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 n easy to help lives : share, watch, sign, open conciouncess

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MessageSujet: Re: n easy to help lives : share, watch, sign, open conciouncess   Lun 10 Mar - 17:10

oh baby, there's not a sorry bone in your body

D 20 14

Nobody human deserves gifts YAHWEH for birthdays, chritmas ? birdthday rbainwahsing, only nonhuman saints animals+ human ssaviors of animals+veggies+humans dsevre gift ? no caus true wsdom = we don’t want gift + think no one deserve gifts, caus only YOU YAHWEH and Your non humans animals deserve gift,s not true wisdom caus its YOU YAHWEH but sort og good wisdom, but thinking im so cool im such a saint! I deserve moe gifts than anyone on this planet for chritmas for b days, im so perfect I deserve gifts everdya, im like more than all celebs ect this is a evil one mind so if we want to be with YOU YAWEH we msut refuse all gifts for any occasion and ask that all the stuff are taken back to the store & all the money given to charities of animals, environment human kind , that is wisdom, mankind be like this pelas,e everyone! Caus wisdom is thinking we are peaes of pee, true abhorrent beings and that we focus on all our bad sides , all our infinite sins, so we dotn deserve gifts caus we don’t want gifts to make all the earth+ ourselves be very immoral, even more, very hipocretical, for we wwish to ignore all our evil sides+sins, like most of us do all the time subconsciously? Like we all are saints, g5 thinks U you’rea saint, Jk you’re a saint Ez you’re a saint, you are all saint and im a saint and so we could never confess our sins to YOU YAHWE we think we don’t need last judgement, we need to directly all go to the Heavens , we think we’re as good a YOU, that’s another sin so many sins!!! So that’s why we must be negative about oursuelves YAHWEH ? THINK all the I : we’re the worst the most odious unbearable beings never created apart from demons, some alien species, some reptilians, so we are such demonic monsters that we’d be lying to ourselves,s this ‘d be a joke if we ‘d ask for gifts, caus we all are such boneheads and not just that but im too much of an idiot to know this, all the mental qualitie,s or heart ? qualitie,s apart form grey matter, so capacity of seeing your own sins, capacity of seeing how bad we are, oh no, we don’t have that, we ave the capacity of seing all the good not present in us plus all the tny little good in us! How ironic ! we have the wonderful capacity to invent excellence in u, excellent fake moral, excellent goodness ect e don’t have :!!! We are so fanciful h so we will see wlel look at lal your apst, how have you been – oh ive been almost a saint – to all the creatures in your life, how have you been to us – always very nice, never mean, never aggressive, never did I lack them respect – nothing but lies !!!! we have amso no good, almost no good onduct, almost no good thought, almost no kindness and it about about being kind with those we love the most cau YAHWEH YOU don’t care about this ? caus we’ll sya im very good , no !! we re very good to those we love the most, those we love a little bit= we’re not good, those we don’t love= we’re not good, this YAHWEH YOU don’t like right, caus a true good are hose who are good to everyone and we cant sya I don’t lov ehtose caus they’re mean caus we seem to not care about goodness, evilness – this is not the thing that make us dislike or like bengs – so we’re evil to some for no reason as all of them are not evil, we’re good to those we love for no reason as its double standar=jsu caus we love them – so we are so soft in he ehad we think half or something or an quantity like half of the time im good= im good all of the time, so we ignore the part so like the 25 creaures we’re eivl too+ all the animals and humans and veggies we murder + all the about any quantity or half of the time we’re evil = we are never evil, when wwe’re very nice to the oens we love + when we’re evil to the ones we dislike = we’re good to everyone we lie to YAWHE+our own eharts – so with all thise almost entirely bad souls , bad behavior etc , all our evil behaviors everyday or almost, almost, it depends, some everyday others almost eveyrdya, we absolutely think we deserve heaven + gifts ??? !!! we’re too wrong – its not our fault caus perfect indoctrination ? = indoctrination making us believe all the I’s = perfect or almost , sin free, evilness free, immorality free or almost – caus our minds retain all the good things of us, not the bad ones, all those days we had evil or immoral conduct, we forget, all the times we had very nice behavior, thoughts we retain so of course with this, all the I’ think all of us individually are very very nice beings so of coruse we deserve all the gifts of the earth ! no !!!! what do YOU think YAHWEH?

10 MARCH 2014

Sick brains have sick ideas & sick behavior. Sick brains need to be locked behind bars. People who are doing such sick things with animals, would also do it with human. best punishment would be to treat them the same way they treat animals.These are subhumans who lack the capacity and emotions to see just how cruel and evil they really are!! They are so full of themselves and are so immune to the pain they inflict because they are so use to inflicting them. i would like to give you all a dose of your own cruelty and see how you like it. your nonsensical research must stop. These beings do not belong to you.Use your own offsprings!

Heartless try it in your self,stay away of animals.

In memory of very special ANIMAL ANGELS that were in our human lives.

17 MACH 2014

thank you for signing this urgent petition

what do you call a jerk with a big mouth

now you can help even more by sharing

[url= an end to the slaughter of seals in an end to the slaughter of seals in

Want to make a difference on other important petitions?

teaches a few things about human life oi mal


let us pray to YOU YHAHEW FOR ALL our virtual friends, those we know by soul on the computers , not in  body in this reality . let us pray for all our email contacts, social networks contacts, chats forums contacts  let us pray for their kindness, hapiness, health, good heart, altruistic lives, long lives . let us pray for their protection, from dangers, horrible disasters,going to hell, illuminati murders,mental,psychitricial,phsical sicknesses, suicides, manipulateurs?? divorce,depression, méchanceté?? going too far from YOU GOD, becoming satanists,going to jail and so on adn so forth. Bless them all GOD please . protect them from terible destinies, deaths, accidents of all kinds please . please GOD make them be always super nice to earth and every living being on earth . throught Yashuah . Amen .

let us pay for all the victims of the illuminatis who were themselves satanists or kinda , its complicated , o forced to be through mind control . so please do understand that they may have never wanted to be what they were so please take that into consideration, don't send them to hell GOD please . they wee mere pions??puppets;they didn't realize what they were doing was horrible . we pray TO YOU to put them in heaven ,forgive them all their sins, the ones when they were illuminatis, the ones before that . please don't let them be tortured for ever . they already suffered so much on earth . thank YOU YAHEW . Through Christ . Amen .


you are so intellignet!this is fascinating i had never hear dof it, wow let us learn! let us stop being sutpid ignroants!let us not let them naipulate our mind,s let us not be stupid, GOD belss you for your altruistic work of defending this fellow human being+ trying to teach us the truth and that were manipualted thank you somuch,  this video is super amazing!!! i was wonderign why in rench tv they do always the 6 three tiems all the time! football tv shows, entertaining tv shows! music tv shows!, politics tv shows! all the tiem! eveyrone on tv!!! tv seire,s tv movies, singers its so weird, let us stop watch tv , bthe tv anchor is so disrecpectufl, he doenst let the poor human being speak and he cut him short all the time thats is so annoying when humand do that , wow poor guy, the didnt let him tell his great idea,s why then interview humans that are goo and speka the truth if they are against them and wont let them speka its useles to invit them then , why do they tv perosnlaities do that ? because there satanists? or because they were forced to by illuminait to do so ? GOD bless you all ! let us be clever! if the rest o the world wants to be manipulate,d beleive the liars, and the lies ok wlel bad for them but us, let us keep on  being clever because were the only ones who are clever!!!!  we are the only ones who know the truth, the only ones who dont let be manipulated, the only ones hwo fight aaisnt that and realiz,e tha,t they dont think its manipulaiton ok then let us let all the other humans keep on being confined in their stupidity if thats whay they want at least we tried to make them a little more wise and smart but they didnt want to know nothing so ok theyll die stupid

thats so flagrant : they always say you think too much , you are weird because ou philosophise, reaosn too much = thats the illuminati bainwashing of human civilization . now they manipulated our brains into thinking you think too much = you're abnormal you are stupid, ignorant, you think little , a normal quantity of thoughts= you're normal! you're like everyone ! see they want us to be ignorant and stupid . not only that but they were successful into making us think it's ok that you think too litle and know nothign about this world, it's not ok when you know some humans who know more than you, and think mroe than you, you have to be contemptuous of them . crazy! and  we believed! we fall into that incredibly stupid lie . it's true that it's very very race to find and know very thinker humans . that is why they sy things like he thinks too much< he'snuts . his he seeing a shrink ? oh come one that's so disrespectufl. just because you think too much you are loony and msut see a headshrinker??? thinking too much = not abnormal ok . thinking too much = clever . thinking too much = thinking too much . that's as simple as that . that's using the wonderful brain GOD gave you . so the world thinks this erroneous idea = thinking too much = very very bad thinking little, like a retard or a tiny little brain or an almost empty body =wonderful . instead of this true idea< you think a lot ,it's great you use your faculties,you reflect,analyse,are shrewd,nobody can fool you,you are more clever than them = that is good . you know nothing,you never read,you don't know the real story,you always beleive the false one, you always get manipulated about anybod,you don't know about the politics of your country,you can't know if its a fair one, un unfair and cruel one= you're not normal . meaning its bad . so they reverse the thing here coz the bad thing which is knwoing nothing is good and the good thing wich is being a know it all, a learned is bad . how could we be so stupid to believe this lie if its an obvious lie that its bad . its so obvious ask this to a 7 year old he's agree that this is false ,bad .
whats the point in having a brain if we don't use it . of coruse human think 24 / 7 don't mean they are genius . they think little thoughts that are really not of a high intelectual level . they dont notice it maybe because we all are victims of our human condition. we can't be aware of things like that because its like analyzing oneself, which most humans don't do . you can't watch yourself like in a only analse others and even that,you do it very little because we are too ignorant to do it rpecisely,very deeply,in a wise way. but we can't be observing everything we think and do wow right now my heart is beating incredible isn't it. oh i just thought that.means that bla bla bla . we are not conscious of this all . we are just humans not geniuses and we don't analyse nothing, things, humans, ourselves. we analyse very superficually without any knowledge of it. so of course we can't think wow my thoughts are always so simple, i'm stupid . oh i speak simply. others speak like intelectuals, journalists,politics. ect . some humans do but extremely little . or like wow why did i have this thought it means im egotistic? or oh the tought i just had is very mean. im sorry. i shoudln't have thoguth it. coz we would be the one who think in ouy brains+the one who judge these thougths. wow , special innit! but we can do that with others but not when theyy think of cours,e we can't hear but when they speak . we can observe,analyse,judge if its good or wrong,good or bad,stupid or smart etc. because its the thoughts that don't come from the voice in our brains but from the voice of somebody else who got another mortal coil , another brain, another voice . so youcan watch, hear,you can judge. but when it's you how to say this, hard to explain . when its you it coems form you, the being isn't in front but in you . the brain the skull is not in front of you, it's inside you . the voice is your own . you're not talking out loud but in your head. its your being, your brain, your life, your mortal coil. so you don't see it as another being but as you. it's comprehensible then that you don't analyse you . only the ones called crazy or supposedly mentally ill who aren't really, do analse them . that is so horrible, ugly to call anyone who thinks mentally ill . it means normal brains, not mental disease= think little, are stupid ??? think a lot, be very analyst, very intelligent ,very deep in metaphysics and things from the universe, cosmos= are sick mentally??? but why, its normal to aks ourselves questions . there are somany planets, there are the aliens, there is the earth, thre is the beings on earth, our animal and human condition etc . how could we not think . it's absolutely fff normal fff to think a lot . because as you have a brain it must think that's just how it is . its our human condition that there is 24/7 thoughts in them . its just that it differs from one human being to another . one will think simple, others like intellectuals, srhinks, philosophers . but all think . now they want us to not think . what be a body , a robot , a thing ? an empt body because not capable of ideas. then we are like dead beins . as they got a body but the brain don't function anymore . that is why in canada, united states so many humans go to the shrink. because they put you in the group of loonyes because you think differently of because you think !!!! actually in the whole world not just in united states & canada. but ther emore than anwhere it seems .

its true . they don't want you to think increibly incredible stuf, intelligne,t metaphsics stuff. they confine you in the simple thoguth for  the simple - minded . for isntance they show you on tv simle thigns to understand, so simple a little kid can understand them perectly . now they are going to do simple magazines, that any retard can read . simple everything . we don't use our brains to our full capacities because our brains aren't stupid from the start, they made them stupid . so in using this simple idea,ssimple languages, they are making our brains stupid , lazy, they ar enot letting us use it as much as we could and 'd want . because we can use it mor,e we cna reason more , we have the capacity of it but the don't let us the 'illuminatis'. for isntance, it seems like human human beings are terendy words now but in the past if you'd said that they would have looked at you like ???? because it's 'weird' to think about metaphysics. that's wh we say people, world, not humans, planet. humans don't want to think about metaphysics,'they' don't want us to think about it . because let's face it, it's an incredible miracle life . on earth or anywhere else . it's like wow . so they want us to deviate our midns from this with many things i dont know, friends, radio, bowling, restaurants, commercial centers, doctor, family, work, tv, holidays everything . the things we do everyday, the places we go to everyday . just simple . not metaphsics . it's prohibited to our brains and hearts . that is why if you know an 'original ' human being you 'll think he she's so funny, always talking 'crazy' about metaphysics stuff . so 'crazy'. you se,e that's why if you're actually atratted to that, you want ot learn more about emtaphysics, you like this you probably won't because you think if i start talking about this in front of humans, they'll give me a weird look, they won't like me anymore . so you'll keep our passion a secret and will in your spare time, read and stuff but never ever talk about this to anyone . actually they made us think its abnormal to think,talk,be pasisonate about metapshysics and norma to hate this . acutll the truth is for each and every huan on earth who dont like thsi and never thought about this the are the one with the problem . it's really not ok that they don't think about this . its a huge part of life!!! you were bon form a human , her stomach was enormous like a mosntrous bod as humans are at first skinny and then because they have a hige life inside them they stomach because like something horrible to watch like not human . you die, imagine that, the eharts stops ? your body becomes a sketellon . wow . is'nt this amazing . there are stars in the sky the do'nt flall down, in all theskies everywhere on earth there are stars . its not the same hour and day if you're in australia then if you're in germany . you have a heart that deosn't stop beating every single moment of your life and your brian never stops thinking even when you sleep! and no, metaphsics is stupid, boring, let us not think about this!nov 27 14

double sin caus you invite huans and you give them food, what is that ??? idncotirnation of hen you invite you got to feed ? they arent poor homeless or somehtign, theya re overweight any type of overweight 3 kilos, 90,k 234 K 17 k etc humans mu eat veyr very veyr little maount of food, thats all, a human bod doenst need tnnees of food daily ,, so as humans should eat every 5 or 6 hours and onyl 3 times and very small quantity each time and even in a day very tiny amount then hen they're invited they eat what ? twice or three times what they should eat in total its terible its so selfish we areso selfish manikind caus 1 its like eating 6 amounts of animals isntead of the 3 or 2 humans et daily when they should eat no animal at all so killing mroe and more of our beloved non human friends + we make them eat too much like 3 time smore than what they should eat so its not good caus a human body msut eat almot nothing so we buy like 3 quantties instead of 1 , for isntanc eor more , or less, so we could have offer 2 quantities to the poor animals or humans but no, caus we filled their bellies too much one just the same humans who are not suffering from hunger instead of having bought 1 quantity per human and the rest give the moeny for animals or humans who have tremendous difficulties to survive or we buy 3 quantites isntead of 1 but for the guests and all who live wiht us and oruselves we give 1 quantity per human but the extra , the rest, we give it to the poor so every time we gobble up too much food we are beign selfsh caus if our bodies need one quanity why on earht we give a quantity that is many times this quantity , this is against YAHWEH , caus we are mrudering all thsoe beigns aint it ? or we bought the food and gave it the the poorsert fellow aniamls a humans or we save the moeny not for money bu for any other philantropic help else like giving moeny to fight animal testing and to save humans o f their illnesees , thats why the more overweight we are the more selfish we are for we know when we weight 297 kilos and should weight 45 kilos or weight 149 kilos an shoudl weight 56 kilos or something like that caus its not a number its bettwen a number and another , we know we eat too much or give to others too much to eat and that's really really bad caus the food or money we could ve given to so many individuals who are victims of inhumanities in the earth , we could have saved so many lives n caus when we're so overweight we only think my my my belly, not the belly of somany,, thats too ufnair to see all these weight troubles the too skinny having no money to buy food and those owerweigth what a contrast x we could cut so many pieices of the bodies of the overweight and put it on the body of so many very half - starved livign creatures ,, we dtn need to invite food for the guest or we could ivntie them normal food size, we make them eat too much and caus they love it but were not suppsoed to it because its good caus thats not rational, if tis so good, we could eat 43 packet os chips ??? in one day , no , so we must have control of our pulsions caus we gotta thin ok it tastes good but a littl amount and stop caus we always have to keep in our skulls ! helping! feeidng the hungry animals,humans! caus thats great if you want to have pleasure in eating but woudlnt you love it that thanks to you, others or many others could have that pleasure in eating too, caus you didnt at it all or gave it all to your guests but gave a tiny amount to your guests+you and gave all the rest to the poor or any other very cool cause n think bout it please n you'll help others+you n everybody wins n caus if the guests+you , all of us eat too much we hurt our health, live les,s suffer from disease,s enlarge enormously our bellie,s the mroe we eat the more the size of our bellies become big too big and itsterrible for human and animals health so please dont give too much to eat to your non humanAnimal caus think bout all the Animals you could help , save or feed if you gave only 1 normal small quantity of foof to your pet or pets and the rest to very half starved Animals n so lets eat conciously , lets be very suffering of the animals+human race conscious, of the poverty concious, the hungry, the needy concious etc caus if giving all this to the needy = saivng, not giving it to them = murdering them right ? like all the rich who give like 3 % of their moeny to the needy isntea dof 100% so as YAHWEH tells us to take care of His body + the bodyies or our fellow creatures and we dont for we are very owerweight, egocentric caus we eat , we dotn give to the poor to eat, and we dont care bout their healths, our helth, so we sin agaisnt YAHWEH isnt it YAHWEH? by not !!! giving!!! giving our hearts! our !! money!! our !!! food! our !!! philantropic help !!! its evidnet that we mruder them eveyr owerveight human, every hulan who give to much food to eat to those livign with them+guests caus if each and everyone of us ofhumankind 'd give food, mony to the poor, no animal no human'd be dying of hunger! diseases!animal testing etc!!! caus we'd be giving money for the alternatives to animal testing insteadso everybody on earth 'd doing this so thats be the end of animal tesitng , the end of poverty ect c  caus if nowsome humans we eat like 4 , w eat lik 8, we eat like 3 etc instead of eating like 8 we eat like one, we stop buying for 8 when we're only 1 uman but now we buy for 1 so we save the money for 7, no this money we give it to fight against circus animal abuse or to feed other bellies which need it way mroe than us caus its wird that we eat like 8 humans if our belly need only like 1 and that 7 animals or humans really need this so its more logical to give it to them caus its not normal to give to 1 belly the amounft of food 8 belleis need and to give nothing or next to nothign to 7 bellies so elts be geenrous and way less self centered please!!!self stomach entered! we cant sya no we cant do this caus we're poor, its the money we were going to use for ourselves and we need to survive too, no caus its not money for somethign else, money saved, not at all, its money used for too much food or too much thigns we dont need , we dotn neeed that much food or stuff , so its not saved, it was used, so isntead of using it stupidely for food or stuff hich have no use to us or our stomacks lets give it to those who really turly desperately need it or that food to !!! survive! !!
they're not exactly the forgiving type are they

ed out that gibberish,

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Masculin Nombre de messages : 23283
Date d'inscription : 17/05/2007

MessageSujet: Re: n easy to help lives : share, watch, sign, open conciouncess   Lun 10 Mar - 17:13

15 MAR 2014

we pray to YOU YAHVE for there is more and more not satanists, nots corrupted politicians who truly care about their world and respective country and who want to fight evil . who are full of YOU Yahvé and who want to help this world, change it and ight against evil . in Yahushua's name.amen.

15 mar 2013

there are good humans because even when everytign is going bad for them for instance one of their loved ones may be dying of a disease o themselves, they don't know, they keep on having thoughts for all the suffering souls of this earth . so they actually can focus on the suffering of others isntead of their own selves . this is increidlb eas human is very can have lost all your money, you home, your
healths, their jobs, a animal family or human family member, they dont get all egocentirc thinking about their owo misery and suffering and thinking the're the only ones suffering on earth. they are sonot egocentrics.whatever happens with theior own lives and the live sof their lvoed ones, they will always help, think about those all over this world who are living calvaries. they don't just think about tohers when everthigns ok in their lives, they always think about others. they are always sad for others even if themwselves are suffering way more. their bains and hearts is with them, not physically but mentally, as you can't be in all the alces of this planet . but you keep on signiing petitions, raying for them etc . it's not because you are in big trouble right now that you stop being alturistic, become egocentirc, praonly for you, think only about your own misery, ask others to help you, ask them stop right now all the help you were giivng to other,s hel only me , prayonly for me, don't give your moeny to aniamls but to me etc . no because these amazing creatures of GOD love others more than themselves,are more preoccupied for others than for them. they kinda ignore, or forget they are plongé?? in disasters in their lvies right now because they are too focused on trying to diminish the pain in other beings lives . that is amazing.humans like that there are too little sadly.they are so altruistic, they never forget , no a single day to think about the trillions of living beings who are abused in this planet. they kinda put in brackets because they think the priority in their lives on earth is not supress the torments of others, never of ones own being.they have a level of wisdom so high that is so beautiful. LET US do like them, lika Yahushua . Let us inspire ourselves of them.
this is wisdom because the oens who complain like their the being that sufer the most on earth,or that they don't care that others suffer because the can see only their bellies,then they lack wisdom. because they should open their eyes and see there are trillions in their situation. so this will make us fele ebtter because they'll think 'im notthe only one going trough this rough path and let us have solidarity for them all.

may 15 2014

hi earth animals & humans GOD bless you always * we are obligated to respect animals because GOD YOU created them and therefore YOU are their Creator
! animals have a right to justice : if we dont stop this who will. YAHWEH YOU sent us animals angels in order for us to protect them from wicked beings & to love them and for them to love us $ thank YOU : animals you're in danger * we must save you ! ù providing hope for abused animals $ We will support you our dear friends forever ù we want justice ; Your voice count Fighting to bring change ! Keep it going everyone, please make sure everyone signs the petitions ; Thank you for doing all you do : thank you for your generosity ; please forward by social networks, chats, forums, blogs, skype, msn chat, sites , emails , private mesages , youtube comments gmail chat, wherever you want & can thanks so much

NOV 22 14

its not caus YAHWEH YOU gave us family friends couple that we must love them mroe than YOU, e must like them we must love YOU YAHWEH v caus lovign thsoe humans+acivities+fun+hobbies too much is earthly philosophical doctirne while lovign YOU GOD moe than anyone and enything is Your doctirne is Heaven's philosophical doctrine v so its a pity we are tormented mixed confused caus we think we have to choose between those stuff we love , humans and animals we love and YOU YAHWEH v but no, we must not choose, the choice should already have been done which is YOU YAHWEH v we are sinners caus we love humans, places, estuff, animals etc more than YOU its abolutely earthily thinking to love all of them mroe than YOU aus in Heaven we won't be in love wiht them anymore, worshipping them but YOU YAHWEH, all of them family stuff, friends activities,couple etc won't be our YAHWEH but YOU YAHWEH ,, so its not them well pray sng praises to but to YOU,, we have forgotten that YOU are our GOD and nobody and nothing else ,, normal, we're too idiotic

MARCH 15TH 2014

right brain is amazing : solving problems, being altruistic, havong great ideas, havig clever thoughts, thinkign, philozophizing, loving GOD, loving only rofound stuff , being erfectionnist, wanting to check iof things we think are true if we ain't sure. they are very strtegoique?? they are active they try to find solutions and they find them easily, successfully thanks to their increidbl genious brain , passionate, more itnelligent than left brain human beings, open mind, free spirit,
revolutioanry, utopist , want to b esomebody, want that things change. if we were born right brain lucky us ! its like one of the ebst think that could happen to us on this earth

left brian= useles! stupid, egoistic, thionking stupidites, not seing more thn the ciricle of our own body person , family and friends, thiking ther eis nobody else on earth, thinking we msut often lie, often be immoral, think it's ok to have wicked thoughts and actions, no idea, air in the 'brain' , mean, no creativity, nothing , believing the lies of everbody, se méfier of the honest human beings, ciriticizng the good humans, being vey naive, be cruel, not wanting to do things right, not caring about being ginroant, if we elarnt stuff and don't remeber very wlel, don't think it's imortant to chek . for isntance the left brain living beigs are usless whn theres a problem . they don't tr nothing, they haven't ideas in their heads . they're useless when the situation is very serious . they ar ejust there like a statue . they are wasting the little time they dispose of and lives depend on them, like the system of their coutries and of the whole world, like insjuticies, like being told to be puppets, what to eat think , do , like being zombies;
IF WE ARE LEFT BRAIN WHAT AN 4UNLUCK its like a catastrophe a fatality we were born that wa so useless, stupid, its not our fault maybe, it may be our human codition

December the 1st of 2012 There are a lot of movies with scenes where they are in strip tease clubs and it's very vulgar, we can see breasts , butts ect .

2 FE 2013

Everything that makes her a woman (not that you are not a woman if you HAD to have these parts removed, FOR THE RECORD), part of their androgyny symbolism. They want a sexless, godless, parentless, moralless mind controlled race. And they are working on it, selling it, putting it in a pretty package... but that only works if we 'bite'.

The illuminati are big on sacrifice. Children, virgins, etc. I was not saying she sacrificed her breasts literally, but SYMBOLICALLY she gave up, or at least pretended 2 give up her breasts in faith to science. When u study Illumina. history, u learn they R Eugenicists, but Hitler made it unpopular, & now they want to bring it back. Medicine has its place, AFTER the MANY natural cures have been tried. But here, theres no faith in nature, or god, or luck even. Only FEAR they profit off of

HORROR OF HORRORS!! Angelina Jolie decides to mutilate herself and get a double mastectomy because geneticists gave her high risk of developing breast cancer in the future. Don't be fooled- this is nothing but a eugenicist PR piece, glorifying faith in Science over faith in beating the odds, through modern or alternative meds, for an illness that may not even manifest.

august 1st 2013

There are too much tv series for youth public and they show young people takign drugs and alcohol like in ' Soñadoras ( 1998 - 1999 ) = this is for wanting to give the will to young people to become drug addicts and alcoholics . They teach young people the bad exemples , like two sisters in that show being in love with the same boy and one o the sisters dates him. Then they broke up they the other sister dates him and is going to marry him . This is like inces,t this is against GOD's will .

inspiring people who aim high and improve our society. about social conscience, wisdom and living more calmly.


Learn about the motivations, challenges and wonderful rewards of giving back

Let us have way of life which constitutes civilized conduct for the good of humankind
YOU HAVE TO Grab life with both hands, make hapen what you want to make happen, if you love someone or you miss someone , let them know

[size=13]there isn't a day that goes by when i don't think about dead animals

[size=13]Somebody told me that I was lucky to live in a free country. A country where I can speak my mind, go to mall, ride a bus without being harassed by the government. Really?

If your life is not going the way you want it and you would like to change it, If you desire WEALTH, POWER, INFLUENCE, WANT TO BE A defensor & protector of living beings, and you want you dreams to come through

I got my own problems

it was a peaceful protest


Educating the Whole Person

Enlightened human beings discuss the heart of education: the duty to impart wisdom to the next generations

NOV 26 14

poor you happy non abused animals, if you only knew! what your destinies could ' ve been,if isntead of beign adopted you'd be in lab or transformed into food etc ,, if you only knew what your borthers siters are living through !!! you'd would all rush into the labs and tyr to kill attack all plenty of oggs cats on each experimentator, and mrudering them!!! its be very very veyr cool! and youd go accompanied with vegan activists saving them, opening every jail! you poor victims in labs, what your vision of this world must be ??? you must think all the animals on the earth are tortured like that,, you cant posibly think some animals have homes, lie down on the sun run playing with balls and humans ect , sleep in conf little warm beds etc ,, you cant know all this , an that some humans are very kidn, ! ! vegans!!! who respect+save others like you also in labs or you maybe if YAHWEH wants! you cant know that not all humans are experimentators, or farm murderers, ect all of you in farms, in labs, msut think all mankidn are abusing you in farms, labs,, you must think nobody does anythign else of the days, lives, nothign more, , its so horrible, your suffering msut be liek 24 7?? you never get used to it? when they are doing the expeirment it must hurt you so much but after, like hours afer when they live you in your caged for who knows how much time, so without experimentating on you all , does it urt? like all the time?? !! it must be so horrible!! poor you, if only they could do this do us human vegans instead of to you angel cats, rats, mouse, dogs hamsters, hens etc cc how many time do they live you in the cages alone kind of in peac,e not leave you alone like you dont suffer or something, of course, what they do to you is so huge that you msut hurt like all the time, but at least they arent torturing you caus you're in your cages and its so sad caus the cages look very very small and you're just complainign crying and crying and vous writhing and you staggering, yu cant even walk and you jsut fall so many times caus your legs hurt and your whole bodies hurt, its so horrible, hear you crying is so heartbreaking oh YAHWEH we pray for YOU to abolish animal testing worldwide and for YOU to put to hell and jail all the expeirmentators and to abolish this so called job so that its a crime if you want to do this so called job and that if they caught you doing it they put you to jail thank YOU so much YAHWEH cc in Yahshuah's name c Amen x its veyr heartbkreaking to watch those vid totally traumatizing you jsut want to die, kill the experimentators, and go to save all of you friends when vegan souls watcn these horryfiyng vids

APRIL 15 2014

we look little we are not empathetic and compassionate enough : we see small for instance praying for the animals in some prayers and other only for to humans ,, why ,, why separating like blacks here whites here in other centuries :: this is bad :: we must in the same prayer pray for all isnt it GOD ? as animals= humans =Your kids so its the same its philosophically the same speicied not two spiecies like humans ;; its not im pakistanese im turkish im australian all these counties ethnic groups are the void, as there is none of this there is the human race blacks arent blacks clear brown arent clear brown, etc there is no colour, no race as all of this is from the physical round and this sucks and has no meaning ; there is the chidlren of YOU thats all :: there is no tall, small, dismciminations, looking this way that way, obese, too skinny, ugly, pretty, all this is the wind;; there is only the souls , as if the physical bodies had never existed:: they dont :: so we see small if we see i like the ones who look like this, i dont want to be seen with al old creature, fat, uggly , mentally or physically retarded because humans are gonna think im a loser etc; the idea that theres the animal or dog paradise, cat paradise, the human paradise, theyres one heaven for all Your kids isnt it GOD ? we think so small as we think we gota pray for our famailies !! we read soembody saying they lost their pet and wanna kill themselves or are mentally ill etc !! they feel sad for them or not but the idea dont cross their minds to pray for them because they arent supposedly their families !! thye are all YOUR creatures YAHWEH are one huge family so its being small minded to think praying for the family full stop and not praying for the real family, the entire one, in Your son Christ all the creatures You created or praying for the human false family and thats it instead of praying for all Your non humans children+ all Your human children + their so called earth family they see as true family because theyre closed minded not free spirit, their minds are too brainahsed and conformed to the planet earth as if they thought as YOU GOD theyd find obvious the need of praying for the whole universe + inhabitants of the earth ! if they see the suffering of so many creatures on radio tv ect and think they dont need to rpay for them how come if they pray for others, that is not being good Chrisitan as GOD YOU want us to apprehende that we all are one family and they dont think that so they dont understand what You want for us what for You being Chrisitians is !! those who read on the internet the testominy of their families and dont know them and rite comments saying theyll prya for the forever and for all crautres You made are very wise, kinda like You and udnerstood something most dont Chrisitans and non Christians and they have a less brainwashed brain and have a less conformsits mentality mm

may 10 2014

we see too little we dont see far : we think laws should protect kids who are humans : so e think laws must not protect those who are form about thriteen to more than a hundred but must protect those who are younger than twelve ) we thinks laws should protect humans, not animals ; we think family pets should be respect by humans so any other kind of animal like wild animals, marine animals, non family animals should not have humans respect and protection : so thats what is seeing little because many humans are left brainded and dont see the entire stuff, the whole, large, the entire world : thats not equity thats alays basically thinking that some deserve respect or stuff, and others less or nothing : everyone in the universe deserve dignity , descent lives conditions and respect; all of them : that is equity : humans are so impartial so thinking those because we have affection or tenderness for them deserve more, and others jsut because nobody is in love with those whore more than thriteen or eighteen, because they sipposedely dont look cute as kids so only human children should have anything and others are what garbage ? just because theyre so young: its irrational and makes no sense caus tis the shallow human mind which thinks that the phisical bodies are improtant so this is nice this is ugly kids are cute humans who are more than thirteen eyars old aint kids no more so dont look cute and sweet so thats so superifcial because GOD You really want Your human kids to not care about the phisical bodies and they are here thinking kids should have rights lets fight only for the rights of kids : how come then so many humans dont want rights for the non human animals ven though many think animlas look cutter thzn human kids the human mind is  aparadox which makes no sense whatsoever + this means if you got afree spirits youre so different midned, you feel no tenderness for kids but for liek seventy four or fourty five or ninety seven years old ! who said we couldnt have softness for any human if the midns the sme alwya,s its just the body wich changes ith the time coz a kid looks like a kid and a thirty one year old human dont look like a seven year old but whoc are!s! age dont make tenderness its so minusucle brained and so abormal and unfiar to say just caus you look younger and so young you deserve our love and just coz you like a homelss, youre a homeless, you are a drugadtic, look like a prostitue or are one eor look like an old thing you dont deserve sympathy love ect and laws to protect you from evil criminals : wo hwhats why the midns are too shallow because wethink we can hold into our arms, take the hand ect love and kiss kids, any kid, whos a kid of a friend of ours, a member of our family or our kids, our bros and sis kids ect or were teachers and they are our pupils so if they were lets say fifty seven we wouldnt caress their hair, have no empathy, affection, love, we wouldnt take them into our hamrs hold them and stuff weird , jsut because we love hte physycial body of those who look very young and the yougner they are the more we love them ? like theyre five = so cute, eight =less cute, ten = evne mroe elss cute as ten is the last year of childhood + so thats because of this humankind indoctrination that we smile when we see a stranger human children in a public palce or baby, why ? if they were adults or teens or ancient we would most probably havent have friendhship or smile them ;  because msome or most feel firendhsip for those they dont know and thats great but only when theyre kids or babies, if theyre more they look at them with anger with no reason; it means is a brianwahsing because its destiny if that human baby or kid had been an adult theyd have given them a disrepectul criminal look, if it had been a tenty nine or eighty two year old theyd d have given the look of someone who wannts to kill all the ' strangers they see like so many humans do, theyr so psycopaht, so sick, there too many mentally sick sociopath out there caus even though they never killed anybody they look at strangers as their enemies as if they truly wanna mruder them so the destiny could have been so easily different as all thsoe babies they smiled to could have been born decades or years before so theyd wouldnt have been babies but adults and they wouldnt have smield to them but hated them the same with the adults or teens they looked with hatred in their eyes and could have bene human childrne or human babies and wouldnt have looked at them with evilness but kindness

12 MAY 2014

we are truly self centered us the human race, whats your goal in your life be rich find the woman man of my heart, have kids, make my family happy☏ become rich and have many men woman , very self centered☏ spend time with my family☏ very self centered but less ☏ spend time wiht my friends less self centered but self centered☏ save as much lives as posible ☏ not self centered☏ save the earth, become a hero, help lives every single day, as much hours of the day im up as i can , have the custom & relfex and take the inititive of everytime help, for instance all the time at several different moments of the day share+sign petitions , give food to several homeless animals , humans everyday ☏ thats good to deserve the hapiness of our families if we're asked what you want most in life or for the new year but its not great enough for we need to see a huge pic , the entire unvierse or earth as we cant help the other planets bieng on earth tt we'd say i wish hapiness to all the creaurtures of the universe or at least earth or good but less good i wish hapiness to all the human families of the world but no we say i wanna spend time with both my families and find princess prince charming yadi yadi yada ☏ GOD make us less self centered please!!! thats so cool those who think first world then my two families then my friends than me theyre great living beings, theyre like animals and a lil like Jesus ;; they're right brained , they think the opposite of brainwashed as they think last the ones who first come to mind to individualists first : family : or worse even more self centered those who think myself first & then my families; altrusitic naturally think me last ;; they want the hapiness of all the inhabitants of the earth but theirs last; theyre so sweet!! YOUr angels YAHWEH Your better kids, without any doubt;; thats evil to think i wish for my life the hapiness of me & my families caus it may mean we want the humans of all the earth & outside of )me  + my families( to be miserable or to not care whether they ' re alive, healthy, abused, poor, dead, abused, homeless, etc i wish hapiness of my families+me = i wish the unhapiness of al the animals+humans of earth ? just caus they ' re not me + my families? dont know but thats not a very nice stuff to wish so lets try to open our hearths and think less brainwashed as destiny could have been other destinies , we wouldbt be deserving the hapiness of our families as they d be anonymes, enemies, "just" friends , "just " collegues etc & our families in the other destinies were strangers for us for instance & so we don't wish hapiness & in this destiny they're our families, so we deserve them the best II lets not think that caus its like not caring about anyone else than me me me + my families couple, marriage II its evil to wish bad stuff to trillions of animals,humans relatives in Christ Jesus just caus we dont know them ☏ its true we're mean for when we wish the best to our families its really only to our families caus when animals are killed for their meat, zoophilia, hunters etc we think so wat that's life, get over it ☏ we are not wishing them the best ☏ we seem to be favorable to animal cruelty ☏ the same for humans who got kiled and we hear it on the radio tv newspapers so if it had been hunting humans, human testing human meat we'd be sadenned to learn that one of our family members, husband etc has been killed for this ☏ so here we care just caus its the couple, family brainwashing and when its a so called animal stranger or human stranger we dont give a toss ☏ its not humane ☏ so lets love all the humans & animals of the earth and try to feel the same sadness feeling of injustice when any animal,human is killed by humans, than if it was our family members who were killed for this, or if anyone dies after getting raped mutilated, in a war, an animal because of money,prostitutes etc ☏ we d be wishing the hapiness of all YOUR creatures YAHWEH ☏ we dont caus we refuse to have a mind like YOURS ☏ YOU say to think like that, we dont want to ☏ thats so nuts, the world dont revolve around our couple, our both familes ,  thinking like 212 hundred humans = both the familes of one human, this si the population of earth?? no its 7 billions human GODS kids + billions or trillions animals GODS kids ☏ its great its AN anti conformsit idea, different type of idea when somebody on a social network or email writES i wish the best holiday, thanksgiving, christmas to eveyrone +to their pets☏ or if they aint Christians wish the best to everyone ☏ caus each human who think my two familis wow, its always different families as its two families for each of them so h think my two d and u families o think my p and r families etc but its only two families for each ☏ in total they think of all the families but its not one who thinks of all the families its one+one+one etc + each creature individually who thinks my two families so they all think about all of them but each one should think bout all of them as the idea if not seeing little but huge ☏ so not its destiny makes j and a my families and im v v thinks about j + a , and it xs families are b and k v thinks bout b & k no it should be whoever i am, j or v or anyone else i think of all the families so the same thing for each and every one so the same love and remembering all having positive thoughts for all and loving the whole world ☣ thinking my familes my husband etc = too close minded ☣ many despise the thought of wishing well too all caus they dont think with their hearts but with what ? those who are very philantrophists wish well too all caus they think with their souls & hearts ☣ this is their mentality, not the mentality of non philanthropists caus its what first comes to mind to philantrophists, not to the non philantorphist kind as they ahte helping others or at least praying for others or at least deserving well to all, this is so not their philosophy of life ☣ so obviously they desdain & may hate & philanthprists & think their thoughts are the stupidest they ever heard caus they refuse to think universe or earth , so cruel so egotistic caus it means they dont want the hapiness for all but jsut for theimselves+families like one who got too much money or food and sees humans whore skin & bones or homless & dont even want to give them a tiny little quantity , so its like saying hapiness is jsut for me +familes and you can all die & suffer i dont care

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MessageSujet: Re: n easy to help lives : share, watch, sign, open conciouncess   Lun 10 Mar - 17:31

Non-vegans need to stop and think.
You buy grass-fed, organice, free-range animal "products"?
Well guess what.
That doesn't change the fact in any way that those animals want to LIVE.
They don't want to end up as 'products' on your plate or in your drinks.
STOP participating in animal exploitation and cruelty. Switch to a plant-based diet.
Save the animals, yourself and the planet.

Michael Jackson died on June 25th,2009.

Farrah Fawcett died on June 25th, 2009.

Sky Saxon died on June 25th, 2009.

James Brown died on December 25th, 2006.

Dean Martin died on December 25th, 1995.

Eartha Mae Kitt died on December 25th, 2008.

Tupac  Shakur died at 25 years old.

Lisa (Left Eye) Lopes died on April 25th, 2002.

Roger Troutman died on April 25th, 1999.

Aaliyah Haughton died on August 25th, 2001.

Static Major died on February 25th, 2008.

Eminem’s famous hip-hop/sacrifice/Illuminati song, 25 to life.

It’s like a prison sentence, 25 years, or the number 25 itself.

December 25 is Horus/Lucifer’s birthday. That is why there are so many sacrifices on this day.

The Sum of the numbers 2 and 5 equal to 7. On June 25th, 2009, there were 3 celebrity deaths. Writing these numbers out as digits gives us (2+5)(2+5)(2+5)=777.

777 is part of the 11:11 phenomena & the number 11 was key to the September 11th attacks on the World Trade Center.

Michael Jackson died on June 25th,2009.

Farrah Fawcett died on June 25th, 2009.

Sky Saxon died on June 25th, 2009.

James Brown died on December 25th, 2006.

Dean Martin died on December 25th, 1995.

Eartha Mae Kitt died on December 25th, 2008.

Tupac  Shakur died at 25 years old.

Lisa (Left Eye) Lopes died on April 25th, 2002.

Roger Troutman died on April 25th, 1999.

Aaliyah Haughton died on August 25th, 2001.

Static Major died on February 25th, 2008.

Eminem’s famous hip-hop/sacrifice/Illuminati song, 25 to life.

It’s like a prison sentence, 25 years, or the number 25 itself.

December 25 is Horus/Lucifer’s birthday. That is why there are so many sacrifices on this day.

The Sum of the numbers 2 and 5 equal to 7. On June 25th, 2009, there were 3 celebrity deaths. Writing these numbers out as digits gives us (2+5)(2+5)(2+5)=777.

777 is part of the 11:11 phenomena and as we have already seen, the number 11 was key to the September 11th attacks on the World Trade Center.

26 FE 2014

If You Wanna Make[/b][/font][/color][/size] The World A Better PlaceTake A Look AtYourself, And Then Make A Change [/size][/font][/color]
[*]Défunts?? animals you'll be forever in our minds
[*]We want to save the world in our own way
[*]We live in societies that attack their own citizens. 
[*]Let's be good guy good girls . 
Jesus is the heroes  of the heoroes 
Let us have hope in humanity . 
20 june 2013 People are so mean the criticize goodi goodies . They criticize those hwo are often perky . So what . It's criticieng the incriticeable . It's criticizing what's good . The should criticize animal killers, satansits who rape and kill and eat animals and humans . They don't criticize and juge the very cruel 'human' 'beings' they criticize &judge the 'angels' humans who speand a lot o their living time on earth while their hearts beating helping out some souls .  Theyir minds are uspide down or what . The see what's bad as good what's good as bad . 

JUNE 2013

Please , always read the Bible a little ever day . This is the most important and itneresting book in the life of a human . Please even though you don't believe in GOD but in a false one , in a satanist religion that seems to be a good rone , if ou are atheists, please, don't care about this and just read the Bible . Please, even though you don't want to become a Chrstian because you're from other denomination, or atheist, please become a Christian please I'm begigng you for the salvaiton of your souls . You are mistaken if you don't like GOD , love another fake one, or are atheist because He exists He made you He lvoes you . He may send ou all to hell if you deny him . If you don't have a Bible, please now, immediately get one . GOD bless you all dearly beloved . Thank you for you , GOD ,for mankind. Thank you.

15 march 2013

Ö souls who LIVE??? we''d be capable of anything ofr you 


creatures can't surrond themselves of humans who never criticed them and never will . this is not friendhsip love , lover's love, family love . this is hypocrisy . let us change our loved ones . thEY DONT REALLY CARE ABOUT US AT LEAST THAT4S WHAT IT SEEms because they don't want us to become better, more spiritual ,nicer humans as they refuse to admit we have defauts?? thyou aks them what is wrong with my brain and heart what should i change . nothing you're perfect . hypocrites . nobody but GOD is perfect . if they tell us this then they lie to us . these human love relationships are useless. we should surround oruselves of creatures who tell us the truth, all our travers?? all our unbearable reactions, behavior, the evil and unfair things we do, say . so we can evolve and thanks to those creatues who actually love us . we are hapy when we have only girfriends, famil member,s firends, boyfriends who always tlel us that all we do say and think is ok . this are superifcial relationships . when we love each other we tell each other the truth nothing but the truth . we can't really be humans if that's how it's going to be . the humans who tell us the things that are not right in us are better kind of relationshis, real ones because they are not scared of telling us what will make us mad at them, what will make us sad . They don't care about themselves but about us . they dont care we won't seak to them again for a few time and react agresively etc because what they care about is that we become better persons. those who don't want to tell us the truth because it hurts don't love us it seems because they think about all the troubles it will cost them = egocentrics?? they care more about that you will make stories, lios?? get angry, make a fuss than about the goodness of your soul and actions . they suck . it's all about me . nothign new .

oc 1 14

< seems like what YOU think GOD is : that we're closed minded if we love our families and see them as our family and that we re opened midned if we see all Your creatures as our family < so what YOU want is not us to love for the fact destiny put the with us caus that dont make sense and is bad to love for the blood and for feeling forced to < and its bad that we despise the oens not blood related to us and to not see them as our neighbor if they are that and YOu wish us to see them all as we see our blood related family , right ?

do you think that every last thread of intelligent life is chose to or do you really believe that this sollice synchole ?? has anyhting to do with real life humanity namely integrity compassion dignity

i am a terrible person and i know you hate me right now and im really sorry

put an end to this nightmare animals youre vegan humans whole lives

patience, everything in time

there are two things i always wanted to believe in but didnt dare; one is that there was one man somewhere who is made just for me ; the other is that i just might deserve him

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MessageSujet: Re: n easy to help lives : share, watch, sign, open conciouncess   Lun 10 Mar - 17:33

8TH MAR 2014

i'm a pot head

nobody ever thought i was good enough, nobody ever believed in him

animals make our life worth living

why you always have to sacrifice yoruselves for others oyur bodies your hapiness yourl existances your well being because you are the nobelest of beings : non human animals

the lowest no life in the school

i would jsut like to thank the two people who made this night posible by being there for me when i needed them , thank you thank thank you for

we know we did the right thing, we're there for our brethrens when they needed us

it looks as the world peace may finally become a reality

im a social lepard

i would help if i could < thats the toruble we 're liars, we wouldnt help if we could as w can and dont help < we can help we dont want to < thats the truth

Why do they have to treat you like you're a leperd or somehting 
Let us keep our eyes open wide . 

animals are fighting for their lives

[size=13][color=#222222][font=arial]human is the cancer of all societies

[size=13][color=#222222][font=arial]she gives all hr money away , we are so much happier,all our needs are met just by servicing other people

1 fe 2014

what is beauty ; so hard to explain b stuff humans can see and feel what ? hapiness about, a nice feeling, thye have an agreable??? pleasing sensation while theyre looking at that animal someone, stuff, human someone ? what is laideur ?? it dont mean anything ; its not a universal stuff established like eveyrhere on earth a library is a place where you can read books : thats true, nobody cant deny this : while tackiness & beauty is somethign that everyone can have a different viexpoint about ; some individuals find some stuff and creatures ncies , others ugly ^ tackiness and beauty is things and creatures that animal and humanc reautres can see < it so stupid its a brainwashing, this was invented by superifcial illuminati ? or enemies of wisdom and of YOU YAHWEH ? because it should never have been ivnented but its normla, its a very dumb and superficial world the earth so no wonder ' everytime they see a perosn like the boyfriend of my daughter the first thing they think seeing them for the first time hes so handsome & we go to a museum to see nice things ' we wanna wqtch tv series with good looking creatures ) we wanna buy nice stuff for our homes etc everythings about beauty thats why theres the obsession for some for this : anorexia, plastic surgery, working out too much, changing ones hair color, bolima, taking steroids etc animals youre so smart because for you guys tackines,s beauty is nothing it dont exist in your animal universe youre too wise for this rubbish ù youre way too philosophists for this ) you guys rock é beauty tackiness is seen by the human eyes so in the world of the blind , it dont exist ç you aks a blind do you think that lemur is pretty  she he s gonna anser dont know i cant see ? thats d be marvellous if the human race was blind so we ould never have invented with our futile left brains the notions of tackiness & beauty e its so ahrd to define what is tackiness and beauty ; its undescribable undefinable its the void z its an invention of the evil one ? the frivolous human creatures ? we should appreciate things and creatures for their moral value, sentimental value, what they got that is invisible to the human eye thats abstract like generosity and kindness ; not for the visual aspects, like so collaed beauty ç we should have never had bodies because thats why so many humans adopted animals ' bought - got married and dated humans and were mates with humans for one extremely frivolous reaosn theyre ' beauty' = if they had been supposedly "ugly à theyd never have had anything to do with them = thats unfortunately why so many animals live and go to heaven in the animal shelters because all the nice one go out of there fast thanks to their ' beauty ( why the sick and ' ugly ' ones die there because nobody would be "crazy" to adopt an agly creature, according to these left cruel brains = its the same with beauty contests; youre ugly = you suck, you dont deserve to live ? so youre out of the contest and you so wanted the crown, you were so obsessed, you kill yourself because that was all there was in your existence y so discriminating animals, humans in beauty pagents all this is the same : its not wanting to have in ones human life any ugly thign nor creature; wanting to have only in ones relationships the most " beautiful é animals and humans so we got better reputations or something ? humasn got ana aazing image of us and are jealous of us ? who knows but thats really unlogical, thats the dumbiest thing ^ that makes no sense to wanna get rid of all the ugly around us and to ourselves have tonnes plastic surgeyr to get rid of oru "tackiness" and just live surrounded in the perfect world of the beautiful where even your pets are so good looking and your kids, your wife/husband etc thats so abnormal this world is completely abnormal^ extremely pathologically loony bizar minds o thats a pity were the way we are , we dont even notice ; thats so tragical ) we think its great caring about looks of animal and stuff and human beings ; we think its normal of course were confined into the giant cell of the brainwashing its normal we dont noice anything s wrong and abormal in the way we see the earth because thats how we were til the very instant we existed and opened our eyes going out of our progenitors bellies k its not that we became this way time after that but we were already brainwashed even though we couldnt udnerstand stuff not talk understand the world but we were already brainwashed as babies so its for us the normality but of course its not ç everytime a creature is brainwashed like they are raped by their families they think all kids are raped by their fmailies because they didnt kno anythign else than this type of situation so for them its the whole world and theres nothing abormal about this so thats a total indoctrination y illuminati famous victims, the same e could never kno its not ok they got tortured if somebody told them k theyd get upset n so of coruse for the brainwashed the brainwashign aint a brainwashing, aint there to hurt you, isvery useful, is a benefice to you etc but its the other way around h for the victims of brainwahsings the ideas opposed to those of the brainwashign are abnormal , arent reality " so for the brainwashed its not normal to think theyre isnt tackiness and beauty é but its true because never do the whole human speiices agree on whether something and someone animal someone human is nice or ugly ) there are one part who thinkgs that him her is nice and the other part thinks her that him is pretty " as YOU dont care about beauty YAHWEH and for YOU maybe it dont exist this word should ve never been invented and beautiful rpetty nice all the words wich got this meaning , YOU love your supposedly uggly animals and humans as much as YOU love the supposedly nice ones a the human civilization of the earth should have acted as if the body was not there there was the soul exclusively even though we have bodies so even though they could see the bodies of the animals & humans they could never have thought somethign like she he looks horrible he she looks tire,d he looks old, she looks fat oh GOD hes so uggly thats scary oh that ones so ugly looking they should kill themselves etc just thinking stuff but nothing about looks o e wouldnt care about the 'beauty " of the places we go to in holidays, ed go there only for tourism and learning bout their mentalitie,s languages, cultures but not because e think they got beautiful beaches, mountains etc é we would have friends girlfriends husbands wwives boyfriends for their wisdom, they philanthrophy, their kindness so our lives d be extremely different as wed have other beigns in our lives than those we choose because they were ' sexy' nice looking etc sexy is the sam rubbish as beauty it dont mean a thing à we sould have been like the blinds without being blind or being blind i like beings who have souls and nothing more y we cant think this soul is nice / ugly, we cant see nothing as the creatures wouldnt have bodies d so in that world wed judge only by the behavior and minds à descriminaiton wouldnt exist theyrd be no fat tall, races small, poor, skinny, spots, fashion, rich, ( its not surpirisng that this world came to this point evolved tis way because the human mind is very futile very stupid so its a natural evolvement - superficial in every sense like loving to watch stupid tv programs, playing stupid games on the cell phones, comps, video games, having stupid empty conversations, shallow existences y and dont know what plenty of examples like this that prove the human race is so shallow and thats why we ivnented the 'incons' 'idols' of cinema ever dsince the time tv was in blakc & white and now in the twenty first century too but in colors - everythings about beauty now and more than ever even more than two or six or foruteen eyars from now its insane à poor animals who re put to sleep because of this as if being ' ugly' was a crime ; humans are superficial because they follow the trends and some cats & dogs are trendy every year and other really never were trendy because humans in their brains think those were and neverll be ' nice ' so those will always get killed in shelters and pounds , so sad Sad(((((((( not only are humans discriminated against because of their looks but non human animals are too ( its a sad reality ' wish humans werent shallow at all so so many animals would have had a family andd be alive right now " unbelievable this is so unethical, partial, unfair b youre a nice cat/dog youre so ' good looking ' everybody wanna adopt you, youre in the pound/shelter for what one -three months ? youre the star everybody fell in love with your ' beauty è youre out of there now yo u the 'ugly beings ' so youre lthere for hat ten years, now wow time wnet by, its thriteen year,s now its seventeen years!!! youre lived so depressed you just wanted on thing a family but you didnt udnerstand why they didnt want you but wanted all your mates whom youve know for a little time as they were so 'pretty' they disapperead fast and you didnt udnerstand why everytime there are new oens who stay here not long and why youre on of the only ones or the only one whos been the oldest resident, the only one remaining there : because you dont know, you cant, you dont have a idiotic human mind thank YAHVE! you dont know whats beauty and ugliness youre an animal full of GODs wisdom ( if you knew why they didnt want you and all the 'suposedly  à ugly - ones youd be so upset o youd know how moron the humankind is - but dont feel bad dont hate yourselves thinking i suck im a good for nothing caus im ) ugly _ dont think that it dont suck to look the way you are - you arent ugly é thats onyl the human way of seeing things because for humans humans are nice aliens are ugly etc you see that is irrationla because its i know= normal= feel secure = beautiful no its not that so we dont know tuff from other worlds + animals + aliens = ugly a pig s face so didfferent from the 'angelic ' godly ' face of humans = pigs are ugly elephants are too big and grey is an guly color = elephants dont look at all as humans humans are gods who look so great elephants are ugly e, spaceship are ugly because they dont look like the cars of the gods of eart so spaceship are ugly etc thats just crazy to say what and whos nice and who isnt, nothings and nobodys ugly nothing noodys nice its just meaningless so  cats dogs and other 'ugly 'animals dont hate yourselves, dont be hard on yoruelves because you arent ugly you arent nice youre just creatures and its not your fault its the humane fault they dont want you because theyre weird in their spirits p its not ebcause of the way you look that you dont deserve a family and that you deserve to die = can you believe this just because of your earthly body which they dislike they wish you to die because they know if they and nobody adopt you youll all get euthanazied theyre so cruel - its not because of the way you look they dont want you its because theyre sick in their heads , its not their faults, theyre only victims of the earth and its conditionnings ^so dont hate them to much saints animals ' thats so sad because or you kill yourselves with depression and sadness or some human comes one day and put you down because they thought it was useless to let you live if they knew nobody would want you in their existences " even though you could have lived a little bit more as they didnt kill you because of your age but because of the so many time you spent there in that shelter or pound _ thats unfair thats a vicious cirlce because one youre old but you could live a few more years of months and they shouldnt kill you when youre phisically ok 2 they should have adopted you in the first place, years or one decade !!!!! ago ( 3 they should put to sleep exlusively the old dying suffring ans sick animals which their phisical condition is so bad that is they live theyre gonna die very soon anyway and in terrible unthinkable pain " when only one thing can be done the fastest as posible kill you because you suffer so much b they dont wait til that moment to kill you saints ' if youre 9 and its old and you would have lived til you were sixteen they kill you now even though your health is good because youre looked upon as the 'ugly ones ' so they tired of have waited nine years they dont have any patience to wait for more years so they wanna kill you now and they got so many new arrivals and wanna get rid of one so they can give the 'jail cell' to one of the new ones t in the other hands maybe they were right to kill you because nine years for isntance of suffering is enough and you were too depressed anyway to enjoy being alive so dead or alive its  the ame or maybe dead is better because that way you wont be suffring anymore yep but that ethical morla quesiton is too hard, its only YOU who can decide when creatures can leave earht YAHWEH h what if somebody ho got marvellous mentality would have come to adopt one of the & guly ones ç and too late theyre alrealdy killed her him - thats so dramatically cruel because imagine if your destinies had been different youd have been like a james dean dog or cat so you wouldnet have spent like thirteen or ten years in that jail but lyou ould have found a loving fmaily when you were babies = imagine the didference more than a decade or a decade of hell wihout freedom and in the other one, a decade or more of hapiness in a home , free - it makes one wanna wish you had all been ' pretty' no cat & dog d had been born è ugly è so everyone would had families and lives the littlest as posible like less than six months if those jails called poudns and animal shelters ç in the other hand many humans dont wish to have animal kids and so many à pretty è animals dont get adopted even though theyre very è good looking = and never went out of there but went out of earth there old, or young ù ugly or pretty, old, or young they kill you all anyways because they need space and youre taking space t and they dont like that r

20 may 2014

and such an inspiring and loving writing

us vegans wish you all the animals in this world a long life full of love

activism is not a crime

save the arctic

Christ comes from the tomb triumphant—completely free of earthly limitation; He is animated with a life that is intense and perfect, and which vibrates in every fiber of His beingIn Him everything that is mortal has been absorbed by His glorified life.Here is the first element of the sanctity represented in the risen Christ: the elimination of everything that is corruptible, everything that is earthly and created; freedom from all defects, all infirmities, all capacity for suffering. But there is also another element of sanctity: union with God, self- oblation and consecration to God. Not a single effect of His sufferings was left in Him, for now everything in Him shone with brilliance and beauty and possessed strength and life; every atom of His being sang an unceasing canticle of praise.
If we love Him, we shall rejoice in His glorification; we shall rejoice with Him that, after completing His course on earth, He ascends to the right hand of His Father, there to be exalted above all the heavens in infinite glory.

Let us then say to Christ Jesus: "Draw us into Your triumphal march, O glorious and all-powerful Conqueror! Make us live in heaven by faith and hope and love. Help us to detach ourselves from the fleeting things of earth in order that we may seek the true and lasting goods of heaven!"

What is the purpose of all the mysteries of Christ? To be the pattern of our supernatural life, the means of our sanctification, the source of all our holiness. To create an eternal and glorious society of brethren who will be like unto Him.

give someone one of your smiles, it might be the only sunshine they see all day. it can change the world, maybe not the whole world, but their world

we cant let that happen

Free the Arctic

you can be anybody you wanna be

youre a brilliant psychiatrist

you're a moral relativist. Morals are filtered by contexts and perspectives, therefore are self-defining. If your thoughts conflict with your actions, then you suffer from cognitive dissonance, because your actions don't reflect your purported view of best practice. actions speak louder than words, and if you do good, you are good. I disagree that it's not enough to have good intentions, because the only limitation that good intentions have is ignorance.

months of detention in jails all for a peaceful protest to protect the world : illuminati 8

our brave activists

an unfounded accusation that even ted has dismissed.

is holding a Global Day of Solidarity when the whole world will stand in solidarity with the earth activists. Your support is crucial

are you in?

This moment is critical. The time is now to raise our voices to protect the Arctic, to speak out for those who are being silenced by the authorities for protesting against the destruction of our planet, and to stand up against the collusion of governments and companies in crimes against our future.

human rights represents the rights to be a human being 8 you can not have civil rights if you dont have human rights 5 whenever are respected and recognize as a human being your civil rights are automatic 8 you have to get the recognition of human rights first 7 we must be regarded as humans ° our human rights must be respected , before we can ever be regarded as citizens and our civil rights be respected

nov 15 14

ITS TOO weird that we have a brain, thats too terrifying YAHWEH ake us calm down stop having those fears,, its too weird when we look at someone looking at someone or we look at someone , we look like an objetc or mahcine, like a robot who is huanoide, we look wier,d, caus our face looks so dumb, our eyes look, how come we look, how come YHWEH YOU ave us eyes,, you didnt give us a lot of intelligence did you,, or YOU gave us a giant intellignece and they changed it so we're now mental reards ? we look like we are just stupid non humans looking at a scene, ascene crie, an acicdent, humans walking, humans there in a public place, we just i dont know im sucha retard,, we look like we are a tv ? a comp ? like we are machines not humans ,, like we have just the eyes who watch and dont understand anything ,, like we hadnt bodies or that the bodies we have look like a achien, not skin etc ,, really hard to explain for a inmense retard like me , like many of us living all around the earth ,, like we forget everything ,, we forget some can be watching us watching others ,, how weird caus a machine has no soul can or cant ove , thinks like a achine not like a living being ,, us humans, animals, it seems its like that too ,, like the brain tells the eyes to look ,, but we're too dub way too dub, inmensely dub caus theres nothing to look and we look ,,, we seem to be objecs, as if we had no ind, soul, spirit, brain caus we give importance to looking caus were too curous looking places things beings bu thers nothign there, nothing iportant,, of coruse when theres soehting very iportant we dont look,, just looking at people eating talking ,, in a cafee, a restaurant a street,, were so retarded,, as if those eyes were not eyes but a thing that can see in one place and not ove the eyes,, as if they werent huan eyes but two  object that can see, and all those retard thoughts in the brains,, as if the comp or achine twhich is the brain was so very stupid hat the thoughts were way too simple way too evil way too crazy way too stupid etc


we have to face the fact il faut voir la réalité en face

8 MAY 2014 they dont use their brains they say the retards sutff the retard left brian tell them like hes old hes fat its normal hes old its normal she had a babye, nonsense! she had a baby 4 years ago !! many old humans are skinny so its not they dont use their head hen they talk write anythin they use them heads alright but the wrong way, they dont reason before they speak, as they say nonsense, as everybody knows many young are skinniy and many humans who had babies have lost all their weights, oh so if all the humasn who had babies naturally are fat it dont matter how many time ago like she had a baby 24 years ago and she still is overweight of 17 kilos its normal its like she had the baby today ???  poeple love beign sutpid acting stupid talking nonsense and love not to be smart and not to su the right clever brain , hey love saying false erronous stuff even though they wrong what they say is irrational illogical and dont make sense

may 24 2014

we look little we are not empathetic and compasisonate enough : we see small for instance pryaing for the animals in some prayers and other only dédicated to humans ,, why ,, why separating like blacks here whites here in otehrs &centuries & :: this is bad :: we must in the same prayer pray for all isnt it GOD ? as animals= humans =Your kids so its the same its philosophiclaly the same speiic,s not two spieices like humans ;; its not im pakistanese?? im turkish im maitniquese ?? all these coutnies ethnic groups are the void, as there is none of this there is the humanr ace blacks arent blacks clear brown arent clear brown, etc there is no colour, no race as all of this is from the physical round and this sucks and has no meaning ; there is the chidlren of YOU thats all :: there is no tall, small, dismciminations, looking this way that way, obese, too skinny, ugly, pretty, all thisis the wind;; there is only the souls , as if the phisical bodies had never existed:: they dont :: so we see small if we see i likethe ones who look like this, i dont ant to be seen with al old creature ,fat, uggly , mentally or phisically retarded because humans are gonna thinkim a loser etc; or the idea that theres the animal or dog paradise, cat paradise, the human paradise, theyres is one heaven for all isnt it GOD ? we think so small as we think we goota pray for our fmailies !! we read soembody sayign they lost their pet and wanna kill themselves or are mentally ill etc !! they feel sad for them or not but the idea dotn cross their midns to rpay for them because they arent supposedly their families !! yep thye are all YOUR creatures YAHWEH are one huge family so its being small minded to think pryaing for the family full sotp and not praying for the real family, the entire one, in Your son Christ all the creatures You created or praying for the human false family and thats it instead of praying for all Your non humans children+ all Your human children + their so called earth family they see as true family because theyres closed minded not free spirit, their midns are too brainahsed and conformed to the planet earth as if they thought as YOU GOD theyd find obvious the need of praying for the whole universe + inhabitants of the earth !! of coruse if they see the suffering of so many creatues on radio tv ect and think they dont need to rpay for them how come if they pray for others, that is not being good Chrisitna as GOD YOU want us to apprehende that we all ar eone fmily and they dont think tha so they dont udnerstand what You want for us what for You is being Chrisitians !! those who read on the itnernet the testominy of their families and dont know them and rite comments saying theyll prya for the forever and for all crautres You made are very wise, kinda like You and udnerstood something most dont Chrisitans and non Christians and they have a less brainwashed brain and have a less conformsits mentality mm

it sucks on tv its all stupid , vulgar, uninteresting mm why did they created it in the first place its not super useful jj they're really make shows about helping and giving money and its for the illuminati to create weapons to kill all the creatures who live on this earth ? its not even true its not for the poor kk and they so cruel they never make shows like the telethon for the animals; they only make shows for the humans aa movies tv series are so pointless tt they should instead of that make shows of eal life heroes not shows with false heroes or filming the animals and humans who save animals and humans or at elast making shows fake tv serie smovies putting heroes who help otehrs but without anything immoral like naked and rude and blasphemic crime ect scenes;; no coz tv is satanic yy they should be obsessed with helping the animals+ oworld , in tv news and all the time all dya long tv should be a way of sharing the infos spreading the news about animal cruelty, asking the people to give asmuch money as they can and teaching them the truth about leather circuses dead animals for food marine parks ect then tv d be awesomely itneresting and veyr useful its de a tool to teach mankind about how to be good humans but tv is full of crap vulgarity violnece with real tv shows absolutely sexual, fornication and rude and with humans with half brains who speak stupidities never about the Bibleveganism or philantrhpy ii its so rare they make a show that is a special about collecting money for poor animals ect and they never even talk about the super crucial matters like environment or animal cruelty ii its crayz whats going on int their souls why if stuff happen everyday all the time to the animals why dont tehem talk about this its so abnomal ee they should be talking about this that way the people of the earth woudlnt be incult about animal cruelty aa for isntance instead of making tv shows about prodtitution a perosn dating in one single show many humans in little time and taking drugs and using strong language etc coz with these type o shows theyre teaching humans to become prostitutes, vulgar etc theyd be making sows about corrida, fur,industry, dead animals for food industry etc humans would be aware by now, would be fighting agaisnt it isntead of nothign agaisnt but for it as they consume and buy with their money contributing to that neverending vicious circle hh many humans would open up their conscineces and this would raise awarenes,s save so many lives ect theyd be making tv ads about videos inshautgherhouses and saying think before you eat your emat like when they make tv ads about if you drink and you drive youll have an accident and die tt the same to raise awareness but about animal inhumanities ii theyd be making interesting judicious tv adverts isntead of abrutissant?? one swith stupid little music that remain in your heads driving you crazy because they suck and you dotn wnana have 24 7 satanic music in your brain and stupid advert to make you buy go obese, watse all your moeny, go ppoor, get sick with consuming all these rubbish ect these tv ads are there to make mankind buy and by and buy not to make them save the earth, tha animal kindgdom and the human one ; its poitneles,s all in tv is its so frustrating and scandalous tv is trash its garbage :: thye had saved so many lives if they were usign tv in the right way, theyd have spread so much the news theyd have ifnromed like almost everyone on earth at least thsoe who wath tv like in cnn and tv channels like this, theyre re put the same stuff all over again for one entire day you cant miss it its impsobile, at whatever hour you put on the tv youll see this so why dotn they do that with news similar but about animals like an animal was found mrudered today, a human enterre ?? his dog alive ect theyred be so much more vegans on earth uu thas a shame that drives crazy !!!!!!!!!!!

1 april 2014

the little group seems to be always right ,, by being into the little one it seems to be non conformist at least by this one idea , not their whole minds caus they choose to do differently than the majority of the earth ;; because of the pressure of the whole inhabitants of the earth, some who wanted to do the right thing end up doing the evil one ;; you live in a town where they do a celebration where they abuse a saint little bull ;; they put fire on him ;; almost everyone in town goes ;; you dont want to, you're against animal cruelty ;; you fear many humans you know will make fun or condamn you because of this ;; you finally go ;; their thoughts infleunced your actions ;; you have a rooster you love him ;; you live in a country and town where they do rooster fighting ;; you fear youll lose all your friends & family because your thoughts are so oppposed to theirs ;; theyll stop loving you and youll be alone ;; you feel obligated to do cock fights with your angel rooster just to please eveyrbody ;; if you keep on being in your little number or all alone youre strong, courageous and right brained ,, great qualities caus you dont care youre different ,, your soul will remain the non confomist way it is because you want to be good ;; a huge group of 29 humans who eat animals opposed to a tiny group of 6 humans who dont ;; the huge group looks down and juge the small one not caus what they think suck but cause theyve been indoctrinated into thinking its not the stuff whcih you like, dont like, dont do, do which sucks, its the fact that youre a tiny minority which sucks ;; thats bad caus its not the number which matter but the thing, the idea like a tiny matter is against zoophilia,, this makes the majority right, we have to be zoophilous,, we have to desdain all those who arent and who're against this ? no , silly brainwashings ;; its the looking small, looking universe, looking giant ;; if those groups do this its that, if these another group does this its that, no ,, if little, this, if big, this ,, nonsense :: its always this : it dont matter its everyone, a little , a big, this one, that one, famous, non famous, women, men , etc these are details not to take into consideration and many humans take it into consideration, in order to have the thoughts they wanna have when its to ignore completely because its fairness & equality they have to look for, not details thats why theyre never fair because they divide the thoughts into different type of humans;; they give them different opinions instead of the same for all, deserving the same ,, its not intelligent because it all depens of destiny ,, if destiny makes a huge group be for drinking milk , the huge group is supposedly right ,, if the huge group is against drinking milk the hugh group is supposedly right , the little group whatever it think is always wrong this is errneous !! the right thing to think is : lets ignore what the huge group has chosen, lets focus on whats unethical, whats ethical : the huge group chooses milk < its bad, the most is wrong, the huge group chooses to be vegan < its right , the little group which for the human civilization is always wrong but inf act always right chosed to be vegans so non drink eaters < right ;; the littlr group choses to drink milk < wrong so in this reasonment its not what the huge and little group chose which counts as it is not the same result for each but wat counted is what is cruel, what is moral ,, so whatever the little and hiuge group wants, the little and the huge cant decide to buy milk ;; its so stupid caus if the majority=the huge part of humankind decided to go vegan its be awesome supposedly only because the most wanted that, not at all because its whats right to YAHWEH ;; if the huge group becomes satanist its be seen as so cool only because the huge group does thit, not because its right !! if the little group is vegan they arent hated by everyone, because it sucks but because there too few to follow this lifestyle ;; its like those who believe in YOU YAHWEH , those who are enviornmentalists, vegans etc they are the tiny group so supposedly the wrong retards, weirdos, morons, entirely wrong when they are always right because its the fact theyre less brainwahed by societies so more fair, free spirited so more good, all this helps them being less cruel, do better choices, but the majority the brainashed cant see this, cause theyre too brainwashed;; so the fact that the moniorty is aboslutely wonderfully kind and have amazing souls and ethical lifestyles whoch are admirable stuff are seen as despicable tremendous mistakes, lunacys ;; the majority cant realize they are the ones whore cruel , wrong, theyre the oens who made the worst chose ll the minority is courageous because it knows they re gonn receive the worst treatment by society, work, humans they hang out with, everyone, if they say im a vegan, i eat organic exclusively, im a Christina etc because the truth is its not that the minority does evil stupid lil stuff, but its that the moniritie,s eveywhere on earth, in every era, eveyr type of monirities whoa re monorities caus of the way they think, have always been despised not for what they do as what they do is often really altruistic and magnificent, but because the brainwashed sheep thinks that its because of what the tiny group does,, caus really the majority dont hate the minority for what they choose in their lives but because theyre inside the monirity, its be enough that the monority goes out of it and goes into the majority for the majority to love them so its so absurd mm the majority dont think ? the majority knows that they hate the free spirited minority for no reason bb as if the minority does one thing which is being against leather for clothing and the majority cant accept them and the world changes now the majority becomes against leather, now the majority agrees with the minority so are friends with them xx they used to hate them for the same reason they now love them !n its just brainwahsing thats why its dumb and got no logic vv if the life of all had been different the majority who is for dead animals as food would have been the minority against animals as food or a majority of vegans against animals as food and so they wouldnt despise the minority as theyd be it, theyd like them, they wouldnt think theyre loonies , now theyd be the oens called loonies ll they wouldbt be despising veganism and for animalas as food,theyd be despising those who eat animals and dbe vegans because the brainwahsing of majority is one stuff but could have been another one, as all desitnies are opossible arent they? so as all of this is foolish the majority despises the majority for all the wrong reasons vv as nobody can despise those who are kind hearted, and who do what GOD tells us to do,, its the brainwashing who make their spirits the way they are, a way that they cant see that theyre being unfair with the animals , with the minorities like vegans, & all the monorities ll mankind be careful, dont juge others, because theyre form minorities wich is increidbly irrational and inintelligent but juge according to their choices in life :  youre a bullfighter youre a mosnte,r youre an animal eater youre inhumane etc and not youre an animal eater youre aweosme cause youre the majority of mankind , destiny is another one, now the exact same total of individuals form the majority is vegan, now we love you, because youre vegans, makes no sense caus first they love them caus they eat animals, and depsise those who dont, then they accept them into their human relationships because they dont eat animals, they think those they used to despise are super great ; they dont like the minority because they respect the animals now they dont like the minority caus they disrespect the animals i; all caus the destiny of the earth might have been plenty billions indefinite others than this one xx thats a matter of brainwashing only caus the brainwashign says the majority does always the best stuff and we have to make them fit in and the majority is odious whatever they do, good or bad, and all the earth must reject them vv coincidence ? that in all the brainwahsings its always the majority who does whats infame and is seen as doing the good stuff and is inhumane and is seen as very humane , how come jj like wearing fur ,eating our animla family !! thats the brainwahsing which makes us believe the majority is never barbaric,always right,always doing the right things + the minority is dropout, we must be always contemptuous of them all, never accepting them for their differences which make them who they are ,, bad brainwahing caus it makes those whore always right, who are heroes and living kindly, having the bad image & those who live extremely narcissisic & ina barbaric manner seen as the best creatures ethically speaking xx everythigns upside down on earth aa just caus this brainwahsing says that we gotta ignore wrong & right but focus only on the majority & minority, whatever the majority says, does, thinks theyll always the good ones, whatever the minority decide,s live,s does, its always wicked, this brainwahsing makes the human race ignore right & wrong and makes it the other way around in human brains : makes think wrong is right, right is wrong so the majority does wrong= majority does right, minority does right= minority does wrong ;; they dont even realise that is veyr generous to not eat animals, tis veyr great to abandon their passions, free time, live,s to consecrate it only to save lives, they dont feel its very charitable, they see it as silly and bizar, , naturally caus the majority does the other way around, everything the majority dont do so everything the minority does is seen as abnormal cc the mijority kills to supposedly live= its mgically marvellous, the others dont do what the majority does, anyone who dotn do what the majority does, its terrible crimes nn this brainwahsign dont care about right & wrong, it cares only bout the majority being awesomely perfect & the minority being psychos, peculiar

May VVV continue to fill our lives like Combo's with this life-giving and soul fulfilling CHEESE!  Amen.

1 june 2014 the good and the evil are kind with those they truly love like friends, families husband, girfriedn etc but maybe the good is kinder, sweeter and tender with those he she loves because she hes kind in the frist place while those who are eivl or kinda good kinda evil might be less nice with thse they love because in the frist place theyre evil so they might talk to them like poo from time to time while the good one might never talk trash to somebody they love, they got to much respect for them, the evil its incredible he she is good with those he she lvoes like hes an angel and he she is so evil with others, its crazy, others who dont deserve it , as those who are evil with the evil onely are nice for theyre nice to eveyr kind creature tt those who are evil are ununderstandable, theyre like two different people because with their couple or married couple mates girl friends, boy friends, boyfriends wives girlifriends theyre so like perfect, a dream human, like they are unable to do evil and with tohers they do bullying, threat them so bruttaly, hate them for they are not from that country or make fun and stuff and can be so nice with their kids, cousins, firend,s parents, who ca udnerstand humans apart form YOU YAHWEH?

october 19 2014

what's @ odd @ about men is that we feel compassion for all the humans even though as they don't have our colour , we don't feel close, but as we come from one same speicies, we sort of feel close @ so even if we're brown and know there is brown racism and were or never were victims of that racism , we feel solidarity towards all colours victims of racism @ even if we are not white , yellow, black @ but we are totally oppoed to this @ how come ? it depnds, some from one colour feel close to those from every clolour, as animals from one race who feel close to all the animals from all the animal races @ some humans from one color feel close only to the humans who got that very same colour and feel like they dont know that people who are accoridng to them almost from another world because they fele hthey're stranger to their hearts , for they are different because they have other colors @ lets focus on the part of humankind which got compassion for all the colors who are victims of things similiar to racism ,discriminaiton fr skin, race appearance etc @ they all are form different colours and they got compassion for all the colours, which is an tremendously king hearted quality @ then these same many colours many races who are against discrimination of their family of plenty different colors are discriminating the animals !!! for they come from different physical appearances of colors, races etc !!! so that is not ok !!! so many humans who are so called foreign living outside their so called land and those from that land , are all agaisnt racism, strongly opposed to that, but are totally in favor of animal racism @ that dont make no sense @ for instance humans from carribean who live in nepal are against racism of races burindi + Bosnia-Herzegovina + malvides who all are living in nepal and those from the nepal --race-- are against racism of those from burindi + Bosnia-Herzegovina + malvides who are (foreigns( living in nepal @ so a lot of respect and fraternity here from different types of humans , so all solidaire?? with one another, not jus tone type solidare with another type, but many different types solidaire wiht many different types so very good @ but when it comes to animals : no solidairty at all @ how eird, horrendous double standard : solidairty with all men from all colour,s no problemo, but cero solidarty ca hundred percent discrimination prejudice towards the Animal race @ thats an odd caracteristic of off human brain and soul @ its that those fair humans, relaly fair, got one heart full of compassion for both animals+ humans @ so are against all racism of all the human types humans , against all speicism done to all the types of animals , so are vegans + humanists @ those who got compasison+heart just fo the humankind, to fight against the plenty racism out there towards the different humans , and to fight against all types of discriminatiosn done to their human family in Christ , are un fair @ may YOU orgiv them GOD @ a true philantropist, true good persons = those who don't open their hearts to a few selected and close their hearts to others but true philantropists true good persons = those who can have compasison, respect for any living creature , not trying to think i cant have compasison and respect for you for you're an animal or wait before i know if i'm going to respect you, tell me are you an animal, a human etc @ no nonsense @ just respecting the living beings trying to not see , as blinds, who they are , animals, humans, animals from certain specieis, humans from certain races @ so all those supposedly truly kind humans who are really opposed to humanr acism or better, who are opposed+ activist against human racism seem to be very good human beings and are not very good human beings @ for the good human beings cant deserve death and no right and hell to the animal kindgom and wish the human kind to got plenty of rights, protection and ethical treatment @ so you cant want animals dead and humans alive and be an amazing human being just because you defend humans because if you want humans to live and animals to suffer and died of non natural causes and a lot younger than their real death dates and change their fate for the worst when they could've never been beaten electrouted, abused and lived as happy as pets and long existences and happy and not traumaitzed their soul even after their departure form the earth perhaps, and like forever tortured as gohsts, you cant be a philantropists @ a philantorpists isnt favorable to animal massacre+torture + against human massacre+torture @ a true philantropist is favorable to animal+human liberation @ a true good soul wants the best for all @ a false good human wants the worst for the animals+ the best for humans, that explains why they are animal cannibale eaters @ thats the singular part of this its that when it comes to humans, they dont divide their help, respect, love, solidarty, they want to help indicriminatively @ they dotn say you back off i wont hep you kind 3 of humans, you kind 42 of humans ill be delighted to help no @ but with ANIMLS they think you dogs ill gladly help, you pigs, dont want to help you you dirty little hatefu monsters @ so whats up wiht mankinds brain @ double standards @ never in the human soul should there be double standard @ its by definition irrational unjust tremendouly retarded + tremendously mad @ you are fair with all the humns for you offer your hep to any huan cause, human poor, human vicitms of racism, humans victims of rape, human victims of war =all the humans @ if any human would ask them for help, they'll help , theyl nver refuse any help to anyobody @ for animals they accept to offer their help to dogs but to nobody else @ they refuse to hep those non dogs like helping hens by not buying eggs any longer etc @ so with humans they re how to call this global ? globalists ? when you dont say for this i respect help this i dont respect help ? @ for animals theyre the other way around, they're picky, they are not uniform ? they dotn help all , like they help only thsoe they dont eat so dogs!!! but dont help those they wear, eat, like bulls, cows @ thats weird when humans are opposed to all forms of human injusticies and cruelties but not to all forms of anima cruelties and injsuticies but only to some forms of animals injsuticies, what a non coincidence!!! === dogs only dogs @ defending dogs, or maybe horses, cats, and some other so called friends of the humans , for some caus for all no , not all love hroses, not all lvoe cats etc @ some rpefer cats, some rpefer horses etc @ but for most its just dogs @ this dont mean they lvoe dogs as much as humans @ its just means in their hearts from the biggest love to the smallest its 1 humankind 2 dogs 3 or hroses or cats eor dolphins etc it depends on each human creature @ but itd weird to be global with ones , and totaly unglobal with others @ global with humans not global with animals @ a proof we're too stupid mankind @ for , normally, globals are globals wiht everything, everyone, so gobal iht animals + with humans , or global with humans+animals @ but global just with aniamls and not huamsn or global with humasn and not animals, thats such a proof of our human imbecility+ absurdity+ giant lack of logic !!!!

dec 10 14

us mankind we alays evaluate eveyhting otehrs do, we do, we see, like theres a tv program we wonder is it itneresting c somebody did a book report we read it asking ourselves if its good ect we are so futile that wehn something happens to us we think tis terrible i lost my cellphone its terrible c i paid an expensive plane ticket i didnt know there was a less expensive one thats terrible etc we are such dramaqueens us mankind c imagine your companion dumped you you think its terrible then your phyciahtrist tlels you a story of somethign way worst in thsi table terrible c very bad c bad c good c a bit good c very good c great and they tell you somebody had all their ANIMALS murdered by YAHWEH knows who and mutilated  he human is asked is it way more terrible than what happened to you c of course thinks the person c so you see losing your job , wanting to mruder yourselves for no good reason , when there are animal shoah , tsunamis , humans dying in planes,  etc and we think what is worst what hapened to me like i got in a fight today with somebody and i feel all frustrated mad and stuff or that animals are living a non human animal second world war every second of every day etc so comapring our experiencies which are a tiny little bit bad in our existances with horyfying experiences of others help us to put stuff into perspective because in the table of terrible very bad ect we tend to put every dumb little stuff into the terrible category when terrible is not whats hapening to us but to others c so we should be obective when we evaluate what hapens to us caus we are very unobective most of the time c so that we feel better caus if we put every ltitle nothing in the terrible category hat we are self conditionning ourselves thinking our existanes are horrible because eveyr time something a tiny little bit annoying hapens to us we feel like its a cancer death or end of this earth so we have to try to be less idiotis, wiser and calm down calm cool relax max c and try to see stuff as they realy are : very not as serious as we think and always look at the neighbors of all around this earth x look at their lives which are not live but vomit : enslavement, those raped every single day tonnes of times a day, those creatures treated as objects all the time , and so you'll feel better caus when you think everythign which hapens to you is terrible then you feel all anxious nervous preocupied all the time , you cant live, cant sleep, you and only yourself, your false percecptions of reality ar emaking yourself miserable c thats so dumb caus its not the thigns which hapent o you which are !! so horrible !!!!!!!! but the way we exagerate every little bad stuff c so in fact we got happy existances but our mind, not our reality, just our mind our thoughts, are making eveyrthing look a lot worse than it is c so its sa that the lives of humans are sort of cool but they think they are so uncool because we dont see the reality x we complain for nothing we are depressed and unhappy with everything v lets relax mankind and enjoy the great thigns YAHWEH ofered us and lets stop thinking our existanes are nightamares  

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MessageSujet: Re: n easy to help lives : share, watch, sign, open conciouncess   Mar 11 Mar - 11:35

TERRORISM is the systematic use of terror, violence and threats to intimidate or coerce
“En el agua los humanos se ahogan como le ocurre al pez en la tierra. Es lento, doloroso y aterrador, y se lo hacemos a más de un trillón de peces al año. Ponte en su lugar”
Harboring the idea of owning another living being is in itself an act of violence, and our outer violence toward nonhuman animals, which is so devastating to us all, springs from this idea. The vegan ideal of compassion for all life has as its core this same idea: that we are never owners of others. We can be their guardians, companions, friends, protectors, admirers, and appreciators, and this blesses us far more than we might think. The move from "owner" to "guardian" frees both the "owners" and the "owned," and establishes the foundation for peace, freedom, and justice. We are all harmed by the culturally mandated ownership mentality that reduces beings to mere commodities, whether for food, clothing, entertainment, or the myriad of other uses. It is long past time for us to awaken from the cultural trance of owning our fellow beings, and instead see ourselves as their guardians. This is the very essence of compassion, sanity, and healthy relationships with nonhuman animals and with each other. I am grateful for and support IDA's Guardian Campaign as an essential step in our individual and collective evolution to a brighter tomorrow for our children, and for the children of all our fellow beings."

dec 7 14

we are so obssessed with milk, cheese, eggs, cant we see mankind its like eating humans vomit, pope etc , its too disgusting, milk eggs are thigns which come out of the behind of cows, hens x this is disugsting c humans really dont you see cow and hens are cows and hens, and not human , dont you think if you're more than 1 year old you shouldt be drinking milk and you cant go to drink the milk of human beings sucking their breats bcause you are not babies and if you love milk so much you are so obssesed with that caus you want to put milk in almost everthing you eat, then why are you chicken, why dont you go suck the cows breats ? its so full of microbes and stuff, its like drinking pee ho wants milk = who wants pee ! me me of me too and me me! we all want that pope, that rubbish! we 're alienated!! eggs < balls coming out from the animals behind, we want to eat that ? then if you re incredibly obsesed with eggs, you put eggs in almsot verythign, why arent you couraeous enough omnivore umankind to go to take the eggs hens have just made and eat it just liek that with everythign an the shell ? why do we need the transformaiton of mik and stuff, if it was so edible so delicious so belonging to the human nutrition then why transform it, why not just drinking the same way it comes out of the COW's breasts just like this, no transformation whatsoever ? would you imagine us crazy mankind drinking this milk so this garbage sucking the COWS's breasts??? we are loony! COWS arent human mothers !!! we are not baby VEALS ! ! ! we are ridiculous really caus we are giantly incoherent with this contradiction, nonsense of being not able to drink the milk like SAINT VEALS do, and by transforming it c we know its waste, thats why we're afraid of eating the waste jsut like that and we want tot ransform it so that its sort of ok for our health sort of edible, sort of correct but it aint caus < illuminati so its always going to be eating garbage,eating eggs,milk c dont matter all the transformations c if you eat from a garbage, you can wash ti, you can do whatever you wish, you'll still be eating waste v we are mad , and then cheese , oh its so disgusting the taste! its like vomi or soemthign, it smells so bad, it has such an odd taste , no wonder some humans hate it x but just a minorit of less conormsits caus the giant majority< the sheep robots have been indoctrianted with < cheese is delicous become obsessed with it, put some in everything, just become so osbesed you cant live without eating cheese not even in one meal x this indcotrination sucks caus that make us even more murderers than we already are caus we kill too many cows , because of this demonic mentally handicapped craziness, its so weird, its the milk so the waste vomit transformed into one thing that tastes as bad as it smells c we are so imbecile this human race that th satanists or whoever they are could brainwash us with the most disgusting crazy thigns ever and at no point most of us so he tremendously brainwashed would ever have a clue or somethign x like i they had made to us brainwashign of : eat human poo, its so delicious, it semlls and tastes very good, a similar brainwashign of eat the cows 'poo' which is cheese c so we are too dub to even apprehend anything just a little bit like wonder, is it not disgusting to eat poo? no caus we are way too mindless hanks to all the indcotrinatiosn , caus without them we'd have probably more grey matter v so we would almost all the humanc reatures of this planet be eating pope right now , caus if we're able to eat cheese, eggs wich taste+smell horibly, like puke, then we'd be able to receive any nut mentally retarded indoctrinaitons like buy poo, eatanimals+humans poo, eat humans, eat land, eat waste , eat any stuff YAHWEH refuses us to eat , if we were brainwashed with extreely disgusting sexual practises like suck the breasts of human beings, the penises of huamn beigns and many crazy brainwashings, drink alcohol, wiv,e all these liquids which taste so horribly, then we could be brainwashed with an infinite number of very cruel, nut, abnormal things because the only part of humankind who cant and never was indcotrinated wth this is the small minority of all types of anticonformsits caus they dont conform to the whole race as they do differentyl like not eating cheese, not drinking milk, never had sex, never drunk alcohol, , all types of anticnformsits from cero to 888, if we take the base 888 as the maximum

we are complete pshycopathes we find totally nroaml to murder living beigns, our family for fun like bullfights, if many humans wre aked do you find bullfight against YAHWEH YOur Creator, veyr inumane adn stuf flike that, no, not really b do you think ti shoudl be forbiden , would you like to go to one ? i never went to one but why not , it could be fun x we ae true phsycopath, all of us who love bullfight and other animal cruelties like eating the flesh of our family , wearing leather we should really be in a jail for demented inumane sub beings caus if we love all these things we are non humans, and non humane CC drinking ANIMALS's milk < drinking pee

F 28 2015

they’re trying to mruder us, illuminiat complot because they made us addicted to salt cheese sugar  we are mentally sick with that, mentally addicted because its ridiculous the amount of salt sugar fats oil cheese everywhere!!! Very rare very hard to find salt free sugar free ect products and even if its salt free I contains sugar, if its fat free, it contains salt ect they put in most stuff too much salt too much fat too much sugar too much oil , they know it will make us sick, hats why they put all this in our so called food : to make us sick & murder the human race I they are sick in the head!!! They know we are not as a species made to eat that much salt fat sugar cheese, they know we can and msut eat very tiny amount salt sugar fat everyday, then why they put that in every single thing!!!! Can you find at least one product in so called grocery stores so called health food stores so called organic stores= not stores= bins!!! Bins we put in our mouths! If its supposedly healthy, the health food stores, then why do they put tones of salt, sugars, fat in everything and why cant they make really healthy products because there’s so much junk food in so called health food stores!!! The almost same junk food than in non organic stores I caus if it was healthy then itd be so different from grocery stores in general and there’d be nothing like in those stores and they’re be tones of sugar free fat free salt free products or they’re be only that !!!! its like grocery store is 100% dust , and so called health food store is like 98% dust!!! They want money, it’s not that they ant make healthy food, its that they refuse to make healthy food caus it’s so easy to sell healthy food, they make us eat not really food, veggies and stuff but salt sugar fat, oil that’s it I with a little bit of good stuff like oat, carrot, any veggie but its not 100% veggie, its like 99% salt sugar fat and 1% veggie I they sell dead animals in those so called health food stores I this aint healthy this is killing us I they sell cheese and many dust in those health food stores + any non health food grocery store I that’s why if humans look for healthy food, different food, its no use to go buy in health food stores caus its hardly better than any other store I its just trash can I

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MessageSujet: Re: n easy to help lives : share, watch, sign, open conciouncess   Sam 29 Nov - 12:47

de 7 14

YAHVE the omnivores are so cruel please make them all die they are such monsters, they ar too wicked too demonic they dont wan to udnerstand nothing! they are mruderes they should all die make them all die sot hat there are only vegans on earth so that all the ANIMALS are free and not abuse and have torture free physcial existances please
pedophily worst than rape? difcult philosphical dilema
tender human contact

de 7 14

omnivore lie, stop lying , stop being de mauvaise foie ??? they say they eat their non human animal family because of their worry for their health, come on this is prue lie vv they are for isntance 18 kilos overweight, go to bed at 1 : 37 , dont workout, smoke 6 cigarettes a day , they mean they care for their health for one thing only : omnivor diet, and for the rest they don't ? this seems hardly posible , human bieng <contradiction so this could be posible but lying's a sin . YAHWEH. so please be honest, when you eat animals its by selfishness taste and that's it c not because you're health obsessed, spend big amoutns of time reading health magazines, health books , searching for data about improving one's health, like everytie omnivores hear read one stuff like this is bad for the human ehalth, ok i'm not going to do that anymore, this is excelent for health, i'm going to do this c no they dont c some or many caniblae somnivores couldn't care les about their heath c so please just say the truth, stop lying to all+yourself , your health don't matter to you, you don't care about getitng sick, living less years caus you may thing living til 76 or 72 its the same your old you dont want to live because you think elderly sucks big time so you're happy your killing yourselves in the sense of making yourself sick because of your bad lifestyile and living less earth time caus you dont see the point in living mroe if it's living being very old caus old can't think a lot, not very well, walk, are like handicapped, babies, ect c but really if all those caniblaes=eating non humans, cared about their halth they'd be thin, go to bed at like 21 H 34 etc if those animal eaters would todya right now decide to stop smoking stop being sedentaire stop yelling all the time when they could speak like civilized ectthey drink one and a half bottle of alcohol a day , they woudl sotp doing that, they dont atch the road when they drive they watch their cell phones etc if right now theyd ecided to sotp this ang adopting a vegan diet then obviously vegans would have to believe them : they are truly trying to be healthy and to take care of their bodies v those who live in the night, sleep in the day , who eat like their breakfast at 17 andn dinenr at 9 am , are destroying their bodies because this is veyr dnagerous, it gives feeling of feeling very weird, ba, like they want to throw up all the time, relaly feeling sick, making them sick by this terrible lifestile c why are you cannibla ev because i give so much improtance to my health x false !!!! f they ould liv in the day, sleep at night , eat their breakfast at like 7 : 30 am , dinner at 18 : 30 , and be vegans nobody could not deny they're taking care of themselves c those omnivores canibales who pretend they give a lot of importance to their health and eat between meals many times a day , like they eat 9 meals instead of 3 and who eat from 19 to 12 pm , til jsut before going to bed and they gp to bed at about 12 am and they know very well that eating between meals is unhealthy, maybe it makes humans who do this live less who knows , they know eating mroe than three meals is unhealthy, maybe those who do this live elss or less well an get ill etc , they know all this b they know that plenty of thigns they do are very unhealthy or unhealty and could makes less good their physycial health and well beign and some of the thigns they do diminsh their life expectancy and they don't give a toss and they want to make vegans beleive they do everythign to be healthy becase they follow a cnaibale diet ???? !!! what a false coincidence, in all the ereas of their health, they do nothign to be healthy or very little, an just for what they put in their mouths, they care about their health, ya rigth v imagine the same being who knws never working out reduce life exactancy + drink 1 bottle of alcohol a day+ has to lose 28 kilos + goes to bed aat 2 : 20 every night + live sin the night+ smokes 4 cigarettes every day + doesnt go out on the sun to have vitamin d + yells most of the time, and hardly ever speak +gets very mad very often ect they expect vegans to believe they are omnivores for one single main reason : want to live a very long veyr healthy life, not to get sick ; please go vegan and then omnivors you'll be very healthy , then you won't be lying , you'll truly try to become healthy c going to bed very late, sleeping when humans souldn't sleep, sleeping too few hours , humans shouls sleep like 10 hours or somethign some say 8 but its not enough, all of this destoys the hearth, one has more risks to develop a heart disease, the ehart is the weekest thing in the human physcail body an i what enables beigns to remain alive and so sleeping bad very late etc gives heart diseases and kills of heart attacks so of omnivores would care about their health they'd go to bed early, sleep enough ect because the heart is so week that its the body part humans should take more care of than the rest, but shoudl take  wwlel care of their whole bodies so if some or tonnes of omnivre sleep badly, go to bed when they shoudltn , ake up when they should be sleeping ect stay too many hours awake, sleep too few hours, when they know this could kill them, and they care about eating animals milk honey eggs for their survival and health ? no caus terrible sleep is what could kill them way more than  non omnivore diet as vegan diet= excellent, sleep terribly = kills or make live less, and gives heart diseases c if ones does soethign ba to the heart its over, no more life c caus you can have problems anywhere else but the heart is so fragile c they think they doa lot of goof to their heart with caniblae diet v not at all c this destrys their heart, + all the rest of their bodies which is les week than the heart c they're mixed up c its not the omnivore diet whch is very good and the vegan diet which is horrible for the health but the other way round

humans we destroy love on earth
She greatly enjoys being remembered for her early work,

just enjoy this last year of anonymity, because afterward you're not going to be able to pump your own gas"

if you trying very hard you can succeed in anything

its not the blonds ith big boobs, the athletes ho're stupid, but all of us , this humanity

i wana do something special for somebody who's wonderful ,and dedicated and yet completel unapriciated

for most of us there is no future

we do not know what we can do, we can do way more than we believe

love thme hug the, no atter what colour we are, we're ll the same, its whats under the skin tat counts,  we're all humans, even the animals, we sut not offend anyone, save the dolphins, save the whales, save your cans and bottles for recycling, go creatures!

i need a doule dose of self esteem

we dont get to sit down all day
we got half a brain

we must do our one good deed for th day
our ignorance and mental handicap is desitrying the earht we re destroying the earth

suena a locura this sounds nuts

our midns are too small the human mind is too small

You have just taken a big step toward helping sheep and other animals who are used for their wool. Visit and the PETA Mall to find cruelty-free clothing and accessories. Please share on Facebook. Ask your friends and family members to join you in making compassionate choices a part of everyday life. Need more inspiration for stocking your wardrobe with compassionate fashions this year? Check out our compassionate clothing guide.

d 18 14

POR FAVOR consuman ? consumen ? sin curuelda,d compren moda sin crueldad , lavense sin crueldad, traguen sin crueldad, por el amor de DIOS ! sil vous plait consommez sans cruauté, laevez vous sans cruauté, lookez vous sans cruauté, mangez sans cruauté, pou l’amour de DIEU!!!!
Il y a des omnivore qui aiment peu les animaux, omnivores qui aime moyen les animaux, omnivore qui aiment aucunement lesanimaux y ya domnivore qui aiment a fond les animaux ? mis a part les omnivore futur véganes dont els ame sont vegane v sans doute pas car omnivore qui aime énormément animaux < futur végane donc ceux ayant les ames veganes dès la naissance ( omnivore aimant a fond animaux = devenir végan ? donc aucun omnivore aime a fond les animaux ? car en les aimant a fond, pas posible de continuer d’etre un meurtrier ?

This man really is rally less stupid than most of us earth humans because he uses tones of his money to save animals and most of us billionair,s millionaires are so heartless, so half wit that we don’t want to give nothing to the beings who are oppressed, enslave,d murdered, we are so egoistic, all the billionaires millionaires should do what sam simon does, he saved so many live!s!! YAHWWEH bless you sam, you’re a true human

D 20 14

salut espèces des univers
hola species de los universes
together we can do it

ainsi soit-il así sea; ça y est! ¡ya está!;
n'est-ce pas? ¿verdad?;

tirer profit de quelque chose sacar provecho de algo
au bout du fil al otro lado del aparato;

faux frais
gastos imprevistos, gastos extra
• à son escient loc adv a sabiendas, a ciencia cierta

ensemble tous on peut le faire , on peut tout
juntos todos, lo podemos, lo podemos todo
[su] m

1 fam perra; au s. la livre proporcionalmente, a prorrateo;
être sans un sou estar sin blanca.
2 Loc: propre comme un s. neuf limpio como los chorros del oro
humanos abnegados
si vous difusez pas car vous vous en contre cognez des animaux, vous avez pas de cour ? peut etre nul le sait, vous non plus v le seul qui le sait est sans doute TOI YAHVE t refuser de difuser des chose d’une tele importance peut signifier que vous etes pas sensible a la soufrance crée par l’homme de vos prochain c que ça vous indifère au plus haut point t que se passe til dans vos cœur vous tous qui demander de pas recevoir ces appel a l’aide v en avez-vous v vous avez une empathie nulle < égale a zéro ? vous soufrez nulement en voyant vos frere et sœur soufrir ? aparemment oui car vous dite vous moquez de ces supposé imbécillité, d’après vous t
que votre geste lui arrive droit au cœur.

Devenue l’icône mondiale de la lutte pour l’éducation des humain, Malala Yousafzai, a reçu le prix Nobel de la Paix ambassadrice de l’ONG Plan.

appelle à intensifier l’effort global pour faire respecter les droits de chaque enfant.

À l'occasion de la symbolique Journée Internationale des Droits de l'Homme, l'actrice indienne et ambassadrice de PLAN, Freida Pinto, a remis à Malala Yousafzai le prix Nobel de la Paix. Son courage est une véritable source d'inspiration pour de nombreuses filles à travers le monde qui luttent pour leur droit à l'éducation.

Son message de paix et d'espoir est le bienvenue à l'approche des fêtes de Noël. Alors que nous exprimons nos vœux à nos proches, ayons également une pensée pour les enfants du monde entier.

Everyone dont see the reality the same way
Tous voient pas la réalité de la meme facon
Odos no ven la reaidad del mismo modod, no perciben la realidad de la misma forma

Il faut choisir son chemin,
Suivre son destin

Aller cœur inassouvi, vivre la vie

Aimer sans frein, ni tabou
Jusqu'au bout du bout
Jusqu'à l'ivresse

Avec un sourire

Il faut vivre, à pleine ame
Une forêt d’alléluia
Croire à l'espoir qui bat le noir
Jouer gagnant, à cœur portant

prendre tout son temps
Pour vivre l'instant

Vouloir les choses qu'on a
Celles qu'on a pas

Tenter le chemin de gloire
Jusqu'à la victoire

On est jamais vraiment certain
De ses pensées, de son instinct
Mais malgré tout, il faut tenter
Il faut avoir la foi en DIEU
La vie, l'amour, la liberté
C’est la meilleur choze au monde , c’est le plus beau cadeau que TU nous a fait YAHVE, nous aimer , nous doner des être a aimer tel que les magnifique animaux
how an experience or set of experiences taught you about the environment you live in, changed your perspective or inspired you to do something differently for the environment.

d 22 14

the most itneligent are those ho take resolutions, herest e're dumb

los que son muy sensibles a la bodnad son buenso proque peisnan hay que bueno o sea buscan la bodnad osea automaitcamente ellos mismos lo son , analisis , aunque no porque muchos malos dicen hay que buen ese ahumano qu acabo de concoe,r o de tele, o amigo mio ect

we want to petend that everybodys ncie evything sperfect on earth in december january eah year, lets stop rpetending wwe're blind we know we're nature killers or animals or both, human killers, we know all the wars, we know they dotn sotp for the demonic celebration called chritmas which really is the evil one'smas , we know plenty human son earth are evil+ourselves and we dont stop for decemebr janayr, we are jsut as evil as usual, earth destruction by us mankind, beigns destruction by us, were scuh saints ind ecemebr ? so why are we mrudering animals, this is not  saint's thign, this is a demon's thing, we murder us perfect lil angels turkeys, ducks, geese, we're so perfect ? it aint oru fautl we're oo half wit to beleive this, its indoctrination of for chritmas everybodys perect, we're perfect, everythign o cool and there is only epace, respec,, friendhsip, lies!!!

darcy misjudged karen darcy (est tropé sur le compte de karen (

on a il y a aps d'exlication

inexplicable inexpliqué

inexplicablement inexpliqué

explicablement inexplicable

inexplicable what does it mean we cant get it ? or we cant explain it ? it has diferent meanings ?

she carried her rage (elle a véhiculé sa rage(

jan 9 15

it doesnt even touch you in the least bit

you may be my brother and you may be my son but this is a woman, a woman im not related to

jan 11 2015

are we sick in our mindz < some ? many ? human beings we think we're never guilty < we think tey behaved bad we behaved well < we have to say we're sorry ? no , they have to < they have imagined in their headz we have been bad < we supposedly havent < we have hurt ohters ? no, others alwayz hurt us < tlel sorry you guys if you want, i will never say im sorry, i have no faults , i have nothing to feel sorry about < we think things like this < we hva efights sometimes < we ting our conduct is not in cause < the conduct of the others alwayz < we dont think we're right half of the time or 77 percnet of the time < we think we're right alwayz < in all troubles with the others < he's mad at you < why ? i did nothign wrong < they got angry for nothing, they imaginate , they are fantasist, supodedly < they read things into things they shouldnt < they dream < we suposedly have no flaw < we think we're Yeshua !!! weird indoctrination of the ? most ? human race <

we think theyre's unity < we're dreaming < where did we get that < that's insane < we think its candy's universe < we think we're all borthers sisterz < of coruse we are but we say it as if we felt it < no < we speak as pupets < we say < we are sisters brotherz < we dont believe that in our soul ,, we only speak to speak ,, we lie to ourselvez caus we think in a nation , the one we live in , any nation so , we think we all are friendz , we all are a family because of the nation , that they naiton makes us a family all together, strong full of love < we became insane!!!! all the strangerz looking meanly at others strangerz everywhere in each nation ,, all the humans in study places , workplaces , public places , everywhere < we are sick < we look at them like we tell them im mad at you, i hate you , i want you to live, you aint welome ehre < why ??? they are strangers!!! his is the nation's unity , love , solidarity ? this is brothers sisters ? hahaha ,, we think we all have respect for each other ,, racism is brothers sisters ? fighting over silly stuff = borthers sisters ? we drive, get mad at other drivers, insult them = love, unity, family ?? ? ? unfortunately we dream of a bisounours universe that isnt there < do we turly believe in that bisounours unvierse or we are enormous hypocrites who know there is no unity love, but only despise and we jsut want to pretend by acting like acotrs actresses, like puppets repeating sentences like we really feel like a strong family a strong lovefor all the human beigns of our respective nation , just not feeling the words, just repeating as a parrot ? we are joking!!!! we have no respect for the beings who are muslim, jewish ect and we look at them so meanly, we dont jsut look at them like that, we think about them meanly while we look at them with disrespect , & we hav the guts to say , our naiton, you all are citizens of our nations, we love you all , we feel so close all together ,, its very sectarian for we dont say we're close + love to all the human beigns of this world, we say we love+ feel close to the human beingz who are citizens of our so called respective nation ,, we all love each other in a brotherly manner all the human beigns of each naiton ? then why terorrism, deliquents ect this is not love, this is huge disrespec,t violence, mental retardness , meanness ect ,, everywhere in every place there is hatred or anger or verbal or physical fights, obcenity like gestures with the finguers or wort obcenities, humans in train taking off their bras or pants so that the humans can see their body parts ,, sin GOD ,, humans doing grafitis, stealing things, humans insult other humans,, all of this inside each nation so no, no borther sister love of the citizens of the respective nation at all,, lets stop lying,,

he's the greatest ?? on earth ?? pis?, kiss?,

solidarity is the most important thing yeah ?

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MessageSujet: Re: n easy to help lives : share, watch, sign, open conciouncess   Ven 9 Jan - 4:58

j 9 15

wait a minute, did he just say something clever < hes very stupid
and when he ?? therez not gona be a safe place on this earth fro you to hide
who could be blamed for afflicting
generosity of spirit
you cant let them get away with that
youre blakmalining me thats not nice - so ?

he's got a guilty conscience

you wont share ? wait for last jdugement

ou wont share ? last judgement YAHWEH's jaudgement

do you think of me as a mean person
im a horible horible woman , the worst, i dont think i have a heart

what do you think of me , wht do you mean , wll you known me for quite a few yearz no, you msut have formedsome opinion of me, well i think youre a very nice person

isnt that wrong - no its perfectly fine and anyone that tries to tell you diferent  is wrong

it is your mother ,did you think id object, what kind of a person do you think i am

you realy hav to look at the big picture

hes going crazy with jelousy

i came here in search of stimulating conversation

we're sisters - arent we all

jan 10 2015

a problem free earth

i just have some questions about GOD & stuff wat religion are we - my dad was lutehr, my mom was jewish - so what do we beleive - we believ in being good so basically we're good people - yeah but we're not practicing -

charlie hebdo+ rehenes in france+all what heppnes january 2015 france retnedios in a store , =?illuminati? at least the vil one, for sure

itiotic fool/neanderthal, you can’t face the fact that your un-evolved

JAN 11 2015

if there was a trrorist attack on animals on a building full of non human animals, polic would be there not to save the animals because hardly anybody cares bu because they'd think that if they're able to murder animals, they may be able to murder humans - so itd be just to take away the weapons of the animl terorrists and they would probably not put them in jail for or you're a threat to the humans or you're not a threat -

we are so self sentenred its all about our anger of the self the self the self+ the tiffs with the acquantances - thats all that matters - even in a time of earth war, or terrible conflict, or so called natual catastrophe caused by the enemy+them , wed be confined into our little stress,tifs of our mind  only thinking about the dislik we feel after tiffs and really wouldnt even giv a thought to the world war , animal war , any sort of terrible drama happening on the earth we live in - so this is an insult for this is so huge this is what should cause un enormous anger, nor our tiny little insignficiant set - to we have often or had a ''today' and that today , and all the days aroudn that day, there is a war a mass mruder, terrorists atacks all around the earht but that doesnt matter to us - this is tiny to our backwardz tiny little futile mindz in comparision to mass genocides, tnunamis and stuff - thats why is like we'd tlel them tu f ,,, off or something like we 'd be tellign them w dont care about you, die,you can all die for all we care! because the very same there everywhere in newspapers tv news computer everywhere they're talkin about those terrible dramas , we're in our anger we're wasting our energy in thnking about those backwards little set offs rather than thinking about those beignz - how come we can be so blindly stupid!!!!! of course in a balance, our tiny set offs are nothing in comparision to dramas of this world!!! so this meanz when we should be using our energy in a great way like keeping informed about our brothers siters getting mrudered by animal terrorists, human terrorists ect we should be rpaying for them so that the hostages arenot killed and nobod is killed - we just keep going round and round all thsoe stupid unwise mean angry futile thoughts in our headz even if every time we turn on tv its all about the terorrism the warz + the same for non humans on the net- we're extremely egocentric - jsut me me me - our tiny everyday fight dezerv acording to us more atneiton to our soul+heart than any genocide, any injsuice - wow - our existence is a minute circle, not the giant circle of the earth - so there is not the other trillion of beings - therez just our self our self our self  - nobody else matters - just oru self+ the self of those we care about - thats why we cant focus on the horrible thinds of the earth - thats why our minute troubles seem giant to our minds - we should fucos on those horrible things - those thigns should precisely help us to see our problems thoruh another perspective, see them as what tey are , ludicrous - because we'd be like : our respective self is so angry right now, oh wow w're gona explode as a bomb - and then we read the enwspaper - oh our respective self tells ourself, im beign silly, look how can i get so stressed out over nothing when huamns are doing this to this poor animal+human + veggie genders - oh i m a stop now, im being to frivolous- and so we could focus our mind in thigns that truly matter & be more opened, less self centered for we would stop focusing on our minuteproblems  focus on the giant porbmes ofothers like as they're going to ,get killed, what cna we do to help, give food, money, prayers, water, ect or become animalitarian humanitarian vegetablaitarian - caus we are so ill mentally - we are so mad for nothign its like we are terorists, dictator,s mad , really extremely beside ourselves - we almost hit the beigns who got us mad or we hit the wall, w breka stuf, we say insults or yell - really even if we dont hit break ect we are beign very mentally + psysically furious - we are just like those animal or human murderers in those moemnts - we feel like there is not the rest of the animal&human gender - we feel like there is jsut ourself mad nobody else mad - nobody else got any trouble - too self centered caus we cant be thinking about other thigns beings ect - we are too backwardsz as a spiecies to be focusing on plenty other things we can think about one thign at a time and too backardz to think about other beigns or thigns being who are very much enslaved beaten ect when we are so mad - so our self centerdness is kiling us human kind - we are behaving like our minute problem squabble is like a tsunami, a war, - as terrible as any terrorist attack, animal or human genocide - no is not as improtant - we are crazy + backwards!!! because we think its like the sky falling on us, or hell, or end of world - because we yell we hit or get mad or insult or break stuff as if it was that serious - and we are really like murderers psychos creeps because we are ver violent very mad like the enemy of GOD - naturally, we are with him -

there is double standard here il

we smile to our stranger bothers sitrs in public places but we dont know if they're terrosites animal or human mruders rappists ect

Jan 11 2015

pleaze if you're not illuminati agents but real police agents military agents, pleaze dont use dogs - they can get murdered by the terrorists when the dogs are with you working - you guys may all be illuminati agents anyway so all a giant joke - caus you all know all thsoe terrosits attacks are fake, fake terrorists, illuminatis so you all pretend you dont know where are the terorist,s pretend you're looking for them in a country or in the whole earth - the rpesident all anxious, trying to think about how findign them, clming the populaiton - ya right - reptilian - so its not even like the dogs are going to die as heroes because its all a farce!!!!!a manigance! so the illuminati fake secret agents or somethign are going to kill their illuminati friedns the false terorists and so themselves the fake police or whatever+the dogs are going to die - unless some of them are real police who dont know nothing about he illuminati and stuf - plez you can do it all by yourselves - yo dont need dogz - lets make a petition so that no non human=no dog are sued all around the eart, nowhere on earth for any work - not only dangerous works but all other works - dogs of blinds, dogs for the scurity agents in store,s malls, police dogs, ect when those illuminati suposedly terrorists put their bombs and stuff, us sectarian mankinds everywhere + tv news, newspapers, internet ec we dont speak about all the victims : the animal victims caus there could ve been rats, mice, stray epts ect or pets in the buidligns or next to the buildingz where the bomb exploded so we are really not kind for we should speak about (((alll=== the victims = their speicies dont matter - we dont do a march on the streets in memory of (((alll))) the victims - just the human victims - tremendosuly unfair - we dont pray for the peace of ""al---- the victims - we donte ven think about them, remmber them - jsut because they were non humanes - destiny ! sad funy destiny! if those rats, cats ect had been humasn - if those humans ahd been no humans - now we'd be crying, rpaying, showing solidarity, cocnern for all those victims who in the other destiny were non humans hwo are in this destiny are humans - and vice versa - we show solidarity toward the whole nation where this happens + especially the friends and family but not for the friends family of the non human victims - may GOD forgive us sectarians double standard hearts -

JAN 11 2015

we are really unwise stuid how can we say while seeing the pics of mruderers terroists rapits, they got psychos fces - they got mruderes face they got creep faces, animal killer faces  - its the void no sense - when they were born theywere babies, then kids ect they couldnt have murderer fces ect when bbie,s teens, never - because you could have been a good person and then become a mruderer ect - so the faces cant change first be a non psycho face caus they're not psychos yet and then transform into a pycho face - i dosnt mean athign - the evil one disguises into sheep clothes - there you go then - anyone who got any type of face can be aterrosit, mruder ect - inf act ther eis no type of face in the sense that allf aces are jsut, normal ! anybody you see can be a terrosist - somebodies who rpetend to be priests , some who prentend to be good, anyone - tere is no evilf ace nice face is it - there is jsut faces - the same goes for bodies - there" no evil body nice body - therez bodies - evil eyes nice eys - jsut eyez - so really

murdered in cold blood for defending free speech nn this evil must stop  
every where we go the sun ill alwayz shine


get a grip ! im completely gripped!

you did have kind of a point about , ;

you know its moments like this that bring us together as a cast ( they work in tv program

he comes in the defense of all beings because he knows
there are no descent guys in this world - there never has been & there never wil be

why should i give a d ,,, about her feelings if she doesnt even care about mine

im a horribl ungrateful daughter youre all powerful and all and im nothing but dirt at Your feet n plae oh pleaze have mercy on me oh Great one

the hole matter is behind us its as if th whol thing never existed

yea i can fight my own battlez

lessons of GOD = always share, never treat living beingz like crap

wait, so you're like cool with this?

no mor lying

jan 10 2015

this is not rational - if there was terrorist atack in one place called kk the presidents politicians of other places tell the resident of kk how sory they are - this is sectarianism ina  sense and no in another sense - its absurd we're citizens of the earth why would we tell our condeoleances to thsoe fromm kk all the People of kk if the ones who died in kk are citizens of this universe - so anyone of earth should tell anyone how sory they are they lost borthers siters in the atack - not just to the beings+politician sof kk - it doenst make no sense - brainwashing of the country the belonging to it , the feeling of being a family a patrie because we belong to one counry - really no one is more from kk - those living in kk, those living out of it - all the beigns of the earth are from kk , from anywhere everywhere - so there is no sense in telling those from there we're sory you lsot - no its no you lsot caus you lsot comaptirote from kk and you're from kk - not --you --lost -we all-- lost members of our family, of GOD - we sould all feel cocnernd not only those from kk should feem concerned - this should be a huge shock for everyone not only for the kk citizens
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MessageSujet: Re: n easy to help lives : share, watch, sign, open conciouncess   Mer 25 Avr - 8:54

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MessageSujet: Re: n easy to help lives : share, watch, sign, open conciouncess   Lun 14 Mai - 11:10

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MessageSujet: Re: n easy to help lives : share, watch, sign, open conciouncess   Ven 25 Mai - 9:18


Mel Lawrenz is an author and Minister at Large and former Senior Pastor at Elmbrook Church in Brookfield, WI. His latest book is A Book of Prayers for Kids.


Some of the most dramatic stories we tell in our books and movies and legends involve the transformation of a person into something entirely different. There is Beauty and the Beast, Dr. Jekel and Mr. Hyde, and endless science fiction stories of creatures that change shape or species. We love these stories, perhaps because we all know we need dramatic change.

We get our word transformation from the Greek metamorphosis which means to change form. The writers of the New Testament use the word to describe the very best thing that can happen to a person: a change for the better. Not just a slight improvement or a change of attitude, but a true reshaping of a whole life: mind, heart, behavior, attitude, values, relationships, character. This is a work of the Holy Spirit, and it goes on for a lifetime. It is a qualitative change of life from the inside out, what the apostle Paul calls “the fruit of the Spirit” which includes “love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodnesss, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control.”

The idea of living the Bible holds this prospect: that God’s word spoken into the core of our lives with power and repetition, is the way of transformation.

Some people don’t think they need God’s help to change. Just “turn over a new leaf” or dig deep and make some new resolutions. While we should respect the intent of those who want to make real changes, we should remember that true change, real transformation, can only occur when simple human willpower is overwhelmed by the power of God. We are up against the powerful deforming effects of sin and the considerable forces of evil.

No wonder we often quote Romans 12:2. “Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed (metamorphoo) by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is —his good, pleasing and perfect will.” Here we have a clear two-fold option. The world (“this age”) has a definite shape or pattern—a morphe. With no divine influence or intervention we will be shaped by the world, its values, behavior patterns, and mindset. There is no such thing as indeterminacy. Every person is shaped and influenced. We will “conform” unless we are “transformed.”

The alternative is to come under the transforming influence of God. To undergo transformation. The heart of spiritual transformation is the intentional, sustained re-patterning of a person’s life after the pattern set out by God when he created human beings in his image. God is the shaper. He formed the universe by his will and word, and he intends to re-shape people who have gotten misshapen by sin. Jesus proclaimed the life-transforming power of God every time he healed twisted limbs, made the blind see, multiplied fish and bread, and called Lazarus out of the tomb.

The “renewing of your mind” Paul talks about reminds us that God’s work is restorative. God is changing things back to the way they were meant to be in the first place. “Mind” is the core of our inner lives where our motives and values reside, and where beliefs are formed and decisions are made. The very worst human biases and malice and evil are at the core, and so it takes a perpetual work of God—at the core—that makes transformation possible.

Transformation is not a method, but there are things we can do to welcome and foster the work of God in reshaping us.

First, we should set aside any superficial cliches about changed lives. It is easy to use the words of transformation. Christian leaders especially are inclined to speak easily about “changing the world.” But humility is the order of the day. Any overconfidence in ourselves will undermine the prospect of transformation. Any pride about a few behaviors changed will set us up for a fall. The one thing Jesus would not tolerate was self-righteousness.

Second, we should commit to lifelong patterns of connection with God. Scripture reading must be a continual pattern. So also prayer. We have to have faith that bit by bit we are coming under the influence of God as we read, pray, worship, serve. All good growth is incremental. Ask your kid what he or she learned in school on any given day, and the response may be “nothing,” but at the end of the school year a whole lot is learned. Education is formative. Spiritual growth is formative. You may not be able to see the growth of that tree in your backyard on any given day, but year by year the good work of growth goes on.

Third, look for opportunities for growth spurts. You may have a personal pattern for reading Scripture and meditating on it and studying it. You may listen to the Sunday sermon intently week after week looking for whatever nugget of gold you may take away. But be watching for the occasional course or seminar or conference that will give you a boost.
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MessageSujet: Re: n easy to help lives : share, watch, sign, open conciouncess   Ven 25 Mai - 12:45


Dr. Mel Lawrenz is Minister at Large for Elmbrook Church and Director of The Brook Network. His writings may be found at WordWay.


Three sources of false teaching: opportunism, ill-founded speculation, and legalism. Important to understand!

(Adapted from How to Understand the Bible: A Simple Guide)

When I was young in the faith, I had a deep hunger to find the truth of God because I had tasted it, it was deeply satisfying, and I sensed that my soul was just waiting to be revived from some kind of hibernation. So I sought out different Christian teachers and preachers, read some best-selling books, and sampled Christian radio teaching. But I was unsettled by the feeling I sometimes had that the Bible teaching I was hearing seemed only loosely linked with the biblical text, and it was peculiar, out of sync, and did not have the “ring of truth” I experienced when reading Scripture itself.

Some years later, I came to the conclusion that the “smell test” needs to be taken seriously. If we are exposed to teaching that just doesn’t “smell” right, then we ought to proceed carefully. Maybe the teaching is sound and we just need to get in sync with it, or it may be that our “noses” are all right and we’re hearing that most dangerous thing—false teaching.

The Bible itself speaks of “false teaching.” There is a difference between truth and falsehood, and when it comes to Bible interpretation, there is a lot of teaching that is garbage—and it smells that way.

So how can we know if someone is giving false teaching from the Bible?

First, we need to watch out for opportunists. Teachers who gain illicitly from their teaching need to be avoided. It is amazing, really, how many masses of people will follow someone who is manipulative, grossly greedy, and dishonest. They promise prosperity if others make them prosperous, and they laugh all the way to the bank. The short epistle of Jude offers a stark analysis of this kind of false teaching:

These people are blemishes at your love feasts, eating with you without the slightest qualm—shepherds who feed only themselves. They are clouds without rain, blown along by the wind; autumn trees, without fruit and uprooted—twice dead. They are wild waves of the sea, foaming up their shame; wandering stars, for whom blackest darkness has been reserved forever. … These people are grumblers and faultfinders; they follow their own evil desires; they boast about themselves and flatter others for their own advantage. (Jude 12-13, 16)

This is a stunning description of the destructive effects of “shepherds who feed only themselves.” The passage indicates that we must watch out for the selfishness, fruitlessness, chaos, and arrogance of certain people. They gain influence via their sheer conceit. Ironically, we give them credence on the basis of their pride, the character flaw that most disqualifies them. When we realize we have been sucked in by this kind of false teacher, we need to do some soul-searching to figure out why.

Another kind of false teaching is ill-founded speculation. Some people make a career out of spouting details of topics like spiritual life or prophesy or cosmology, which go way beyond what Scripture actually teaches. There are no controls on such speculation. Sometimes the motive is manipulation—esoteric knowledge can be a power tactic. The last sentence of 1 Timothy is this plea:

O Timothy, guard the deposit entrusted to you. Avoid the irreverent babble and contradictions of what is falsely called “knowledge,” for by professing it some have swerved from the faith. (1 Tim. 6:20-21 ESV)

Second Timothy contains a similar warning:

Charge them before God not to quarrel about words, which does no good, but only ruins the hearers. Do your best to present yourself to God as one approved, a worker who has no need to be ashamed, rightly handling the word of truth. But avoid irreverent babble, for it will lead people into more and more ungodliness, and their talk will spread like gangrene. (2 Tim. 2:14-17 ESV)

A third kind of false teaching is legalism. Jesus confronted this distortion of the truth of God when he exposed the corrupt side of sectarianism: “Woe to you Pharisees, because you give God a tenth of your mint, rue and all other kinds of garden herbs, but you neglect justice and the love of God” (Luke 11:42). First Timothy 4:3 warns about teachers who “forbid people to marry and order them to abstain from certain foods, which God created to be received with thanksgiving by those who believe and who know the truth.”

These and other forms of false teaching all have causes, and sometimes we will avoid spiritual collisions if we see them ahead of time. False teaching can come from naiveté, arrogance, or selfish gain. The problem we face today is that it isn’t hard to grab a microphone, create a webpage, or even self-publish a book. We must make careful choices about whom we listen to, and have the strength to turn away when a suspicious teacher is tickling our ears and offering false comfort.
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Dr. Mel Lawrenz is Minister at Large for Elmbrook Church and Director of The Brook Network. His writings may be found at WordWay.


“You shall have no other gods before me.” This is how the ten commandments begin. We may not always realize what a radical notion that is. In most periods of history people groups around the world assume that there are multiple deities. But the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob made it clear that he is the only God. The absoluteness of God keeps us focussed and gives definition to our lives. We gladly submit to the one true God who is perfect and complete in righteousness, truth, and beauty. If there are many gods then there is no God at all.

The second commandment logically follows from the first. God’s people must not make any images to which they will bow down or worship. Physical idols were widely used in the ancient world, either as representations of deities or even as objects of devotion themselves. Whether fashioned from wood, stone, silver, or gold, idols are still never more than the products of human hands.

The prophet Isaiah would later satirize the ridiculousness of idolatry by describing a man who cuts down a tree and with one part makes a fire to warm himself or to bake some bread, and with another part carves an idol to worship (Isa. 44:9-20). Jeremiah mocks idols by saying their creators need to nail them down so they will not fall over (Jer. 10).

Idolatry today, of course, is substituting anything or anyone for God. If our highest affections, allegiances, and aspirations are directed toward a house, a business, a spouse, a career, or a bank account, then we are worshiping a God-substitute. In so doing we cut ourselves off from the greatest Reality of all. Our lives will be diminished; our values limited; our character incomplete.

The third commandment prohibits the misuse of the name of the Lord God. This is not exactly about vulgar or coarse language, but about speech invoking God. Ancient cultures emphasized the power of the spoken word, especially when making commitments or “swearing” in the name of someone with high authority. Today someone may say, “I swear to God…” before making a declaration. It is to invoke the authority of the Lord in order to strengthen a point. Given that there are hardly any circumstances whereby we ought to do that, we might conclude that we should not swear anything in the holy name of the Lord. To misuse God’s name is to dishonor God.

The fourth commandment is about remembering the Sabbath by keeping it holy. In the Old Testament refraining from any kind of work on the seventh day was both a prescription for holy and healthy living, and a sign of being the covenant people. Sabbath has significance because God rested after the act of creation (Ex. 20:11), and because God delivered his people from bondage in Egypt (Deut. 5:15). The Hebrew word shabbat means “to cease.” Life is to have a rhythm of the typical work we do, whether we get a paycheck for it or not, and then ceasing in order to do something different. That includes rest, and opportunities to invest in relationships, and to contemplate and worship God.

Some Christian traditions hold that the commandment about remembering the Sabbath requires us to have a specific day of the week where we refrain from work and engage in worship. These so-called Sabbatarian traditions may take the first day of the week, Sunday, to be the Christian Sabbath. A few groups take a strict view of observing the seventh day of the week, Saturday, as Sabbath.

Still other Christian traditions hold an interpretation that says we are not required to carry over Old Testament laws of religious observance, even this one in the Ten Commandments. So it is not wrong for businesses to stay open on Sundays or for a Christian to mow the lawn on a Sunday afternoon. Going to a worship service on a day of the week other than Sunday is not wrong, and hospital workers who work every other weekend are not violating the Sabbath.

If we take the view that Sabbath observance in ancient Hebrew culture (literally, from sundown on Friday until sundown on Saturday) does not carry over in the Christian life, we can still carry through on the principles of Sabbath. The ancient pattern teaches us that work and rest must be rhythms of life, and that a regular pattern of corporate worship is essential to spiritual growth. These are not minor concerns. In modern societies where the frenetic pace of life invites people to turn their lives into a blur of anxious activity or an electronically induced alienation and numbness, we need the principle of Sabbath to break us out of the busyness and deliver us to places of peace before the Lord.
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Mel Lawrenz is Minister at Large and former Senior Pastor at Elmbrook Church in Brookfield, WI.

For the Easter season: Knowing Him: Devotional Readings about the Cross and Resurrection by Mel Lawrenz


If someone asked you who your favorite teacher was when you were growing up, chances are someone specific would come to mind. And chances are you still respect that person today not because he or she was a fantastic lecturer, or had a superior knowledge of the subject matter, or had a memorable voice. Our favorite teachers—the ones who influenced not just our thinking, but our lives—are usually those people who taught us about life. And it wasn’t just with their words. Their own lives were distinctive.

Jesus is widely considered the greatest teacher of all time. But we will only understand him in this capacity if we consider setting and context. Jesus was not a college lecturer or a mystical philosopher. Those who were under the teaching of Jesus were following him on foot, from one village to the next. They heard a parable when he walked into a field of grain, a discourse on being the bread sent from heaven after he fed a multitude, and debriefings with his disciples after many argumentative flareups with the Pharisees and teachers of the law. At a Jewish festival where water was used, he stood and said in a loud voice: “Let anyone who is thirsty come to me and drink” (John 7:37). Jesus’ teaching was dynamic and interactive. It spoke into both the practicalities of everyday life, and into cosmic, eternal issues.

No wonder people were amazed.

We’ll best appreciate the Gospels if we understand the forms of Jesus’ teaching and the main themes of his teaching. One form was exaggeration or hyperbole. Few believers have ripped out their eyes or cut off their hands because Jesus said in Matthew 5:29-30 that it would be better to do that then end up in eternal condemnation. We understand Jesus’ point, made through a shocking statement.

When Jesus said it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than it is for a rich person to enter God’s kingdom, his point was that it is extremely difficult for a self-sufficient person to admit their insufficiency. There is an often-repeated interpretation that in Jerusalem there was a small gate in the wall that necessitated a camel to go to its knees to enter. The problem is, there is no archaeological or epigraphical evidence that any such gate ever existed. Unfortunately, there are many interpretations of Scripture that have been repeated countless times but were never based in fact.

Jesus used similes and metaphors. “I am the light of the world” (John 8:12; 9:5). “I am the true vine” (John 15:1). “You are the light of the world” (Matt. 5:14). These have immediate impact, and they are memorable. Some of his most powerful metaphors explained the kingdom of God. The kingdom is like a mustard seed, leaven, a net, a man who finds a treasure, the sprouting of seed from the soil. These require careful reading. For instance, Jesus did not say the kingdom is like treasure, but it’s like what happens when a man finds a treasure and does everything to get it.

Jesus also spoke in short, memorable aphorisms or proverbs. “Do to others as you would have them do to you” (Luke 6:31). “Do not judge, and you will not be judged” (Luke 6:37). “Whoever does the will of my Father in heaven is my brother and sister and mother” (Matt. 12:50). Jesus acknowledged that he spoke figuratively for effect: “Though I have been speaking figuratively, a time is coming when I will no longer use this kind of language but will tell you plainly about my Father” (John 16:25).

Jesus spoke in riddles and he used irony. He used almost every kind of verbal method you could imagine, including parables (which we’ll come to in the next chapter). But the power of Jesus’ teaching for his original hearers and for us is not in the method. There was a ring of truth, a veracity, and a power in his teaching. For example, Matthew tells us, “When Jesus had finished saying these things, the crowds were amazed at his teaching, because he taught as one who had authority, and not as their teachers of the law” (Matt. 7:28-29). We would have been amazed too.

As with every other kind of text in Scripture, we need to take time to study the context of any given teaching of Jesus. To whom was he speaking? What were the circumstances? Were there any special cultural details? Even in the teaching of Jesus, Scripture means something specific to us that is based in what it meant to Jesus’ original audience. That is where we’ll find the true meaning, and thus, the authority.

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Special Note: Easter is April 1. Available now, the Easter devotional, KNOWING HIM. Get it now, start 3 weeks of daily readings on Sunday, March 11. The life and teachings of Jesus are worth a lifetime of study, contemplation, and application. So too his death and resurrection. Jesus made it very clear that he had a purpose in coming, and that this purpose would be fulfilled at the time when he was betrayed, handed over to the authorities, killed, and raised from the dead. And so for centuries in the spring of the year, around the time of the Passover, Christians have turned their attention to the accounts of the suffering of Jesus, and of his astonishing resurrection from the dead. The apostle Paul said: ““I want to know Christ—yes, to know the power of his resurrection and participation in his sufferings, becoming like him in his death, and so, somehow, attaining to the resurrection from the dead” (Philippians 3:10-11).
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Special Note: Easter is April 1. Available now, the Easter devotional, KNOWING HIM. Get it now, start 3 weeks of daily readings on Sunday, March 11.


Life is complicated. Every day we face decisions large and small that can be knotty and convoluted. Make a poor choice and we may suffer for it, or others may be hurt. If we’re smart we’ll realize we need wisdom that we can gain from trusted mature friends, and from the Scriptures, God’s deposit of wisdom for us.

God’s wisdom is not merely a collection of trustworthy principles for life, however. Wisdom includes a developed ability to make good judgments between what is right and wrong, or good, better, and best. It is what the Bible calls discernment, and it can save us from disaster.

Charles Spurgeon said discernment is not a matter of simply telling the difference between right and wrong; rather it is telling the difference between right and almost right. Discernment, in other words, is refined perception. It is an ability to see, at a deep level, our own strengths and weaknesses and those of others. Discernment helps us know what our true motives are.

The New Testament word for discernment (diakrina) means to separate or distinguish. Discernment is the ability to cut carefully between what is good and bad. A surgeon takes a scalpel in hand in order to cut a line between healthy and diseased tissue. We want our surgeons to be skilled so that they don’t leave behind disease and they don’t cut away what is healthy. We want them to use good quality scalpels, not butter knives.

Discernment helps us to be discriminating without being discriminatory. To judge without being judgmental. To separate without dividing. Discernment is fine work.

When we are discerning we are less likely to make foolish decisions based on rash evaluations of our situation. We will not take a black-or-white view of things, a tendency in our society today that comes from simple laziness. Bias is the easy way. Discernment respects others and honors God.

Hebrews 4:12 describes how the Scriptures are the scalpel God has gifted us: “The word of God is alive and active. Sharper than any double-edged sword, it penetrates even to dividing soul and spirit, joints and marrow; it judges the thoughts and attitudes of the heart.”

Generally we should avoid judging the hearts of others because only God knows the heart. If we don’t want other people to assume they know our motives, we have to withhold from judging the motives of others. Jesus said: “Do not judge, or you too will be judged. For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged, and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you” (Matt. 7:1–2).

On the other hand, we are called to exercise judgment. “Do you not know that the Lord’s people will judge the world? And if you are to judge the world, are you not competent to judge trivial cases? Do you not know that we will judge angels? How much more the things of this life!” (1 Cor. 6:2 – 3).

So what is the difference between exercising judgment and being judgmental? We are being judgmental when our motive is to devalue or control others, or to be self-righteous about ourselves.

Note that Hebrews 4:12 speaks of God’s word as alive and active. The word of God penetrates even into the inner recesses of our hearts. Scalpels cut, but with the purpose of eventual healing. We are not to apply verses of the Bible, in other words, in mechanical and crude ways to our lives or in judgment of others. The word of God develops a living dynamic in our hearts whereby our instincts and perceptions are trained. We can see sin over the horizon when we are tempted. We are able to sense when someone is lying to us or to themselves. We can spot the difference between a counterfeit and the real thing.

Hebrews 5:14 speaks of mature believers “who by constant use have trained themselves to distinguish good from evil.” The ability to discern comes by training, in other words. There is no substitute for accumulated experience. A surgeon gets better and better with the repetition of the same procedures, and by reading profession literature as a habit. In the same way we get better and better at discerning the complexities of life through experience and by a lifestyle of reading Scripture.

Living the Bible means that we exercise a kind of penetrating vision that helps us see through the dust and fog of life, to see things the way they really are, and to make conscious choices about the people we want to influence us. Discernment is perception, insight, and correct judgment about the people wanting to influence us.

And so we come back to this principle: Living the Bible means living in reality. The alternative—to live in some degree of self-deception or extreme naiveté—is not right and not safe.

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Special Note: Easter is April 1. Available now, the Easter devotional, KNOWING HIM. Get it now, start 3 weeks of daily readings on Sunday, March 11. The life and teachings of Jesus are worth a lifetime of study, contemplation, and application. So too his death and resurrection. Jesus made it very clear that he had a purpose in coming, and that this purpose would be fulfilled at the time when he was betrayed, handed over to the authorities, killed, and raised from the dead. And so for centuries in the spring of the year, around the time of the Passover, Christians have turned their attention to the accounts of the suffering of Jesus, and of his astonishing resurrection from the dead. The apostle Paul said: ““I want to know Christ—yes, to know the power of his resurrection and participation in his sufferings, becoming like him in his death, and so, somehow, attaining to the resurrection from the dead” (Philippians 3:10-11).
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Dr. Mel Lawrenz is Minister at Large for Elmbrook Church and Director of The Brook Network. His writings may be found at WordWay.


“Do you believe in the value of the Ten Commandments?”


“Do you follow the Ten Commandments?”

“Well… I try my best.”

“How many of the Ten Commandments can you name?”

(Blank stare.)

That is a conversation that might unfold almost anywhere.

There are few statements of life principle that have the historic influence of the Ten Commandments. Some churches have children memorize them, they come up all the time in literature, and they are sculpted on the north and south friezes of the pediment of the Supreme Court building in Washington, D. C. and in other official buildings.

Some would say that, if you want a moral foundation for all of life, you need look no further than the Ten Commandments.

What exactly are the Ten Commandments? And what significance do they have today?

They appear both in Exodus 20 and Deuteronomy 5, described as direct words from God to the people through their leader Moses. In Hebrew they are called “the ten words” (Hebrew: aseret ha-d’varîm.) Later generations described them as commandments because they clearly were a summary of God’s order for life.

But context is everything when we try to understand a biblical text. The Ten Commandments are not merely ten laws dropped into history. They are not a list of top priorities. They certainly are not a formula for manufacturing personal righteousness.

These “ten words” were the central divine voice at a turning point in the life of God’s people. Several months after Moses led the tribe of the Hebrews out of slavery in Egypt, they were encamped at the site of Mount Sinai in a desolate wilderness. There God met them. There God spoke to the people through Moses. And there, at Mount Sinai, God established a covenant with his people. It was almost like the initiation of a marriage. Solemn words of commitment were expressed. The “Book of the Covenant” was given. The “blood of the covenant,” coming from animals sacrificed, signaling a most serious commitment, was sprinkled on the altar and the people. In the midst of a complex and awe-inspiring exchange between God and human beings, these ten words became a landmark expression of covenant life with God.

Exodus 20:1-17 says:

And God spoke all these words:

“I am the Lord your God, who brought you out of Egypt, out of the land of slavery.

“You shall have no other gods before me.

“You shall not make for yourself an image in the form of anything in heaven above or on the earth beneath or in the waters below. You shall not bow down to them or worship them; for I, the Lord your God, am a jealous God, punishing the children for the sin of the parents to the third and fourth generation of those who hate me, but showing love to a thousand generations of those who love me and keep my commandments.

“You shall not misuse the name of the Lord your God, for the Lord will not hold anyone guiltless who misuses his name.

“Remember the Sabbath day by keeping it holy. Six days you shall labor and do all your work, but the seventh day is a sabbath to the Lord your God. On it you shall not do any work, neither you, nor your son or daughter, nor your male or female servant, nor your animals, nor any foreigner residing in your towns. For in six days the Lord made the heavens and the earth, the sea, and all that is in them, but he rested on the seventh day. Therefore the Lord blessed the Sabbath day and made it holy.

“Honor your father and your mother, so that you may live long in the land the Lord your God is giving you.

“You shall not murder.

“You shall not commit adultery.

“You shall not steal.

“You shall not give false testimony against your neighbor.

“You shall not covet your neighbor’s house. You shall not covet your neighbor’s wife, or his male or female servant, his ox or donkey, or anything that belongs to your neighbor.”

(A minor point: there is some disagreement as to how to divide up this passage into ten commands, which is why the numbering of them differs between Jewish, Lutheran, Catholic, and other Protestant traditions.)

Let’s begin with some basic observations.

First, this revelation begins with the character and the saving acts of God. “I am the Lord your God, who brought you up out of Egypt.” These are not ten abstract laws, or rules of behavior like we find in the Code of Hammurabi or the writings of Confucius. They are expressions of the moral character of God. They are about devotion, respect, integrity, and generosity.

Second, we should not let the formula “you shall not” make us think of the Ten Commandments as negative, limiting regulations. “You shall not” marks boundaries which keep us on the side of life, safety, and prosperity. On the other side of a “no” is an enlivening “yes.”

Third, the “ten words” are all about covenant relationships: humanity with God, and people with each other. The Ten Commandments define a lifestyle of harmonious relationships. They describe the good life, and the safe life.
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Dr. Mel Lawrenz is Minister at Large for Elmbrook Church and Director of The Brook Network. His writings may be found at WordWay.


The first part of the Ten Commandments describe what a right relationship with God looks like, and the second set of commandments describe the way to live rightly with other people.

The fifth commandment is a call to honor our fathers and our mothers. For some reason we sometimes only think of this as small children obeying what their parents tell them to do, but we should also see in this commandment a mandate that grown up children properly and respectfully take care of their aging parents. There was, after all, no welfare system to take care of needy people at that time. The family was the basic structure for stability and support. The word “honor” comes from the Hebrew word for glory, which has the sense of weightiness. To honor people is to intentionally regard their God-given worth–no matter what condition they are in. For young children, that means obedience; for grownups, care. Left to our sinful nature, we would give regard to others only as they are useful to us or to society. But honor, respect, and dignity flows from God’s having created each of us in his image. We have a moral obligation, in other words, to respect and look after others–especially those in our own families.

The sixth commandment forbids murder. There are several different Hebrew words meaning “to kill.” The one used in the sixth commandment points to intentional and violent killing, which is why most English translations use the word “murder.” To justifiably defend oneself is not murder, whereas breaking into someone’s house and killing them, or reacting in rage to someone you hate, is. Obviously, there is a lot of killing in the Old Testament. Some is warfare, some is animal sacrifice, and some is capital punishment. The question for us, as we seek to live the Bible, is how the prohibition of murder applies to us today. We are not like the Hebrews who went into the Promised Land and conquered it. We don’t exercise capital punishment as tribes, but rather live in nations with laws. Our worship includes no animal sacrifice. There are honest debates among believers regarding the ethics of things like capital punishment today. And there always must be deep spiritual searching regarding the difference between war that is justified and what kind is not.

The seventh commandment prohibits adultery, which is sexual violation of the marriage covenant. The commandment is negative, but the principle is positive. Sexual union is the physical bond matching the covenant bond of a marriage. This is essential for the building of stable societies. Given the many storms of life, we need marriages that are strongly formed and faithfully lived-out. This is also an expression of right relationship with God, which is why adultery is a sin against people, but also against God. King David, after sinning with Bathsheba, speaks to God out of his brokenness in Psalm 51, saying, among other things, “against you… have I sinned” (Ps. 51:4). When married people stray whenever they want they are weakening all of their relationships, and weakening the fabric of society. We need to be faithful in many different ways: marriage is one of the foundations.

The eighth commandment says we must not steal. The verb has the sense secrecy to it. Our understanding of theft is naturally based on our understanding of ownership, which varies from one society to the next. Socialism minimizes personal ownership, capitalism maximizes it. The biblical perspective is unique. First, God is the owner of all things, because he is the creator of all things. So when we violate our bodies or those of others, we are taking something away that belongs to God. No parent can say, “I’ll beat my kid whenever I want to,” because the child does not belong to the parent as a possession. On the other hand, Scripture does teach that God gives us resources and objects and property as a stewardship, and so it is possible for someone else to steal from us. The sin of theft is wrong not just because the victim is hurt, but because God’s order of all things is violated.

The ninth commandment tells us not to lie, or, literally, “you shall not respond against your neighbor falsely.” It is wrong to lie at any time, but the specific idea of this commandment is that we are not to speak in such a way that we misrepresent or distort the truth about others. Sadly, we witness this on a daily basis. There are a multitude of reasons why people lie or misrepresent other people, including personal gain, carelessness, or outright malice. Lying about others creates deep injury, and it absolutely fouls the character of the person who misrepresents others.

Finally, the tenth commandment draws a line one step back from stealing. Coveting is a deep-set attitude in which we long to have something that does not belong to us. This is not merely the simple ache of wanting something, but the sour spirit of obsession about what other people have and we do not. Jealousy is a corrupt state of the heart. Because it is internal, it may be secret, but it likely affects our actions and relationships.
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MessageSujet: Re: n easy to help lives : share, watch, sign, open conciouncess   Ven 25 Mai - 12:48


Though all people are created with conscience—the ability to sense the difference between right and wrong, or good, better, and best—it is possible for to become so hard-hearted that is seems one does not even have a conscience.

Conscience is part of the hard wiring of human beings created in God’s image. Romans 2 says that all people have consciences and inner thoughts that sometimes accuse, sometimes excuse. Some people are plagued with a sense of supposed guilt, of active shame. But there are people who have so closed themselves to the voice of conscience that they function as amoral creatures. In an extreme case, the sociopath shows absolutely no regard for other people, indifferent to suffering, which they themselves may inflict, perhaps because he or she suffered severely at the hands of someone else. Human beings can have “seared” consciences. Hard hearts. Corrupted minds.

This is why we desperately need consciences that are active and healthy and balanced. This is part of the foundation of Christian faith. 1 Peter 3:21 calls baptism “an appeal to God for a good conscience.” Hebrews 10:22 says “let us draw near with a true heart in full assurance of faith, with our hearts sprinkled clean from an evil conscience and our bodies washed with pure water.” Hebrews 9:14 says that the blood of Christ, his sacrificial death, is what can “purify our conscience from dead works to serve the living God.”

But like everything else about us, the conscience is fallible. It is possible to have a “weak conscience” (1 Cor. 8:7, 10). The conscience can be “defiled” (Tit. 1:5). Worse, it can be “seared” (1 Tim. 4:2), meaning that all its sensitivity is deadened.

So the question is, how can this God-given inner moral responsiveness be protected and refined?

If one of your car’s warning lights comes on, you would do well not to ignore it. Instead, you have a mechanic check it out, who may tell you it is a good thing you heeded the warning because your radiator has a leak, or your engine has burned up most of its oil, or your brake line is clogged. But it is also possible the mechanic will tell you that everything is fine, and that the warning light was malfunctioning.

This is the way it is with conscience. When we are deeply troubled, when our minds are troubled about something we did or said, when our stomaches are twisted in knots, we need to work the issue and figure out whether or not we are guilty, and what needs to happen for rectitude. What matters is figuring out whether we, by objective standards, are guilty, not merely whether we feel guilty, or ashamed. This distinction is frequently forgotten today: being guilty versus feeling guilty, the objective versus the subjective.

If we are guilty of something, it is appropriate that we feel guilty or ashamed of what we did.

(More on this in Overcoming Guilt and Shame by Daniel Green and Mel Lawrenz.)

Conscience is a God-given moral sensitivity that sometimes delivers a sense of being right, and at other times of being wrong. The question then becomes: is the voice of conscience, right here, right now, delivering an accurate message?

Many people suffer from an overly-sensitive conscience which troubles them unnecessarily. Some people really suffer with this. They have been put to shame by important people in their lives for long stretches of time. They have perpetually troubled hearts. They have a hard time resting in the forgiveness of God. They may take Christian faith as a whole system of shame imposed on them. They may feel as though they need to live under restrictions that are not necessary (which is approximately what Paul meant by the “weak conscience” of some in 1 Corinthians Cool.

The young Martin Luther was like this. He said he labored under “an extremely disturbed conscience” that was misplaced and exaggerated. After he discovered the real meaning of the gospel of grace his conscience was liberated. And he would need it. Years later he would stand before the most powerful leaders of his day who were demanding that he recant what he had written about the grace and truth found in Christ. But his conscience would not let him take back what he had written. His famous words before an emperor and other powerful men still echo today:

“Unless I am convinced by the testimony of the Holy Scriptures or by evident reason–for I can believe neither pope nor councils alone, as it is clear that they have erred repeatedly and contradicted themselves—I consider myself convicted by the testimony of Holy Scripture, which is my basis; my conscience is captive to the Word of God. Thus I cannot and will not recant, because acting against one’s conscience is neither safe nor sound. God help me. Amen.”

Some see in Luther’s brave stand the exemplar of modern man, asserting personal conscience above all other people or leaders or institutions. But that misses Luther’s main point. He said his conscience was “captive to the Word of God” not that his conscience was its own lord and master.

It is not good to be tortured by an overly-sensitive conscience. And it is disastrous to hurt others because we have “seared” consciences. Living the Bible means one’s conscience is submitted to God’s word in the fullness of its grace and truth. This will happen when we read Scripture without bias or preference—regularly, thoughtfully, intelligently—asking the Spirit of God to shape us from the inside out.
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MessageSujet: Re: n easy to help lives : share, watch, sign, open conciouncess   Ven 25 Mai - 13:00


A Special Note from Mel Lawrenz —

Given the uncertainty of our times, it is crucial that we have a full and deep connection with Jesus Christ. People are wondering…

What does being a follower of Jesus mean today?
How can I find an inner peace when there is so much noise in the world?
Do Christians and Muslims worship the same God?
Can I feel safe because of the power of God?
Our culture is changing so much, what does stay the same?
How exactly does Jesus make forgiveness possible in my life?
What does the cross of Jesus mean for real life today?
Did Jesus really rise from the dead? And what difference does it make?
The apostle Paul said: “I want to know Christ—yes, to know the power of his resurrection and participation in his sufferings, becoming like him in his death, and so, somehow, attaining to the resurrection from the dead” (Philippians 3:10-11). Great things happen when multitudes of people want to know Christ in that way!

Knowing Him is a set of daily readings in a paperback book or Kindle ebook for the three weeks leading up to Easter. Day 1 is Sunday, March 27, and the last day is Sunday, April 16. (Pastors and church leaders… some churches share this within their congregation for a unifying spiritual growth season.)

This three-week devotional includes mediations on the last week of Jesus’ life on earth, reflections on the meaning of salvation, forgiveness, reconciliation, and more, and special readings about the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus. There is always more for us to learn and understand about the crucified and risen Jesus! He is our only real hope.

God bless,

Mel Lawrenz

P.S. Amazon has Knowing Him at under $10. Today is the best day to order your copy HERE
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MessageSujet: Re: n easy to help lives : share, watch, sign, open conciouncess   Ven 25 Mai - 13:01


When Jimmy Carter was elected president of the United States he described himself as a "born-again Christian." Then Charles Colson, former hatchet man in the Nixon White House, wrote a best-selling book by the title Born Again. In it, he chronicled his own experience of conversion to Christianity. Since these two famous personalities popularized the phrase born again, it has become part of the currency of modern speech.

To describe someone as a born-again Christian is, technically speaking, to be guilty of redundancy. There is no such thing as a non-born-again Christian. An unregenerate (non-born-again) Christian is a contradiction in terms. Likewise, a born-again non-Christian is a contradiction.

It was Jesus who first declared that spiritual rebirth was an absolute necessity for entering the kingdom of God. He declared to Nicodemus, "Most assuredly, I say to you, unless one is born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God" (John 3:3). The word unless in Jesus' teaching signals a universally necessary condition for seeing and entering the kingdom of God. Rebirth, then, is an essential part of Christianity; without it, entrance into God's kingdom is impossible.

Regeneration is the theological term used to describe rebirth. It refers to a new generating, a new genesis, a new beginning. It is more than "turning over a new leaf"; it marks the beginning of a new life in a radically renewed person. Peter speaks of believers "having been born again, not of corruptible seed but incorruptible, through the word of God which lives and abides forever" (1 Peter 1:23).

Regeneration is the work of the Holy Spirit upon those who are spiritually dead (see Ephesians 2:1-10). The Spirit recreates the human heart, quickening it from spiritual death to spiritual life. Regenerate people are new creations. Where formerly they had no disposition, inclination, or desire for the things of God, now they are disposed and inclined toward God. In regeneration, God plants a desire for Himself in the human heart that otherwise would not be there.

Regeneration is not to be confused with the full experience of conversion. Just as birth is our initiation, our first entrance into life outside the womb, so our spiritual rebirth is the starting point of our spiritual life. It occurs by God's divine initiative and is an act that is sovereign, immediate, and instantaneous. An awareness of our conversion may be gradual. Yet rebirth itself is instantaneous. No one can be partially reborn any more than a woman can be partially pregnant.

Regeneration is not the fruit or result of faith. Rather, regeneration precedes faith as the necessary condition for faith. We also do not in any way dispose ourselves toward regeneration or cooperate as coworkers with the Holy Spirit to bring it to pass. We do not decide or choose to be regenerated. God chooses to regenerate us before we will ever choose to embrace Him. To be sure, after we have been regenerated by the sovereign grace of God, we do choose, act, cooperate, and believe in Christ. God does not have faith for us. It is our own faith by which we are justified. What God does is quicken us to spiritual life, rescuing us from darkness, bondage, and spiritual death. God makes faith possible and actual for us. He quickens faith within us.

All who are truly Christians are born again.
All who are truly born again are Christians.
Rebirth is a necessary precondition to entering the kingdom of God.
Regeneration is the sovereign, gracious work of the Holy Spirit.
Regeneration precedes faith. It is God's divine initiative in salvation.
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MessageSujet: Re: n easy to help lives : share, watch, sign, open conciouncess   Ven 25 Mai - 13:03


Special note… see Mel Lawrenz’s “A Prayer for the Christmas Season,” text, printable PDF, or audio HERE.


Some people live their lives disconnected from reality. There is nothing solid beneath their feet because their view of life is based on some fantasy. They may have been raised on lies and so they perpetuate the pattern, believing that there is no one who tells the truth, so why even try to find truth? Or their fantasy-based lives might be a way of escape. Or it could be that they are so afraid of the world, or of themselves, that they create a make-believe world over which they have control, which is, of course, impossible. You can’t control a dream.

Not living in reality—being truly “in the dark”— is one of the most dangerous ways to live. It is to be oblivious to both our greatest dangers and our greatest potential. A false view of ourselves can come out of pride and arrogance, or it can be based on doubt or self-loathing, or it can result from hearing lies your whole life. Any false view of the self can only lead to disappointment.

This is why we need truth. Not just “truths.” The core truth about you is more than the sum of the “truths” of the date you were born, and the location, whether you’re married, have children, work a certain job in a certain organization, etc. The deepest truth about each of us is that we were created by a good God, who also has reached out to save us from all our lethal enemies.

We have access to biblical truth because of revelation. God the Creator has spoken truth in history, through the words of the prophets and the apostles, and, in fullness, through his Son. What we gain is truth that gives us a clear vision of reality, which is the basis for healthy and good living.

This is why we should want to “live the Bible” It is the only way to live in reality.

This view is the exact opposite of the idea that the Bible is a book of fantasies. Some people say that they value the Bible even though they view it as a collection fantasies, because they are good fantasies or myths. But here is the fundamental question: Is the God of the Bible real? If not, no response is necessary. If so, the only thing that matters in life is how we respond.

The same logic applies to every other reality. Is it true that human beings are spiritual creatures able to have a dynamic relationship with the true God, or not? Is sin real or not? Did Jesus say he was the way, the truth, and the life, and if so, was this more than a fantasy in his head? Is the biblical description of evil an entirely correct vision of reality? Is there really a purpose in life to be found in Christ? Does following Christ lead us into ever clearer understandings of reality?

If the main assertions of Scripture are fantasy, then we should not put our weight on it any more than we should cross a bridge that is full of fractures and gaps. But if we believe the Old and New Testaments are revelations of the way things really are, then we can and should trust.

Living the Bible is about gaining a grasp of reality, and living in that reality at all times, including the unpleasant truths.

We can face the harsh reality of sin when we hear the corresponding reality that God has given a way of forgiveness and restoration. Imagine you go to the doctor and he says, I have good news and bad news. The bad news is that you have a dreaded and even lethal disease. The good news is that with a single injection, you will be cured. It may be unpleasant to admit to the bad news, but the good news about the cure overwhelms the bad.

Being Scripture-trained realists makes us sober-minded, but also full of hope and joy. Not based on fantasy, but reality.

The final words of 1 John speak about the hard reality of sin and the domination of evil in the world, but also of the absolute protection of God and the promise of an eternal quality of life.

“We know that anyone born of God does not continue to sin; the One who was born of God keeps them safe, and the evil one cannot harm them. We know that we are children of God, and that the whole world is under the control of the evil one. We know also that the Son of God has come and has given us understanding, so that we may know him who is true. And we are in him who is true by being in his Son Jesus Christ. He is the true God and eternal life.” 1 John 5:18-20 (italics added).

This understanding of reality makes believers realists, not fools. As 1 John puts it, knowing “the true God” is to know “eternal life.” This is the reason to live the Bible.
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Special note… see Mel Lawrenz’s “A Prayer for the Christmas Season,” text, printable PDF, or audio HERE.


It is hard not to be utterly dismayed by the lack of basic morality in society today. It is a crisis within the lives of individuals, in groups and organizations, and in institutions. And at the highest levels of leadership it is challenging to find men and women of unassailable moral character—not sinlessness, but basic integrity.

Even making this observation runs the risk of drawing ridicule from those who think morality is a quaint notion of a bygone era, or worse, a rigid and repressive self-righteousness, almost always hypocritical.

Yet morality is one of the most essential and highest human characteristics. The belief that there is a difference between right and wrong, between ought and ought-not, or between good, better, and best, is the only thing stopping us from destroying each other. If there is no distinction between what is moral and what is immoral then there is no fundamental difference between nurturing your child and abusing your child. No reason not to rob your sibling. Nothing holding us back from spitting out one lie after another to manipulate, deceive, or dominate.

C. S. Lewis said the sense of morality in the human race—uneven though it is—may be the strongest “proof” for the existence of God. There just is no reason men and women would have any sense of ought and ought-not unless there was a Creator whose essential character is moral.

We are naturally disappointed when long-standing Christians or even leaders in the church are exposed in scandals of gross immorality. We ought to be disappointed when leaders relinquish their moral standards in order to support someone on their side who is guilty of scandal. We ought to ask: How can this be? How can things get so twisted? What hope is there for any of us to have integrity?

We might be tempted to think that if we knew the texts of the Bible better such things would not happen. But biblical illiteracy is not the core problem here. Most people with any Christian background know the Ten Commandments prohibit adultery, thievery, and murder—yet that knowledge does not prevent moral failure.

Living the Bible means being able to hold to standards of basic morality and ethics, but this shaping of character happens over a lifetime and through many processes. Paul describes one person of notable character, the young Timothy, when he wrote to him:

“But as for you, continue in what you have learned and have firmly believed, knowing from whom you learned it and how from childhood you have been acquainted with the sacred writings, which are able to make you wise for salvation through faith in Christ Jesus. All Scripture is breathed out by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, and for training in righteousness, that the man of God may be complete, equipped for every good work.” (2 Timothy 3:14-17).

The core idea is this: the “sacred writings” are able to make us wise for the rescue and preservation of our lives. “Faith in Christ Jesus” is the power. The process takes a lifetime (for Timothy, “from childhood,” but it can begin at any time). The truth of Scripture is taught by people who are living it themselves (for Timothy, it was his grandmother and mother, see 2 Tim. 1:5). Living the Bible means to “continue in what you have learned and have firmly believed,” in other words, a lifetime commitment based on an informed and firm faith.

Paul is specific in how the Scriptures shape a life. The word of God, “breathed out” by God himself (not merely a human book) is profitable in four ways. For “teaching”—so Scripture shows us what it true. For “reproof”—so it convicts us when we fall short, which is merciful, not cruel. For “correction”—meaning that Scripture shows us how to recover. And for “training in righteousness”—which means gaining the skills and patterns that keep us in a right relationship with God.

And that leads to moral character. When we come under the “teaching,” “reproof,” “correction,” and “training” of Scripture as a lifestyle, we will be shaped by it. Along the way we experience suffering in its many forms, and that too shapes character, driving us back to the breath of God.

Morality is not really the highest goal in life. Being in a right relationship with God is. Keeping our focus there makes true morality possible and keeps us humble, which is our only protection against flaunting morality which is like wearing a thin mask that will inevitably fall off one day.
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Mel Lawrenz is an author and Minister at Large and former Senior Pastor at Elmbrook Church in Brookfield, WI.

Feature: A Book of Prayers for Kids (a perfect Easter gift for the kids you know and love).


In his poignant letter to the Philippians, written from desperate moments in prison when Paul thought that his life may be poured out in sacrifice at any time, he contemplated the form of death and the form of resurrection that was his hope.

What more complete proof do we need of the transforming Christ, than to see a man face his own demise seeing it in the shape of the death of his Lord, and having an unshakable hope and belief that in resurrection he would be formed according to the morphe of Christ?

I want to know Christ and the power of his resurrection and the fellowship of sharing in his sufferings, becoming like him [summorphoo] in his death….

And we eagerly await a Savior from there, the Lord Jesus Christ, who, by the power that enables him to bring everything under his control, will transform [metamphoo] our lowly bodies so that they will be like his glorious body. (Phil. 3:10, 21)

In every respect, then, the Christian is committed to an unequivocal, unambiguous program: to be shaped according to the image of Christ who is perfect God (thus leading us back to god-likeness), and perfect man (thus showing us the shape of human life the way it was meant to be). This program involves contemplation and imitation of the life of Jesus, but also, of his death and resurrection.

What did Paul actually think “having the same form” of the death of Christ meant? It is not the means of death particularly that Paul wanted to imitate, but the sacrificial character of Christ’s death. In Paul’s mind, his own suffering in prison (and the whole preceding ordeal of opposition, arrest, trial, and everything else he had to go through as an apostle) had a certain shape. It was not meaningless, random suffering, but sacrifice for a divine cause. Paul knew that in such fashion he was the witness (in Greek, martys) of the saving death of Christ, and would be in line with all the other martyrs from biblical times and beyond. This is the core meaning and the power of the martyrs’ death: sharing the form of Christ’s death. The connection with our daily life is in Jesus’ words:

If anyone would come after me, he must deny himself and take up his cross daily and follow me. For whoever wants to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for me will save it (Luke 9:23-24).

This distinctive “form” of life is possible only through metamorphosis, because the sacrificial life cuts against so many fundamental human instincts: self-preservation, self-determinism, self-absorption, and self-aggrandizement. Becoming like Christ in his death (both in death itself and in daily life), taking one’s own cross, (which is self-sacrifice, not random suffering) is the most radical thing a human soul can do. A caterpillar’s metamorphosis begins not when the chrysalis opens, but when the chrysalis is formed. This “death” and entombment allows the transforming process to begin. And so, for the Christian, “becoming like Christ in his death,” taking up one’s cross, is the moment and the method for metamorphosis. Is there another way? Jesus couldn’t have made it clearer: “anyone who does not take his cross and follow me is not worthy of me” (Mt. 10:38).

This cross that we take and follow Christ is not specifically the suffering in our lives, but the sacrifice of our lives in obedience to Christ.

On the other side of this most radical notion of discipleship through self-sacrifice is the equally radical promise of personal metamorphosis represented in the final resurrection: “Christ… will transform our lowly bodies.” The form of Christ’s death is countered by the form of his resurrection. The extremity of these two realities—pulled into death to self, then pulled out into resurrection life—is itself the utter reshaping of a life. Such a process can only be described as transformation.

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14 december 2017 Urgent! Help dogs survive the dangerous cold snap

Cold dogs need your help

For dogs forced to live chained outdoors, the deep freeze gripping the U.S. this week could be deadly. Despite the threat of frostbite, frozen water dishes, and exposure that comes with this extreme winter weather, many dogs are now suffering outside without even the flimsiest shelter to keep them safe from icy winds and snow.

PETA is urging residents in affected areas to bring animals indoors immediately, and we're working with law-enforcement officials to respond to the many complaints that our team has received about pups left outside in the bone-chilling cold. But if those officials are unwilling or unable to act, we're intervening directly to help ensure that neglected dogs are no longer at risk from freezing temperatures.

This year, PETA has provided more than 230 dogs in Virginia and North Carolina with sturdy, straw-filled doghouses to help them survive frigid weather. Will you assist us in doing more for cold dogs this winter by making an urgently needed gift today?
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MessageSujet: Re: n easy to help lives : share, watch, sign, open conciouncess   Sam 26 Mai - 5:48

PETA Mall has a fa-la-la-la-lot of exclusive savings from cruelty-free companies that help animals as PETA Business Friends.

For instance, get 15% off the elegant and stylishly fashionable Nox Collection of vegan watches from Nox-Bridge when you use coupon code PETAVEGAN at checkout.

Discover more coupons and a huge number of vegan companies at the PETA Mall. Keep an eye out for the companies listed below and many others.
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21 december 2017

URGENT: Winter weather is a deadly threat to dogs

For a dog kept chained in a lonely backyard without any protection from the elements, each week's drop in average temperature spells more and more suffering.

Without the shelter that they desperately need, their lives are in grave danger from freezing rain, frigid winds, and snow that chills them to the bone.

Please hurry: Make a gift to PETA's "Angels for Animals" program NOW and help bring some relief to a dog in need this winter, before it's too late.

I'm so cold. Will you help me?

Already this year, PETA's fieldworkers have delivered more than 200 sturdy doghouses, ensuring that "backyard dogs" will have a place to curl up and stay warm when the weather becomes deadly cold. Our team members do all that they can to make life better for these miserably lonely dogs, providing them with veterinary care, a toy, and much-needed attention. But so many are still suffering—and there's more that can be done with your help today. By becoming an "angel" for dogs in need, you'll be helping to ensure that they receive the protection that they need in order to survive the extreme winter weather.

But so many are still suffering—and there's more that can be done with your help today. By becoming an "angel" for dogs in need, you'll be helping to ensure that they receive the protection that they need in order to survive the extreme winter weather.

Donate right now to help more dogs make it through the long, cold winter nights ahead.

Thank you so much for your support and for changing dogs' lives for the better.
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n easy to help lives : share, watch, sign, open conciouncess
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