wait Your Turn
6): Umbrella

That these songs/music videos shows the Devil & Rihanna are have a "conversation" with each other through lyrics.

I wanna make some things clear for y'all small minded idiots:

1): Rihanna did not write those songs Ne-Yo & Stargate did
2): Rihanna had just gotten out of an abusive & threatening relationship with Chris Brown two years ago
3): Rihanna was going edgy and emoish for awhile but now shes the old Ri-Ri with her new song "Only Girl (In the World)".

Plus even if they were controlled by this organization how in the heck is that effecting you in any way at all?
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just another crazy theory made by people who have way too much time on their hands
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miyuki & kyojin
Is just another amateurish hoax frauds create get attention and/or make money tell silly lies gullible people believe. Illuminati not exist, is just silly "Conspiracy Theory" of it.
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Leo Jen
Get research this very very good website to start you off with
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Illuminati - a secret society

Dumbing down the public by subliminally brainwashing us through EVERYTHING ... media, food ... realising poison in the air ... putting fluoride in our water

Rihanna ... lady gaga etc .. they are called puppets .. they don't really know or understand whats going on
Jay-z admitted he was a free mason on his song

DMX know EVERYTHING about the illuminati
listen to this

DMX - The Industry

Britney had a breakdown due to the media ... she said 'i try telling the public, they can hear my but they arnt listening to me ... its sad' Then she cries

Listen to these then make your mind up

Fat Boy Slim - Illuminati

JAY Z D`evils

Eminem - my darling
Eminem - Deamons Inside

Sick Since - Illuminati

Tupac- They don't give a **** about us

Micheal Jackson - They don't care about us

Tupac- illuminati

Vinnie Paz - end of days

Lauryn Hill - I Get Out
Lauryn Hill - Rebel

Bob Marley - Zion
Bob Marley - Could you be loved

DMX - The Industry

Prodigy - illuminati

As eminem, Katy perry & kanye west have admitted to seling their souls too its kinda obvious

Lauryn hill -- "Everyone wants fantasy but need reality ... i just retired from the fantasy part"

Vinnie Paz - End of days ... that's a very good song

Its affecting us alot ... i can see what it has done to my family
Like fox news, manipulating your opinions, they have created cancers & put fluoride in my water ... i rung up and asked what sections of the UK it was released in & they said NW England ... so its in my water

Just do your frikin Research because it sounds un realistic until you understand it

If you can persuade people that what you see with your eyes is what there is too see ... you got them ... because they will laugh in the face of another explanation which portrays the bigger picture of whats happening & they have


Decades ago, the military industrial complex studied and perfected the Russian LIDA machine (U.S. Patent 3773049). LIDA is a 1950s brain entrainment device used for “remote control” drugless sedation and mind control. The LIDA device about the size of a breadbox could be used to control subjects from a room in an apartment building.[85]

From LIDA, the U.S. military industrial complex has developed advanced Voice-To-Skull (V2K) technologies. V2K is used to taunt, mock and torture targeted people. Targets of V2K have reported doors slamming, voices, degradation of a religion, screaming, etc.[86]

The state of art of “Artificial Telepathy” in the 21st Century is not extraordinary military industrial complex science. “It’s as simple as receiving a cell-phone call in one’s head.”[87]

“Indeed, most of the technology involved is exactly identical to that of cell-phone technology. Satellites link the sender and the receiver. A computer “multiplexer” routes the voice signal of the sender through microwave towers to a very specifically defined location or cell. The “receiver” is located and tracked with pinpoint accuracy, to within a few feet of actual location. But the receiver is not a cell phone. It’s a human brain.”[88]

“Out of nowhere, a voice suddenly blooms in the mind of the target. The human skull has no “firewall” and therefore cannot shut the voice out. The receiver can hear the sender’s verbal thoughts. The sender, in turn, can hear all of the target’s thoughts, exactly as if the target’s verbal thoughts had been spoken or broadcast. For this reason, the experience could be called “hearing voices” but is more properly described as ‘artificial telepathy’”.[89]

“The problem is that artificial telepathy provides the perfect weapon for mental torture and information theft. It provides an extremely powerful means for exploiting, harassing, controlling, and raping the mind of any person on earth. It opens the window to quasi-demonic possession of another person’s soul.”[90]

Artificial Telepathy used as a “non-lethal” weapons system becomes an ideal means for the military industrial complex to target a subject for harassing DEMONS to discredit, neutralize, or simply “mind rape” the target insane.[91]

A hologram is a projected three-dimensional representation of a person or object, normally used in communication or entertainment. Holograms were used mostly in telecommunications as an alternative to screens. A holocamera of any recorder or receiver would acquire the dimensions, form and movements of an object by means of ray scanning. This vision then could be transmitted simultaneously somewhere else, or stored and reproduced on a holoprojector at a later time.[92]

Artificial Telepathy Hologram manipulations would explain how Whitney Houston could see faces, images and All-Seeing Eyes on the walls, carpets, doors, and inside and outside of her closets; and be harassed 24 hrs a day with holographic DEMONS.

A secretly coded “Holy See” Project was also publicly exposed two decades ago. The Holy See Project was a collaborative of the CIA, Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI) and the Vatican in the use of holograms to create visions of Angels, Light Beings, and DEMONS, etc. to mind control populations.[93]

Two decades ago, the military industry complexes were developing out-of-this world non-hertzian scalar electromagnetic surveillance, and manipulation and alteration of DNA/RNA to conform to with mind control hologram optical protocols.[94]

Many artificial telepathy electromagnetic victims report dream manipulation, sleep deprivation, or induced sleep at inappropriate time, memory input and control, subliminal control, visual hallucinations, holograms, hearing distortions, sense of touch distortions, microwave burns, involuntary muscle movement, voice and speech input, control of emotions and personality overlay.[95]

Artificial telepathy electromagnetic weapons used at lower levels of amplification can cause extreme forms of physical discomfort, debilitation and confusion, men and women are assaulted on sexual organs which cause extreme discomfort and pain, total control of body functions such as manipulation of breathing and heart beats. Many become ill with migraines, cataracts, burns, digestive tract health conditions with massive rectal bleeding, skin cancer, leukemia, breast cancers, brain lesions and tumors, various cancers, various diseases, chronic fatigue syndrome, various teeth problems, Alzheimer’s disease, Epstein Barr virus, heart attacks, heart disease, brain tumors, brain aneurysm, & death.[96]

Artificial Telepathy electromagnetic amplification can also explain the persistent rumors of the death and severe illnesses that plague both Bobby Brown [97] and Whitney Houston. [98]

Electromagnetic radiation might also explain Tina Brown’s claim that most of Whitney Houston’s have fell out her of mouth.[99]

CNN recently broke ground in television holographic technology when it beamed into its Atlanta studios holographic images of Will. I. am of Black Eye Peas. The holographic project was the decade long work of eerie vice president and the Washington bureau chief for CNN, David Bohrman. It is unknown if David Bohrman is related to escaped Nazi war criminal, Martin Bormann, head of the Nazi Party Chancellery (Parteikanzlei) and private secretary to Adolf Hitler.[100]

At one point, Wolf Blitzer and Bohrman revealed that Artificial Telepathy Technology is being developed and perfected off shore in Israel. In December 2003, Whitney and Bobby entered Israel under the guise of a “spiritual retreat.” They met with former general and war criminal (Sabra and Shatila Massacre) Ariel Sharon, Israel’s 11th Prime Minister.[101]

Meeting with Sharon, both Whitney and Bobby are dressed in symbolic blood red.

“And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony; and they loved not their lives unto the death.” Revelation 11:12

In the occult, the color red symbolizes fire, primal symbolism-HELL. Set (Seth) of Kemetic (Egyptian) Mythology, the slayer of Ashur, symbolic color was red. While tradition holds him to have been red-headed, the use of red in association with magick, from an Islamic perspective, is an innovation based on the deification of Prophet Seth.[102]

What’s going on here? I don’t believe that Whitney can see the two-finger “devil horns” symbol that Bobby Brown is flashing toward Sharon.  I truly don’t  believe that Whitney understands that Bobby has sold her out and scarificed her to an international elite coven of Luciferians.  Sharon is alleged to be a master mason connected to Knight Templar’s secrets in House of Holy, Solomon’s Temple in Jerusalem.

Whitney and Bobby entered Israel under the subterfuge of spiritual healing with the Black Hebrews, but after the trip little or nothing has become of their spiritual or religious awaking among the Black Hebrews.[103] It was a ruse. They most likely entered Israel as CNN’s Bohrman did as part of secret Holographic technology protocols and for medical examinations to study the effects of long term exposure to electromagnetic radiation.   Bohrman was the chief executive officer (CEO) of Pseudo Programs founded by internet genius and entrepreneur Josh Harris. Harris confessed that Pseudo was a fake corporation,[104] most likely a CIA front.

In 1999, Harris and Bohrman conducted human experiments called “Quiet,” which tested the effects of media, surveillance and technology on the development of personal identity. In New York, they invited New Yorkers to live in pods in a six-storey Broadway warehouse and be subjected to 24-hr total surveillance, in the shower, in the bathroom, etc. Everything was free: food, alcohol, drugs, a firing range, and shelter. Pseudo called in a spook CIA psychiatrist to maximum overload the subjects with intensive Project CHATTER-MK ULTRA type interrogations and harassment. The experiment is captured in a film, “We live in the Public”.[105]

In 2000, after exposing himself and a girlfriend to the “Quiet” experiment, Harris suddenly took off for refuge in Ethiopia, [106] the ancestral land of Ashur-Aset-Heru Mysteries, the Ancient Land of Kush. Even in the ancient Land of Kush under the protection of the most ancient Heru (Horus) and Aset (Isis), Harris believes that he had been shadowed by the Guardians of the Dark, the FBI.[107] Then, Harris have been in Kush developing secret Avatar protocols to re-image the Ashur-Aset-Heru Mythology as a backdrop of James Cameron’s blockbuster movie, Avatar. It’s only a thought or FEAR?

For decades the military industrial complex has been developing a new scientific discipline, Neurotheology (spiritual neuroscience). The Neurotheology theory is that man’s religious belief systems is neurological (MK ULTRA’s Aldous Huxley’s Island).[108]

Decades ago, Dr. Michael Persinger of Canada, developed a “God Hemet” to feedback recorded EEG brain wave frequencies recorded from “spiritual states” and fed the frequencies back into subjects by VLF and ELF to the temporal lobes to reconstruct religious experiences.[109]

Current Neurotheology studies use neuroimaging to localize brain regions that are active, or differentially active, during experiences that subjects associate with “spiritual” feelings or images. David Wulf, a psychologist at Wheaton College, Massachusetts, suggests that current brain imaging studies, along with the consistency of spiritual experiences across cultures, history, and religions, “suggest a common core that is likely a reflection of structures and processes in the human brain.”[110]

Some Neurotheology scientists working in the field hypothesize that the basis of spiritual experiences arises in neurological physiology. Suggestions have been made that an increase of N-Dimethyltryptamine levels in the pineal gland (Third Eye) or stimulation of the temporal lobe by psychoactive ingredients of magic mushrooms mimics religious experiences.[111]

The NWO Luciferians are busy at break neck pace developing neurotheological sciences with holographic technologies with an agenda to mind control world populations to minic the worship of LUCIFER as GOD, Project Blue Beam.[112]



une version décomplexée de soi, me permettre d'exister

on a besoin detre chaleureux, on a besoin de chaleur humaine

en 50 ans 50 pour cent des especes animales ont disparu sur la terre et pratiquement tous tout le monde s'en cogne

un nouvel etat d'esprit libéral

idéoogie mondialiste multi cultiraliste

lui a craché son mépris

Time is gonna take my mind
and carry it far away
where I can fly
The depth of life
will dim my temptation
to live for you
ah oh...
eh eh...
If I were to be alone
silence would rock my tears
'cause it's all about love
and I know better...
How life is a waving feather...
So I put my arms...
around you around you...
And I know that I'll be living soon
My eyes are on you
they're on you...
And you see that I can't stop shaking
No I won't step back
but I'll look down to hide
from your eyes
'cause what I feel...
is so sweet...
and I'm scared
that even my own breath
Oh could burst it
if it were a bubble...
And I'd better dream
if I have to struggle
So I put my arms...
around you around you...
And I hope that I will do no wrong
My eyes are on you...
they're on you...
And I hope that you won't hurt me
I'm dancing in the room
as if I was in the woods with you
No need for anything but music
Music's the reason why
I know time still exists...
Time still exists...
Time still exists...
Time still exists...
So I just put my arms...
around you around you...
And I hope that I will do no wrong
My eyes are on you
they're on you...
And I hope that you won't hurt me
My eyes are on you
they're on you...
And I hope that I will do no wrong
My eyes around you
they're around you
they're around you

on parle que de banalités on pense des banalités dans nos crânes


VOTRE idée de la réalité

e niveau du débat

c'est sans doute une puntion Divine

ya des mentalité, essayons d'analyser les mentalité ,

l'évolution de la mentalité collective

penser contre soi meme

les donneur de leçon moral

les humains sont le mal absolu

luchar por ser mejor persona

la psychanalyze de base / bazard

ça fait du bien d'exister

together we can change the world for the world needs to be change

tout est psosible a qui reve ose travaill et abandonne jamais

accrohcez vous a vos reve, on peut changer le monde

il est très perceptif

réduire la réalité de ce quon a vu

colectivement ensemble a perseverance

avoir d'avantage de liberté individuelle,

'amour maternel l'amour filiale

c'est énervant de faire des groupuscule, des communauté, en 2014, on devrait tous partager ensemble, briser toute le frontiere, et sauter toute les barrière, non ua

c'est heu, je sais pas comment définir ca ( no sabe como decir lo que piensa, que palabra usar decir


je pensais que c'était x et finalement ca a été y

i ont des cerveaux de colibri??

ils refusent de voir la réalité

des peur on se lève le matin avec des trouilles

il a méconnaissance totale du sujet dont il parle

un monde ou 'létérosexuaité deviendrait anormale, l'homosexualité deviendrait la norme :veganisme

est majoritaire dns lesprit des humain

les désre illimité des individu conduisent a la débacle de la société

nothing you could do would stop me from loving you

the question was asked if you had to hurt someone would it be a. A adult, b. A child, c. A dog, d. A elderly person these were hard men with hard lives not one chose a dog. Reason being that dog depends on you and gives nothing but love.
Harsher laws for animal abusers! There was no reason for Zola to be abused at all. Animals are God's gifts to us.
It is scary and heartbreaking to see how cruel people are to animals and each other.
when will it ever end? Until we start killing the abusers so the animals will feel free and no harm will come to them. It makes us sick to know other pets haveMoments wi been abused. we feel like going on a rampage and killing the bastards

everything's gonna be alright as long as you believe in YAHWEH

What have you done today to make you feel proud?
It's never too late to try"
kudos for uploading the soundtrack to the spaces between the thoughts in my skull.

Thanks for calling on Facebook to protect our privacy. If you share this on Facebook, we know they will hear us loud and clear. please forward the email below to ensure your friends hear about this campaign.

Decades ago, the military industrial complex studied and perfected the Russian LIDA machine (U.S. Patent 3773049). LIDA is a 1950s brain entrainment device used for “remote control” drugless sedation and mind control. The LIDA device about the size of a breadbox could be used to control subjects from a room in an apartment building.[85]

From LIDA, the U.S. military industrial complex has developed advanced Voice-To-Skull (V2K) technologies. V2K is used to taunt, mock and torture targeted people. Targets of V2K have reported doors slamming, voices, degradation of a religion, screaming, etc.[86]

The state of art of “Artificial Telepathy” in the 21st Century is not extraordinary military industrial complex science. “It’s as simple as receiving a cell-phone call in one’s head.”[87]

“Indeed, most of the technology involved is exactly identical to that of cell-phone technology. Satellites link the sender and the receiver. A computer “multiplexer” routes the voice signal of the sender through microwave towers to a very specifically defined location or cell. The “receiver” is located and tracked with pinpoint accuracy, to within a few feet of actual location. But the receiver is not a cell phone. It’s a human brain.”[88]

“Out of nowhere, a voice suddenly blooms in the mind of the target. The human skull has no “firewall” and therefore cannot shut the voice out. The receiver can hear the sender’s verbal thoughts. The sender, in turn, can hear all of the target’s thoughts, exactly as if the target’s verbal thoughts had been spoken or broadcast. For this reason, the experience could be called “hearing voices” but is more properly described as ‘artificial telepathy’”.[89]

“The problem is that artificial telepathy provides the perfect weapon for mental torture and information theft. It provides an extremely powerful means for exploiting, harassing, controlling, and raping the mind of any person on earth. It opens the window to quasi-demonic possession of another person’s soul.”[90]

Artificial Telepathy used as a “non-lethal” weapons system becomes an ideal means for the military industrial complex to target a subject for harassing DEMONS to discredit, neutralize, or simply “mind rape” the target insane.[91]

A hologram is a projected three-dimensional representation of a person or object, normally used in communication or entertainment. Holograms were used mostly in telecommunications as an alternative to screens. A holocamera of any recorder or receiver would acquire the dimensions, form and movements of an object by means of ray scanning. This vision then could be transmitted simultaneously somewhere else, or stored and reproduced on a holoprojector at a later time.[92]

Artificial Telepathy Hologram manipulations would explain how Whitney Houston could see faces, images and All-Seeing Eyes on the walls, carpets, doors, and inside and outside of her closets; and be harassed 24 hrs a day with holographic DEMONS.

A secretly coded “Holy See” Project was also publicly exposed two decades ago. The Holy See Project was a collaborative of the CIA, Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI) and the Vatican in the use of holograms to create visions of Angels, Light Beings, and DEMONS, etc. to mind control populations.[93]

Two decades ago, the military industry complexes were developing out-of-this world non-hertzian scalar electromagnetic surveillance, and manipulation and alteration of DNA/RNA to conform to with mind control hologram optical protocols.[94]

Many artificial telepathy electromagnetic victims report dream manipulation, sleep deprivation, or induced sleep at inappropriate time, memory input and control, subliminal control, visual hallucinations, holograms, hearing distortions, sense of touch distortions, microwave burns, involuntary muscle movement, voice and speech input, control of emotions and personality overlay.[95]

Artificial telepathy electromagnetic weapons used at lower levels of amplification can cause extreme forms of physical discomfort, debilitation and confusion, men and women are assaulted on sexual organs which cause extreme discomfort and pain, total control of body functions such as manipulation of breathing and heart beats. Many become ill with migraines, cataracts, burns, digestive tract health conditions with massive rectal bleeding, skin cancer, leukemia, breast cancers, brain lesions and tumors, various cancers, various diseases, chronic fatigue syndrome, various teeth problems, Alzheimer’s disease, Epstein Barr virus, heart attacks, heart disease, brain tumors, brain aneurysm, & death.[96]

Artificial Telepathy electromagnetic amplification can also explain the persistent rumors of the death and severe illnesses that plague both Bobby Brown [97] and Whitney Houston. [98]

Electromagnetic radiation might also explain Tina Brown’s claim that most of Whitney Houston’s have fell out her of mouth.[99]

CNN recently broke ground in television holographic technology when it beamed into its Atlanta studios holographic images of Will. I. am of Black Eye Peas. The holographic project was the decade long work of eerie vice president and the Washington bureau chief for CNN, David Bohrman. It is unknown if David Bohrman is related to escaped Nazi war criminal, Martin Bormann, head of the Nazi Party Chancellery (Parteikanzlei) and private secretary to Adolf Hitler.[100]

It's been a while since we shared thoughts about how inhuman this world is.
I don't think it will ever stop. But as long as people like you and I exist, we
can make a little difference. The  cow picture crying is truly sad, very, very sad.
she's no longer in this world.

13 d 14

his is huge we are so soft in the head we atually think that we got to be kind for cHRISTMAS CAUS ITS CHRITMAS 6 THATS THE SENTENCE THE EXACT SENTENCE SPUT IN OUR HEADS CAUS IN INOCTIRNATIONS its often one exact sentence in the minds of the huge most - so its why do you hae to be kind only in december - caus its chritmas - what ??? so there's angel animals - oh please dont kill those tureys, its chritma,s poor them - so this means if this was like march, wed have to kill the turkeys - so its like show mor comapsison its chrtimas - we are nuts!!!!! this dont make no sense this is entirely non rational & absurd!!!!!!!!!! this means caus there is a o,d letters of the aphabet forming a word which is christmas, and december, this means we have to be wow this is so silly, we hav to be kind in decemebr - again we listen to the enemy caus YAHWEH YOU ask us to be kind all the time - & we listen to the world the enemy ordering us to be kind only for decembe o r maybe early january too - are skulls are so empty that for none indoctrination do we think this is od - like are we brainwashed ? are w,e na! let us stop beign paranoid ect thats what we think caus we have really really non conspiracy theorist minds - so we dont see the eivl nohwhere or hadly anywhere - we see the good everywhere - so when theres a giant indoctrination like being kind for christmas or all the chritmas idncotrinations, food+gifts christmas indcotrination , we ont even a tiny little bit think its not normal and why is it a worldwide thing ect because it should give us a little ib tmore clue that its not just ourselves but many on the same world - its sow eird its like you hit, insult, murder non humans, treat dably non humans, humans ect all year - and now like by a mriacle you think icant , its christmas - so like you're always angry often all eyar long - now its decemebr youre excited happy - why are you hapy in decmeebr every eyar - i have no clue - maye caus its chritmas nad all the excitement all the joy  what excitemen what joy ???? what on earht are they talkign baout on this world there sno reaosn to be happy but to be wiht YOU YAHWEH so all thse humans hwo arent with YOU YAWHE us terirble chritians, us terrible atheists ect  we think we're hapy bu no, caus nobody who's not with YOU can be hapy so we're with the evil one and think we're too hapy - and so it if was novmeber are you happy no angry as always - now its decmeber im so happy! you can tsotp smiling laughing you're having a good day each day of december - then its january you'e mad again - this emans we're so morons bu not our fault its a planet thing speicies thing, its not our fault we werent born in a smart planet or we dont come form another speiice,s a smart one so we are so moron that we just are mentally conditioed programed to be all kind+very positiv in ana amazin mood only for when tis close to chritmaschritmas + short after chritmas - for no reaosn evidently - then were mad angy in terrible moods all eyar for nor eazon - caus we ar eprogramed to be sa d mad ect because its not decemebr all 11 months of every year + we're programed ot be hapy and nicer for decmeebr januayr of eahc eyar and we cant realize it dont make no sense ?????? we dotn realize how come im amd at some moments of the eyars and apy in dicemeber ect we dotn get it ? like you got tonens of rpboelms your family friends hate you ect and you have a teribly boring life yu just watch tv go to work have no friends ect you fight all the time with your friends ,family and no its december and every day fo december you're singing dancing in the stret you heart is full of joy and it dot meana t all YOU're with YAHWEH YAHWEH is always with us even if we're peaced od pee sinners the most evil beings but we are not with YAHWEH because we refuse YOU YAHWEH in our existances - but its not rational if all eyar were depressed mad caus problems no love ect and december we got the same situation = hapiness - how come - so they can tordre in all directions like plasticine - caus they could ve made us even mroe iraitonal & always we would not ahve a tiny clue - like they could have made a more huge circus of our existance,s minds - like being unhappy when everythigns great, being depressed for no reaosn, all the time, not just often -aus thank YAHWWEH we're not mad depresed all the time, just kind of what , often ? 50% of time? so if they had programmed us into being unhappy when everythings great than we' wouldnt aks ourselves why are we feeling bad if we should be hapy because we'd see the whole sheep planet behaving sadly when everythigns great in their lvies too so w wouldnt think its abnormal is us caus abnormal supodsedly is when a littl eamount does one thign behave ones maner ect not when the whole human race does it - so we'd think its normal dont wory -

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MessageSujet: Re: n easy to help lives : share, watch, sign, open conciouncess   Sam 8 Mar - 8:34

vvvvva analsis filowe are too dumb caus there would be no fight, oral, physical war, enslavement nothing, peace d be there since forevr!! on earht so if we can do bad in a palce easy to keep everything great we must be useless good for nothign without brains hearts

jan 16 2015

we are created at Your image GOD? hard to believe ,, we're very nasty the human beings,, YOU are very good ,, we're a tiny little bit good,, YOU're totally good,, we murder, we hurt, e're morons, retards, heartless,, YOU're a saint, you dont murder, YOU save, YOU just do good, e do loads of evil,, we hardly ever do any nice thing,, we are so full of Your enemy,, YOU cant be with the enemy,, hard to beleive we're Your creatures, hard to beleive the evil one is Your creature,, we're are so not like YOU YAHWEH,, we sin a tremendosuly a lot,, YAHWEH YOU cant sin,, YOU dont have grand parent,s aprents? YOU creatures YOU GOD? nobody created YOU? before  YOU created all the unvierses, parrallel planets, pararrl unvirses, all Your planets, there was nothing? YOU were all alone ? how did YOU exist ? YOU created us but knowing we would make YOUr saint earth a satanic monstruous place,, YOU being GOD YOU created us wanting us to be so like YOU but YOU knew we were going to be like Your enemy?

sep 10 14

you must have felt like the luckiest man in the whole wide world , in order for you to feel that way , your brothers humans gotta go vegans, for now dear animals you feel like the unluckiest creatures in the whole wide world because of your enslavement ,torture,mass murders by man

in your head animals or humans whats happening to me i cant see, cant hear, i m going nuts, poor sweetharts, you cant even speak as you neevr heard any animal any human speka so you not only cant communicate with others for you cant see them and hear them but also caus you never learned how to speak, you dont know words, sentences, human languages, nothing, animals too

dec 1 14

is there some good on this earth ? some humans are good YAHWEH ? the evil are eivil, the the (very evil a ltitle bit good( = evil the very gooda,alil bit evil = evil, the middle good middle evil = evil it so hard to accept there is some good, some humans we want to put all them in the evil (category( caus all the levels of goof present in all humansfrom 1 goo to 831 goo for isntance, allof them have not cero evil but any number of evil from 1 or cero??? to 831 so all of them are evil , in many different levels, and so nobody is good on earth ? caus truly good means 100% good and there is no such humane thing as this, but YAHWEH YOU're 100% good caus YOU are not human , , caus we can think jsut binayr all is blakc or all is white caus thats good but dumb, so its our own choice, some can think all are good, others can think all are bad,, but we cant say in this civilization which is not autoctocne, eveyhting sucks but no, well yes , no x caus comps cellphones are addictive but are good too x and teach us stuff and cars and stuff pollute but without vehicles we could never go anywhere s ect ect this can be a enverending covnersaiton, so many stuff to talk about c but in our non autchtone civilizaiton we cant think nothing is good evne if its so hard to not think like that caus theres some humans who are less morons as they fight against evil in this civilization c they fight against pesticides bad stuff we do to the earth, animal & human race x lets just say there is one ace: human , animal, and not two , to untie even more YAHWEHs creation x caus we think too much , dividning philosophy,, caus fif all were evil all was bad nobody on earht would be doing nothing to help the earth , the animal the humans, so we'd be in an even bigger trouble this poor earth these poor creation caus , so there are activists of peace for all, peace for animals etc so there are some good thigns so lets not complain too much and get desperate and lose all hope and faith in the human gender and in peace and jetter l'éponge and be all negaive ,fatalistic c caus we think we'll save no veggie no animal, nobody x no caus this could be worse , there could be no animla angel, no human angel, no veggie angel so frankly lets not complian caus if it as not just super worse but toally a hudnred pecent, abd then we could complain, we should actually be satisfied , wlel not all satisfied of how this earht is caus theres so much bad but we kind of satisfied for all he evgans all the environmentalsits all the human saviors of the earht caus this is amazing so isntead of focusing on the engative we should focus on the positive

its true, we dotn think planet as we dont think about authntoces and animals living over there everyday just from time o time or never in our lives , we dotn see big, we dont even see giant

when you're not a hypocretical frind but a true friend you never refuse to help your friends,, omnivores refuse to help their so called non human animals friends by going vegan + activists of the rights of the Animals so they dont see them as friend , they are hypocretical false friends

dec 4 14

adcotination respect the decidsions opinions of other,s like kill animals, kill yourselves, speicies, wars, beign soldier,s rape, racism etc

if someboy tells sombody you are bacl and i am white this is jsut an affirmation it cant be racist but it is racist right ? caus if they say tat it means they care about that, the diference of skin, it bothers them so it could be racism caus its a deail and we're sueprificla if we care bout this so we shouldnt give improtance to this so if we say think stuff like that it means we dont have wisdom , that wisdom : e all belong to one human rac,e there is no bkac rac,e white race, and any other race, this is a scientific proof, the baclk race is not one, and the white another one as we all are called humans , white dont come from one planet and black from another one

animal rights human right earht rights all of this is the same, you cant defend the rights of one of them and be for the destrcution of the other two, for sitnance you cant be for the rights of the earth and want the destruction of people & animals, all the three are lié ?

defend the animals < defend the humans < defend nature= is the sma thing, if you oppose the tree, if you for sintance defend the humans and are favorable to the destruction of the earth and animals then you dotn defend the humans, ect

lets be good how could we b good souls if were a speicies of goof for nothign develish jerk monsters we'l never be able to stop being abominations retards why retards caus e never were saints , never willl be, never ll be close to being saints, not even a little bit close,

aug 2013

what a retarded joke that we all or the giant part oh humankind is so nice, whn we are not evne able to go vegan, of coruse its not our fualt envoutement enchantement that make us see only bad inv eganism and greatnes sin omnivorism, its not our fault alright but still we are very mosntruous

D 4 2014

I want to show my support for Israel, but now understand that the Hebrew, the ones who rejected Christ, accepted Satan in the use of the six point star. I threw mine away, and now I'm just sad. I know God will not be angry at me for wearing it, as I didn't realize the significance. Thank you for pointing it out.

Why would anyone, black, white, yellow, brown, red, green or purple - - feel that burning and torching and fighting is going to be in ANY WAY productive or good? It's YOUR TOWN people, what could make you destroy it? WHY put the energy into destruction? It's just so very ignorant.

you're my soul mate v indoctrination caus we are souls that are made to be bretrhesn bros sis, to love ourselives like relative,s not like mormon relatives who may be in love or have sexual itnercouse together and have kids tog ether but like a family without incestuous love , so soul mates is non existing right YAHWEH ? it ouldnt make no sense if YOU would have made us to love one another as romantic couples down on earth and like brethrens in ehaven right ? then again nothign really makes sens on earth + on humans spirits souls hearts ect, always tonnes of incoherence,s thats our name, incoherenc,e not : human

dec 3 14

we're are a way too moron speicies for we dont use our itneligence c we know perfectly eating nimals will give us serious illneseess and our empty brian dont reaosn ok if aniamls mil eggs give me illnesesi iwll sotp eating them i will gov egan c no caus that thought is  super eays but evne that we cann not think x so if we than reason thsoe simple ideas than we are retards,, e know stuff are bad and we do thebb we know if we dont respect the law we'll be thrown in jials, and we were thrown in jails and our brains could not think i msut not do this in roder to be not in jial cc  we know if i sin YAHEHll be angry and we sin bb we're too duumb

indoctirnation of us retarded minds souls or somethign caus we think huge breats wowo so cool v hat a bunch of billions of retards, superficiel beings v breaths is what no idea im to ignorant+retard v is jsut skin or somehting! somethign from the physical body it sucks there is no way one can rationnaly itneligently want to have bgiger breats its two balls on human bodies v wowo so tv actresses msut be really retarded superificial caus its like its their reaosn of existing v because they made lips boos , noses everythign!! we are so dumb, so sad,

We're making progress for animals every single day. And we need you to be a part of it, too. you've  achieved together over the past years because of all those of you who ated, so so veyr not thank you to all thsoe of you who didn't act at all caus this victories are really not thanks to all from the earht who decided to do nothing,, in this earth existance you got twho chosies or you're of the problemo or you're from the resolution of it, of you're of the actors, or of the passivses, or you' re from the good or from the bads, all of this earth all fo you who decided to not act are the evil ones, the passive, the oens YAHWEH's angry at caus you all ahd the info you received it, you read it, watched it and decided to be bad, by not ging vgan, nto sharing, not giving money, not bieng in asosciations, not necesiraily all of these bu doing at least oen of these:sharing, not even that, signing petitions, not even that you were cpaable of, too evil

education <  is the most powerful tool to hange the world, nelson mandela said and he was so very right , to make humans respect the animals, mankind, earth = education xx ignorance , imbecility < makes us desroy the earth so our lakc of knoelge on what is wrong, good, lack of understanding, we're too stupid to udnerstand this all < cancer dieseases diabetes lal of this is because of ignorace caus we're too ingorant o know that veganism is the nly diet for mankind < all the aniams ,humans who died because of our ignroance because we  didnt agree to live an environmentalists and we didnt know jack about it

and so what those ones aretheir skin an blood and so what those ones arent their skin and blood, those are humans and those oens too so its really unantural to havecoupl when you are a human who have lived with your relatives your whole lives, who happen to be humans and you date or get marie with other humans, non related to you, it dont make no sense, when you know there are humans in your family whom you could have had sentimental afairs or goten maied to them caus humans are hmans so humans think they'r emy family no they'r enot,t ehy're humans, they're blood related but in a philosophical maner it can be thought theyarent blood family but humans even if they are blood family b no its so abnormal that they see humans of a mental style behavior atiudementality ct they truly love and they date or getmaried and some memebers of their blood related family are like that too, they really love their mind style, the could easily have had a love relasionship ith them if the hadn tbeen related so what does it all syas, nottat humans should ntot ry to not fall in love with their relatives when they relaly are atracted by thir souls spirit et but are trying to se retenir?? because they have been idncotrinated with : dont flal in love with your family, dont get married to them dont have sex with them c but inf act htis all says its not normal if they always are atracted by some mental types of humans and those are present in their family and they dont fal in love with them so YAHWEH YOU Wwish nobody should fall in love with nobody caus all thi is veyr silly, the humans they fall in love with non relatives not because they're seduced by their mind souls but caus they arent related, related humasna re very atracted by their midns spriits dont flal in lvoe just caus theyre related so this all means no brethrne shoudl flal in love with no brethren because we all are a non skin non blood related family with adam eve so this brainwahsing is erorneous, its not we should not have love affairs with skin blood family and should have love affairs with non skin non blood family, the real brainwasign shouldve been no human on earth should have love relationships with no non blodd non skin brother sister , no blood skin brother sister, so nobody with nobody , caus really its very idiot fate when you see humans non blood brothers and sisters who ar ein love and you see in their own family instead of looking being single for years they could ve had love relationshi with their own skin blood a long time ago, whn they think their brother so sisters are veyr atractive, they think only if thye hadnt been ther brother an ssiter they would ave fallen in love with them, had kids with them, gotten amrried to them, really the onyl reason why they didnt is caus its their brother, ssiter, aunts, grand dad etc we ve bene to inoctirnated to get this to see this, jsut the woke up can se ehtis but msot of us are way too sleeping like la belle au bois dormant so we'll porbably never wake up but those are very acpeted stuf of society n the general publics consicneces inconscienes or what and cus hwhen you see wow that woman is so atractive she's de dos ??? and  you think im gonna go to try to secude her and she se retoun ?? and its your mom or sister et then you think yuk !!! i cant have thoughts like that towards my own skin blood why?? its irational why they couldnt, jsut cau < indcotrnination of coruse, what else ,, they coul d v the indcotirnation of anybody has sentimental relationships with whoeve rhtye wnt, so skin and blood humans included,, or you think youre single for a long time and the first girl who enters the librayr you're gonna ask her tou and its your ssite,r you go to the same school, so what ? its a body a mind a life, all the other umans too so if they can ask out any non skin non blood human why cant they ask to their skin blood human out, it dnt make sens,e hardly nothing makes sense down on earth

hmpian bottle 18 thousands euros oh man e are too retard! all of us humans who buy this type of thign, we shoudl give 18 thousand dollars to build vegan farms, give food, water, vet care to the abused animals ect not to drink stupid little liquid that is veryunhealty anywyaa and this act is giantly selfish !!!!!

eating animals is so cruel we human race are animal killers - were doubl standard - we eat bacon a fake name for pigz, we eat all sorts of animals, eggs ect this is too cruel - please stop eating animals+ animal products - you got so much fanz isnt it - so if you tell them all that they should go vegan you'd be saving tonnes of existances - nobody human is really healthy eating animalz for its un natural - we 're naturally vegans mankind - thought you were a super kind human being - thats so sad that if you love dogz so non human animals and in the other hand you eat their bro sis pigz ect , the ggs of exploited hens, the sis of dogz - all the aniamls are a family - plezase stop being double standard - show you got a huge heart and pleaze if you dont love farm animals sea animals its ok, but pleae respect them a smuch as you respect dogz - every being has a chance to do their part to help save this planet earth so if you sue the fact you are sot of famous & got a youtube channel & that you give advice to millions of beignz who watch your vidz & that you advice them to go vegan & you mak vids of vegan organic recepies instead of chicken, and any animal cruetly so called food vid,youd be veyr helpful for a part of the human race& the animal race - in some earth places human being eat cats guinea pigs frogs dogs ect animals who are considered as not food in other earth places - a dog a pig its the same - all our family - all wish to live - pleaze dont be with the evil one - dont show bad exampels to all your folowers t please have humanity the same you got for dogz - pleaze go vegan - YAHWEH wish us all to not kill its one of His laws - HE wished all mankind to be vegan - thank you for your huge kindess , all that you do to help beingz to stay pozitiv, active pshysically, healthy ect - GOD bless you all
God bless his soul. He's in a better place now. I understand I've been through it.
RIP little dog, you were lucky you had an amazing owner  am sure he's in a happier place now in dog heaven1I am so sorry for your loss. He will forever be in your heart.  
sectarians? dumb? we think dog heaven cat heaven hrose heaven human animal animal hevane why do we alwayz tend to separate thigns - no - on HEAVen - yaweh you TALK ABOUT ONE NOT SEVERAL HEAVENS

Fe 2 2015 If there’s a baby and theres an animal and a fruit, or a kid, the baby or kid wont go to try to murder and eat the animal , but caress ,hold the animal, eat the fruit, caus we are not hunters, we are not like animals, they are hunters, if we are made to eat animals then why don’t we hunt? Why do we cook the dead animals? Why do we not kill them ourselves with our bare hands? Why don’t we go hunting like prehistoric human beings? Or animals? Carnivore animals are made to eat animals < they hunt their food , we are made to eat animals < we don’t hunt our food!!!??? We buy them!!! Why don’t we eat everything? The blood, the bones, the skin, the eyes, feet everything ? why don’t we eat them directly from their dead bodies we’ve just murdered with our teeth, like carnivore animals ? caus we’re not carnivores we’re vegans!!!! The human kind

fE 23 2015 To think most of us will be in hell for enternity, can we imagine what it is , no we got no brains, we don’t live in toehr worlds, we can imagine ? a little bit perhaps I hard to get caus for our minute brains its very undescriptable, very unexplainable, ungettable, we’re so half wits, even if we knew we were going to hell caus right now YAHWEH would tell us, and He’d tell us we can do some stuff to avoid hell, and we could also not do anything & go to hell, we ‘d probably ‘d do nada! Just stay there sitting down, relaxed, and so thoughtless, maybe its caus reptilians or ((they “” have done something to our brains , mind,s spirits ect and all hat or that we are born as a speices like that, so half wits, so if we could save our souls, we perhaps wouldn’t do so , we would rather go to hell, than heavens, why ??? are us souls important to ourselves? ?

Fe 1 2015 what a pity all the time we spent with pope in our spirits, unable to stop thinking, recasser, thinking again about all those stressful, really so negative thigns, ange,r all bitterness resentment, rage, all those quarrels, thinking about them again & agin, unable to think about cool stuff instead, all that pope, is it the enemy? Putting them in our head,s probably, caus he wants us to live with reptilian mind, really negative, angry all the time, he don’t want us creatures of YAHWEH to live happy relax thinking about so nice things, living happy, so that’s why he don’t just make us think about them a few tima after the bad stuff happened but alos many other times and it makes us suffer so that way the evil one creates us very serious illnesses caused by all that mental suffering, whch translates pinto physical suffering , so that sa very smart conspiration against us the creatures of YAHWEH, caus the evil one hates it when our midns are full of super posiive happy ideas, when we’re so peaceful and enjoy the eart time, the days of our existences, so lets try to be with YAHWEH , to get rid of that pope and that’s a good name to name it as its form the evil one, caus all those negative thoughts, don’t matter which style, which subject, they cant possibly be from GOD , can they I GOD can put in our minds only relaxed happy kind positive thoughts isn’t it

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6 MARCH 2014

you are monsters, YAHWEH 'll probably put you all in hell  you all who supposedly (( work(( with the saint ducks, geese, who absue the, you are monsters , may YAHWEH forgive you , us humans are fed up with you humans being cuel to animals, and in this case, ducks, geese, we wont tolerate this , we are agaisn this, we will fight, we will not buy foie gras , we will boycott this  , we will save all ducks, all geese, we wont let you do what you're doing, caus ducks geese are innocent,s they dont dezerve this, they are innocent saint,s how can you live with yourselves ? han can you respect yourselve,s love yourselves , you are terrible human beings, you are not humans, you are devils, how can you abuse innocent kind creatures, how can you be such mental retards tat you believe you can make animals become sick & sell this liver, & make us eat it x of course we are so stupid, we dotn even know what foie gras is, such ignroants, but when we elarn waht it is we dont want it anymor because we got hearts & you should all b in hell and jail caus you are murderrs, what if they did this to you ? would you love this ? you are subhumans, you dont dezerve your existances, you are here just to do evil, to destroy, you shouldve never existed , you just kill, your animal murderers, YAHWEH is watching your every move, all your mruders, and YOU really dont like this YAHWEH, wait for the last judgement ,

sillone une grande parti de la planète

persecution animals

lets not be afraid to express oruselves

the world's a better place without that nasty piece of work satan , wicked 'humans' , evil reptilians, 

à son insu
que personne ne pouvait imaigner, que personne ne pouvait concevoir 
peole are worth much more than sheep Jesus said . what ??? 

oc 9 14

its unbelievable how most humans can fall in love with humans and have sexual itnercourses, its really duisgusting unbelievabe, i udnerstand so ell hat a few humans are asexuals , but how can they be romantic asexuals, its crazy!!! its kinda like doube standard, normally it should be= everyone is aseuxal and arromantic caus love even if its just asexual love , its so bizar!!! because they kiss with their tongues right ? they can be together naked and stuff ? or just uddling ? its so weird to cuddle, french kiss etc , its way better to be aseuxla arromantic, definitely, no doubt bout it, mankind wa brainwashing into adoring sex and romantic love more than GOD more than friends more than thigns more than anyhting on earth, tis too abnormal, we are a brainashing machines, its not oru antur,e its the edoctrination put in our skulls caus rally we are a family borthers and sisters brethrens, we are not humans men made to fall in love and have sew with women and women made to have sex and fall in love with me, really not, what a huge lie, go asexual arromantic human race of the earth! like in the heavens, YAHWEH+Jesus +all saints+ non huamn animals saints= asexuals! for isntance non human animals are our friends, or family, not our sexual parter or our love companion, so !!! lets be the same! YAHWEH belss you all dear non human+human family

flowers, candels, romantic dinners all of this is so lame, has no meaning, really the void, stupid little thigns us stupid mankind does but those like you are more clever for you understood that this sucks and that its useless , for most mankidn was brainwashed into loving all these futile silly stuff and some of us a minority who're kind of anticonformsits coudnt be brainwashed ith this, it dont mean we're more clever caus all of us humans are intelligent retards anyway but we jsut see thigns with less blind eyes, less brainwashings, and huge ring, hy ? too much money, its better to give it to abused poor eslaved non human or human creatur,s and w dont show love by buying a ring but byt hwo knows what, feelings, love , you guys from all the earth who're aseuxal aromantics really udnerstood life a lil better, but not all lfie for all of us human beings are very confused about earth existance but at least we are the resistant of brainwashings which are love humans for sex and sentimental lvoe when its so terribly obvious we must love mankind as a family and only a family , or freidns but tis basically th e same friend love, family love YAHWEH bless you all

10 MAR2014

Tehe are good girls here and there are bad girls

 here , just like there are everywhere else in the world 

2013 human being is quite self-absorbed because it's always about me me me . and the beings they love . That they think about other beings than them ( their friends, families )don't mean they aren't self-absorbed . Just because they think about a few humans don't mean that . It means they are self-absorbed, au contraire because they only care about these few beings , ignoring the rest of the world . Some philosophs think athat and they seem to be true . Because they think first and only of the people they love so they don't thin about others, that makes them self - absorbed . That is mean because i destiny would have been another way these humans would be strangers so they wouldn't care less about them . But if you aren't baiwnahsed by friends and family love if K ( an individual ) is someone L ( another individual ) loves and is her grandpa , if K had been a stranger she would have loved him the same way = no brainwashing because it's not the fact of being part of his family that made L love K but his kindness and way of seeing life . So we are self-obsorbed as a spicied because we think only about the closeness of human relationships and not about humans as individuals with no favoritism because we know them . So if we know someone a little bit = we don't love them . If we are best friends with someone = we adore them ect . It means we see someone we don't know , we don't want to go towards them , to make the first move to try to become friends . That means we only love the nearest beings wich are parents , sisters , brothers , grandparents , then friends , then distant family( cousins , aunts , uncles ect , then second family ( parents' cousins , sons & daughters of half cousins , of cousins , sisters, brothers of grandparents ect ) then that's it . We don't take into account the rest of humanity , be it that we know them a little bit ( friends of friends , somebody from school , somebody who works in the same work but who never talked to them , somebod who lives in the same town but never talked to each other ect ) or that we never saw them in our lives . We just care too much about 1 ourselves 2 family& friends . So if a disaster happens to an unknow being we don't care : a human was attacked by a human with a knife , somebody in the country they live in falled in the stairs and died ect . But if this happens to one's mate , one's cousin or dad then it's important to us . If one's kid was molested by his baby-sitter we care .If any kid was molested we don't feel a thing . That is bad . That eans human relationships are based on nothing, the air . Human relationships are ver superfitial then because it's only a matter of who GOD and destiny ut on our life ways who make us care or not about some . But not the feeling of being all a union, a unity , a solidaire People , who we all consider to be brothers and sisters . No we don't see humanity as brothers and sisters because if we had , we would want to hep anybody . But we only want to help those we love and ourselves when we or they suffered some tragedy . Your sister was kidnapped = you are going to create a foundation to fight against that . You read on the enwspaper that somebody was kidnapped in the country you live in = who cares , you keep on reading the newspapr ignoring this story. You see a, all a matter of destiny . Because the human who wanted to do something for the humans , wantind to do that onl because destiny made that happen to someone she loved & knew . Not because in her heart she truly felt the need and the will to do that . She had never thought about doing charity before . It comes in her life , slaps her in the face and sho she takes the decision . That is not what should influence our actions . That is bad . It should be the will of doing good deeds , not mattering if something similar has happen to oneself or to a being we love or not . 
Most humans never cared about what happens in the world they live in . The couldnt care less about the situation, the problems, the suffering of the beings who live on Earth . That's why only if beings they care about are in trouble, are they willing to help out . It's a pity . But they become philantropist only with the beings they love . The would never be that way if athey see a stranger in trouble . We watch them dropping something and don't tell them , we watch them falling, we don't help them getting up , things like that . We see the news , we see humans suffering , dying in a earthquake and we're taking advantage of a delicious donuts . We are more focused on the food than on the beings . So we actually forget we're seeing horryfying images on tv . Our whole focus is entirely on the food . And so we aren't feeling compassion . The human spiecies is really a selfish one . But not all members of it because some show as much empathy and solidarity as any non human animal . 

At one point, Wolf Blitzer and Bohrman revealed that Artificial Telepathy Technology is being developed and perfected off shore in Israel. In December 2003, Whitney and Bobby entered Israel under the guise of a “spiritual retreat.” They met with former general and war criminal (Sabra and Shatila Massacre) Ariel Sharon, Israel’s 11th Prime Minister.[101]

Meeting with Sharon, both Whitney and Bobby are dressed in symbolic blood red.

“And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony; and they loved not their lives unto the death.” Revelation 11:12

In the occult, the color red symbolizes fire, primal symbolism-HELL. Set (Seth) of Kemetic (Egyptian) Mythology, the slayer of Ashur, symbolic color was red. While tradition holds him to have been red-headed, the use of red in association with magick, from an Islamic perspective, is an innovation based on the deification of Prophet Seth.[102]

What’s going on here? I don’t believe that Whitney can see the two-finger “devil horns” symbol that Bobby Brown is flashing toward Sharon.  I truly don’t  believe that Whitney understands that Bobby has sold her out and scarificed her to an international elite coven of Luciferians.  Sharon is alleged to be a master mason connected to Knight Templar’s secrets in House of Holy, Solomon’s Temple in Jerusalem.

Whitney and Bobby entered Israel under the subterfuge of spiritual healing with the Black Hebrews, but after the trip little or nothing has become of their spiritual or religious awaking among the Black Hebrews.[103] It was a ruse. They most likely entered Israel as CNN’s Bohrman did as part of secret Holographic technology protocols and for medical examinations to study the effects of long term exposure to electromagnetic radiation.   Bohrman was the chief executive officer (CEO) of Pseudo Programs founded by internet genius and entrepreneur Josh Harris. Harris confessed that Pseudo was a fake corporation,[104] most likely a CIA front.

In 1999, Harris and Bohrman conducted human experiments called “Quiet,” which tested the effects of media, surveillance and technology on the development of personal identity. In New York, they invited New Yorkers to live in pods in a six-storey Broadway warehouse and be subjected to 24-hr total surveillance, in the shower, in the bathroom, etc. Everything was free: food, alcohol, drugs, a firing range, and shelter. Pseudo called in a spook CIA psychiatrist to maximum overload the subjects with intensive Project CHATTER-MK ULTRA type interrogations and harassment. The experiment is captured in a film, “We live in the Public”.[105]

In 2000, after exposing himself and a girlfriend to the “Quiet” experiment, Harris suddenly took off for refuge in Ethiopia, [106] the ancestral land of Ashur-Aset-Heru Mysteries, the Ancient Land of Kush. Even in the ancient Land of Kush under the protection of the most ancient Heru (Horus) and Aset (Isis), Harris believes that he had been shadowed by the Guardians of the Dark, the FBI.[107] Then, Harris have been in Kush developing secret Avatar protocols to re-image the Ashur-Aset-Heru Mythology as a backdrop of James Cameron’s blockbuster movie, Avatar. It’s only a thought or FEAR?

For decades the military industrial complex has been developing a new scientific discipline, Neurotheology (spiritual neuroscience). The Neurotheology theory is that man’s religious belief systems is neurological (MK ULTRA’s Aldous Huxley’s Island).[108]

Decades ago, Dr. Michael Persinger of Canada, developed a “God Hemet” to feedback recorded EEG brain wave frequencies recorded from “spiritual states” and fed the frequencies back into subjects by VLF and ELF to the temporal lobes to reconstruct religious experiences.[109]

Current Neurotheology studies use neuroimaging to localize brain regions that are active, or differentially active, during experiences that subjects associate with “spiritual” feelings or images. David Wulf, a psychologist at Wheaton College, Massachusetts, suggests that current brain imaging studies, along with the consistency of spiritual experiences across cultures, history, and religions, “suggest a common core that is likely a reflection of structures and processes in the human brain.”[110]

Some Neurotheology scientists working in the field hypothesize that the basis of spiritual experiences arises in neurological physiology. Suggestions have been made that an increase of N-Dimethyltryptamine levels in the pineal gland (Third Eye) or stimulation of the temporal lobe by psychoactive ingredients of magic mushrooms mimics religious experiences.[111]

The NWO Luciferians are busy at break neck pace developing neurotheological sciences with holographic technologies with an agenda to mind control world populations to minic the worship of LUCIFER as GOD, Project Blue Beam.[112]


perversos pervers (malvados inmorales

en algunos paises delmundo,maltratan mcuho mas a los animales que en el resto del mundo.Como en bulgaria.O sea alla es comuun maltata,mata en cuaquier lugar puublico,como calle,casa ect  muchos humanos son testigos.Alla se ha vuelto algo normal,comuun.O sea ahaya no haamo respecotpa los animales o muy poco.Alla no es escandalizante pa los humanos de alla maltratarmatar animales.Hay fiestas tradicionales en las cuales hay muchos humanosporlas calles y estan matando delante todos los animales,obecitos gritandos,sangre en el suelo batsante ect.Es que les hacen a toda una nacioon lavados de cerebros que consisten en observarmucho desde chiquito y humanos de todas edades maltratar ,matar cuamquier tipo de animal y mascotas.or esose vuelve lo normal,porque se trata de acostumbar mentes humanas a ciertos actos normalemente escandalizantes pero que se vuelven con la costumbe lo normal.Entonces no es de extrañar de que esos niños que son esppectadoes de esas escenas horrorificantes cuando se hagan mayorcitos reoduzcan lo ue vieron y que asii se crea una nacioon de maltratadores de animales.Porque en esos paises noaman a los peos y a los animales y se suele maltratarlos,ahay no hay respecto hacia sees vivos.Al enseñales dese nacimiento imagenes tan duras de maltrato animal,a esos jovencitos niños no les puede parecer cruel e inhumano.Tienen que hacer igual mas tarde.Por eso para que niños de ahora sean buenos adultos de mañanan respetuosos con animales hay que educarles de laforma contraia,educar a los niños y humanos diciéndoles de que ha queama,poteger a losanimales,tratarles con cuidado,igula que un ser humano quiere ser tratado.nunca golpearles o atentar contra sus vidas ect.Es haciendo lo contrario de lo que hacen en bulgaia con niños y cualuier ser humano que viva en bulgaria que se van a cambiar porcompleto lasmentalidades malisimas de enfermos maltratadores y que vamos a crear una revolucioon positivo, un cambiopositivo en las mentes humanas.
Coomo es eso que solamente porque les enseñan muchos asesinatos de animales ellos estaan de acuerdo?orque es tan faacil lavado de cabeza,PORQUE ASII ES EL SER HUMANO DE CUALUIER EDAD Y TODAVIIA MAS LOSNIÑOS;Son muy infleunciables y to seres humanos.Pero no todos ya ue todos no son iguales.Unos cuantos humanos niños y adultos de bulgaria pueden estar formalmente contra maltrato animal y ser activistas de la paz pa animales.Pero es que una gran mayoria de sereshumanos,lacasi totalidad tiene mente muy fragil,muy abieta pa lavados de cerebro terribles comoel caso delmaltrato animal.Muy pocas mentes son fuertes,esistentes a loslavados de cerebro.Por eso que en paises comobulgaria muy pocos humanos son animalistas,pocos tienen ese respecto y dedicacioon y humanidad hacia animales.En cada paiis es asi,hasta en lospaises en que hay menos maltrato animal.Siempre habraa una cantidad muchmenor de gente con mentes no lavadas y muchisima cantidad,lamas grande cantidad de humanos con mentes lavadas entonces habran ocos que respetan animales y muchos que maltatan mantan animales.Es que toelmundo es diferente y algunospor mas que se sean testigos de muchisimos casos de amltrato animal todas sus vidas,siempre estaran contra esto.orque sus mentes no dejan entrar ningun tipo de lavado de cabeza o seapiensan por ellos mismos,no comola grna mayoriia que se deja lavar cabezas y que nopiensan,lasociedad piensa por ellos,se dejan llevar,son comozombies sin opiniones.Escojen lo que se les dice y enseña y ordona, y copian lagran mayoria.La gan mayoia maltrata=ah entocnes yo maltrato.No dicen casi todos maltratan=yo voy a oonerse y juarme nunc ahacer esto,yo toy contra .NO porque muy ocas mentes piensan con sus mentes,muy pocas son no lavadas.Entonces allii es como meterle a cualquiera cualquie idea de maltrato y sin decir si o no,esos seres humanos las van a acceptar,sin preguntarse ni siuiera si es correcto o no.Porque de todos modos les tiene que paecer locorrecto y normal porque una indicacioon équivocada de que algo es lonormal es observar todoslos demaas hacer lo mismo o sea:todos maltratananimales=es correcto=yo voy a hacer igual.
Podriia no funcionar ese lavado cerebros siempe y cuando seriian paises en los cuales pocos humanosmaltratan animales.Alli los lavados cerebro nomachan porque tiene que haben muchomaltrato en toun paiis pa que se lave,o sea mucho.Cuandoalgo se poco echo=no hay lavado cerebros por eso seguro en aisescomo francia,españa,inglaterra ha menos maltrato animal poruqe no es algo comuun de yo hago lo que el vecino hace noporque aquii elvecinonolo hace pues.Por eso seguro que niños en bulgariia van a maltratar animales muchomas que niños de otros paises,orque vieron muchomas maltrato animal que en otros paises donde se vé poco.Entonces a un niño que vive bulgaria le parece normal,a un niño de otro paiis le parece una locura e infinita crueldad.

Il ne faut pas se surprendre si dans des pays comme bulgarie il y a beauocupmaltraitance animale.Tout lepays on lave cerveau pour enseigner mauvaises choses:maltraiter,tuer animaux=normal.C'est très commun la bas voir animaux se faire egorger,assaisner en leine rue,beaucoupde humains sotn là observent et s'en fichent pas mal.On leurmonte çatout letems,on leur bourre crpanes,pas étonnant que quand enfants sont audltes et que toute leur vie ont vu ça,ils devinnet à leur tour maltraiteurs assasins d'animaux=lavages ceveauxToute une nation commeça=lavage cerveau parceq-uon leur montre énormément àtout bout de champ,on tue tout letemps dans rues animaux,forcément humains bulgares dovient trouver ça nomal.Esprits faibles,ote ouverte àlavages de cerveaux très faciles.Seuls quelques humains qui vivjent la bas vont dire nonàces lavages,comme si une barirèe dans leurs epsirts empêchaient qu'on leur lave cerveaux.Ouimais très peusont commeça,très intelligents,très fots dans espritsdonc trèspeu vont être toute leur vie conte curauté sur animaux et vont lutter contre.Parce-que ce sont comme des maginaux,des anti-conformistes,on va pasles acceter ace-qu'ilssotn différents parce-que la bas tout lemodne maltraite tue,ça paraît normal et la de nullepart surgit un toutpetit groupe d'humains qui contre ces les prendre pour extraterrestres!On éduque trèsmal dans scespays la tout humains,pas que enfants.On leur dit faut maltraiter animaux,c'est normal,c'est lasociété,c'est notre culture.Les gens pas très malin vont pas réfléchir,analyser,non parce-qu'ilssont pas capables de rélfexion,d'idées persoenelles,ce sont que zombies,ilslaissent enter les idées horribles dans leur tête et en ont plus des idées propres à eux.Donc on leur oure cerveuax et dit :maltraitez animaux,eux avalent =faut maltraiter animaux et=maltraitent animaux.Quelques uns vont résister,leslusmalin mais c'est un minuscule quantité humains contre maltraitance sur une grande majorité pour dans pays ukraine,bulgarie,roumanie ect.Surout enfants tès jeunes sont plus influençables,cerveaux encore lus facilement lavables.De toute façon humain de n'imortequel âge,on est témoin,on est là,on voit tout ça,ça se passe tout le temps,on trouve des mares de sang d'animauxpartout par terre dans les rues,on fait ça chez soi,on tue,tout le tems,comment vous voulez que qui que ce soit trouve ça révoltant et se révolte contre?C'est complètement normalour ces nations là.Il faut changer ça.Fuat absolument les éduquer,sensibiliser à faire tout le contraire.Au lieu de dès laluspetite enfance leur dire c'est normal,vous pouvez frapper,décaiter,ect animaux on doit leur dire,vous navez pas le doit,c'est mal,on doit leur enseigner lanotion de RESPECT envers l'animal qu'ils connaissent pas du tout dans ces pays la!Leur enseigner qu'ils faut pas être violent avec animaux,qu'ils faut protéger,aimer,as frapper,pas avoir des envies de meurtes ou detoture envers eux ect.Mias c'est très dure de changer une nation entière,ça prend du temps et pas qu'une,beaucoup pace-que ça sepasse dans beaucoups de pays du monde.
Dans lespays comme france très choqués par tout ça.Heuresement dans ces pays ça se pase beaucoupmoins et pas dans les rues pour que tout lemonde voit.C'est que ici ça nous choque et on touve ça cruel pace-que c'est une autre culture mentalité alors on a as subit lavages cerveaux ou moins pace-qu'on a pas monté partout oùon allait des gens qui tuent animaux,on levoit pas en france,ça se passe pas autant et pas dans des endroits où il y a beaucous d'humains.Alors on a pas vécu lavages cerveaux.On nous enseigne à peu près aimer potéger .Donc obligatoirement doit être scandalisés de voir que c'est très différent dans d'autres pays.Parce-qu'icion maltaite peu et plsu de personnes sont contre.
l4EËTE HUMAIin esits tropinfluencablespar tout ce qui voit.On devient des zombies,on avale tout,parorielles,yeux,cerveaux.Tout ce qu'on voit on l'accepte,ce qui est choquant au début,devient petit àpetit normal.On s'habitue aux choses barbares,révoltantes,cruelles.Comment c'est possible que l'être humain soit si fragile dans esprits pour tellement laisser faire tellement lavages cerveaux?C'est incroyable.Pourquoi a pas la foce de résister?Comme les trèseu d'humains qui vivent dans pays où 95% des gens torturent animaux et que ces 5% vont touver ça insuportable et consacrer leurs vies à lutter our effacer ça.Et ben eux ont réussi àpas se faire laver cerveaux.Dommage que lagrande patie humains top faibles,pas malin pou résister aux bougrrages de cânes,de remlissages de crânes d'images de violence,meurtres ce serait bien si quelque soit la quantité d'images,sons ect très malqu'on leur monte,ils auraient la force,la capacité infinie de dire NON,mon cerveau va pas se laisser fiare.COmesi il y avait barrirèe qui laissait pas cerveaux se faire laver.Parce-que malehreusement c'est le contraire pour la grande partie des humains.Suivre letoupeau,être un pafait etit mouton.Sûement pour ça que comme l'être humainpense tout lemodne fait=je fais,tout monde fait=coect=normal, peu font=bizarre,exclus de société=pas envie d'aimer ces humains ect donc c'est très mal vue protection animale.Tout de suite on vout prend our marginaux,des pestiférés,des loufoques parce-qu'on vous taite de sentimentaliste,vous aimez animaux plus que vote espèce ect On vous mépise pas pace-que ce que vous faites et pensez est malmais pace-qu'ilscorient que c'estmalet pace-que on doit ejetterpetit groupe différent et aimer le méga gigantesque goupecommetout le modne dans leur smentalités bizarres.Donc si très peu de gens respectent animaux etinforment sur maltraitance=déteste,méprise,critique,accuse ect beaucoup de gens mode de vies d'assasins danimaux et àpeuprèspour cruaut animale ou sans avie sur la question=aime,on se sent proche d'eux,trouve des points communs,on se sent comme eux=on les accepte
Detoute façon c'est toujours comme ça.On rejette ceux qui font le bien et aime ceux font le mal.On suitlagandemajoité d'humainsqui ont idées mauvaises et malsaines et on prend pour fous ceux qui ont idées révolutionnaires,différentes,originales et remplis de bonté.On accepte ceux comme tout le monde pac-qu'on veut se fondre dans le lot etre accepté soi-même par tous et on rejette ceux très différents.On suit lescomotements,idées des autres malsaines pace-qu'on copie lamajeurepatie de l'humanité et c'esttoujours la lus grandepartie la mauvaise.On suitpas lesgensquivuelentle bienpour l'animalité pace-que cette partie est minuscule. Silagrandepartieétait cellequi veut le bienpourlesêtresvivants,presque toutl e monde serait avec elle
.Pouquoi?lapeur d'êtredifférent,lapeurdequesivousêtes avec lesdifférents,on vous rejette.T'es avec le bizarre=t'es bizarre=on veut pas de toi.Et aussi si vousêtes différents,vous avez envie=rejette=préférez être commeles autres
Pouçasûement beaucouphésitent àêtre bénévole d'associations d'animaux,êtres vegans,végétairnesparce-que tout de suite se dire je perdstotuefamille,amies,j'aiplus personne.Alors lesont pas.Mais c'est stupide et egoiste.Leplusimportant c'estpasêtreentouré de gens ,c'est de fairelachose bien.Sionfaitlemalauxanimauxjusteour être accepté,on faitla mauvaise choseparce-qu'on tue et c'estmal selon DIEU.On dotimieux choisir faire différement que lamajorité dumonde et se retrouver seulmais avoir faitlachsoe que DIEU nous dictait.Ettant pisour solitude,de toute façon cestpas des bons humains si ilsvoulaient quevous ayez mode de vie de maltraitances+assasinats.C'est pas des gens quinousaiment,c'est quisoisdisant nousaimepace-qu'on estcommeeux,pace-qu'on se force à êtrecommeeux et qu'ils veulent qu'on soit comme eux.C'est mieux ête avec gens qui nousaiment vraiment mêmesiilssont pas d'accord avec qu'il faut respecter animaux.

when you  spend your life trying to understand the past you realize that in the present anything is possible
life eve we al are tented, eve was a retarded siner , we are retarded siners , eve and adam were wicked , we are wicked , eve adam were immoral, we’re immoral

This lives are ours! Live them alone! Say the animals

When it comes to speaking out against animal torture the humans are aligning

WE from all creeds, from all nations and all languages, from all ages,
and from all walks of life, are embracing the world and all its inhabitants
with Kindness.resonating, awakening and applying the 'The Way' (Tao)
to transcend all of our global challenges

AU 29 14

those who have a ot of morals are alwyas like oh ! shocking! whenever anyone acts immoraly or theyres some immoralty in a street, tv etc whereas th immorals are like take it easy people! relax ! its jsut fun ! yeah of course in their immoral minds immoral = fun ! cool ! awesome! its caus theys see immorality through the immoral's eyes whereas the mroals see it throguh the eyes like of a 83 year old who is not from the 21st century oro the 2010s or the 90 sor the 2000s the decades of immoralty, but from like the 1930s or somethign so in thsoe times they were so moral but they are like humans from the 200S or 90s etc but young, with those old humans minds / for they have the huge morality fo those from the 20th century or 19th etc so they see it throguh  the yes of wow, this is so immoral! this is so bad! this is asuch a bad or evil thing to say, do ! entirely different mentalities

nov 20 14

hace lo que le dicta su propia conciencia

YOU NEED A LESSON OF anner oyu insolent human

you'r behavior is the most rude

i would have thought the b b to be more of a challenge

hasta el final seguiré luchando contra todo el odio que me rodea

es una persona fabulosa

pensando las cosas de manera positiva

no entiendo ni madres / padres / jota

semidioos demi dieu

pésimo, a adj très mauvais(e)

somos taradsos porqué resisir al eneigo de YAHVE es requete faacil

1 jan 2013

that is so unfair . Me me me me . I go to work, i fight with my college, i'm faling in love wiht one of my college, i'm having an affair with my boss, i got a divorce, my kids behave badly, i think i don't like my kids, i'm fighting lal the time with my cousin etc . Me my me me only me matters!!! It's so hateful . The newworld order ? satanists ? animal cruelty ? This is nothing ? No 'my' lfie most human think, matters more . Let us ignroe the new world order . let us focus on ' I' most humans think . Stop hthis egocentricity qqq now qqq !!!!!!!!
the system think youre stupid . They think you're morons .

é( fe éà&' 25 FE 2014 Mais il vaudrait mieux vous faire mal à vous-mêmes, que de le souhaiter à l'un de vos semblables. But it is better to do yourselves some harm than to wish it upon one of your fellow men.
First give up the evil tendency to feel envious at the prosperity of others and the desire to harm them.

Now you know what is feeling bad, want to hate and wish evil to the whole world.

What is the poinf of being of GOD if we act as if we're from the enemy .We misbehave ,lack vitues of GOD, we sin,we judge when they don't deserve it, we offend,we have cruel words towards animals and others,we have bad itnentions and ill wish them, desire to harm them, we are jealous, we want everything for us,we hate to share what we got with our animals and humans sisters&brothers . We are like the evil one . Why are we are like hthe evil one if we're from GOD . We act as if our dad was the evil one . We have to change ,get hold of ourselves.

10 DIC 2013 Why being so mean freely . They don't deserve that . Some human saying oh that idiot saying idiocies talking about reptilian . he's a retard = reptilian brain, ideas of the enmy . We can't talk like that . The are their brothers . They don' tknow them, the can't judge them only because they have different views about reptilians . Just because we think reptilians don't exist or don't like what some say or don't agree don't mean we have to be rude and insult and be disrespectful . We are so mean us humans often. We distribute our nastiness just like that, like someobne who distributes food for poor homeless cats . They don't deserve our nastiness . We do that because we want to . They didn't ask for it . Oh this guy in the against illuminati video has the voice of a queer , he's thick . All of these remarks are so offensive and uncouth . We have to show respect . They don't udnerstand all humans are our sisters,brothers. We can't insult them in that way . We must always show respect . We must be nice with those we never met, never saw!We only hears their voice in a youtube video . They do that video to help us, to sprzad the world and open our stupid minds to the truth and their reaction is to hate that person GOD put to earth to only do good . That is so the reptilian brain . We don't jude the mean, we judge the sweet ones. We juge when theyre is no judgement to make because there is no point. We focus on the details which aren"t flaws and transform them in our twisted minds in flaws . Like sounding like an homosexual when maybe that person isn't one or criticizing that they arederanged because they believe in reptilians when they are absolutely not deranged . As usual the backward retilian brain makes us focus on the non important, on the superficial like voice, physical , appearance isntad of on the ideas .
Mabe it would have been terrific if we had been born with no physical body but souls solely . We would have focused always on the ideas . We are so stupid if theyre's a very good looking attractive woamn we're like what an ass, look at those giant boobs etc , wow look at her expensive sexy clothes . That human can speak for hours we haven't lsiten none of what she said, we were too busy looking at how she moves her lips, how she's blinking, looking at her size, the color of her skin etc . We havn't focused on the terrific ideas she has, great philosophy of life . That's exactly what happens when some humans watch tv . We're like look she walks in a funny way, or it seems one of her ear is different from the other etc. TV and humans exsit so that we can listen to what the have to say , not to look at things eyes can see . This is so silly  = reptilian brain obviously . The humans who were less affected by this stupid reptilian brain ar those who listen isntead of looking, those who don't judge for foolish things but juge for improtant ations that some made that were bad, or malicious things they said . That is why we should act as we were all blind . We aren't unfurtunately but we should prpetend . Because that way we would be way less unkind . We couldn't be racists,juding for the weight,height,color of skin, mental and phsical disabilities, poverty,richness,physicial way of moving one's body, look on the eyes, attitude etc because only we could feel or hear or whatever the thoughts of others . They could not talk . We couldn't watch nothing <We couldn't judge nothing . The human spicies would be so much better .

we will fight crime

quite a philosophy

ucant unpack coz thatd mean u really live here which u dont u live in this place in uor mind that's so perfectits too good for you cos who r you to deserve some place perfect,ure the slob who cant even unpack
E-mail it to EVERYONE
you know.
respect for the neglected beings ,saving lives,transforming the world,renewing HOPE.Amen!Allelujiah!AMEN!

Animal Cruelty Revealed - Do your part, tell everybody about it
Please , This will take only 30 seconds of your time..

This is a call of self awareness about animal cruelty in our world especially in China. This would help to stop the LIVE skinning of cats and dogs. Yes, that is right, LIVE !!

: kitten named Cuddles died of torture. PLEASE TOUGHEN ANIMAL CRUELTY LAWS FOR SAFER SOCIETY

please watch the video and sign the petition!let's stop this bastards !share and make everybody sign and share!
Fighting Animal Abuse Around the World

Help stop the torturing of dogs and cats~

to get one of the most,despicable,disgusting,perverted,poor excuse of a human being off the streets,so all animals and possibility innocent creatures


RIP animals, I'll never forget cha, you're the love of my life, I lost my reason of living now tat you're gone, halloween ain't the same without you
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WEll never be bad humans agin,we promise YOU GOD heavenly Father

Freedom of Speech or manipulation of information in the US ?
we must start will star a revolution right now!tonight!today!

we are liberty voice!

only profit = bankers  all the loss = the People!

STOP the corrution.Resign

this is temporary-like insanity?
he's incapable of giving and receiving love
this is a plitical statement
oii mal by ermused consstruciton youre merely constructing this symbolic wall to seperate yourself from the rest of humanity

iT WON4T BE OUR SACRIFICE? but it might just be our salvation

although tthe parts of our lives may turn unexpectedly,and end all too soon,i can only believe that the journey is never in vain and perhaps it is this very journey which give life hope and meaning.They say that a sinner is someone whoknows GOD.And a priest is someone in search of Him.i began to know GOD through animals,it is them who taught me about faith
at tis moment i would just as soon vanish and die
We are concerned with woman rights human
there are no problems only solutions

hay que ser tolerante con los otros


desire and motivation are two thirds of any successful employment equiation.the other one third resolve to the ability to do what it takes to acheive one's goal no matter what the cost
she muticoulaselyprepared to exerciced the ultimate priviledge of being her own person
an open mind

They have the intelligence to know how to live in harsh environments, to find/hunt for food, and most importantly; to make their own wise decisions! 100% sure that Animals know more about our world than we do, and thats a broad statement!!! Why is that? They, unlike us, did not need tools, weapons, or inventions to live: They lived because they were BORN to live, they have the instincts, they body structure, the will to survive. Humans... I HONESTLY THINK WE WERE BORN TO DIE!!! We have nothing to keep us warm in a cold environment, we are not fast runners, we can't climb very well, can't jump high, and we can't smell anything... How did we survive again? Oh ya, because we were INTELLIGENT enough! To wrap up, animals are intelligent in their field and humans are intelligent in ours, BUT WE HAVE NO RIGHT, NO EVIDENCE WHATSOEVER TO CALL ANIMALS "UNIMPORTANT", cause that is NOT what they are.

Ces textes, vidéos, images horrifiantes d'abbatoirs, de fermes, des bêtes que ---vous--- bouffez, cela devrait peser grave sur vos consciences : si vous en avez <

queremos un mundo mejor

ill appreciate your cooperation merci donc de cooperer

you scratch my back and i stracth yous cest chacun pour soi

please share this on Facebook, forward the email below, so that companies that abuse animals for entertainment like can feel even more heat.

As foreigners who have great respect for the Chinese people and Chinese civilization

We are saddened to learn that the “Dog Meat Festival” still exists in a modern civilized society. this event has no place in no time of the earth , nor in the 21st century . We adamantly voice our strong opposition to this barbaric “festival” for the following reasons

According to a news report (, 338 rabies cases were reported in Yulin between 2002 and 2006. All of the infected people died from this disease. The annual economic cost to Yulin amounted to 6.67 million Yuan. Based on the toll the disease is taking on the health of the city’s residents, the authorities in Yulin should be doing everything they can to prevent the spread of the disease. Dogs transported for days in crowded conditions to Yulin, with compromised immunity systems, are known to be vulnerable to the spread of illnesses. Allowing the “Dog Meat Festival” to continue is a sign of a lack of vigilance at the very least. Given the national government’s policy on rabies prevention and control, it might even be construed as wanton contempt and total negligence of the public. In the interest of public health, disease prevention, and enforcement of the national government’s policies, the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region government should put an end to the event.

Second, the “Dog Meat Festival” can potentially undermine social stability, aggravate existing social conflicts, and sabotage the central government’s efforts to build a harmonious society. A significant number of the dogs sold on the market, according to Chinese activist investigations, are stolen household pets or are watch dogs of rural families. The recent retaliative, brutal assault on dog thieves by victims of dog theft indicates the potentially explosive nature of confrontations between dog owners and the dog meat industry. Frankly, the violent action by the villagers in Guangxi was a reaction to the fact that local law enforcement had long failed to protect the interest of the dog owners. Allowing the “Dog Meat Festival” to continue is like endorsing dog theft, which supplies the dog meat industry. It could seriously damage the authority of the government and the credibility of state laws. If dog theft continues, violent confrontations between dog owners and animal lovers and the dog meat industry will escalate and intensify, potentially leading to mass unrest. The government can prevent such a situation from developing by ending the Yulin “Dog Meat Festival.”

Third, the Yulin “Dog Meat Festival” is a dangerous food safety issue. Dogs sold on the market are sick and dying animals. They suffer from horrendous conditions during the long distance, trans-provincial journeys. China does NOT have dog farms. There are no national or local standards to ensure the safety of dog meat since dogs are not raised for food. Sick or contaminated dogs can pass illnesses to humans in the course of transport, slaughter, and food preparations. It has also been reported that some dogs have been poisoned during their capture and carry toxins in their body. The govenment cannot afford to ignore this public health issue. It is therefore imperative for the government to shut down the “Dog Meat Festival” and prevent the onset of a SARS-like disease and massive deaths.

Fourth, the Yulin “Dog Meat Festival” exposes young people to violence. During the festival, the streets of Yulin flow with dog blood, since dogs are often slaughtered in public. Have the dog meat dealers ever considered the reaction of the people who walk by? Have they ever considered the feelings of the young children who witness the brutality on their way to school? The wanton imposition of bloody scenes on the public can cause severe mental distress and psychological trauma to people, particularly school children. Studies have long shown that exposure to violence can desensitize youth and cause them to later commit acts of cruelty and abuse. The Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region government and its official Women Federation are obligated to stand up and to protect the young people from being forced to witness this brutal spectacle.

Fifth, although the “Dog Meat Festival” has been promoted as a local “folk custom,” it is not  really a local culinary culture. It is a commercial activity masquerading as a regional tradition.  No culture or local custom is a defense of a practice that runs counter to human progress. Despite strong resistance, foot-binding, opium-smoking, and arranged marriage -- so-called Chinese traditional practices -- were ended without jeopardizing the Chinese culture. In fact, Chinese civilization has since experienced a spirited rejuvenation and China’s pace of progress has not been slowed one bit.  To glorify the Chinese culture, the government must eliminate outdated practices that represent forces of the past and that damage the reputation of the mainstream Chinese culture.

Finally, Guangxi has breathtaking natural beauty that attracts millions of domestic and international tourists. The Yulin “Dog Meat Festival” is internationally perceived as a disgrace to this region. In June 2013, the festival was condemned by more than 40,000 people around the world within a short span of a few days. The event has already tarnished the reputation of Guangxi and will have a negative consequence on commerce and on the tourism industry.

We appeal to you to act in the interest of public health, food safety, child welfare, and the reputation of Guangxi and China. The Yulin “Dog Meat Festival” is not a regional “folk custom.” It is a business operation that undermines the national and public interest. The Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region government is at a historical juncture. The “Dog Meat Festival” must end.
they're making humans and animals lives miserable.This gonna have to stop!


it's insane!we are the only ones who eat eggs.Animals don't eat hens' eggs,hen's babies don't eat their mothers eggs,no animal passing by in that area where there are hens eat eggs.Nobod but humanity.HOw wierd!We eat stuff coming from the hen's butts.Humans don't know what to do to find money,their next step is to commercialize human pee and poo and saliva to make food as they do with hen's eggs.Eggs are like poo,they're uselless things which ain't food,are just stuff you throw out on the floor and that's it.Crazy creatures these humans!

food por the poor
YOU can make a difference! Be a hero, save lives, break down the walls. Make the compassionate choice, go vegan.

Staring at walls spattered with the blood of your family and knowing that it will soon be your turn sounds like an extremely sadistic story from hell. It is however, a reality for many of the 55 billion nonhuman animals that we exploit, torture and kill for food purposes annually. Please don't contribute to it.
we all are persons but some persons are humans,some others are animals.All the creatures living on earth are person beings.

nov 26 14

visionary what is it? when you undersand truth right now caus you're less brainwashed that most human race dont udnerstand caus theyre very veyr brainwashed ff the stuff hey'd get hudnreds of years from now ff like those who fought slavery and eerybody thouht they were mad, an now everybody thinks slavery is a terrible thing caus they havent received the brainwashing of those from centuries ago,, they have received the slavery brainwashing but for animals, not for humans whereas in the past huamans from the apst received both brainwashings , for animla+human slavery,, now there is only one of those brainwashing in the midns of humans from 21 st century : the brainwahsing that animal exploitation slavery is so normal! so logical!

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MessageSujet: Re: n easy to help lives : share, watch, sign, open conciouncess   Sam 8 Mar - 12:04

we cant always say what we wanna say and you know what , thats alright too

when we are angry at someone who is blakc or arab we cant arab of ... or black nigga etc because it's intolerant discriminatory disespectful towards our sisters & brothers.W egot to show respect GOD You say .
We judge someone we get angry at them before the thing hapened or befoe they did the thing. That is stupid , intolerant. I didn't pt una corbata. You yell at them dont ut a corbata as if they were disobeying you and putting one.You go to see them theywere actually washing their teeth. You jduged them without even seeing them with your eyes or being with them or knwoking their were doing the bad thing or not beore you are present to observ if they are doing the bad thing or not. So you directly uassume they are doing the bad thing. And it's gonnna be that way every time there is this situation and evertime you will calumnairlos and ever time you'll be mistaken because they wrerent doing the think you didn't want them tod o and every time you'll be supid and never of all these times will you apologize;sO THATS THE STUPID LITTLE LEFT brained one no resepzect jugding with no proof, entering in the bok od record or the most calomnieuw living beings + always judging wihtout knowing and never feeling guilty of being mean wioth others who don't deserve it + never earning from our past mistakes as we'll keep on asusming they're doing one thing and ou think they do this at the last moment and shouldn't because they're going to be late at the doctor because they always have to o this before going to a rendez vous and how come were so stupid . Because we don't want to use our right smart brain. lesson of wisdom = stop jduiging without knowking nothing of the person or knwoing them very well ,living with the and yet not knowing them at all because if we would we wouln't be imagining false things about them. We don't like humans judging us wihtout knwing then lets not juge them without knwing

nov 24 14

we just know we can do something big

are we gona live another day , nobody knows but YAHWEH ,  

i know it sounds selfish but i have to say it , what about m << no they dont have to say it!!!

something is teribly wrong

you're different somehow from whom you wrere eysterday, did you know that

lets not try to look for the humans aporbation bros siscan i do this do i have to this is it ok if i do this but YAHWEH cna i do this do i have to etc caus our YAHWEH is YAHWEH not our brethrens mankind

eres el sol que ilumina todo mi exisitr TU nos cambiase la vida,

el miedo se fue de nos y ot gracias a TI YAHVE

à cette tradition «complètement dépassée»qui symbolise selon lui le massacre de millions d’oiseaux «doux et intelligents». L’association milite pour que les Américains célèbrent un «Thanksgiving végétarien».

anti sex
anti sexuality

es in
corrucopn mental moral corrupcion de los nuestros mentes espiritus almas , ensenandonos lo del enemigo en lugar de lo Tuyo YAHVE ayudar a mi puelbo humano o al pueblo humano no a losdemas pueblos no de mi ethnia o espeice

no one 's ever shown me such concern

it's not caus YOU dont punish them right now all these vivsectors that YOU agree with all that tey do and tha YOU give them a wonderful exstance dont mean YOU are inf avor of animal tsting YAHWEH its jsut that we could never get YOU for YOu are too gneius , us too stupid so we dont kno wy YOU let all these mruderers o animals, huans, earth live long lives and not jsut kill them as soon as they mrudered one creature, on animal , one human, because YOU are perfect YAHWEH YOU got the perfect solution perfect punishment and we dont know caus us mankidn never know what YOU do, want, rpefer, etc but as YOU are so just, so much more intelligent than us , YOU'll punish the very very well with hell probably, all these earth vivsetors, so lets not be frustrated or angry that YOu dont kill them right now caus YOu'll give them an enormous punishment, what they deserve and all the against vivisection'll be so happy

YAHVE our human speicies is so aweful so mentally retarded that not only we ahte others but our selves and we cant love nobody human , we can only love the non humans,, YAHWEH do YOu ant us to love non human animals mroe than human speicies,,

its a brainwashing of sentimental love matters more than any other lvoe cau everywhe re diabloical tv, diabolical music = men women, homosexuals, just about that,, too few movies about friendhsip, with animals, humans, love of nature, jsut love bteween two human beigns who' ein love,, tv too,, thats so many humans on this earht sin with the sentimental love brainwashing caus its a sin right YAHWEH? YOU hate this lve, YOU want only relative freidly love right? so as we're too dumb too brainwashable if they had brainwashed us with tv progrmams about frindship, tv programs about loving nature protecitng the earht and only about friend love, than the whole earthd be arormantic assexual an everyone d environmentalist vegan and would hate sentimental love,, thats evident caus they brainwashed us with songs about sex ,family, and tv about sex family so we adore sex family more than anythignelse, its so not caus we chose to love both of these thigns,, so as they manipulate us a leur guise as puppets, if they had brainashed us with the amazing anti fmaily and anti sex brainwashign, everybody would think those hwo love family , sex are morons weirodos nutties, and that it rocks to live without sex and to hate or jsut not like oen's respective family, if they ahd brainwahsing us with the amazing respect and lvoe the aniamls brainwashing , almsot all the humans woudl respec tlove all the animals, and they'd think all the oens who dont, are jerks crazy odd anticonformsits so brainwahsign are so dumb and we jsut dont want to rezalie we are ind enial, no i dont lvoe sex, family , sentimental love caus we were brainwahsed, this is silly, we werent branwahsd yadi yadi yada , of course you were mankind , wqke up!!! ask shrinks you'll see or not caus they say leis too they were brianwashd  too, than ask genuiuses or they were brainwashed too ??

2 APRIL 14 

love you tender non human animals

i could never love anyone more than the only father ive ever known = she just met her biological father = non brainwashing

he likes more intellectual forms of entertainment

a purely vil guy

a whole new side of her has been unleashed

Demand that all earthly human creatures treat animals with respect and cease inhumane practices.

we should help you out

There is no excuse for speeding up for commercial reasons/needs, -which mostly are insatiable,- they can not count when on the other side there is life & the safety, & other animals. Marine ecosystems are treasures of the world, all connected with another, if you put them in danger in any way, you disturb the future of life. Be wise, the most greedy commerce would let anybody of you & us in danger as well, if it could do it in secret and without punishment.

thanks for your generous contribution to care for saints animals

SAM SIMON YOU are our heroe !!!

the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) was working with Simon to close the deal. PETA was thrilled that it was able to help close one of the biggest chinchilla farms in California. PETA has reportedly been trying to get the owners to sell the farm for the last three years.

Simon has been very involved and active in his philanthropy work and is especially keen on animal rights causes. The chinchillas he rescued are being brought to the San Diego Humane Society to be cleaned and examined for any health problems. Presently, over 400 chinchillas are waiting to be examined in hopes of being adopted.

Please sign this petition to thank Sam Simon and PETA for closing down of the biggest animal farms in California, saving hundreds of innocent animals from being skinned for their fur or bred into suffering on an overcrowded farm.


Dear Sam Simon,

Besides your great work on television shows like The Simpsons and Cheers, we want to thank you for your generous contribution to help the animal activist community buy the chinchilla farm in San Diego. You helped close down one of the biggest chinchilla farms in southern California. You also generously gave an extra $100,000 to the San Diego Humane Society. That money will surely help the shelter care and nurture these animals and get them ready for their new homes. Your selfless act has saved over 400 animals from a horrible life.

These precious animals deserve to live a good life with a loving family, not to be skinned for their fur or be bred into suffering on an overcrowded animal farm. Thank you for compassionate nature and your kindness.

friendhsip is the boat that happy people sail on

this guy is major weird

they are humans and deserves to be treatd with respect

we have just entered the twilight zone ( pronuncio : inered)

listen to your heart, not your head

Will you help spread the word about this petition to increase pressure on

solidarity with human rights defender

stop animal testing & vivisection


We citizens of Gemmano (Rimini)  Italy, are seriously worried about the security  of our living in our own houses!
A cat called Sandy, has been recently shot dead with a dumdum bullet (this kind of shell is not allowed by the Italian law  as regards the hunting control campaign of vermins, i.e. foxes) whilst the pet was walking in the garden of its owner  in the centre of the village,infringing the provisions of law imposing  a safety  gunfire-range  at a specific distance  from the urban areas
The shooter representing therefore a real threat to our community for his inconsiderate and criminal shooting ‘’at random’’ inside the built-up areas, by night.
As protective and precautionary measures for all the citizens, we ask to know whether some legal action, against the shooter  has being taken  ; specifically if the weapon ( a gun) has been confiscated  and consequently  if the hunting licence of the forester (ranger) belonging to  a corps  of authorized and appointed volounteers has been withdrawn  by the competent Authorities.
Thank you for joining us with your signature,
We citizens of Gemmano (Rimini)  Italy, are seriously worried about the security  of our living in our own houses!
A cat called Sandy, has been recently shot dead with a dumdum bullet (this kind of shell is not allowed by the Italian law  as regards the hunting control campaign of vermins, i.e. foxes) whilst the pet was walking in the garden of its owner  in the centre of the village,infringing the provisions of law imposing  a safety  gunfire-range  at a specific distance  from the urban areas
The shooter representing therefore a real threat to our community for his inconsiderate and criminal shooting ‘’at random’’ inside the built-up areas, by night.
As protective and precautionary measures for all the citizens, we ask to know whether some legal action, against the shooter  has being taken  ; specifically if the weapon ( a gun) has been confiscated  and consequently  if the hunting licence of the forester (ranger) belonging to  a corps  of authorized and appointed volounteers has been withdrawn  by the competent Authorities.
Thank you for joining us with your signature

Demand that violent men receive harsh sentence for the act of violence.

outrageous misconduct, neglect and abuse

Thank you for signing and sharing this petition worldwide in an effort to protect the endangered animals.

protect them from extinction.

And He said unto them, these are the words which I spake unto you, while I was yet with you, that all things must be fulfilled, which were written in the Law of Moses, and in the Prophets, and in the Psalms, concerning Me. Luke 24:44.

This is a project that has been on my mind for over four and a half years-- outlining all the Books of the Bible, from Genesis to Revelation. This series is not ment to be an exhaustive, indepth study of the Bible, but an overview of why each of the sixty-six Books were written, and to see the unfolding plan of God, from the creation of the universe, to the consummation of all things in the Book of Revelation. Now, the information put forth in the video, comes from my own personal studies, aided by the notes that i have taken down and collected over the last sixteen years, while listening to many conservative Bible teachers. This project would have been much more difficult, had it not been for the help of those teachers of the Word, so i must give credit to whom credit is due: Dr. J. Vernon McGee (Thru The Bible Radio), William MacDonald (Believers Bible Commentary), Dr. John Walvoord and Roy B. Zuck (Editors of The Bible Knowledge Commentary Series), Dr. David Brickner (Jews For Jesus), Dr. Randall Price, Dr. Charles Halff, Dave Hunt and T. A. McMahon (The Berean Call), Dr. Adrian Rogers, Dr. Ken Ham (Answers In Genesis), Dr. John Morris (Institute for Creation Research), Roger Oakland (Understand The Times) and Zola Levitt. It is my prayer that this series will be a blessing to all who listen, and that unbelievers will come to know Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour. God bless.

july 1 2014

even if you werent my son i d tell you no, i want take no chances on anybody elses life = no endoctrination

this is a less endictrinated spirit for its not partiality : whoever the person who wants to do the dangerous stuff is, he she won't let them and will do it for them :: so they'd like it better if themselves die than if anybody died :: its not the reductive stuff of groups, husband wife, girlfriend boyfriend gorup, families groups, its the group : everyone, just manner of thinking for its not if you were my husband/brother etc i'd do it so id die & you liv,e if it was "just' an 'emeny ' , "just " a friend, ' just" a "stranger ' i'd let them do it for my life matters to me, theirs doesn't matter to me , but the life of a girlfirend/husband /cousin etc matters more to oneself than an enemy, an acquaintance , a pal etc so if its anybody else who's not wife/relatives/boyfriend its not the same love,the same view of them,its wanting different things for them : staying alive for the wifehusband families etc, dying for anybody not entering in these groups )( like you are anybody like a mate, an aquintance etc= my life is more important than yours so you die, i live :: you're my son/nephew etc your lifes more improtant to me than mine so i die for you () thats so wrong )=(  for if its one w esee them in one amtter wish them good, if its another one we wish them the worst, thats so bad to not treat everyone the same and give the priviledge to live to some & not to others :: they should think stranger,enemy, we shouldnt be enemies of our brothers & sisters in YAHWEH, we shouldn't some humans are just acquaintance,s they're our family, we soulnt think some are just pals, they're our families so that sucks that we won't give our lives to all but to our coupe+families only :: thats not generous, thats brainwashed, messed up '' a real good human being'd give its life to anyone ,any animal/human for they care about all and know all matter the same :: one's couple+families aren't above everyone else, all are humans, all equals, all deserve the same rights, it means if a " stranger called d3's in danger' they dthink they're inferior to their family+wife girlfirend boyfriend husband so they wont deserve them to help but d3's couple or famileis should help them _ no caus they arent ther,e so they'd just die:: that sucks to think the whole animla race+human race is worht nothing comapred to one's husband wife girfriend boyfriend+both families () thats great when somebody says like its not caus you're my brother that i wont let you do this dangeorus thing, if you had been a 'stranger ' i would have tried to stop you, i would have done it instead of you so id have  given my life for anyone, for everyone is my brother ,animals too )=@ its so not impartial, partiality sucks its so a endconiation : "my ' nephew/wife/father etc have kidpanned or rudered an innocent animla/human being : just caus the destiny is that they're my couple/family that person 'll lie to the police, saying they dont know where he she is: theyll defend their couple or relative whos the criminal -- they hid her him in their basement - they think with the brainwashing that if youre my husband, girlfriend, a relative etc you are abo ve the laws, you dont deserve any punishment, you're perfect & you are too good to have a trial, go to jail etc :: just because of the couple or family thing _ so absurd, so irrational (= now another story : you're the criminal, i dont know you, or you're somebody i dont like, youre not my boyfriend/relative/husband etc he she know that being is guilty, he she see it without an endcotrination,clear mind, rational mind ::: that perosn who is nothing to him her has done a crime ,has to pay so she he calls the police to denouce this huan being = this is justice for you have to not care who the perosn is, you must not give them more, or less, depending of who they are, and rights, defense, protection or not depending on their relation to you :like its my enemy he she is innocent im gonna tell the polie theyre guilty and denigrate them , he she is my aunt, im gonna say they havent killed or raped the poor innoent non human person or human person but the truth is they did etc this sucks for this dont make any sense & is not fair : itd make sense if everyone on earth'd think that perosn is innocent and they'd see that person a stheir wife/sister etc but somebody cant be the boyfriend hisband relative etc of everyone so only each person sees this with the brainwahsing of their own families+couple which makes it even more a nonsense :-: for its not even for all, as somebody whos someboy's boyfriend, is that persons boyfriend, so that person'd think this mruderer/rapist etc is innocent becaus of the relation brainwashing, the love they fell for him but the others dont like them like that, for they arent in love wiht him, the isnt their boyfriend so they see this story with the eyes of justice : the man, whoever he is, a celeb, somebody's byofriend ect deserve a punishment :: in the other hands, these humans who think for this case wnot with the brainwahsing probably think with the relative+couple brainwahsing if it was their couple or relative who was a psycopath or rapist so in the one hand most hulan think without athis brainwahsing, in the other, they think with it Sad: insane universe () thats not faire if for some cases they think without and for others with the brainwashing, fair is whoever the being is, anybodys relativ,e my relative, anybody's girfirend husband etc my boyfriend wife ect we must think the same, we msut treat all beings the same : so my relatives or relative, my wife ect is a murderer, drug dealer etc or anybody i dont know, anybody i hate, anybody i know, anybody i love, anybody i dont like etc , anybody , anybody's relatives, the couples of being si dont know etc = if theyre guilty, they have to be pusnished, if theyre innoent they have to be innocented )( that is the real mind less endoctrinated the real justice the real planet ) unfrotunately most'd think this is garbage for the realtive+couple brainwahsing is amazing to them and aint a brainwahsing, the justice is unjustice, the treating everyone the same is garbage etc its normal they disgree with this trth, its caus their minds is inmensely endoctrinated (' they think of course if it was anobydy in this world i dont know they killed stolen money raped ect they got to pay, theyre nobody ! nobody to them but not nobody to everyone for they got two families + a wife or husband ect so that suks that for one somebody is nobody, for another somebody is somebody )) somebody should always be somebody for everyone, as always = fairness+impartiality -- so somebody with a great less endcotirnated mind 'd think youre angry at me caus i reported you, i dont care that you're my grandmother or the queen of england you commited a serious fofense you raped that poor animal person/human being you are guilty, i see that youre guilty ith my mind eyes heart, i dont see the blood we have in common or anything i just see what you are : a guilty or an innocent thats amazing for its not focusing on the detail :  relation with the guilty being, but the essential : are they're guilty or not xx the madness of giving way too much importance to our couple+famileis instead of the same to everyone for it makes this reasoning without meaning for if you commited a crime and youre my wife / relative etc its not a crime, i ingore you did anything bad, im in denial :: if youre not family or couple, you're somebody i never knew existed : you have commited a crime means you have commited a crime (@ what is that ???? like youre my couple or relative =  youre the queen-king of the universes ;( so they should be special laws for the famileis & couples but this cant make any sense for all the couples & famileis in the world which arent this famileis & couple will disagree on that & think this crime is a crime, that being really commited an offense , even the couples who know this couple, the families who know this family will say this being is a bad human & justice should punihs her him for its not a brainwahsing of everyone you know thinks you're a saint above all , but only the beings you know from you're families+ couple if you re not single so the beings you know the guilty criminal even know they know them will think that if there is justice on earth the perosn must pay (( thats why its cool whn somebody goes beyong the endcotrination and justice is what always on their heart,s not the couple, families for if it was the couples+famileis then theyd stop loving justice & d be corrupted, unfair for you are corrupted morally if you think when somebody you love or the love of your life so your wife boyfriend etc has done something wrong because love blidns you you think what they did is not a bad stuff because of who did it :: endcotrinaiton for its not who did the bad or good stuff which has sense but what the being did like he saved a life he is a stranager to me  = it sucks, he really didnt save a life :: my boyfriend stole somebodys car = he didnt stole a car, he did something great so we see with the view of not liking "strangers' 'enemies' " aquiantances " , loving realtives+couple not with fairness at all )= my mother saved a life =shes' s a hero a stranger or somebody i despise stole somebodys purse = put her him to jail ! we always have to ignore the who is the one who did the thing , we must focus on what the human person did : did they do somethign terrible, something heroic '( of crosue if anyone does a heoric thing we'd think ya its kinda cool , no big deal - my father did a heroic thing : he's such a hero and he's my father!!! he's a star! nonsense like when they say youre the best dad mom on the world ya right if they had had any other mom dad in this earth theyd say this about them not the father & mom they are havng in this destiny -- so impartial " " imagine youre father mom are evil = the best according to you _ you know amazing parents but really nothign comapred to yours, yours are bad or ok but others are way more good = they suck ! for they arent my parents -_ conclusion just caus in this life you've known some beings you dated some got dicvorced married some has some relatives from your mom & dad dont mean they 're que queens kings, they are no better than the billions of lives of the earth, theyre all the same and lets always think YAHWEH YOU choose them but you could have chosen any other to be our current boyfriedn relatives current wife etc anyway this is silly and we kinda feel like we were brainwahsing after somethigns happened, but not while its happening for you start a little bit to get somethigns wrong when the stuff is done but not while you're experiencing it like you are with the bouple brainwahsing : youre girlfriend boyfriends the best perfect in all sense, now you broke up she he s a moron you think they suck big time & you feel sick knwing youve lost years of your life with somebody you see as a sucker a subhuman so you kinda udnerstand this was the love and couple relathionship as you start to ask yourself why you loved him her and put her him in a pedestal and now you think all the other waya round of them for there is no love anymore, no couple anymore so no endoctrinated mind anymore so its normal now you see things celarly & with the truth =@= the same for when you thought some realtives were like godesses gods for they were your relatives, now you learn you were adopted, you think bunch of idiots, i never really liked them anyway = for the relatives endctronicaiton concerns only love for the blood : several persons having the same blood for someon's sister had a kid so they love the kid as family for its her his sisters blood , my dad made me and my brother so i love my borther for he got my dads blodd so my blood etc then jsut for they 'aren't yur "real ' family you dont love them any longer ,nonsese!! dont matter we have blood family or not all the citizens of the universes of YAHWEH are sisters+brothers , wo you are ::: i love you you are ;;; i dont , this is as always unethical, unjust ,biased =- humans are so biased, unjust, when this is gonna stop when are they gonna leart impartialy & equity ??? free midns think its not cause youre my girfriend, mother ect that i find you perfect for this is just caus of love, if i didnt love you that much or not at all i wouldt think youre perfect so the real truth is : youre my mother / boyfriedn etc i see theres some good and bad in you, i hate the bad in you, id like you to get rid of it all, i like you but sometimes youre unbearable, id like you to be kinder ect = this is the mind talking with no endoctrination for you are capable of seeing the bad in your couples+families but if you think my boyfriend/ relatives are awesome and perfect not caus they are, they cant be, but caus of the brainwahsing telling almost all human : you must see all the beings from your famileis+your couples as better than all and perfect+ yu must see all outside of these categories are beings you must desdain, not love == so if somebody's close to perfect and is not your couple or relatives you believe theyre peices of garbage + if somebody 's a real bastard and is your grandadddy , husband etc you believe theyre are without sin, without blemish -- that sucks thats why if you never met a human but see them on tv, internet ,talked to them on the computer ect of hear about them,red about them and are real heroes, like they savedmany live,sgave a huge amount of money to animla rights foundations and you think = they're are true human beings, real heroes, a fantastic person , you think that knowing they are not your wife/boyfreind etc+ nonce of your relatives and you admire and love them ask YAHWEH to bless them for you're open minded ; close minded thinks creating group that divide the People of YAHWEH so creates despise+hate among them all for you think my little gorup of couple+ families agaisnt all groups of other familiaes& couple,s my group of riches agaisnt the group of poor, the grup of feminists agaisnt the macho one, the group of latinos against the group of " gringo " etc so you just do evil for you want to have divisions isntead of unity, you want all to fight isntead of respect & love, that sucks thats the reaosn why those whore agaisnt stupid little divided groups, full of divisions and desdain, jealousy , envy etc think this one i dont know , i know for real for he she is my brother all the billions of animal persons+ humans i never met , i met, in my heart, they're all my famile, nobody's a stranger to me, thats why when a heroic firefighter saves animals/human lives you dont think he she sucks and if it had been youre dad or nephew or husband whos a firefighter who had saved lives theyd be heroes :: you think my uncle, father,boyfriend ect hate to save lives, hate to help out, theyre should be ashamed, those so called strangers firefighters have better hearts than my relatives/couple for they love more than anything to save lives and so you are open minded for you try to stay out of psychiatric endcotrinations ll these animal rights activists,firefighters and anyone who loves to save lives love to save the lives of anyone who's in death threat, not of their wives/relatives ect so they are open minded for they love to save lives in general and they wont have in their minds the divison of little despising groups for they dont think if youre iii i refuse to save you if you're a celeb or my wife ect i say ok to save you, they save anyone, even if its a mruderer, somebody they had an argument with, a moron , an animal and they dont really like animals, they put aside their eprsonal views of the being and they save thats why these life savers are great (( caus theyre able to go beyong of who ? and think of what ? = saving lives (( its not caus theyre ecelebs that theyre gods godnesses and that the People is garbage so we cant think we gotta to save celebs and not the People for celebs are humans the People are humans we gott to save any being '" the brainwahsing is two stuff : A you are not capable of seing your couples+ relatives flaws B you are incapable of seing anybodys human qualities when anybody means : non relatives,non couples of mine pp which is dumb in tese endoctirnations & hoch a additioanl evidence that these are imbecile endoctrnations is that you got married several times, dated many beings, now you dont date them no more, now youre divorced and you love them during the brainwashing of love but as youre not in love with them any longer you see now their tonnes of blemish, you saw no blesmish in them whatsoever when you were married/dating them which is ludicrous for its not caus you have a love relashionship with someone that this someone is perfect and caus you stop having a relashionship with someone, this someone is filled with flaws ' " its just that they always had this flaws, ever since they were feotus, they werent even out in this world, love never let us see them, but now theres no love we see them alright () thats why we think sometimes how could we be so dumb to fall in love with such heartless retards and what did we like in them theres nothing to like , they suck a hundred percent as human beings -( but if we dated -got married to them not because love made these horrible beings look like angels but caus they really had very few falws and tonnes of human wonderful qualities than now were separated from them, we still see them, we still love them but now as family-friends, adn we keep on thinking how wonderful they are, how lucky we are to have in our lives such terrific truly human persons , and we see them as as amazing as we did hen we were married-dating them -- this means no psychiatric endoctirnation for its not beause of love blindidn us or anythign that we thought they were great but because they truly were great, as now we arent in love wiht them anymore we still think this (( the same goes with beigns friends with some beings, stopping being friends with them, they still are very cool humanely speaking -@

tahe = défaut = blemish

défaut = péché

personne humaine perosnne pas humaine

personas no humanas personas humanas

if somebodys in danger u wont think twice about putting your neck on the line


JULA 1 ST 2014

humans have caused the animals so much unhapiness

animals are our reason for being

when you do something wrong, you should admit it

the things that scare you are the things that make you stronger

brainwashing : no matter what, people should be with their families, even if they're a bunch of jerks

what kind of a person are you ? ( he wants to kill a wolf

june 1 14

dont let the ;;; tuck you out of your dream

there's nothing more important in life than your non men animal friends

if you want to be in success you have to make sacrifices

would you like to rejoin the human race ?

everyone has equal saying, like one big happy family

we're more than friends the inhabitants of the earth, we're family

i'd like you to let you live, being vegan as a gift from us vegan humans

having you go vegan would mean so much to us non men animals

we are really rude & arrogant

i am msot seriously confused

you are both wrong and too pround to admit it

both of us have behaved improperly, and we hav both ,i hope, improved in civility,

instead of arguuing with humans around us we should thank them for all they did for us, they are a blessing, of cours they are dmeonic unbearable subhumanes to us, but we are to them too, but its cus we have a hard time seeing good+evil in others, we just see evil
God’s Word: Filling Us With God’s Wisdom

How to love this world when things like this happen every second of everyday in all parts of the earth ? how to love and respect and have compassion and consideration and feelings for human beings when they are like this : retarded monstrous sub human creatures / they are no creatures / they are poo , vomit , vermin

Matthew 5:21-48: In today’s reading, Jesus continues to interpret Scripture, and he offers six examples of life in community that portray God’s realm. He teaches about anger, adultery, divorce, vows, revenge, and love for enemies.

“But now I tell you: love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you, so that you may become the children of your Father in heaven.”

21 You have heard that people were told in the past, “Do not commit murder; anyone who does will be brought to trial.” 22 But now I tell you: if you are angry with your brother you will be brought to trial, if you call your brother “You good-for-nothing!” you will be brought before the Council, and if you call your brother a worthless fool you will be in danger of going to the fire of hell. 23 So if you are about to offer your gift to God at the altar and there you remember that your brother has something against you, 24 leave your gift there in front of the altar, go at once and make peace with your brother, and then come back and offer your gift to God. 25 If someone brings a lawsuit against you and takes you to court, settle the dispute while there is time, before you get to court. Once you are there, you will be turned over to the judge, who will hand you over to the police, and you will be put in jail. 26 There you will stay, I tell you, until you pay the last penny of your fine. 27 You have heard that it was said, “Do not commit adultery.” 28 But now I tell you: anyone who looks at a woman and wants to possess her is guilty of committing adultery with her in his heart. 29 So if your right eye causes you to sin, take it out and throw it away! It is much better for you to lose a part of your body than to have your whole body thrown into hell. 30 If your right hand causes you to sin, cut it off and throw it away! It is much better for you to lose one of your limbs than to have your whole body go off to hell. 31 It was also said, “Anyone who divorces his wife must give her a written notice of divorce.” 32 But now I tell you: if a man divorces his wife for any cause other than her unfaithfulness, then he is guilty of making her commit adultery if she marries again; and the man who marries her commits adultery also. 33 You have also heard that people were told in the past, “Do not break your promise, but do what you have vowed to the Lord to do.” 34 But now I tell you: do not use any vow when you make a promise. Do not swear by heaven, for it is God's throne; 35 nor by earth, for it is the resting place for his feet; nor by Jerusalem, for it is the city of the great King. 36 Do not even swear by your head, because you cannot make a single hair white or black. 37 Just say “Yes” or “No”—anything else you say comes from the Evil One. 38 You have heard that it was said, “An eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth.” 39 But now I tell you: do not take revenge on someone who wrongs you. If anyone slaps you on the right cheek, let him slap your left cheek too. 40 And if someone takes you to court to sue you for your shirt, let him have your coat as well. 41 And if one of the occupation troops forces you to carry his pack one mile, carry it two miles. 42 When someone asks you for something, give it to him; when someone wants to borrow something, lend it to him. 43 You have heard that it was said, “Love your friends, hate your enemies.” 44 But now I tell you: love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you, 45 so that you may become the children of your Father in heaven. For he makes his sun to shine on bad and good people alike, and gives rain to those who do good and to those who do evil. 46 Why should God reward you if you love only the people who love you? Even the tax collectors do that! 47 And if you speak only to your friends, have you done anything out of the ordinary? Even the pagans do that! 48 You must be perfect—just as your Father in heaven is perfect.  


Note the number of times Jesus says, “But now I tell you …” How do Jesus’ teachings shed new light on Scripture? Which of these teachings do you find most challenging? Why? Are these teachings relevant for today? Why or why not?


God, you know that at times it is hard for us to put aside anger and how easy it is to seek revenge. Teach me to strive for peace and reconciliation, to live according to your will, and to pray for those with whom I may be at odds. Amen.

Prayer Concern

Nations embroiled in civil conflict

put them back up where they belong

as GOD is our witness

she was to become his only desire

why dont you get a radio station and tell the whole world

she wont fit our world

i heard her say the funniest thing just the other day

that communication thing is still not working right

my most beloved sister

you brang me such great pleasure
snack time

is the international ritual of friendship

he seems kinda nice, in a nice creepy kinda way

most hottest non human animals in earth

you dont have to wear expensive clothes to make people like you

you prefer to criticize everyone

he was a brave loving caring man,we had a bond that could never be broken, he was alwas there for me, now he's gone, he will always be there for me,
be the change you wish to see in the world

we are better at killing than showing compassion and we have been for most of earth's history. hopefully the next generation, if taught the values of empathy & compassion, can end this horrible trend. Its the ninth inning for all of us....humans, the animals and the planet. If we don't teach the next generations to step up to the plate and be Evolved HumanE beings, its over.

Great and logical thinking . We humans need to work harder and harder more on

remedies..and a way out for animal abuse

What any of us chooses to do with that body reflects upon our souls.

dec 11 14

humans we dont care about our health x or we lie to others+ourselves or we lie to others and tlel inside our heads the truth x caus we say we dont want to be vegans because we believ eits unhealthy and that omnivorism canibalims is super healthy x YAHWEH we must not lie x we are so arrogant with the indoctirnation of being arrogant and having this nut idea that we're ourselves perfect c caus that's the only reason why we lie with many thing,s with pretending to wish to do things in our lvies to be healthy caus in fact we know we are incapable , loosers, we do many thigns wrong and we think it's imposible for us to tell the truth which is we o everythign wrong and e're the only responsible of our problems x and as we cant admit that , maybe we can admit that to oruselves but not to anybody else so we lie , caus we do thigns which are very nocive for us but we preten we dotn, we put the blame on somethign or someone or situations but not on the true responsible which are us x because we say i became fat because a human cooks me too mch food but i dont like eating i just eat everythign the human serves me to be polite x lie !! x we are fat caus we eat too much x we cant go to a doc to lose weight like a nutritionsit and tlel the truh im such a moron because i inuslt myslf all the time i tlelmyself you diiot you promised me, so themselves, that you would eat way less til today, you say that everyday mentlaly and then eyars after = no improvement, lies, falses pormises x so they cant say that to docs, to anyone caus they dont want to admit they arent perfect as the brainwahsing of perfection and of huge ego , which doesnt let ourselves to admit not evne to one human that we're jerks, so mentlaly handicapped, do many stuff bad and above all that we're ourselves responsible for our misery x so we invent false stuff caus if the human cooks you like 5 plates they'll eat five plates??? just so that the human doesnt get vexed ? so if the human says buy a gun and kill animals, they'll do so? so its entirely lies x what they dotn want to sya to a doc when they go to a nutritionist r any palce else for any kind of problem they have , instead of saying i have no strenght to stop eating too much, to eat like skinny creature,s to not eat tonnes of food between but nothing between meals like skinny humans, i have no strenght i cant do nothing else but eating all day long , i cant think about nothing else im a good for nothing im nothing x no because this is an anticonformsit behavior and most mankind wish to do like sheep so sheep tells lies false jsutifications so they think they have to too c not that aniticofnromsits acts words ect are odd , the thing never matters, the number always matter so its not that because a little bit of humans say their msitakes, flaws to others instead of keeping them to themselves that it's odd, but its caus its a tiny amount so its not the thing, the subject, but the number c so thats the same thign for anytin c why do you drink a lot oh because i work and they always serve alcoohol and refusing a drink is a lak of respect or not wanting to socialize so even if i hate that i have to c lie !!! they love that they are alcoholics or close to that c so really bad faith, lies, giant pride c sheep robots we will never say to somebod i suck in this o tha,t i sukc at eveyrthing , i m good in nothing, i m not a human im a useless being v never c because they? whoever? the enemy ? put in our heads all of yous so all of the beings being is , all of you, are so perfect ect so that we sin against YAHWEH because we have so many times repeated ourselves we're perfect that we think we're better than YOU YAHWEH c what a sin x so no , you aint gonna go to a nutritionist and say i m a food love,r i cant contorl myself, hen i start i cant sotp x why because we hate admiting our weakness in front of humans or maybe mroe in fornt of strangers or not because you wont see them that much but we'll see our close aquantances often so we are scared, we're ahsmed and thats normal but abnormal really v normal caus our midns were programmed to be earthly so fear of gossip , but its not normal caus YAHWEH dont matter about what people thinks of us caus YOu're so wise, YOU know perfectly it doenst count x so we should think as YOU do YAHWEH so it shoulnt matter they think a lot of bad of us so we should never be scared to say our flaws to anybody c so we should say them because we lie c because the wworst thing is not not saying thigns caus its not lying isnt it , bt the worst thing is to say thigns which are untrue = lies x so if you just shut up about somethings like your flaws your trrible habits its ok, but if you say i dotn have that habit, i dont do this bad thign because of a habit but because redfgtre = false invented pretext than its a sin caus its lie but who cares what humans think! well all be iin hell, heaven , a cemetery a, grave and not just waiting til that , but even before, we're on earht alive, so what they saw us making an idiot of oruselves or sinning or whatever thign that is not goo, so what , lets pretend we're all suqeletons n grave, nothign matter,s nothing of what humans think of all of us billions of human beings matter x so we could just liek that! open our motuhs and put the words out of it! say the truth ! easy ! no fear of them thinking bad or being shocked because they have tonnes or flaws just like us, they arent siants, we are such idiots we are scared of what they'll say caus we think they're perfect, oh no c they're like us, abominable sinners x so dont worry c so thats why about veganism its the same thing we know its healty but we'll ivnent a lie, a sin for YAHWEH, like we arent vegans because is unheathy or we invent the lie that : we truly care about our health thats why w eat or borhters but no, we really dont care about our healths caus when somebody tells us dont do is its very bad, oh leave me alone will ya ! that thing has tonne sof calories or will give oyou a heart diseases and i see you veyr foten eat those thigns, shupt up, dont take the pleasure of emat or eggs ect away from me and leave me alone ! so w have this reactiosn adn we lie about caring about our health x we are such liars w the truth is we dont want to admit our flas thats why we pretend we take a lot of care of our bodies by eating animals honey milk eggs c caus the truh is f we say im an animal canibale because i dont cae about the fact i mruder and make suffer animals for my taste because im a foodie and i dont care that it will kill me and make me very sick caus i all care about is this hapiness i got from eating '''my ccc anima, vvv my vvv eggs ect but expressing the truth means admitting we are adominations ,a lot with the enemy, murderers, cruel, insesntive, heartless, indiferent of our rbethrens torture !!! for us !!! it would mean admiting we love sining, are not strong in our skull, have no strenght  to take care of our bodies , to eat healthy, to do good thigns, we are just good for nothign , living an evil dark life , because of our demonic so called diet , and that we live a depravated life caus doign bad stuff like going to bed super late , smoking , maybe taking drugs but that is our little secret and we'll tell that not even to our husband wife ect and eating lots of suffering, death, and so jsut living a very dark immoral life so thas why as we wannat to lie to oruselves + to anyone giving this irrational diea that were perfect, we'll find any stupid excuse like i take a lot of care of my healthy, really ! caus im on omnivore and thats the best diet on earth and like we' pretend we have read so much stuff about omnivorism, and health, and we workout and stuff just to look perfect in the eyes of everybody but inf act we have never worked out since high school! we never read about health, too lazy and to uninterested about our own life, health, fate caus if you dont take care about your health humanr ace= die so we are jsut professional liars ! such a sin ! but that is not criticism or is it caus lets face it we're mere pupets, so many thigns are not our fault caus it s the others, thre inteligent, the oens who're way above us who plays with our empty little minds and lives so we really are just their toys so they made us lairs, they brainwahsied us with you have to be lairs humanr ace, brainwashd us with you cant take care of your health, dont mind about that youll lvie forever and will never get sick ,eat junk food! its not jund food its so healthy! drive veryf ast you wont die! go to bed late all your lfie and you'll live more than a hudnred years ect eat as much eggs and milk as you want and you'll see no terible illnesess whatsoever and when you realsie you don somethign bad for you, just be in denial and think im such a aweosme human being im so perfect, so this thing i jsut noticed bad about me is not bad, its perfection ! et all these brainwashing ''they'' made us c you eat too much and are fat, no youre perfect all yourd ecisions are perfec,t you decision of being very overweight is perfect and of eating a lot of animal products is perfect, no your not a mruerer you save animals by ating them caus that way they be very hapy in your bellies ect and when you see a problem in you just deny everything and repeat yourself im perfect like YAHWEH ect all these indcotirnations by illuminatis? whoever , are just there to make us think : never realize your msitakes, never say to nobody your msitakes+bad sides of you, bad behavios, bad habits, never chang,e never do nothign so never take action into analizign thigns in order to find a reoslution c never try nothign c let the situation like this c so situation = you are a mruderer + you eat too much animals and you'll become sick x solution of our minds made very mentally handicapped by them = its great, ill keep on eating too much animals and so kill my family+ kill myself slowly caus its not right now but in decades or years and so everythigns cool as always c and i wont tell to nobody im a murderer and veyr lazy for action for good change and love to remain in my anthipathetic little mess , my pathetic little mind and problems and i love drawning in my idiocy and im jealous of those who do everything great for their health lives and seem to have close to perfect lives caus they have brains and i havent, they workout they're healthy they go to bed early, they eat healthy, they are thin, theyre vegans animal saviors ect and im just a fat , good for nothign caus when i see i m doing somethign wrong i ant i dont want to , i wont delete this, transform this into something great like saving animals by following a vegan diet and so reduce he risk of heart diseases and all sorts of diseases caus i have no strenght hatsoever for acion for improvement , i can never improve with my stupid little mind but i see others with they way better minds, actions, system of reasoning and im so green with envy !! because we are really almos useless midns, caus they are not able to do something good for us, au contraire and its all our fault ? or the fault of : ''them ''' but never could we express all this x to somebody x but us x caus we'll think they'll all laugh and despise us x so its the secret between i and i x our midns and ourselves c so fake pretexts and that is to vomit ! ! that is so antipathetic x how can we lie like this and have no remords x so depravated x how horrible v jut liek that we lie c we laugh in the face of YAHWEH and His morals c we insult him by lying we love immorality infinitely caus we lie like eveyrday !!! even if its little lies it still is imorality for YAHWEH c like jsut like that with no fear, no concience, we lie in many humans faces x caus the thing is what is the truth we eat our family because we wish to protect ou health ? no , we say that but no x we eat animals caus 1 we thing its delectable and thats it really c 2 we dont care about us participating indirectly or directyl? with our purchase of animals and animal products to the animal murders 3 we dont care about being overweight because we eat too much animals caus if we were vegans we'll be less overweight or not overweight caus its more dificult to beocme obese or fat caus vegetables come on !!! and so its funy when somebody aks usany question for isntance why are you a canibale of your non human ANIMAL family c the minds says caus im cruel caus i coudlnt care less about me killign them making them so much misery and caus i love eating dead bodies and our fingers write or our tongue say : caus im so very strict with my lifestyle, i take so much care of my mental & boy health liars!!! there are those humans who actually try to live the perfect healthy live,s they really are obsessed with their health, always keeping informed about health stuff, halthy food, healthy anythign and they are not liars if asked why do you eat a vgan diet why do you workut why do you not smoke ect but those liars especially the overweight and especially the very overweight who say im an animal eater because i'm very woryed about my health come on look at our enormous bodies , enourmous bellies !!! we lie !! if we'd care so much about our health we wouldnt be overweight caus we care about our health thats why we eat animals eggs milk honey ya right speicialsits in lie, then why did we become overweight ? caus we have ate too much fat & sugar all our lives and that is wat fat, sugars, healthy ? unhealthy ? terribly unhealthy it gives diseases and make the time slived on earth les long it depends for some one decade elss, for other years less ect so we say we care about our ehalth, eating too much fat and sugar and we want those who espect the ANIMALS to beleive us ??? ! ! ! ! we are so not taking care about our health and it shows in our bodies so we should just not lie and say we are animal eaters eggs honey milk eaters caus we love this too much thats all thats the only reason isnt it ? not the health, really really really not c not just us humans who are very fat who eat too much sugar & fat but all the thin or a little bit overweight humans who eat too much fat & sugar caus in them, it increidbly doesnt show but its not caus they're thin that they're healthy caus thin can eat too much suga & fat too so thin can also have one day horrible diseases because of their animal eaters diet x because fat+sagr= omnviroims , diet very low inf at+sugar, so very healthy diet = vegan diet x so actually if the fat and obese care turly about their health , for those of them who dont lie, who really are worried about having the ebst health then they should go vegan because its evident salad, tomatoes, carrots, tofu ect all this thigns that look like you're eating H20 cant make you fat so if you are so interested in living the best lifetyle and you're fat or terribly fat, you should really consider going vegan because you're dgonna become like reduce the zike of your earthly bdy very fast caus vegan diet is like eating water ! water = zero fat c the best way of loosing tonnes of weight < going vegan c caus all the fat in dead bodies of ANIMALS, eggs, milk, honey you aint going to find that in vegan diet, thats for sure c and its so fat free sugar free its soo healthy , its just hapiness just so great and you'll be very happy, because you'll finally be slmi and thats what you've been atiign for dreaming of all your lives c and you are concerned about your health and your image caus its not just for your health its for looking at yourselves in the mirrir and stop insulting you and telling yourselves you're good for nothing subhumans caus you look monsturous enormous so the vegan diet ill help you with both these thigns : being very healthy and being slim, everything you ever wanted and never could have in your lfie so dont wait one more second go vegan now please ! !  you'll feel so much better, in your body +mind when you'll have a very healthy body and when youll see yourself thin for the firt time in your life in the miror ! you will never fele miserable again c and you can eat everything you want you used to it in the murderes so called diet but in a vegan version

by digging deedp down our emotions and hsare our feelings with others = male improvement

he laughs in the face of fear

it's a pleasure to make your acquantance

you are so fired

dont think like them , think like you

the pain and sufering of inocent ANIMals
its a little uncovnencional fuera de lo convencional

im always aware

dec 10 14

some thigns need to be clarified : respec,t good treatment fraternity is not about those we lvoe caus its unfair if we think i treat those i love good, i treat disrespectfully or like sub creatures the biengs i dislike c fairness of YAHWEH is i teat anoody, all thsoe i hate, all those i love as i would like to be treated c if its the contrayr tis double strandard x so anyboyd who corsses our path we must treat as well as we'd love to be treated but not just as we'd love to be treated because some creatures may like to be badly treated others msut want to be treat good, others may want to beteated like princes pricnesses c but we should want to treat everybody as YAHWEH want us to treat them c not as we 'd like everyone to treat us c caus if we want humans to treat us bad tan it meanswe can treat anobydo badly x we had a bad moment, a bad day a bad month, who cares , it doesnt give us the right to treat like vomit anyboy who crosses our path , unknown , creatures known by us, not loved by us, loved by us etc c we have to behave towards everyone as if we were very glad all the time x the times w are so very mad, the times wwe're sad, the times of high stress, it doesnt matter how we feel emotionnaly, mentally, we should always treat everyone the best , like kings or soemthign isnt it YAHWEH ? so that they dotn even know if we're feeling bad, very bad, very crazy, very depressed, very angry, very well ect because we always treat them very good and with friendhsip and respect , affection goodness always showing itnerest in them etc its not because we got troubles or are in any kind of bad mood that we have to be all confined in the me circle , thinking about our own troubles our own lfie and forget about carign about others, listening to them talking about their bad mood, bad situations, bad events which hapened to them, bad moments ect caus we'd rather talk about my my troubles my my life ect we should always focus on toehrs rather than ourselves c always give interest to them because poor them if wwe dont theyll feel like we dont care and thats a horrible feeling caus they'll think im nothing i dont exist if theyd rather talk about them than me w

we are evil people , the people of earth

my heart lightens when I see how happy these creatures look

wecan inhail into a peacefull world happy life to a happy creatures of god what a wonderful world
earth juice

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[size=13]life i

[size=13]Always keep your enemies closer as they have much to prove . And always know that sometimes a best friend is your worst enemy as your enemy may be a better friend. LAWS OF POWER

[size=13]life is  a dream
v forever young 

◄ Acts 5:19 ► 
The Apostles Arrested and Freed
…18They laid hands on the apostles and put them in a public jail. 19But during the night an angel of the Lord opened the gates of the prison, and taking them out he said, 20"Go, stand and speak to the people in the temple the whole message of this Life."…

ATTENTION: All you rule-breakers, you misfits and troublemakers - all you free spirits and pioneers - all you visionaries and non-conformists ...
Everything that the establishment has told you is wrong with you - is actually what's right with you.

You see things others don't. You are hardwired to change the world. Unlike 9 out of 10 people - your mind is irrepressible - and this threatens authority. You were born to be a revolutionary.

You can't stand rules because in your heart you know there's a better way.

You have strengths dangerous to the establishment - and it wants them eliminated, So your whole life you've been told your strengths were weaknesses - Now I'm telling you otherwise.

Your impulsivity is a gift - impulses are your key to the miraculous,

Your distractibility - is an artifact of your inspired creativity,

Your mood swings - reflect the natural pulse of life, they give you unstoppable energy when you're high and deep soulful insight when you're low,

Been diagnosed with a "disorder"? That's society's latest way to deny it's own illness by pointing the finger at you. Your addictive personality is just a symptom of your vast underused capacity for heroic, creative expression and spiritual connection. your utter lack of repression, your wide eyed idealism, your unmitigated open mind - didn't anyone ever tell you?! these are the traits shared by the greatest pioneers and visionaries and innovators, revolutionaries, procrastinators and drama queens, activists on the social scene, space cadets and mavericks, philosophers and derelicts, business suits flying fighter jets, football stars and sex addicts, celebrities with ADD, alcoholics who seek novelty, first responders - prophets and saints, mystics and change agents.

We are - all - the same - you know
'cuz we're all affected by the way -
We are - all - the same - you know
'cuz we're all attracted to the flame -

You know in your heart that there's a natural order to life, 
something more sovereign than any man-made rules or laws could ever express.

This natural order is called "the Way."

The Way is the eternal substrate of the cosmos. It guides the very current of time and space. The Way is known by some as the Will of God, Divine Providence, the Holy Spirit, the implicate order, the Tao, reverse-entropy, life-force, but for now we'll simply call it "the Way." The Way is reflected in you as the source of your inspiration, the source of your passions, your wisdom, your enthusiasm, your intuition, your spiritual fire - love. The Way takes the chaos out of the Universe and breathes life into it by reflecting divine order. The Way, when experienced by the mind, is genius, when perceived through the eyes is beauty, when felt with the senses is grace, when allowed into the heart ... is love.

Most people cannot sense the Way directly. ... But then there are the Wayseers. The keepers of the flame. Wayseers have an unexplainable knack for just knowing the Way. They sense it in their very being. They can't tell you why or how they arrived at the right answer. They just know it in their core. They can't show their work. So don't ask. Their minds simply resonate with the Way. When the Way is present, so are they.

While others are blind to it, and society begs you to ignore it, "the Way" stirs you inside. Neurological repression blocks most people's awareness of the Way - censoring all thoughts and impulses from the unconscious is their prefrontal cortex - the gestapo of the brain - nothing which violates its socialized programming even gets through; but your mind is different. your mind has been cracked wide open to the Way - by some miraculous genetic trait, some psychotropic chemical or maybe even by the will of your very soul, your brain's reward pathways have been hijacked - dopamine employed to overthrow the fascist dictatorship of your prefrontal cortex - now your brain is free of repression, your mind free of censorship, your awareness exposed to the turbulent seas of the unconscious - through this open doorway divine light shines into your consciousness showing you the Way. This is what makes you a Wayseer. 

90% of human civilization is populated with those who's brains are blocked to the Way. Their brains are hardwired to enforce the social programming indoctrinated since birth. Unlike you they cannot break out of this programming, because they have not yet experienced the necessary revolution of mind. These programmed people take social institutions and rules very seriously. Society is full of games programmed to keep peoples' minds occupied so they will not revolt. These games often cause sick fixations on peculiar protocols, power structures, taboos and domination - all subtle forms of human bondage - This distinct form of madness is not only tolerated by the masses but insisted upon. The programmed ones believe in rules so forcefully they become willing to destroy anyone who violates them.

Wayseers are the ones who call their bluff. Since Wayseer minds are free to reject social programming, Wayseers readily see social institutions for what they are - imaginary games. Wayseers comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable. Helping those who are lost in these games and refuse to help themselves is a calling of many Wayseers. Since Wayseers are the ones who keep contact with the original source of reality - they are able to disrupt societal conventions and even governments to realign humanity with the Way. 

The Wayseers are an ancient lineage. A kind of priesthood - carriers of the flame - ones "in the know." There must always be Wayseers to reform the dizzying psychotic spinning gears of society - giant mindless hamster wheels obscuring the pure blue sky, keeping humanity shackled in a darkened cage - so Wayseers are called - to shed light on the madness of society - to continually resurrect the timeless transcendent Spirit of Truth - 

Wayseers reveal this divine truth by devoting themselves to the birth of some creative or disruptive act expressed through art or philosophy, innovations to shake up industry, revolutions for democracy, coups that topple hypocrisy, movements of solidarity, changes that leave a legacy, rebellions against policy, spirit infused technology, moments of clarity, things that challenge barbarity, watersheds of sincerity, momentous drives for charity
We are - all - the same - you know
'cuz we're all affected by the way -
We are - all - the same - you know
'cuz we're all attracted to the flame -

This is your calling, Wayseer. 
You've found your tribe. 
Welcome home


Orphans do not cry against the coldness of indifference.
Only their eyes reflect frights and anguish that no one wants to see.
The warmth of their mother could ease heartbreak that paralyzes, but the mother, they will see it never again
Les orphelins ne crient pas face à la froideur de l’indifférence. 
Seuls leurs yeux reflètent l'effroi et l'angoisse que personne ne veut voir. 
La chaleur de leur mère pourrait alléger immense chagrin qui les tétanise,

mais, la mère, ils ne la verront plus jamais

Happiness is like a kiss,it feels best when you give it to someone else.

The Truth About Leather: Wearing Cruelty

0 God, enlarge within us the sense of fellowship, with all living things, our little brothers to whom thou hast given this earth as their home in common with us. May we realise that they live not for us alone, but for themselves and for Thee, and that they love the sweetness of life even as we, and serve Thee better in their place than we in ours.” –First uttered by St. Basil, Bishop of Caesarea, 370 AD

11 MAR2014

we ask ourselves are some humans humans or not . thir attitudes are confusing . First they agree to give money to poor animals who so need it even though they never cared that much about them= the have hearts . Then they have racists comments about football players who suck at football= don't care about living beings . Then they are sad that many humans died in a plane crash= they got hearts . They insult their pets and hit them not very hard from time to time =don't have hearts . They have or have not hearts ? We don't understand them . Everyone is not white nor black . They are grey. we can't say they have no heart at all , we can't sya they have a full heart , let's just say sometimes they have , sometimes they don't have hearts . Of coruse it's easy to judge them for one incident , one eisode, one anectode when they acted cruelly and immediatelmy jump to conclsions and think they have no heart . No because another time the'll show heart . All humans have humanity even the cruelest one it seems . for isntance some murderers who killed many human lives love animals . They don't have hearts for humans but for animals

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MessageSujet: Re: n easy to help lives : share, watch, sign, open conciouncess   Dim 9 Mar - 5:24

2 MARCH 2013

he is doing his best to win their hearts

1 FE 2014

Why is it so hard to see the wrong sick things  in ourselves and so easy in others . Maye because human being is very big-headed and has an enormous ego.i IT IS ANOTHER HUMAN BEING WE FIND IN them all the  defaults?? of this planet , in us, nothing . It is because the being is another than us and us is us . yourself means you can't look at yourself with a critical view but you can in others because they ar ein front of you you boserv them. you can't observ yourself, you are inside you, not in front. you feel like i you try to observ you as if you were in ront of you, two different living beings you can't . if somebody does , says, thinks many stupidities accroding to you you see it . you think you are never wrong, never think do stupidite and sins. that is great that a very few people are actually capable of anaylising them own selves . they can see maybe not all o their sins but some of them and they have this capacity to see them as others that's why they can see the things they have to change in their souls , behavior & things they say . Tat's why many living beings think they are perfect and others onl got things to remove from them . it's hypocretical that we tell them to make change and improvement sin their souls if we can't in our own . we can't change others with all their defalts?? if we have too . as Jesus says in the Bible first you change all the things you have to change in you and then you try to help others . but if you have the bac trait de caracter they had or others than theirs,how can you expect to be able to help them ? it's as if a crippled cat tries to help another crippel cat to walk . it's imposible . that is amazing when a human wants to change to become better . it means they want to obtain a higher level of spirituality wisdom which is so hard nowadays . it coems form a good itnention its a great idea . the should go for it and keep up the good work . so few humans want to do that . its a shame . most want to keep on being super bad , don't care about all their evil ways .want to be the same forever .

SEP 2013

We can make some good things or we could for bad reasons not doing them; that'd be so sad.We always have a choice.But as our minds are so controlled by the reptilian brain,we cant stop thinking in their way : what are they going to say if I say/do this or that,oh no,I shouldn't do this because bla bla .That's silly because if we don't do the thing we wanted to do just because of that,something horrifying will happen.For instance a human is at his friend's and drunk a lot.He can't drive.H I won't tell him nothing,you don't want to make him mad Q yes but you fear he could have a car accident,it's be your fault if this happens L oh I'm going to make a fool of myself,he hasn't drink that much,making stories for nothing .You choose H or L.Your friend has the accident and remains disfigured and paralyzed for the rest of his life.Why most humans would choose not to say anything and possibility L or H?Because because of illuminatis and societies,we care too much about what humans think,that scares us way too much so we react and take decisions according to what they could think and not exclusively according to our thoughts and will.So we're very influenced by others,never by us only.That is terrible because it's so stupid to care even a little bit about what others think of our way of thinking,the things we say the way we live,the things we do.So we should pretend there's nobody but us in the world so we're sure to act the right way and to do the right thing because we'll be careful,we'll do things with caution and we'll propably save lives.Because we ignored others.But if we take into account what they think = we are responsible for beings' deaths.You see,only because the human is scared that they could have a fit of anger,for that increidbly stupid thing,we will make them die.And feel guilty for the rest of our days.So that's often in many situations of life,not just the car accident thing,but many others when we could have been altruists,helping GOD's children,animals,vegetables,humans but we didn't just because oh GOsh,what will they say? So please,I'm begging you all,don't you care about this.Please Just do what you wanna do and SAVE LIVES.Thank you.

animal alert

humans defending animals from other humans

there is a partial lineup of the black entertainment personalities primed to act as Luciferian Guardians of Dark and black Proxies to destroy then Re-Image worldwide for the NWO: Black Motherhood-Black Messiah Complexes; and the beloved Universal Language of Black People, music.


“Whitney is our Barbra Streisand…It takes us three generations to build a WHITNEY HOUSTON – ARETHA FRANKLIN, CISSY HOUSTON,DIONNE WARWICK, on up to our Whitney.” –Internationally Respected American R&B Vocalist-songwriter, Anita Baker [55]

DIVA: From Italian diva’ “diva, goddess”, from Latin diva “goddess”, female of divus “divine, divine one; notably a deified mortal.[56]

The word “diva” gets thrown around a lot when describing female songstresses, but there can only be one true commanding prima donna that upstages them all. Using categories such as “Taking The Listener On An Emotional Journey”, “Iconic Song/Moment”, and “Hand Gestures”, The Awl got all scientific in their quest to identify music’s greatest diva. It was a close race, but Whitney Houston nabbed the all-time top honor, besting Aretha Franklin by a Super Bowl performance.[57]

Whitney Houston’s celebrated musical career is dually phased; Pre-Bodyguard and Post-Bodyguard. The Bodyguard is a 1992 American romantic-thriller film starring Whitney Houston and Kevin Costner. In the film, Costner stars as a former Secret Service Agent turned bodyguard who is hired to protect Houston’s character, a music star, from an unknown stalker.[58]

The Bodyguard presented a powerful subliminal reversal of traditional-historical mass media roles for a Black actress. In the movie, Ms. Houston was a beautiful powerful-affluent Black woman on the top, the Black Queen Complex. It was much more than a controversial interracial romance. Instead of being of subjected by a powerful white male, the subordinate white male (Kevin Costner) is under the spell of the Divine One.

As a side note, the film project was originally proposed in 1976 with white actor Steve McQueen and Diana Ross of Motown fame in the leads. McQueen refused to play second bill to Diana Ross. The film project failed.[59]

In a television interview with Oprah, Ms. Houston admitted the backdrop of her fall was the release of The Bodyguard. Ms. Houston’s movie soundtrack was overwhelmingly successful. It became the best-selling soundtrack of all time. It has been certified diamond in the US (sales of at least ten million) with shipments of over 17 million copies.  Worldwide, the sales are at a staggering 42 million copies. In addition, Houston’s “I Will Always Love You” sold 12 million units worldwide.[60] However behind the scenes, Dolly Parton was enriched. She pulled in the royalties on the song.[61]

Post-Bodyguard, Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston were married on July 18, 1992 on the grounds of her home in Mendham, New Jersey.[62]The Bodyguard opened nationwide on Thanksgiving Day, November 25, 1992.[63]


“Guide me, O Thou great Redeemer…Thou didst conquer, Thou didst conquer, Sin, and Satan…”[65]With the best of intentions, Whitney Houston was enrolled in a Roman Catholic all-girl high school, Mount Saint Dominic Academy. The academy was officially founded in 1892 by the Sisters of St. Dominic. The Dominican congregation was initially based in Jersey City with its roots tracing back to the Convent of the Holy Cross in Regensberg, Bavaria, Germany.[66]An impressionable Ms. Houston was dropped right into the hands of the Vatican, Illuminati Conspires and its collective moral crisis of mass pedophilia (child molestation). For the last decade, thousands of cases of pedophilia have come to be known to law enforcement authorities that represent only a small fraction of the true number of children that had been sexually abused, because many Catholic priest and nun pedophiles have been veiled by the Vatican.[67] On October 7, 2004, the Archdiocese over Mount Saint Dominic Academy agreed to pay $1.1 million to nine people who sued it over alleged sexual abuse by priests at its schools.[68]Rare Photo of Whitney Houston’s Former Soulmate, Robyn Crawford “]
The Divine and Most Beautiful One, Whitney Houston During her impressionistic ages, Whitney Houston was surrounded by a strong bonded and supportive Christian family, and a foundational church. At the age of eleven, Ms. Houston began to follow in her mother's footsteps and started performing as a soloist in the junior gospel choir at the New Hope Baptist Church in Newark, where she also learned to play the piano. Her first solo performance in the church was "Guide Me, O Thou Great Jehovah".[64

According to Bobby Brown, Ms. Houston saw marriage and kids as the only way to dispell persistent rumours she was in a lesbian relationship with Robyn Crawford.[70] Nevertheless, the Houston-Crawford relationship allowed enough of a slither in the Houston-Warwick family armour for the Guardians of Darkness to crawl through.

Nevertheless, I wonder if their marriage was a way also to veil the perception that Ms. Houston was asserting her innate Ancient African Queenship just as high or supreme to the sacred white mother.


“Being Bobby Brown…He was my drug” –Whitney Houston”

Whitney Houston’s so-called “Tell All” interview on the Oprah Winfrey Show in September 2010 was covertly veiled for mass consumption all about that ANTIHESIS HERU, Bobby Brown.[71] According to Whitney Houston, Bobby Brown, “He was my drug.”[72] If Bobby Brown was her drug, who was Bobby’s drug, the Luciferian branch of the CIA?

Houston said the drug use got so bad at one point that her mother, Cissy Houston, showed up at the couple’s Atlanta home with a court injunction and asked police to help force Whitney into rehab. “She said, ‘I’m not losing you to the world. I’m not losing you to Satan. I want my daughter back.’ “[73]


At one point in her tell all of that ANTITHESIS HERO interview on the Oprah Winfrey Show, Houston said that Bobby started painting eyes, “just eyes” in the bedroom. “Evil eyes that were looking at every point in the room included Brown spray-painting “evil eyes” on the walls, carpets and closet doors of their home. Whitney Houston, “If I opened the closet doors…there will be one picture…and I close the doors, there will be another picture…there be eyes and faces…that he (Bobby Brown) spray painted.”[74]

Houston said she was attracted to Bobby Brown because he took control of their relationship. “He was very much in control. I liked that. When he said something, I listened. I was very interested in having someone have that kind of control over me.”[75] If Bobby Brown was controlling Whitney Houston, then who was controlling that antithesis hero, Bobby Brown and the “ALL SEEING EYES AND FACES?

It is highly unlikely and improbable that Bobby Brown would be painting eyes, changing faces and images on the walls, carpets and closet doors with a stray paint, possible but not hardly likely. Who was responsible? It wasn’t Bobby Brown. The answer lies someplace else.

This picture is a clue to Bobby Brown’s controllers and the entities responsible for the Whitney Houston’s harassing changing faces, pictures and ALL SEEING EYES. Brown’s extremely abnormal shirt is full of occulted illuminati symbolism.

Compare Bobby Brown and Baphomet's Cross, Baphomet's Cross Appear to Have a Rose in the Center
Brown’s background dark blue cross resembles the German Iron Cross, most particularly the Balkenkreuz, the emblem of the German Wehrmacht Army.[76] The Red Cross in the foreground inside the heart is an extreme occulted emblem of the Illuminati, the Rose-Croix of the Knights Templar, Knights Hospitaller, and the Illuminati.[77]

According to Dr. Leonard Horowitz, the author of the groundbreaking and best selling extraordinary book, Emerging Viruses: AIDS & Ebola-Nature, Accident or Intentional, the Rose-Croix is also an Luciferian symbol, “Beginning with the Ordre de la Rose-Croix Veritas, more commonly known as the Rose-Croix, or Rosicrucians, the red (or rose) cross was adopted as an identifying symbol of the Masonic tradition. According to authors Baigent, Leigh and Lincoln in Holy Blood Holy Grail, themselves Freemasons, this practice began in 1188 when the Prieur? de Sion accepted the ceremonies of Ormus, said to have been an Egyptian sage, mystic, and “a Gnostic ‘adept’ in Alexandria”-a “hotbed of mystical activity” during the first century A. D. Here Ormus is believed to have exchanged theosophies with Judaic, Zoroastrian, Mithraic, Hermetic, neo-Platonic and Pythagorean scholars. The name “Ormus” was synonymous with “the principle of light” in Zoroastrian and Gnostic history. Thus, Ormus was not only the originator of the Red Cross symbol, but he apparently helped propagate the term “Illuminati.” Over time, “Illuminati” has come to mean the few powerfully illumined, or en-light-ened souls, who are said to draw their power from “Lucifer.” Illuminati, in fact, according to Webster’s Dictionary; is derived from the French word “Lucifer” meaning “light bearing.” Webster also cross references Lucifer to the word “light.”[78]

The extremely ancient occulted symbol of the Red Cross is usually within a circle, a “sacred loop.”[79] Bobby’s Rose Croix is within a heart. In Rose Croix folklore, the Heart is the “Seat of the Soul.”[80] The “Third Eye” (ALL SEEING EYE) was called by ancient philosophers the “Gateway to the Soul”.[81]

All together, the symbols on Brown’s strange shirt loosely translates to, “In the NWO, my heart and soul is with Illuminati with Lucifer as my God.” At the heart and soul of Bobby Brown is the mysticism of the German/Nazi-SS branch of Luciferians.  Undoubtedly, Brown sold his soul in a Luciferian Blood Sacrifice Covenant for Fame and Fortune, and all the cocaine and crack that he could consume to commit suicide. Undoubtedly, Bobby Brown joined the Guardians of Darkness as one of Lucifer’s hapless servants, and a black Luciferian conspiring proxy to destroy the Divine One. What did Bobby Brown offer in sacrifice for the Luciferian Blood Covenant for Fame and Fortune, Whitney Houston and Ancient Black Motherhood.


Oprah Winfrey's So-Called "Tell All" with Whitney Houston Didn't Publicly Reveal that She Had Been Harassed not only by "All Seeing Eyes" but "DEMONS"
Bobby Brown may be able to stray paint “ALL SEEING EYES,” but he doesn’t have the technical ability to produce stalking “DEMONS.”

According to Tina Brown, Bobby Brown’s sister, that shared cocaine and crack sprees with the couple at their home, “Whitney hallucinates and sees demons when she’s high; she bites and beats herself black-and-blue but blames the devil for the injuries.” [82] Tina says that Houston sees ‘demons’ everywhere she goes, and beats herself up while saying “The Devil be hitting me.”

Tina claimed that drugs have made Whitney so paranoid she sees evil apparitions and once drilled a spy-hole in her bathroom to look for “demons.” She said: “She’ll point to the floor and say, ‘See that demon. I’m telling you somebody’s messing with Bobby.’ She always thinks it’s something to do with Bobby.” She added: “She breaks everything – mirrors, phones, cabinets, appliances.”

Whitney Houston’s “Tell All” interview with Oprah in September 2010 didn’t mention that she was not only harassed with images of faces and the “ALL SEEING EYE”, but she was harassed with stalking “DEMONS.”

Oprah, the High Priestess of the Color Purple Luciferian Coven, didn’t really tell all in the Whitney Houston television interview for mass confusion and chaos, because that terrible Black man, Bobby Brown, couldn’t produce Whitney Houston’s stalking and harassing “DEMONS.”

a serious breakdown of common sense

when you're very empathetic you can't stop crying this is so shoking for senstivie huan beigns to watch an animal almost dying that is so hard to watch that is wonderful, his colelgues called him an idiot, they are the idiots no you do a good thing yu save a life youre an idiot ?? stupid humans , youre a heroe but in fct ists YAHWEH with Your angels, inside this human, wow, so many would have laughed at the almost dead saint anial but that human tried to save him, that is so compasisonate, too few would have tried to do anyhting most of them would have played to try to kill him faster, you opened your lil eyes, you live you breath wow thats so moving !!!!!!!!!! YAHWEH bless you youre so cute little creature love you so much go vegan every human of earth !!!

1 MARCH 2014

fresh pricnea satanist, most famous human beings are, hope the actreses & actors of this show are not satanists illuminatis, GOD belss all the earth amen!!! illuminati are os craz, they sell their souls to the devil, GOD Your enemy, they make animal + human sacrifices, they worship satan, they insult, despise hate You GOD, think You do not exist, they make the new world order, they want to kill 90 % of planet earths population, they rape kill, they make blank magic rituals, it's horryying, evil is very present in this world, it is ruling the earth, the world don't know, we're blind, we trust, love them, we don't know these public figures, models, politics, singers, ect are extremely evil , be careful don't listen to their satanic music like will smiths, shakira,s will i am britney, rihanna demi lovato etc

Thanks to your pledge, Orange for Animal Cruelty Awareness is now one step closer in helping to the Voiceless Dogs of Nassau, Bahamas
Here's a reason that's inspiring people to pledge:
Stop the cruel cruelty to animals.

please help foster or adopt they need your help very bad get them out of here and save their lives
pleins d'animaux sont epuis trop longtemps au refuge, on peut les aider à s'en sortir en partageant tous ensemble.

[color=#222222]on peut pas aider on *** doit <<< aider [/font">
On peut l'aider en diffusant à tout va.

elle a évité l'euthanasie, maintenant il faut lui trouver la bonne famille qu'elle mérite.c'est une petite fleur de misère, trop triste, il faut absolument l'aider en partageant au maximum. Merci pour elle.

Please send prays to family
Now that is unselfish the human form. Those babies will love always.
many human are true blessings, gives us hope for this world. Show her some respect by liking and sharing this photo.

when in doubt, carpe diem. you only live once , you cannot hesitate you can't give into fear . when the moment is gone its gone, it's over like that, and it's over forever. it doesn't matter what it is . life is short. We're wasting precious time just talking about it. we should go for it in a big way 

evn know youre living life to the fullest, you should use good judgement 

1 SEP 2013

protect you from the world

1 sep 2013

We are weird us humans . we are stupid ? we got weird brains . we treat those around us with hatred when they're alive . we wish them to die or to kill them . we have so mch ressentiment towards them . they die we cr we're so sad . we changed our midns immediately. we loved them ater all . we don't understand wh we thought we hated them . we now think we never did . we can't understand how we could have loved them so much and not see it and think the other way around ad how we could treat them so awefully if we loved them so much . we are confused . love can sometimes feel like hatred and hatred like love ? we regret all the bad thigns we said them, especially wnaitng them to die, or to kill them . we talk to them now they're gone , we ask for their forgiveness . why we probably are dumb , because we could have changed our behavior long ago, while they were alive . why did we wait now . very bad decision . it's too late , we can't treat them good , with love and respect, now ; THEYRE OUT OF earth . they're gone lets say at 51. we had decaded to change our behavior and treat them like lving beings . we can't sa we could not think about this . yep we could . we just didn't have enough brain to . of coruse we could . for isntance when somebod you lvoe who's 32 and is sick you immediately think = death . oh no i'm gonna lose her him . i don't want to . you treat her him like garbage . he she was gone at 74 . you realised 42 years before that the loved them even though theyt rutly thought the hated them . still they kept on treating them that aweful way til they went away . stupid . we regret too late, when the beigns are already gone . if we loved them . maybe we didn't . maybe it's only our human condition who make us think we loved them but didn't and because when you see a dead body, hear about soembody's death don't matter if it's some tv news anchor, some anyonymous in a newspaper, a friedn of a friend, a friend of a mfamily member, a step dad ect, you feel sad because we are huan, we feel bad for anyone who goes away even animals . that we know, never met . so maybe we cry and feel depressed not because we loved the one we treated terribly but the humanity brainwahsing make us think we loved them . you went to work with somebody you hated , you work with her him for decades . she he dies . you're sad . come one, that can't be love . that is just the brainwashing . 

we have to ask YOU YAHWEH that you give us your peace, your peace courage, for us to be ble to forget our reconr and our guilt

1april 2014

seems rumoirs were true, satanist silluminatis had rewritter the whole old testament and that that is why its claled king ajmes authorized verison and that the GOD of the old testamnte is not the real god nbecause hes selfish, violent, like a mosnter and stuff here he says i will destroy men and beasts and stuf like tat, we dont know if its true or not but GOD You can't want bad things happening to your creatures? and that you repent creatinh humans and why hurt beasts if the one who sinned was a human being, they say there loads of lies in the Bible, because illuminait corrupt every extremely imortant thing especially bout Christiannity because they want make us sn go to hell ect its so ahrd to know the truth, so many rumour,s versions, view point,s what to believe??? 

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MessageSujet: Re: n easy to help lives : share, watch, sign, open conciouncess   Dim 9 Mar - 5:55


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MessageSujet: Re: n easy to help lives : share, watch, sign, open conciouncess   Dim 9 Mar - 5:55


chamacos,estamos vivios! soolo por hoy! un mundo nos vigila 

it is better to do yourselves some harm than to wish it upon one of your fellow men

life circle reminding us that everything must change,  

la restituer dans le continum spatio-temporel

Les informations et dossiers de ce site ne sont pas la vérité. Entre les Sciences, l' Ufologie et le New âge, les idées et théories sur notre monde ainsi que sur l'humanité, sont souvent très différentes. Aussi, vous ne trouverez pas la vérité ici, ni ailleurs ...

L ' avenir de l'humanité toute entièere est entre nos mains

hes from the outer reachs of the friendly space

il changera le cours des choes sur le plan mondial

il y a suffisamment de vie sur terre pour peupler 100 planete

LUNIVERS VA SETIRER PUIS SE RETRACTER SUR lui meme puis lorsque lunivers setirera a nouv chaque erreur commise vous accompagnera encore et encore a jamais

la notion de vie 

CEST UN VOYAGEUR DU TEMPS? il a été transmuté

on ne peut pas defier les lois de la physique 

il n'y a plus dactivité cerebrale,

du domine spirituelle

appelez ça le sort appelez ca le destin come vous voulez 

la vision traditionelle du temps est linéraire
on peut inverser le cours de lunivers

il peut perdurer en parallele un nouvel embranchement mais il cesserait d'exister

developper una race hybride mi humanie mi extraterrestre

infecter toute l population par un virus extraterrestre

 the ban as "an opportunity to rein in an egregious and disturbing misuse of technology to undermine human dignity."  ban the creation of human-animal embryos for research. 

U.S. researchers have already boasted of plans to implant a combination of mouse cells and human embryos into female mice and to insert human brain cells into a mouse.

The alleged promise of embryonic stem cells has already been used in attempts to justify destroying human embryos, and even to justify creating them solely for destructive research

"Now, the same utilitarian argument is being used to justify an especially troubling form of genetic manipulation, to create partly human creatures as mere objects for research or commercial use.

the human-animal hybrid procedure not only "radically undermines human dignity" but makes it "impossible to determine what is human and what is not

members of Congress to co-sponsor the legislation "while there is still time for sound ethics and policy to place some restraints on the misuse of science." 

While this subject may seem like science fiction to many, the threat is all too real," he added, noting that England is preparing to authorize the production of cloned human embryos using human DNA and animal eggs, setting the stage for the creation of embryos that are half-human and half-animal. 

ils ne sont plus des corps matérielles ( les morts)

dans cet univer parallèle, dimension parallele, il y a des âme, des mort, des esprit, qui sont là

nous somme de la poussiere détoile

notre âme est le cosmos

vous êtes enfermé dans votre conviction

vous êtes trop rationnelle

nous ne sommes qu'une fraction de l'invisible, 

on choisi ce kon va vivre

espace - temps    l'équilibre global de la planète et la santé humaine 

l'histoire de l'humanité 

labsence totale de voix est agréable , il dit des chsoes déplaisantes aucun son articulé ne sortira de ma bouche même si l'on me suppliait de parler

une vie en harmonie avec les humains

je suis foncièrement gentil, c'est ma nature profonde

il a vu votre plus mauvais coté

faire de lui le meilleur de lhumanité, ce que je nai pas pu être 

DEu parties de lespace temps qui n'auraient jamais du se rencontrer 

c une sorte de cataclime de lespace temps

si lenergie temporelle te ratrape tu ne sera jamais né, tu naura jamais existé 

sauvegarde - le dans ta mémoire 

Bev tu restera à jamais gravé dans ma mémoire

écimer les nôtres

les terriens 

on est au centre de la Terre

ls humains sont si interresant à étudier

lavenir de nos espece surtout celui d enotre planete bien aimé, repose entre nos mains

une technoogie qui depassra totues les espérances de l'humanité

ne sauraient être de meilleurs embassadeurs pour défendre notre planète 

c una chance d ehcnager listoire, c un point de bascule temporelle, votre futur est entre vos mains, c ici, c aujorudui, c vous, sauvez lhumanite, et le destin de la terre 

c un saut dans linconnu bien trop important ( compartir mundo con reptilianos extraterestresPAR AUCUN etre humain depuis la création de la planète terre

il nous emmene sur els entrailles de la Terre

désimer la planete entiere lumanité entiere oi mal


 il nous reste a determiner ce kest leternite et ce ki est a lorigine de toute chose

c me fait reflechir a lorigine de toute chose

trouver une réponse 

et la foi dune enfant meurt avant meme detre né 

une pionière du voyage dans le temps

les paradoxe se résolvent d'eux mêmes 

un accident temporel 

a travers le temps et lespace, a travers les dimensons s

aller dans l'univers parallèle

l'uinvers se désintègre sous forme de mouse cantique

tout a une fin

les humains ne représent rien 

les humains sont le seul mystère qui vaille la peine d'être résolu 

les cycles de vie sur la terre de la naissance a la mort

on a sauv l'humanité . C'est notre rôle 

des millards de gens mourreront . DES femmes, des hommes, des mères des pères, des filles, des fils . que la paix l'emporte 

dapres une théorie comunément admise

lévolution de l'homme

vision globale ( to los h? del mundo?

pirater les esprit des gens , 

la proection dune imae qui a resurit de son subconscient

machine spationtemporelle 

modifier l'espace temps

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MessageSujet: Re: n easy to help lives : share, watch, sign, open conciouncess   Dim 9 Mar - 8:32

20 AGOSOT 2013 it aint my prbme its his = dont agree coz we ar all bros and sis, anybods problem, is ours , we all shud care bout anybosdy evrybods troubles be it tat we know they or dont 
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MessageSujet: Re: n easy to help lives : share, watch, sign, open conciouncess   Lun 10 Mar - 10:58

the importance of mobilizing the more pro-lifers posible

you have my
sincere appreciation. I enjoy giving gifts to my friends, don't you?

that is my gift to you.

help you in your quest for spiritual and
personal growth.

have made a positive impact on your life.

I wish you all the best and incredible success in achieving the life
you desire. Remember, if I can do it, so can you. Take care my friend.

12 MAR 2014

their minds are so washed they don't see the facts, the gestures, smbols, nothing . the brainwahsing has made them extmeley stupid . if somebody does the cornudo or six tree times during many seconds, the can't see it . as if the brainwashing has made it invisible or something . wow , very very strong brainwashing . they say they don't do it on purpose, they're focused on the song . precisely if you're focused on the song and are a regular huan being who is singing, you put all your fingers together, you don't put some down some u, you leave them all up and don't move them . your brian is focusing on your vouce not on your fingers , so youleave them, your brain can't tell you without you knowwing: put this finger down this one up . you move your arms, if you want because of the emotion but you don't do some signs esecially for many seconds or minutes . thats why when regular huan beings sing they don't do signs, and only humans who sing on tv famous and not famous for instance concoursantes?? of x factor,already illuminati obviously, do these signs . especially when they talk on tv, humans, all kind of them, tv anchors, singers, why would they make these signs . it makes no sense . So the trouble is those incrdibly deeply brainwashed are too stupid, got too weak minds so they are unable to see the proofs . you give them excellent argument,s they don't accept them . the accept only the false arguments of defending these satanists saying they do these signs because they are trnedy or unconciously 

1 may 2014

the human girl is really possesed !!!! its horrible, really shocking 

this is horrible let us all pray for her
we must not pray hail mary = its a demon its not the true virgin mary, thats why the human in this vid is calm during the hail mary, but the wter is really holy because everytime the pirests puts the water on her she cries even more .because we could think maybe theres a lie,all the bojects that can protect you dont protect you,but its just a false belief that illuminati ivnetned.but no,this is the proof,holy water does work yes but you msut not have obejtcs to rotect you ebcause it means you beleive in supersitions because you beleive these obejetcs got a lot of power,more than GOD,and Jesus so we must put our trust in GID and Jesus when we think a demon is bothering or posesing us or in our homes etc and not think the objetc will keep them away whos stornger the object, a demal, holy water or GOD HIMSELD? God !

13 MAR 2014

he will be lovingly cared for until they can find him a new home


Why??? What's wrong with our society. we're sickened.
the trouble is the whole planet all societies, mentall sick, brianly sick, sick, evil devils their sickness is to be like the devil, with the devil . this happens all over the world and 'justice' does nothing!!! there is no justice on earth . justice is GOD i hope you're doing ok baby hope you get better, hope kind humans adopte you GOD bless you darling im so sorry for what these subhumans garbage did to you, im soooo sorry!!!!!!!!!!!
Please share this with as many people as you can to help bring the people who did this to this dog to justice. If you can do anythin, please do something if you can help.
animal saints present :hungry,scared,sick,no future,abused,brutally killed their future:rescuedin shelter,rehomed donate to makethe difference 


It breaks my heart to see these lovely dogs and cats, waiting so patiently for someone to give them a forever home. the love they deserve I have five lovely gentle dogs and I am so proud of them, for the love and care I give them they give it back ten fold, I would highly recommend any dog from Dana, and her helpers. xx
 just made us think if this lady can do it they surley i can what an inspiration she is xx
Your dedication is inspiring..., job well done...

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MessageSujet: Re: n easy to help lives : share, watch, sign, open conciouncess   

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n easy to help lives : share, watch, sign, open conciouncess
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