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MessageSujet: n easy to help lives : share, watch, sign, open conciouncess   Lun 6 Jan - 12:36

song hello world : singer belle perez is singing as if she was the old serpent= satan ? saying that satan gives fun to everyone one, and song saying, do you love me bla bla what you want, so satan is speaking through the singers saying do you love ( worship )me ? worship me, i'll give ya'll what you want, to the singer,s but also to any human inhabiting this orld, for there are non well known luciferians, whoa re not billionares nor millionaires, but to whom satan is probably giving hat they want also, but at a lower level of luciferianism, crayz how we sing these songs, and they don't have meaning, they sound bizar, and becaus,e f the liars singers sya these songs are supposedly about a man saying to a woman love me and i'll give you everything that you dream of, it don't make any sense, ithis is irrational, because, you just give your ehart to somebody, you don't tell them marry me and 'ill give you every object or dough or stuff you want, but marry me or become my girlfriend or boyfriend, and i'll give you so much ove, that is logical, that makes sense, so we're so naive, that we 've beleived all these hundreds of signers thougout this world and time, decades, years telling us this song is about a man and a wman, ya right! a couple, no its about the devil telling those satanic signers who've sold their souls to them that he'll give them what they want if they worship him and give their souls to him, just like he said to JESUS bow down and i'll give you all the kingdoms of thisworld, that's exactly the same, the first perosn satan ever made that deal proposition was to CHRIST JESUS, and now and since centuries he's been doing that with singers, famous members of our huma family; you don't beleive: jsut siten to the lyrics ( dont lsitne to the songs!!) only lsiten to the ylrics, read the lyrics i mean, on a website of lyrics of songs, such as hell world by belle perez, and many others songs, like who do you love ( d you worhsi me in other words) by whats her name, deborha cox, ect ect songs written probably from 18th century til now !!!21st century! crazy! unbeleivable but true!!!!!

from the moment you came into this house you have shown no respect for us * and then when she makes a heartfelt apology you are rude to her * now in my book that makes you a jerk * no no no you are more than a jerk, you are a major bonehead ù you know your daughter has a pretty bad attitude problem and its pretty clear where its coming from ; if you dont set a better example for her she gonna wind up like you: think about that

God YOU sent mankind animals down to earth to help the family

 He has given me a human language so I can speak to everyone. He said that my mommie needs help with my Cause; that it should be me to help her as I always did when I was on earth. I am still an angel...only disguised as a human right now. So, I will take over where mommie left off. I love all of you and want you to know that animals heaven is a beautiful place...I have met all your beloved babies. We play together while we wait for you. we are playing in God's back yard. God Bless you for joining the animal causein behalf of all our furfriends, we want to say "Thank you" for making a difference in our lives. We'll talk later but I just wanted everyone to know how happy animals are about this heavenly Cause.

After you've found a vet who is compassionate to come to your home to help your furbaby pass, you must begin planning. You will need to stay in close contact with your vet, possibly on a daily basis. Don't worry about bothering them because, if they are compassionate enough to come to your home, they will understand your needs.

Depending on your furbabies health condition, you will need to do certain things. Smudggie had diabetes, cancer,was blind and deaf so I adjusted to those needs. By saying that I mean, I became her eyes and her ears. Whatever condition your furbaby is in, you will know what to do as love will guide you. And remember that you always have the vet.[/font]

Don't listen to those people who tell you to put your furbaby down. Even though your furbaby has disabilities, he/she can still be happy. Suffering and pain are the signals for you to let your baby go...and only you will know "when that time is." So many people told me I was wrong for keeping Smudggie alive...that her quality of life was no more. What I believe they were talking about is that MY quality of life is changing. And, if you've read Smudggie's Life Story, you know that she was happy and smiling up to the very last minute. I defy anyone to tell me when my child will pass!
You will need calming oils to rub on your baby; I used lavendar and a blend of lemon grass , cedar, rosemary and geranium. However, there are many out there. I don't recommend the calming collars at this time as because it may be bothersome to your baby. In fact, you might want to let him be collar free at this point. Touch is very acute at this point...small things may be disturbing to your baby. Massage and washing the face with warm water is comforting as well. I also used pure water "distilled" eyedrops in Smudggie's eyes...she liked it.

Soft foods are necessary. If you use kibble, you will probably have to soften it with water or broth. Baby food is also recommended.

Day by day, your baby will tell you what she needs. Just be open to hear her. Her/his heart will speak to you.
This is the most courageous, difficult thing you will do for your furbaby; remember, it's not about you and how you's about them...completely about them. Once the journey is over, you will find a peace that is without words. You will also have the comfort in knowing you DID the very best for your baby.
There are many questions I cannot answer as I speak from my own experience with Smudggie as well as many long hours on the internet searching for answers. Again, I will recommend the link that helped me
God Bless you and give you courage and strength to see this through to the Bridge.

GOD YOU believe animals deserve basic legal rights. let us and supporting stronger laws for animals! The Animal Legal Defense Fund’s mission is to protect the lives and advance the interests of animals through the legal system. We invite you to show your support for stronger animal protection laws by signing the Animal Bill of Rights petition.

Deprived of legal protection, animals are defenseless against exploitation and abuse by humans. Through the Animal Bill of Rights, the Animal Legal Defense Fund is working to show Congress a groundswell of support for legislation that protects animals and recognizes that, like all sentient beings, animals are entitled to basic legal rights in our society.

[size=14]Speak out to your lawmakers today by signing the Animal Bill of Rights!

Make Animal Abuse A

SEP 31 14

its true ask yourselves : do yu know one single happy kind ? no , you know only mean happies / the mean ones are happy, then you think no i know kind who're happy, no they seem kind, they sound kind, they look kind, they're mean / so you know mean who're happy / how come ? its caus the pysatris can understand the psychatris of other,s the kind spychatry can analyze who'se a en evil psychaitry, a kind psychaitry, the evil psychaitry can see who is the evil psyhciatyr, the kind psychaitry so the evil souls try to make a hell of the kind ones lexistence,s the kind ones tyr to make better the evil ones, inconcsucenly, they seme to not evne knwo how kind themselves are+ cant even see they're tyring to help humans be bette, thats so sweet / so the evil ones try to make the kind souls feel like peices of vomit whie the evil ones, everybody admires them, worships, them, envy them etc so then you see in the future, decaded after school, you hear about the evil souls who're so happy, reaized all their dreamsn and the kind ones stil lead msierabels existence,s are so depressed, or killed themselve,s everybody sso ufnair, so disrespectful to them, betray them, so mean to them / you dont get it how come you are kind and miserable and the evil ones you know at school or high school etc are happy and were happy in high school and you were unhappy at high schoo; and now ? its caus it sthe rue of this world : or youre happy and mean or youre unhappy and kind / thats unfair, thats the stupidest law ever of this planet /

together, we’ve done some pretty amazing things.

oc 14 14

we are able to make a difference on this  -- and other monumentally important issues -- if we could connect brethrens around the world to fight back. vegans are vegan because they realized that it is wrong to harm animals simply because we like the taste of animals , milk, eggs. we have been willing and able to forego the taste of dead animals. Fortunately, thanks togreat vegan receipes, we can have awesome health and keep our values

without applying the "sectarian hammer". "Food is an addictive process" is a huge point and often overlooked. Ipso facto, the need for a bridging or transition process. Personally speaking, coming from a culinary culture wherein vegetarian is synonymous with bountiful flavor and manifold varieties and not just a default category of "twigs and iceberg lettuce", perhaps I get too defensive about veg and lack of flavor. We need to take people as they are and contextually situate ourselves to where they are found.

Thank you very much for your sweet friendship Animals

True Love... travelled with me to the edges of the universe where together we questioned and contemplated whether it ended or went on forever. We questioned where God came from and if he had parents. We laughed until our ribs hurt coming up with this and that.

True Love... scattered 100 pink carnations over the stairs where I stood so I would not stand on the soiled ground.

True Love... brought me dozens of roses and placed them all over my house so everywhere I looked I would be reminded of his love.

True Love.... put God and his Mother before everyone else, even me and (my( family and (my( couple. I found this the most honorable of character traits.

True Love... asked me and cared about my dreams and desires, he supported and encouraged them.

True Love... loved me without expectations, loved me unconditionally, always made me look better than I ever was, protected me, stood before me, defended me.

True Love was patient and forgave my biggest mistakes.

True Love captured my heart with everything he was... and I fell in love.

True Love... touched me so lightly, softly and gently that it shook. It touched as if I were as fragile as a flower petal. True Love kissed me and restarted a heart that had given up believing in love.

True Love has meant everything, it has made my life worth living over all else. I have been truly blessed because of it.

I pray to the God of Unconditional Love you all find True Love in whatever form it may come.
It is not always romantic love and sometimes it must be recognized for what it is. It can be found in the unconditional love of a puppy or dog, it can be found in the eyes and arms of a newborn child.

I’ve tried to let it go
But these butterflies I can’t ignore
Cause every time that I look at you
Know we’re in a catch 22
We’ve been friends for so long but I
Need to tell you what’s on my mind
I’m sick and tired of playing games
‘Cause I know that you feel the same

I Know you inside out, so I’m asking now
Take a chance on me
How much clearer can I be?

Hey, boy, watcha gonna do
If you want me like I want you, then man up and make your move
I’m Gold, Gold
You, me, good as can be, want to be more than your company
So bet your money on me
I’m Gold, Gold

Do I really need to spell it out?
My heart skips when you're around
I got everything that you need
So come on baby get close to me
So confused that I'm not surprised
From greater bells, and rolled the dice
Know all your moves, don't know why I fall
Should put me out, but I want it all

I Know you inside out, so I’m asking now
Take a chance on me
How much clearer can I be?

Hey, boy, watcha gonna do
If you want me like I want you, then man up and make your move
I’m Gold, Gold
You, me, good as can be,
bet your money on me

Been to cool just to tell you straight out but by now I wish you figured it out I wish you figured it I wish you figured it I wish ya
You’re not a fool you see what I’m about, so by now I think you figured it out I think you figured it out I think you figured it out I think ya!

If you want me like I want you, then man up and make your move
You, me, good as can be, want to be more than your company
bet your money on me

the problem has always been about power and dominions, every time an empire rises most dislike it. Mankind has always believed he can control the show, unaware the show is controlling him, It's like living in the devils house without knowing it. As empires start to fall cultures fall into moral and spiritual decline.

its different to the norms that humanity has been planned to believe , ( for we are programmed robots , not really iving beings

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MessageSujet: Re: n easy to help lives : share, watch, sign, open conciouncess   Mar 7 Jan - 11:39

feb 10 14

what they did to jewish was cruel still many germand thought it was cool and were in favor of it . They loved it . They were fans of hiltler , almost worshipped him . All of this even though it was a kind of modern period 20 th century . People weren't shocked? Germans but what about rest o the world ? If people from all over the world weren't shocked, it means if they do something like this to anybody, or a particular race or races now , hardly nobody is going to be shocked ? prooves how powerful was bilderberg , illuminati in 20th century already , so now even more . The more time goes by the more powerful they are so we must really fear for humanity & ourselves . It can happen to anyone , they can do that now in the 21 st century or in future . It is horrible, they treated humans jewish, blacks ect as badly as they treat animals . so cruel, they took away their dignity . People thought it was nomal a president was a dictator in tose days ? Of course they thougt it was normal because if they had thought it was unfair , inhumane they would have done something about this . So it this happens in the future or now ,nobody will care too ? shows how selfish , uninteresed is the human by the suffering of other beings . let us realy hope theyre more compassionate now & will do a revolution, rebell against 'them' ( the enemy) if this happens again . Not like in the 2nd world war because it seems it was me first, my life . Because when they tlak about this,they say many didn't want to help out scared of getitng killed for protecting jewish so it s as usal me , not the others just me . Caring bout us . Letting others die to save our lives instead of what GOD taught us saving others and dying doing so or saving others lives and ours too.   They did that in the 20th centur its icnredible . Not in an old age like 9th centur, 14th centr, no, in the 0th one . How could huma with so developed minds and era and wolrd would have done that ? Its so recent, it happened less thana hundred years ago . if there was so cruel humans in those days than now too coz too little time has passed between 1945 and 2014.

do some charity work pour une mission humanitaire

just how much animal lovers have had enough of heinous crimes against innocent animals

men who would lay down their lives for any animal in need.Caring for all the animals is a monumental daily task.

his heroic efforts for the animals

dogs discarded by them former 'guardin'

(guardian' 'owner' humans cant own animals, they are YOURS YAHWEH , we dont posess nobody, nothing from thse universes, earth

The animals would be doomed without your intervention.

And though he didn’t have a solid plan on what to do with them, he couldn’t stand to see the wolves come to a terrible end.

he has simply hung his head and walked through a group of amused spectators who can’t fathom why on earth this man has arrived to save some “dumb” wolf.

Without you all these animals would be lost

these animals just had their first proper meals after a long, long time.

To live a hundred lives would not be long enough to thank you..

I just have no strength to watch them suffer and I have no power to stop it. I never met a hunter who feels sorry for the wolves or for any other animals

this is the world the illuminati want : violence, sexual depravation, vulgarity, strong language, in a word = crazines,s crazy world they wanna make

hey this is my brother ,if you got a a problem wwith him, you have a problem with me

AUG 10 2014

all this realy dont matter: its just a film, like a film plastique??, an envase ?? its nothing, the void, skin, someting entouré? the body, all these shapes, the nose, breasts, knees etc all this could go away by magic and theres be nothign left or a long rectangle with no shape, no eyes, no throat etc , just all droit, aplati?? why do we care so much? we think well never see no human gaain coz every time they see us they think oh the ugly one again, oh he shes even mroe ugly than the last time i saw him her: we think we d be too ahsame,d wed feel too stressed so we wana dress only with stuff covering our necks, dont want them to see our mosntruous looking necks, never will we wear skirts, dotn want them to see our monstruous knees, legs, never wear sleeveless tops, dont want them to see our aweful arms etc well never go out of our place just becoz a phisical body; we are immensely dumb, coz we are able to find this important !!!!! it is really not!!! extremely brainasheable, this is a brainwashing, thats a fact: its so unimportant : we think its one of the most improtant stuf on earth : we have no brains : we are so not spiritual : we dont think as if we were out of the earth, we should : in the other world we ar ein another frequency or soemthing, we dont think about body, beauty anymore, we truly couldnt care elss about this : this is the mentality that should be on earth on every humans spirit : but no, we are too imbeciles to get this : we arent philosophers, we arent deep enough : we are way too superficial to see things through that viewpoint : YOUR viewpoint YAHWEH : we are kinda clever caus some humans of earth at least could arrive to that thought, to think its just like a plastic that covers soemthign you bought, or food,: so we ain't that dumb ,however, even though we understood this giant truth, we keep on caring about how everybody looks like and how we look like: can w ebe more superficial and stupid than that? we see mlvie,s theres a 'ugly' human, throughout all the movie we couldnt think somethign else than why didnt they choose a good looking person, theres so many good looking actors out there or wow, how ugly is he she : or when we're talking to someone, we think yuck, he she's so ugly, oh wow how jealous, he she is so much better looking than me etc : we get all frustrated,ad,sick, over this because we've seen in magazines, in public places, humans who were so good looking, we've known humans close to us who were so good looking, we started having depression, feeling useless, subhuman, nobody, just becuse those persons are 'beautiful' and we aint : how can you be sad, or wanna die for somethign like that ? because on earth its like our mnds are conditionned to be superficial caus thats the frequency of the earth : its hard not to be conformed to this, you are forced or something by this world, you dont choose to care about looks : it may be a brainwashing : you cant help but be like this : but when you just came out of here, you go in another life, you feel no itnerest anymore, you know it dont matter; you apprehend sudenyl that all your worrie,s your itnerests sucked, like beauty etc: imagine if you died while you were putting on a nice dress, makeup etc : youd feel really idiot when you'll be out of your body : we really stress out se prend la tete?? over nothing : caus we become really sick in our heads, suffering so much about how people will eprceive our physical bodies, we become maybe paranoiac ? for we think they're looking at us not to observ our conduct but to observ our face + bodies : to look long moments at every single part of us to analyse our body ,face, to see if we look bad or good so we feel nervus so we think if thats the way its gonna be, you dont wanna go to be with humans anymore, caus they cant stop looking at you and that drivs you crazy and you hate them for this, you despise them : you cant bear their eyes on you and you think theyre thinking im a piece of poo right ? thats why theyre looking and you think why wasnt i thalia, bib gaytan etc why did i have to look like vomit, why wasnt i a beauty princess, the best looking thing that everybody has ever seen why do you look like cinderella in comparision to her two step sis ? you feel so bad : you forget: its just a physical body !!! its shapes on a face, on a body, its nothing!!! you're short, too tall, you have too small breats, too big, you're too white, too dark, too fat, too skinny, you aint got no shape, you got too much shape , you dont like your body whatever way it is, whatever type o shape you have, it dont matter!!!! even though you know it dont caus you know everyone on earth should care about the victims of animal cruelty, human wars , rape, abuse, injusticies, opression, persecution etc we arent thinking about them are we, no we are thinking bout somethign way more unimportant : our looks : thats why its celar unfortunately that we are very verry very very many verys : stupid + very very ect superficial : seeing things thought this perpective help us to grow spiritualy and to care a lil less about non important matters like the physical body and live more happy caus when you become obsessed by all the 'beauties' you've seen+known and you wish you were them, you ish you were dead, you are jealous in a sick way of them, you are very unhappy with your lives, yourselves, thats so sad, so if you try to see thigns through another viewpoint than yours whch is beauty is very important to your hapiness ect , then you'll be maybe a lil bit more happy? a lil elss frustrated, etc we feel so bad caus those who feel so beautiful despise us or it seems like this, they look at us with superiority caus they think we are poo , garbage comapred to their inredible infiite beauty : we should think that this physical body, however it looks, bad good, teribly good, so bad, we think when we die the body isnt there, so it dont matter how it used to look like, we dont feel a body, it left us, we feel our soul, not physicially, so lets rpetend we are dead; there is our souls and nothing else , so nothing else than this matters; caus there never was beauty, laideur?? caus the bodyes magically disaperred; its just something material the animal+human body, its in a material world, because the stuff from the earht are pysicial, we an touch, they are alive, objetcs etc, theyre in four dimensions but this life dont amtter as much as the afterlife, so the non physical world with no dimensions is so much more improtant, so much deeper than working out to look cute, doing a diet to lose weight, sex to be 'happy' ya right as if this coudl amke any human happy, food to be happy, dancing caus your body looks hot, wearing sexy clothe caus you look better than with non veyr feminine clothes etc all of this is the immense improtant we should never have given to the psyhical body, jsut caus were in a psyhical world dont mean we have to think the physical human body matters: it doenst: just matters to tace care of our healths, nothign more, dont matter if you make a nice hairstyle, wearign a nice necklace, you are elegant or casual all of this menas : nothing, the void

ay 8 14

human race is so hypocretical ; we always wanna to let others know only half of what we think : we think they got bad and good points : well let them know the good stuff only ; we dont like some of their attitudes, way of expressing themselves to other,s agressively, violently but with vocally : we wont tell them ; we like that theyre sometimes in a good mood: we compliment them on that: we are big fat liars : they just got a new animal or human baby : youre baby is the most beautiful baby ive ever seen ; liars theyve seen better looking ones and lets face it they aint gonna think of babies of others theyre bette than their own babies : so why do we lie so much , nothing nobody forces us to make false compliments maing believe other humans theyre saints : we could just not say anything its better than not saying a truth by not talking than insisting on saying somehting but thats a lie : we dont want criticize when we dont like something on others, thats why it make theyfeel important as celebs because all their entourage cant stop making praises to them ; so they have this feeling theyre saints : nobody ever tells them their behavior and what they sya sucks : in fear of losing a friend, a family member, getitng into trouble ; theyd rather avoid that : does that make them bad humans bad family memebers bad friends ; as by not saying nothing and saying somethign positive but not true about someone theyre maing them staying on that bad point and if theyd say somethign a truth that annoys theyd have helped this being gettgn humanely better : like a human caled k sees a human called v whos his her friend talking badly to some stranger telling them to stop making nose but with an agressive voice and look in their eyes :  k doesnt say nothing, dont say to v you have been disrespectufl, we all are brothers and sisters and you treated that stranger as garbage ; its ok you want to say something to someone who did something bad but you dont need to say it like you wanna start a third world war or something, you have to show respect; that poor being was so shoked b how yout reated her him that he she couldnt say a word : no , k dont say that: k dont give advice to make better his her friend v : v wont evolve alone; he she needs friends, or family telling the hard turth, that theeir behavior suck, that theyre unfair , wicked etc ; that they cant seem able to speak without getting furious and excited that they hardly ever talk respectively as thee alwas so exasperated by eveything & everyone : how can k be a friend or a relative then if k dont wanna help , dont try to help * we must never shut up, do we want our loved ones to be sucky humans, disrespectful, violent orally or phisically, humiliating, making fun of different beings, being annoying, being unbearable to everyone around them ? we really need to give advice because its hard to explain ; we are we , the are they ;  we see the stuf that are morally not correct in them , the cant see the stuff that are morally uncorrect in them, because they are themselves ; they are unable to observ analyse themselves ; we can ; we cant analyse ourselves, they can analyse us ; its like you wanna listen to what your voice in your brain is saying you cant; you wnana watch what you just said or did in a wiked manner; you cant; you wanna take a look at your actions, and thoughts you cant; its you ; others can ; what a pity they dont take advantage of this to help the beings they love ; this dont seem to be love ; this is passivity ; i like him her , him her is evil = i let him her be evil ; this is absolutely not love, this is being indifferent that somebody you love sucks as a human : its like the non vegans who claim their so called love for animals i love animals i dont fight against human being cruel to them, i eat animals : thats the same, papssiviity, contradiction; when you love someone be them animals, humans you dont want them to be evil to others, getting killed by others; you want them to keep alive so youre a vegan, you want them to be good because thats how GOD wants this world to work ; seriously we can love human beings and wish they are horrible to everyone else ? this is nonsense ; hard to udnerstand ; when we love a being we want them to be good to others ? we dont care whetther theyre good or evil to others ? we want them to be evil to others ? we want them to be evil to us ? no because that means youre evil and you love evil beigns as [size=14][color=#000000][font=Arial]birds of a feather flock together * when we are good humans we want those we love be good to everyone , even strangers because thats discrimination and unjustic to think as a brainwashed brain i knwo and love you = i treat you as a queen king ; i dont know you = i dont have to show you some respect ; so if we are truly philosophical + altruistic we think that those humans we love should behave the best with their entourage + strangers + animals + us = everyone * so if we see somebody we love ating naughty saying racists stuff, wanting to be the first one served even though we are not the queen king of eart and others have been wating for way more time than us , we tell the being we love : sto this now, you are being unfair and stupid ; ask for an apology and try to never do this again : that means we are good families / friends / collegues etc because we are altrusitic and we want our loved ones or mates to be altruistc: we want to be good, we want all those we love and dont love to be good ; it dont matter that you love someone or not ; you work with some humans you dont love, in the train you always see the same strangers you dont love; you dont like some of your neighbours; who cares, you have to teach them lessons of life, of respeting everyone and of living in a civlizied way with everyone when you see that being doing or acting as a moron, be him her whoever he she is ; a very good friend, a collegue you cant stand, the wife of your uncle you rreally dont like, whatever, put your feelings aside because if youre gonna think like not GOD : i help to be better persons only those i love, that one i never loved her him so she he dont deserve my help ; no this is from the enemy and this is not wisdom and humanity ; in many american tv shows we see the good helping his her enemy ; he showed humanity because even though theyve always been " at war" she he forgets about all this and is helping her his worst enemy ; that is pure wisdom that is amazing ; thats how all of us humans from all over the earth should always act : with kindness, and think with our hearts not brains : so helping isnt just this one is poor i give him food, or this one is getting bullied i defend her him but its also i know humans who are evil and thats a shame because i really care about them so im gonna teach them to lose their bad ways and to replace them by virtue so theylle become better as GOD YOU so want; thats also a big help and unfortunately we too often forget about this : maybe its not that we wish our loved ones be evil but its probably that were afraid because we know well humans, we know how huge their egos are so we know that if were gonna tell them i dont like this and this and that and that about you theyre gonna feel insulted, not helped : when what we are trying to do is absolutely not insult them but help them ; thats philanthropy ; because you see a poor human being or animal being a victim o the meaness of that being you love and you dont like that ; it means you really love humans, the humans you arent close to, dont know very well , dont know at all, you love them, because even know you never talke to them or never saw them before you dont like the way the beings you like are treating them, so you are against injustices made to strangers, to beings you hardly know, to anyone, thats true humanity ; because others unfortunately think that a being is being evil to a being the never saw befoe so its ok, its not their problem, no; a true philanthropist is against injustices made towards anyone on earth includign stuf,f vegetable,s places and animals and strangers; so if you see someone stranggling someone you wont think i dont know these someones ; none of them so i wont help the stranggler nor his her victim; or somebody i love is being cruel to somebody i dont know so im gonna defend the one i know ; thats unfair and stupid ; we have to defend the victim even know the one we love the other we dont love the one we know the other we dont know ; imagine you love your father and you see him hitting someone with no reason ; its not because that someone you neevr met that youe gonna think your dad is right ; because if we defend those we know always, regardless of they were right or wrong = brainwahsing of friend,s family, humans we know ; we should keep in mind we must be fair and equitable ; why are we so oten not equitable and a few humans are equitable * because most humans were brainwashed to be non equitable, to think this one this that one that; always to give different treatments to different type of beings * what we should do is give the same treatment to every living soul ; we think this one is rich so he deserves priviledges; this one is poor so lets treat her him as nothing : that is not equitale ; we were taught into believing , wthey put that very profoundly in humanitys brains : we msut not treat all right, we msut not treat all the same way, those we love deserve more, the others deserve not even respect; those ones we can give them all free in the grocery shop as theyre billionaires and we are scared of them as police or gods because of the poer they got ; those ones we are not going to serve them becasue they look like drugies or homeless ; thats so unfair ; we should have fairness in our souls and hearts ; always think : fair for everyone ; justice; equity ; this one is blakc so we wont take care of him in the hospital even though he was there for a long time and this one seems to be rich and white so we re gonna take care of him first; this sucks ; we got too much nonsense in our souls : hopefully GOD Youll forgive us and all the ones who were victims of our inequity *or me first then all the others because we think we got so much more improtance than all the other living souls * some humans helped us we are ungrateful persons * we see this help as a waste of time , attacks , we think those who help us are our enemies * we dont see things clearly : theyre helping us : we are so self centered as we hate critics , we love to critisize : we understand that some human beings criticize a lot but we are unaware we criticize a lot * its logical, we cant see our minds, hear our minds, as we were not us * we see us as us * so we find easily the vice in everybod but us * thats why we despise those who make criticism to everyone and we dont despise us even though we do the same * we dont see we cant see that we do the same kind of criticism to others that those who make a lotta criticism * we think why humans are so not philanthropist, why there isstray injured animals and poor sick humans there and humans walk dont stop, dont go to see them ; someone criticize this indifference : than someone else criticize this indifference and they go why cant the stop criticizing humankind ; they cant feel alive if they dont , they have self esteem issues thats the reason why they criticize everyone else, and think theire perfect * its not that at all ; its that we observ the vice in toehrs but cant in us because its hard maybe or because we were brainwashed maybe into thinking always search the vice in other,s only in others * they despise uis because they think this is being evil criticizng the human race, no because they dont take into account all the accolades me make to those who got great hearts; thats not ok if theyre gonna take only half of the stor into account and ignore the rest of this reality* yep we do a tremendous amount of criticism but its because we got this gola in life : that whoever cross our path , well make them see all their faults and try as much as we can to make them disappear forever because this is too improtant for us that these humans become as virtuous as animals and YOU YAHWEH * so this is a help, a philanthropic and active acts but they take is as insults : the words are harsh like " humans are retards " but its not to be mean its to be helpful * but thats the truth and they cant take it because of their pride and GOD YOU tell us not to have it * theyre thinking as humans and YOU dont want us to think as humans ù because we would have take it the right way if we were trying to think as YOU GOD * theyy take it as free insults, attacks as if its criticism to make critisicm : this dont have any unsefulness *  this aint criticism to do criticism * this is criticism to erase the evilness and grow morally so we cant look into the past and we see how horrible we were and havesatisfied because now we evolved a lot we are nothing like we were * anyone could dream of beings helping them this way because anybody'd want to be better no ?* so why refuse this help by being mean * because in saying thse beings who critizm all the humans on eaht are eivl, they spend their who time criticizing, they msit be stupid, not ok in heir heads, they msut have issues , they msut feel alone, having no other reason in their lives but to criticism and to hut humans bla bla bla * nonsense * theyre mistaken the gola of these critics * maybe its their egoes talking because as most humans dont love that you put in their faces how bad they are as humans that if you tell them in their faces they dont like it* they feel that youre being aggressive to them because youre maing them see so many stuff that are bad in them and that they dont see as bad because if they did they wouldnt be angry at you or hating you * you are amking them see how wicked they are and so its kinda understandable that they react the way they do * in another sense their reaction is abnormal because pride shouldve never existed in the first place we should be like a sea without water so totally indifferent to criticisim so not pride whatsoever * so we should understood yep i have this vice in me, im gonna change, ok, just listening to what they want to say or write and have an emotionless reaction * thats be normal but our brains are so emssed up with pesticide,s bainwahsing etc that we are not who we should be and our reactions may be not our own, we may not mbe ourselves * we never really had brains, we were given transformed, fabricated brains, even before going out of our progenitors bodies * of course if human conditionning or braiwashings or what didnt have given us so much pride we would take so calmly like nothing matters in this world, all the criticism of the universe * it means they think theyre perfect ? because as you tell them the truth in them, the evilness in them and theyre so mad at you, it means they are convinced they dont have this ? theyll say no its not true, im not like this, you are misinterpretating, im a good person, stop criticizing, yep but they ,ever allowed no one to criticse them not even once in their lifetime ? it really means they think theyre saints then * because if they had accepted atleast lets say halp of the reproaches which were made to them in their lives ok then theyll be modest and rationnal * its imposible? to udnerstand human heads because they dont feel attacked only when the criticims are for them but when the criticism are for mankind, how come * probably because makind = also ' me ' * seems like they dont have a will to evolve and that mankind evolves * yep its way too much criticism , theyd think these beings have a passion for criticism, its all there is in their lives * no , we got a passion to save souls because we know GOD is watching all humans all the time so we think its silly if let act bad or if we let them act bad when we couldve change their destinies * so some humans got an obsession for criticism wich really is an obsession to save souls * we are perfectionnist so we dont want them to go to heaven with many bad actions but with the fewest posible thats why were trying to change everyday of their live,s everyday they were gonna talk as garbage to humans, accusing humans to have done bad stuff they didnt do , yelling at humans , GOD YOU tell us to speak not to yell  stuff like that; we really want to change all these bad behaviors that they re so accostumed to have that its gonna be so hard to change them as if you told to somebody who saw put stuff in your eyes and youll live as a bling from now on, onr somebody whos left handed from this day on you be right handed * so deleting all the rubbish in them and instead putting virtues, is gonna be hard * but possible * the trouble is their egoes blinds them as they theres no way they accept our help in the way they see life and thats so the world upside down so frustrating * you have humans you know and dont help you and dont want to as they hardly ever criticize you = you think theyre your friends, they love you, no dont seme like it and in the other hand you got these huge kind humans with huge souls who tell you as much criticism as the can to make you better like theyre like Jesus, always trying to make everyone see all the bad stuff, being ashamed, angry, because of so much evil and they are offended, !! wow this dont make any sense Jesus should be offended because he got in front of him bunch of losers incapable of being good to others * so the ones trying to help them making them see their faults they cant see , so many of them, = they think these are my enemie,s they hate me as they cant stop judging me * and there the best mates ya right, are doing nothign to help n they think these ones are angels because they do to me so many prpaise this feels so good * false praise ! hypocricy ! or bad judgement because you see someone with many vice and you think oh what a lovely person ! that happens more often than it seems * thats why we see someone beling in love or firends with an evil creature and we think how could he she love her him , what can they posibly find nice about them * so thats so udnerstanding things the other way around : maybe those who praise you congratulate you for human ualities you dont have , truly think you have them so really wanna be nice to you, some of them but maybe others of them truly know you are a vicious being and still make you lot of congrats for no reaosn, just to make sure you keep them as friends, whom they are is false frinds, preteding to think youre all that when they know you got so much vice * for isntance you do something great you clean your room and the think thats amazing congrats! you are a good worker! they know its been years they dont lcean it so they use their left brain or somehting ? as instead of having an entire view : good + bad , they se eonly the good in others : instead of saying you shouls be ashamed! you havent clean it for years and now b some miacle you clean it * no, because they self-censure themselves: you did great! you are wonderful! you make a great job ! when in their heads they think something else * or i lost weight oh congreats kepp up the good work, you are so strong, so courageous how could youlose so many weight * instead they should be sayong, its been like 10 years of your life that you were obese, you have no will, you are lazy, you should have never been obese in the first place or at least make an effort ten years aog, you could have been smil for 10 years, you have no reaosn to be pround * its harsh but its true because a good relative or friends or husband girlfriend ect tells the bad and good * there are too many hipcortices, false relatices, false boyfriends, false friends who only tell the good stuff * like i stopped my studied years ago and now i try to finish them , i got my degree  :congreats! you are so clever! so studious, you are the best! come one so much hypocrizy :why idnt you sto your studied years ago now youre like 30 and you finally have your high school degree, dont you ealize others got their degree at the normla age like everyone else, 18, and you just now, and you onyl now will start university ! you should have been mentally strong as others intead of wasting your time with your mates, watching tv, taking drugs etc* so thats fair it dont mean only see the bad part in living creatures, it emans see the bad and good * be fair , so when theres goodyou congrat them, when theyre ba you tell them * most humans do this : theres the bad i shut up dont want them to get mad at me just in case someay i need somewhere to sleep or money etc just tell the good so they think i really admire everythin in them and they keep me close * a few courageous honest humans do this : you did said something good : i congreat you youre a great person ; you did somethign bad i tell you off * their loved ones are always gonna fight with them but its ok its for an amazing cause ù* hoensty is what mankind needs * seems like illumianti 'they' or whoever braiwnashed us so we lie , we think one thing in our head and say the contrary * thats what we see in so many tv movies and shows , humans watch too much tv so it could have that impact in their heads, mimetism * hypocricy = from the enemy * honesty = of YAHWEH * of course we could think no when they acted evilly or said something evil i want say a thinkg as im not GOD * great thought but GOD dont come down to earth everytime to teach life to beings who acted bad so we have to be Your repalcement GOD* even though we suck at it and no one can replace you but we can write speak, You cant * so why not ? and Youll be happy we took the iniative to help them and You probably want us to do this dont YOU ? theyre like i cant bear him her everytime i see him her he jsut criticze me , everyone we know, mankind * yep its because theyre so extreme, thats a quality, they want us to be perfect or to be as much close to be perfect as posible , they dont want help a little, they wanna help so much * thats why so many criticizm you criticse a little = you wnana help a little you critice a lot= wnana help an aweful lot * because they got this obsession humas msut not be a little kind but so kind, like saints, these beings are whole, the want whole, they want the best, they never tried to reach less then the highest posible, they got too high goals and ambitions, thats why they want you to be even more good than priests and they dream of all humans being as YOU YAHWEH * so please humankind dont take it the wrong way all the criticims that living beings do to humankind and yourselves directly * its just help never forget this : this is not free ill will , this is philanthrophy nothing else * free ill will is making jokes and critisim to make humans feel like garbage ; like kids at school bullying other kids * this is not it * this is wanting all the humans to be as they'd be in heaven if they go there * like here you use strong language in heaven GOD wont allow that * in ehre when youre mad at someone you look at them with hatred in heaven GOD You wont let us do this etc * its just basically telling you all please humankind be as good as if you were in heaven * pretend earth is heaven * be nice to everyone, when you see a living being being moally phisically cruel to another  teahc him her kindness instead ect * because what ? we think oh lets take advantage of the fact were here on earth to do all the bad we want because when its going to be the end of this life we wont be able to do evil in heaven * that is so bad !!!! that is saying we love evil and love doing so * dont matter in what world we are we must be good always ; always means always * not whenever we wanna * sometimes were good, cool , sometimes were bad, not good * if we had the brainly strenght to being good from time to time why dont we try beingan "angel " 24 /7 * dont seem that hard to acehive * those beings who are obsessed with criticising hto help humankind do so because they hate unfairness * they hate looking at someone being unfair with someone , theyre too altrusitic to think of the details i know none of them, one of them, i like non eof them, one of them nonsense, theyre only focusing on the fact that as philanthropist know all humans = family they focusing on that one of my brothers sisters is being nasty ot onnother of my brothers & sisters and that i fele it in my soul is an injustice and i hate this * so theyre like the true angeld and heroes the are are going thee to talk to them and to re establish justice where it wasnt no more * injustice any kind of them * not jsut rape mutilaton torture, murders * "litustices if there can be little injustices according to YOU YAHWEH ? so injsuticies as somebody throwing the food of somebody they jsut paid on the floor, or somebody saying you cant enter here as youre a disabled or a black, or somebody stealing the stuff of somebody they elft on a resturant table while they were gone to the toilets , somebody trying to break somebody's bike while they were gone for a while, stuff like this any type of injsutice * or any kinda "size " ; all injsutices are bad , dont matter how big they are, they are injsutices so we must be against them * if we love them, or dont care , we are not humans children of YOU YAHWEH

1 april 2014 

racists hate other ethnic groups because of the skin race country . they want them to remain in their respective countries . they dont see farer than the skin and ethnic gorup . they only think how disgusting they think they're voie, skin, langugae, facial traits, races, are . they dont see that these are not skins or races but beings like them . brothers & sisters of them . they dont see that they do the same, they think , as racists think, they can breath see laugh as racists, they can have to bury their animals & human loved ones, they can have conversations, go on holiday, spend quality time with those animals+humans they lov,e they cna get very sick & die etc everything like those who hate these ethnic groups . so thats on what they should focus . on the common points in every human and in all the thnic groups , not focusing on these ones have this colour some hate, or this culture and language they hate or bodies and faces they hate but these are humans and racists are humans so racists stop being racists all love your family as all ethnic groups are your family . all the humans are our family . in this its clear racism = spiciesim totally because racism and spiecism is because we dont like the visiual physical difference,s the moral and cultural differences , ect so animals are different from humans + humans from ethnic grous are different from human from other ethnic group so there are spieicists & racists ; they hate those physical and moral differences . its silly because all racists or all the ones from one ethnic group that racists love because its their ethnic groups, they cant love all those ones just ebcause they're from the same ethnic gorups as they dont have the same minds . and some are kind others arent . its silly to hate all those from some ethnic or one ethnic group because of their races as they may have so much more in common with them than with those of our ethnic group . so it means racists stupidely love all those from their ethnic gorup not because of their kindness but because of their ethnic groups and they dont like those form other ethnic groups not because of their horrible hearts but because of their races . its bad reasons, superficial ones because we shouldnt not like some beings for appearance but for their immoralities . we sould not hate ever . how ironic . some racists could get along very well with some beings they hate because of their different ethnic group , because they love the same stuff, have many opinions in common on many things, have similar mentalities . but this friendship or love could never happen because the racists dont like the skin and physical body of that race . so they'll never know how great these beings are and how well theyd get along because of that superficial detail : the ehtnic group . not letting a love or friendhsip happen because of something we see with our human eyes and dislike , thats so dumb .

its terrible that fight dogs are murdered caus in some parts of the world they are murderer and another parts they are kept alive and reeducated because they murder them because they think they cant be reeducated yes they can

Nov 16 14

We hope YAHWEH agrees with our philosophies x we are so naïve such retards this huan race x of coruse YOU don’t agree with us how could YOU GOD when we are way too retarded and YOU’re the only genius of all the places of the universe and we have cero wisdom and YOU have all the wisdom greater than the wisdom of all the living creatures of every place of the universe x it’s very hard ça risqué pas that YOU agree with us YAHWEH b because w’ed had to have YOur wisdom Your intelligence X with those earthly human spirits we could never have Your philosophy b so we dream when we have ideas that see very cool to us that You think like us , really we are very stupid b for when we think YOU think like us we are mistaken for it’s impossible we are sinners YAHWWEH YOU4RE more than a saint H we are humans YOU are YAHWEH b its caus we have maybe too much orgeuil et what else don’t know im a immense ignorant immense retard I don’t know about mankind at all , who knows ? we think we know we don’t! we don’t even know about YAHWEH b we know jack about nothing b maybe we are convinced GOD our personal philosophical doctrines are like Yours because we got an excellent image of ourselves and we’re wrong caus e are like this : I’ perfect, I don’t need to confess , e confesser??? I have no fault, just qualities n I’m an awesome human being b when we have to look at ourselves , inside of us, it’s hard caus its often hard for humans to look at their own self so it’s hard to see our faults b so in fact iw we do things that are sort of good we think we did an excellent thing, if we do something that is very evil we think oh no its not extremely evil it’s just a little bit evil so are you an evil human being themselves ask themselves or somebody ask them n no I’m not an evil human b but all those evil stuff you thing do say, no there not really evil, just sort of , ya right so conclusion we think we got just goodness, no evil for when we do a stuff like 13 percent good for us its marvelous thousands percent good we’re angles!! When we do something that’s like 324 percent evil we think it’s just like 10 percent evil etc so we’ll never want to say sorry GOD for all my sins and to priests v why do we have to be so full of pride x why do we see the good that doesn’t exist in us and don’t see the evil that exists in us b we have so obnoxious because when there’s evil we refuse to think that it’s very evil because we think that the evil in ourselves is very tiny and that’s it’s not real evil, it’s just little stuff from the everyday life we say and do so we really have no evil is ourselves b untrue because for YOU GOD there is no little evil right ? evil is evil x if some of our actions are 18 percent evil they are evil c we think 18 is cero no 18 is 18 it’s something it’s evil c so if it was cero evil action then YAHWEH wouldn’t tell us that it’s bad the day of the judgment, HE would ignore all our supposedly tiny little evil actions and our supposedly tiny little evil in ourselves c that’s why hen we often are evil but we don’t know how many times caus of course we are too retarded to remember or to have the good idea of writing somewhere all the ties we were evil caus the image of our own selves is way too perfect so we can’ write this, give importance to this because we think these evil in us is not evil b so only the ones who got less pride will do something like write all the times they consider they were evil w but nothing is sure for we are no rocket scientists so we can get mixed with our non evil and evil actions c so we’d write to know if we’re often in one week, one year, month etc evil or not b and then we could not longer say we are not evil caus this is the evidence c caus we are too dub caus we can’t know how any ties caus e don’t take attention b if we had a super brain we wouldn’t need to pay attention on that because our genius brain would do all the work so we’d know everything there’s to know on the earth so we’d know if we sinned a lot, a lil, so we’d never be hypocritical with our own selves YAHWEH and all because we’d be honest with all, YAHWEH and ourselves caus we can lie to every brethren, our own self but we can’t lie to YAHWEH so maybe our subcontinent is persuaded we’re very evil and our conscious says we are angelic b lets stop lying to ourselves x we are immensely evil we made tones of sins c we sut not deny that caus YAHWEH’s gonna get angry He loves truth c not lies c wisdom is recognizing our sins w we can’t keep on being idiots, see our sins and identify the as good actions or neutral actions c those sins are sins !!!! if we keep on seeing the best and not the worst in ourselves we’ll never be clever, and wise and good children of YAHWEH v if we did nothing good in plenty of tie we think we did great things every day we are such saints we are too good and if we do evil often somebody or ourselves asks did you behave well today oh yeah like a saint b and we did so much evil n but as always our retardness is a handicap for the intelligence c caus how can you survive think do stuff where you need to use your brain like study , do mental stuff like asking yourselves if you’re good, if lately you’ve been good or wicked ect if we don’t possess brains!!! For so any stuff of earth we need brains , for everything!!! No wonder that to see if we’re good or evil, to make

The National Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty is calling on young people (ages 25 and under) from across the earth  IF THE governments WILL NOT LISTEN TO OUR DEMANDS, THEN WE WILL MAKE HIM AND THE REST OF THE COMMONWEALTH LISTEN THROUGH THE USE OF CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE!!! OUR VOICES WILL BE HEARD!!! If you're interested in joining us in Richmond, please contact Brian Henninger. Housing and food will be provided, you just have to get yourself there.

was extremely important to Chris because she gave him what he craved most – attention.

a ell pace plao?? with kind words, this is how we fetch a friend

sometimes you just have to make the best of a bad situation

YOU4RE Y best friends in the whole world

such an execution violates international law and well established fundamental norms of international human rights.

left him with "mixed feelings,"

I'm either going to be given life in prison or I'm going to die.

Asked what he would do if set free, Thomas listed three things. "The very first thing I would do would be to go to church, get down on my hands and knees and thank God because it would truly be a miracle.

try to put all this behind me and try to get some normalcy back in my life. Try to get a job. Try to do something positive

Thomas worked hard to create some normalcy in his life. He earned his GED and reestablished family ties,

that was the first time I had ever seen him in my life.

It meant a great deal, because even though he wasn't there in the past, he did at least try and make an effort now."

el aor te tiene ido

have expressly voiced their objections to the

standards of human decency recognized and practiced across the world.
We urge you to use your power of executive clemency
has earned the ignominious distinction of

That fact would undoubtedly further shame the state of Virginia, and the USA as a whole, on the world stage.
We didn't know each other, but I learned of your story. I believe you truly regretted the mistakes you made, and that justice failed you. I have no doubts that God will forgive you. May you rest in peace!

she wished they were removed from her life.

people he thought held great ill will toward him.

a clinical psychologist, confirmed that Thomas's ability to make an informed decision about waiving his Miranda rights had been compromised because he was developmentally immature, "was unable`to make decisions at an adult level," was at the "lower end of the`average range of intellectual function," and was sleep-deprived.

Jessica just showed me that love I so desperately needed and wanted that I would have basically done anything to keep her around. But I was just a kid when I committed the crime. I mea, I still had the capacity to change, to grow, to learn, and I have."

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humanitarian politically correct freedom fighters

lawyers don't have souls / humans dont have souls
some humans are not clear in their heads they say things like poor humans who were murdered on 9 11 and they insult and despise the animal kingdom thinking its the last thing in their lives and they dont care that them+ the whole world take advantage of their suffering and death for their own pleasure like buying animals and cooking, eating them so they are able to feel compassion and sorrow for humans who got unfairly cruelly killed but unable to feel compasison for animals cruelly, inhumanely killed ; its the same thing, humans got killed for no reaosn, animals got killed for no reaosn tt the so called reason ire so called food, enterntainment likz zoophilia, marine parks, tuaromachy, science, fashion industry, these arent reasons, this is rubbish kk there are like zero reason and humans killed in wars, terrorism, are zero reason ;; so again thinking little, unfair, left brain, close minded because instead of doing what they should do which is thinking impartiallity so the same thought the same wish for all they think for those bla bla and for these ones over there bla bla so for you humans killed unjustly = feeling of injustice and caring for you animals killed unjustly = couldnt care less nn whereas it should be for all YAHWEHs creatures killed for nothing = compasison, respect, feeling of huge unjustice ll as wars terrirism and stuff is for satan, money, sadistic pleasure , animal cruelty for food and stuff its the same thing bb all these non human ,human murders are for evil to make it stronger bigger all over the earth oo if they think they dont care that animals are abused and mrudere,d they souldnt care that humans ar raped, kidnapped, murdered, abducted etc how can they have two eharts an empty one for animals and a heart full of compassion for humans jj  abnormal gg just because theyre close mind makes them increidbly intolerant of the differences of spiecies and of the differences in general pp only because animals are animals they dotn feel compasison its so silly, if animals had been humans theyd feel compasison, if humans had been animals, they wouldnt feel compasison , just a matter of destiny aa thats cool to feel free mind cause we think dont matter what destiny would have been or is, dont matter whos the creature, stuff, veggie, animal, human, they feel compasison fullstop, dont matter if theyre man, women, dygin, young, old, healthy, non heathly, huge sinners, little sinners, from one continent or another etc they feel compasison because they think its intelligent and kinder to give the same treatment to all

its not right the girls arent friends anymore

what planet are you from ? thats way too embarrasing

You'll never reach your goal without a lot of hard work.

Nunca lograrás tu meta si no trabajas duro.

Nunca alcanzarás tu objetivo si no trabajas duro

you can't connect the dots looking forwards, you can only connect them looking backwards v so you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your feature v you have to tust in somethign YAHWEH, your gut, destiny, life, karma, becaue believing in the dots will connect down the road will give you the confidence to follow your heart, even when it leave you yoff the well worn path and that will make all the difference v

conversaion d'odre politique,personnel, etc

You helped make my life way more fun.

april 23R 2014

In such a short span of time

By signing this petition, you are saying yes. Yes, to create a positive change in the lives of millions of working animals. And that’s huge. This is your chance to really create the change you seek. hopefully you’ll take it.

What planet are you on today?
it makes me feel like im the luckiest person on the face of the earth

liberty for the universe freedom for the universe
her ethical dilemma
I need permission from others before making big decisions

I’m very critical of my own ideas and stop myself from sharing them with others

I always think about other people’s reactions before I do anything

I worry too much about what other people think of me

I think power is negative – a lot of people misuse it

reveal the fears blocking you from abundance

why would anyone wanna spend time with you ✈ no wonder Lucy didn't show up

You'll be more eager to dive into new experiences. Your newfound openness will lead to more oppotunities. You'll develop the ability to see things in a different light, which leads to more creativity and intuition .

different animals coming together and showing some love to one another

februayr 11 2014

let GOD's will be done

i don't know if fIghting is the answer, i don"t know whtas the answer

quand quelqu'un meurt pou son pays

notre dévouement sans faille pour le monde

au nom de la défense de notre constitution

soyons des hommes d'honneur

It's part of mankind's sickness

no abandoneis a sus animales , es como si abandonaran a sus humanos hijos, abandonar a sus animales hijos es un acto criminal

los animales y los hombres no quieren sentir mas dolor

nos sentimos tan ignorantes , tan estupidos

life's a f --- waste of time. God it's too long. I've been waiting for death. Since I was born i've been waiting for death. With you my love

20 june 2014

Thanx, for your interest in this action. Thanx, for caring about YAHWEH's wolves

it takes two to speak the truth, one to spea & the other to hear

basically fell off the face of the planet,

Will you start thinking positive ? ( no es futuro es omo decir ponte a pensar positiivamente, piensa positivament' o deberias ect no ?

you change lives

full of lives & ideas

SOME people are so afraid to make a decision they they never take any one at all

are you rather optimistic or rather pessimistic about where we are in the world today

that's encouraging

There are small variations in the words, but the essentials are the same in all accounts

all we ver wanted to do was make you animaux happy , thats why we went vegan for you, for you're the sun of our lives

patience is one of human's virtue

you got it gtreat, people never appreciate it when they got it great

we'd like this to work, when i turn off my light at night, i'd like to know that ive done my best

YAHWEH YOU know everything but some humans think they know everything better jejeje

YOU NEVER let me have any fun

23 june 2014 seems like the individuals working with animals hate them x humans think anyone who works with animals loves the animals no for many humans working in farms , zoos, slaghterhosues etc abuse the animals xx working with animals doe absolutely not mean love of the animals () seems like those satanisc individuals choose these jobs not at random , they wanna work there for they seem to have mntal disorders whc=ich makes them having hapiness in abusing animals (( maybe they wish to abuse human beings but dont wanna live in jail for the rest of their lives so the only other creatures left are the animals or maybe they only enjoy abusing animals '' its not compulsory for them to do this, they could work with these animals giving them respect or softness, love,brotherhood towards them (" but they choose to abuse so what are the presidents, psychiatrists, autohoritie,s leaders doing ? seems like nothing for they let free in this world the sick in the brains individuals, giving them the possibility to abuse+kill non humans , giving them the opportunity to work, posess, rape, cut alive, eat alive , throw from bridges etc animals

consider everyone our friends, our compadres, righteous dudes, women

im a lover, not a fighter

it takes a stronger man not to fight so why dont you go back into the nest with the other gorillas ?

happy lives to you nn may you be blessed with a day filled with all that your hearts desire. Love you

even if you werent my son i d tell you no, i want take no chances on anybody elses life = no endoctrination

if somebodys in danger u wont think twice about putting your neck on the line

id think twice, id think three times

you"re all ill be thinking about

just the man i need to talk to

Farm animal abuse is unfortunately very common k The least fortunate farm animals are mistreated their whole lives without any escape '

shouting profanities at the poor creatures.

This abuse must not be allowed to happen again;

The cows in your care deserve much better.we Insist on frequent check-ins to ensure the animals’ well-being.

15 JUNE 2014

humans all throughout human history were endoctrinated into thinking we can exploit+ murder humans for whatever reaosn for isntance races, then brainwaseh into think we can't , then brainwahed into thinking we can do this to the animal race so in a very far future maybe humans 'll think how could we slaughter animals eat kill etc them only caus they were not from our race , the same way humans from today think how could in the past white humans kill jewish , blacks
most the humans who live aren't brainwashed with the idea of killing human populations, ethnic groups is ok , humans of the past yep, thats the same with the vegans & non vegans but in the same era of time : vegans think how could humans from any era & now exterminate animals for hunting, food etc like humans thought how could humans exterminate, abuse humans for work, skin colours etc its the same situation : exploiting, killing, rape, violating all their rights, absuing in every possible way the animals, human Peoples caus humans think they dont deserve to live & are inferior (x so if most humans aren't brainwashed with the idea that it's good to exterminate humans, why do they still agree with the idea that it's normal to exterminate animals &< humans are still exploited,murdered for no reason, they didn't desevre this, not for their races most of the time, but this still exists, but caus they're poor, exploited for the works they work in, etc but it's less than in the past it seems, wheareas animals, it's a lot, all voer the earth in every single "nation" ,thats so sad !!!!!!!!!!!!! murdered every single second, of every single day ' the same way most humans think it's normal to exterminate animals for their use, they could think it's normal to exterminate humans for their use as brainwashing humans is as easy as falling off the face of the earth << so its a pity they werent deprogrammed with the brainwashing of murdering animals using them to live as they were for the human races or human race in general '( hope one day they will é )

humans say they love the animals, those humans eat the animals, they say they love all of them, when asked if they love only one or a few animal races ' its like they were saying i love sheep i eat sheep , i love guinea pigs i buy productes which have been tested on guinea pigs , i love animals i buy animals in pet shops , i love yougn cows i wear leather made out of them etc so weird to believe worngly you love all the animals when you participate to their abuse & murder ' vegans you say you love the animals _ prove it x what could you do for them ? we could remain vegans til our last breath = a solid evidence of respect, no doubt about this " family eaters , you say you love all the animals, proove it could you as a proof of love for the animals could you respect them meaning going vegan ? no way !!! = no love ( too many humans, cannibals animal eaters , all the animal eaters who believe they are in love with the animals say erroneously they love the animals, nope, its hard to uderstand the psychatry of the animal eaters , there can be several possibilites : theyres an animal, they dont look, don't notice them, they go rapidly to caress thelm that's all ( everytime they see animals in public places they dont notice them, they dont go to see them , or a few times only but they dont really care (( somebody crazy about the animals so a being with a vegan soul who is not a vegan wholl be one day soon + vegans, they are obsessed, as if they were seeing a celeb, they wanna go there, theyre so excite,d they wanna hold her him, kiss her him, they cant stop looking, thinking, wanting to touch them, take pics of them etc so many humans who say they love the animals dont stop walking when they see an animal in a park, woods, street, the vegans always stop unless they wanna go tot eh toilet, are in a hurry etc thats the diffrence betweent not loving & loving the animals; you lvoe them too much so you care, you cant ignore them, you have to salute them, see if theyre ok, happy, you see a poor dog in her his garden sad, youre sad for her him, you think her his parents are mean to leave her him alone etc you are a not animal lover who think you are, you dont even see the animal!!! or you see him her and keep walking as if he she was a street lamp or a car , just the scenery ( you cant posibly ignore those you give a huge improtance to, for isntance you were invited in ahome where theres a pet, at no point you stopped to hold, or look at the animals, "" the vegans will spend the whole time with the animal, so not giving itnerest to conversation with the humans there , vegans care about the animals, they are opposed to their exploitation for omnivorism, humans who believe they love the animals and dont are all animal eaters and are approving of animal explotiation murder, cruelty , how could the eaters of their animal family love them if they want them to get murdered for their bellies, leisure activities,fashion style, !!! how could they love the animals if they are in favor of their murders+abuse ? ? dont they undenrstand what love is ? in their definition of love, loving the animals means you want them to be killed,used for your clothing, your entertainement and your diet ??? the definition of loving the animals, according to animal eaters who have a non vegan living, abusing, killing, treating as slaves , the animals for <<<them<<< ?

23 JUNE 2014

we should think about pleasing YOU YAHWEH not others ( we mustnt think caus we wanna be free spirited we wnna stop carign bout anybody thinks of our actions, stuff we say, write, dont mean we gotta do evil ;; lets be careufl, elts not mix stuff here ll it dpnt mean that caus they have the values of bad beign good, good being bad or good being good wrong beign worng, that we can do evil as we stop carign wheter they want us to do good & bad (( those whoc are or when we used to care bout what the world think we wanted to do evil but as the majority wanted us to do good we felt forced to do right, now we think we aint got no moral values anymore so e cna do evil ll no cuas were mixing whose thoughts are improtnat , not the humans thoughts, YOUR thoughts YAHWEH xx so dotn matter what moral system humans got in their spirits, we gogta do good when humanity ask us to do evil, do good when humanity ask us to do good for we ignroe what they want, think, we focus on YOU YAHWEH '' so YOU always ask us to be good, do the good things so we dont care bout what mankind thinks, thsoe who know us, those who dont, those we never liked, those we do, we care only bout what You ask so we have to keep our moral values, wwe should never try to adjust them to humans, humans aslk us to be evil, were good, we turn evil for them, no , humans ask us to be good, no caus we wanted to be good even though theyd never asked us or ask us the other way round (( we dont care bout the opinions of the world humans but about Your opinions YAHWEH & nobody elses ( so when we act our actions must never be infleunced by the others , pier pressure for this makes us loose our values, they ask us too many times to bo bad, we betray Your values YAHWEH & ours and we start being a bad human what we alayys despised, we become what we aways hated - or this d be stupid if they want us to do good things & we wanna do the contrary to show them we dont care bout them, we mus tnot caus the contrary is doing bad & we must not be bad g)

evidences that vegans love you animal & non vegans dont , its not what they say but how they act with count, eveyrthing else dont, dont even need to liste to their midns , when they speak, you can see their minds in reading what they write, or if they put everywhenre in their homes sentences, pics of animla defense etc so knwoing someone is not having spoke for hours to them so knwoing their mind thoughts by talking but knowing ther contenu ?? of their minds by seeing other types of stuff like their diary, what they rite evrywher eon the internet bout animla rights, the fact they re vegans in fact you can know whether they love or not the animals having never spoke to them , not even a bit, so somebody told you thye were vegna, the perosn didnt tell you, you saw her his fridge, vegan food only, you saw drawings in the animla theme they made etc you saw bits of their minds, you never heard what they had to say, so you know they lvoe the animals for you heard they are in an animla defense organziation etc you saw their homeds , you saw all their animals, pics of them wwith animals, slogans they made etc whereas you can hear a non vegan not even veggie say they love the animals its a lit the actions matter not the spoken sentences - like i love the animals, i have fur all over my home = the sentences dont matter the thing : dead animals in their homes got meaning, not the words ( like they dotn speak dont say whetehr they love or not the animals but you know theyre vegans to save animals = they love animals so there its the same, words they didnt say didnt matter, words they could have said woudlnt have mattered, the action : being vegan mattered, had strong meaning, which is :  they love the animals -- so you have in the one hand vegans who dont need to give you hours or written, telepathetic, drawings,  oral arguments, talking with signs, whatever type of arguments who could just give you this information : im a vegan for the animals you know what this means now you can have somebody talking at lenght of their love for the animals, ya right! and telling you they love tauromaquy , this means what this means : they dont love the animals so its not talking, talking adn talking which is the evidence of love, vegan oral arguments are extremely persuasive & eloquantly good though but a non vegan will try to talk, and talk while a vegan only have to say this strong sentence im a vegan for the animals and its in your face man ! while the non vegan feels unsettled as they know theyre lying to their own heart & soul so they try to speka, speka speak but dont really know what to say as everything which ll come out of their mouths will be lies themselves are convinced of & which maybe in the deepest part of their minds they know are lies '' but the vegans dont need to speak too much for their love for the animals is obvious r( vegans when they werent vegans heard bout fur cruelty they swore theyd never buy fur again, when they heard about animal cruelty for humans bellies they swore theyd never eat another animal ,when they heard about marine park cruelties they promiesed to their fury friends theyd protect them from these parks, when they ehard about animal testing cruelty they pormised their best friends theyd boycott, & fight to end this insanity etc these are the evidences of love, the actions which prove a friendship, a strong immeasurable loyalty, a storng bound, love, an endless empathy, non vegans ,in the other hand, said ok theres fur curelty, ill wear fur, animal testing cruelty, ill use that, i was already using it didnt know it was unethical, now i know, i wont change anything - meat cruelty ok, whatever so the raction is not a phialntrhopic one, a reaction of defending the ones who supposedly care bout, ! ! ya right!!! a revolted one, or a helpful one at all the reacion is dont care, know but pretend i dont so dont know dont care ,, they call the fact of being passive, of having no sentiment of empathy whatsoever, no rebellion against crueltyies, no will of provoking a revolution against animal cruelty, no reacition , no will of change, to live less cruelly, nothing, they call this love (( so as the actions matter so much more than what has been said the vegans & non vegans could be dumb, never speak, not being able to , but they could act, the vegans choose to act by going vegans, the non vegans choose to act by living like omnivorous and these actions, things you observ, not that were spoken, these actions have so much meaning these actions from the vegans mean they care for the animals, are very respectful of their lives + non vegans dont care bout you animals, dont want your dignity, respect, dont want you to live,

only the ones who are gon turn vegan & the vegans love you animals nobody else

NOV 19 2014

we are way too retard as a whole species the humankind to get all this cruelty of human omnivorism h one 3 min vid with a few images or a 12 minute vid ect ain't enough for us h it shows how insesnitive indifferent to cruelty we are h for really a true intlelignet compassionate huan being would not ask for more vids, longer vids caus just 3 minutes of cruelty is more than enough h but if it wasnt and the ore we ask for infos to have arguments to go vegan caus one vid is nothing for us it's not an arguent then the ore we are heartless h we are so very dumb that we'd need to have not a thousands minutes vid, or a vids that lasts decades ono , what we need is to have billions of slaughtered animales yelling crying in front of us to make us want to go vegan h caus we're so heartless than with one vid with terrible images we don't find this enough good arguent to go vegan h we are from the enemy !!!! we weren't given a right tod ecide h of corus,e this speices isn't the human kind, it's the retard heartless kind h oh th egoes are gonna get upset h well us retard humans,we got to get that
egoes don't make the truth stopping being true h the truth is the truth but the giant egoes we got want to ake us believe the truth is false , there's no such thing as anial cruelty, no omnivore is cruel caus they're omnivore, being omnivore is not being ruderes yadi yadi yada caus the ego decides everything and the eney in our souls, well no, it's not the ego who decide what's evil what's good, what's fake, what's true but the facts h those facts occured for real h animals slaughetred every second all over this planet earth h and yep wwe're hearltess luciferian retards murderers and no us humans don't want to believe this because silly stupid little egoes egoes egoes h caus the egoes ake you see you're the best you're an angle you' never rudered animals you're so perfect bla bla h the ego don't let nobody ake you not even one single little critic h everything is us is supposedly fault free mistakes free immoral free etc h so yep we are robot oh no my ego tells e im not a robot im such an awesoe huan being im a god h so i cant be idncotrinated i way too smart h ell yep we were indoctrinated, yep we're achines caus when we were born nobody ever gave us the rgith to chose how we exist, eat ect h we were forced into working, going to school, having kids, paying bills, paying for stuff, buy stuff, which is really silly caus why sutff arent free and why do we have to earn money and then give it and stuff and what if we want to be asexual single aromantics and what if we dont ant to work go to school and you have to eat this that, and what if we dotn want to h thas so ufnair h we've always been slaves robots sheep as a speicies and we'll never stop being that h we'll always bein in jail ever since we were born til we die and we'll never stop being in jail h any jails ,sheep human spieices jail, tonnes of indoctrinations jails, like omnivoroism indoctrination jail etc h fake gods fake relgiions jails h we never said ok each and everyone can be waht they want anticonforists, conformists h vegans animal eaters ect h no caus we follow the earth trend : eating eggos animals milk h there weren't choice in gorcery stores h there weren't vegan food murderer pope food vegetarian pope food raw food whole?, pesticides pope food, organic food h no , there was one choice only which is not a choice evidently < murderers pope food 5 so we had no chocie 5 we had to eat pope urderer food 5 we could find nowhere vegan food 5 especially in the past centuries or in the 20 th century 5 those who exist in the 21 st century are 'lucky - caus there is a lot of vegan food on this earth 5 not a lot but more than in the past 'centuries' of the earth 5

so we were

APRIL 23RD 2014

she's kept her self respect

Thanks for caring about animals .some of us humans are so happy to help you animals friends,using their talents for the common good , usign their talents in a way that was moral and ethical

judging from his test result his probably mart enough to forgive you ( no because moral has anythign to do with cleverness aint it?

i'm not seeing anybody ever again ( dating

he is the most vicious creature we're ever met

something that you care about, she's all alone in the world ,the dance of live, the dance of love, your heart is in the right place

he's teaching her the local custums 

it makes me feel like im the luckiest person on the face of the earth 

we were having this really big fight

i never thought in a milion years

animals some humans we ll be foever friends

action alert !!!spread the word to end animal slaughters . share the petitions please . thanks for taking action . is this actually happening or did i step into a parallel universe or soemthing

12 february 2014

In 1999, writer/producer/director Shaun Monson began work on a series of PSAs about spaying and neutering pets. The footage he shot at animal shelters around Los Angeles affected him so profoundly that the project soon evolved into EARTHLINGS. The film would take another six years to complete because of the difficulty in obtaining footage within these profitable industries. Though the film was initially ignored by distributors, who told Monson that the film would “never see the light of day and should be swept under the rug,” today EARTHLINGS is considered the definitive animal rights film by organizations around the world.

Sir Roger Moore despises the hideously cruel foodstuff known as foie gras. Why? Because he knows about the terrible abuse and suffering endured by ducks and geese who are force-fed nearly two kilograms of grain, maize and fat daily – the equivalent of roughly 20 kilograms of pasta for a human – to make every tin of this deadly product.
Ducks and geese are gentle animals – but their lives on foie gras farms are filled with violence and pain. Several times a day, they are force-fed through a long pipe which is rammed down their throats and into their stomachs.

Sir Roger Moore has been the champion of our campaign to rid shop shelves and restaurant menus of foie gras. He has been instrumental in our victories over the internationally renowned department store Selfridges and most recently Harvey Nichols restaurants. PETA and Moore are now pressuring Fortnum & Mason to rid its store of this "torture in a tin". You can help strengthen our work to save ducks, geese and all other animals by making an online donation today.
Moore asked that I forward this very special and personal message to you. He wrote it for you and our other kind supporters

10 FE 2013 Red de ayuda para los animales, Inscribase. Ayude a protegerlos . Gracias
Ser humana o gallina no nos dice nada de nuestro interés básico por disfrutar de nuestra vida. Por ello, de la misma manera que rechazamos la discriminación en función del sexo o el color de piel, debemos rechazar la discriminación que sufren los demás animales simplemente porque pertenecen a otra especie.
Los animales no son cosas, son seres con plena capacidad para sufrir y disfrutar. Y esta capacidad es lo que les hace merecedores de un verdadero respeto. Este respeto empieza por no considerarlos nuestros esclavos.
No podemos engañarnos: no hay explotación sin victimas. Por ello, debemos rechazar el consumo de huevos. Eliminando nuestra demanda de productos de origen animal evitamos gran cantidad de muerte y sufrimientos, potenciando una transformación social hacia el respeto de los demás animales.

10 FEBRUARY 2014

stop the holocaust of the animals! go vegan! animals are not food animals have the right to live,not to be exploited for our pleasure to eat their flesh


No me mueve mi Dios para quererte
el cielo que me tienes prometido
ni me mueve el infierno tan temido
para dejar por eso de ofenderte

Tu me mueves dios,
mueveme el verte clavado en esa cruz escarnecido
muevenme tus afretnas y tu muerte
mueveme el fin tu amor, de tal manera
que aunque no hubiera cielo, yo te amara
y aunque no hubiera infierno te temiera

No me tienes que dar porque te quiera
pues aunque lo que espero no esperara
lo mismo que te quiero, te quisiera

Ma Del Pi Ese es el amor genuino, el amor que Dios nos da y el que nos pone en nuestro corazón a nosotros. Yo también tengo una labor que es la de rescatar almas para Cristo, si amo a los anmalitos que no tienen espíritu cuánto amaré a los hombres por perdidos y descarriados que sean, porque miro sus almas que van a un abismo. Miriam yo también me he retirado de varias páginas debido a que la mayoría de quienes defienden aninales odian a los hombres, ninguna excusa es válida, si oramos por esas personas para que Dios les cambie el corazón conseguiremos más que si las atacamos y deseamos que las apedreen o que les saquen las tripas a ellos como dijo una defensora. El evangelio nos enseña el verdadero poder. Es cierto yo tengo una labor con animnales hace muchos años, y hoy día salgo a la calle en mi carro en oración para encontrar perritos que están en los carteles anunciados como perdidos, oro cuando están enfermos, oro para que los adopten. Salvo y rescato perritos heridos o abandonados. en la Clínica Emergencias Veterinarias de Cali tengo todo un record. Así mismo los llevo a centros o refugios, pero jamás uso ese amor como una razón para atacar a los seres humanos que tambien son creción de Dios, y nunca olvido que mi labor principal es la de rescatar almas callejeras que viven sin Dios ni ley. Tampoco me enveneno cuando ando semanas con una criaturita y no me la reciben en ningun sitio en Cali, ni pagando a veces encuentra uno quien lo auxilie. No me defraudo cuando escribo en facebook a fundaciones de animales para que me reciban un peludido y nisiquiera me responden. En fin, amemos a los animales pero no odiemos a nadie, que nuestro amor sea extensivo aún a los malvados para que se conviertan a Cristo y si no es así, que sea Dios quien haga justicia sobre todos ellos, plagada está la biblia de cómo Dios procede contra los rebeldes de duro corazón. Disculpen la pastoral. Bendiciones para todos los defensores porque se que son buenos y nobles.
22 de mayo de 2010 a la(s) 16:11 · Me gusta

Rosalba Castro esta en la palabra de dios dios es amor no religion cuando te rigen las religiones no es bueno que te guie el amor de dios la biblia lo dice todo yo respeto todas las religiones y puedo convivir con todas..... pero solo hay in dios ... me amas como se que me amas mandamiento amar a tu projimo u ami sobre todas las cosas besos con mucho respeto a ustedes ok besos
22 de mayo de 2010 a la(s) 16:53 · Me gusta

Consuelo Parrado Puebla Gracias por etiquetarme Blanca! Un beso fuerte!


10 FEBUARY 2014

You know love can be tender
How can this be going on.This is disgustingStop this cruelty.
La vida en las granjas industriales es tan triste que es difícil pensar de qué forma le estamos haciendo un favor al traerlos a esta clase de existencia, encerrándolos, atormentándolos y luego sacrificándolos.
Love can be cruel
It can smile like an angel
While it treats you just like a fool
It captures and haunts you
Until you give in
And it stacks the dice against you
In a game you never can win
amarte es lo mejor que me ha pasado en toda mi existencia animales

you've shown your disdain for life by 'lol' at the torture of innocent animals while moaning about what happens to people who are not even born.

If people like you gave a d about children once they were born, fine. But you don't.

You only care about PEOPLE as abstractions. You are, in fact, a misanthrope, as well as an animal hater. You hate the living.

And this is not the place to bemoan your fetus love, although you anti-abortion nuts ALWAYS come out whenever an article like this comes out

El dolor, la angustia y la muerte presentes en en mundo .

hermosa labor a difundirr que dios bendiga a estos angeles que cuidan y protejan a estas hemosas criaturitas

el amor animal no tiene limites precioso ♥

Leon : hombre, te observo y comprendo que tu encierro espiritual y mental es mayor que mi encierro fiisico

luchando contra TANTAS ADVERSIDADES, tantas injusticias

No nos olvidaremos de ti.
Un abrazo inmensamente animal
Al servicio del reino animal

siento una traccioon muy profunda por los animales


no tiene los valores que ustedestienes, tu eres tan dulce, tan nobles, tna buena onda

tu alma es la ma hermosa del mundo entero

all life is important

our work for all animals is changing the way that the world considers and treats animals.
Whenever and wherever animals are abused, we will be there to respond—a promise we'll keep forever

Covance has raised the ire of doctors and animal advocates for its animal tests.

Thank you for all that you do for animals.

liberty over violence

alliance for earth, life , liberty and advocacy

peace for animals

stand up for the future of elephants

Comer carne es malo para el planeta. Comer carne produce un costo en el medio ambiente que las generaciones futuras se verán forzadas a pagar.

Por favor las playas son sitios naturales donde los animales habitaban mucho antes q las personas. Solicitemos el derecho d disfrutar con nuestros perros d las playas d españa

Until one has loved an animal a part of one's soul remains unawakened.

For it was not into my ear you whispered, but into my heart. It was not my lips you kissed, but my soul.
Sometimes the heart sees what is invisible to the eye.Photo



Contact politicians and supermarket owners to tell them what you think about this cruelty.

Here are their contact details.


Do not let this industry, which is based on animal exploitation hide what is happening from society.


When we purchase animal products, we are directly supporting the abuse of defenceless animals.

We can avoid it…
you can avoid it.


The animals need you and so do we.

Join the campaign, participate and support our work so we can continue to defend animals.


1 january 2013

La mayoría de veganos se convierten por iniciativa propia

Resolve to Make the World a Kinder Place for Animals

the nightmare life and death of factory farmed animals

La aversión a la violencia y la preservación de la vida y el enlace humano inherente en la leche materna son unos conceptos muy importantes para ellos.
Por lo tanto, si los productos lácteos no debieran considerarse vegetarianos, el acto de lactar de un bebé sería semejante al canibalismo. Y lo que es más importante, la estructura molecular de la leche no consiste en una estructura biológica celular de la cual se forman los elementos básicos de la vida. Según la ciencia médica, la leche es un producto animal con una estructura molecular de origen animal
Si aceptamos que somos lo que comemos y superamos la dependencia de los productos animales no adaptados a nuestras necesidades fisícas o fisiológicas, el veganismo es la vía más ética adecuada para disfrutar de buena salud y establecer una relación más sana y respetuosa con los animales y la Naturaleza.
Los animales no son cosas, son seres con plena capacidad para sufrir y disfrutar. Y esta capacidad es lo que les hace merecedores de un verdadero respeto. Este respeto empieza por no considerarlos nuestros esclavos.

No podemos engañarnos: no hay explotación sin victimas. Por ello, debemos rechazar el consumo de huevos. Eliminando nuestra demanda de productos de origen animal evitamos gran cantidad de muerte y sufrimientos injustos.
tenemos que ayudar y salvar a los animales . se deben respetar los derechos de los animales
no tenemos derecho de usarlos, de explotarlos y de maltratarlos . ayudemoslos, salvemoslos . nos necesitan

decidi el camino que deseo seguir : Se es vegano por convencimiento propio

el veganismo es mucho más que un simple asunto de dieta. Los veganos evitamos matar, dañar y explotar a los animales. Los veganos también estamos interesados en mantener un nivel excelente de salud y bienestar físico, emocional, mental y espiritual. Un vegano no caza ni pesca, y no aprueba el entrenamiento y confinamiento cruel y antinatural de los animales en los circos y zoos, o su uso en corridas o rodeos.

La motivación para hacerse vegetariano puede ser ética o de salud, económica o religiosa, o cualquier combinación de ellas. ¿En qué difiere un vegano de un vegetariano? Principalmente en el grado de práctica ética. El veganismo es un estilo de vida que excluye toda forma de explotación y crueldad hacia el reino animal, e incluye la reverencia por la vida. Se aplica a la práctica de vivir de los productos del reino vegetal para excluir la carne, el pescado, las aves, los huevos, la miel, la leche animal y sus derivados, y promueve el uso de alternativas para todos los artículos cotidianos derivados en su totalidad o en parte de los animales.

El veganismo es la filosofía y práctica de la vida compasiva. El término "vegano" fue acuñado para distinguir a los veganos de los vegetarianos, aunque los veganos nos solemos incluir dentro de este amplio colectivo como "vegetarianos", a veces nos llaman "vegetarianos estrictos". Un vegetariano es aquel que vive de los productos del reino vegetal con o sin la adición de huevos y/o productos lácteos. El término vegetariano se refiere únicamente a la dieta, no a cualquier otro producto animal aparte de los alimentos.



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MessageSujet: Re: n easy to help lives : share, watch, sign, open conciouncess   Mar 7 Jan - 11:40

may 23 2014

sometimes lifes gonna hit you in the head with a brick v don't lose faith c the only thing that keep us going is that we love what we do v youve got to find what you love v that is as true for work as it is for your lovers c your work is gonna fill a large part of your life and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you beleive is great work v the only way to do great work is to love what you do h n if you havent found it yet keep looking & dont settle n as with all matters of the heart, you'll know when you find it n like any great relationship it gets better and better as the years go along v keep looking, dont settle b

if you live each day as if it was your last someday you most certainly be right c lets look in the miror every day and ask ourselves if today was the last day of my life, would i wanna do what i am about to do,

lets live each day as if it was our last because if we pretend its our last, we won't behave as if we had plenty days to live but as angels b we won't do the stuff we were about to for its mean, cruel like buying a dead animal or eating a dead animal, be nasty with some animal, human for we are too stupid,too sick in the heads, we are so dumb for we dont notice that we are being mean, for us mean isnt mean, its nice v the humans,we suck n if we think in our head this is my last day even if we know its not, we'll do better stuff than those we were gonna do 0 more humane stuff like eating a vegetable isntead of an animal for at the time we die, or the day we die, we wanna show mercy, be less cruel than usually for we know YAHWEH YOU'll judge us in a few moments or what ? why do we wanna be kinder when we die or when we 'll die soon and not everyday ,every year, when we have still decades or years to live 5 we suck 0 we could be so nice everyday , instead of that we are being nice just when we die !!! seems like we take pleasure in making YOU suffer YAHWEH= + us caus every sin brings us closer to hell , we dont care, we are looking forward to go there it seems 5 its so easy to be humane every single day ,lets not wait our judgement by YOU YAHWEH and lets not wait til its too late for we'll have been so mean all our existences that itd be useless maybe to be kind only at the end for maybe we'll go to hell anyway caus YAHWEH YOU know we're clever, kinda, YOU know we understand kind of well of this, YOU know we knew we were being mean all the time, YOU know we knew we could have been nice instead but didnt want to, we know all this, thats why as we're aware and conscious of this all of what it means to sin when you know you're doing a bad stuff, of if you do too much sin you'll be in hell forever & ever , we understand YOUR judgement, YOUR will YAHWEH etc then thats why maybe YOU wont forgive us caus we could have done differently, the right things, YOU knew we had that capacity inside of us but refused to do good so we most probably deserve hell , thats fair , YOU're fair YAHWEH x lets not be stupid, lets not look for help, we are likebegging for it, begging to spend all eternity there, we are more intelligent than that, wake up mankind !!! lets copy the animals in their sanctity 4 thinking every day todays our lat day of life changes everything for if we think i still have plenty years ahead of me well be evil always but if we think today's the last day : we'll try to be as saints, be all peace & love like hippies in the 1960s , we wont say the nasty stuff we wanted to say and would have said if we didnt think todays the last one , we'd say nice things instead, all the bad stuff hiting our kids, no, we wont, instead we'll talk to them kindly+ll go to see a head shrinker to help us with our violence n we would have not cared not even one percent about the earth and well start looking for things to help or become en environmentalist, we would have bought milk & now so many humans know about milk, now we want to stop buying milk b we wont walk anymore close to a homeless with cats,dogs, now we will go shake hands, give the food money etc as you cant posibly ingore one of your siters brothers before to die, one more sin just before dying, bad idea, caus lets always remerber : YAHWEH YOU are watchign absolutely every thing we say think do ,lets be extremely careful with everything a help is this : every day think : heaven, hell, what you thinks of me GOD, what will YOU tell me the day i die, will YOU send me to hell, heaven, evertyiem you are about to think do say a nasty stuff think : YAHWEH please forgive me imsuch a retard!! please dont take into account what i just thought ,did,said, i didnt mean it please forgive me!!!! and pray a our father or any other catholic prayer for the thought of doing the bad stuff is bad, the action is bad, even if we thought the evil act and eventually didnt do that, we still thought that and thats a sin so lets ask for YOUR forgiveness dear YAHWEH 4 that way if all day long we think YAHWEH YOU're watching,hearing everything from our hearts & souls, we change our ways of thinking, acting as we feel so much pressure, we feel our GOD looking at us all the time j so obviously we'll be better humans as a whole as this is a change of every day, so in our entire lives , we 'll do way less evil actions, this is so cool !!!

some humans are very altruistic thats the quality YOU gave them YAHWEH like im angry oh im sory about that can i help you, i had a quarrel with somebody ; you wanna help them make peace , you want them to love each other, not hate each other; you tell them they were stupid, didnt know what they were doign saying, and that they should make peace, not war : its not for you, you have nothing to win, its for several or two humans you dont know, dont love, know, love, whatver, youre evn more kind if these individuals you helped out you didnt know or know and dint like, this coems from the heart ; we need more humans like this who care !!! because these humans dont do that for them as it has nothing to do with themkk they do it for the love of the neighbors ;; not even to earn a ything or money, just because their empathy make them sad to see anger because its waste of the little time humans got on earth so this time should be used bor smile,s love, joy, not fights ll so its because theyre empathetic that they do this because its not physical suffering, cance,r torure or anything but its moral suffering so its serious too so its suffering to so altruistic are sad for those who suffer morally too , not just for the physically hurt sick, dying, abused, rapes animals, humans, but for any type o suffering ;;

lets stop being egocentric human race: you are disrespecitng me and you are disrespecting her ! no ! you are disrespecting hh her hh and you are disrespecting me ; always others first

SEP 2013

God, Our Creator,
We acknowledge the ancestors and original owners of this land,
a land of wealth and freedom, far horizons,
mountains, forest and shining sand.
Maker and spirit of earth and all creation
let your love possess our land
and may we share in faith and friendship, the gifts
unmeasured from your hand.
We pray for all the imprisoned, those on the inside,
whose confinement is obvious
and those on the outside, whose imprisonment is subtler.
We reach out in grace, knowing that human divisions are false,
that we are not the innocent praying for the guilty
or the right praying for the wrong
but people praying for people, the hurt remembering the hurt,
the failure reaching out in love to the failure in a single community.
We remember those who seek to change difficult life stories, midwives of hope and agents of grace.
We remember and pray for the victims of crime on the outside,
knowing that we do not have the luxury of black and white,
the simple answer or the easy question.
We remember and pray for the countless victims on the inside
casualties of uneven playing fields and difficult starts,
dreamless futures and nightmare pasts.2011PrisonersPC
We remember the whole criminal justice system and its process,
those caught up in it, those on every side
and in every moment of it.
We pray a blessing on all those who enter prison.
We pray a blessing on all those who wait on the outside.
We pray a blessing on the world community.
Teach us to deal with each other with compassion.
Keep all of us ever mindful of your law of love
so that we may temper justice with mercy,
exercise control with compassion.
May our motives and our actions conform to your will
and fulfil your purposes all the days of this life
so that we may share in the life to come.

26TH APRIL 2014

humans who had kids and then these babies became older and become animals saviors like the beings from sea sheperd an asssociation whhich defends bal whales, these humans couldn't know when they made these beings that they'd become animas savior,s heroes, true humans with true humanity . thanks GOD for making some humans have animals saviors kids . thank you so much, these ones absolutely deserve to be alive and to was born because they're so useful that we think all the ones who aren't saving animals maybe didn't deserve to be born because they're not vegans so cruel to animals + all those who are cruel to animals directly, but we can't question YOUR Divine Will YAHWEH . but if only YOU have made so much more humans making amazing vegans and sanimal activists kids that's be so awesome . but at least YOU didn't made one or two but thousands? of babies who became later animal savior,s its so much better than no one . whats crazy's that these parents who love their babies because of the fmaily brainwahsing, thedon't love their kids who now are teens or adutls saving animals , the don't love them because they're saving lives but because of this brainwahsing . coz if these were drug dealer,s murderers of animals, delinquents, whatever, they'd love their children anyway . funny how these parents are humans who don't really are interested in animals and their rights, while their kids are so muchfond of this . parents & their kids have nothing in common . parents who are for animal cuelty, their kids are against . how funny life is , if they are so different wh do they love each other, or dont they ? if your parents are kinda for animal cruelty yand animals for human food, and youre a vegan and you dedicate every moment of your lie to saving animals and the think youre stupid to care and to love animals and to want to repect them . and chow they can be so stupid to risk their lives saving whales, dying on the water in the sea . this is jsut because these are the parents and these are their kids that the suposedly love each other full stop because if the weren't from the same families they think these idiots, these ùùùùùùùùù insults the are so ùùùùùùù to save animals, nobody cares about animals ect so if the hadn't been families the'd hate each other even more . they are risking their lives  to save the whales and other animals . they could die while saving these animals . only thsoe who do these things love animals . nobody else so the millions? of humans who say they love aniamls and really really really dont want to do this, nor ever dreamed of this type o life, don't love animals

march 10 th 2014

his movie is illuminati teaching animals cruelty at the movie,s on tv = illuminati that 'human' is inhumane!!! she stuffs animals she finds it fun she's sadistic piece of garbage how can any human have fun feel pleasure in killing stealing away GOD's creatures lives??? and she wants to hurt that racoon who a defenseless SAINT of GOD thank GOD the lil kid semes to love animals and the other teen kid seems to take the defense of the racoon and against assasinating him and the hen that the old human lady was taking care of have they killed her to eat her in real lfie maybe definitely in tv they abuse and torture animals we must boycott all movies tv serie smade with animals the all end up dead killed maybe that movie is illuminati they alwas make movies in order to corrpt us make us evil and loving to sin and loving wicked thigns like fur its so cruel we cna see the head of the poor animal!!! rest in peacer dear angel ure with GOD now, dont worry u won't suffer anymore, GOD will punish every human who makes, wear, buys, sells fur , its so crul they depravate not only humans in general to wear fur but also kids as these type of movies are made especially for kids, so when human being sees something on tv the he wants it, like it, wants to have it thats how the human mond works, so the kids see this and become keen on animal curelty and on fur and beg their parents to buy them real fur just because cleebs and people on tv movies tv seire swear it a lot, they think its cool and then becoz of that billions of animals each year are killed becoz of that weird inhumane and unrational will of killin animals to wear their skin on mankind . animals ain't clothes . They want to live . We can't kill beings to dress other spicies like humans . not only is mankind brainwashed by tv movies, theater movies but also newspapers, magazines, tv show,paparazi pics, anywhere they see pics of fur because they are so brainwashed they love to do all what rich and faous huma,ns do and rich humans and rich not so famous humans so if ich human wear ur=humans want to wear fur too . its trendy becos of these animal killers.if they didn't wear fur hadly no one would wear and want to buy fur so its in huge part because of rich and famous humans and also because of fashion designers because if fahsion designers make clothes = many humans wanna buy them because its the same story : fashion designer are rich, famous, presitigious, ya right, stupid cruel satanists humans if u ask me! so they think wow theyre so cool its so cool to dres by valnetino, dlce and gabana dior ect so they buy real dead animals just to do like all the riches all the 'coolest huans cool? my ass!
discriminating against ugly beings is like discriminating somebody else jsut because they don't come from our contry . For isntance humans from zimbabue hate humans from ?? just because they aren't physically the same and in faces . So the only hang out , and are married, and have friends, girlfriends, boyfriends, best friends, and any type of human relasionship only with humans from their races . Humans discrimiante ugaint ugly GOD's creatures only because they are ugly . The only agree to hang out with, date, be friends , ect humans who are beautiful . This is just like racism . It is discrimination . Let us stop having closed minds . Let us just be tolerant towards all who aren't perfect , are perfectly beautiful, aren't form our race whoch we think is in beauty and physics perfect but it is not . Only GOD is . And let us stop carign bout stupid tiny details .

10 FE 2013


This is what a diving team found today in Turkey/Antalya city district Kas ...a drowned dog but not by mistake...this poor dog was thrown into the see.He had a rope around his neck and at the end of the rope a big stone was connected to i can only imagine the struggle he went through and what a painful dead he had..nobody knows who did this and i don'T think will ever find out ....i can'T call them humans,i can't call them animals i don'T don't know how to describe this type of living beings ...but i pray to god that some day their hole family will disappear in pain and despair..AND PLS DO NOT MIX POLITICS THIS IS NOT ABOUT boeuf

A tormented slave to the dairy industry for her entire short life, she has given all the milk that her body could generate. Now that she is broken and has experienced having her babies forcibly removed from her for years, she will become a victim of the beef industry...Beef is veal is dairy...Go Vegan! ~the AELLA teamanimalista de coazoon

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MessageSujet: Re: n easy to help lives : share, watch, sign, open conciouncess   Mar 7 Jan - 11:43

“Hello, I am Severn Suzuki speaking for E.C.O – the Environmental Children’s Organization. We are a group of 12 and 13 year-olds trying to make a difference, Vanessa Suttie, Morgan Geisler, Michelle Quigg and me. We’ve raised all the money to come here ourselves, to come 5,000 miles to tell you adults you must change your ways. Coming up here today, I have no hidden agenda. I am fighting for my future. Losing my future is not like losing an election, or a few points on the stock market.”

“I am here to speak for all generations to come. I am here to speak on behalf of the starving children around the world whose cries go unheard. I am here to speak for the countless animals dying across this planet, because they have nowhere left to go. I am afraid to go out in the sun now, because of the holes in our ozone. I am afraid to breathe the air, because I don’t know what chemicals are in it. I used to go fishing in Vancouver, my home, with my Dad until, just a few years ago, we found a fish full of cancers. And now we hear of animals and plants going extinct every day, vanishing forever. In my life, I have dreamt of seeing the great herds of wild animals, jungles and rainforests full of birds and butterflies, but now I wonder if they will even exist for my children to see.”

“Did you have to worry of these things when you were my age? All this is happening before our eyes and yet we act as if we have all the time we want and all the solutions. I’m only a child and I don’t have all the solutions, but I want you to realize, neither do you. You don’t know how to fix the holes in our ozone layer. You don’t know how to bring the salmon back up a dead stream. You don’t know how to bring back an animal now extinct. And you can’t bring back the forest that once grew where there is now a desert. If you don’t know how to fix it, please stop breaking it.”

“Here you may be delegates of your governments, business people, organizers, reporters or politicians. But, really, you’re mothers and fathers, sisters and brothers, aunts and uncles and all of you are someone’s child. I’m only a child, yet I know we are all part of a family, 5 billion strong, in fact 30 million species strong. And borders and governments will never change that. I’m only a child, yet I know we are all in this together and should act as one single world towards one single goal.”

“In my anger, I am not blind and in my fear I am not afraid of telling the world how I feel. In my country we make so much waste, we buy and throw away, buy and throw away, buy and throw away and yet Northern countries will not share with the needy. Even when we have more than enough we are afraid to share, we are afraid to let go of some of our wealth. In Canada , we live the privileged life. We’ve plenty of food, water and shelter. We have watches, bicycles, computers and television sets. The list could go on for 2 days. Two days ago here in Brazil , we were shocked when we spent time with some children living on the streets. This is what one child told us, ‘I wish I was rich and if I were, I would give all the street children food, clothes, medicines, shelter and love and affection’. If a child on the street who has nothing is willing to share, why are we who have everything still so greedy? I can’t stop thinking that these are children my own age, that it makes a tremendous difference where you are born. And that I could be one of those children living in the favelas of Rio . I could be a child starving in Somalia , or a victim of war in the Middle East or a beggar in India . I am only a child, yet I know if all the money spent on war was spent on finding environmental answers ending poverty and in finding treaties, what a wonderful place this earth would be.”

“At school, even in kindergarten, you teach us how to behave in the world. You teach us to not to fight with others, to work things out, to respect others and to clean up our mess, not to hurt other creatures, to share, not be greedy. Then, why do you go out and do the things you tell us not to do? Do not forget why you are attending these conferences, who you are doing this for. We are your own children. You are deciding what kind of a world we are growing up in. Parents should be able to comfort their children by saying ‘Everything is going to be all right, it’s not the end of the world, and we are doing the best we can’. But I don’t think you can say that to us anymore. Are we even on your list of priorities? My dad always says, ‘You are what you do, not what you say’. Well, what you do makes me cry at night. You grown-ups say you love us. But I challenge you, please, make your actions reflect your words. Thank you.

the next time you're in a party where drinking is involved, just leave

ts your own fault for drinking vv its all your faults for not stopping your freidn when u saw them drinking

when i get back i tell you about all the all fun i had

something that would benefit men

its amazing how generous some people can be

sep 26 14

animals you dont have garbage at all in your heads, you dont have poop behaviors, poor thoguhts at all / you deserve way more your existence than us human people / your lives non human people is so worht living for you mean something your existences mean something, you're there for a reason, a excellent reason  : to save existences, to be super philantroes, to be super kind etc / humans we're so poop for we destroy others lives with our poo comments, poop behaviors, poo ways of treating everyone, our disprespect so we have the right to ask ourselves why we and other humans exist if we are poor and they are poo / we do evil poo all the time to everybody / but you animals do only good to every animal people+human peoepl you see so really knwking that when you could help some human person and knwking that all humans we are mental poo, you dont know the eprosn, you dont know if its a very evil poo, or a little poo so you think nah, i dont help bu a human when you see a needy animal, you think yeah, ill undoutebly help, for animas are poo free / poo meaning evil stupidity, so evilness+dumbness

sep 29 14

theres such a hige difference btween pet lovers dog lovers animal lovers : animals lovers are vegans / pet lovers, dog lovers are against veganism, hate it and wont ever be vegans : those who love all the animas are real animals lovers, they arent speicist, they dont rpefer one spicies to another so they dont like epts or dogs, they love all the animals so theyre animal lvoers / fake animals lvoers: those who, suposedly, ha ha ha so funny! )love( all the animals and are non vegans hahahahahah ! and call thesmelves and toehr call them ( animals lovers) hahahahah

fr :
eng :

angelina jolie



22 APRIL 2014 

his work with animals is really wonderful

[*]organize demonstrations, public outreach, tabling events, etc. You can join an animal rights association Action Team upcoming events = protests,movie screeningsspeaking engagementsurgent action alerts, tips on how you can help animals, and requests for volunteers 
Guide to Effective Advocacy [color=#222222][font=Calibri, sans-serif]for tips on how to make the most impact for animals in your daily life, and

more ideas to help animals

august 1 2014

our family is not all the humans from our human race, for instance the kosovo's family isn't all the humans who have the race from kosovo, our family is all the creatures whatever their race is, their speicies is, all the ones living out from kosovo, are the real family of all the kosovan, the same goes for all the human 'races'

I dont understand that è no one does, but it happens all the time

the most dantesc images:  shows the perversity, sadism, and total disregard for their lives by the person responsible for their care
I think it sounds ike a lot of lame random crap to me
nov 2 2014
It’d be interesting to have another beings mind because we can feel abnormal and they can feel normal so we’d like to know what is it like to be normal, or as normal is nothing, to be something that we think is normal, an illusion T it’d be funny to know how another beings thinks, have their minds, be their souls for let’s say 27 days T to know what it is like to have a very different mind from ours because they don’t think like us, we don’t think like them T it wouldn’t be interesting at all to have the same mind , of a brain clone of ourselves T of somebody who belongs to the same category so who’s almost us or who’s us T to change the person is interesting but for the brain, mind, not for the bodies because it can’t be interesting to know what it feels ike to have the body of somebody who don’t look like us for their arms , skulls etc got another shape than ours because it feels the same doesn’t it ? to have any type of body shape , the body feeling must be the same for all T humans don’t feel their bodies  they aren’t thinking wow I feel my throat, right now or at any moment but now I just realized I got a throat T I feel the inside of the body, oh I feel the brain etc , the body when we move it, we don’t think about this T we just live all the seconds of the existences without thinking about it at all when we move, stay without moving sitting down etc T just a few very anti conformists brains think that T it seems to be extremely rare T so it wouldn’t be interesting to change the bodies for other shapes, colors, weight for ti seems everybody feels the same T they don’t feel their body weight whatever their weight, obese, slim etc T the color, you don’t feel different if you’re yellow, nigga, white etc T so it’s not an interesting experience T it’s the same skin, only the color is not the same T the only interesting thing is to see things through another soul’s minds for we think some minds are vomit so we always disagree fight over debates for we don’t agree T maybe we’d totally understand these minds, now that we’d have them for a few weeks T we’d stop despising them and we’d see them in another perspective , a more tolerant one, a more respectful one T if we despise them for their bad moral and conduct, it’s the same, we’d be less hard on them, more indulgent for we apprehend why they are this way, because their dad hit them or their mom is an alcoholic or they’re victims of something really uncool, or they’re living a hard existence etc T so we’d be nicer and instead of judging harshly we’d judge in a clement manner

I hear about it 24 hours a day and day

I want to listen, I do, but there’s just that other part of me that won’t, It’s like there’s a war ¿? Going on in my head all the time and I don’t know how to stop it
He makes me feel like I wana disappear

happy life ! hope you'll live more years always good,happy,and always true to yourself and values, happy bithday, may your life be filled with friednship, love , of the animals, of the humans ,health, may you be the best child GOD can have , thank you for being who you are,

1 june 2014 thats so cool to find a few non brainwashed with family humans, caus they can love somebody they never met ay more than their famileis so this is objetvie love, a non subjetvie one like family -- family theres no reaosn to love them when they got plenty of enemies who wta a coincidence! aren't families, so if others dont like them at all why their famileis do if theyre evil creatures, caus families dont care bout wheteher their familes are evil, good, they care only bout them all having the same family, blood etc but when free spirited humans love anyone its absolutely not caus theyre this or that, tooirrational, they focus on what type of human this is, evil or kind hearted, so they can love somebody they talked a lot to but only on the internet, way mroe than their families whch they knwo very well and are all or most of them not worhty of love for they are too malicious, and these persons on the itnernet or in the world are so kind to them, and not even family which means not only the one who loves their friends more than family are less brainwashed but also the one they love more than families as they are able to be very good to them not being family so this means they didnt fall in the brainwashign of you gotta treat only your family correctly, the others you can treat them as garbage , no they treat in a friendly manner anyone, eveyrone very well, whoever they are -- so great, so relieveing, seems like a miracle !!! caus its very very very rare to find humans who are mostly out of the stupidest brainwashings of the universe - as youre able to see all humans equally, you dont put family above all like a god, and her hsi creatures, god = family, the rest the isignificant creatures = the humans, animals, no, you treat all the same you love all the same thats so open minded, thats so awesome !!! so you dont think according to the brainwahsign cirteria youre family, good, bad, whatever= love you very much youre a good person, youre not family = i despise you you dont know how much no they think i met someone in a place of the earth, in a library, and now wwere super close, we see each other often it slike my borther to me, or my cousin or hatever i see him all the time my family, i dont know that much bout them, never see them =dont really like them = thats totally objetcitve caus you think human, not the relation family, unknown etc so you think dont know= cant love, know veyr well and love their manner of thinking = love them but dont know family = love them, dont even know if good, bad  know "only" people = dont like them, know them very well, are very good to everyone  so caus of the family endcitrination we are able to love humans we dont know hwy we love them, we dont know them that much cant know how they are, a huge part of good or bad, a little part of wicked or a big one, but those we really know are good we think we gotta close our eharts to them just caus they dont have our blood in their veins thats nuts, when endoctrinations are gonna stop and this is only one, theres plenty more,

jule 10 2014 too many divisions brainwashings : we women gotta stick tgether, we men gotta stick together, us families gotta stick together ect = the only aim of this all : dividing all the sisters+brothers of the earth :: the goal is not some against others, women against men, families against non families, but all together, all stiking together : if we think women should stick together its like saying our enemy is men , we must be against them and we must not so this should be people sticking together, all the people , our nation should stick together no = endcotrination this means each nation against each nation, the earth nation, YAHWEH's nation should stick together, lets stop opponing one stuff against naother, a nation against another, an ethnic group against all others, every continent against every continent, but every single being sticking with every single being caus this is false solidarity : one bla bla bla against one bla bla bla which means one group , one category of beings, one type of mind, one this one that agaisnt all the others, and each and every group or individual alone against each group or eagaisnt each individual alone, this is evil and isnt bringing any good, its hurting, its making grow the hatred, resentment, its not uniting at all Your kids YAHWEH its separating them, making them wanna know nothing about the others, refusing to like them

july 11 2014

thats so sad that YAHWEH YOU made some non men animals living on earth to eat their sisters+brothers : humans who eat the animals always find this bad argument : us humans have a right to eat our sisters + brothers for the non men animals eat their brothers & sisters so that'd be unfair if we didnt have that right and they had vv theyre definitely wrong as its not a matter of equity but of diet : humans are herbivores, some animals are carnivores xx vegans we think animals you aint cruel when you attack your preys and non vegans who jsutify the fct that theyre cruel to animals say animals youre cruel the same argument : ifnon men animals have the right to be cruel and abuse the animals, us humans can be cruel+abuse the non men animals xx it seems non men animals you arent cruel at all as humans kill for fun and only for that : so called 'fashion', so called 'science', so called 'amusement' = bullfighting etc so  humans kill animals for nothing whereas you darlings animals you kill only for your survival as you have to eat your family to live wheareas human kill for nothing as they dont need animals to eat as theyre naturally vegans xx in the other hand, it seems cruel when vegan animals attack vegans animals just by curiosity or agressivity, its very surprising, abnormal, it goes against the behavior of their races as those vegan races should be friendly for the kinda aggresive 'mean' ones should be the non men animals who are animal eaters xx but everything's posible ii so a vegan hind, or impala could become suddenyl agressive like a tiger and attack a race of animal who they enevr attacjed before and that no scientist has ever witnessed that vegan species attacking that other vegan species xx so non men animals can be mean ? for for humans watchign a very graphic scene of a vegan animal attacking an animal is shocking as they're going to kill her him for nothing !!! they're vegans!!! but maybe cruelty doesnt exist in non men's animals souls for they dont even know what this means, this is aliens+humans stuff :: they attack ,they kill, being non vegans, vegans but not by cruelty, by ill will but by dont know what, maybe they dont know themselve,s as humans are confused not udnerstanding their own actions, decisions, thoughts, and not wanted them, these animals too maybe, its their anial condition , its like a human murderer who kills and doesnt knwo why, she he just wants to suddenly, for no reason and cant explain and didnt even wanted to like another person came into them or something so animals seem cruelty free and friendly ll when we see savannah animals getitng anry and fighting very brutally we think theyre cruel, no its jsut that they dont udnerstand theyre being stupid, fighting over nothing, like humans, but maybe its their stupidity not their cruelty, but animals are really smart

humans should really not compare those two stories : animals kill so we can kill, give to us humans the same rights, all the rights given to the animals ll no for murdering, is not a laughing matter, its a serious crime so its not even a matter of justice but of moral its immoral to kill so humans should not kill : because the neighor kills we can kill?? nonsense! because some men eat men, some men torture creatures,some men murder themselves etc we should do that oo, have this 'right' too ? its not a matter of right, its this : YAHWEH YOU give the non men animals the right to eat the non men animals + YOU forbid ,it seems, the human animals to eat the non men animals i*i YOU give who YOU want the rights to do what YOU wilt, the humans cant decide on that k@k however its very heartbreaking for us vegans to witness this and it gives us the will to kill ourselves really ,its very frustrating for we wish we could be a savannah polie ,forest ,wherever whatever police, to be there to threaten any animal who wanna eat any animla in order to prevent them from murdering+attacking any animal x@e its so hard to watch them gettign attacking, suffering and be dying :: we so wish !!!! so much !!!! that all you sweetharts sis and bros were vegans for we wish you all were buddies, not enemies , not one killing the other, one being afraid of the other, one being the victim of another, one trying to escape for the other is pursueing them, one has cathed one, is trying to put her his fangs inside her his neck !!! how aweful !!!  us vegans want all of you to live!!!!!!!!!! we love you more than anything in all the universes! that way non vegan humans could not use this argument anymore for you alld be vegans so theyd say as all the non human animals are vegans, we have the right to be vegan, as all the non human animals dont eat anials its prohibited to us humans to eat animals so theyd use the opposite argument mm or theyd say if no non men animal eats animals why us humans eat animals ? they dont know what to say thats the reason why they use this terrible argument because as usual the got double standards : they forget that some non men animals are vegans -x- if they think this arguments the best, ! ya right!! : as animals eat animals humans should eat animals why dont they use the whole thing for ignoring halft of the truth sucks : if lets say about half the animals are vegans + the other half are non vegans , half of us humans should be vegans & half of us humans should be animal eaters but no they only think of the animals who eat animals, they dont wanna talk about the animals who dont eat animals, theyre in bad faith :: they always use arguments ignoring another very improtant point, making it compeltely inexistant j-j that shows theyre arguments are worthless for they know theyre bad for they think one point we'll put  the emphasis on one not so improtant sutff which makes their idea look good but ignore one important part of the thing which 'd made their argument totally dumb ,, they do this for they know vegans are right : mankind must be vegan () when one dont have any real argument they invent false arguments which are nonsense and talk nonsense

beautiful utopia

his therapist says he can be a little judgemental

We are full of arrogance

She has been codially received

MANKIND WE4RE THE HITLER of the animal kind

humanity’s doomed
they disinformed

november 10 2014

waste no more time talking about great souls and how they should be B become one yourself = right and wrong = right caus we must not tell others to be great souls B we have to be great souls & tell others to be great souls B wrong = because we have to talk about this, GOD YOU want that right ? for we are too dumb human children of YAHEH so humans ho are less brainless than us have to teach us everything from a to z as many of us don’t really have common sense or brains B IF YOU4RE A abd soul you can’t teach anyone to be great souls B A = you become a great soul B = you teach others as like a priest about being excellent souls B it’s compulsory to teach al our brethren family to be amazing souls because we have to do this super important thing on earth while we live in here B cause we can not be indifferent and not care when our brethrens are being evil B caus GOD it’s immoral for YOU to be part of the problem B we should always be part of Your solution YAHWEH

boy isn't that the truth?! especially these Stick with the good people of the world. They are out there. Or at least those who are more in touch with their kinder selves. Those who are not, are just living and drowning in the fear of theirown inadequacy. Stay true to what's inside. And be bold and courageous. It takes courage to be yourself, to believe and hold tight. But this is your true power. Breathe into your worthiness. For you are truly worthy of ALL.

NOV 10 14

if you don’t like yourselves at all aybe its not that youre a poo person its just that the humans around you are so mean that you feel you are an excrement and nothing no one you feel don’t don’t even exist youre a ghost zombie or a statue = body with no soul no mind no nothing or even not a body, nothing, ike the wind, air, something invisible B then find people who’re nice because those humasn surrounding you are destroying you and your mind and you suffer and you don’t desrve that B get rig of theme diabolical humans and as you’re a great person they have no reason to make you fele that way with their eyes, words B so its unfair for that’s the world upside down = evil people feel great about themselves, excellent humans feel horrible about themselves
with love blessings and hope that you’re all doing amazing

This is one Story, maybe you have your own, or are on the way towards or through another.... Whether I see you in September or not, know that I love and appreciate you, and that I support you on your journey. Stay in the light.
before you diagnose yourselves with depression or low self esteem first make you4RE you are not in fact just surrounded by very mean human beings

NOV 10 14

Of course were nuts, mental retards = the dog of our brethren neighbor barks a little bit too loud, a lil bit too much, just because of this, which is really not a problem, we make it as if it’s a problem, w ego there and with a knife or gun or whatever we hit or murder the poor angel dog or we call the dog pound so that they take those poor dogs top put them to sleep w this is a retarded and cruel and nut inhumane way of thinking, solving so called problems and so many cool humans, peace and love, nice, non problematic humans ive with loads of neighbors barking a lot and stuff, day and night, and they are so relaxed, no cool philosophies that they don’t even care! They are very kind, tolerant because even if the dogs make so much noise, it doesn’t bother them at all, they cant sleep or they’re ere woke up by the dogs baring, so hat, everything’s cool , they would never think about going to their neighbors garden and murder the dogs!!! Because they are less or way less retarded than others members of our YAHWEH’s human family n, because they are really humane humans s rest in peace poor angels x you have done nothing wrong, the only thing you supposedly did wrong was to bark x others put venin?? In the neighbors gardens so that the poor dog eat it and die, others go with something like a baseball bat and hit the dogs x all those are luciferians, and don’t know it x

NOV 11 14
Sex is like going to a morgue seeing tones of dead humans and want to puke “ sex is like seeing mutilated bodies cut into pieces like just a skull , just a leg , just the body till the stomach ect “ sex is very disturbing “ we must be the stupidest creatures of the universe to want to put something into something and out and into and out and so on and so forth and do this for hours ? minutes ? when we could do things that seem to be way cooler like what ? dancing , reading, praying, playing with non humans etc depends on human different tastes

It’s too easy H it can’t be like this H we don’t love you H we don’t love everyone H we make peace with all our enemies we hate H we don’t hate the no more H we like them H so we love everyone H for there was those we loved + those we didn’t love now there’s just those we loved+ those we used to not love and now we do so loving everyone H no , certainly not possible H we have enemies we hate H then one by one they’ll die and ourselves H then let’s assume they go to the Heavens H if we couldn’t do nothing about this problem on the earth existence we can’t just all be in heaven and don’t forgive them, and they us H and continue hating them and them us H we have to love everyone in the heavens H there we have to love all those we hated on the earth physical realm H that’s going to be very difficult H this earth is not love , fraternity , respect , solidarity , peace, friendship, justice at all H this is not the perfect universe + earth universe + where everyone is very nice to everyone & everyone loves everyone H this is not this earth H this earth is only negativity H all of us humanity our real name is pieces of pope H useless worthless without intelligence luciferians without goodness H that’s what we are H we kill , make wars to the veggie nature , the animal nature , the human race H we insult , disrespect the rights of the souls of the earth H we have a very vicious tongue , we are so terribly malicious H that’s who we are H we can’t not be nice for one day , not being malevolent for one day H we are too skull less to have the strength to do this H we all have the world record of the most evil for all the evil retard we think do say write every single day H it seems like we never deserved to exist H

13 nov 14 us humanity we are pieces of pope too much immorality our mountain of faults are so big and we got what three or two qualities H we are the most sucky souls of the earth H we are too horrible h the worst H we are monsters H we deserve no love and everybody love us H not everybody in the sense of everybody H everybody in the sense of several or any humans love us H animals you got too much ethics H you are too perfect H you got only amazing morals H and us humanity don’t love us H that’s so the world upside down H humans are just contemptible creatures , the lowest demons H we’re demonic H we aren’t humans H so it’s hard to believe we deserve love H and the most lovable souls = the non human animals , we despise the so much and are unable to love them H we hate the so much we eat, murder ,abuse, enslave them H how come H they’re something wrong with us all H normally no human should love no human and love all the non human animals angels and no human could love no human H it don’t matter that they’re related or not because they could think they can not love the evil humans so everyone but their family yes because it’s different, it’s blood H so no friend no love affair H just family H no because the point 1 to point A and point 2 to point B etc it’s never that simple H it’s very confusing, it’s a huge ix H A going with 2 B with 1 etc because all the existences ‘d be too easy because there’d be just one stuff so no knot H yes there are many knots which make the complexity of the universes and lives H so yes there is the stuff we can’t love no one we are totally misanthropes and then they’re the blood brainwashing H so we’re confused because or we love the despicable monstrous relatives because of the blood brainwashing or we don’t love the because we aren’t blind, we ignore that brainwashing, we refuse it in the skulls and we don’t love the for they’re too demonic H caus it’s too abnormal if we make the confession that is to not love nobody, no despicable creature but the despicable relatives H so everyone would reject everyone trying to have a friendly, love, relative relationship with the for they’d see the for who they are = full of horrible flaws H and so everybody would be in love with the non human animals H

What i have done for the love of you
Our heart I devoted to you fellow non human animals

without hate in his heart
he's tired of being hated

nov 13 14

THEY HAVE A Desire to live free just like humanity does c all the oppressions are connected in the sense that they all to do with someone dominating over other beings b we don’t dominate over the and exploit them because we need to b obviously we don’t need it to survive c we do it because we can b there are different ways to attack oppression and veganism is one of the v friends brethrens animals we won't consume you b encourage one person think about what they're putting inside their body and what they're putting animals through , each one teach one v you can influence someone with your actions and behaviors to make the world a better place even if its just one person at a time v its a beautiful way to live

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sep 30 14

this idea sucks : you like me with my vices, i like that : you dont try to change me , dont ask me to change / you accept me the way i am : it means they're not trying to be the best they can be, they're not trying their best and everyone must accept them like this ? so like OL got 27 vices and all hes her loved ones must accept her his twenty sveen vices , without trying to make them elimi,ate them in order to be a better human ? so we have to ove the vices of everyone else when YAHWWEH wish we more at least a lil bit more saint ? we gotta love the vices of the humans? we got to not just love their qualities but their vices ? we have to rpetend their vices are qualities? which is what humans seem to think as they say i ove you with your vices bla bla s its like love blonds us so vices=quaities : qualities = qualities so the humans we love got only qualities so are saints ; nonsense : true love isnot accepting creatures with their aweful vices nott rying to change them at all / true love is when you are disgusted by the vices of the ones you love and you wish them the best which is beign the best human they can be so you obigatorily ask them, help them to be better to make their vices go away / so thats true good intentions / idiotic bad intentions is keeping our oved ones hte way they are and asking them to not change a bit, even if their vices are difficult to bear and make them be antipathetic and pains in the necks / so we'd love them proe if they ahd less vices so we're idiots to think they shoudltn change, we shouldnt change them / of course they should change and we should hep, if we love them / thats such a idiotic brainwahsing : i lvoe you the way you are with all your vice,s you're perfect , what ???!!! or  i love that you love me the way i am with all my horrible vices and that despite this, you think im perfect , thats so sweet what ??? thats not sweet thats idiotic!!!

october 23 2014

they insult YOU a lot YAHWEH+ Your son Yahshua they say often for GOD's s bbb , for Christ's s ll , good jjj , like tones of time in one single movie II this is a simple brainwashing for as they know we don’t need much to get a brainwash, it’s enough for them to put loads of blasphemes so that our ears &brains are brainwashed and so we say them too YY its easy its a you never talked that way b you listen to many movies with that language insulting YOU GOD c you talk that way YY the system of brainwashing is this : you never said things never ad some things into your skulls, you hear it and it enters your hearts brains hears Y so easy Y that’s how very fast humans who didn’t have one indoctrination in their skulls now hav them YY solution < not to listen to any movie with insults to YAHWEH or cut the sound when they say those blasphemes and put the sound again when they speak normally

october 23 2014

it's like we weren't forced to be in the zombie jails but we ourselves are glad to , excited to enter those jails, nobody force us robots sheep , we decide to enter those indoctrinated jails, we are so keen on that U they show us, they seduce us but we have to choose, decide, we have that possibility , refuse or accept U we accept Y so its kind of like they don’t force us in a sense, in another sense they definitely force us R as we' ve always been their puppets mere machines E even if they didn’t exist , we'd be brainwashed by non satanic propagandas because illuminatis or not, they could always be evil people satanic, non satanic, who wish to made the whole earth population mental retarded and make them live in lie, and as slaves Z hats the worst thats the fatality z humankind we're slave we don't even know !! we are in brainwashing jails because we wanted to, we don’t even know!!!! we're so asking for that, for being sheep clones, we really want that A we would never dreamed to be anticonformists K so it means we are not trying to do anything to be less robots , as anticonformsits are not not robots, they are but less than conformists zombies for antiocnformsits try to stop being sheep H but everybody on earth is a robot B thank GOD we're human but sort of only X if only we weren't robots at all and only human beings ! ! ! we so act think like machines , like we by the same dead animals food for us , we go to the same stores, we all had the new years+ Christmas indoctrination like a magnetospcope, we were opened our brains, to press a button saying those brains gotta be alle xisted for no reason for en wyear xmas, X thats how dumb we are so pathetic Q for its not even like theres a reaosn to be excite,d joyful O they're nothign aazing in xmas, ne year but its that programmation, we cant help i J hats what sucks about conformists robots, thats what’s so cool about nonconformists L its that they try to question many things that mankind sheep always thought was obvious, ok L like mankind never questioned happiness about Christmas new eyar , nonconformists do K that could mean anti conformists are a li bit smarter than sheep humanity for they always find the fishy thing, the odd thing, the stupid mad thing in almost everything when the zombie humanity don't at all not even guess or have doubts I they completely fall int he traps of those earth propaganda , all of them K so sad K wy did our species had to be so dumb so naive P that’s what's great about anti conformists = they always trying to find the truth , searching it I for because brainwashed zombie mankind don' t want to have anything to do with the truth M they're very happy with their indoctrinated lies O lie existences B huge lies B but tis ok they're happy with that B you can enter the indoctrination jail or not, its up to you N ok, yes, we'd be so happy to enter that! x new year xmas are days like any other, banal ?? simple , non important , it’s routine, boring B we are such imbeciles for we don’t even notice U we don’t even ask ourselves why we feel so excited and happy for no motif X we don’t think like birthdays, xmas , new years are days of the earth , like all days , like just because it’s the 31st of December or the 24 25 december and it this was the 17 of march we would feel mad , normal, good, but happy perhaps but not as much as for xmas bdays new years A we don’t do anything special H we stay at home or go to parties B but that’s also a brainwashing for just cause parties are parties we get all excited H another brainwashing = parties brainwashing which consist of opening our machine  brains putting the idea of happiness excitation for parties and then close the skull and that’s it, the new indoctrination is there N so our programmed robot skulls think party = happiness + excitement , birthday = happiness excitement new years= excitement & happiness ect N we are very smart this human species but in another sense no for we don’t notice there’s no reason to be excited and happy K so when something is evident and you ignore its existence it may mean we are super stupid K but it’s not = nobody notices , yes some notice, but there are really not numerous , those a little bit smarter = nonconformists O they notice they think thankfully I’m not a robot sheep or less , I don’t get happy, excited, I just am the same mood than everyday and those nonconformists watch those robot sheep, with sadness ,frustration , for they care about their brethrens and they wish they could tell them stop !!! you were indoctrinated, you’re happy for nothing! Theyre’s no reason to be happy about! There is huge monstrous animal cruelty, earth is suffering, being decoyed by ,, them ,, animals murdered everywhere, human people etc and this day is as depressing and sad as any other, don’t celebrate! But they don’t tell them, they just dream they had the guts, for because of the stranger indoctrination they don’t= this indoctrination is = don’t talk to strangers as if you’ve always knew them, just don’t talk to strangers caus it’s supposedly odd K nonsense I it’s not odd at all L so even nonconformists are afraid of mankind’s thoughts about them , even nonconformists are sort of conformists X sad robots we are B sad planet K parties brainwashing+ ne years bdays etc brainwashing are basically the same = just caus there’s a party they’re happy O why ? their brethren animals + humans are murdered all the time U creatures suffering and trying to survive without water, clothing, locations, food etc Y there is no reason whatsoever to go to parties, organize parties Y we should be depressed 24 seven , not going to parties K that’s so weird the parties brainwashing for just caus there’s some decorations in a nice little place embellished for the occasion , just caus there’s some music, food, humans , friends of ours, strangers partying , and so new friends probably if we’re very sociable, etc just because of all this we’re like out of ourselves, like not ourselves, in better mood than the usual, we’re like so wanting to yell on the music, dance til 5 am , we want to kiss strangers who’ll become our lives, boyfriends etc o not, it depends on the sort of person we are J we are really not sad if we were before a party or days or a day before or minutes etc before K we’ just want to party !!!! really pathetic we are for there are only reasons to like wish to die or be very very depressed in this planet for none of our brethrens are happy U

As the case of Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston has become more valuable to the ILLUMINATI dead than alive. It has been widely reported this evening on Saturday, February 11, 2012 that at 48 years old, our Beautiful Black Songbird Whitney Houston is Dead as reported by publicist Kristen Foster. As of the the time this evening, it has not been reported when, where, how or why she died, and I hope that it is untrue and false. Already, the press is spreading a widespread illusion and image that her biggest DEVIL was herself.  “The biggest devil is me. I’m either my best friend or my worst enemy,” Houston told ABC’s Diane Sawyer in an infamous 2002 interview with then-husband Brown by her side. It is an illusion, image implanation and smoked mirror to focus the public and mold world opinion that the DEVIL in Whitney Houston was solely responsible for her  fall from grace instead of the hands of racism and the ILLUMINATI CONSPIRCY.
Michael Jackson was murdered by the ILLUMINATI by whatever name to control, manipulate and dominate the worldwide infinite phenomenon, spirituality and influence of Black Music that cannot be duplicated, because it involves the wisdom and mystery of GOD and the ages.  The death of our beloved Whitney Houston is added to a long list of shocking widespread suspect sudden deaths of America’s Rhythm and Blues (R&B)  industry artists. Whitney’s untimely death come on the eve of the 54th Annual Grammy Awards that cut R&B  awards in half to four. Male, female, and group R&B Vocal Performance awards are now only one.
Romancing the Image of the Black Mammy, The 21st Century ILLUMINATI CONSPIRACY,
Whitney Houston’s death also come on the eve of the 84th annual Academy Awards and its annual shameful Celebration of “Romancing the Black Female Misfit and Mammy” in mass media. The 2012 Academy Awards nominated “The Help” for four Oscar nominations.  “The Help” earned Oscar nods for Viola Davis (Best Actress), Octavia Spencer (Best Supporting Actress), Jessica Chastain (Best Supporting Actres), as well as Best Picture. The film is a shocking compilation and perpetuation of Old  Southern Mammy  Tales and Stereotypes and a trivialization of the Civil Rights Mass Movement of 1960s through the eyes and consciousness of a white heroine intended to crush the world image, mysticism and influence of the “Black Diva” that Whitney Houston once dominated with grace and beauty. The Association of Black Women Historiansurged in statement about the film to fans of both the best-selling novel and the feature film to reconsider their attitude towards this tale of African American maids in 1960s Jackson, Mississippi.
“During the 1960s, the era covered in The Help, legal segregation and economic inequalities limited black women’s employment opportunities. Up to 90 per cent of working black women in the South labored as domestic servants in white homes. The Help’s representation of these women is a disappointing resurrection of Mammy—a mythical stereotype of black women who were compelled, either by slavery or segregation, to serve white families. Portrayed as asexual, loyal, and contented caretakers of whites, the caricature of Mammy allowed mainstream America to ignore the systemic racism that bound black women to back-breaking, low paying jobs where employers routinely exploited them. The popularity of this most recent iteration is troubling because it reveals a contemporary nostalgia for the days when a black woman could only hope to clean the White House rather than reside in it.”

African-American actress in history to receive the Best Actress nod had to be poverty-stricken, willing sex toy ?an accused cop killer, and mother of a lazy and shiftless son.

the vile, child-abusing, welfare-cheating




1 SEP 2013

Take heed that ye do not your alms before men,.... Some copies read, "take heed that ye do not your righteousness", &c. which is a very good reading: but then, by "righteousness", is not meant righteousness, as comprehending all other righteous acts, as particularly alms, prayer, and fasting, hereafter mentioned; but alms only; nothing being more common with the Jews than to call alms "righteousness": and whatever word Matthew made use of, there is no doubt to be made of it, but this was the word Christ used. Now alms was so called, because it is a righteous action, which ought to be performed; and to withhold from the poor what is meet, is to deal unrighteously: hence we read of the "mammon of unrighteousness"; by which is meant, not money unrighteously got, but that which is unrighteously kept from the poor: also it might be so called, because the Jews very much placed their justifying righteousness before God in the performance of it: let us first see how, according to them, it was to be done, and then what confidence they placed in it, and how much they made use of it. The account Maimonides (f) gives is as follows, who observes: that
"we are bound to take heed to the commandment of alms more than all the affirmative commands; because alms is a sign of a "righteous" man, the seed of Abraham our father; as it is said, in Genesis 18:19. Nor is the throne of Israel established, nor can the law of truth stand, but by alms; as it is said, Proverbs 16:19. Nor shall Israel be redeemed, but by alms, according to Isaiah 1:27. There are (says he) eight degrees in giving alms, the one above another; the highest, than which there is none higher, is this; when one relieves an Israelite, and gives him a gift, or lends to him, or takes him into partnership, or finds him work, so that he strengthens his hands before he stands in need of asking; and of this it is said, and "thou shalt relieve him, a stranger and a sojourner, that he may live with thee": which is as much as to say, relieve him before he falls, and is brought to necessity. The next to this is, when a man gives alms to the poor, and he knows not to whom he gives; nor does the poor man know of whom he receives; for, behold, this is doing it for the sake of it; as the chamber of secrets, which was in the sanctuary, into which righteous men privately put, and the poor children of good men were privately supported: and the next to this is, when a man puts into the alms chest: and a man does not put into the alms chest except he knows that the governor is faithful and wise, and knows how to manage as should be; such an one as R. Chananiah ben Tradion. The next to this is, when the giver knows to whom he gives, but the poor man does not know from whom he receives; as the great ones of the wise men, who used to go secretly, and cast their money at the doors of the poor; and this is right to do, and a good method it is when the governors of alms do not dispose aright. The next to this is, when the poor man knows of whom he takes, but does not know the giver; as the great men among the wise men, who used to bind up their money in linen cloths, and put them behind them, and the poor came and took them, that they might not be ashamed. The next to this is, when a man puts it into his hands before he asks. The next to this is, when he gives to him after he has asked. The next to this is, when he gives to him less than is proper, with a pleasant countenance. The next to this is, when he gives with grief.''

Now this work, or duty, they magnify at a very great rate: not content to say (g), that

"he that does alms, does that which is more excellent than all offerings;''

"giving of alms and beneficence , "are equal to the whole law";''

or, it is all one as if a man performed the whole law. Moreover, they give (i) out,

"that whoever takes of his goods, and does alms with them, he shall be delivered from the "damnation of hell".''

Yea, they reckon that this gives a right and title to eternal life (k).

"He that says, let this "sela", or "shekel", be for alms, that his children may live, and that he may be worthy of the life of the world to come, lo! this is , "a perfect righteous man".''

"let this sela be for alms, that my son may live, and that he may be a son of the world to come; lo! this is a perfect righteous man.''

Thus, you see, they looked upon it as their righteousness; and what made them heirs of heaven, and gave them a title to eternal glory. Now our Lord advises them to take heed, as what would be of bad consequence, and very detrimental to them, that they did not their alms before men,

to be seen of them; not but alms may be lawfully done before, or in the sight of men, and a good end may be answered by it; namely, to stir up others to acts of liberality; but then this must not be done with this view, to be seen of men, in order to gain their applause, and a good name among them,

24TH APRIL 2014

thats so aweful how humans are cruel . there are humans who are not even 9 or 14 and whore bullying trying to kill or hitting animals / humans . there young and already full of the enemy. their beings . how unbelievable, they got families, friends who care for them . its like loving lucifer . they cant do nothing with goodness, they aint got no goodness in their bodies and souls . they have a lot of fun martyring any being they dont like , for no reason, by lunacy, stupidity, cruelty . those who go to their kindergarten or junio high , college , high school , any non human who cross their faith way . the goal in their lives is making others lives hells . these victims arent mean, didnt hurt these cruel humans . they absolutely dont deserve this . humans keep on thinking humans kids are even kinder than adult humans . no , humans in general are wicked . thats the true truth .

ive been asking myself what ive learned in the past few years or so i mean are there any words of wisdom i would take with me as i travel down the road, and the answer is yes, there are a few things that we have actually heard other than just listened to including always leave them laughing, but there are three other,s little tiwn beats wisdom, thigns that well never forget . the first is one should never be where one does not belong . its pretty good aice . as is the seong which is alwas keep your area clean . think what a beautiful world this would be if we'd all did that . and the third thing i take with me is a peace of more practical advice . life isnt made up of poetry and songs and dreams its mostly real stuff . 

just caus he didnt turned up it dont mean he dont care -thats exactl what it feels like , like everyone else has got someone and i aint got no one, you got bianca, she'll be there for you if you ever need anything,you have good people who care about you right here , thas whats important, not whether youre related or not

1 OCT 2013

In this world we philozophize too little . We forget even philosophy exists; hOW IS THAT, wHY WE  our subjetcs of conversations are always so futile and very rarely about wisdom and philosphy in life ? metaphysics and things like that . Because we live in a superifcial world that fills our brains with superficial subjetcs maybe . Like tv, music, going out, eating things that aren't philosophical . Maybe that is why.Of course if they make us get addicted to or like supercial activities, we love them. I they'd brainwahs the entire mankind to be keen on philosphycal books, tv programs etc, if they'd air philoophycal programs on tv way more often, then humans wouldn't play skateboard,listen to music,or watch the simpsons and cartoons but they're favorite activity would be thinking, philosophizing. Let us put more phyilosophy , profoundness in our lives, shall we . Humankind lives in a supericial planet , the brainwahsings of this world make us superficial . We may not be that way b nature . We may all be like dalai lama, animals, gnadhi, matin luther king, a little like GOD . But there are too many things to see, do, places to go that are way too superficial they lakc profundity so ith all these thigns to do, we have no time then to reason about intellectual topics like what are we doing on earth , or think huge, think mankind not just as always a few humans we know but the whole mankind that we don't know for the most of them. Think about the other lanets,the beings living there etc. I we had less things filling our days,hours,minds,time, we may philosophise more , this planet might have more philosophers. We'll never know until we try loving philosophy. We have to free up some time to think . We forget about our human condition we forget philosophy even exists because of all these things. Of course if our days were empty, we'd be bored then yeah we would philosophise . Having nothing to do makes us want to philosophise it seems. The activiities making our lvies and days are very basic, going to the shoe store taking the train, the bus, walking , watching humans,running, watching things, eating, going to the grocery store, going to the doc etc . All of this has nothing deep in it. It's very simple. It's sad we don't philosophize because GOD it seems like YOu love phylosophy . You love us to philosophize and to have a great philosophy like wanting to save the world and the animals , being better when we notice we are often being too mad too vulgar and unjust etc . So if all the humans isntead of a few had a true deep sincere strong philosophy in their lives there would be more kindness and respect in here . Too many live with no philosoph whatsoever ,they don't realize . Too few are phisolophers,in the sense of living with a very good philosophy and being conscient that philosophy is in this world around us, not meaning their work is being philosphers. They are true philosophers anywa. Don't need to work as a philosopher to be one. These 'philosophers' may be the best beings on earth because they are very good

20FE2014 The important thing is not only to inform the humans but that the have hearts.It's useless to inform them if they are heartless because you send them documentation  prooving how wool is cruel . You ask them what are the going to do . They say they'll keep on wearing wool. It's useless to inform if the are inhumanes. They'll go from not being informed to being informed . That's all . They won't all sto buying the cruel stuff. They are insensitive. Informing don't mean everbody informed immediately after receiving and discovering the inormation become vegans or sensiblizé. Informed means informed that's all. What they need is to find hearts! buy hearts

july 9 2014

Why don't we have conscience of YOU GOD . We hardly ever think about YOU, talk to YOU . insead of thinking in our heads to oruselves like talking to ourselves we shoudl tak to YOU . Why do we forget YOU . We cna be months weeks without thinking about YOU . We are too superficial not spiritual enough . Maybe it is because we are so hyperactive as a spieices. We are too busy busy with so many activities that we forget to talk to YOU . If we had nothing to do, not so many objets, places to go, stuff to watch, with computers, tv , homes, anywhere, we would think about metaphysical stuff an YOU GOD more . We would be like obsessed with YOU .We would talk to YOU as mch as we go on facebook . Humans seems to be obsessed with facebook and spent an aweful lot o their free times there. WE WOULD TALK TO you AS much as we eat, talk to humans .


It's not our parents we must obey ,adults when we're less than 18, older humans than us, teachers. It's YOU GOD only we msut obey. THEY GIVE US BAD ORDERS? LIKE DON4T HELP OTHERS? SAY ITS HER WHO DID THE SIN NOT you a and its a in fact hwo did that etc . If parents are specisits,racists and tell their kids they have to be ,aprents give bad orders we must not obey . Its not because parents are children 's parents that it means they have to obe and parents are always right. Many humans are evil and unethical and corrupted morally. Most of them are parents.It makes their orders void because GOD is against their views . We msut obey parents only when their orders are the same than GOD's. If they say hit that cat and GOD says don't we must not listen to human aprents but our true parent who is GOD. 

24 FE 2014

So many humans when asked say they are good human beings. They are so mistaken. They are mean most of the time, unfair. They are hardly ever kind to those who are in their lives family members co workers any one who passes their way for long tiem,a ew seconds,a few weeks etc. They don't even realize they act maliciously almost all of the time. They think they are the best humans on earth. Plus they never done any charity not even given a little bit of food to a homeless dog. Yet they consider themselves as good samaritans and good humans with those they share moments with. They are bad jugde of themselves and humans. The think toehrs ar ethe ebst paprents, best riends ect and these are so full of defaults and are maybe a little bit kind that's all. Still they see them as saints. How can they be so bad judgers. When somebod is mean the think they're super nice. When somebody's nice they think they're ok but kind of unbearable without humanity nor interest. They see beings upside down .

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MessageSujet: Re: n easy to help lives : share, watch, sign, open conciouncess   Dim 19 Jan - 15:30

sep 28 14

you must not vous fier aux apparences, almost never for often the evil human looks like a nice one, a smile is the void, a nice , evil face, is the void or not sometimes, for some people can have (nice faces( (nice ( smiles (nice( expressions and youdont know them, you just know their existence, you never talked to them, the only thing you know is you've seen them some tiems and they smile at you with amitié?? and then you know them, and you udnderstand that they're mean so how come, youre confused, first they look at you in a frindly way when you dont know who they are and then when you know who they are, they are mean / its caus a face is only a face, a smiling mouth, is only a mouth siling / so don't run into conclusions just for a face, just caus you've seen somebody siling often at people dont mena they're angels / they can be more mean than nice, but they just smile because who knows why but they just do this bcause they ant to, but for no reaosn, it donest have a meaning like they are kind or soemthing, elts not read too much into this / for both cotnraries are posible : some people who got (evil faces( you dont know them then you know them: they're super nice and some people who have (nice( faces you dont know them then you know them they're evil morons / so we msut not mdraw conclusions out of the void, for a n facial expreison, a smile, an (evil( look are the void, we msut draw conclusis n of knowing the people, not of their faces caus the face they choose to make, maybe they dont even choose to make it, they cant see what faces they make, they jsut make them, not thinking too much, so the faces are just face,s they dont say that mcuh or do they? but knwowing the peron , that says so much more / that is knwoing more of those minds, those behaviors, those beings so that is something tot ake into account not the smile or absence of it

SEP 2013

We should never make wars . GOD you forbid us to kill our borthers and sisters . You want us to find peace and comprises and solve our problems and conflits without killing . It's a terrible sin to kill to solve anything .

suggestions to get you started

These tips were inspired and provided by the authors of Spirit of Service: Your Daily Stimulus for Making a Difference

"Be careful not to practice your righteousness in front of others to be seen by them. If you do, you will have no reward from your Father in heaven.

New Living Translation
"Watch out! Don't do your good deeds publicly, to be admired by others, for you will lose the reward from your Father in heaven.

English Standard Version
“Beware of practicing your righteousness before other people in order to be seen by them, for then you will have no reward from your Father who is in heaven.

New American Standard Bible
"Beware of practicing your righteousness before men to be noticed by them; otherwise you have no reward with your Father who is in heaven.

King James Bible
Take heed that ye do not your alms before men, to be seen of them: otherwise ye have no reward of your Father which is in heaven.

Holman Christian Standard Bible
"Be careful not to practice your righteousness in front of people, to be seen by them. Otherwise, you will have no reward from your Father in heaven.

International Standard Version
"Be careful not to practice your righteousness in front of people in order to be noticed by them. If you do, you will have no reward from your Father in heaven.

NET Bible
"Be careful not to display your righteousness merely to be seen by people. Otherwise you have no reward with your Father in heaven.

Aramaic Bible in Plain English
Pay attention in your charity giving, that you do it not in front of people so that you may be seen by them, otherwise there is no reward for you with your Father in Heaven.

GOD'S WORD® Translation
"Be careful not to do your good works in public in order to attract attention. If you do, your Father in heaven will not reward you.

Jubilee Bible 2000
Take heed not to do your alms {lit. acts of mercy} before men, to be seen of them; otherwise, ye have no reward of your Father who is in the heavens.

American Standard Version
Take heed that ye do not your righteousness before men, to be seen of them: else ye have no reward with your Father who is in heaven.

Take heed your kindness not to do before men, to be seen by them, and if not -- reward ye have not from your Father who is in the heavens;

6:1-4 GOD next warned against hypocrisy and outward show in religious duties. What we do, must be done from an inward principle, that we may be approved of God, not that we may be praised of men. In these verses we are cautioned against hypocrisy in giving alms. Take heed of it. It is a subtle sin; and vain-glory creeps into what we do, before we are aware. But the duty is not the less necessary and excellent for being abused by hypocrites to serve their pride. The doom Christ passes, at first may seem a promise, but it is their reward; not the reward God promises to those who do good, but the reward hypocrites promise themselves, and a poor reward it is; they did it to be seen of men, and they are seen of men. When we take least notice of our good deeds ourselves, God takes most notice of them. He will reward thee; not as a master who gives his servant what he earns, and no more, but as a Father who gives abundantly to his son that serves him.

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MessageSujet: Re: n easy to help lives : share, watch, sign, open conciouncess   Lun 20 Jan - 6:07

april 27TH 2014

is it posible to be stupid and smart at the same time . seems like it . humans feel like they understand super easy stuff that seem easy to them and hard to others but are really eas and can't believe if they're so stupid how can they udnerstand and not others while others understand super hard stuff and they don't understand them so the feel stupid but other feel like they're clever as they had some clever ideas others didn't have to do some stuff , work, work for school, understood stuff they didn't . mabe humans can be smart and idiots are the same time . maybe one has to define itnelligence . is having amazing ideas nobody else could have had is being intellignet then theyere intelligent but no because often they hear, lsiten to, read stuf that are so comlicated, they fele so confused . those hwo had great very judicious ideas seem to use their right brian as its the clever brian . the left oen's so silly . some humans could walk when they were 9 months instead of 1 year . those 9 month old could seem geniuses but no cause ater the become adults, kids, teens and think they're idiots and everyboy tlel them that . but still they are right brained as the could walk a long time before others . it dont mean a thing . some humans coul walk at one year and now theyre older they are definitely moe intelligent than some who walked at 9 months old . seems like those who could walk at 9 months old used their right brains and are those who ,laybe, later won't be brainwashed be free spirits and non conformists . as they could understand even at babies and babies are like retards compared to adults, kids & teens , so even so young and stupid they could understand how to walk, they thought it was realy easy . and for other human beings of their age it was imposible . it means they already had another way of seeing things and udnerstand what to others seems so hard and to them a piece of cake even so young , being alive for a very little time . this will stay in them for all their lives as older they make a great homeworks for school and work so hard, and others are so surprised they had so good marks and how come the had terrible marks because to those right brained beings the saw those assignemnets as so easy and think if im stupid and can do it and have success at this then poor them, they cant, they must be way more idiots than i am . so this is the same thing that helped them walk very young, learn everything years,days,months before others,understand life with more clever eyes,a more realistic,sadder but more fair look at life, analysis of life . they seem stupid but when the had idea,s others ask them how could you find these ideas ? others didn't have the clever ideas in their brains, they never have as good ideas as these ones, so mabe theyre not so stupid as they think .  thanks YAHWEH for giving them such amazing brains even though it also seem theyre idiots . thanks GOD because so many humans dont have this quality, how sad for them . these ones YAHWEH YOU gave them the capacity to be way less brainwashe,d not be a sheep, be free beings, be not conformed but themselves, unique, and be different and be a little bit clever and have juducious thouhts, nobody else could come up with and be against satanism and believin in its existence, and believing in other worlds and stuff and be better to humans,animals, this planet . they have this even before coming out of the humans stomachs . they had this gits YOU gave them since forever . thanks . that make them fele not superior but like brainly superior, like having a little bit less , what ? ignroanc,estupidity, a little more cleverness, or more full brains, that is fasicnating thanks so much YAHWEH thanks!!!

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MessageSujet: Re: n easy to help lives : share, watch, sign, open conciouncess   Lun 20 Jan - 10:17

sep 10 14

Mt 6:1-18. Further Illustration of the Righteousness of the Kingdom—Its Unostentatiousness.

General Caution against Ostentation in Religious Duties

Take heed that ye do not your alms—But the true reading seems clearly to be "your righteousness." The external authority for both readings is pretty nearly equal; but internal evidence is decidedly in favor of "righteousness." The subject of the second verse being "almsgiving" that word—so like the other in Greek—might easily be substituted for it by the copyist: whereas the opposite would not be so likely. But it is still more in favor of "righteousness," that if we so read the first verse, it then becomes a general heading for this whole section of the discourse, inculcating unostentatiousness in all deeds of righteousness—Almsgiving, Prayer, and Fasting being, in that case, but selected examples of this righteousness; whereas, if we read, "Do not your alms," &c., this first verse will have no reference but to that one point. By "righteousness," in this case, we are to understand that same righteousness of the kingdom of heaven, whose leading features—in opposition to traditional perversions of it—it is the great object of this discourse to open up: that righteousness of which the Lord says, "Except your righteousness shall exceed the righteousness of the scribes and Pharisees, ye shall in no case enter into the kingdom of heaven" (Mt 5:20). To "do" this righteousness, was an old and well-understood expression. Thus, "Blessed is he that doeth righteousness at all times" (Ps 106:3). It refers to the actings of righteousness in the life—the outgoings of the gracious nature—of which our Lord afterwards said to His disciples, "Herein is My Father glorified, that ye bear much fruit; so shall ye be My disciples" (Joh 15:Cool.

before men, to be seen of them—with the view or intention of being beheld of them. See the same expression in Mt 5:28. True, He had required them to let their light so shine before men that they might see their good works, and glorify their Father which is in heaven (Mt 5:16). But this is quite consistent with not making a display of our righteousness for self-glorification. In fact, the doing of the former necessarily implies our not doing the latter.

otherwise ye have no reward of your Father which is in heaven—When all duty is done to God—as primarily enjoining and finally judging of it—He will take care that it be duly recognized; but when done purely for ostentation, God cannot own it, nor is His judgment of it even thought of—God accepts only what is done to Himself. So much for the general principle. Now follow three illustrations of it.

1"Beware of practicing your righteousness before men to be noticed by them; otherwise you have no reward with your Father who is in heaven. 2"So when you give to the poor, do not sound a trumpet before you, as the hypocrites do in the synagogues and in the streets, so that they may be honored by men. Truly I say to you, they have their reward in full.…
Cross References
Matthew 6:5
"And when you pray, do not be like the hypocrites, for they love to pray standing in the synagogues and on the street corners to be seen by others. Truly I tell you, they have received their reward in full.

Matthew 6:16
"When you fast, do not look somber as the hypocrites do, for they disfigure their faces to show others they are fasting. Truly I tell you, they have received their reward in full.

Matthew 23:5
"Everything they do is done for people to see: They make their phylacteries wide and the tassels on their garments long;

Acts 3:12
When Peter saw this, he said to them: "Fellow Israelites, why does this surprise you? Why do you stare at us as if by our own power or godliness we had made this man walk?

Matthew 1:1
This is the genealogy of Jesus the Messiah the son of David, the son of Abraham:

Matthew 5:48
Be perfect, therefore, as your heavenly Father is perfect.

Matthew 5:47
And if you greet only your own people, what are you doing more than others? Do not even pagans do that?
Treasury of Scripture Knowledge
Take heed that you do not your alms before men, to be seen of them: otherwise you have no reward of your Father which is in heaven.


Matthew 16:6 Then Jesus said to them, Take heed and beware of the leaven of the …
Mark 8:15 And he charged them, saying, Take heed, beware of the leaven of the …
Luke 11:35 Take heed therefore that the light which is in you be not darkness.
Luke 12:1,15 In the mean time, when there were gathered together an innumerable …
Hebrews 2:1 Therefore we ought to give the more earnest heed to the things which …
alms. or, righteousness.

Deuteronomy 24:13 In any case you shall deliver him the pledge again when the sun goes …
Psalm 112:9 He has dispersed, he has given to the poor; his righteousness endures …
Daniel 4:27 Why, O king, let my counsel be acceptable to you, and break off your …
2 Corinthians 9:9,10 (As it is written, He has dispersed abroad; he has given to the poor: …
to be.

Matthew 6:5,16 And when you pray, you shall not be as the hypocrites are…
Matthew 5:16 Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, …
Matthew 23:5,14,28-30 But all their works they do for to be seen of men: they make broad …
2 Kings 10:16,31 And he said, Come with me, and see my zeal for the LORD. So they …
Ezekiel 33:31 And they come to you as the people comes, and they sit before you …
Zechariah 7:5 Speak to all the people of the land, and to the priests, saying, …
Zechariah 13:4 And it shall come to pass in that day, that the prophets shall be …
Luke 16:15 And he said to them, You are they which justify yourselves before …
John 5:44 How can you believe, which receive honor one of another, and seek …
John 12:43 For they loved the praise of men more than the praise of God.
Galatians 6:12 As many as desire to make a fair show in the flesh, they constrain …

Matthew 6:4,6 That your alms may be in secret: and your Father which sees in secret …
Matthew 5:46 For if you love them which love you, what reward have you? do not …
Matthew 10:41,42 He that receives a prophet in the name of a prophet shall receive …
Matthew 16:27 For the Son of man shall come in the glory of his Father with his …
Matthew 25:40 And the King shall answer and say to them, Truly I say to you, Inasmuch …
1 Corinthians 9:17,18 For if I do this thing willingly, I have a reward: but if against …
Hebrews 6:10 For God is not unrighteous to forget your work and labor of love, …
Hebrews 11:26 Esteeming the reproach of Christ greater riches than the treasures …
2 John 1:8 Look to yourselves, that we lose not those things which we have worked, …
of your. or, with your.

Matthew 6:9 After this manner therefore pray you: Our Father which are in heaven, …
Matthew 5:48 Be you therefore perfect, even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect.
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The Divine One, Queen Tiye, was of Great Influence in the Court of her Heroic Son Pharaoh Akhenaten, World's First and Greatest Monotheist
In Ancient Mycenae (Mukana), about 90 miles from Athens, Greece, the Divine Queen Mother Tiye’s scarab was discovered in a temple among a room of idols.[21] Queen Mother Tiye’s sphinx was also distributed across the ancient world. Queen Mother “BLACK MESSIAH” the Divine One was one of the most powerful and influential women of antiquity, and her reign was known for its era of world peace, justice and harmony among nations, religious awaking, literature and its great works of art.


“Oh man, why don’t you fuckin’ stop it? Shit, this is too fuckin’ big for you, you know that? Who did the president, who killed Kennedy, fuck man! It’s a mystery! It’s a mystery wrapped in a riddle inside an enigma! The fuckin’ shooters don’t even know! Don’t you get it?” (David Ferrie, JFK, the Movie)

I do not subscribe to any fashion that the racialist military industrial system does not fully understand the mysterious significance of the intricate Kemetic Ausar-Aset-Heru Triad Mythology and the Ancient African Divine Queen Motherhood and Sacred Son Complex to the spiritual and moral wholeness of Black People against Set-Seth (Evil-Chaos) and the Guardians of Darkness for world domination. (See Ra Un Nefer Amen, Metu Neter, Khamit Corp., Brooklyn, NY)

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) under the U.S. Department of Justice initated a secret wide spread domestic terrorism counter-intelligence program with its wicked sister, CIA, called COINTELPRO to continue to perpetuate the ancient spiritual warfare between good and evil for world domination.

COINTELPRO (an acronym for Counter Intelligence Program) was a series of covert, and often illegal, projects conducted by the FBI aimed at surveilling, infiltrating, discrediting, and disrupting domestic policial  organizations.[22]

COINTELPRO tactics included discrediting targets through psychological warfare, planting false reports in the media, smearing through forged letters, harassment, wrongful imprisonment, extralegal violence and assassination.[23]

J. Edgar Hoover, Director of the FBI, was among an inner circle Knight of Malta. Knights of Malta is generally synonymous with the medieval Order of Knights of Malta also known as Knights Hospitaller or, among other names, Order of St. John.[24] Knights of Malta is also a Masonic order closely associated with the Masonic Knights Templar.[25] Knights Templar is the forerunner of Euporean Freemasonry. Opus Dei is a subordinate organization to the Pope in Vatican City, who controls the Order of Knights.  

Hoover was also a “devoted” Freemason, again, among an inner secret circle of super elite masons directly connected to the racialist world domination agenda of Albert Pike. During the Civil War, Pike was a confederate general, and one of the founders of the Ku Klux Klan Post-Civil War. Pike was also a conspirator in the assassination of U.S. President Abraham Lincoln.

Hoover  had been raised a Master Mason on November 9, 1920, in Federal Lodge No. 1, Washington, DC, just two months before his 26th birthday. During his 52 years with the Masons, he received many medals, awards and decorations. Eventually in 1955, he was coroneted a Thirty-Third Degree Inspector General Honorary in Albert Pike’s Southern Scottish Rite Jurisdiction. He was also awarded the Scottish Rite’s highest recognition, the Grand Cross of Honour, in 1965.[26]

Both Knights of Malta and Scottish Rite Freemasonry are branches of the Vatican Confirmed Knights Templar and Knights Hospitaller of the Middle Ages, both stressed the supremacy of gnosis, or direct knowledge, over faith. They were persecuted, outlawed and suppressed by King Philip IV (April–June 1268 – November 29, 1314) of France [27] and the Pope for heresy, infidelity, and sexual misconduct. Many were burned alive, but most were driven underground along with the treasures of wealth and hidden knowledge from the Land of Canaan.

The Templars, whose full name was “Poor Fellow-Soldiers of Christ and of the Temple of Solomon”, were founded in 1119 by knights sworn to protecting Christian pilgrims visiting the Holy Land after the Crusaders captured Jerusalem in 1099.[28]

A secret elite inner circle of Knights amassed enormous power stolen from the hidden treasure troves of wealth and knowledge from Solomon’s Temple in Palestine, Israel (Biblical Canaan) and helped finance wars of some European monarchs. They also dwelled deeply into the Canaanite-Osirian Mysteries of Kemet and took bits and pieces back to Europe to exploit.

A circle of  knights brought the divine and sacred Aset-Heru (Black Madonna ) worship to Europe. The knights also secretly identified with and worshipped the Kemetic God Set and followed the Guardians of Dark for world domination of the “Throne.” Legends of their hidden treasures, secret rituals and power have been popularized for mass media consumption over the years in films and bestsellers such as “The Da Vinci Code”.[29]

Baphomet is a pagan deity revived in the 19th century as a figure of Satanism. It is a term for a secret pagan idol revealed in trial transcripts of the Heresy-Inquisition of the Knights Templar in the early 14th century.

The name Baphomet then became associated with a “Sabbatic Goat” image drawn and created by Eliphas Lévi. The Baphomet of Lévi was to become an important figure within the cosmology of Thelema, the mystical system established by the Great Beast 666, Aleister Crowley, the Godfather of Modern Satanism. Baphomet features in the Creed of the Gnostic Catholic Church recited by the congregation in The Gnostic Mass, in the sentence: “And I believe in the Serpent and the Lion, Mystery of Mystery, in His name BAPHOMET.”[30] Set-Seth.

The ancient God of Evil, Set, and conspirators of antiquity (Guardians of Darkness), the Sons and Daughters of Seth, were adopted by the Knights Templar,[31] Freemasons [32] and the Illuminati, as plans for the creation of a Totalitarian One-World[33] under SET-Lucifer as god.

As just in the days of old, SET-LUCIFER seeks to destroy the balance of order, justice, peace and harmony on earth; and rein Evil and Chaos. Once again, Set-Seth and the Guardians of Dark are searching the earth to assassinate the Sons and Daughters of the Divine Order.

Kanye West’s Secret Luciferian Agenda, Cut Off the Head of the Black Messiah (Black Motherhood) with a Knight Templar Sword through the Temple-Womb of the Great Goddess Mother U.S. GOVERNMENT OFFICIAL POLICY TARGET MEMORANDUM, STOP THE RISE OF THE DIVINE HERU, THE “BLACK MESSIAH”Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., America's First and Foremost Martyed Moral Leader and Hero
On March 4, 1968, Knight of Malta and Master Mason Luciferian Edgar Hoover issued a target memorandum expanding its COINTELPRO activities against “Black Nationalist–Hate Groups,” and warning that Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., among others, could emerge as a “Black Messiah’ who could unify and electrify the black nationalist movement.” The target memorandum called for the use of “imaginative” techniques, and required a report on accomplishments within 30 days. Exactly 30 days later, on April 4, Dr. King was assassinated. Hoover’s cooperation with military intelligence units conducting surveillance and more U.S. Government deadly operations against King has been documented in Dr. William Pepper’s book Orders to Kill.[34]

It is also clearly unqualifed documentation and undisputable evidence that COINTELPRO was a major veiled Luciferian program initiated to suppress the rise of the mysterious “BLACK MESSIAH” that would unity the world in universal peace, justice and harmony. The FBI target memo is totally arbitrarily. It targets anyone, both heros and heronines who could unify and electrify the masses. The target memo is broad enough to include even targeting the “Divine” of the entertainment industry. That is what it says on official government business records. The covert war against the “DIVINE” and “BLACK MESSIAH” was and remains secret U.S. Government policy.

“Let justice be done though the heavens fall.” (Jim Garrison, JFK, the Movie)

On April 4, 1968, Master Mason J. Edgar Hoover assisted the Guardians of Darkness, the Set/Seth-Luciferians, to openly strike down and assassinate Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. (KING) in fear that he was a “BLACKMessiah” that would unity the world in universal peace, justice and harmony. Within hours of the KING’s death, almost every major metropolian area in United States was in flames including its masonic capital seat, Washington D.C. The sky turned “red.” I saw it! America was at the brink of collapse from within for the first time in its history since the Civil War.

The DIVINE King Mother, Murder by An Enigma, A Black Proxy

The Martyed Mrs. Alberta King & Marcus Chenault, The Riddle of the Murder of the Divine King Mother
On June 30, 1974, a 21 year old black man, Marcus Wayne Chenault, assassinated the KING’s mother, Mrs. Alberta Christine Williams King, inside the family church, Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta, during prayer service.[35]

Even Set (Seth) and the Guardians of the Dark were not foolish enough to directly attack Aset(Isis), the  “THRONE” and Queen of Heaven, or “Mother of All Living Things”, and “Water of Life and Fertility”[36] for fear of the wrath of the gods and the fall of heaven.

In fear, Luciferians would not openly attack Black Motherhood “Water of Life and Fertility” to destroy heroes. Heaven would fall. In the 20th and 21st centuries, the fall of the Black Divas and attack on Black Motherhood and her sacred sons is a veiled psychological war campaign, mysteries wrapped in riddles inside an enigma. Marcus Chenault was a Luciferian Assassination by Black Man Proxy of the KING mother. The KING Mother’s only surviving son, Albert Daniel Williams (A.D) was also killed on July 21, 1969, almost a year within the murder of his brother. A.D’s death was a riddle wrapped inside an enigma, he drowned alone in a home swimming pool. Chenault committed the crime in a mind controlled trance that the public still don’t fully understand the riddle or enigma used (CIA-MK ULTRA Mind Control) behind attacking Black Motherhood globally.[37]

Margaret Sanger, Founder of Planned Parenthood- “We should hire three or four colored ministers, preferably with social-service backgrounds, and with engaging personalities. The most successful educational approach to the Negro is through a religious appeal. We don’t want the word to go out that we want to exterminate the Negro population, and the minister is the man who can straighten out that idea if it ever occurs to any of their more rebellious members.”

– Margaret Sanger’s December 19, 1939 letter to Dr. Clarence Gamble, 255 Adams Street, Milton, Massachusetts. Original source: Sophia Smith Collection, Smith College, North Hampton, Massachusetts. Also described inLinda Gordon’s Woman’s Body, Woman’s Right: A Social History of Birth Control in America . New York: Grossman Publishers, 1976.[38]

Luciferians also use cutting edge scientific “imaginative” technologies covertly programmed as riddles wrapped inside enigmas to re-image sacred Black Motherhood and Heru-Hero complexes for self destruction.


If at all that you may believe that I am wagging the dog by the tail, above, Demonologist Kanye West of the BEAST 666 Re-Imaging the Divine Queen Mother Tiye’s great-grandson, Pharaoh Tutankhamen. Kanye West is packaged for mass confusion and chaos as a riddle inside an enigma.

Here is the Lucifer’s Servant Kanye West, a fraud and imposter to the Righteous “Throne,” Re-Imaging an “Avatar” of Heru-Horus.

Here is the Demonic Kanye West in a Heru-Horus Complex standing next to the golden coffin of the Divine Queen Mother Tuya, the mother of the Beloved Divine One, Queen Tiye, fraudulently Re-Imaging the bloodline of the Divine One and her seeds, Pharaohs Akhenaton and Tutankhamen of Kemet’s Glorious 18th Dynasty.

Everybody know I’m a muthafucking monster

20 april 2014

there is no humane way to murder humans, rape humans < there is no humane way to slaughter the animals for anything + human fake food

working in farms slaughterhouses < its a bloddy violent job and nobody should have to do it

Just because human beings tells you lots of nice things doesn’t mean that they're genuinely nice guys x one has to mefier of words

wow this shows truly illuminati this is very vulgar this is to brainwashed depravate the youth in order to make them act as ethel, shes like a porstitue, the human man got a girlfriend and she kisses hima nd moves her eartlhly bodyy and talks as a striper or someone like this and singes dances moves vulgarly and her belly is not covered all of this is against YOU YAHWEH this show is so immoral, in many episidos six act vulgarly 6 three times= number of the devil beast and this characters called six, she only a 15 yyear old human being and theyre already prostituing this actress human as they alwas did in disney and nickelodeon it seems kissing somebodys whos an acotr maybe someone she hardly know and not her bf and gf and onl adults should kiss and nobod should dress like this not even humans whore more than 18
[color=#666666][font=Open Sans, sans-serif][size=15]dependance =addiction = ( addict a des drogue

so vulga illuminati how the human actress lift her leg we can see all her human skin and how she's maing the human plain the piano horny . she's less than 18 , oh GOD YOU must dislike this, human kids see this dont even notice its abormal and immorla becoz there too brainwashed theyre blinded by the brainwashin nobody should watch this adults too because the box brainwashes everyone , not only humans whore less than 18 THIS IS MADE TO MAKE all mankind lose all their morals becaus youth are more vulnerable brainwashable influencable than adults so they think as kids watch this they think theyre gon do the same, as humans less than 18 who in tv shows movies are gonna have sex sayin its not big deal, viewers kids will say of i this actreses do it then i cna do it too, because as theyre kinda the same age of the actresses 

4 32 = cornudo sign which means horns of the devil they do that in so many tv movies shows eveyrwhere on tv, cinema, al those who do that are saying b this sign theyre in the satanict illuminati cult thats so bad poor them they ll go to hell YAHWEH when they go out of their human form ? so sad lets fight lets not be passive that suck!! elts save the world not only humans as the human brainwashing wants but animals+ environement too][color=#1155cc]][color=#1155cc]

nov 20 14

YAHWEH bless you all family of earth @ thanks super much for making the time to make this vid for us all @ dear brothers sisters its not to insult or juge noone can judge but YAHWEH its just a enutral observation bu really if you brethrens of planet earth say stuff as asexuality is a phsyciatrical sickness really you are retards @ we all are @ for we are too ignorants for we cant just open our mouths and say stuff like this which are stereotypes, andwe are very uncultivated about subjects for isntance subject hj and we re gonna talk bout hj as if we knew every thing bout this @ this shows our huge imbecility @ so please fellow humans inform yourselves before saying stuff @ its like those who say blonds and blacks are dumb, vegans hate the human race etc @ saying we dont love sex is a disease shows a lot this< brainwashing of sex @ or it means we dont respect our brethrens just caus theyre terribly different and we exclude them and we judge hem in a pejorative manner just caus they're super diferent @ so tis immoral to say asexuality arromanticity is a mental illness @ for this means ok we are sheep so you anticonformists become sheep like us or we'll desdain+hae you all @ that is wicked @ may YAHWEH forgive you all @ if we used our brains, do we even got brains @ probaby not @ if we'd use our brains we'd know that being different= no disease @ bein diferent= being diferent @ there is no low of earth that compel us to be sexual romantic or this or that @ caus this shows you hae no respect + are selfishself absorbed caus stuff of you are so cool , stuff of others are very sucky so we all have to be like you humanity sheep robots @ and anticonformsits are indoctrinated robots too, everybody in the world, but anticonformsits a lil less @so or we're sexual romantics, for sitnance but not jsut that, the same than you in every little thing, or you refuse to be our buddies and love us @ and you mock us and look at us as if we came from anoter planet than earth @ all this discrimination shows how much us humankind are so terribly retards caus if we were had tonnes of times the brains we have then e'd never waste our rbeath and time with discrimination like hating or jduging asexuals aromantics or animals, christians, non whites, obese etc @ really terribly evil retards we are @ this is jsut a dub destiny dumb brainwahsign for if one of this planets brainwashign was= everyone must be aseuxal aromantic, we robots would be like how odd you weridos you are youveyr few free spirits are you have sex and have romantic relashionthisp @ go to a nut house you're crazy !!! @ so if you bors and sis say this to us asexual aromantiks its only caus destiny choose the brainwashing of love of sex+ love caus it could super easily had bene the other way around @ stop hating humans who're different, thats so easy ! if we had intelligence itd be so easy for us to get that @ shrinks can say whatevr they want @ they can be wrng as every human being @ they can say you have been shcoked in your childhood by some sexual stuff so you got sex phiba and you're tormented and very scared in your head @ false @ so you really love sex and romantic love @ false @ really its jsut destiny @ you were born different, or you were born like everybody @ so you're marginal or little brain sheep @ marginal have lil brains too but are a lil more ?cunning? @ dotn know im so brainless @ but its just like that no big deal à why on earth do mankind make such a big deal about all those very different like asexual aromantiks @ because we are too earthly spirits @ aus in hell or the Hevans this really dont matter and this type of stupidity sterile ver idiotic debates dont matter on earth either @ we jsut dont see this @ pease to hep this planet as YAHWEH wants well i suck so much but i want to send emails to the whole earthto save it and all the non humans+humans a li bit@ this help is little but i try my best so please send them to me at soy dot vegana dot gmail dot com @ thanks so much

as views we don't know what happens/happened and to make strong comments like asexuality is a myth... well thats wrong. None of us live your life or the emotions you feel. I didn't think asexuality would be something people believe in or don't. Its an orientation and thats that. We, as humans, are all different. we could try to understand the feelings in different ways. You're strong for coming out fighting for your beliefs and

thanks so much YAHWEH for all the docs, nurses who are so caring, angels, who really are interested in the physical, moral well being of their patients: thanks so much for making them, without them, everyone would die :: our prayers go to all the animals+humans who just have gone through very serious cirgical opeations c we wish them the bestamazing recovery, poor very small animals like guinea pigs or hamsters who have had to be so couragous to live through this, let us send us our good energies, love, prayers we love so little angels animals! hope you'll be all psysically, well thas so much YAHWEH for making them survive, caus surviving an oepration disease, its miracles, so many die before the operations, after, they're so weak, especially little kids, little animals, old animals, old humans, babiies animals, human babies

how come we limit our respect or love to small groups, always smaller & smaller l we really dont care about the rest of the world ; its so obvious this view of the world is wrong, unjust, individualistc, inequal : like : love of these groups above eveyone ,everything : family against mankind, ones so called naiton against all the "nations ', they think rights for everybody ? are you nuts!! only rights for those like me , im a men = onyl rights for men, im jewish = only rights for jewish , im from asia = only rights for those from the asian continent, im a old person = only rights for olds etc respect for everybody are you nuts etc

its so clear its not just, its so clear everyone should think the complete other way around that how come all those thinking that way dont udnerstand this ? it can be because: brainwashing making mankind be always more egoistic, always keener on creating smaller groups, in order to reject, despise every creature out of them : thank GOD a few humans of the earth think everyone has the same rights, everyone deserves right, every spicies, every type of creatures, :: this is so Your thinking YAHWEH , so pure, so honest, so kind, that its so sad most of the human population dont agree : its not really their faults, theyre as usual zombies, puppets victims of too many brainwashing :: they think so small like they think of the murdered by one terroist organization, lets think of them, pray for them ,what !!! why not pray for hh all hh the victims of bb all nn terrorists groups ? lets think of those animal creatures beng abused right now ; why, many other animal creatures are being abused right now : let us think of the humans who are becoming now homeless and are leaving their homes to go to live on the streets on -name of one nation in particular = unfair! homeless are all over planet earth ' always looking at one side, not all , too unfair and almost always because : its one country, one's, its one People, one's, it's one category of age: one's, one sex: one's what a coincidence, all to do with : I , that is irrational as one is one for that one, not for the billions of inhabitants of Your earth YAHWEH s-s it's one is one , one is not plenty, every , person - one is just one creature c so thinking my region, nation, my confession , my stateetc is really too close minded knowing for that one its his her nation, confession etc for its not the same religion, state etc for all the existing creatures ; it makes no sense e thank YOU YAHWEH for creating a few super open minded and with a very opened heart who are able to feel concerned not because some builidng in their country is being destroyed, but everywhere, anywhere , for bombarding one place of the earth, but all etc we should feel as concerned for those killed in one far place from our physical bodies who live in a war like gaza, it sucks when some say why sould i feel concerne,d im not even from ther,e never lived there etc dont make no sense! palestine = void turkey = void palestine = turkey = earth = all nations so its not exemple caus your turkish that you souldnt feel concerned by your family getting killed elsewhere than turkey caus really one territoriy is one earth, eveyr territoriy is so one territory = all so you can say i'm from mynanmar = im from all the nations, the nation earth and as brothers & sisters of all creatures alive on earth we should feel concerned by all " Peoples ' with an s who are getting killed through bombs as theyre 'so much our family : all humans shoudl stop thinking my brothers are those who are from my ethnic group+my nation , our brothers are so not only them, they are but all the others are too : we shouls stop thinking my brothers: those my mommy and dad made, no! its so close minded to think my nation or my family who my parents made, buy my People : the earthly people = animals + humans

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MessageSujet: Re: n easy to help lives : share, watch, sign, open conciouncess   Sam 25 Jan - 7:34

January 25 th 2014

Why so many beigns stop being generous or are less geenrous and philantrhropists n because humans are too cruel , they are become everytime meaner and meaner . So humans think why would we help them, they are far from being sSaints . They are evil , they're suffering, they're abused , exloited yes but they are mean ? They don't deserve our help . Every human is a sinner , some more than others, all humans are wicked so that makes us want to stop helping out others . Its udnerstandable . But we msut help them , forgiving them their ill - will , their mistakes , their wicked ways and must help them because if we want others to forgive all the abominable things we've done, why wouldn't they deserve our forgiveness ? If GOD can forgive them we can forgive them . We must do what YOU do Heavenly Father and we must think as you think . We can't just help the underdog who are kind of like saints and not help the morally corrupted underdog . We msut help whoever comes into our way . Forgetting about what evil thigns they did and just focusing on having mercy on them because what they're going through is so terrible they really deserve our help and compassion . Anyways we don't need to punish them with our statics because GOD already punished them with their misery . GOD never said only help the oppresed who always were good . He wants us to help any oppresed , disregarding the kind of lives they had . So we msut help the innocent oppresed , the bad oppresed , all the oppresed without distinction . We are inclined to think serves them right , they deserve their misfortune . No because Jesus said if we don't help anyone = we dont help Him . So we must help them that way we are doing something good to Jesus , we are doing the right thing and making GOD happy . Anyway we aren't saint . We sinned to . We can't ignroe our sings and only notice the ones of the others . If we would want anyone to help us in our chaotic lives when we are huge sinners and want them to forget all the sins we made , they deserve the same . We can't think only the kinds sederve our help and the menas we can left them alone crying depressed . Because GOD YOU always forgive and forget and YOU open YOUR heart to all , even to the terrible sinners . We msut be alike . Treat all the same , the little sinners, the big sinners, the medium sinners . We mut help all the sinners , no matter the degree or percentage of their sins , who are living living nightmares . We have a tendency to judge others when they do terrible things but we always forget ours . Let us stop seeing the worse in others and the perfect mind and behavior in us . We are not saints . Why are we so hard on them , so strict if we made terrible sins too . We should have the same rigor with us and with them . We forget so easily that we made the same sins them them or sins of others kinds as terrible as theirs . If we were in their shoes, humans judging our sins, we really wouldn't like it . But now the roles are reversed and we're judging them harshly . Only if we were saints could we judge them that way . No, only if we were GOD because as GOD never sinned , HE's the only one who can jugde severely humanity . We should think when we jugde them , I could have done what he did . I could be the one ' on trial' right now . Anybody would have done these sins . They and I may not have made them but we could have . So let us show humans more humanity and graciousness . Especially to the ones who are in need . Actually GOD never said don't forgive those who made horrible sins and forgive only those who sin a little . He said forgive everyone . So we must see and treat everone the same , the thiefs , the murderers , the liars , the poor , ect . We must be fair with all and give all the same treatment , the same respect , the same friendship , the same compassion . Let us be fair . Like GOD . Like a judge . Let us not give them a too cruel 'sentence ' . Let us not forget that if we were the ones on getting judged, we wouldn't want the cruel verdict . We would want pity . So let us judge them as fairly as we want to be judged .

And my eyes more red than the devil is,
And I’m bout to take it to another level bitch….

Have you ever had sex with a pharaoh?
I put the pussy in a sarcophagus.  -Kanye West’s Rap Lyrics

Why has Mega Hollywood Movie Producer- Master Mason James Cameron and this satanist and self confessed “monster” singled out the Pharaohs of Kemet for particular NWO consecration?  It is a covert agenda for a New World Order-New Age Religion that will attempt to cut subconscious strings to the ancient Sacred-Divine Queen/King ruler based religious systems to enter into a new era of mass population mind control.

Tyler Perry’s Precious, the movie, is also a covert Luciferian Project designed to demean, denigrate worldwide the sacredness and divineness of the “BLACK MOTHERHOOD” by black proxy.
The ‘Crown’ hovering above the head of Precious is a Masonic phallic emblem, it being the first emanation of the Cabalistic Sephiroth …” [C.F. McQuaig, "The Masonic Report", Norcross, Georgia, Answer Books and Tapes, 1976, p. 34]

Keter (“Crown” in Hebrew: כתר) also known as Kether, is the topmost of the Sephirot of the Tree of Life in Kabbalah. Since its meaning is “crown”, it is interpreted as both the “topmost” of the Sephirot and the “regal crown” of the Sephirot.[39] The first Sephirah is called the Crown, since a crown is worn above the head. The Crown therefore refers to things that are above the mind’s abilities of comprehension.[40]

This first Sephirah represents the primal stirrings of intent in the Ein Soph, or the arousal of desire to come forth into the varied life of being. But in this sense, although it contains all the potential for content, it contains no content itself, and is therefore called ‘Nothing’, ‘The Hidden Light’, ‘The air that cannot be grasped’. Being desire to bring the world into being, Keter is absolute compassion.[41]

From this eternal and ancient androgyne–Kether–come forth Chochmah (Son), the great Father, and Binah, the great Mother (Ashur-Asset-Neru Triad). In this later arrangement, Wisdom, which is the attribute of the Son, becomes the creator of the lower spheres. The symbol of Binah is the dove, a proper emblem for the brooding maternal instinct of the Universal Mother.[42]

Precious’ butterfly wings are indicative of CIA-MK ULTRA/MONARCH mind control. “One of the primary reasons that the Monarch mind-control programming was named Monarch programming was because of the Monarch butterfly. The Monarch butterfly learns where it was born (its roots) and it passes this knowledge via genetics on to its offspring (from generation to generation). This was one of the key animals that tipped scientists off, that knowledge can be passed genetically.”[43]

Get the picture. The “Crown” represents the NWO Luciferian phallic (patriarch) domination over primal subconscious “Matri” (Black Motherhood), the Black Triad (Ashur-Aset-Heru), particularly the son, Heru-Horus.

The Monarch Butterfly wings represent the methodology and technology of domination, multi-generational MONARCH MIND CONTROL, and, among others, by deception “RE-IMAGING BLACK MOTHERHOOD” and the Son, “BLACK MESSIAH.” It is of utmost importance to determine whether or not Tyler Perry is a MONARCH child would seem to strongly indicate by his past and continuing program in the denigration of Black People for mass confusion and Chaos.

Sacred Aztec Birth Goddess Tlazolteotl, Beyonce, Lit’ Kim, Nicki Minaj, Amber Rose in the Luciferian Hip Hop Primal Squat.

The Denigration of Black Motherhood. The Luciferian Hip Hop Primal Squat (LHPS). Female stripping, it’s the “Money Shot”. LHPS is, by deception and re-imaging, the deliberate denigration, mockerly and covert control of  “Sacred childbirth.”

The Squating Woman and Kemetic “Sacred Childbirth.” Here, during the squating childbirth, the mother and child is under the sacred protection of the Goddess Taweret.[44] Taweret” means, “She Who is Great” or simply, “Great One”.[45] Pre-dynastic, Taweret is the mother of Ashur (Osiris) and the grandmother of Heru (Horus).[46]

A Primary Example of Re-imaging Heru for the 21st Century. This is , J. Alexander, an American Model, Television Personality. He represents the Perfect NWO Luciferian Antithesis Heru-Hero and Re-imaged Black Male for daily mass public confusion and Chaos. This is also an example of the classic military intelligence complex DOUBLE BIND (insanity without disease). There is something extremely disturbing about this picture, yet we are bound to respect his constitutional right to be whatever he chose and be silent, a DOUBLE BIND.

While I was working on this project, my seven (7) year old grand daughter wandered into the office, she noticed J. Alexander on my monitor. She sat down next to me at the desk with a pencil and box of canyons. She picked up a piece of copy paper and began to draw. She said, “That’s Miss J on America’s Next Top Model.” She started drawing, then looked up at me and paused, “You know Miss J is a man,” she said.  Then she told me in utter conviction, “He can’t be a Miss if he is a man.”  She looked at me for a moment then began to color her drawing. This is an illustration that even children have an innate courage and heroism to confront and struggle with CHAOS.

J. Alexander (Miss J) is featured daily on national-international television as a runway coach and talent fashion judge on America’s Next Top Model (ANTM). ANTM is the showcase of CIA/MK ULTRA-MONARCH’s infamous American model, media personality, actress, and businesswoman, Tyra Lynne Banks.[47]

Tyra Banks,Guardian of the Dark, Flying on the Wings of Pazuzu (King of the Demons).

Bank’s arms in position of the Ancient Kemet, Ka (Resting Place of the Soul). Here, Tyra appears to represents a vessel of the Fallen Angel-Lucifer.

J. Alexander, the Infamous MK ULTRA Gaze and an Re-Imaged Antithesis Heru-Hero.

Tyra Banks “Thor’s Battle” is most likely a MONARCH child. Left, Tyra in cat skin print (primal nature) that is used persistently by the NWO to denigrate Black Women. Right, Tyra, needless to say here with this image, the mind controlled sex (pussycat) kitten.

J. Alexander, Paul McCarthy of the Beatles, Beyonce, Madonna and Lit’ Wayne Flashing the covert Satanic 666 hand sign.

“Westerner’s know it as the “okay” (or “OK”) sign. It’s done with the fingers and thumb of right or left hands (usually the right). Simply touch the index finger to the thumb, creating a circle. The other three fingers then spiral off and there you have it—the well-known symbol for OK. Universally, this sign means alright, acceptable, good, right-on, you bet!, A-OK, satisfactory…

But to occultists, the OK sign takes on darker significance. First, we have the circle, indicating the sun deity and the Mason’s never-ending quest for more light. To Freemasonry, the circle also represents the female genitalia, or yoni. In the Hindu religion, the OK sign is a revered mudra (sacred gesture) meaning “infinity” or perfection. It is associated with the female genitalia — thumb and forefinger pressed together at the tips with the other three fingers extended.

In the practice of tantric yoga (sex rituals), the OK sign is a token of ecstasy, spiritual and physical. In ancient Sumeria and Persia, charms and amulets have been discovered of fingers and hands in the modern OK position, joined along with horns implying fertility. The three fingers extended outward are symbolic of ecstatic union with the Goddess, the third member of the pagan trinity.

In Satanism, when making this sign the three fingers not used to make the circle are considered symbolic of the unholy trinity — horned God, Goddess, and offspring (antichrist). Some go so far as to adopt the view that the bent three fingers are shaped as three number six’s, or 666. Thus, we have 666, the sun deity (Lucifer), the Goddess (Mystery, Babylon the Great, Mother of Harlots), and the beast (antichrist, 666), all in one unitary hand sign. Oh what a web of evil wicked men can weave around something seemingly so ordinary and mundane.

In the Illuminist philosophy, the OK sign becomes a sign indicating approval of the Divine King, their coming Lord of Light, whom we as Christians know as antichrist. To them it means, “He approves our undertaking.” This meaning is roughly equivalent to the words in Latin atop the all-seeing eye of Osiris on our U.S. one dollar bill—Annuit Coeptus” – Texe Marrs, Codex Magica[48]

If you have any doubts whether or not J. Alexander is flashing the hand sign of Great BEAST 666 above, left,  J. Alexander, The Horns of Great BEAST, middle, Devil from the Codex Gigas (Devil’s Bible), and right, Tyra Banks, The Horns of the Great BEAST.

In NWO Luciferian MONARCH Iatrogenic (laboratory) Multiple Personality Disorders (MPD),[49] one of the alter personalities is the “Barbie Doll Complex.” It was supposed to be named after Klaus Barbie.” Like Barbie doll? MIND CONTROL SLAVERY & The NEW WORLD ORDER – by Uri Dowbenko [50]

“Here I Am” Sick Nick Minja, Womb-less and Mindless ready for the NWO.

This is an extremely disturbing image of Nicki in a MPD “Barbie Doll Complex.” She appears to be in trance, an alter state of consciousness. Nicki admits she has at least three (3) alter personalities like tattoos. She just don’t seem to understand that MPD is not a fashion statement. It is a mental illness. It is a “trauma based” deliberate creation of multiple personality disorder. It is a mind control tool of the military industrial complex.

Believe or not, Tyra Banks stared in the movie, Life-Size. It is a 2000 made-for-TV Walt Disney film. It is a tale of a young white girl’s Eve Doll (Similar to the Barbie Doll) being conjured and resurrected into a living Perfect Luciferian (Antithesis Motherhood) Black Woman without a womb from a satanic spell from a Book of the Dead.[51] (See Pseudo-Occult Media

I totally underestimated what Kanye West knew about mind control techniques. Amber Rose’s pose in the “Barbie Doll Complex is an exercise in the an art of dissociation and trance. “The premise of trauma-based mind control (a version of which was known as the MK Ultra program) is to compartmentalize the brain, and then use techniques to access the different sections of the brain while the subject is hypnotized. Entire systems can be embedded into a person’s mind, each with its own theme, access codes and trigger words. Some of the most common and popular symbolisms and themes in use are Alice in Wonderland, Peter Pan and The Wizard of Oz, mirrors, porcelain/harlequin masks, the phoenix/phoenix rising, rainbows, butterflies, owls, keys, carousels, puppets/marionettes and dolls.”[52]

Amber’s photo shoot was directed by Kanye West. Doll symbolism often appears in fashion shoots to reinforce the mind-controlled nature of a model, who can be posed and commanded at will.[53] It appears that Demonologist Kanye West has been promoted to a CIA-MK ULTRA/MONARCH sex slave handler and programmer. Maybe, a upcoming black “Aleister Crowley?”

Tyra Banks, Alicia Keys, the Great BEAST Aleister Crowley Channeling Baphomet.

The Last Rite of Black Female Cyborg, Tyra Banks, Alicia Keys in An Occulted Initiation Rite Trance, the Large Metal Medallions Above the Eyes Impede or Control the Pineal Gland (Third Eye). The Third Eye, Eye of Heru, it is also called the ‘Third Eye’ which in reality, is the Pineal Gland.  It is the Spiritual Third Eye, our Inner Vision, and it is considered the Seat of the Soul.  It is located in the geometric center of the cranium

APRIL 24 2014

i know it seems like life shouldnt go one but it has to . if she was the one left behind you do you really think she would let life pass her by .

those who make movies, tv series, cinema movies they probably all are illumianti so they dont care about this c they should know that they're being part of the problem not the solution

by making violent moies because theyre may not be a hundred percent resonsible for crimes, mruders, rapes, suicide , gangs etc but they might be hal responsible . because as they choose to do bad actions , like making violent movies they perfectly know whats gon happen 

this is 2014 not everybody has to label themselves

shes been there my whole life and now shes just gone

as long as you remember her how she was

2 may 2014

humans are weird . they are mean often and we dont know . they hide it so well . some put horrible things on the internet and then some humans kill themselves because of that or some write horrible things about nice humans they knew who just died . theyre heartless . and nobody knows their real selves . they hide their true souls , lack of it . everybody thinks theyre so nice but they dont know the horrible thigns they wish them and think about them and most humans or the evil stuff they write about them in chats or private messages . they could never know, it sprivate, well hidden . we never know the tue nature . some are kinds others are evil , the evil one are kind with the kind . the kind dont notice anything and think those are kind like us kinds are . no . the pretend . somebody who someone lets call her him u died . u is sad . z is evil but just for this once he shes gonna be nice to u , confort her him, tell him great philsophicla wisdom stuff to make their sadness go away . to make them feel better . but theyre always evil so whats going on now . they jsut think thats theyre already feeling as bad as it is so for a fewweeks theyll act like angels and then we u will be done morning over, finally the nasty will come back to her his old nature . thats crayz they talk to you like garbage, alwas humiliating, juding you, in front of you theyre all kind, behind you they think or tell to some humans all the bad they think of you . you are human and they arent and now theyre transformed just because you lost a pet or human . hypocrites . humans should be good always not only when some human lost a loved one

why is this still going on??? we have plenty of movies documentaries,and coverage here on FB..and thats GREAT...BUT we need this on front page news Or on TV!!!!!! the masses are NOT on here reading about it the are watching Modern family and football!!!!! the world chooses to close its eyes...I post everyday about animal cruelties(pets or farm) animals...for over a year and a page consists of a small amount of friends...and not ONCE not ONE single time has anyone had a response to these posts...not ONCE!!! Im sickened by humanitys, inhumanity towards this..

when the animals of the vegan animal lovers die we wanna kill ourselves . isnt that selfish ? thinking were the only sad on earth . many humans lose their animal kids every moment everyday . we want to die for this or whatever other reason imaginalble in the universe while others want to live and are dying or ll die soon war rape cruelty torture ect and we are 'rich' and stuff and we are depressed for stupid? reasons maybe , no reaosn ad we are hysically ok ect the're in hosptial, at the vet, dying . how funn . those who got "everythingù wnana die wanna lose evythign and their existences while those who got harly nothgin wanna live wish the had everything . theres always be a ppart of our minds and souls wholl tell us not to kill ouselves . we dont really want to kill ourselves ? we ust been thinkin that for years, decades, because we felt eally bad hated our existences but maybe deep down we dont want to ; WE DONT know, we aint our own eprsonal head shrinker, we dont udnerstand our minds, nor those of all the tohers who are depressed and wanna die like us even though they are so like us . we are so messed up mentally, we dnt know what we want and dont want . do we want to die really, then wh didnt we do it the first time we wante to, why decades after we still alive and keep on thinking about this . so weird . existnece, huban mind and earthly phycial body, all our beings, so weird . everything . when we wanna kill ourselves we should think of those who arent dramaqueens . who wanna ie or good reasn like poverty and being like a skeleton not a human, not a heathy human, not a rich human, just a n tremendously poor human who dont work, dont have a place to live ect . we should put stuff into persective and think about those because the msuy be in tremendouly more mental physical ain than us . it smake us think were only dramaqueens, exagerrate and theyre the ones who truly wanna die and its udnerstandable . like those in hospitals having horrifying diseases and wishing they were dead because their phical bodies are in so much pain and the cant take it no more . so us with our ùù littleùù elts say torubles, but moral toruble, not phsical we should think lifes agreat and should not kill oruselves because even though we cant udnerstand with our backward brains we cant posibly se life like YOUD O YAHWEH so we should think the other way around than we think we must think like YOU YAHWEH ; life sucks=human ideas < lifes amazing = Your ideas GOD ; life has no improtance , nobody can posibly have a reason to live< ou retards human philosphy = GOD : You wanted us to born, You think we're each & everyone so amazig and You think our lives matters a lot ect so YOU dont want us to kill ourselves so we must forget all about our depressing black ideas that life sucks . at least some got pets who can help them to keep on beign storng and keep on living coz others who wanna kill themselves aint got nothing, no human loves , no animals . nothing nobody , just alone and even more depressed even more suicidal
human creatures we aint exactly rocket scientists are we . 

if only we could choose who we are related to , we should have the right to choose who we are related to , not surprising how sad there aint nothing on the internet bout this= brainwashed !!! im not the only one who dont like at all my family, there must be others, many!!! less brianwashed but as for sep 12 14 nothing on google!!! too many bood related indoctrinated otu there , you don't choose your relative,s they fall from the sky just liek that, your faith, and theirs are connected, whether they and you want it or not , wether you they like it or not, wether they wish they could ave choosen , they wish they could have a say on this, they wanted to have some other types of relatives , the opposite or quite diferent from those they had , but they couldn't choose / how can almost a human ceature be in love with their relatives if they had those one by a faith accident as its fith that makes that men and women fall in love because there were in a physical pace like a town school etc together so they met so they had kids and thats how humans got cousins sisters etc so its just faith that those they have are those they have for faith could have put other men or women or both so their unclesd be others, theyr moms etc , they d just love any family ember they ahd not mroe than those they have in this faith but as miuch so they say they love this family and wouldnt change it for any other , lie, for if they didnt have this one but coud have had billions of faith so billions of family, one epr faith, they d be saying they adore their relatives to every single family they would have had + they would be saying they are thei favorite family, they wouldnt change them for any other / if you lvoe humans just caus faiht put their in your way, that you see as firned,s relatives you've been programmed, you act as a robot, not reational feelings, false feelings / like faith put those human beings in my work so i become friends with the, faith has put those human living creatures in my family so i love them, faith has put that woman in my workplace so i get married with her / its not love real love its like magical spell love, like cupidon for friends relatives sentimental couples / all false all fantasy all nut / as you dont love them for theyre great souls but for destiny put them in your phyical way, geopgraphicaly, so close to you , you just choose those close to you, not those extremely far of you, you didnt want tot ravel all over the earth to find the lvoes of your hearts mates, relatives, couples, married coupes, just look roudn the corner, like choosing phislosophic relatives who arent related to you but who cares, you can choose humans and want to ove theim as relatives and they non blood related / you can be non conformist do what you wish

1 OC 14

animals are individuals not things /are you going vegetarian or something no im just trying to avoid eating anything !!!! anyone !!!! that had parents 8 it shoud not be only a matter of having parents 8 it's a matter of being a living ceature instead of a stuff 8 for some animals are orphans, it dont mean they are fit to eat

24TH APRIL 2014

thats so aweful how humans are cruel . there are humans who not even 9 or 14 and whore bullying trying to kill or hitting aniamls / humans . there so young and alreayd full of the enemy . their beings . how unbelievable, they got families, friends who care for them . wow . its like loving the enemy . they can't do nothing with goodness, they aint got no goodness in their bodies and souls . they just have a lot of fun martyring any being they dont like , just for no reaosn, by lunacy, stupidity, cruelty . those innocents who cross their fate . the goal in their lives is making others lifes hells . these victims arent mean, didnt hurt these cruel so called humans . they absolutely dont deserve this . humans keep on thinking humans kids are even kinder than adult humans . no . humans in general are wicked . thats the true truth . that's funny that because of the dumbest blood brainwashing even the most evil humans have bood related humans who love them just for the blood not for their inexistant goodness L even if they're blood related family members abuse , rape, muder animals or humans K

ive been asking myself what ive learned in the past few years or so i mean are there any words of wisdom i would take with me as i travel down the road, and the answer is yes, there are a few things that we have actually heard other than just listened to including always leave them laughing, but there are three other,s little tiwn beats wisdom, thigns that well never forget . the first is one should never be where one does not belong . its pretty good aice . as is the seong which is alwas keep your area clean . think what a beautiful world this would be if we'd all did that . and the third thing i take with me is a peace of more practical advice . life isnt made up of poetry and songs and dreams its mostly real stuff .

sep 12 14

life! just family, family and nobody else matters_ weird minds the humans ones! inexplicable word_ if your girlfriend is feeling bad ,you took the day off to be with your dad _ of course dad=family ,grilfriend=nothing, as not family_ of coruse shs something,shes suposed to be the love of your life_ but of course your dad is worht ay mroe than her_ weird thoughts_ shes worht as much a shim dad=brother grifriend=sister_ then you feel like nbodoy loves you caus you have no family_ just step family _ they dont really like you, you havent got their blood_ so as you only got friends, or stpe family it means they love you less than if you were related to thelm_ so you feel alone_ thats an idiotic brainwashing for they should lov e you as much as their family and you should love them as your family so its a brainwashinf for them and for you_ s you shouldt fele alone just caus all the people who love you are not relted to you, it dont matter at all wheterh the humans who lvoe you are related or not to you_ what matter is that they love you and you love them, and theyll always be there for you, you for them, there to support you, and you to suppor them_ so it means if you aint got no family but like 47 friends you fele you have = cero being in your life just caus the 47 arent your blood but -just- friends ?? _what matters is not the blood but the love _ you can love friens very much, sometimes much more than some of your relatives you dont get along with well or you can love your boyfriend or wife more than some of your relative you dont really like _ you can look upon somebody you really really love as a brother, a father, an aunt etc_ and they are absolutely not related to you_ thast the brainwashing : feeling alone caus not alone means = being surrounded by family _ no the non brainwashign free spirit idea is : youre not alone when you're surrounded by anybody you love_ family isnot everything in life_ those who have no family can be very happy with friends, love partner they consider as heir relatives_ the false idea of the almost entire humanrace is : im alone = im only with people who're not related to me + im well surrouneded and happy = im surrounded by relatives , the reality is : im alone = im surroudned by nobody, no friends, no love partner, no relatives = thts why the idea of the omost important thing on earth is family is not true as it means you have no family you have to kill yourself? you'll live a very miserabl sad life til you die ? no !!! you can be very happy with no relative caus you never met them, dont know if you have relatives or not, but you have things you love, animals, people you love _ there are plenty type of love, not just relatives love_ you have YAHWEH's love, not just familys love_ if you have no family but you got YAHWEH, you're truly happy, more than if you have a large family and hadnt find YAHWEH_it dont matter who surrounds you, family ,non family, what matters is that they love you_ if you have many friends, and no family you feel alone , its an endcotrination caus alone means being with abolsultely no one _its weird some humans say that caus sometimes some humans say  feel alone and they're surrounded with friends, who tell them you're not alone, we'll always be there for you_ so really we're superficial caus feeling alone when we are not alone, just caus the several or plenty of creatures surrounding us are non relatives, its silly_ its better to be surrounded with many good creatures who are not related to you and who truly love you than to be related with relatives who dont like you and who're wicked_ blood what is it, the void_ it's something liquid, red, just for a matter of blood we don't like the people ,we don't want them to be our friends_ we all have the same blood, its he same red liquid_ there is no family blood_ well there is but it's just ,it dont mke no sense_ we have a strong bound with some creatures for they have our blood? it's insane_ for a red thing in our bodies! !! _ we shouldnt give importance to this_ so we are sectarian just caus they have that same red stuff than us and we forbid ourselves to love anybody who have another blood from another family_ love is interfamilies, its from all families _ its for everyone_ we should give it to everyone_ YAHWEH YOU're eprharps against this sectarian philosophy as it makes us feel others are not as important, not as valuable as our flesch and blood_ so now the fleshc!!! ti's so silly! we hae to have the sae flesh? there is just one flesh, the human flesh_ what its the ressemblance? we have to look alike to love the people? like look like our aunt, grandma, sister etc to lvoe them thats why we cant have friends for as they're not related to us they look different from us _ it means you're alone = you got people around you who love you but you're an orphan and you're surrounded means you have only relatives so in that odd philosophy if you dont have any relatives, but friends who really care about you you are as if you were all alone in this earth _ irrational_we're noteven altruistic, as we 're not fans of that family love, we dont have an association, or blog or something about this_ we dont try to get social and become friends with entire families_ help those who stopped long ago to talk to some of their relatives, to create love and a bound again_ no caus this is not a fanatism of family love, the love of families in general, but of our two familie,s the daddy's one and the mommy 's one_ the other families we know or the other famileis of this planet, we couldnt care less about them_ we have friends who are from other famileis than ours but we know them only, one individual, not their entire family_ it'd be more altrusitic, more interesting, more open minded open hearted if we'd try to know the entire families who are not ours, to show we are not that sectarian_ this is evil, YAHWEH YOU probably are against this mentality which is to forbig your hearts to love anyboy not related to us_ who cares that they dont have our skin, dont look like us, dont have our blood_ the blood is inside the body_ always giving way too much importance to the phsyical body_ is that what this is all about :  the body? not liking others because of the physical body? so the non blood, non remselbance_ hat is so futile, please forgive us all YAHWEH_ this is bad caus its kind of like discrimination_ discrmiination is always for stupid things, no reason at all_ here too_ for no reason, we despise others, we won't love them or we will but way less than our (god( family as this is how humans seem to see them_ that is silly just caus we dont got the same uncles, cousins, dads etc its not true, e really all are realted to ano another caus our parents are adam+eve but this dont matter because even if we all descended frommany different creaures, so not all from adam&eve it does not mean we should not like one another_ love is something phylosophycal, from the mind, not from the body_ any type of false love, endoctrinated love, is not real, not pure, it is superficial_ for it's love because of the body_ not because ofthe love_ loving one's friends is deep_caus it's for real reasons_ loving for the blood is false love_ caus the friends being relatives or not we love them anyway but family being non relatives we love them,being non relatives we don't _ so its provoked love because of destiny but friendship love is real as we love them even though they are not our relatives_ families, we love them just because they are relatives_ you can have some friends who are better persons than some of one's relatives_ you can have friends who were always there fro you, and your relatives always ignored you, let you down, hurt you _ so YAHWEH YOU may wish all Your humankind stopped being so futile and love for the soul, not for the blood or ressemblance_ les stop discriminating agaisnt those non realted_ lets never forget we all are related by YAHWEH our dad to us all ç those is the endcotrinated minds = you dont just wwant to be no alone, you want to be surrounded with relatives) you dont care about the ones who surround you who love you who are non relatives_ if only friends surround you, you reject them or dont relly give them attention_ this is a both side endcotrination : one you should feel surrounded because the phylosophical thing is not family but creatures + they should not think you dont deserve them surrounding you because you rent related to them so they are enoctrinated because they think you're not worth of their love because you are no relative of them + you feel you're all alone in this world when you are surrounded because the oens surroundeing you dont look like you or dont have your last name etc so they should give you love not turn their backs on you caus hey think they're better han you caus they're from their families and you shouldt think you're better than them because you're from you're families and they are less than you caus they're not from your families so you must accept their love and they shoudl think they're worthy of your love, not caring about the fact they are not related to you_ so both sides are brainwashed because what matters is that beigns are good people, not that they must love you only if you're related to them or you must accept to love them only if they're relted to you à this is nonsense _ if you have individuals who truly love you, would give their lives for you, you'll reject them and put them out of your existences just caus those beings have not your face, or name, or blood? anyways families or not, all people have ears, stomachs, nails ,eyes etc so the bodies of the families and the bodies from so called strangers are not so different _ we all look alike were huans!!! we're not from billions of spieices _ this endcotrination is extremely superficial, caus in this world all that matters is the body and stuff like that_ vegans are less endctrinated for they are able to be in love with their friends non humans and dont care that they are absolutely not related to them_ we should all be like that_ les go beyong tht superficialwicked idea of the blood because beign sectarian is a sin it seems _ we should love our family, our true familiy,our entire planetary family or at least all the good creatures we met in our lives, who were never related to us_ thats the real good love that YAHWEH YOU love,: when we go beyong the futile details of physical bodies, races,handicaps, all that makes us close hearted,narrow minded_ all that separates us from our planetary family_ we close our eyes,ignore all the details, all the differences and love each other_ thats why being sectarian of the relatives is like spiecism, making fun of fats, dwarfs, obeses, other colors, etc , despising them all for their differences, not loving them for their differences_ its the same with the blood endocrination, notloving because they're different, their difference is not having our blood_ so if you're aunt adopts a kid, you wont love that kid caus he she is not your (real( cousin? that sucks ,even though he she is a mervelous being? why close minded? because when for silly little details just because bla bla i dont like them, just because theyre from catalonia and im from spain i dont like them, just because hes poor and im rich, i dont like them, just because he's a chiken, i dont like them, i like dogs only, humans even more, just because you're not realted to me, i sort of desdain you, and don't want to know you or create a brotherly relathionship with you, that is being close minded, intolerant towards the difference of : not beign relative to usà very clever invention from YAHWEH's enemy, to divide us, this word family _ you have hear only a boyfriend, a step mom ç you dont think they're important in your life, even though they love you so muchè just caus the boyfriend + step mom are not related to you à thats so futile à stepmom + boyfriend = sister,brother , we are all sisters,brothers à its better to have hundreds of non realted loved ones in our existences than two or three relatives surrounding who ignore us, arent interested in us us or its better to have really nice friends a few ones than plenty of evil relatives around us _ or its better to have plenty of people who love us, non relatives than nobody at all _ caus in our very endcotrinated minds hte only ones who matter and deserve our love are: our relatives) so if we have no relative at all, but just ' false ' relatives: adopted ones or sep families, friends, we feel like we cant give them our love, attention, interest, they can't too) and we feel like all those non relatives loved ones = cero loved ones because according to our minds the loved ones are always relatives à so you feel like even though you're well surrounded by plenty, you're alone ç its not true, you can have a friend you cosndier as you're aunt , someone very close to you you consider as you're grandpa , some very good friend youlook upon as your sister ç the relative thing dont matter, really à what matters is the love between two beings, thats all that matters a

i a an so i cant love women rmoantic books movies= indoctrination its like saying i breen brinwashed witht he men /woen rbainwashing so i cant love this, when they say i cant say if tht man is cute im a man its saying i  too retard to be bale to coment on his beauty for i had the men indoctrination

they're taking took everything ou of context and completely turned it around ( tv news indoctirnation of distorting the truth, trying to abuse the public making the citizens look bad hen they're wonderful humans

Canaris - Mandarins - perruches - inséparables -

mâles callopsittes. poden aprneder a silvar aires

it's amazing whe you think not just e y life atters, but the lives of tohers matter in ordther to have less ego and be less selfish and know there's a planet of billions of huans out ther,e not just the mes

callopsittes sont des oiseaux assez calmes et pacifiques, de plus une fois apprivoisées, elles sont très câlines.

lo haces de buena fe

este vaciio que traigo dentro no se va air nunca

tu aor tu dulzura tu compania es lo ejor para

lavado,de coo no tiene que edarle su apoyo aor una tiersa perosna padrasto sino mama bioligcoa nimporte quoi! todos somos hermanos padrasto es familia no de mentira, de veras

ser consciente de nuestros actos

es que no pensé - es es el problema es que no piensas

tu rees que se pueden querer ados personas al iso tiepo - pues querer si peor amar no porque cuandos e ama de verdad no se necesita a nadie maas heard bad[/font][/color][/size]

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does GOD say humans who are atheists and those who believe in demosn they think are gods allah ect go to hell ? popes are in hell ? at least jean peau the second , do humans who are lesbinas gays go to hell thanks in advance keep ont rying to save the world animals humans vegetables plez!!! thank u so much for ur kindness towards 7 billions of humans! r u rich if u are plez give many of ur money to save animals go vegan, dont wear elather ect GOD forbids that and plez inform urself very well befor u give money and ur voice to an asosciaiton becoz some of them or many of most of almost all of themm!!! ar corrupted by 'them' ,plez dont make sex tapes, GOD dont want that, its vulgar, make tapes of christian prayer sor something not of that disgustin ivnention called sex and u r aqueen? thought only GOD was king, that is confusin, GOD says we cant have other lives right? u say u had past lives and all humans ,its confusin whats da truth when a celeb human talk bout helpin a cause many fans copy they are sheep so if u go vegan and sa to all ur fans all over da world theyll go vegan immediately if u say dont wear fur ect they do it to if u say kill urselves they ll do it definitely so plez do somethin for the animals they so need u!!! many cleebs ear leather fur wool=many humans fans and non fans do that to copy celebs and fans too beocz they so think celebs=godesses and gods so if a few celebs say fur sucks =the People say fur sucks and stop buying fur becoz they so think ure coll if u act like a celeb, dress like a celeb, makeup like a celeb ect if celebs dont wear something it means its uncool so im sure the sells of leather fur wool angora all over the world would be so much less if celebs wudn't make the publicity of these curelties so celebs are hateful how can they do that!!!! theyre responsible of many aniamsl dying, if only humans wud understand that celebs r just mere humans and it dont matter how they dress we msut dress as we want no tlike them we lose our personalities by trin to be like them and we kill lives!!!!

befor judging humans because they are wicked we should think first if something has made them become evil or if they are evil since forever . We should not judge first because w edon't know the story o thaese humans . We learn more abut them, the whole sotry then we judge . But first, just observe and listen, watch . Because maybe they were victims  oof abuse, maybe their brothers ,pparents,member of their family hit them,raped them,mayybe at school many pupils were mean and unfair to them . So that  suffering made them evil towards anybody,even those who are kind to them and don't deserve their méchanceté . So we msut not think the are mean it's unfair,theyre unfiar they should not be mean . We should think yes but what has happened to them in the past?what has made them like this . Because some are like this unfortunately . Ever since the first day they lived . They deserve all the criticim . But others were kind a la base and then became mean . Those ones deserve of course citicizing but less harsh and deserve compasison and have circonstances attenuantes, indulgence because they en ont bavé a lot in their lives . And may be friends to them, help them be an oreille attentive to their problems, let them open their hearts to us to tell us more about them and then they have trsut again in humankind and start treating kind humans with respect again as them used to in the past . wE REALLY MUST try to help them because it's sad that truly good humans stay evil forever when we know depe down the are nice .

If I want to die but I'm scared to kill myself, does that mean I don't really want to die? I'm 17 and I'm very depressed, and I keep thinking about death and how I want to die. I hate my life so much and I just want to die, but I'm scared to kill myself. I'm more Best Answer Gentlelamb answered 3 years ago This is how depression works and believe me, you are not the only person who feel this way at times....I remember many, many years ago when I was 14 years old, all I wanted to do was disappear because I was in such a deep depression and one day in school, I won a poetry test and found something to fill the space where the depression had planted some roots in my brain. I started writing poetry every time I I began to sink into that dark corner in my mind.... So, I say this because you might be feeling this way now, but believe me, these are tough years for a teenager but you have to be strong and know that you are special, was born for a purpose. I mean you never know whose life you might be instrumental in saving one day from these experiences that you are going through right now...Please keep your head up and endure because some things we go through to make us stronger for our next hurdle in life...Find something that you can do, a talent that you have and focus on honing that talent and I bet you that the depression will lift...I want to say visit a metal health professional but I know that you already are aware of that option.... Hang in there little one and know that you are special and beautiful and will one day make imprints in this world for all to see....Your light will shine bright and there is a bigger, brighter rainbow waiting to burst through and it has your name on it...You can do it....>Smile.... 39 Comments (2) Other Answers (27)Rated Highest CHRIS answered 3 months ago life sucks hope you don't kill yourself but if you do I don't blame you. wish I could die in my sleep. 10 Comment (1) Tatty answered 5 months ago Hey look don't hurt ur self. When I was eleven I tried to commit suicide by stabbing myself. Now I have a huge scar and I have major heart problems coz of it suicide is not a way out. Just think of how much pain I'd be in if u did try and didn't succeed. Everybody looks at me because of it I hate it but I deal wiv it. Me my mom and dad fight all the time but just think of those around u and all the others it will affect Source(s): Personal experience 4 Comment Tragic Princess answered 7 months ago Nobody wants to die....we just want to escape the insane emotional pain we feel or sometimes physical...I actually just googled this topic because I am in such a bad place right now and I'm 27 and probably a couple months ago was at the best my life had been but then my 23 year old sister was killed in a car accident and I keep having horrible thoughts that you guys probably don't want to hear and it has killed a HUGE part of me with her. I am so lost....I just want the pain to stop. I don't want to hurt anyone else or even have to die to get it but it is so intense. That said, time does give good but you will also get pain. The best way I've found to deal with my depression is meds and support from other human beings. Find a doctor and someone to talk to. I am talking to someone in my church that is also a counselor in regular life because this has thrown me for a loop so hard my faith has been rocked. Anyway, meds do help...I'd go for that and talking to people first. Source(s): over 10 years with depression 4 Comment All Smiles Until Some One Dies answered 6 months ago That's exactly how I've bee feeling for the past 3 years of my life and I continue to find myself in the same situation as you. I don't know what to tell you but there's nothing I want more than for the pain to go away. Every time I look into my mom's eyes, I see all the pain that I've caused her, the regret she will never let g because she has to see me every day. The only ting is that she won't listen. I have tried to talk to her about my situation and all she does is ignore me or give ,e false attention. My story is long and full of my tears, but All I Really Want Is For The Pain To Go Away... 3 Comment (1) Craig answered 3 years ago deep down you don't want to die and nobody wants you to kill yourself. your 17 you're almost at a point where you can make your own decisions and fix your life if you really dislike it so much ive gone through this too but i think of all of the possibilities of a better future rather than the present, and usually i come to find i like the present anyway and that i exaggerated how bad something was in my head go give your mom a big hug :)dont kill yourself :(9 Comment seahawks won answered 5 months ago You just gave the reason why you cant do it. You have a family who loves you and they need you. If it wernt the same for me I would have done it long ago but I dont want my last act to be an act of pain for loved ones. 2 Comment Jami answered 5 months ago I feel the same way. You're not alone. 2 Comment Dahlia Tucker answered 2 weeks ago I want to disappear 1 Comment Gemma answered 3 months ago Yes you really are suicidal. Yes you probably want to die. I know how you feel. I've tried to kill myself multiple times and I want to let you know you are totally worth it and beautiful, and even though it might never get better, there's always hope. Chin up 1 Comment Sign In to add your answer Black answered 3 months ago feel the same thing but you're lucky you have best friend. 1 Comment Dharmalila answered 3 months ago listen... i am very sick .. very very very sick... i was experiencing digestive problems, after my mother was killed and then i went the wrong route to fix it and did a dumb *** parasite cleanse which made things worse and i was too depressed to cook for myself and eventually started to eat even worse than when i'd started the cleanse cause the herbs made me worse and were way too harsh on my system.. i got very very mad at the lady who put me on the cleanse and then ended up in a lot of bad situations.. lost my job and the medical docs DID NOT DO ANYTHING.... i've been depressed all my life and i realize what i needed to address more than anything was that fact... not all these other things that were to intense for my situation.. now i look back on when i was depressed and just beginning to have digestive problems and i laugh at the stuff i would dwell on. i don't know what you're suffering from or why you want to die, but worse than being just depressed is being completely sick physically on top of it.. THERE ARE SO MANY THINGS YOU CAN DO ABOUT YOUR DEPRESSION.. now that i'm in this condition ALL I WANT IS TO DIE, cause i've messed my physical body up SO BAD, after trying to fix it and ending up ultimately making it worse cause i didnt address my mental sadness... now that i'm this way, i realize there are soooooo many things a person can do to get better mentally.. there are relaxation tapes.. books ALL KINDS OF THINGS.. YOU CAN GET PASSIONATE ABOUT SOMETHING... PHOTOGRAPHY.. ICE SKATING... what made you happy when you were little? there ARE SOOOO MANY AMAZING THINGS OUT THERE AND I REALIZE THAT NOW THAT I'M DYING AND WISHED I'D REALLLY TRIED HARDER... JUST THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX.. WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY? OR WHAT MADE YOU HAPPPY WHEN YOU WERE A KID? do you want to travel? LIFE IS AMAZING, CAUSE THERE ARE SO MANY THINGS TO DO... WE JUST FORGET.... there's even an institute called the monroe institute they have HEALING TAPES you can listen to.. there are self help books... ALL KINDS OF THINGS.. do you go to church? sometimes even that can help... visit them ALL.. we just get stuck thinking there's nothing but there's SOMUCH, AND i wish i'd realized this sooner... you're SO YOUNG.. find your passion and do it.... 1 Comment Katy answered 3 months ago Try screaming out loudly for Jesus Christ. 1 Comment (1) Salina answered 3 months ago that is what i feel but i am scared to go to the hell .. anyways i am trying not to give up and to be strong but nth change... :'( Rate Comment (1) John answered 3 months ago I feel this way much more often then the average person should. I won't go into the how's and whys here, but I will tell you a short bit.a few years back I was having a tough time. At my job, I had met an older guy who spent most of his life in prison and with no oemaining family or home life. Within a few years, he'd be dead. He also struggled with addiction, but I'll never forget him. He gave me the most groundbreaking, yet simple advice I'd ever gotten. "Won't you quit being such a God damned pussy and toughen up. Acting that way, you'd never make it where I come from." He was referring to his prison conclusion, no one wants to die, the purpose of any organism is to live. We're all familiar with the term survival of the fittest. It's the cold hard truth and reality. Rate Comment Helper4330 answered 3 months ago Remember you have supporters don't let them get sad. Source(s): Past Experience Rate Comment Abby answered 4 months ago i was so scared like you were i am 21 now but suiside is not the answer to your problem its just the easy way out of death Rate Comment JordanC answered 3 years ago take it from someone whos been there your only 17 you still got a lot of life to go also try talkin to someone or finding someone who can relate so dont kill yourself take charge of it dont let your mind wander to these thoughts no problem could be worth your life whatever that may be and the reason you cant kill yourself is because at the back of your mind theres always someone telling you not too 3 Comment Connie answered 4 months ago I'm 50 yrs old and I feel the same way I,m not scared to kill myself just don't wanna go to Hell. pray I will not wake up..... 1 Comment anonymous answered 3 years ago Listen hun please don't kill yourself. That's just foolish! There are people out here in this giant world fighting for there lives...fighting each day...praying to live and you just want to give up your whole entire life for whatever reasons. That's kind of selfish but it's understandable to feel sad. Life sucks. But if it's sucky then it obviously is not the end. Seriously if you could hear the things I've been put through you would absolutely love your life and be thankful for what you have. Don't kill yourself. Instead wake up each morning and realize that it's a chance to make someone's life's a chance to make a difference you know?...and realize that you are a blessing you know?? People love you. Do you want to be remembered as the person who killed themself? I hope I've helped. Don't kill yourself. What if your mom or your best friend killed themselves? How would that make you feel? Just keep living and follow your dreams!! Love, Shannah:) 6 Comment (1) Black Shadow edited 3 years ago U are honestly too young to make that decision. U are doing the right thing by not being selfish. Just remember there is always light at the end of the tunnel and I know u are saying NOT at the end of my tunnel. I am a 33 year old male who never listened to the doctors when they told me that if I did not take care of my diabetes I would have severe complications and behold for the past 3 years I have had cripiling complications from it. I have been depressed but I have a wife and children and I cant imagine ever hurting them in that way so no its not that u dont really want to die but its not your time to go. Please go on depression medicine to help u so that u can get back to your life. U really do have a long life ahead of u whether u realize it or not. Take it from someone who was manic depressive there is light at the end of the tunnel and u cannot allow depression to take over u. Say I have depression, depression doesnt have me. everyday to yourself. 1 Comment (1) wanda answered 3 years ago I'm a psychology major student and i've read about deaths in young adolescents someone that says they want to kill themselves aren't going to do it. Someone who's suicidal doesn't think of the consequences or who they hurts along the way.Your Still thinking rationally so you understand what your doing .You have your life ahead of you, your only 17 seek some professional help or someone who's willing to listen....Why are you depressed? Ask yourself who's life will you better by killing yourself the answer is no one will better by you being gone.If your going through some tough times(which we all go through) talk to someone, if your best friend 99% makes you believe his better off without you then maybe his not your best friend.Find people who really care for you. 2 Comment Kaylee S. Smith answered 3 years ago Suicide if a hard thing. Yes, it's true that if you kill yourself, you will go to hell, but if you go to God and ask Him to help you in your situations, He will! Give all your problems to Him and He will direct your path. The sixth commandment in the Bible says "You shall not murder" that goes for other people and yourself. Very few would argue with the fact that suicide is a direct breaking of the Sixth Commandment which is, "You shall not murder." We are not to murder each other or ourselves. God created human beings in His image and each of us carries within us the potential to overcome the evil in this world, and to rule and reign with Christ in heavenly places. If we are Christians, we no longer belong to ourselves, but to God. We are overseers of our bodies and our lives (which belong to Him), and we are responsible to guard that which has been entrusted to us. Suicide is a grievous sin that seriously hurts both the heart of God, and those who loved the person that killed themselves. The pain of losing a loved one who took their own life is not easily healed, and often isn't fully healed until Heaven. Your best friend and you mom will grieve for a long time, if not forever. God wants you to know there is hope and life for you. He is the great Healer and Restorer of what has been lost or stolen. Try going to Him and seeing how it helps you. If you need help, I'm here and you can ask me a question. God Bless!! - - - - - - - Sophie Lee 1 Comments (2) Brianna Valid answered 3 years ago No you dont want to die...maybe things sent going the way you planned them or want them to do. You have to find something to do , something that interest you. 1 Comment Analfister answered 3 years ago well then ur not really suicidal. suicidal ppl will kill themselves without doubt. ur better than them. 1 Comment (1) Pearl L answered 3 years ago cause you dont want to deal with the consequences of it, get some help Rate Comment Jordan answered 3 years ago dont do it going to hell is something no human could even imagine. ur just 17 u still have ur whole life to do something with it. if ur really depressed smoke some green. 4 Comments (3) Lisa Willington answered 3 years ago no you don't want to die, if you were really depressed (clinically) then you would not care about the pain, your just bored, try exercise or sex or masturbation until your older and things seem different

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nov 20 14

some of us hate oruselves caus we are too morons too siners too good for nohing, and hate all the other humans on the earth for thsoe same reaosns we hate our selves caus we are too mental retards sin too much are too wicked, we hate others caus they' re too mental retards sin too much are too wicked,, we can not accept ourselves+others the way we and they are,, we cna not accept that they+we sin, tyey+us are not good enough, very very wicked, enourmously more wicked than good, please forgive us for hating everyone including oruselves,, we'll porbably never love no human+ourselves human caus we look for moral perfection and even if its not perfection wat we want, we still dont like oruselves caus if we look for humans good at 70 out of 100, most of us are what ? good at 42 out of 100 too sucky real not good enough so we love nobody of course ourselves neither caus we are tremedous poo too

may 14 2014

absolutely horrifying anima cruelty, monsters!!!! how can they do this!! theyre retards they got no brains they dont have a right one 

they kill animals they put them on walls taxidermy is so inhumane this is from the enemy

GOD YOU dont want us to kill animals to decorate our living rooms this is so unfair!!! respect all the animals! go vegan! we should boicott taxidermy and all tv shows which use dead animals as human food, decorations, corrida etc to tell them if you dont delete that animal cruelty from you shows then we wont watch them, lets be extrmeists and radical thats wht YOU YAHWEH love , YAHWEH bless u always all[/font][/color]

october 15 2014

humans are so inhumane that even if they'd go to a slaughterhouse or watch one vid about animals slaugherted to feed mankind , they'd still be like , its normal, just a normal day like any other day and they'd just continue beng omnivores / what ??? a normal day ! ! ! a day when you saw death and animals still alive dying slowly suffering / that's how empathetic human is : like almost cero degree out of a 100 < empathy is a quality from GOD < all qualities are obviously form YOU for when we feel empathy, when we are veyr empathetic creatures , this is somethign Holly < not just some thing like that < it's a special gift, something incredibly special < really the best quality of men < for it's very just , it's very kind < a true kind must have compassion , definitely < if some think they are truly kind and they don't have enough compassion , they are not what is called a kind human being <they think they are very compasisonate and kind persons but no because they can't have compassion for animals they eat , and the aniamls they kill for their omnivore life / so they are not kind for if you can kill for your food , and lifestyle , you can't be kind U kindness is when you know there is something huge, inmensely improtant like GOD's creatures existence,s at stake, you definitely, ithout a doubt stop participating to that satanic nasty problem U you definitely go vegan U that is the definition of kind humans u so those so called kind are not for they strongly refuse to go vegan u lets face it, no human who sees death, who knows death, who knows what omnivorism is al about, who has seen it all, vids, texts, etc , nobody like that can be called kind !!!! that's so evident, they got to be dumb to not know this x they still think they are inmensely kind u many say they have ANimal empathy u wanting to eat animals after watching vids like meet your meat is empathy ?? knowing a lot about Animal testing, eggs inhumanity, leather inhumanity etc and continuing to buy them isn't what are called empathetic+good human creatures u so really anyone who knows all about omnivore life , you just become like a chocolate which is melting, you melt in tears, all your soul emlts, you cry, you just want to go vegan, that's the first thing that comes into your skull, and its just very simple : you're so kind, so hugely empathetic and you want to save all the animals and you wanna go vegan U really thats so easy to get , how come so many mean non mpathetic still think they are very good+very empathetic !!! they mix kinda empathetic and inmensely empathetic cc being empathetic is not just feeling kida sad for the Animals or other creatures and that ends there cc no, empathetic is feeling insemsely sad so that you become obsessed with the horryfying cruelty you've rea,d seen, watched, on computer or elsewhere, and you wish to save those lives or if they're dead , you wish to save others who are going through the same nightmare uu that i true empathy, inmense empathy uu that is definitely not what many liars of the earth say, as they say we feel so much empathy for the animals xx oh ya? so after seeing a picture of animals in slaughterhouses what do you want ? answer uu to not go vegan! to stay omnivore! inmense empathy huh ? empathy is not hesitation uu you just see the abominable thign and you immediately want to go vegan uu the human brian is fast uu you just think this that's a revelation uu or if you dont know what veganism is and you just saw a vid about one anima cruelty like wool uu ok then your fast human brain says i won't buy wool ever again uu i want to save you dear beloved sheep uu you see that is empathy for empathy is fast uu if you're of those who say im very empathetic and you hesitate long whether you'll stop buying using the inhumanity or not or if you just think it's cruel, well, eyah kind of, but my decision is already made uu i will continue using,buying the thing u or their brain thinks after or during watching the vids or reading the thing uu ya its cruel but these are like thigns, just cows, jsut sheep, just bulls, uglly little retarded things so its ok ,its not like they were dogs or humans uu plus, everybody buys use this so why couldn't i uu if this is what they think then they are not super clever u for you don't stop doing one thing because others don't do it , you dont do one thing because others do it uu you do one thing beause its the right thing to do uu you cant live every little thing watchign at the neighbour, are they doing this ? no, iwont do this then, they do this yeah, i will do this uu for this means if many one arth murders animals for omnivorism, you'll murder animals too uu wow uu you msut act always like nonconformists uu do not think if many do this ill do this but if many do this i won't do this ,ever like being omnivore uu but most of all if you are clever humans living on the earth, you'll think : not if many, or few do this ill do this or that but if this thing is morally ok from GOD's point of view then i'll do this u if this is a sin and an inhumanity to GOD's eyes, then i ll stop doing it like living in the omnivore lifestyle uu never live think act in accordance with others but in accordance with the conscience GOD gave you all, in accordance with the definition of : right , what is wrong what is right according to YOU GOD UU that is what will tell you help you decide if you got to be vegans or animal murderers =omnivores

Thank you for acting to end animal slavery on earth Thank you for taking action and calling on earth's leaders to end human slavery. you are helping end the enslavement of millions of YAHWEH ' s creatures Will you take a moment and share this email with all of your contacts to make sure as many human creatures as possible join us in pressuring the earths Parliaments to put an end to creatures slavery?

OCTOber 14 14

seems that when they say think about this think about it just stop and think about it ect they mean =try to see things in another angel, a way youve never looked at thigns before, like someody'elses mind and eyes and you'll see o yeah i had never thought about this, you're right, its true, instead of remaining with our view fo the stuff, changing it, its great caus we try to open our minds istead if being in our sectarian ideas, of our me me me mind, just disliking anybody's elses idea , expect our blood related creatures, and accepting just my my my ideas and excluding others ideas

nov 10 14

he's so mean, so sorry, what a retard our brother, you're totally normal ) you're not a teen ) he's saying you act like a teen ) that's so unfair ) what a lie ) i hope you'l get better soon ) that is so horrible ) that proves how retard superficial we 're) that means love can’t be mental spiritual from soul but body body body ) wow ) i thought you were dating an asexual ) that's too horrible ) that’s so not intelligent and kind to say to somebody normal that they're abnormal ) they can’t love just the mind? ? Behavior conduct actions and stuff?? why do we have to be so superficial ?? ? how do friends + families do ? they don’t have sex to prove their love for one another ) like the movie from 2002 40 days & forty nights ) the human protagonist cant have sexual intercourse with body for forty days and they pretend they have sex with flowers or something but no touching and no kissing i think don’t remember ) if we had wisdom humanity which we aint got , we'd be very happy to have any type of relationship friends lovers relatives ect without physical touching of any kind ) so sorry you're suffering so much ) you don’t deserve to ) you're a wonderful person ) this is the love indoctrination = when we humans fall in love caus of the heart which aint got no brain instead of the brain ) the brain has no say in this but the heart does ) so we don’t choose really ) that’s why so often we choose the worst relatives, friends love partners to fall in love with ) real useless jerks ) especially for sentimental love ) so its caus cupid or some kind of love philter choose that person ) that’s why any other whose heart didn’t choose that being, so any others who are not in love with that being, find those beings retarded disrespectful evil immoral jerks ect but ourselves no caus we're in love ) love is too dumb blind caus it makes us see only marvelous stuff and qualities in those who have like 3 qualities out of let’s say 179 quirks ) and everyone knows that being is bad for us, really we are way better but we can’t do nothing about it ) we get angry at them, we rebel )  we really are in love ) but those persons don’t seem to deserve love ) for YOU YAHWEH yep ) or maybe not ) and when there’s some wonderful beings, of course, we don’t fall in love) which means silly hearts!! Caus those really good humans= dont fall in love ) those mephistophelic humans , really waste of soul, life, earth too wicked= we fal in love ) for if this mankind was made in another manner the mind would choose not the hearts) so we'd reason ) we'd make a list of all the humans we know and make a tri between them all , we'd analyze all of theme in order to know are they the best ones, in morals, values ) so we'd probably often choose the best if we're smart and got amazing judgment ) but we cant do this in this earth the way its done ) we just folow our heart ) well we don’t really follow it ) it forces us to follow it ) for sometimes the most wonderful kindest human is dating a person who hits them or morally treats them disrespectfully and stuff ) that don’t make no sense ) and even if they have not much really good in them they still wanna date them or remain married to them ) how particular!!!

we dont really like YOU that much YAHWEH when we decide to act, talk against YOU , when we do something bad, we 're against YOU YAHWEH for we know YOU refuse us to buy wool, milk, etc we still do , this means we are sinning against YOU caus we had to decide between doing what YOU want YAHWEH nd doing what YOU reject, we did what YOU reject, what YOU really really dont like, makes YOU sad, mad like killing animals to wear 'clothe' , to drink milk , we shoundt have, YOU didnt want to YAHWEH , we choose to do wrong over doing good , this is so very sinful , please forgive us ç we dont listen to YOU, we listen to the enemy who tell us to kill animals to survive ç we are being mean acting mean , always opponing ourselvers ?? sopposer a to YOU, caus obeying YOU in this matter, so going vegan, means thinking with our hearts, and the qualities like justice, and respect, but we think with what our feet ? our brainless brains!! our empty hearts when we sin like being non vegans, not carign less about nature & defense of human life

10 au 2014

all the humans of the earth we gotta put attentin to the links , organizations of animal cruelties, petitions, the organizations which help the environment, the people, we got to in whatever way : there's a camera in a place you are , isntead of smiling, saying hello with the hand, put links on a paper, show the paper to the camera, links of articles, data, something about information ,informing about what is the truth aboutcow milk, fur etc this is useful, saying hello to the camera is a waste of time ( another way is sending emails with all thar data ( another way si sharing on websites & everywhere on the net ( another way is talking about this and if you dont have the emails of the people, they dont have emails, comps, then write links on a paper, they can then go to a cybercafé and sign in a comp there ( there isn't enough attention on these foundations, sites, petitions, articles ect which are in favor of respect for living creatures, and the end of their enslavement & abuse ( so as there is not enough attention we all have to bring attention to them, from all the people from all over the earth ( how to bring attention to them ( easy sending the links of all the stuff they have to read+ sign & find as much emails of as much humans who dont know you, if they agree to give you their emails, as with no email, you cannot give them the data, the data is sent by email ( and you send all the data to the emails you got ( but its not enough as you can have 87 emaisl its nothing knowing there's billions of human creatures ( so its better to ask the emails of as many human beings as posible ,hopefully they trust you caus you don't wanna hurt their computer,steal stuff from them, put viruses on their coms, you just wanna save lives ( hope they trust you and give you their emails so you can gather many more emaisl than the ones you had if you hadn't done that so you send to many more humans the info to turn them into vegans, ecologists, defensors of human life, that if you just had setelled for the emails you had ( what is better ? to inform about one's 142 contacts or 369 contacts in total that you found on the net or asked for them ? its better to inform 369 humans : as those sites , associations who are philantropes and are building a more humane , more ethical earth have to few humans giving money to the, too few humans reading their stuff, too few humans knowing their existence, thats so sad , we got to do whatever we cna so the whole world puts all their attention on these marvellous sites,petitions,organizations etc ; just by sharing the links by the internet where we want : forums, emails , facebook etc if you can do somethign and want to do somethign to amke a better world, why dont you do that ? if you want to act, why averse ? if you want to say something, why do you hesitate ? you want to raise your voice, do so, you want to raise awareness, do so, no hesitation,k go for it ; you wanna save lives, why arent you, do that ; how peculiar : stuff that make you dumb on the net, many humans go there to see, read, laugh at these silliness but the profound philosophcal reasonning , extremely important issues like do we have to respect animals, earth, humans, very important issues of human+animal enslvement ging on right now on earth, very few humans saw that, veyr few knew these places exist on the net, hardly nobody cares, they arent itnerested in these crucial issues but on mind numbing stuff on computers passioante them x its all upside down it should be : the stupidites dont get their attention and the very improtant stuff of helping others should passionate them , they should be helping on those websites or hpysycally in the earth all the times they can ; in those particular minds the non important silly tuff becomes the improtant sutff, the important stuff becomes the silly stuff ( why do all of us have to bring as much attention to these issues as we can ; caus YAHWEH YOU want all Your kids to do that aint it ? + caus if like eight hundred and fifty two humans do this the helps gon be so minuscule, if seven thousand and thrity eight do this, the help is bigger caus if a small number of creatures try to bring attention on this issues of helping the oppresed, they'll reach a too little number of human lives, if more do this, they'll reach more human lives ( thats the reaosn why a few humans is not enough, tonnes of humans, almost all of the ones alive right now should do this and caus its great things to do , and caus our family needs us ! ! that wahy amybe all those matters wont be ignored no more, GOD willing

10 AUG 2014

we are so incredibly brainless, losers, good for nothing, how can we try to get away from sin, not fall into temptation, be smart, do the right things, we cant stop doing the other way around , we are incapable of having the intelligence to be kind, good, to YOU, YOUr creatures x e kill animals, men, we can not stop sinning, we can only realy really really want to stop sinning thats all x even if we try our best, we cant x we try to be good, wre extremely evil x we try to stop tergiversar??? what everybody says in orther to stop creating clonflits, we fail x we try to stop judging veyr harshly others knowking like 26 percent of the matter, we keep on judging crazily, irrationally, stupidely, without any proof, etc etc etc we ll definitely never make any improvement, never go to Heaven, never be good, we dont try hard enough or we are too retards to be able to make improvement and we try real hard? for we are so suckers, useless, extremely dumb x we are too stupid too with Your enemy YAHWEH to be able to try hard enough x too lazy, stuff from Your enemy x we are too mean + dumb, but like it was one thing not two, like its mean but dumb, not just mean, dumb but mean, not just dumb, like those tow things arent two but one, hard to explain x maybe its not that the human spieices is extremely dumb but extremely mean x but really it seems obvious its : we sin, we do everything wrong to the earth, vegies, animals caus we are infinitly dumb+ cruel

AUG 9 2014

we are mentally retard all of us humans even the good humans caus the good humanthink bad retard atrocious stuff too as all humans n we are terrible creature, increidibly imbeciles, incredibly mean caus there are genocides, inhumanities and most of us do nothing, or too little, to stop this n others kill animals we do nothign to stop this , others kill humans we do nothing n we are useless creatures, there is no need of humans on earth, this spieices should not exist n this spicies does only bad, hardly ever does good n  we are so retard for all the sins from the most little to the most huge one n we are retards when we are passive in the matter of injustices , we are retards every time we are with the enemy, angry with no reason, mean with no reason, accusing with no reaosn, no evidence n we are retards when all of us billions of human creatures dont do nothing to save the animals+humans when if we all unied together we'd all save all the animals, all the humans caus seven billion is a big number so with the number we save all n with a minuscule number we save too little lives n the least numerous we are to try to put an end to injusticies the least lives we save n the biggest the number of philantropes who are a determination a dream of saving lvies the more lives we save n so we are so incredibly retards, we are so contemptible, so detestable n so heartless & brainless n we are so inhumane caus we have a choice btween all together all the humans who are mentally and physically fit to help the animals+humans+earth we save all the living beings or the choice of letting them die because of us+others n most huans of the earth choose : letting others kill all animals+humans they can n thats the reaosn why we are retards + also for the everyday stupid angers, poutting for no reason, looking with hatred those we dont know+ know, treating in a cheeky manner animals, humans, not being vegans, unfairly biased, etc for all our loathsome conducts, words, every single day, many times a day

au 15 14

everythign of the earths so confusing i YAHWEH help us to get things i if here we are so sectarian caus we are too much in te family philosophy and its clear in the life that ll last forever , the family dont matter as everyone there is our family , all the animas souls+humans souls so here we sin because this family endcotrination & mentality is against YOUR precepts as YOU wish all the humans to love all the animals+humans, not to think you deserve my despise for you arent a member of one of my families, you dont deserve my love for you are a non human etc as its not posible that humans who think like this go to heaven right as you dont want desunion in ehaven as the so present desunion that theres in this universes at least on earth i it dont mean ehre we can be desunited, we got to be federated but as always we dotn respect YOUR laws YAHWEH si why do we love the group like family, sentimental partner if we must think as if this life & the other one are one same life : we msut not live on this life in one manner & in the other life in a different manner i here we're too superficial with the relatives category+ the couple or wife+husband category i thats the only two sutff that matters to many humans it seems i the category freidns matter a little bit but less i the category race matters a lot to many i you cant be a white hanging out with blacks and vice versa i caus then you'd act a little bit anticonformist and that would be perceived as unpopular i so you have to follow illuminatis? society's codes of lovign the ones from certain groups or you're seen as anticonformist ,humans despise anticonformists i all of this is extremely superficial, you cant love that one he's not from your country, you must lvoe this one, he's a member of your family, you cant not be fanatic of your country, you cant have a favorite coutnry thats different from yours etc i all of this have absolutely no meaning, no improtance in the other world i here humans are obsessed with sex i in the other world + in here we're a family i we should not have sex+ feel that kind of love for our family it is incest inst it ? msot humans have done that on this earth i on the other life, no sex, no couples love, just friendhsip love or soemthing like that i here its those i despise or not like, those i adore etc i it cant be like this because its a bad thing according to YOU YAHWEH and you forbid that in heaven as theres love between each & every creatues there i all love each other i there is no hate, despise, no chossing who to love and who to not love i here its all about couple love+ love of sex + family love = so sectarian, so futile i YAHWEH YOU despise all this right ? cause it divides so it has bad consequences & does bad to our minds, hearts and way of living, thinking i we want to go back in the time where there waere the whites in one side of a town, blacks in another side i the same for all the colors i thats what so many wish i no 'strangers' in 'our' country, for each 'country' so all the 100 % race keep together i all of this is desunion, stuff YOU really dislike YAHWEH i all of this is earthly mentality i YOUR mentality YAHWEH is so the opposite i this kind of things wont be admitted in heaven cause its not right, its YOUR enemy's kind of thing i here we live for our 'families', couples, races, 'nations' sex etc whereas YOU want us to forget about these barries and love all the others the same way we love our so called families, YOU wish all of us to love those from other 'nations' as much as we love those from our nations , all those who arent our spouses as much as our spouses etc on the afterlife we'd had to live only for YOU YAWEH cause heaven is not about me i, i, but about YOU YAHWEH i so here we live for our families,sex,couple or spouses, things we enjoy i we disrespect YOUR precepts i we live for the wrong creatures, wrong reasons i we miss the point completely i us humans we didnt apprehend whats the point of life i we thought it was having fun, being egotists cause living only for me + our families,couple,sex,hobbies i never to help Your creatures, never to respect them, to trat them very badly, morally,phisically, to sometimes kill them ,to not love the beings YOU wish us to love, to love too much superficial things as patriotism,music,  race, etc to love too much our family ,couples, sex for the wrong reasons when YOU 'd like us to love them for the right ones, and maybe YOU wish us to not love sex as its so savage, barbarian, immoral, disgusting and futile + You d like us to be as opened to everyone as we're to our families i in heaven there wont be the whites & blacks killing each other, any nation killing each other, or hating each other caus of their skin colors, there wont be the excluding of non families creatures , we'd love them , all those we disliked or hated here we'd love them there i how can we be so mistaken i YAHWEH help us to stop this sectarism, make us united, even-handed make every single earth creature to love all their families please YAHWEH i we so suck in our mentality i we are not egalitarian for we refuse to love or have at least respect without love for some ,just caus we despise their categories, just cause their categories are different from ours i like their origins, they are hald o half t and we are a hudnred percent t , or they are from another part of the earth than t and we are a hudnred percent from t so we see them as aliens !!! but no, they're from the earth i so we tlel them your people is bla bla i this is insulting cause when you all live in one 'nation' you cant tell others 'their nations' as if they were from another one than this one cause they, us, all, are form the same 'nation', its not the race with make one being from one nation, cause 'strangers' are from this nation too , its not the race, colour of skin, its the fact that they feel form here, were born her,e or came to live here, so they dont have the origins, but they fele close to all the ones who have the origins from here so its their nations so lets not be sectarian and tell them your group is your nation, our group is our nations, this nation, and you should get out of here all you 'strangers' cause you aren't welcomed here, caus you are from other origins, caus thats no way to treat our people, our familiy i thats why whites cant say blacks you are nothing to us, and viceversa cause whites and blacks have supposedly nothing in common caus not from the same land of the earht i nonsense !!! of course they got a lot in comon : the same family, the same nation called earth, the same minds, languages, behavior, all the same i what a crazy idea that the colour of skin makes you be extremely different from others who got another color of skin i of course not this is just the 'wrapping'' , just like you can buy a yellow notebook , a grey notebook , it still is the same : paper , a place where to write stuff i so this nation mentality is definitely not YOUR idea YAHWEH as YOU must dislike this, but Your enemy's idea caus he adores dividing Your family YAHWEH i so we sin when we do intentionnaly these family,couple,races,nations divisions i thats the reason why all these futilies soccers world cop, miss universe, miss of each 'nation' all this is really bad cause its always dividing, opponing each 'nation' saying there's many nations, we arent the same, we shouldnt mix ,we should talk to each othe,r like each other, we , our nation is the best cause our nation won the world cop, the miss bla bla, you suck you all from all the earth, cause our naitons the coolest one etc i all this is sin i we live in sin i the same with not treating several good humans not the same cause one is our spouse of grifriend so we venerate them think they're perfect & cant see he qualities of the ones not belonging to our couple, the same for the family i never being able to be imparcial ,cause we use so very much the double standars, an infinity of standars!!! stupid enemy's brainwahsing, conflit of itnerest you i dont know or know and arent from the sectarian groups , you are my spouse , grandma, girlfriend etc, you have done something wrong, the other one is innocnet, im on the side of the guilty one, cause he's she's my relative or spouse etc

aug 2 2014

somebody was poor, everybody treated them one way, now they're rich, everybody changes want to spend tim with them, all of a sudden, or someone didnt really like somebody, now they learn they are related they wanna like them, nonsense, unfair kind of perspective, double standardin their mind, this type o mentality must be erradictadet from the ear for its against YOU GOD , lets be like priests, nuns, they arent sectarians at all, they think that stranger= is not a stranger, he is my family, that facochere =my family, not just an animal, those beings coming to church not strangers, not nothing mine = everything mine, my family, those who dont have my blood= my family, those coming from another place of the earht than me = my family, my race, this is one standard, this is the mentality every creature of the earth should adopt, double standard is partial, one standard is impartial and seems to be YOUR philospshy YAHWEH dont matter who is who either way they still are the same person! this fairness about religious creatures is awesome! they got one standard! they got great minds+hearts! those very brainwashed not fair creatures, full of many standards think : this friend of mine is dating one girl everyday he got the tuesday girl, the saturyda girl etc! i dont mind, i find this funny, i dont see nothign wrong about this! just cause the self centerend human brainwashed mind thinks : as long as its not some relative of mine, im not outraged by nothing! now that eprson does this to his aunt! now he cares! so you can treat women as chicks, you can disrespect them, have seven grilfreidns for each day of the week, but dont touch to my aunt because when its any girl i dont care but when its my aunt, i care alright! so he was so realxes, laughing, watchign his friend whith different 'chicks'' as he calls them, all the time, and now its someboy from 'his' ' blood' 'his' ''family " now it bothers him, now he finds this unacceptable! oh what a coincidence! mine or family endoctrination!!!! the endoctirnation fo whats so called 'mine' my skin, my blood, the same body,face traits caus the same family, caus the sister of my dad, so they got the same mom+dad, or my brother, so we got the same parents, etc somebody fair thinks : you treat any human, not just any woman , but you treat anyboy badly, like peices of 'meat ' ,you abuse women caus you're sining against our YAHWEH caus you're polygame, i defend all of them, it absolutely dont matter if several or one of them is a relative of mine or all of them are our family of 'strangers'' to me ;non blood family, who will all be in Christ's body if YAHWEH YOU dont send them to hell, you find this revolting, whoever those womena re caus if you think its bad to treat bad ladies when that lady is a member of your family and you find it normal when it aint a member of your family then you're unfair and think only your family members deserve respect+ all your so called 'non ' family members are subhumans? thats so unfair, idiot endoctrination!!! tv helps a lot to that sadly for many tv shows ,theather movies, tv movies create divisions of i defend the persons only when they're my relatives, so many shows show this, no wonder why the earth is so endctronated ,too many human creatures watch a lot of tv!!! who has never watched tv ? imposible, evryone, so only if a few humans had never watched tv theyd be way less endoctrinated

aug 9 2014

Bonnie was a defenceless animal who couldn't protect herself. 'I would have rather he had done that to me than Bonnie - at least I could have tried to protect myself.
She didn't deserve that.'  Retail assistant Sarah recalled the day Bonnie was killed.
'My mum rang me and told me that I should come home as soon as possible as something had happened,' she said.
'When she told me that Bonnie was dead and how she died I was distraught. I am usually a strong person but because I had loved and grown up with Bonnie to see her like that was heart-breaking.
'She was at a neighbour's house and I went to identify her to make sure it was our cat as my mum couldn't do it. I will never forgot seeing her lying there.'  
Sarah, who has a second cat Merlin, added: 'I hope he does get jailed for what he has done. He deserves it for what he has done.
'He has never apologised to us.

we pledge ourselves to liberate all our people from the continuing bondage of poverty, depravation ,suffering, gender inequality and other discriminations, a rainbow nation at peace with itself and the rest of the world, never never and never again shall it be that this beautiful land will experience the oppression of one by another , the sun shall never sets on so glorious humane achievement, let freedom reign, GOD bless all the world and this world

july 10 2013 sent ??

Hello everyone . To all who receive this : Please be kind to send this to all the people you know . All of us humans must save all of the humans. That's wat GOD wants. As there are people that are goin to destroy it if we don't do nothing . Most people dont know about the illuminati so its easier for the iluminatis to kill all of us. To save the entire humans we have to send these emails to all our contacts and tell them to send these emails to all their contacts ect so in a few days many people who got computers all aroud the world can kow about this terrible subject finnally! better late than never. Please inform everybody you know thanks ; Dont forget to please always copy paste the setence 'to all who receive this : please be kind to send this to all the people you know and copy paste this sentence so your contacts can send this to all their contacts and to all their contacts ect .' so this way thouands or millions hopefully billions of people can receive this messaes of truth . Please don't break the chain because if one of several people don't send these emails to their contacts then all of their contacts won't be able to receive this and their cotnacts are hudnreds of humans . hundreds + hundreds + hundreds ect is a lot of people if many people don't send these emails. it will be terrible GOD bless you all

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A Treatise of Human Nature Oxford Philosophical Texts

The  Philosophical Texts series consists of truly practical and accessible guides to major philosophical texts in the history of philosophy from the ancient world up to modern times. Each book opens with a comprehensive introduction by a leading specialist which covers the philosopher's life, work, and influence. Endnotes, a full bibliography, guides to further reading, and an index are also included. The series aims to build a definitive corpus of key texts in the Western philosophical tradition, forming a reliable and enduring resource for students and teachers alike. David Hume's comprehensive attempt to base philosophy on a new, observationally grounded study of human nature is one of the most important texts in Western philosophy. It is also the focal point of current attempts to understand 18th-century philosophy The Treatise first explains how we form such concepts as cause and effect, external existence, and personal identity, and how we create compelling but unverifiable beliefs in the entities represented by these concepts. It then offers a novel account of the passions, explains freedom and necessity as they apply to human choices and actions, and concludes with a detailed explanation of how we distinguish between virtue and vice. The volume features Hume's own abstract of the Treatise, a substantial introduction that explains the aims of the Treatise as a whole and of each of its ten parts, a comprehensive index, and suggestions for further reading.

1 may 2014 

lets try to have YOUR wisdom YAHWEH we think as human creatures when we judge as the sull and it looks . YOU dont want us to think that humane way but Your Gdoly way , YOu dont jduge at the look in the mouth, "evil" smile, " kind" smile etc because YOU know the ture the truth is in our hearts YOU know that. Thats why YOu GOD arent superficial, YOu dont judge at our expressions as YOU know we do nothign to got these contradictoryes ambiguous expressions and we didnt chose our nose, eyes, mouths, voices . YOu know that what matters in the great stuff we got in our souls, not the look that looks like one thing or another, negative, positive, that give bad or good impressions to humans . You dont focus on details YAHWEH . expressions and the human skulls give equivocal signals * Im good i put an evil face im evil i put a nice face nice voice etc ; because YOU have to much wisdom to get mixed up and fall into easy trap, YOure way too smart ; You know that it dont matter what face they got but only their moral principles matters : we should deinitely adopt YOUr way of viewing things ; thatd really help us to be better individuals as right now the human spicies no offesen kinda sucks morally speaking ; we met some humans we treat them at the irst encounter disrespectfully . we humans some of us are sick in the head £ how can we do such things £ we ill treat individuals morally £ its like hitting the body, but with words, mean looks, behaviors £ were mistaken because its stupi and dont make no sense to msitreat an individual weve just met £ we have no reason to do so as they never talked to us, hurt us , theyre only there and were there £ they dont even say something ¨£ after meting them someone ask us what do oyu think of her him £ i hate her him £ how come £ this is a disease called human £ we are so confused, we dotn udenrstand stuff from humans and life £ we dont understand what is respec,t whom we should love, and not love sadl, we dont udnerstand we have to treat every individual well £ we udnerstand nothing £ somebody did many bad stuff to us we treat them morally bad, its ok £ but somebody we met and didnt even talked to us but to the perosn with us and did nothing to give us a bad imrpession how can we dont like them, somebody we dont even know £ it dont mean we must love them at the first meeting £ it means we shouldnt make up our minds yet £ we should try and learn to know them, meet them a few more times and then decide if we wanna love them or not £ we are too superficial , our human brains are because its not what they did, said not said, its their face that made us dont like them £ were so weird £ you met a doctor, or a friend of a member of your family, a friend of a friend £ you sit there you listen to them talking or they dont talk £ they say nothing bad , nothing that could make u hate i but u hates i £ crazy isnt it % they say neutral stuff, stuff that dont provoke hatred, anger, anthipaty towards anyone just stuff like talking of this and that £ they arent saying controversial stuff £ jsut regular stuff and our reaction is u dont like them % why as it seems u didnt use her his right brain unfortunately £ we judge for no reason, not knowing the individuals £ that sucks % u didnt like i's face and voice, eyes £ this is the superficialty of the human brain because were mistaken : the face is a earthly body, its nothing improtant, its nothing to take into account % the human condition and YOU YAHWEH choose their voices, faces, looks, ect % we cant judge them on what they said or if the didnt speak we cant judge them on that but we wanna judge them on the only thing we see, the only thigns which is there , the face £ no we shouldnt because its somethign to be seen, it dont matter % the mind the ideas and what individuals say matters % it means if we decide not to like somebody we met less than five minutes ago, it should be because they said some super polemical stuff like they are for evil stuff, for immorality, for abortion, and for atheism, for animals for fashion etc then ok, its udnerstandable they made a horrifying impression on us % but not taking their ideas at all into account and only the fact they look at us with eyes of so called "anger" "hatred" or we dont like their faces is so unjust and not spiritual % lets face it they didnt choose their faces voices eyes % they were born with them so its hard to explain % its something that they cant control like the fact their nail are always growing or there is vegetables on earth % they cant help all this so they cant help if they got faces that seem to some horrible to look or that seem to be the faces of sociopath or murderers or evil or bizzar individuals because its not % its a cliché % a false idea humans got because they think evil face= evil being . mean look on their eyes or mean eyes = mean being . harsh voice = evil being . horrible smile or they dhardly ever smile = mean . no . its not that % its not their fault their faces looks evil and stuff and it dont even look evil this is the void % its a definition of stuff humans invented which dont make any sense % no face and eyes and voice sounds or looks evil % its jsut that individuals associated this to that / lie we associate a mango = a fruit ; a gorrilla = an animal / this is absolutely true % this type of look = mean this type of face = mean or psycho / this is absolutely not true % a fac, eyes, voies cant be mean, its skin !!!, its sutff from the body of humans !!! its not beings % its absrud to think that it can be evil . its like saying the wind is talkative , the shelf is sleeping etc : an entire being can be evil , not its phsical body but its soul mind and heart / we should be more intelligent and focus on what they written if we met them on a computer and on what they said exclusively when we met them in person : never judge a book by its cover : because if we dont wanna lsitne what they wanna say and theyd have said stuff that would have shown their amazing hearts and we only focused on the supposedly horrible loo they gave us , we are left brained and dont udnerstand that they don nothing to have these  looks . they dont push to open up their eyes wide, they dont do it on purpose to make these "evil" looks which of course have nothing eveil / it goes out of them just liek this, like a baby that cant control its faeces and urines : they dont know there maing "mean " eyes or that their voice sound "agressive" adn "disrepesctful " or "lout" : thats the paradox of humans : they got a supposedly agressive way of expressing themselves or moving their bodies or talking loud and fast and theyre angels : others got the supposedly "sweet voice, "angel " looking face, "kindest" smile etc and are mean ; they jsut hide it whithout noticiing or knwing so, who knows but they are not the kind beings they seem to be : its because we used whitout knowing our let brains to judge them : the same way we abhor someone who "looks" "angry /evil" on the very say first time we met, the same way we immediately had a good feeling about someone because of their "nice" face, "nice" smile, "nice" voice : sometimes or mabe oten evil humans got faces of nice people, nice voices: its like they want everybone to think theyre nice or something ! thats why we shouldt think thigns are what they seem as they are not we must not think k = k   o = o but o = k   k = o as there isnt that much logic in human creatures ! it should be not nice face = nice creature  mean face = mean creature but mean face =adorable human nice face= evil human ! thats the logic of the illogic ! why because we dont know wh YOU GOD gave some humans some kinda face,s to others other kinda faces, some faces really different from toehrs, some faces so similar to others , some humans could have thousands ? of amost twins all over the earth but who cares its not important to YOU GOD is it ! YOU dont care hat they look like YOU dont care that they look "evil" or " nice " as it cant be : YOU care that they behavior are the fairest the nicest the more humane : YOU refuse we judge because of the phisical body and face : whats its gnna be next their knees look evil , their nose look like they wanna kill us , absolutely aburd ! thats why its not true the eyes arent the windows o the soul as you can met many mean beings on earth in all your existence and they had the most kindest eyes youve ever seen : of course not kind eyes but which look kind : it doenst mean anythign to think kind eyes, kind voice etc but its because we associate the kind stuff humans say with their voices, the kind stuff they write with pens, comps, the associated the kind behaviors they have towards creatures with a voice, face, and look in their eyes : but no as all of this is false evidence that theyre kind : this is not kindness : this is appeaance and appearances are deceiving * its like the wolf disguised ad the grandma the false prophets, the false gods who pretend to be YOU YAHWEH , the false associations who steal the money of the donors etc * thats why we are cruel in our judgement, not only superficial * as everything that has to do with looks, things we see in the earthly body are superficial * we dont hate them because we saw them for the first time and they looked ugly nor do we like them ebcause they looked humane * we hated or loved them as soon as we saw them the first time because we thought they had mosnters or angels face * because of that stereotype we will lose opportunities of making many good friends $ we hear somebody talking its not what they said that was incorrect but suppposedly their voices, huge eyes supposedely full of hate * it dont matter al the cool stuff they dais they didnt listen but focused on the voice and look * for isntance we met somebody on the internet and wanna meat them for real *we go and they supposedly look like killers or rapists * we never want to see them again * we met others humans we met on the net and they look so "altruistic" * we wanna keep on seeing them and becoming friends but what we dont know is that theyre lest say 68 percent bad individuals * we fell into the trap of the devil disguised in sheep * because of this superficial detail were often make mistaken like this * also this one looks weird, this one looks emotionless * so what it dont mean they look like nothing, not good, not bad, not angry, not happy, they loo like dead bodies, doesnt mean theyre not itneresting or kind hearted * some beings got no expression but its not their faults, they had these faces with no expressions since befoe they were born * its ok it snot the end of the world dont mean nobody in the world should love them and be against them * thats so sad not th let them have love in their lives and be all alone miserable because of only details ! or they dont look friendly, or look harsh, or look vulgar, or look this or that, or look like twisted or stuff * now we are going the oens to judge whos nice and not nice replacing YOU YAHWEH ? we dont know because these are only phisical appearances its more clever to listen and read what is in their hearts or isnt and focusing exclusively on that to judge whether theyre philantrophists or against philanthropy * you met somebody and he she looks at you , you dont really met her him, you just there and they are there too * youre in a high school youre going to subscribe yourself to go to that school * they keep on looking at you with eyes you think are full of rage against you ebcause humans were paranoiac * you think how cna that perosn hate me i never even saw her him before and of coruse never was evil to him / her ! then the being apporaches you, asks you to help him her, she hes lost * he she starts to talk to you being friendly and all and yoyure confused * first he she looks like hes shes telling you get out of here loser and then speak to you like theyy like you * its exactly what it it * making a judgement a first impression of them because of the skull instea of the things that go out o their mouths * the first imrpession and all the other one,s the seventh, fifty fifth , thousands, the thousands one, second one, should be only about what they said and how they acted fullstop ! that we we forbid ourselves to judge with our stupid left brain its hard though as we got this annoying humane condition so were goint to prevent ourselves form doing this and well probably be unable of stopping to do this ! so we authorize ourselves to be friends with those wed never thaught wed be friends with liek those who look at us and everybody a long time and we dont like or beign friends with look at us with very big eyes and we really dont like that because in our brains this means attack or hatred and not at all ! we got too much imagination calm down brains ! we dont like those we met for the first time in our paths means really met and met in a philosophical or poetic way ! met like hell how are you and starting a conversation + met like there a hundreds of beings in a suburb, mall, street and youre seeing or looing at them and dont like the looks in the faces of some and you like the looks in the faces of others and so you start youre too fast conclusions this one is a good humane im sur,e this one is definitely evil ! no because we wouldnt be smart if we did that ebcause just because somebody smiles at us with a "good 'humans's smile theyre nice ??? just because somebod looked at us with a cold look of "murderer" theyre evil ?? we dont even know them and what they got in their hearts how can we jump so fast to conclusions ! we should as usla udnerstand stuff upside down as the onees who smiled at us can be nasty we dont know their lives they might have been really unfair with beings of their entourage + the ones who looked at us with these cant ehlp it they cant change their eyes and when they went out o their momes wond they already got those "evil" ees so their moms, docs, nurses were shcoked and thought wow this is gonna turn out to be an evil humane but no ! so they cant help it they aint gonna close them or wear sunglasses so we dont know that theyre animals saviors for isntance and tremendously philanthropists so we judge the other way around the creatures ! its like dogs may look agressive because thats how their muscles and bodies and faces are like american standforshire, rotts, but they really are saints !!! so we judge them to their phisical bodies isntead of the purity of their hearts, the same goes with human beings * if we see somebody who's a boxer we think hes so evil !!! we see somebody whos a ballet dancer we think he shes so sweet and tender * how do we know if the classical dance got the coldest heart and the boxer or sumo wrestler got a sweet heart !

please give all Your creatures from all the planets YOU made YAHWEH peaceful nigths when they sleep, peaceful days when they're up, peaceful existences, happy nights, happy days, no stress during the day & nights, just relax, and joy while theyre asleep, thanks so much in Jesus name ; Amen

sep 23 14

sometimes the difference betwen living and dying depends on who se cruza ?? in your destiny, thats so true: you're an abused animal, abandoned, now somebody enters in your destiny, abuse you even more = you die / now somebody had abused you or not, but you're abandoned, living in the streets and you're not well and somebody cruza?, your way and heps you and now youre alive so it depends on who you'll find, so many humans walk in the streets, evil with the animals and nice with the animals : so only GOD knows if the people who will stop to go and see you are monsters or angels, on that depends if they're going to save your life or murder you / caus sometimes you are 'just' a stray animal, you were never abused, but some stranger comes and abuse you so now you're suffering is double been abandoned+ being abused so its destiny really / and if you animal was 'just ' abandoned, you're kind of 'luck' caus you could 've been abandoned+abused by your parents or by anybody in the streets but if you were abused+abandoned by your human parents and then by somebody or sevra humns of the streets then you're so unlucky

sep 10 14

the difference between those who care about the animals and those who care even more is that those who just care are non vegans they never had vegan spirits and probaby never'll be vegan whereas those who care inmensly bout you animals always had vegan spirits and are now vegans and its  not the same mentality < the vegans think whatever happens, we must'nt kill you friends < whereas those omnivores who kind of like you and are concerned about you think, for instance , whales hunt, just for fun, for nothing, it's no use < if only they had used that for fur and meat < that's unfair < they think they truly care but no for this type of thinking is not caring, loving, its saying its bad if they kill you for doing nothing with you but it's ok if they kill you for doing something with you, so using your bodies for anything that's for men < they consider this concern+love ?? ?! ! vegans, in the other hand , don't think death , murder is the asnwer , never < vegans think whatever is the story, the situation , nobody can ever murder animals < so for vegans it's wrong to murder whales be it for not using their bodies or for using their bodies but for these non vegans who kind of care about you animals it's not so sad not so cruel not so unethical not so much of a bad thing to murder you as long as humans use your physical bodies < so that's a huge difference between those two phiosophies < which is that for vegans it's never ok never ethical never good to kill animals : never !!! wheareas for omnivores it's ok in some situations to kill you animals ans it's not ok in other situations < so after all , after reasoning , it they agree to believe this : theese non vegans don't really love you because loving you animals don't mean we want you to die sometimes , and o think there's sometimes a good reason to kill you, so wishing death to some fo the creatures you lll love lll !!! ha ha ha sometimes wishing you death, when its for our egotistic use, and sometimes wishing you to be alive < that's why obviously these omnivores who are persuaded they care about you animals don't care so much and those vegans really care incredibly about you for the oens who never want your death and suffering are the nvegans, thats the best love evidence , never wanting any suffering, never wanting you to die of provoked cirucumstances but only of old age or sicknes whereas those omnivores who supposedly care about you desire you to die for them sometimes like for buying clothes made out of you all, eating your flesh, that's absolutely not love , and wishiny you suffering, let's say what 76 porcent of the time ? when its for human use and only wishing you to live only aimlessly , 24 percent ? of the time , like when you're pets, as they dont kill them for anything , the people, others do < so you can not switch a buttom off and no we love you animals, we dont love you animals < for love is never wishing suffering death and its caring more bout the being you love than about you so if you think we could kill you for using your bodies for us us us its egocentricity so its caring mroe bout me me us us than you you animals! so thats the so called philosophy of those who supposedly adore you and who are omnivorus !!! ha je ja ! those who definitely obviously care about you for real, would always think you you animals , not us us humans, that's why they're vegan and they would never think in some cases, particular ones, we could kill you, oh no,!!! they'd rather get killed then get you killed , they love you way too much thats so lovely! so even though billions or millions or thousands of creatures dont wanna admit the sad truth that they don't care as much as they say about you animals well with this mentality of let us kill those we 'love' and other times let us let them live < thats a paradoxe of love < hate yeah!!!! nobody can deny this, its clear < conclusion vegans who care about you animals for real : we never want to kill you use your bodies < omnivores who don't truy care bout you animals : we want to kill you animals to use your bodies , half ? of the time < vegans who truly care bout you animals : we will defend your rights, always, we promise that to you , we'll never let others kill you we love you too much< omnivores who dont truy care about you animals : sometimes we'll let others kill you, caus after all us humans matter way more than you animals , we dont ove you that mich, we love ours, humans ,more than you animals < vegans who really care bout the animals its evident you love the animals for you're radical, thats true love, in many stuff from the earth, many aspects, not just the ainimals < you sya no no no no, you never change your minds, you're absolutely extremists in your convictions of animal respect so evidently, this is pure true love a hundred % < this dont happen in non vegan hearts for there is concessions, which are were going to ask others to kill those we love!!! and other times we wont let humans kill those we love < its like 50 percent they love the animals, and 50 percent they dont < so its not extreme, its not entire, it sucks < its not real love < its dumb, not rational < they are how to say they are not clear in their convictions they aint got no conviction they for your murder, agaisnt your murder, its such a nonsense < what do they want ?? they cant be in both sided of those who wish you the worst fate and those who protect you, they have to decide are they for you or against you animals ? that's what is sucky about these non vegan spirits is that ina part they re right to half ? of the time wish you to live, but in the other half of the time, they're so unfair, inhumane, saying, ok, lets kil them for animal testing, eggs etc, at least you were of some good use for us supposedly human gods! < vegans you can not try to make concessions for they're way more clever than omnivores, tats why even if you try to corrupt their excellent morals, telling them yeha but we could kill them but less of them ornot kil them for this but kill them for that NO !!!!! will yell the vegans, or you dont kill them or you'll see ;;; you cant kill none of them full stop! and we want go back on our decisions ok !!!!! ??? whatever you say ! so thats so great !!! vegans who are amazing souls amazing creatures you are amazing spirits! GOD bless you vegans ! thats why the omnivores spirits which 'cares' ??? !!!! jejejej about the animals, its a despising type of thinking , its jsut not right , you can wish death to your loved ones , this means they arent truly your loved ones, you just think so < like my best human friend : you know i love you, but if they coud kill you for human meat, or human wool etc, its ok, you see but i love you, really, it dont mean i dnt! but my best human friend, f they d kill you for nothing, oh yeha! itd be cruel!!! i would oppose it, definitely! < so contradictory !!! thats why for omnivores supposedly preocupeid with animal well being , sometimes its not cruel to kill animals for human consumption !!!! and somestimes it is! whereas for vegans with vegans soul, extremist souls its (((always""" cruel to kill animals ,alway inmensely mean < so tell that to the animal people! imagine they were human people : i think its not cruel to kill you dude, my sister, my boyfriend, my grandpa, what do you think ? ! its not crue to kill you means i love you, i want you to die, for me and us,but this means i love you !!! ? ? of course thsoe humans or animal people would know these non vegans dont love them for real but the vegans telling their animals or humans loved ones : we would always opose to your murders becaus we love you and we always choose life over death, and life over enslavement and abuse so well always fight for nobody to touch you, we'll never let them murder you : what would think those animals or humans ? those vegans truly love us, as they dont defend us half o the time they èèè always èè defend us they always want us to live, those non vegans minds want somestimes us to die, sometimes us to live, and when them want us to die its for increidbly egotists matters so they aren't truly preocuped  with us!!! the only ones on the earth who really wish our best are the vegans ! the non vegans spirits dont want our best a hudnred percent of the time, wishing us death for imbecilities?? is notwishing one's best! wanting inecessary suffering, inecessary deaths is not wishing one's best! wishing always us to survive and to never be exploited is whising our best! wanting to haf of the time being exploited and tortured unecessarily is not ishing our best! for non vegan souls kiling is a good thing, its not cruel, its not bad for the animals, it's a good idea, kiling for us is cool < for vegan souls killing for us or for anything anyone aliens objects whatever , is always terribly mosntruous, never the answer < for omnivores souls murdering you is many times the answer < for non vegans souls murdering you for humans is not selfish at all, its (normal( ! for vegan souls murdering you animals for humans or anybody any reason is always inmensely selfish < really very opposed philosophies < the non vegan spirit is twisted sick wrong < the vegan soul is so right in every thing!  

If only this world was an utopia : full of only good creatures, who’d never abuse animals, so that what would happen is not that animals are abused by humans then are close to death, then recuperating, etc and week and suffer and then are fine and live a happy ong life but this : nobody abuse no animal, animal dont have to go through operations, suffering, they just live their long happy life caus wahts so frustrating about this is : the abuse, the unnecessary suffering, thanks so much for the few kind humans who give money, like those who gave in three days 30 000 dollars for patricks operation care woah souls o YAHWEH !!! amazing, thanks to everyone of you, you are true heroes, you’re existences are worth so much, you’re not like most humans who are no use as wht they do is killing animals not saving animals, what you all did was saving Patrick the miracle dog, such an inspiration! Such a lesson for everybody on earth! And for the weakest sickest creatures / thanks you so much, you all will have very good paces in Heaven, GOD told you all to give that money thank you so much!! Lets all take this example and let’s all do the same!! Give money !!! thank YOU so much YAHWEH for deciding to let PATRICK live ! that’s so kind of YOU! Thanks YOU do this only in a few cases, not every dog who’s close to death survives / all those are miracles form YOU YAWEH, MIMA, PATRICK, FAITH, rest in peace baby / thanks so much for letting them  live , may YOU be blessed YAHWEH forever / You’re the best, best than any human /

Sep 25 14

We have to seriously think of the consequences of our actions for it can be really serious and we could regret this til we go away / humans got a baby animal who is disabled / they were born that :way / the parents think it sucks to have a disabled creature, its too much dull so too much trouble so it’s better to murder them / its lack of love it seems / lack of empathy for a living creature / WHO KNOWS WHAT IS it / so the animal is put down the very same day they came to this world / they should have imagined the future / that those creatures wanting to live, thinking bout them, more than about – I – and think they would’ve loved life tot eh fullest, enjoy it very much and that’s so cruel to take a lie away just because we don’t want to be bothered with taking care of a sick animal which is after all not that much work when it’s an animal who got two legs for they can walk / we can teach them and then as non humans are so smart, they learn very fast when you tell them to get up, not to be lied down on their stomach for dragging themselves on it will damage it and will produce them serious health problems / a wound / so the parents have to tell the animals to get up on their back legs if they don’t have their front legs , as a bipede and then in a few days they’re able to walk like any biped / so they can live like this like FAITH / so thanks so much to faith parents for they have given you dearest FAITH a long and very wonderful existence for if your former parents had put you down you’d had live a few miserable hours or minutes! If they’d have put you to sleep the day you were born so we can’t just like that take a life away we cant!!! Just for a disability as we don’t do that to people why do we think we got the right to do that to non humans / we can’t give steal a gift that YAHWEH gave to animals / so thanks for restoring this gift to FAITH, thanks for all the humans who decided not to kill their disabled animals or animals born with disabilities / thanks so much to you all for thanks to you the animals didn’t have a minuscule life of a few minutes but a life of one decade or more!!! That’s so kind of you all / for we have to think: future / when we pretend w are YOU YAHWEH : I cant do this, I cant kill them / I’m not YAHWEH!! Think future think what if the vet put her him to sleep now but she he could’ve lived without too much health issues for more than ten years ? I d be a murderer / we really got to think in the long term / for if FAITH and others could ‘ve lived with terrible disabilities, why all the others who are like FAITH aren’t maintained alive so that they too got the opportunity to live a long happy existence / thanks so much YAHWEH / that’s a miracle / YOU’re doing everything everywhere don’t know how to say, YOU’re everywhere, YOU know everything / You decide everything on us mere puppets of YOU YAHWEH mere mortals / So YOU wanted FAITH to live / that’s what YOU wanted for her specifically/ for others, unfortunately YOU decided for them to go to heaven very soon, others who had accidents or who were born with diseases etc who went away at any age for any kind of trouble, abuse, illnesses etc / but for FAITH You didn’t chose death but life! Thank YOU so dear GOD / Thank You for each and every day YOU offered to FAITH and all the animals in this planet who have two legs , three legs etc / thanks so much for every second, every day of life YOU offered them and to FAITH for its incredible, its such a miracle, not one plenty! One miracle per second! For anybody could have thought that poor baby would have lasted what three weeks ? maybe two months at the maximum but no, 11 years!!! This is incredible / many would have thought the animal is too week, too sick, that this disability brings them many many other troubles to other parts to their bodies because of this disability / and that they’d have been extremely ill, week all the time, their families always holding them, them never being able to walk, always with a very low mood, always sad, always like a dying creature / so after a few months or weeks of extremely miserable life the parents would have taken them to the vet for them to go to be with YOU YAWEH but no , incredibly, but true, YOU lived very healthy / You could walk , it’s a huge miracle !!! you could have lived 3 years maybe 5 or less way less time but you lived so many years!!! Thanks so much, that’s a lesson for all the animals, all the people of this planet: never give up!!! Hang up on life, never wish to die, when something terrible happens to your bodies, don’t worry, you’ll win this fight, you’ll  get through, you’ll be ok ! it don’t matter how serious is your disease, disability, whether you have to live with it ever since you came to earth or that you suddenly had it at any moment of your life at any age / don’t matter animals, humans, be strong!!: GOD’s with you all and is taking care of you but never give up / always keep the faith like FAITH /

sep 25 14

if you love your family and they're all evil = indoctrination < if you love all the members of your family for they're famiyl < indoctriantion < if you voe all your relatives, some are evil, some are good < indoctrination < if you love all your 79 relatives and 3 of them are good < indoctrination < if you lvoe all your relatives for they're nice < no indoctrination < if you love the kind relatives and dislike all the unkind relatives < no indoctirnation etc < so lets face it its better to love some humans you never even met and are so nice and have a very nice heart and you met them on the comp, never physically but it dont matter, physical stuff so meeting them on the comp is great its the same as meeting them physically for on the comp they're kind and in phsycial world too and on the comp they speak writting, in ife, they speak etc so it dont matter if we never met them in person < what matters is that if you meet humans on the comp for instance and are so kind and some members of your family are evil bastards and you adore them then you'd be really not objective and so abetit ?? and blinded by the indoctrination, and if you met some evil bastards who're non relatives and you dislike them / so you can love those non relatives really way more , wether you met them pshyciscally or no for you know their souls, their heart , you know they have more pure heart than some relatives of yours who are evim imbeciles / you know that those relatives have your blood and you disown them / for they're acting too badly with you and have been too cruel with you, they never behaved as relatives but as inhumanes with you, they abused your head and your body / you could never love them , they're dead to you so its so cool that some human beings disown their evil relatives for they're out of the relatives indoctrination, they never had that indocttrination inside of them / they always knew this super cool philosphy which is you must love humans when they're kind, only this , focusing on this:humans , not on this : relatives / you most love them for they are good , only focusing on this : good / not on this : blood / so / we must not see them as the detaisl relatives, not relatives , strangers, women, man etc but as this : humans , alway thinking general so when we love humans from our family its caus they're humans, in our heads they're not family they're humans so we love them caus thse humans are kind / thsoe non relatives we see them as humans, not as non reatives, we love them caus theyre kin, we dont love hem caus they're wicked, not caus they're non relatives / those friends we love them caus they're kind, we dont see them as friends but as humans, all this is equality, fairness or treatment and consideration justice / so this is not a against family philosophy which disown every single relative for no reaosn , no this is a philosohpy which says you got to disown all your relatives who are immoral , and wicked , not those who are kind, so this is not beign against the family this is being agaisnt the indoctirnation ove of the family for its not right, its inmensely imbecile , is nonsense and it shouldnt exist / we should live in a planet where this indoctrination had never been invented so peope would see everyone the sme and not family above all / caus its love for the obigation, of the blinded mind, which is irrational so takes bad decisions,c razy ideas etc its not an objective love of seeing the human for what is it , a human, not for what detail it supossedly is, so is not : a relative , so its being fair so that indoctrination destroys the brans for it dont let us be free, fair,    think for oruselves, but think as sheep / thats like region fanatism, nation fanatism, al for the reigon / nation ! all for the relatives! being able to kill for relatives not caus they're awesomely kind but caus they're blood! and then not being able for soembody so generous in our ives for they are not blood!

alguién tiene pelo casi crane rasé y rojo no lo entendemos que no tenemos que juzgarles porque todos tenemos pura excremeento vomito saliva en la cabeza pura soncera porque no entendemos que tene pelo roso casi no tele pelo humano de sexo fememnino y qué ?, no es una historia grande, no es ningun escandalo  sin embargo o hacemos un historia grande por nuestra taradez , es un escandalo por nuestra taradez ; alguién qué borrega,s como cuando todos le ven a los que sona cusados de robar una tienda, porqué no tene vidas!!! na to patéticos! porqué podrian ni siquiera voltear lso craneos seguir caminando, no !!! claro que no! tene que deternerse pa ver! como no! tarados somso , todos os habitantes de to os planetas menos las perosna sno humanas terraqueas

may the 2nd 2014

this world is tremendously superficial . too much unGODly sex = prostitution, fornication , accentuated by the box and the theater : humans who change partner as they clean their rodent's cage , humans who have sex with humans they don't love, humans who have sex with several humans got several msitresses and lovers . humans who dehave thanks to that box because of watching a lot of it, acting like the women humans on these tv series and movies, seducing vulgarly, dressing with a ver short and trashy get-up, because identifying themselves to the actresses of this shows like six in blossom, buffy the vampie slayer and she was in high scooll!!! with teachers, and many kids her age, . so young kids dress that way and behave that way not to get a boyfriend but to have sex and with somebody who didn't fall in love wiht their brains, and souls but with thie reartly bodies because they provoked it, they were the ones who wanted to make these vuglar moves wile they dance, walk, and  having these get ups . plus the kind of sex illuminati do but tonnes of non illuminati do this, plus swapping,  debauchery, many humans go to striptease clubs and many devils den , having in a single year many companions, plus fashion obsession, plus food obsession, all the superfiicla eartly obessions, all this that make our brains, beigns be full of trivial pursuits , instead of philosophy o YOU GOD . so it's cool that as oten as we can we go millions of ilometers from this and do profound reasoning on essential matters like life on the universe and on earth, like thinking about YOU GOD, and about Your Laws, ask ourselves if we love them, agree with them, should or should not agree , think about life on other planets, on healing the earth and things we should care about that we don't . go really the opposite of this world, not following the trend of supperficialoty which is so trendy right now . which is act like prostitutes, think about fashion 24/7, send all your time buying ewels, shoes, handbags, clothing, have plenty of palstic surgery to be so beuatiful as your fav celebs, etc . instead reading books , have philosophical debates, so being nonconformists as doing these activities is the aboslute opposite of what most of the humans so the sheep are doing right now . and doing what the littlebrianwashed-non sheep are doing isntead. and just create our own trend, be free spirited, using our brains even though we feel as half-wits . its better to think when we're non rocket scientists than being non rocket scientists + not trying . at least we make the effort which is a positive point . this world is worse, al of this is the illuminati yelling us do like us prostitue yourselves, dream eat fashion! listen to satanic muzik , kill yourselves, and dance as demons wild beasts all day & night long! don't study, dink & drive= die! the illuminati are so telling us that through their cahotic trasy satanic existences+ music vids + tv and cocnerts performances yadi yadi yada . most humans dont get it dont see it as if there was a bear in front of a human and the human'd like blind dont you see the bear there , no . thats how they see things , they dont see them . dont see the danger, the depravity of their famous idols, dont see the evilness of them evertime the see them, every moment, everyday, they breath evil , they do evil, these famous living beings . viewers, fans dont get that . as if they had been put a spell on them so they could not see the obvious evil . so they'll want to act as their famous 'gods' and x godesses ù . as there not scared, dont feel like theres a danger to their souls and to their eternal existences after this one . they dont see why to be cautious . they're being attrated to lucifer, through the itnermediary of celebs . they dont realize how much this means this is huge . this is hugger, more serious than anthing else they could ever experience . and they see it as slight stuff . they lost their sight definitely + mental faculties . that's the result of the spell . is this just an image or a spell for real . a spell for real posibly . yes coz it seems magic is not only being with the being you want to put a spell on but you can be millions o kilometers or put mentally a spell . or through the xx box ùù . or through the computer through whatever as lucifer's so strong . even through nothing maybe . just with the mind or soul or whateva .

oc 1 14

family blood sucks big time / real family is the creatures who want to be in your life and who love you and you wnt to be part of their existences, you love them to bits / that is family / friends = family / blood = the void / a stupid little liquid cant make a family / the love makes a family / for vegans love non humans who dont have the same blood than humans and they perceive them as their relatives / they love their non humane relative as much as the giant part of the indoctrinated humanity loves their blood related family / the idiotic idea of blood = love non blood = not love means is a so called X family x is totally difonctional, ahte between the blood related creatures in it and you got friends from any speicies, not yours+yours, who love you to bits and whom you love to bits, whom you respect, whom respect you and your so called @ true @ blood related relatives treat you like animals , they just have despise for you nothing ese , they think you're a eirdo, they neglect you morally, they pretend you dont exist, they hate your company, they never write to you, talk to you e, they're ashamed of you, they wish isntead of you they had another bro, grandpa, cousin etc you love your blood related relatives more than your non blood related relatives whch are your best friends, from the two earthly speicies : non humanes & humans ? that is a total nonsense / of course you dont fele a thing for your blood related 'family' so you love more your friends, your friends aren't your friends, they are youtr blood related family , in your soul, thats what they are / but blood, race and thigns like this are such nonsense that really it makes no sense to use things in a conversation like ' blood related( , - race( etc also humane family, non huane family, humane brothers and sisters, non humane sisters & brothers etc it dont mean a thing for the details are non important always and that cool phisolophy is not enter into details / speak think always impartially so the thing is to say : our family, not to mention the futie details of humane and non humane / there is no difference, there is not two spieces / there is one / there is no kid, old, men, women,  brown, black / all futile details coming from a very lousy earthly human philosophy

july 25 2014

it sucks to be nationalist its a little bit less storng brainwashing and less closed minded than being racealist caus here its a matter of living in the same nation not having the same races :: but it sucks too for it means when there was a disaster like earthquake, plane crash they say the whole nation is mourning : this makes no sense & is seing a little circle isntead of a huge one for its thinking we are from one nation we are close to all its inhabitants even though we dont know them so if somethign happens to them the whole nation is in shock , it divides, its groups, its evil :: it should be the group : of all the inhabitants of the earth, it means the nation cares about the dead humans from its nation, so the humans from all other nations shouldn't care about them for they are from differention ' nations' ? if the oens dead in the plane crash, earthquake etc were from their nation they should care ? absurd , YAHWEH You desire all Your people to be united, You are agianst small unions, groups, You want just one so its bad there are so many of them for being united to one's group means despising the other groups or feeling way less close, not close at all to the others so all the ones form nation exemple indonesia are mourning the deads from their naiton means the rest of the earth dont feel cocnerned, isnt devastated, all the humans of the earth should be mourning l caus YAHWEH this idea is anti human , its not generous, it means you close your hearts to all those who aint got your nationality , dont live in the nation you live in bb humans from other nations than one's nation are as much humans, deserve as much compassion, help, love than humans from one's nation vv brainwashing of feeling patriotic, loving the inhabitants of ones nation+ ones nation , kinda despising ? the other nations, and their inhabitants hh YAHWEH You want an union of all Your kids, so You may want all Your kids to feel itnerested, sad, pray, not just the inhabitants of the nation where the tragedy happened ) for instance if humans have disappered , anyone of the earth should pray, not just those living in that nation , they should not think i dont care wether they find them or not, caus they dont live there or havent got that nationality, nonsense tt they only ask the ones living in that country to pray, to be preoccupied , ot talk about this ect this is not right

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A Treatise of Human Nature

philosopher David Hume first published A Treatise of Human Nature in 1739. Introducing the experimental Method of Reasoning into Moral Subjects. Touching on understanding, human cognition, skepticism, passions and morals. "Nothing is more usual and more natural for those, who pretend to discover anything new to the world in philosophy and the sciences, than to insinuate the praises of their own systems, by decrying all those, which have been advanced before them. And indeed were they content with lamenting that ignorance, which we still lie under in the most important questions, that can come before the tribunal of human reason, there are few, who have an acquaintance with the sciences, that would not readily agree with them. It is easy for one of judgment and learning, to perceive the weak foundation even of those systems, which have obtained the greatest credit, and have carried their pretensions highest to accurate and profound reasoning. Principles taken upon trust, consequences lamely deduced from them, want of coherence in the parts, and of evidence in the whole, these are everywhere to be met with in the systems of the most eminent philosophers, and seem to have drawn disgrace upon philosophy itself."

Philosophy & Science of Human Nature pairs central texts from Western philosophical Happiness and Flourishing; Morality and Justice; Political Legitimacy and Social Structures.

1 march 2014

brainwahsing when tv shows and life humans say who put you in charge of the world because theyre upset because they dont humans to help them or their friends . they exaggerate they arent trying to help the word,, just a few lost souls thats all £ but they dotn like to get helped or that beigns they love get helped £ so paradoxal £ it dont make sense how come anyone hate help , they should be happy au contraire £ some complain because nobody helps and others because some wanna help £ contradictoirous?? world . thats so egotist so brainwashing £ thats saying dont help no soul, dont help the world, dont save it £ care about you you you only and everyone care about you only saying who put you in charge of the world £ how could some humans be so ingrat ?? and beeing incapable of udnerstand what help is and mix that with evilness or something £ thats not good thats the braiwahsing of me myself and i and help you thats all and never care about anyone, prpetend they dont exist £ so yep everyone could be in chage of some lives, animals, humans, or try to hel the world, even better £ both ; helping those they dont know but ar ein the same place than them and those they know , even hardly £ and the world, so how to say bigger pictur ebecause here its animals humans from all over the world far, from everywhere so its not those they know so helping thsoe they dont know far, those they dont know, very close, those they know, and well, those the know bad, those they know and dont like and those they know and like £ they dont  like animals they msut help animals etc

august 27 2014

those who go to irak to save lives are awesome YAHWEH's souls : they dont think im from jjj they're from irka i dont help you, im white you're wronws i dont help, you're crhsitians im atheist you dont deserve my help, youre not my relatives, you dont deserve my help they just help caus they got open hearts,open spirits , GOD belss you you are amazing!! if you didnt go to do humanitarian work, go to feed those poor creatures, they'd die without you, you are angels!!! thats whats amazing about veryf ew humans : they got a strong sense of solidarity ,whever theres a tragedy you can be sure they're always gonna be human humans wholl be there for you, theyll never let you down ! unfortunately thats not liek 99 % of the human race but at least its more than none! you are very important, without your help, those creatures could never find food, watern, medicine, covers, nothing! they'd die! so you are really life saviors thanks so much for all the lives you saved+ all those you'll save til you die! thats your mission in this existence, your goal, your dream: saving as much humans or animals you can!well thats the best dream you could ever have! others have more ego centered, dreams like being a singer, having kids, having sex all the tie with as many creatures as they can, etc! you dont have those futile type o dreams! you got veyr philosophical, very altrusitic dreams! saving lives! you really are from YAHWEH!

au 12 2014

thats the reason why animals you're the coolest the most opened minded ones you are the best for you dont discriminate creatures because of their cultures, languages, arent one of your relatives, dont speak the same language, havent got the same color of skin etc you are fair ! you dont care about that in your country they have some dances those dances are the best of the earht, your continent s the best, your language s the best, other countries speak your language but your accents + expressions are the best, your genders the best, your age, your name, you say my urugay as if its only yours, not of all the inhabitants of the earth, this mentality  not only make mankind be very untolerant, sectarian but also very self centered ; its inuslting cause when 'stranger's which is kind of an insulting term, live in one nation and havent got the origins of that nation they say ' that people' as if it was not from the human race ,thats unfair, when all the humans will die they'll have the feeling all of this dont matter, is evil and is a sin, only then will they udnerstand this caus here theyre way too brainwashed, most wont understand this ! in the afterlife they d know they have given importance to categories and created them when its posible they should never have invented them for they are the void, they are senseless, pejorative, insulting to other human beings ! everybody should be welcomed, why is there a european union? so that all thsoe nations feel the same, feem one big family, not one nation from euope against another nation from europe, as if there as no frontier , one country = europe but no, this is not happening, too much divisions, the same goes fror all so called continents ! all thise dead humans ll be in heaven and they ll see that there is not the earth mentality of giving importance to categories + creating despising categories, as on earth its : worshipping ones culture, language, gender, family, etc in heaven its worshipping YAHWEH , no worshipping or adoration of anything earthly ! divisons , dont matter what type of divisions, all divisions are dangerous, against YOUR principles YAHWEH ! thats why YOU may not like that we do such a fuss about meeting out of 'our' 'nation' humans from our nation , they+us live out of our 'nation', we make such a fuss about compettiions whith our country against many others, we wish our coutnry wins, we make a fuss about our dances, food, landscape, everything from 'us', this could mean we re self centered ! all this means: venerating our categories, we make such a fuss about our last name, despising all those who havent got our last name+blood, adopted = sucks! false member of 'my' 'family' family is the void, the real family is all YAHWEHs creatures ! humans worship all these categoreis as if these things were extremely impotant, this is from the enemy, this has no improtance whatsoever and when the body leaves the soul, then we'll see the truth, caus theres no way we think like this in heaven this be like a circus! a scandal ! all our divisiosn and despise caus everyone on earth cant be adn isnt from our stupid lil categories, it means well keep with our hatred in heaven ! imposible! YAHWEH wont allow this ! lets change ! lets not care about stupid lil details ! the earth is a melting pot of minds+ phisical bodies, so what, dont mean we gotta create categories put out of them many creatures & desdain all of them ! we all are diferent caus there is not one language one family one race one everythign but plenty, humans translated that into : hatred,divisions, superiority of ones family over all the others, one language, one culture, one gender over all he others as theyre the men who despsie women, women who despise men, humans from some origins who despise the humans from other origins, humans from one 'family' who despise all the humans out of this family ! ll this is dub and earthly ! if only we could see life as those whore in heaven ! with no division ! it was asy fro the enemy to divide YAHWEH's people for we're so dumb ! so even if he hadnt intervened, we'd have divided ourselves anyway ! caus we are easily had, our brains are easily controlable, were puppets, its hard to beleive we got brains ! we couldnt listen to YAHWEH telling us be united but we could listen to the enemy who told us those divisions arent evil, arnet divisions, they are veyr pacifists stuff, very wicked stuff ! lies !

otober 14 2014

you're sweet, theres nothing wrong with a little human kindness £ 6 what do you think this is ? little house on the prairie ? - i mean this is high school, this is hell - youre a descent person with real moral values, life is gonna eat you alive £ BBB it sucks for it means dont be kind caus you dont wanna sufer so be mean so others are kind to you, dont be kind caus others are gonna be aweful to you so me me me again, in the choice btween my hapiness an tranuility and moral values, they choose my my my hapienss and stuff for they just throw their moral values in the garbage! the good humans gone evil , just renoucned in everything they believed in just because they want their tgreat ives, their joy, so egocentricity as always

au 20 14

its obvious the evil one invented all these division which are nonsenses and dumb caus its a matter of blood, its incredible that some can love friends caus they have 0 percent of blood in common, they're so superficial that if somebody is 1 % of their family, somebody else 76 % , they love more the relative who is 76 percent from their blood - why do they car eits ujust something in the body, the body dont matter, family dont matter to YOU YAWH aint it? it seems it deosnt cause YOU care about spiritual things like trating equally in our hearts everyone, so as the family thing is sectarian YOU definitely dont like this it seems u all these divisions of despising without noticiing, others because they dont have the same tastes, handicapped, hobbies, families, nations, ages, races, mentalities, cultures, ect than us is from the evil one it seems cause YOU cant have created these stuff to divide us YAHWEH but him t cause YOU wish us to see all the others as us, as if the handicapped was like us, non handicapped, the non family creautre was like one of our relative, the brown one was like the white one etc just all the same t but we may dont know this but we desdain them caus we cant stand the fact they come from another 'continent', or 'family' than us, it aint their fault!!! we cant blame them cause its destiny, two humans making love and having a baby, we cant blame them they are just the result of this, not the two humans who had sex, so we cant blame them for being two humans from some other family and to tell them why werent you from my family like my uncles so that that progeniture would have been my cousin t we cant hate the whole earth cause they are form tonnes of other families than ours its nonsense we are sick in the heads y of course its from the enemy, if we didnt see all these divisions, we wouldnt care about who looks not like us caus from another family or race, those are from another age than us, another way of thinking etc cause we d love them with their differences, a smuch as those like us t maybe thats why were so in the relatives endcotrinations : because they phisically look like us and we despise humans who dont look like us , it dont make sense because many humans from different families physically look alike and their faces look alike t its weird to love those who physically look alike, they wish to be clones , twins ?

we wil expose the new world order, we will expose the global prime, the rockerfeller,the rotchilds,  the queen of the netherlands, to all the queens, we' are telling you, you are not our queens, you are not our kings, you're not our gods, we do not belong to you, w  are not your slave we are here telling you we will resist the new world order, we will defeat the world government, the 21st is gona be another century, not a century of slavery, not a century of lies, of clasism, the trth is out there in front of you but they lay out this buffet of lies, we're sik of it

18 au 2014

She was a brilliant, beautiful souled, and ballsy woman who will be missed deeply by all those who knew her. Send your loving thoughts her way in the universe. She ended her time in this Life with the style and poetry that she lived all the days previous, crossing over while held in the arms of her closest and dearest. No words can encapsulate the unwaivering strength she provided, adversities she overcame, the talents she possessed & nurtured, the sharpness of her wit nor the beautiful complexity of her intellect. We are so thankful for her influence & the gift of her friendship.All proceeds of the benefit and donations made will go to relieve the burden of their fight against cancer.

15 au 14

this is so unfair when animals or humans who were healthy become blind, deaf, caus of ill tratment, and both, its even worse than if they 'only- becam blind or only deaf , YOU wanted this YAHWEH? to give animals and humans a lesson? we dont get YOU YAHWEH , really if YOU had made them born that way, ok , the n YOU may have wanted that unless its 'them' with their toxic products in the air, food ect who wwould make animal persons, humans persons to be born blind+deaf+ unable to speak, its a nightmar,e it is a life? no contact with the world around them, nothing, the body is perfectly healthy, the only porblme is they cant see, hear, you cant speak with other naimals, humans, you can know if theyres animals, people there with you, you just feel them caressing you if you're an animal, you ant see the paysage, where you are, the animals, the humans, youcant see anything, you can just think in your head, you just have a contact with yourself and thoughts  caus you cant speak to the other animals like you or human people like you , thats so horrible caus seeing, and communcating is so improtant isnt it? its worse when its caus humans abused the animals or humans caus its so tragic, so unfiar: they were born very well, eveyrthing ok, then humans do something to the, hit them in the head, and the poor defenseless animal creatures or human creatures become deaf+ blind, two horrible stuff!!! if only they could see not hear or hear and not see but both !!!! this is too much ( do we have to keep them alive these animals and humans, YAHWEH what do YOU want us to do? or do we have to euthanize them?
all of you animals+humans from the earht, thank YAHWEH for giving you all loved ones who can hear & see, pray YAHWEH so that your loved ones & yourselves never become blind or deaf or both caus at least humans can udnerstand what happned: an accident, or an abuse but the non humans do you understand? you msut be going nuts in your heads poor darlings, so confused, panicked, traumatized, terrified, you must be asking yourselves so many questions, you were normal able to see the wold, somebody hit you, then you pass out then you wake up and nothing !!! no sound, no view, you are so scared, poor you!!! just caus a loony heartless onster wanted to hit you in the brain, the brain is so fragile, we can consider ourselves very 'fortunate- very blessed by YOU YAHWEH caus YOU protected so many of our animals, humans + ourselves from this nightmare of abuse or accidents caus all of us animals people and human people can see, hear, we are fine, well always be thnks to YOU YAHWEH thanks so much !!! thats so depressing, whats the point in living that way ? animals you're so clever, you must have guessed what has happened to you, you just can feel humans caressing you, holding you but you must be so scared all the time caus its like somebody hiding behind a door and doing 'ohhhh!! ' and the person yells caus he she's scared so thats kinda like that for you animals : you cant see nor hear so suddenly a human puts you in a car, on their knees, in their bed etc , you are scared by that as you didnt know there was somebody ther,e you dont even know who it is if you got several loved ones, is it your mom, dad, sister etc you cant even see he other non humans, play with them as you cant see where you are, the toys, nothing, you eat but you dont even see the food oh YAHWEH please!!! make that non illuminati scientifists do something, its posible, everything is!!! its 2014!!! they can replace your eyes by eyes which se,e fabricate eyes exactly like yours, or put out dead animals or humans and put them in your head, they cna do something for your ears caus it seems not very important the eyes, the ears but it is, at least for you animals, us vegans, if this was posible we'd tell YOU YAWEH that YOU give our eyes, ears to those poor animals and we remain blind and deaf, we wouldnt feel sorry for ourselves, sad, or frustrated at all, we love you non humans more than ourselves so this wouldnt be  sacrifice at all, but an act of love,, living in darkness+silence 24 seven til you die but the worst really is : when somebody provoked destiny, its so much worse, so much more sadness, compasison, so much more frustration for you dear family than when you were born that way; its so possible to do stuff like that with science : its posible to make creatures half humans, half animals, its psoible to clone sheep, maybe humans, its posible to go back in time, time travel, so this must be a peice of cake,!!! lets all pray YAHWEH so that YOU make this posible to make the blind deaf see and hear, throught Christ, amen ,, very dififcult methaphysical philosophical question, do we got to live, no matter what ? these animals and humans are depressed, have no hapines,s nothing in their lives, nothign positive, why live in these conditions? do they enjoy their existences? being confined into silence and darkness against their will , even worse those animals and humans who cant speak, blind+deaf+dumb ;this is the worst!!! caus life is about contact with others right ? others you love but if you are deaf and blind, you cant talk to them or if you dont wish to talk, dont like that, at least lsitening to them, but you cant, even if the aniamls or humans can speak, it has no use as they cant have an answer, even if the animal or human speaks, the deaf+blind animals or humans cant hear so theyd feel like they alking to themselves ; poor creatures, its incredible caus normally one thinks w have to put to sleep those who are physically extremely unhealthy, but the blind+deafs have no hearth diseases, or they can walk perfectly, they can eat normally, etc so should we take them to see YOU YAHWEH ?

sep 1 2014

we say we want YOU YAHWEH to put the sinners like animal murderers ,human murderers etc to hell caus we dont accept to forgive them;what if it was us? we dont want to pray for them who're in purgutory,we dont want YOU YAHWEH to have mercy of them,if it was us,the enormous sinners,we'd think differently ,we'd want YOU to have mercy os un so double standards, brainwashing of me me me is way more important than anybody ; that is bad; so if we were the monster who did extremely serious offenses to YOU YAHWEH? YOur kids, we'd beg for YOU to firgve us+ for humans to pray for us, if we were on earth or in prugatory so lets show the same compassion to them that we'd want everyone to show to us caus if we did kinda similar sin, of the same amounf of grade, number,percentge or whatever ,we'd really wouldnt enjoy the idea of being in hell for eternity so why would they go and not us ? not caus we were better than them but lets pretend we were like them, animal rappists,animal killers etc; we'd really want to be forgiven and the posibilty of entering the Heavens so we d think we deserve heaven and them hell just caus as usual in our odd human minds me deserves better than everyone just caus me is me, my life, my being: if me was not me but another than me whos another wouldnt care about me going to hell as me wouldnt be me anymore so its like similiar sinners earthly existences but different destinies;unfair, non rational, we must be at all times impartial , dont matter if its our onw being or a being we love or anyone stranger we hear about or see on tv, if we deserve YOUR forgiveness YAHWEH they them too, if what they did is exactly the same or as barbaric as what we did : we d never want anyone to have zero compasison for us, wed alays want them to be as compassionate as possible for every single sin we made, whatever the dimensions of it so or nobody deserves compasison or everyone; obviously almost everyone deserves it, many chances not just a second one, etc from their human family+ from YOU YAHWEH

se 7 14

life is funny! we pray for YOU to not send the evil creatures to hell, + those who ar ein purgatory but lets be honnest here, we hated so much several creatures on the earth for they were so mean and whe deserved them so many times evil stuff, we could never forgive them and now we pray for them all + all the sinners, the means of the earth , we are hypocrites arent we ? we never wished them any good, au contraire, we maybe have wished for them to go to hell, but we feel sorry l our conscience l we got pity on them l  we regret thinking that but we still think that l how could we pray for all the evil jerks we've known+ all thsoe like them from all around the earth we dont know, how can we pray for their hapiness, their eternal life in heaven if deep down we wish them to be in hell ? please forgive us, caus its not like we liekd some stuff about them, and dislikes others l we hated everything about them, like when you've eprsonally known trappers, a hunter, a butcher, a slaughterhouse employees  , bullfighters, seal hunters etc and you are a vegan l now you wish your dear brother??!! eternal life ? ya right, thats so hard, please YAHWEH help us to be better, to firgive all the most evils on the earth, even those never met, but we know the ones we know got many twins of spirit, many from their categories or not in the same one but very similar to those ones, so please we hate them even not knowing them, or just hearing from some of them on the itnernet like when you read an article about someone who burried alive his dog, you never met him, you just know he's a 'humlan ebing' afrom the same planet than you but you dont know him eprsonally and you hate him for the few stuff you kno about him that is : he s an animal murderer j so please please!!!!! YAHWEH make us stop being so judgemental, so hard on that part of the fmily of ours thats so wicked, please make us love them, forgive them, wish them heavens caus if we keep on thinking we wish we could kill them, or they could have cancer ect we are ebing as morons as them and we are ebing with the enemy

we cant call retards those who are, those who do evil stuff like throwing stuff on the ground in the streets, alright then we must call them wonferuful heroes who are so nice to destroy the earth , the environment of all the streets of this planet ? thank you so much for beign such idiots , for not using the bins ??

It's redundant because humans are animals and some people can't get it into their thick skulls that's in some sense we are murdering out own Agree with the 1st and 3rd natural creatures. Will never side with Yahweh's damned Sodomite decendants! To side with the damned makes you as damned as them as well. Wouldn't hurt to think a little

noveber 2 2014

you don’t eat enough to fed a mice, you have to eat normally ,like a normal person
Reduce tummy h Earth get married together family! Don’t divorCe! Cataluna spain + Scotland united kingdom + quebec Canada etc etc etc!!!! Green advocate

nov 10 14

is peace on earth posible h probably not caus we love retarded evilness to much free evilness to be kind and as if everyone of us were kind or less evil or tryied to be kinder there d be peace on earth so as we dont wnana aprticipate to this , there wont be epace on earth h caus its not a atter of one as theres is not one idnvidual theres 7 billion so its obvious it cant be soe act to ake the world a better a palce and other dont, soe , thsoe who want do something to amke the world a better palce and does who dont wnant to do nothing to amke the worl a better plac e, ,, no caus there is no sense in thise, its ad to think of all the  billion some do soething to bring peace and others do everything to bring evil no caus its : all eah and every human on earth who have to do soething to ake the peace retunr everywhere on earth h its not noral if some want and some dont caus e are all in thos togeter and we are all from the same world and so its the reponsibility of all, not of some, not of 50 % of the worlds populaiton, not 22 percent not 80 percent etc but 100 peercnet hh tis too egotistic unfair mena inidffernt passiv etc etc etc to refuse to help bring peace on earth, its soethign that concerns all huan inhabitant so lets stop not carign not wanting to onvolucrarse , its evil its sin isnt it YAHWEH? because all should feel cocnerned beause it's a global matter c each and everyone of us are guilty of the contrary of epace that's on earth h so we are all responsible of the evil raingin on earth and of trying to undo the retard things us retards have done so we can't say its up to us to help or not to save the earth, its up to us , we hav the rgith to say no we wont help the peace or yep we will b caus we are all individually guilty of the destruciton of the animal race earth and huan race c so we 'd very very morons if we'd refuse to help the peace so become vegans h ienvironmentalists and humanists c its too retaded to feel innocent when we're guilty, and it eans we got giant egos h caus those who think they can tell f the environent f the world f our brethrens they lost it caus it meanswe can destroy the earth in our earth stay and then go to hell or the heavens having let the chaos because we lived in a very egocentric manner v caus we could have existed on earth and respected nature and everyone but we decided to annihilate everything everyone and then jsut die x and we cant we're wicked h we cant do what we wilt t this is the evil one's motto b we gotta live with rules we got to respect YAHWEH's rules which are we have to respect HIS creation x caus we think we have a right to kill every veggie and animal and human person everywhere we go til we are here on earth c no x that's why our retarded beings think we can do evil and then go x no , its prohibited by YAHWEH b so this means its obligated by YAHWEH to help all of us bring peace on earth b so there is no way nobody can decide they refuse to help bring peace on earth c bring peace on earth in any sense and in the sense of respecting every veggie and living creature , respecitng the whole earth c caus obviously if we live in a very egocentric manner killing any veggies and animals and people we are opposing to peace on earth, we are bringing the evil one and death and suffering on earth, we are contributing to destruction and to be ever farer fro the global peace v each and everyone of us who think we can buy whatever we want even if it ruders veggies and animals and humans x because we think tiny and we think me me i b caus we know the earth is liveable even if we murder not by urdering but with our actions, we know the air is sort of breatheable and that we can have a pretty good life if billions and oruselves destroy the earth ww we know its not gonna coe now c so we know that in decades at the hour of our death the earth will still be ok so we just care bout us, about the fact its kind of correct right now to live ehre so whats the point in helpng the peace or the environment the animals and humans genocides everywhere if we arent the oens genocide,s we arent the vegetable genocide but ohers so we dont see why we'd care and as we think tiny caus we dont think earth and future, we dont think about the generations of the future who will suffer from horrible quality of life, like in sciensie fiction like in the tv series the tribe, so scary, caus now its ok to live on earth but in centuries if we go on using what we use buying what we buy doing what we do it aint gonna be ok but horryfing but we dotn care we'd be dead for a long time so we think only about not even all the btrillions of creatures alive now but wwe just car about i i me , we dont care aall the generationsthat we live before the end of the earth, in 354 year,s in 878 years, in 235 years, no we dotn even think about the humans fro tis generation!!!! but t i i i + my loved ones ! thats hwy we are enormous jerks pieces of puke caus e are so ehartless narcissistic inensely selfihs caus each i who says i do what i want! i kill destroy wiht y actions if i want to! all of thsoe its not a one, lets neer think one, but those how many thousands illions only YAHWEH knows, all those tonnes who think that way caus we are tonnes ofretarded morons on earth, so all of us who say that we are a whole, we are not alone, so we are destroying it, so we sut not think that!!! if it was one human being ok but that horrible conditionning? mentality is of any humans everywhere in the earth

18 nov 2014

we editate caus the voice in the head thinks soething in response to soe question do you like do you think what do you think ect the voice wwe ehar it it says one thing we answer another one h hypocrit liars caus the real stuff we think we didnt say because we are shamd of our thoughts, criticsm towards others, or opinions that have nothing to do with them but its out of the norms os we'd just say the sheep stuff or its criticism so we'd answer with a compliment which is a lie b how coe if somebod in their skull ake a long reasoning and arent tired and stuff and if another huan tries to do that but with their vocal cords they get tired, double standard caus if its you who does the long analizis smentally its ok its not tiring for you annoying stressing etc but its its soembody else not mentally but with their throats its stressing boring etc why ? its not normal caus when someone does it in their head its not tiring to lsiten to the voice in their head but its veyr tiring annoying to lsiten to a voice outside their heads not their voice the voice of somebody else h its hard because you have to be veyr psycothic, like really lsiten to the voice in your head, but really really, its too hard to explian in what extent caus im too retarded like the hole huan race h its like trying to really pay attention to the voice in one's brain and try to listen to the very exact sentences and say them or write the h with no modification h to tell the reasoning to some others than oneself h but its funny and weird how we really dont get our brains dont cotnrol it caus when wwe try to write or say what the exact thoughts that are in direct in our brains we cant h we change it without doing it on pursose, its subconcient or something h we are too dumb because it seems those who are wrong had arguent they 'll always think they're the good ones, not the bad ones h they're the bad ones h they'll always think they're not imoral, not mean h yes they are h in those arguments they're the evil ones, the other is the good one h they're the one ho made the msitake they other did nothign bad h they deny this h do you think you're immoral ean a bastard a jerk h no im like a saint i a wonderful human h denial caus we're a retarded race+ caus we can’t help but think me i me is right always because of the stupid little retarded ego indoctrination h because it’s had been awesome if the indoctrination was < others, not < me so hat every time we'd think everyone but us is good, does everything good, never sinned etc just caus one is one , oneself is this one , one has his or her life, his her soul ,his her mind etc just caus of that , its oneself who's never immoral, never was mean to no one etc that’s too dumb h because it may be because we're too mean and stupid ignorants h because those who really had hardly nothing in our brains we know jack bout morals goodness good conduct etc so we really totally are ignorant about when anyone + their own self is bad good, evil , moral , that could be why they always are on the defensive defending themselves + because of the ego h those are the two main reasons h but if its ignorance+ profound stupidity then why some who are very educated+ very smart also disrespect a lot, are very dub in the arguments, saying always im right, you're wrong h i did nothing wrong to you, it’s your imagination etc h like h_ aggressively yelled at s3 h h_ were you unfair, mean immoral disrespectful h no, i had the perfect behavior, that other idiot made me talk like that h do you think yelling speaking aggressively is bad h no, in this case, my case, this story no h oh of course, double standard minded humans, if somebody else yells talk aggressively to somebody its bad but if an I talks aggressively yelling it’s alright h we just are too imbecile to get that the way we say stuff is just not right h they language, the tone, the eyes, the voice, yelling instead of talking, the physical conduct with violent arms, hands etc the stuff that are sort of like calumny because you say you did, said, this that h e distort what humans say making it look bad, making them look bad h we really suck our species h and that’s very unfair caus we’re the ones who’re wrong and mean , the other is the one who’s nice and right h so that’s so unfair we distort the situations the arguments in order to always seem to be the angel , the right, with no mistakes h that is wiser when we finally agree to accept we were the more immoral mean etc ones than the other h those who’re intelligent and very cultivated do this retarded thing too caus they’re retarded too but if they pretty well get all this why do they do as the dub ignorants h perhaps caus it’s a matter of not just knowing all this morals and getting it, but agreeing with it h having it in our souls and minds as lessons we really enjoy , we really believe in h perhaps it doesn’t have to do with intelligence and culture or yes it depends who knows h because some had less culture less understanding then in the future a little bit more culture+ understanding so now they are more moral fair good thanks to this new knowledge about morals h but others always had a lot of knowledge about this and understood it and still behave like huge jerks h so it’s because the love of oneself is too big, and the subconcient may know they’re mistaken but the conscious don’t h for our enormous pride will always ake the me seem better in all arguments h the me of course will always defend e its not logical but for the human mentality it is sadly h for if y and 4 are having an argument of course 4 won’t think h is right and h won’t think 4 is right for then it’s not an argument h so evidently h agrees with h and 4 with 4 @ caus it’s an argument, an argument is about disagreeing with each other h so as both can’t be wrong and both can’t be right that’s be so awesome a non conformist behavior in all mankind that’d be you know what 4 , you’re right , me h , a wrong, I such an idiot, please forgive e for yelling, distorting the facts, distorting your thoughts, accusing of stupid lil stuff that really aren’t that bad or that you thought something you didn’t, said soethign you said but I see it as another thing not as the thing you said etc please forgive me let’s stop arguing you’re 100 percent right ect no caus this would be humans who don’t exist on earth which are a species of humans completely free of egos, pride etc

nov 18 14

mankind we're so retarded but that vegan is awesome!!! what a brain! he spoke everything in his brain and fast and stuff and the journalist who's real stupid could not say a word caus he's right on absolutely everything he said! he's not just so compassionate he's also very intelligent ! wow its very rare to agree with everything somebody else's say!!! hes got aazing arguments ! thats geat how he used the tie, you know speak speak speka veyr qucikly so that you kind of try to brainwash as uch as you can the viewers, because if you're gon be like uh ... uh .. any silences, talking slowly then its useless caus they give you so little time to talk , really if we think vegan activists are terrorists than what an ego we got mentally retarded human race!!! caus the terrorists are us!!!! being very nice to the animals +saving animals= terrorists??? of course we're so mentally retarded + ignorants caus you dont need plenty of grey matter to get that, even 6 year olds you could ask the, they'd say of coruse not! wa a stupid question! anial saviors aren't terrorists! where we born with brains????? no!!!!! our ego ake us wow we are a disease really h our egoes tell us you, so yourself, you're the ebst, your dieas, the wy you live, all the content of your brain, and you're perfect ect and so if somebody else's has another type of thinking, eating, existance etc you're like they're orons, they're dumb, they're full of bull n n n , they are morons etc but no, its just the stupid ego caus you can't just think im wrong, or we're wrong they're right, no of course not!!! caus of this giant ego! so its always < im right, they're wrong, or those like me so us are right and they're wrong b so wow this human race we suck big gian enourmous tie , we're useless pieces of puke

nov 8 14

those pieces of poo humans why would they kill animals to live to eat if they dont deserve to lvie if YAHWEH YOu're going to send many of us to hell so we should not be killing if we're less than puke less than the toilet water h we should jsut die and that's all or at least if peices o toilet water sut lvie whats the point if theres a point in that if YOU want the to lvie YAHWEH at least that they lvie vegan or they lvie vegan or they die, thats logical and fair for the animals and the humans , its weird we have throats and food liquids go there how bizar

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july 31 2014

lets pray for all the depressed creatures of the earth, for all the ones who understand so well life how it truly is, that right now they're killing themselves ; please dont !!! you suffered here, you dont know what you'll expect in hell , please live , sisters brother, you dotn deserve hell, if you kill yourself you'll be there forever O what to tell you , to lie, to make you believe lifes's great, caus it really isnt ; extremely many creatures are suffering physically, mroally right now throughtout the earth, especially the abused, explotied, raped, mrudered ones OoO your brothers & sisters & your christian brothers & sisters are so sorry for you & wish you the best , no wonder many earthly creatures wanna end up their lives hH Yhaweh please make them see the tiny little positive stuff on life that could make them change their minds about killing themselves xXX you really have to have a true love for the animal species in order to want to spend your life saving them cc love is just love, its egoistic for its for I , but wanting to save the animals is for them, its altruistic so those who only "like' the animals 1 like them way less than they say it 2 are egoistic for they dont care about animal cruelty ,, those who love the animals+ wanna live their lives for saving them only are generous for what matters to them is more :saving them, protecting them than : loving them (( love alone is no use, love+ the will of saving lives is very useful ,, when you ltruly ove some type o creatures you are active : when you dont really love some type of creature and say you do so much , you are passive ¨¨ passive witnesseing the genocide, the ill treatment of the animal race = not really big love ¨when you try to be as active as posible witnesseing the animal cruelty+genocide ,you want to delete it of the earth, you want to try to resolve this issue, save them all , you truly love the animal race for love is always : refusing to let anyone touch ,hurt,those you love, you want respect for them, if you see anyone not respecting them,you're extremely mad,indignated, and you want to make justice : real love " those who maintain their love for the animals love them maybe :; less than one they pretend as they look passively the animla abuse and dont wish to join any animal defense group, dont have the dream since they were lil kids to save every animal of the earth hH it shows, you have to really care about some group of individuals to wanna stop any abuse done to them by human beings eT you dont want to stop the abuse, not even a tiny little bit, you only wanna watch as always , you dont care enough about them so all those who wanna save the animals & are becoming as active as they can for a cause of beings = really love those beings ( those who know well about many animal cruelties, watch, dont act, find this not important enough maybe to get off your butt and go & act, manifest do something!!! human beings who love so much the animals cant think : the animal defense isnt important, its irrational, you cant love them terribly & think that way , if saving the animals in order to stop humans from exploiting ,murdering them is not improtant to the humans who think they love them ùù so much ù ù then they love them way less than ù ù so much ùù no comparision : E = pretend they love the animals so much + are non vegans + would not like getting active, are a hudnred percent passive when it comes to animal + not interested in the animal cause  _ _ - M = love the animals so much + are vegans + animal rights defensors + so very much interested in everything which has to do with animal freedom & respect + do so much for them , to inform+save + bring home slaughterhouses animals, circuses animals, farm animals etc they saved + their one & only reason to live : saving all the animals from the abuse, stopping it, making it a thing of the past = _ E dont love the animals that much,can love them, a lil bit + M truly love the animal speicies x not posible to compare E & M for E is very distinct from M ; impossibl to say M = E for it means the passive one loves the animals veyr much, like the active one , the passive one is totally in love with the animals, like the one who is very much in love with them , no , they are not the same at all : M pove they love the animals for this : they're active ; E proves they dont care enough for the animals, contrarily to what they maintain for this reason: inactive + because of their ideas the one shows it kind of despises the animals they supposedly love, the other shows they got very much respect for the beings they so love E's idea : doing whatever with their lives, not living it helping the animla race ; M 's idea : doing whatever they can to save the animals, bring them rights so E
thats the stuff that shows the truth , who is telling it, who's confused ;; for comparing all the earthly passive non vegans + earthly active vegans just caus all of them say the same thing : we love the animals very much, dont mean they all do ; maybe some of them, the passive non vegans dont understand what love represents ' for nobody can posibly think the one who's living for the animals, and the one who doesn't have the same heart ffull of animals love, they dont even wanna do the same stuff of their existences , they cant have the same amount of love for the animal race cC who loves the animals, who do a lil bit : those who are vegans or wanna go vegan + wanna dedicate their lives to the animals rights = love very much the animals, all those who wanna dedicate their lives to any thing but the animals + hate veganism, will never wish of going vegan : love a lil bit the animlas kk you really have to have the animals in your soul, body to make the dream of defending them ;; you cant have this when you dream of anything else, when you wanna live like an animal eater :: they dont have the animals into their skin,

august 8 2014

i wish you all the best, hapiness for every day of your lives, for every birthday of the day YAHWEH made a miracle and made you exist, for everyday you werent mad, sad, for everyday you had fun with all the ones you cherish and love, for all your smiles, all your hapiness, all your moments of hapiness, lets give YAHWEH thanks : i wish you all to be very good, the best you can, very generous with the creatures of the earth, the needy animals, needy humans, ill treated animals, humans etc i wish you to be extremely happy, live very long, wish that none of your days are filled with anger, jealousy, stress, depression, frustrations, will of dying etc but filled with joy, laughter, fun, love for YAHWEH, for your family animals+humans ; lets all wish that to all the creatures of YAHWEH

AUGUST 28 2014

We're often thinkig about silly things, examples? ect we couldnt care less Jesus YOUR Son YAHWEH died on the cross!! its crazy! our priorities are the created world, the phyical stuff, please forgive us, we dont realize all this, we really ont do this on purpose! if we had wisdom, we wouldnt be at all this way but like religious creatures, please make us have spirtiuality, wisdom, make us like YOU YAHWEH! soldats : please stop murdering animals, accidentally+humans intentionnaly!please you all are sining against YAHWEH and YOU might send them to hell! please make Your children stop killing Your animals+Your People in Christ Jesus's name, amen

MARTIN LUTHER KING, JR.; "I hope to make people realize how totally helpless animals are, how dependent on us, trusting as a child must that we will be kind and take care of their needs...(They) are an obligation put on us, a responsibility we have no rights to neglect, nor to violate by cruelty...." - JAMES HARRIOT; "The greatness of a nation & its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated"

This photos are heartwrenching. vegans can't stand it. Abuse is the ultimate betrayal towards any living soul and is absolutely heartbreaking. You simply can not do such a horrific thing without it killing the best in you. Period. But in case there are any out there who couldn't care less about torturing animals - which says a lot about you, as well - then think on this: If you find people happily willing to hurt an animal in any way, they are actually finding a venue to act out their deepest, most inner evil fantasies of twisted sickness. There's nothing more revolting than that. Aside from this, it has been proven over and over again that people who have horrid intents with animals, get bored with them soon enough, ultimately leading them to bigger prey, moving up to people, in order to re-ignite and enhance the excitement that the torturing of animals used to provide. It's simply never enough. And do not forget, these horrendous monsters also end up raising their children in “the game”, breeding evil, little sickos to continue on "the trade"… no doubt causing abuse in every level of their lives, as well. It's just a revolting cycle that will never end until someone gets into it and breaks the heart-wrenching pattern. So, even if an animal is not of your utmost concern, then note that it will not stop there. It is just a start. And it is just a matter of time.guilt by omission is still guilt, As humans we can do better for each other and those whom with we share this beautiful planet.

humans are so discriminatory?? they make a law to prohibit smoking in the presence of humans whore 12 or less ; TO THEM it dont seem to matter that humans who are more than 12 get cancer and die form passive tabagism / such an injustice for each life has so much value than any life /

aug 11 2014

when we can't forgive humans, we hate them for being evil to living creatures, we don't know that we were bad too < they did bad to others+us, we did bad to others+the < we dont see this < when we say i hate you and i used to love you < we totally ignore all the nasty stuff we did, we totally ignore being bad to others < we see only what others did to others & us, we dont see the suffering we caused to others < does that mean we think we're almost perfect, with no fault, forgiveable ? we say to them we cant forgive them for what they did to us but we think we oubviously deserve their forgiveness for what we did to them < how peculiar < does that mean we got giant egoes ? we dotn have ego for creatures , we got egoes for ourselves < if we had egoes for them as if we were them, we'd find it easy to forgive them < they did evil, we did evil, why are we above all ? caus of our arrogance, our incapacity to judge all the same, us + all others < our incapacity to understand that they are forgiveable, we are too, they deserve love, us too, they did some bad & good, us too < for our own self its : i never did evil to no one, all tohers did evil to others+me me me < they should forgive I I shouldt forgive them < thats why with each and every human, when theyre's a altercation between two , the one finds faults in the other and vice verca the one which is me and the other which is me, me 1 thinks me1 has nothing to be blamed for, and me2 thinks me2 has nothing to be blamed for < only me1 blames me 2 and me2 blames me1 < very hard to make me1 think tis all me1's fautl and not the fault of the other and the same for me2 < why we put the blame on the other , whoever they are, when we fight with one, another, another etc always the other when the other is often a different human being < because for most humans , individually the c me c is usually the innocent one, it ain't true < the me can be in fault or innocent < so as the oen is me for him her self, is not me for the other but the other , we always tend to have this issue : we can't get rid of our ego and think i'm a loser, i am evil all the time, i've been evil all my lfie, i've been very bad, i don't deserve this life YOU give me YAHWEH , i dont deserve water, oxygene, shelter, food etc its all my fault, not the fault of anybody, be it c , m , a , p, etc its not their fault its mine etc < this would mean you don't have that much ego left < it is difficult to make this real < this is the contrary of our current situation , it's our human condition, can we help it ?

aug 11 2013

please do interesting vids!!! like you used to! please stop being mean, may YAHWEH forgive you for being so mean, you think you're perfect and the only perfect creature on earth ? the only perfect is YOU YAHWEH !!! just caus some humans spell bad, and so what they do what they want!!! just coz they write in an original non conformist way to be cool or against the sheep or just becoz they believe in the illuminati dont mean theyre mentaly retarded, how can you say this ? they can find their way home,!!!??, you make them sound as crayz, you are with 'them' now, it seems, for you are illogical : you are against of for the illuminati ? against, right, then why do you insult your own brothers and sisters whore lik you, against 'them ' ? you are unfair, disrespectful, when someone got wisdom if they got loads od knowlege + inteligence, they respect the stupid humans, they dont despise them for being stupid and incults caus its nt their faults its the human condition, society of the earth, law iq, they were born that way so please be like other clever humans who have friends or like or are married to stupid humans and respect them and see them as equals even though they know hardly nothing bout stuff from the earth and dont understand nothing about clever subjetcs

you are too rude, too hard on the human race n ok many humans are ginorants stupid but not crazy, often they fake suicides, and the famous humans didnt suicide , they were killed jonthan brandys ,david carradine, not everybody is a genius, human race is retard anyway, everyone so you forget all the intelligents hwo relaly are stupid, yourself ect and the lvies of all humans is really meaningless, whats to udnerstand ? you're agaisnt the illuminati and denoucne them and now you talk as if you thoguth they didnt exist, its clear robin was murdered by illuminatis, its better to know a lil bit about something than nothing n its great to analyse the human race as stupid, and stuff, caus we have to see the truth, not have huge egoes and stuff but lets be not too strict, we arent YOU YAHWEH, we are nothing comapred to you, and to judge others we gotta think im a piece of poo myself too, not just judge others but oruselves caus we are not superiro to others even when we're smarter than them, we still are tremeound jerks, tremendous sinners ect so dont give too hard lessons of morals to others caus it seems like you think you're better n some have brains which have dififuclty to leanr new information, udnerstnd stuff caus are too dumb so its hard for them to udnerstand illuminati tuff as its for very intelligent humans but at least they try to look for information , not like those who dont care, dont wanna read what their contact send them, dont wanna investigate for themselves, its better to be dumb and try to use our brains anyway than just be dumb and dont try to make our brains work , you can jugde them as what they are bastards, useless creatures, mentally retarded but do so being fair, not sarcastic mean etc please , caus saying wrong stuff because giving an analysis too good of humans or too bad, no, lets be objetcive, impartial, caus some judge syaing humans are wonderufl, kind, like perfect, others judge like only seeing the bad stuff in mankind, lets not think in aa binary view

15 aug 2014

its better to be unhappy and nice than happy and wicked : when asked if we think someone's nice , we cant answer: we are not in their hearts, we can't know if they are hypocrites pretending to be angels or really nice : we dont know if they seem to be nice and are evil or if they are evil and seem to be so nice : only YOU YHAWEH knows this , YOU know the real stuff which are in their hearts & souls caus with others they pretend to be what they are not : they dont want everyne to know who they truly are : malevolents caus it looks bad so they'd rather act like actresses & actors to look like angels with haloes always faking to be the kidest creature ever etc , but really inside of them they are just pretending, caus they're so nasty, so full of hatred, jealousy, wishing the worst to others, pretending to like them etc, they cant fake with YOU YAHWEH caus YOU understand the real stuff in their hearts, they cant lie to YOU : only to humans caus we're naive, dumb : we see things that arent there like when there's malice we see kindness : they had us : but YOU YAHWEH YOU hear everything in the hearts & minds, YOU know when Your kids are with the evil one: YOU'll punish them for all the ties they pretended to be those they ain't : kind creatures

20 sep 14

they re trying to brainwashing the viewers of television into thinking the world we have to do a thrid world war for they cant sotp day and night to endotirnate us with djihadists djihadists djihadists  trying to introduce that into our hezds and it ll work as we're so naive, imbeciles so they trying to make us think everywhere in the earth so called sjihadists so perhaps, satanists illuminatis are killing humans in the streets, anyone, just anyone they see, who's walking next to them or who're pshycisillay there in thir car,  a bench, doing their grocery shoping etc and what if the truth is that they arent arabs djyhadists but<iluminatis) so that the whole planet earth has a horrible image of the muslims arabs and so to give a horrfying iamage of the islamist state and so that the world thinks, ya of coruse, its nirmal, we have to make a thirld world war, there's no other solution < illuminati mind control !!! why a world war? caus death! earth depopulation ! how easy for them to manipulate us with all their cobweb , all so confusing caus with them its hard to get stuff as its always very tiwste,d its not just a simple stuff, its like a spide web, so its not easy like : they want to kille veryone, oh no to arrie to that you have to have thought a lot, find many stuff before coming t that, its not a simpe line A _______B oh  no its super complicated, caus they're too uch clever those -humans< too clever for us, so much more clever than us commum mortals you have to think : like this whoch will make that so that will make that thing go on so that so this so to arrive to the point b : the end of the stuff / but really its terribe thats whats going on right now, its no huge like a planet, realy caus its so obvious theres something fishy, its so obvoous they're doing this to make us wanna have a planetary war / its so clear that its not normal the world dont see it/ thats why those who get this its caus in their psychaitry they know whats true, they like the truth , of the universe and stuff like that, they wanan know the truth, they're seeking for it, they got the conspiracy theorist spirit but as this world is so dumb, too few got it / only those who got it get whats going on or at least try to and at least if they dont know that much more than the non cosnpiracy theorists minds and dumb creatures at least hey may be a lil bit less dumb, know a lil bit more whats going on / conspriacy theorists are so clever it seems / not necesarily more than the non conspirayc theorists are the sheep also cna be very clever, even though they're increidbly sheep, theconspiracy theorists too are clever so being a sheep so a non conspiracy theorist or a non shep so a conspiracy theorists can be clever or idiots but at least even if some conspriacy theorists are dumb or ess clever than somo non conspirayc theorists, at least they try to understand stuff even though its too hard for their brain so whatmatters in ife is this : trying, even when you know you suck very much at someting, you try your best even know its incredibly hard for your tiny intelligence but its a better mentality thn those who think im idiot so i will never leanr somethign they ll learn nothin in life but those who try even know theyre too stupid theyl learn something even if its a lil bit, so the good philosophy from YAHWEH and unviersal dont matter whats your religion or that you're atheists is this : dont matter that others tlel you youl never learn,get, win nothing, you're a loser, incaable of doing anything, dont lsitne to them, or that voice in your head tells you that, dont matter that its others or yourself, you'll do anyhtign you want if you beleive in GOD, in yoruself, if you got faith in GOD and you'll obtain anything you want, all your dreams or challenges

may 5 TH 2014

if we got good hearts as GOD YOU wanted to give us then we definitely ar against injsutices examples * humans wanna destroy a builidn gin a town that many inhabitants of tat town love to go there and have fun there with frienship * we try to fight, protest our disagreement * some beings are going to build an attraction park in a place where there is a park nature and this will destroy the beauty and tranquility of that place , we ust raise our voices ù humans are to indifferent heartless * they see injsutices and theyhave a special way of seeing them : as non injustices, as stuff that dont matter that are not worht fighting for ù they are very msitaen * all injsuticies are worth fighting for, these are so imrotant stuff * we cant not care, we must not being so inhumane * those who dotn care got isues in our hearts & spirits * GOD YOU were always agaisnt injsutices, always thought Your children should fight against them, always asked us to, always tell us to never be selfihs, indifferent * why we dont fight for the stupidets reason : we ll fight against unjusitcies when they have to do with uss full stop * if it has to do with anybody than we wont get involved * hard to understand that these aweful mean heartless creatue are YOURs GOD ! ! !

aug 15 2014

humans are so superficial thsoe who are virgins and desperate and want to lose their virginity but feel to shy, got social anxiety so cant have love affairs, dont focus on : love affairs but on : sex , they say theyre gonna be virgins forever! wow so thats the only thing that matters to their hearts, sex, no love, like whats love ? in a couple, its like ny other type of relationship, like frienship, relatives, as its looking at eah oter, talking, something cuddling, but this is what matters, the mind, the talk stuff like that, so they wish they never had their psychiatric illness of human phobia or soemthing just to be able to have sex with woemn or men, not to have love affairs with them, if they could just have sex and never have a love relasionship, theyd be happy, like having sex with the same human person but without a relagionship of love, just a sexual one, or having sex with different human beings every day and with no love relationship ! GOD they sin against YOU with this aint it ? obsession of sex for those who can have sex and those who cant for whatever reasons as soxial phobia is as superficial as money, fashion, looks, want to be skinny not caus its healthy but caus you look good and wanna feel special, improtant, think youre the center of the universes, wanna have money not to survive but so many look at you like you're better than them etc so money=sex=beauty etc everything just for the void! just for a pleasure that is no pelasure at all but to their speicla kinda mind it is extremely! of course as soon as they go out of their bodies and stay only with souls theyll get that sex as no improtance at all to life, wherever life is, on any planet, world, after death, during, life, at any age, really cero percent of importance and the msot improtant stuff to know its that all YAHWEHs creatures must always think that if something matters to GOD it must definitely matter to us all , if something absolutely is insignificant to YAHWEH it msut be to us all so if YAHWWEH YOU hate sex all Your kids msut hate sex , if only mankind understood that! they arent brainwashed by YOU YAHWEH sadly but by evil , and being so dumb they have no strenght to identify brainwashinsgs, resist them etc so its normal theyre endoctrinated , because it dont matter that the brainwashing is very evident or hard to see or naything else, it dont matter how dumb the rbainwashing is and obvious like animals are food or if the brainwashing was humans, go to live in water or eat objetcs etc it dont matter,most of YOur kids YAHWEH wouldd be had because were too naive!!!! so dont matter that sex is disgusting immoral bizarr abnormal anti natural savage violent agrresive stretting traumaitzing, no matter that it nobody cant get nothing positive out of it, theyd always agree on the lie that those arent brainwashings + those stuff are the coolest, normal stuff ! its also caus when youre a sheep you think the whole world does something so thats the security thats its a hudnred percent normal, while this is a nonsense, the void as a great number of huans does something not caus its good but caus theyre blinded, brainwashed, sheep, so its not a great number which means intelligence, wisdom, great ideas, great minds, not at all, it just means : a great nubmer has been endoctrinated thats al, anyways we aint geniuses, were humans!!!! so it only means : a big number of creatures are idiots!

AUGUST 26 2014

its clear that the endoctrination of regions + nations is an endodctrination caus you come from a region you adore this region, you dont consider your nation os your nation but just your region, your region according to you is your nation as those from quebec who dont feel from canada but from quebec as if quebec was a country < its obviously a thing from destiny, a fate caus if the beings from region 9 worships region 9s+tradition + region 9 its caus their fate was to be from 9 < if they were from region h they coudnt care less about region 9s traditions, if some creatures are from region k from country 7 they love the traditions of that region & that region < if they had had another life as a replacement of this one, they d be from country e from region 0 and they'd think region h sucks, traditions of region h sucks big time < this is absurd that humans have different viewpoints of life depending on what life they have < they should have the same mentality whatever happens, having one life, another life, being a 'man', a 'woman' , an atheist, a christian , a 'young', an 'elderly' etc < it dont make no sense this is the evidence that its not our being who love those regions or nations were from its the replaced mind by brainwashings caus its just a conflit of itnerest you come from that region so you love it < caus if it was an bojective love, the beings who love regions and their traditions would love them even if they were in each life from billions of different regions of the earth < they'd be from region g and they'd be fond of region 5 even though they have no relative from there, they arent form there < then that d be real love < but of course it the region sucks to you, if you had your mind , but it dont suck to you, you worship the region + its traditions as if it was a god , its just for a reason that is really a cero reason : you come from there, were born there, lvied your whole life there < its the void, irrational caus you're blinded by the fact that you think tis awesome, perfect and nobody can criticize it or you go mad, caus when you love somethign from the brainwashing families, regions ,origines, you get upset caus the brainwashings so strong, nobody has the right to critice those stuff you think you love, caus you defend it tooth and nail agressively caus this brainwahsing makes you think theres nothign wrong with the stuff, its perfect+ makes you think you really love it,its not the result of a brainwashing < but no caus if it was not so, youd be frm anywhere in the earth, you would find a passion for that region+traditions even though youd be from another 'continent', 'nation' 'region' < like those who love animals even though they arent humans+family etc this is no brainwahsing, this is the true mind of people , less changed than other minds, less brainwashed < so thats hwy they are absolutely blind, how can they be!!! so many traditions with animal cruelty, burning them alive, beheading them, running after them, those who are in the public love these traditions as if they were ethical, uncruel, but n, theyre mind are way too endoctrinated, they cant distinguish good and evil, anymore < and as for them their traditions are the best thing on earth, they want tht after they die, thsoe traditions remain for centuries or more, they love that, they dont want to miss them for the world, theyd never go to live anywhere else ,theyll live their whole existences til they die there caus for them, any other region+nation suck, onyl their region,rocks or only their region+country < so with that viewpoint, its imposible to tell them tis unhumane to kill animals for those traditions < how can they love this ??? seeing humans abusing hroses, veals, cows, bulls, its nuts < its like you see somebody killing somebody and you think its normal < you cant see whats normal, whats not, caus thats endoctrinations < so theyd just find this animal cruetlies for their traditions, cool, elegant, artistic, a magical moment < theyd never see it for wwhat it is, murder, abuse

au 27 14

thats terrible, Christ died for us for this!!! we dont care! some are very bad humans, dont wanna hear about Jesus but about sinful stuff yep! they could talk about idiocies all the time, d idiociies all the time, but hearing about YOU YAHWEH and Your son, they hate that! its frustrating its like Christ Jesus died for nothing caus we are so retard,so wicked! so many of us Your kids from throughout the earth dont care about YOU YAHWEH + Christ and they're alive!!! what? they deserve it? by not wanting to hear about YOU + Your son they show no respec,t insult You or some insult YOU for real! thats so sinful! please forgive them, they are rash! as someone whod be told dont eat dead animals or you'll have cancer and they eat many animals and got cancer! they re so reckless! it may not be their fault! please leur en tient pas rigueur?????????????? Please make them believe in YOU! we are so reatrd us terrible christians who seem to be atheists! atheists sin a lot, christians sin a lot, atheists dont obey YOur Will, many ? some? christians dont obey Your will , really atheist or Christian it seems to be kinda the same in that sense! atheist dont beleive in YOU, Christians beleive in YOU YAHWEH but thats about it, thats kinda one of the few differences between them because at the end of the day we all did many terrible stuff so it seems it was useless that some of Your kids we are christians as we try to desobey You as much as we can, like atheists do so there is no good result here! we should have been so different from atheist in the sense that as atheist dont care about YOU, they wanna to do whatever they want, so evil ! but us christians as we love & worship YOU , we should be better humans than atheists but no caus really many christians dont care about Your laws, dont even wanna know which are Your Laws, dont even try to obey them, even wwhen they know they're having non christians bhaviors, they couldnt care less! hypocrites, how can we call ourselves christians! some christians dont worship YOU YAHWEH ,they just believe in YOu or something! teir christiannity stops there! a christian means worshipping YOU YAHWEH, its compulsory to be called a christian! nothing makes sense in this earth, its so confusing! those who like try to remeber Your laws or be with a Bible all the time so that as they cant remember all of it, and as at one 'ight now' moment they wanna do something, say something and dont know if its a sin or not, they open their Bible and look for the answer, or think in their spirits please YAHWEH help, give me a hint, or tell me what i must do caus im such a retard, just a human etc those are good Christians! those who mentally or orally, are always everyday talking to You to always tlel YOU opps! im sorry i did this again, i sinned, im so dumb, so ashamed towards You , pelase forgive & forget etc! or do a quick prayer after each sin, when they identified and realized they made a sin etc! those are good christians caus a christians means doing some things, thinking in some way! its not just a sentence we say i'm a cristian' it dont mean nothing, its not that its like when you hear someone say a blaspheme you dont shut up you speak! if you shut up it means you dont care that some of your brothers or sisters insults your GOD, so you dont care about your GOD!!! thats being a bad christian! really there aint no good or bad chrsitian its the void, or you're crhsitian so a good one, or you're not a christian, caus ''bad'' crhsitian = no christian ! like behaving aggressively, and somebody is telling you you're with the enemy at that oment and YAHWEH s watching you and you keep on talking badly and being aggresive, so you ignore what your sister or brother said : this is not christian! this is like insulting YAHWEH!!! caus it means you dont care about YAHWEH's law ,you dont care about obeying it or not so you behave as if you didnt have a GOD! so thats atheist! stop saying cuss ords you beg somebody who's speaking in a very rude way! the person continues to do this! they dont care about YOU YAHWEH! so theire in their souls, atheists, even when they decalre there christians! a christian what is it ? no idea! a chrsitian is some none who cares a lot about YOU YAHWEH, who gives YOU their souls, lives, who see YOU as their one true real love, biggest love in their existences! who cant stop telling YOU they love YOU by praying everyday, a long time everyday if they have time, really they feel YOU with them, all the time, YOU're in them, with them, they're in love with YOU YAWEH + very improtant: they always try to live sin free , they do their best ! + very important: they teach all the siners they can ,know, that theyre doing badly, against YOU, that they should read the Bible, pray, talk to YOU, change cause if they dont, theyll never deserve Heaven and stuff like that! those are iii real ___ christians! all those so called christians who : hardly ever pray, act like evil beings, love evil, love feeling better than everyone else, love looking at others with a haughty contemptuous manner, always being spiteful gossips, always being unhappy about others hapiness, wishing them unhapiness, feeling better than everyone, having a hard tie respecting others, feeling happy when they disrespect in their conducts+ way of adressing to humans, etc! not trying to inform themselvesabout YOU or reading the Bible, not trying to respect Your laws as you cant respect them if you dont know which they are! never trying to apologize, hardly ever feeling guilt after behaving like heartless jerks, never trying to pray, only by interest, etc never trying to learn about the truth and the lies about YOU, the 'illuminatis' in christiannity etc = false christians ! it seems deep in their souls+hearts they dont venerate YOU YAHWEH, dont love Your way of thinking, don't like YOU that much, they just belive in Your existence! this aint enough to be called a christian : just thinking You exist, its all the other stuff mencioned before!

how come if some seem to have no human quality , they are very much loved h by relatives love partner, friends h how come if they seem to have no heart or a little heart, a veyr little humnity, they can fall in love, get married for love , not jsut to get married h how can they love and how can they be lvoe dh im such a retard i get nothing h if they are heartless it means they cant love right , well they can h confusing h if you're mean, you can't love because you are emotionless , feelingless , you can't wish good to anyone and when you love you wish the best to those you love h and when you love, you treat them with love, tenderness h and when you are too evil to do this you can't w well as many thigns of earth are incoherent and human beigns we're so incoherent, no wonder evil are lvoed and can love h it makes no sense h because it means even though they're veyr mena most of the time and with everyone, they can treat with kindness those they love and be kind wwith those thye love x so evil humans are able to be kind ? unbelievable h and why love partners h we are a family or friend,s tis kind of the same, fridnd ove, relatives voe h we shouldnt see nothing more than just friends, fmaily h we shouldnt se ein humans a nice  ody to have sex with, a pretty face, sentimental love, but family love in everyone h how weird how we choose or fate choose for us for in our head its clear= family no sex jus family love+ friends ditto, no family= sex+partner love h it cud've been sex and sentimental love with all or no sex and family love with all h its just a huge dumb lie, dumb indoctrination for really we were made to love everyone as our family , not as anything else h so how com in some we see relatives, friends and in toehrs we see love+sex h how sick and disgusting this is h evidently as the retards we are we cant see this, think this, we just are too brainwashed h we'll die not knwoing this h we'll live our whole existences like this in the lie in the extreme dumbness, blindness and treating our family as sexual and ove partners which is a terrible sin isht it YAHWEH h famiy= firends friends=family h thats ha we are h unfrtunately we dont treat everybody like this, just a part of mankind h the other par,t we do terribly disgusting thigns wwith them with their and our naked bodies h how monstruous w how evil w how sick h if only this sexual and partner activies and love didnt exist h we arent made to have kids with our family and have sex and fall in love with them in a sentimental manner w we shoudl fall in love in a fridnly and relatives manner h never have sex at all with nobody no non humn no human no demon no alien etc h really there is nothign, nothign seducing in nobody on earth h there is no way we can find them attractive h find them attractive in a freidnly or relative way yep, like you wanna hold them in your arms , hug them, as if they were your grandpas, friends, cousins , non human animals etc, but not fall in love h an evident evidence we're too retarded for its not normal if you see those physical bodies and you think you wanna have sexxual intercourse with them h how irrational how dumb this is h whats the point h really its unundersandable h if with anybody else its just talking , what do they do really h talk, go to places, have fun, look into their eyes, all the humans with their non romantic love non sexual relationships h then with their love + sexual relathionship they do the same h but + sex+sentimental love h so why ? why its too nuts h if they could survive with their college, neighbor, relatives ect sex free, romantic love free relashionships why do they have to add the love+sex part with their sexual+love partners or jsut sexual aprtner,s jsut love partners H we have been had big time h totaly manipuated h we live just totally in the other way roudn than we should live, think, etc h we see the earth so not like we should h e are that dumb ?? ? pathetic h we are ashamed for we cant be porund of us being brainless and so naive and so manipulable h we have no brains elts face it w we are statute,= bodies and nothing more x objects h as an object it let itselves being hold, broken etc h e let oruselves being manipuated h we have brains but in a sense we dont for we dont really use or brains, as things, cant use their brins for they dont have h so we're very similar to stuff h we have capacity of thinking but our thoughs are too low in itnelligence, pertinence and often are poop , the lowest thoughts, the dumbest thoughts so they can be almsot equal to cero, cero intelligence, cero brains so objects h objects=bodies , humans=bodies h really when you see somebody you think one thing= i wanna have sex with that human, i wanna get married to that human tc and when you see another human, relatives, freidns, etc you think = i could never have sex and get married to them w why double standard its really bad h one standard!!! = family relatives everybody = i love them, theyre my brothrs sisters, i will never wanna get married, have kids, have sex with them h thats how every fellow human should see things h because there is nothing h there is just talking, doing stuff and that make them wanna have sex , and kiss with their distugting wet and full of bacteria tongues and use their intimate body parts which look too horrible and stuff h wow h so why if they are our relatives we see them in another manner h how come if they have nothing interesting, that could make us love them in another manner than family manner h that we could wanna get naked and kiss and have sexual intercoruse h there is just nothing h we see their physycail bodies, look in their eyes, we are together, and that is what makes the begginning of a romantic relationship?? how ? its too abnormal h we could just do the normal stuff with them, talk, and stuff, do activities, with them the same we do with friend s& family h we souldnt do it differently, do more h really we should all lvie sex free romantic love free h that is too weird how we're brainahse dh if your sister , friend, granddaughter, niece, daugther, etc is a model or is a playmate, you dotn wanna wathc the pcis of them naked, very vulgar pics, GD forgive them all, but its too dubm, were too dumb h if those humans were strangers , we would watch the pcis with no hesitation h why this doube standard h us mankind we so dont get this : we msut never never never !!!! use double standard h never for its very retarded and very senseless and unfair ect ect h so really if we were not brainwashed and smarter wed think : we would never watch pics of prostitute,s famous, not famous, men, women, famiy, non family, go to see striptease etc of no one on the earth, wheter its unknown humans, humans known by us, relatives, non relatives ect h one standard h but if we say like a friend of mine talk to me about the sex they have and my aunt talk to me about the sex oh no, i dont want to, id tlel her to stop, i dont wanna hear it caus she' my aunt h what is this stupidity??? if you agree to lsite tou your friends talk about sex, humans inmovies, ect why when its a relative you refuse h you could go have sex with prostitutes who are human beigns but not with your relatives, friends who're human beigns h maybe ith friens you'd agree for you think they arent relative,s yes they ar,e w all are relatives from YAHWEH's family h its really nonsense us brains

nov 11 14

YAHWEH bless you all and you who made tis vid,thanks for making this vid and hsaring it with your brothers and sisters of humanity, you're a truy good human being for many of us brethren humankind are so hypocretica diabolical for we dont say stuff ike i wish you a wonderful eixstene, days etc and when we do happy new year hope you had a great day, we dont think about the words, the meaning, we just say those thigns, just like a parrot who elarned to say stuff, we dont care, we rpentnd to be good for if every human on earth say thigns that seem kind than everyone is good, no caus many of us are so evil , so its psychaitrical = when some humans take the initiative to say things like i ish you the ebst YAHWEH bless you and i hope you'll never be depressed sad etc it means they truly care , for its not just the indoctrination of the false good intentioned sentences at the end of email , chat etc but it comes from the hearts of the good humans for real so thanks for sayign things ike that, it proves you are a good soul for really when we say to strangers everywhere w go happy new year ya right hypocrites we dotn know them, we cant love them, wish them good, like hello how are you when we go to a doc we see for the first tim, if we knew them we'd think they're jerks sonot knwing them we pretend to wish them great things, thats why lets not be naive, every human being is not very kind just caus they pay the angel saint role and there are those ho openyl show they're not good and not well manered and not caring for isntance in a chat how are you bad why  and they dotn say oh im sorry, talk to me if you want, open up your ehart ot me ill always be there for you to lsiten, not at all, just why ? just curiosity , and at the end ok bye, not even im so happy i spent a lovely moment talking to you,or even worse ending the conversation without a bye, and those who'd say i love talking to you you're a onferul human ect we dotn even know if they're honest or just liars caus really tis hard to find great human beings on this inhumane planet

nov 10 14

x sex is a horrendous stuff x nobody can force nobody to have sexual intercourse if they dont wanna - this world is very sick very violent - sex is a disease- sexs like a demon or human attacking you, beating you, tring to kill you, eat you alive, rape you - sex is a wicked thing - it's not normal to be naked in front of others and doing very sick things - wether its two humans or many or prostitutes, echangistes etc illuminatis ect maybe several humans on the earth or just me this human i am when we go out its horrible sometimes you think how disgusting so many vaginas penises - because you think all these humans they are definitely sexual romantics - the disgusting thigns ith their tongues=kisses - and also the sexual stuff with their mouths, tongues - really its like its exagerting but sex=hell - really a terrible dream - and thinking that all these humns out in this world everywhere you go you think a few mintues horus ago or days, do humans ahve sex everyday many times a day - no clue - so you think how horifying - al these human beign had sex and then you have to serrer la main how o say this in english - to a doc, a teacher, whatever -and you knwo they probably have used their hands for sex and masturbate and stuff - they even drink the liquid from the penis - they suck the rbeast eat the milk aint it? s if those human were their mommys - all this seems very twisted - as a serial killer who loves blood and sufferign - really similar - and nobody could force nobody to be asexual of coruse but really what do YOU wish YAHWEH- for we cant be different in the sens that we cant do what we wish but what YOU wish YAHWEH - this mean no different opinions ect caus YOur opinion msut be ours so one opinion and for many sutff dont knwo which im such a retard - but for many stuff from this earth life we have t bo be jsut like YOU GOD - so the human ideas=never to follow- YAHWEH's idea=always to follow -YAHWEH or YOU want us to be all aseuxals or YOu want us all to be sexual - who knows - or YOU want different thigns or us but why do YOU want religious humans to be asexual aromantics and others to be sexual or mankind we're too retarded and we fell into the trap of the enemy who put into our hearts this loony idea of sex obsession adoration etc - its like good and evil - YOU dont want some to be evil some to be good - YOU wish all living on the earth to be good - but eally ithout disrespecitng the human creatures rights, really sexual humans you seem to be very in the wrong about exualiy so itd be amazing if you'd all went aseuxal aromantics but probably = (do what you want( not really < do what YAHWEH wants - in heaven= no sex = just father kid love for YAHWEH+ family love of all our brethrens  - isnt it evident we should do this on earth to ? YAHWEH bless you all non human+human family of the earth world x to help animal kind mankind earth pease gimme your emails soy dot vegana dot gmail dot com thanks a lot brothers +sisters

Of course, you're right that's "my" take on "my" life but the anxiety distortion thing seems pretty accurate/universal among GAD people.
About the labeling of sexuality, passed a certain age you won't give a damn about what you have to explain or be. You're super young; at your age labels and categories are everything but you can ignore them. For ex i just became vegan (5 months and reason why i folow your vlogs) but as much as i enjoy it, i don't & never will identify as vegan. But to each his own of course, i don't own the truth.

NOV 1 2014

sex sucks big time its ike vomit, poo, or a very bad movie or song etc thanks for this vid! asexuaity is very very cool ! sexy+love = yuck, not just looking at other human beigns bodies naked but even one's body, so yuck , really there is huge lies on this earth, us all mankind w are itnelligent very but retards to so shrinks geniuses etc dont kno nothing really for we're not real geniuses compared to YAHWEH or inhabitants of other planets so we dotn know nothing from the human brain so when they say us aseuxal are mentally sick,we have lived some torment , something disturbing that shocked us that made us asexual aromantics and that were all borned sexual romantics, its such lies !!! we were born different, some were born asexual aromantic,s others sexual,s others romantic asexuals ect but its so horrib when shrinks and specialists who think they know roe than everyone else on earth and more than their patients who are not very cultivated in psychaitry most of the time, its so annoying that they think we lie to oruselve,s that inf act we love sex and romantic relationships so much etc caus w eknow ourseves mroe than them!!! YAHWEH bless you, thanks for sharing your very itneresting story, and YAHWEH make the world earht asexual aromantic please!!! sex and romantic relationships seem to be from the evil one, definitely, thats unfair really so double standard that they talk about transexuals gauys, lesbians but not about asexuals, as usual, some are forgotten asi if they dotn exist, ginroed like vegans, animals rights we dotn talk bout it but about huan rights yes, the ace=assexual communtiy ignroed, but heterosexuals talked a lot about, etc this sucks

no 21 14

please show your kindness if you have it, by prying for everyone all the sick, all the abused ect they’d feel so happy if they knew their brothers sisters whom they unfortunately never met from everywhere on earth are praying for them n they’d know you’re so kind ,, they feel it definitely nn they don’t know how many of us brethrens of the earth, who, where , but they know we’re praying for them, for their well being, like for the innocent in all earth’s jails, all he abandoned pets, all the earth’s homeless humans etc you are too good to do this n thank you so much dear excellent brethrens n if you don’t want to do this evil part of the human race, inverse the roles , you would not like it that your brethrens don’t want to pray for you who’re sick, dying, are maybe sent to hell by GOD, whom have nowhere to live, no water to wash yourselves drink etc

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MessageSujet: Re: n easy to help lives : share, watch, sign, open conciouncess   Mer 29 Jan - 11:39

29 jan 2014 I'm gonna pray for you saint animals always. Thank you so much dear brothers, sisters for trying to save this SAINT animals lives . Thank you so much . We must be careful with catholicim because illuminait infiltrated it centuries ago . We msut not pray to Jesus, Virgin Mary , saints, angels but only to GOD . We must not be polytheists . . I'm so happy that some catholics care about animals . I hope you don' teat you brothers and sisters . We msut not have a religion, they all are corrupted by satanists . We must love GOD and Jesus . That's it . Have a GOD but no religion . Please all of you can you send me you emails so I can send you thins about how to help the world and animals

is furiously working on

Every day when you see animal abuse news humans see why it matters. It's about philantropy, and empowering everyday creature to stand up and be heard. It's truly inspiring.the success of this depend on support from folks like you -anyone who is ready to take action across the earth- your action matters-

i wanna win because of who i am not because of how i look

you dont understand, i did it to make a statement,

you see, we've all been taught to believe that a swinsuit shows off a woman's beauty ; but there are many kinds of beauty, to me whats most beautiful about a woman is her brains & her ability, so its my hope than one day, a woman is a buisness suit will be considred as attractive as a woman in a swimsuit

you think an exipensive gift would mean more to me than something sweet & thoughtful from the person i care about ? i would have been happy with a bubble bath, i love you for who you are not for what you can buy me
thy make a great team, on and off the field

his father wants him to experience the real world ( he makes his son work even though he's rich

people come here for peace & quiet

i should have listened to my heart, not everyone else

jelousy can break up a relationship as muh as another ther person can, if we dotn trust each other well never be happy

thankks for gater us merci de nous gater DIEU

send + look for abolitionnism v, abolittionism humans, eng fr sp

people come hear for peace & quiet

send + look for abolitionnism v, abolittionism humans, eng fr sp

even smart people can do dumb things sometimes

dec 5 14

they want to confin us in society's jail v caus they tell us there are lines like a outline of a  square and we are obligated by them or who ? to be inside it v so we an never do think say what we wish v this is bad v none of us humans were born free v even as a baby even on the second we ere born we already ar ein the society's jail v because all thsoe ideas are given to us, we are commanded to follow them v we are not given the right to disrespect these mentaly retarded rules or they throww us out of this world's society v they tlel us like you have one age you behave like that age v you have nn age you behave like bb age v this is irrational v there is no age behavior v as e can see that 40 is the new 20 or 20 is the new 10 etc v we are not givne the right to say no, to supress all these rules and to live without no rule v but we can v we cna do whatever we want because those thigns are not sins for YAHWEH , they are sins for us mentally retarded terribly superficial society v like you live in a flat or house= society says you're normal v you live in a hot - air ballon or a trailer ect society says you're abnormal and pus you out of society, thinks you have like plague v for isntance we are so without brains that we think you are adutls you behave like kids you're not normal v you're kids you behave like grown humans you're not normal ' nonsense ' it doesnt mean nothing for behaving like one age, another age, or another one ect ect it is absurd, as there is no behavior for age caus this means this world wish us to be even more sheep clone identical than we already are v like all kids have to have the same behavior, all 45 year old msut have the same behavior than all 45 year old ect this is unbelievale how naive we are v i means any retarded little thing , retarded ltitle idea, they just itnroduce in profoundly into our midns and make it a rule a reality v so easily brainwash so worhtless we are v because we really have no wisdom caus we hav to supress all the outliens, there is no cicrle, box, round, suqaure ec, there never was v thats what YAHWEH want right ? this shoudl be our philosophy v no putting categories, label, no forcing mankind to be sheep, be like theyr dont want to be v the thing is we could have refused all those loony ideas, but we choose to love them, perhaps not because we thought they were right but because of te phobia of being the only one of all the humans we know that don't live by the rules v like you se ehumans when theyre were 30, 16, 47 and 61 and you see no difference in the wmanenr they see things , act, behave etc v there are absolutely the same for we arent 89  humans if we lived 89 years v we are not one diffeent perosn per year v we are the same mind, spirit, soul etc v only the phisical body changes v so why would we say to somebody who's for isntance 44 you behave like a child, somebody wh'os 9, you behave like a 35 year old ect its th same behavior for all the days caus theyre's nothign really, the void, wich behavior ? none v just humans there staring into space , walking, thinking, tlking , eating, standing up, sitting down, relaly the same behavior  for  all v if there were hudnreds of humans of many diferent ages in one place and humans had to analyse their behavior we wouldnt see a difference of behavior because of the ages, but because of the eprosnality, style etc v for sintance of all the creatures there, some who'd have like 24 years of difference, would have the exact same behavior, while tohers who would have the exact same age, would have very different behavior, attitudes etc so bainwashing of void, non existing things such as wanting to danc,e go to cocnernt, eyll ons treets, laugh veyr loudly, this is not from less than 20 humans, this is from any human, any one who wants to do his,, we can go ut of this jail v but the whole society of the earth no caus they dont kno eveyrone but the whole sociey of those who know you, will reject you but it doesnt matter caus if they do its because they're very retarded , like all of us but moe than you anticonformists caus they reject you for : the void reaosns! the void arguments! like jsut because you do do in the square but out of it, just caus you are different v like you're single everybody is in a couple, you dont want kid, everyoe wants kids, you live in the streets everyone lives in a home v you defend the earht, almost everyone seems to be in favour of the earth's massacre v in fact anticonformists are soo right and not bizarr whasoever because its weirdso boring to do like all v all want kids, arent they fed up wth this ? everyone got kids so we got to have kdis ? nonsense v so many had ids, aent they bored with that, with seeing hearing living close to so many kids and now they want kdis of their own ? its liek reading the same book hundreds of time, one gets really tired v its like everyone buying the same food v arent they fed up of seeing everyone eating this, and now themselves are going to eat it v really repeating stuf,f repeating episodes of life, repeating conversaiton its so like a sci fi tv series when you're obligated to re live the same thigns over and voer again even if here its not you re living them, but you so plenty live it and now its your urn v thats what make the sheep the boxes the squares ect very vey obring caus anticonformsits wish difference, originality, new thigns, never seen before things v they really dislike repetition

que YAHVE os acompañe, te desoe que ene ste viaje increible en la tierra te vaya mejor que lo que esperas , vive este viaje con to tus sentidos , aprende reflexiona y vive sobre todo y ve con to tu corazoon ,

la vida llena de ilusiones

dec 6 14

its increilb ethe msytery of human because we laugh and not just that plenty sutff, but this is one only example c we were brainwshed into laughing? into beeing robots who laugh? we all laugh v why? when something is funny we make a noice with out human throats when somehtign's funny v how peculiar v we could have been a psiecies who just laughs mentally v not make no sound v just smile or not even smile v just find thething funny thats all v we make noises as ha ha ha v that is so funny what a special peculiar speicies v also when we're sa we cry v not all humans smile not all humans laugh when somethigns funny, they just stay ther,e caus some human beings have diferent minds & behavior v not all who're sad cry v some just are sad in their spiits and dont physically show it v some act diferentl when they're sa, they could it themselves break thigns cry and yell v or jsut stau there, staring into space and not putting a sad face v jsut a neutral face like usual v but how come ? tears brainwashing ? we could just feel something in the spirit not the body v vut we feel something in the body whch is liquid falling from the eyes v we are a physical speicies living in a material unvierse so its no surprise we laugh make noises with our throats , cry etc v humans we're such an incredibly dumb spieices v some show images of non humans having sex or humans making jokes about sex and humans laugh v we're so dumb, theres nothing funny about this v its disgusting, not funny v brainwashing of laughing when nothing is funny and thinking non funny suff are so funy v nervous?

dec 6 14

the human race we are too stupid the evidences are endless too long to explian , with tonnes of examples however the human race is also inteligent , caus if we only focus on the one end of the issue we just ignroe the other side , we got to take all sides into aocunt wich are human race veyr retarde the human race quite inteligent c caus if we only see one side of ea sotry of this earth we just dont see the entire reality but like half of it like all humans are curel instad of some are veyr cruel, others are elss cruel, or other are very little cruel or manybe not very litle just a little cruel v caus very ltile ya right lets not drema e're at billion fo eyars of being angels v humans areall terribly mean v no caus some are elss mean, eand less, and less and all with several or one different degree of mean like 65/100 mean, 66/ mean 67/1OO mean etc so ok its too hard to aks humans to see every part of stories and not one, tis veyr hard to ask humans to not have a binary philosphy but lets try to see everythign not one being confined into our views caus its a little bit out of the true reality b but its too ahrd caus if sometimes we agree to see everything then 5 mintues after we go back to thinking binarily haha not even days after just like 4 secs after , caus we dont really agree to think nont binayr, we jsut force us to , here again, an evidence of our dubmness caus its not fair we disagree to see non binarily , yes but what if its true this world is veyr binayr, what if tis true most of us, are so dumb, not ust kind of dumb, too dumb, and not just some of us but like almost everyone or everyone in this world ? then we'd be forced to see the trueh which is we all ae very retarded worhtless souls

we learend the oldest leson in the book when it comes to our relathionship to animals and that is that they were put here for us and we can do with them as we please , might makes right decribes this sort of unethical viewpoint in the way of looking at others , we have te right to do with them as we please and so we do,

of course we're retards, we are men we disrespect hate woman, we are wome we hate disrespect men, we are feminist women, we are machist men, indoctrination of you're women so youd efend women rights you're men so you defend women rights, nonse, so dumb us humankind caus theres nothing abnormal and nut in mend efednign women and womend efending men + we're so dumb caus we were incotrinated into believing men are more intelligent , moe efficent in some stuf,f most sutf,f than women, men can work, women are too dumb to work, men are mentaly, physicaly superior to women, women must clean and be nice an model b men are storng for sciencie, medicine , women can't ect v all of this demosntrate how brain less we are mankind v we truly think women had no rights in the 20th cntury, they thought they couldnt vote, they are humans !!!!v they thoughts blacks had no rights they are humans women, backs, were our slaves v we are terribly retard, they were teribly retard v no we are os not an adnvances psicies in morla intelignece goodness, not at all for if we were there d be no corrution, or a little bit, no inncoent animals, humans in prisons, no rape, no murder , no human kaing injustice to animals, humans v no depravated or satanic humans putting inncoent in jails v no huamns enslaving animals, humans v no humans thinking wome, non white, non humans are retards, sdont deserve rights are there to be insutle,d tortured treated as spit by others ect we woudltn think some are superior ot others just caus they're men or whites or humans v we wouldnt think blood related family is superior to any other humanc reature, we'd think all huans re equals and not family = god, and the rest = not worhy of love rights dignity ect v we wouldnt be mruderires we'd be vegan w we wouldnt be tying to fight agaisnt injsutices like humans destroying non animal nature but we'd all be envionmentalists, all respectors of the earth so theere'd be no need of a tiny part of human population fighting against cruelites, crime ect caus there'd be none v so the question is are wery good very intelligent v no of coruse not YAHWEH YOU know that in a way we our human brains earth brians could never eprceive all the global signification of this but we could get it in the afterlife

d 26 14

the whole world revolves around him

archi non

arhi chouette arhi cool archi génial archi extra  archi super

being all bratty about how

interesting approach

if it makes you feel any better they dont like him not any more thn they like you - thank you cant hear they dont artifultae

whats right is right

i stuck up for you one too many times

pensamos que el mundo revuleva al rededor de nosotros mismos o de nsotors+nuetra pareja o nosotros+pareja+famila - luego descubrims los abusos fisiscos, mroales, esclavitud hehco a milares en total ? de seres de la tierra,y entendems : elmundo no revuelve al rededor de uno mismo

we live in a fake reality making us beleive we are too awesome ; the truth is so not this ; reality = we are monsters ; at YOUR eyes YAHWEH thats who we are ? we are abominatiosn because we really got to be so half wit to believe in the we're perfect lie ; because its shows too much we arent ; we see perfection in everybody+me or in me only : its ridiculous ; it shows we have a zero objectivity , o zero recul ?? a cero capacity of analisys ; we are terrible ; we absolutely cant judge others+me with objetvitiyy; we 're way too not rational ; because its not oru fault caus we're wwway too indctrinable but it is out fault caus we pretend to me more half wit thna we are because we know deep dowwn others+me arent eprfect but its not oruf autl we're half wit but its not caus of that that we beleive this caus its too visible, the flaws of everyone+ourselves so we dont need a genius to realize we're not even close to eprfection caus we just need to see our flawws and any half wit could see we are not perfect ;

when anybod tell us we sy bunch of idioties, all the time, we got no brain we have to not right ideas not right like evil o r not rigth like untrue, it aint your fault, you're humans, you're not the reincarnation of YAHSHUA YOu are not the wisdomso YAHWEH or saints or non human animals ect

JAN 10 15

all he thinks about is himself

he's there to push his opinions on me

i wil suport any decision you make

Jan 20 2015

justice is not for sale, freedom is not for sale

life is dark & bad

we all are a cote de la plaque those from teh earth & we dont evn know it -- ironic -- caus we think we're ok but dont know we are so poo minds poo hearts poo souls at least 67 percent ? with little amount of non poo -- we 're so not saints for YAHWEH -- we're veyr a cote de la plaque caus we believe we are perfect or almost & very nice very obedient to GOD , very good people ect we dont have that much sins, we got an angelic conduct , we dont jduge, we got no prejudice like even the littlest prejudice agaisnt colorus which is much smaller than racism -- we got no speicim - ec all this in our heads = false , lies - but acording to GOD we arnt that great - thats only us imagining a false word a false us the human kind -

she jsut isnt the studying type

you cant go through life without an education

it defies your imagination

your'e imposible, sutbborn and your views on life are stupid

vive?? fraternity??

buying onesel a brain = conscience= heart

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MessageSujet: Re: n easy to help lives : share, watch, sign, open conciouncess   Jeu 30 Jan - 4:38

18 th january 2014

We know each other in spirit, that's just as good, if not better

vive justice

Nothing we did mattered , well maybe this won't matter either expect to animals, but they aren't here anymore are they ? they were just humans with hearts and minds, and they stood up for hat they believed in , they stood up! listen to what i'm saying to you,do you think it's right? it's wrong, they died for what they believed in ,

we are going to ... to fisnish what he started ( fight against war, racism ect

you are a wonderful lady, god bless respect and regards from some place in the world

d 22 14

its so evidnt there are too few very goodies human beings on earth because its right in front of us < if they were the majority , extremely numerous, all the horrendous things that humans make all around this earth, if the good existed in a huge number , they would prevent all those wicked from destroying lives , nature- but they dont because they dont eist in that type of number - the extremely few goodies are doing this, rpeventing the wicked from mrudering, making enslavement , abusing, oppressing the earth beings population but those are like less than 1 percent? of the human race - so we are all horrendoulsy wicked good for nothigns hearltess because we rpetend we're almost all very nice + we think almsot all are veyr nice but no because the true good are not those who are sort of good and do not act to put an end to injustices ♥ the good are really those who are terribly good + act to rpevent all the injustices ♥ all the oens who( ve dreamed ever since their midns could thnk, of saving the earth or all nature or all the humans ♥ the most mankind cant say that they've always dreamed of that caus e havent ♥  cus we were idncotrinated to dream for i i i not for others ♥ so it a false stereotype that most humans are good but dont act against the wicked ones ♥ the truth is < almost all are wicked and we dont mind about what the wiked ones and the evil one are doing , destroying all the nature , destroying tonnes of living beings lives ♥ we care sometimes but in general we dont for we hardly ever think about them ♥ so if we were so good we would care tremendusly , we would be doing so much, anything for the earth+for them ♥ we are not ♥ so when e ask oursels whetehr we are wicked or good we're wicked because according to YOU YAHWEH, not doing anythign when seeing sisters+brothers destroying murdring is being wicked ? you aks anyone why are you a doctro , caus it's a very philantropic very humane not job, mission where you help+save existances ♥ no, caus it's well paid and as im smart, i didnt wanna work in a dumb humans job caus i would have earned less ♥ what did you dream of ever since you were five or soemthing ♥ to save all the earth beings ♥ no , never ♥ what do you think now, do you dream about this ♥ no, not at all ♥ woudl you like to do this ♥ no i realy don't ♥ we are so half wit ♥ we are so much in refusal ♥ lets face it mankind we +the giant part of the others we are not goodies ♥ we never were+perhaps never will be ♥ lets not act as if we were more half wit than we are ♥ we know we are not good ♥ our inifnite prie tlel us we're such goodies, we' never hurt, destroyed, mrudered ♥ yes we have ♥ let us as our half wit prides, oh ya im soo good, than why didnt i try to save the earth +all its creatures ♥ our prides will have to shut up caus they dont knwo what to answer!!! caus we know what is the signification of goodies ♥ we know that too well ♥ its all those who're like nicolas hulot, pamela anderson , those form peta , those defending the earht as much as they can they dotn even pull the flush tonnes of times after going to the toilet ♥ its yuck but its amazing for the earth ♥ those ho're always in the dark even if it destorys their sight ♥ those who dont have comps tvs , microwaves caus its terrible crime agaisnt nature ♥ ect all thsoe who 're like sacrificing their healths , lives to save the veggie nature or the animal nature or any life ♥ can we grasp this ??? can we grasp that this is being goodies and we almsot each+everyone of us beings of mankind we are not goodies, like the most humane creatures alive ♥ we are just sort of good ♥ so the idea that the good are good, they truly are, but they just do nothing agaisnt the bad = false idea woldwide brianwahing posibly ♥ becauze this si the evil one putting us evil ideas which seem nice as always ♥ he's such an expert on that ♥ and us human beings are so tremendosuly naive, so tmeendously easy to get sucked in, that whatever the evil one says we like, we agree , we adopt his doctrine ♥ but we are so half wit we despsie so much YAHWEH that we cant agree with YOUr doctrine, we cant love them ♥ because YOU YAHWEH dont think that those who do nohign agaisnt the wicked ones are good right ? YOU YAHWEH think those who do nothing to sotp the wicked oens are wicked & only those who do anythign they can even die, even give their bodies to the cause that are so close to their hearts , only them are the most humane , the true and only goodies fo this planet ? lets face it we dont need to be cerebral to grasp this < if you do nothing against the enemies+the enemy = you're not : giantly good ♥ you could be good , but sort of ♥ like less than 50/100 or 50/100 ♥ those who try to save the earth and its beings are not less than 50 or 50/100 good ♥ they're like 90 or mroe /100 good ♥ so if you dont do that much evil but you dont like philantropy and stuff like that you're not good caus you cant have so big evil things in you and be good ♥ caus then we're mad and talk like mad humans ♥ like i got too much evil in me  im very nice! lets be rational here ♥ if you hate philantrophy, hate giving money for asosciations ect you cant be good ♥ not in the sense of cero/hundred but in the sense of < your goodness is very limited ♥ really no need to b genius to grasp this ♥ caus not doing nothign agaisn tthe enmy, wch is ost of us the humankind, we are making an evil thing = passivity seeing the death suffering destruction giant injustices ♥ thats our reaciton = doing nothing ♥ this cant be part of giantly good humans ♥ this is part of us the --little big good mostly wicked-- ♥ caus anyone who loves pilantorphy, wants to do this til they are deceased= evidently the most humane beings because hey love his good ♥ whereas all of us who wish to not help not save , nor now nor ever = imposibl to be giantly good ♥ if we are sort of easy to live with, to work with ect not too much of unbearable beings, ok, we're not like 90/100 wicked but still we still dont want to help the beings around us we know they exist, we know they're going thoruh nightmares, especially the animals with their torture, and we still want to remain blind, and def about this all ♥ so we are not good ♥ les face it , if we want to do mostly evil everyday, all our lives we are not good ♥ because all good have a little bit bad in them ♥ all wicked got a lil bit good in them ♥ but the very good have most good than the very wicked ♥ so were not necesarily very wicked but we're msotly wicked ♥ only YAHWEH knows this, its not for us to say who's wicked who's nice caus we are not in the souls, hearts of everybody & we interpret so bad their souls , conducts , words ♥ and we're not with day 24/7 to see how wicked how good they are ♥ but how can we expect that YAHWEH thinks we're extremely good if when we hear the beings tlel us help us we say no and just close the website or change the tv channel when theres an ad for associations charities & stuff like that ♥ this is refusing to help ♥ this is hugely a sin ♥ no YAHWEH? thats why we're half wit caus we think its just like something falls from the sky and wjust like that with nothign special we can be called anythign ♥ like good, wicked ec ♥ we were so indoctirnated into this as we so tend to not call thigns b their names not consider things by what tey are but call them by other nmes that got nothign to do with this, consider them as thigns that they are really not ♥ like callig the wicked good, calling the good, wicked ect ♥ like calling the sort of good giantly good ♥ no caus the sort of good, we refuse to save the earth beings+earth!! really lets stop rpetending to be that half wit : if there was a study about all the human beings , with the answer to many questions by extremely smart scientiists to discover who are extemely good, who are sort of good , we'll very probably discover the giant part of us =humankind are < not : terribly nice , maybe or : terribly wicked or : wicked, and our quantity of niceness 'd be something like: little or : very litle like : les that 40 percent ♥ i just can be saying huge supidities, im so giantly half wit ♥ caus if those scientiists would ask each and every one of usdo you want to save the earht the answer of msot of us : no , of coruse not!! why ♥ anser < caus i couldnt care less ♥ unless we're such giant liars giant hypocreticals that we'd lie ♥ yes of coruse i want to save it but i got no time you know, job, kids, school ♥ ya right, we're so scpeizialied in lies!!!! YAHWEH's looking , remember

d 22 14

we are so sectarian ? we think i'm a woman im a feminist < why aren't they defender of humans ? or men's rights ? i 'm a fff living in kkl i defend fff's rights < why on earth dont they defend the oppresed inhabitants of kkl ? why only those who got their origins? < im a man i defend man's rights < why ?? not humans in general 's rights ♥ all of this is too ♥weird ♥ does it exist ♥ so we relaly want to be confined in our style, in the thigns, and beings like us ♥ we shouldt be sectarian YAHWE? if you're extremely nice you must not hate the wicked and frequent only the nice ? caus < sectarianism ? we must not hate the evil when we're extremely nice beings ♥ its logical but it is evil isnt it YAHWEH? the question is who are the extremely nice ? are they those who want to get rid of all the wicked, not see wicked, not speka to wicked, not love wicked ♥ or are they those who are so nice they accept everybody , all the nice, all the wicked, all the level of niceness and wickedness ♥ caus isnt that even more niceness han the one of those who wish to remain with only the extremely nice ? caus they close their souls to the evil ones, they refuse to forgive them ♥ so the real nice are accoridng to the evils : extremely dumb caus they see it with their evil minds ♥ but according to thsoe who 're way more in the real reality than the evils : the extremely good , know that they 're not stupid, au contraire ♥ caus they're a litle bit like saints ♥ aybody insult thm, hit them ♥ their reaciton : i forgive you, amy you go in peace ♥ i'll rpay for you ect ♥ wow all fo you, the so few who have this behavior this soul : thank you so much !!!! you're way too good ♥ thank you thank you thank you inmensely much !!!!!!!! everyone on earth please be just like them !! its not going to hapen because if we are evil now we'll be evil til forever ♥ or it can change YAHWEH? they can change ? so the very good who after humans have insulted the, attacked them morally, etc they answer wih insult,s madness ect = not so good ♥ the even more good than thsoe veyr good, like very very veyr good will answer like the thigns described before = dont worry im not mad, and like they hit them rape them, mruders some being they loved ♥ they forgive , no doubt, no hesitation , no bitterness , only goodness ♥ they are so not dumb ♥ they are nice ♥ this is not called dubmness ♥ it's called goodness from YAHWEH ♥ that seem to be how everyone of us earth human beigns should be like for YAHWEH YOU beleive we got no right to hit back, insult back, attack back, disrespekt back, be mad back, ♥ you know the extremely dumb behavior of you did hhh to me i did hhh back to you < vengeance ♥ like you hit me i hit you ♥ you re not speaking to me im not speaking to you ♥ free stupitiy free evilness ♥ so we're not that good ♥ but if we think, in our eart we fele no anger, no ressentment, no nohign negativ,e nothing satanic towards those who have treated us this way, then we got true good souls ♥ caus you got the humanity which is telling you i cant hurt them, i just cant, its just not right < this is the kind of thought the good have ♥ caus they always think more of the others sufering than theirs ♥ like they're wicked to me ok its nothign but i so cant be wicked to them < they focus on not hurting in any manner the others, they ignore the fact tohers hurting them ♥ so if you ask yourself i am good and you truly dont know caus us humans are so a coté de la palque for many deep questions of earht life & stuff so we wonder ♥ well make this experiment ♥ see how you hate others treating you bad but see your reactions v try to do self analysis ♥ tyr to see how did you react to thm yelling at you ♥ did you yell back or did you remain calm because you really really didnt want to be bad to them ♥ somebody was nasty to you ♥ did you take a revenge or did you just try to forget about it ♥ exemples like this will tell you if you're nice or wicked ♥ no need to say veyr nice, veyr wicke,d very very ncie ect because here it's just nice like you're in the nice side ♥ so nice normally means veyr nice ♥ wicked means very wicked ♥ so humans know its sous entendu thos enice are not only nice but terribly nice, thsoe evil are not just evil but terribly evil v no need to make that rpecision ♥ unless some humans dont get things like others than you need to be very rpecised and not just say write nice caus they will get oh, thsoe who are sort of nice ? no thats why we got to rpecise nice what nice a little bit nice, middle nice, real nice ? ditto with evil

le monde entier en somme eprsone s'est senti concerné  

whatever most wicked thigns you have done, all of you human beigns, to the whole earth, to our anonymes brothers siters of all around this planet, of our acquantances, any of them, to ourselve,s to any anonyme animal, to animala cquantances of ours, to animals we love, we forgive you all, whatever you've don, mrudeirng raping torturing, killing the vegiie nature etc ♥

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MessageSujet: Re: n easy to help lives : share, watch, sign, open conciouncess   Jeu 30 Jan - 4:42

thank you so much for your lovely words hun. And your a wonderful person. Thank you very much for watching and God Bless


im a bullshite,r then again dont u know that

for guys like me, you aint got nothing going

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MessageSujet: Re: n easy to help lives : share, watch, sign, open conciouncess   Jeu 30 Jan - 4:44

18 JAN 2014

You make some very good points here.

We have to keep signing petitions and spreading the word for those who cannot speak for themselves.

He is too busy saving the world - ya well you're sure won't gonna do it

save it for someone who cares

how could anybody do anything around you , ure so smat

I urge you to work with pro-life humans , as well as anybody across the world , to vigorously oppose all attempts to use the budget to force taxpayers to fund abortion and abortionists? animal testing ect

Philosophical Thoughts wishes to encapsulate the philosophical feeling and opinions of each of our humans brothers and sisters

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MessageSujet: Re: n easy to help lives : share, watch, sign, open conciouncess   Jeu 30 Jan - 4:44

19 JAN 2014


Me gusta ·  · Promocionar · Compartir







i ust wanted to feel like a hot babe


ANImals are not humans and are full of humanity . Humans are humans but have a lack of humanity . Animals should be called humans and humans should be called inhumne monsters

I'd rather have a ind opened by wonder than one closed by belief .

i was making myself miserable . i wasn't even that msierable really i, i was kinda happy, in a miserable kinda way . - is that worse than being miserable is a happy kinda way? no its better . coz u kinda enjoy your misery

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MessageSujet: Re: n easy to help lives : share, watch, sign, open conciouncess   Jeu 30 Jan - 4:45

15 JAN 2014

Darwin´s last paragraph, last chapter called conclusions,"THERE is grandeur in this view of life,with it´s several powers,having been originally breathed by the CREATOR into a few forms or into one:and that , whilst this planet has gone cycling on according to the fixed law of gravity, from so simple a beginning endless forms most beautiful and most wonderful have been, and are being evolved"


i made you the center of everything

wisdom by the spirit

there is not a living soul in the world

Lauryn Hill est tellement belle à l'intéieur

ne soutenons pas leur mensonge



écrivé pour dire kil descrmine les liberté de choix et dconscience des gen parceque dans les cantine scolaire ya pas de repas végétalien et cest ignoré la parti dla population qui rejette les animau mort comme nouriture

In Jesus name, I BIND the spirit of Anti-Christ and:
Anything that denies the deity of Christ!
Anything that denies the atonement, that is against Christ’s teachings
Worldly speech and actions
Teacher of heresy
The Spirit of Truth and the desire for more of Christ in every way!
In Jesus name, I BIND the strongman of Error and the spirits of:
False doctrines
Un- teachable
Servant of corruption
Contentious, defensive, argumentative
Always defending God’s revelations
New age movement ( mythological, psychological views on life, science, holistic health, parapsychology, quantum physics, astrology)
The spirit of chaos!
The spirit of Truth and God’s word! The Holy Spirit to cleanse and purify!


In Jesus name, I BIND the Strongman of Whoredoms and the spirits of:
Unfaithfulness, adultery
Spirit, soul, body prostitution
Chronic dissatisfaction
Love of money
Excessive appetite
Asmodeus (the marriage breaker)
The Holy Spirit to cleanse and purify, to invade every corpuscle of - every human's - bodies, souls, minds and spirits, consciences and sub-consciences!
Commitment to God and man
An insatiable, ever increasing hunger for more of God’s spirit and presence!

Show your commitment and inspire your family and friends to take action by starting a personal campaign

The campaign needs many signatures to reach its goal. How many can you collect?

S'il vous plaît n'encouragez pas la vivisection avec votre argent , le téléthon et vos achats . Cessez maintenant de participer au problème et faites parti de la solution s'il vous plaît . Boycotter les tests sur animaux et sauvez des vies . S'il vous plaît pouvez - vous signer cette pétition et inviter un maximum d'individus à la signer et leur demander de la partager au maximum ? Merci .

This campaign matters to me because animals are very important . They are YOUR children GOD and we must love them , be compassionate to them and respect them . This is very important . We can't live in a world killing each other, destroying GOD's creatures . We must have a heart and pity on all life or we'll live in a hell on earth . If we want to live in a world of peace we must take into account every single being and care for them all and be a big family and love each other . We must not kill nobody . Animals are someone not something . We must protect everyone and help as much beings as we can . We can't hurt , torture , kill anyone . This is evil . We must be good and respect life . Let us stop animal testing right now , for YOU GOD , for our animals brothers , for us , for this world . MARANATHA . AMEN .

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MessageSujet: Re: n easy to help lives : share, watch, sign, open conciouncess   Jeu 30 Jan - 4:45

3 JAN 2014
Doesn’t it seem like every time you turn on the TV or log onto Facebook, big business is once again pushing an agenda that maximizes profits over workers’ rights, consumers rights, and basic human rights?

Whether it’s earning record profits while the rest of us languish in debt or causing environmental crises and then covering them up; whether it's working employees to death or wiggling out of every tax and regulation the government can manage to pass; or... The list just goes on and on! You name it, and corporations are behind it. And instead of being held accountable, CEOs are getting richer by the second while the rest of us hope to make it to our next paycheck!

But the world doesn’t have to be this way. Because we have a secret: We own the corporations that are causing all these problems. They rely on us to buy their products. They count on us to buy their stock. They need us to work for them. Without us, these massive corporations have no power.

That’s where we come in. By taking action this week, you have joined a new movement of individuals from all over the world, uniting together to demand that corporations put people over profits.

Je vous aime cochons ! Je vous mange ! Je vous fais ma déclaration en achetant les saucisses, jambons, 'viande' faites avec le parties de vos adorables corps et je les cuisine . Et pendant que je vous déguste je vous dit je vous aime ! j'aime mettre vos corps dans le mien . Bougrement sadiques les créatures humaines .

Le discours humain est irrationel : J'aime les animaux de ferme = je les avale . J'aime les animaux de compagnie = je ne les déguste point . Cela devrait être dans ce cas là < J'aime tous les animaux = je mange tous les animaux . Les animaux de compagnie inclus . Ou bien alors < J'aime tous les animaux , je ne vole la vie d'aucun = Je ne mange aucun animal . Pourriez - vous manger un hamster ? un chat ? Vous pouvez néanmoins manger un cochon , un taureau , un poulet . Vous distinguez la contradiction ? Ce n'est pas j'aime tous les animaux = j'en respect quelque-uns et d'autres non . C'est ( J'aime tous les animaux = tous je les respecte = je n'en déguste aucun < Logique . L'être humain manque plantureusement de logique . Il a un problème dans son cerveau . Ne mentez plus . Si vous aimez la vérité pensez cela au plus profond de vos âmes :J'aime tous les animaux , réellement , alors je décide dès maintenant et je m'engage à devenir vegan . Je ne mangerai plus la chair de mes frères et soeurs . Je ne tuerai plus . Je leur en fais la promesse . Cette fois oui, je pourrai dire que j'aime tous les animaux sans exception . Rendons -nous à l'évidence, l'amour na jamais voulu dire voler des vies , faire MOURIR . L'amour a toujours été protéger, défendre, aimer, respecter et laisser vivre ceux qu'on aime . Quand on aime les animaux , on les protège, défend, aime et respecte . On les protège des mauvais qui veulent leur viande , leur mort , se faire de l'argent en les exploitant pour leur chair . On les défend de soi même qui sont un ennemi pour eux car on veut les manger et de qui que ce soit qui veut les tuer pour leur chair et de qui que ce soit qui veut les acheter et les manger . On les protège de tous . Alors , voulez-vous continuer à vous mentir ou vous voulez vivre dans la vérité et la bonté ? Voulez - vous être illogiques ou logiques ?

Aimer les animaux qu'on mange ? Manger les animaux qu'on aime ? Ces phrases n'ont pas de sens ! Aimer les animaux , ne pas les manger . Voilà la vérité de DIEU . Personne ne mangerai son meilleur ami . Une chose est sûre quand on aime une créature , qu'elle soit non - humaine ou humaine , végétale , on veut qu'elle vive . Certains pleurs quand leur plante a disparu , quand leur chien s'est fait écrasé , ou leur chat est parti voir DIEU de vieilesse ou de maladie . On aime = on veut faire vivre, laisser vivre un maximum . On veut des vies les plus longues qui soient pour ceux qu'on aime . Alors , dites , vous AIMEZ les animaux ? TOUS ? Les animaux qui sont mangés par les créatures humaiens vivent des vies les plus courtes qui soient . On les tue . On ne les laisse pas vivre jusqu'à ce que DIEU les ramène à lui . Alors vous aimez les animaux en sachant que pour vous et à cause de vous , leurs vies sont écourtés, volés, et qu'ils MEURENT et sont tués ? Aimer c'est cela ? Vouloir que ceux qu'on aime vive très très très peu de temps et soient ASSASINES alors que c'est DIEU et seulement LUI qui aurait mis fin à leur vie beaucoup beaucoup plus tard dans le temps ? Personne n'a ce droit , seul DIEU l'a . Alors vous souhaites à vos soeurs , maris , amis , frères, oncles , parents , meilleurs amis , cousines , tantes , grand-parents , cousins de se faire assasiner et de mourir le plus jeune possible car pour vous c'est cela que veut dire aimer . En tout cas , c'est ce qu'est aimer les animaux selon vous .  

Ne dites pas que vous aimez tous les animaux . Quelle blague . Arrêtez de vous mentir et à tous et aux animaux surtout . Manger les animaux de ferme n'est pas les aimer . C'est le contraire . C'est les dédaigner . Vous embrasser l'un, dormez avec lui, le chérissez lus que tout dans l'univers, l'autre vous l'achetez mort , le cuisinez et le dégustez . Ne dites pas que vous aimez les lapins,poissons,moutons ect que vous mangez . Vous les insultez en disant cela . Soyez honnêtes . Vous ne les aimez pas . Si vous les aimiez vous n'oseriez jamais encourager leur assasinats et tortures en les achetant et mangeant . Ne soyez pas hypocrites et mitomanes . Vous aimez probablement les animaux de compagnie . Vous les protégez, les aimez , ne les mangez pas . Quelle irationalité . Les créatures humaines adoptent et vivent avec des espèces d'animaux , ne songeraient jamais à les tuer et les manger , mais cuisinent et achètent d'autres espèces d'animaux et s'en nourrissent . Etrange espèce que l'être humain . Respecter certains , manquer de respect à d'autres . Faire du mal aux animaux de ferme et n'avoir aucune pitié pour eux mais défendre corps et âme contre quelque ennemi ses animaux de compagnie . Pleurer le trépas de ses animaux de compagnie mais déguster un ' succulent' cadavre d'animal et être indifférent à son trépas . Si vous voulez être sincères dites que vous haissez les animaux qui servent à vous nourrir et à nourrir l'humanité et dites que vous n'aimez que les animaux de compagnie . Ne dites pas que vous aimez tous les animaux car cela est terriblement faux .

Seamos buenos con todas las criaturas que encontremos en nuestros caminos . NO sabemos, podrian estar en peores situaciones que nosotros . Ayudemoslos . Si encontramos un perrito callejero muerto de frio, herrido, hueso y pellejo, llevemoslo a nuestros hogare,scuremosles, démoles de comer,démoles amor . Busquemos la auda de una associon de defensa animal que se ocupara bien de él . No lo dejemos asi .

Let us pray for GOD to forgive some humans for being a part of the occult secret society the illuminati . Let us pray for them to live . GOD is so much stronger than biderberg so HE can do a miracle if it is HIS will so that illuminatis survive . They are killing them for something . If they could find the exact date , hour , of their future death and said it to the world , then most humans would believe the illuminati is true . But of course they're always be some scpetics who will say it's a coincidence that they found the exact date . Ya right . pLEASE WHEN YOu pra spiritual warfare prayers don't pray to false gods . Go out our your false relgiosn and false jesus , false gods, false religions . Pray to the real GOD for our brothers who are braindead in hospitals, in comas, and for our brother michael . If you pay to a false god it's horrible, because you're giving ower to the evil forces as false gods are all demons . So you actually pray not demons not to god . That is horrible!!!please convert yourselves.SYou worhsip demons and love them and believe in them and pray to them  You gus are mistaken . Buddhists, top being temoin de jehovah, jewish, muslims ect . believe in GOD . Be Christians .You must believe in the only true GOD and pray agaisnt bilderberg, against them killing new celebrities and normal humans every year . The year has only just started and they're already killing a life . Wow . They're so cruel . Always killing humans and famous humans . lease pray everyday against what they're doing,agaisnt new world order ect against the babies,chidlren,adults,animals sacrifices . Pray,pray pray.That way GOD is going to ehar in heaven and save these lives you prayed for!!!!If you don't pra HE maybe won't save them . Let's pray for GOD to forbive creatures for becoming an illuminati .

dignity of the people is not for sale

affectant le respect dit à la dignité de la persoone humaine

des atteinte chocantes,insupportable à l'humain

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MessageSujet: Re: n easy to help lives : share, watch, sign, open conciouncess   Jeu 30 Jan - 4:45

Gospel = Good News By definition the word Gospel denotes “the good news”, and of course the Good News is that Jesus Christ died to save us and was resurrected after 3 days. Jesus Christ is in Heaven right now. The Good News is too that we need only to accept Him as our Lord and only Savior, truly repent of our sins and be baptized to have our sins forgiven; ask Jesus Christ to come into our life; to have eternal life; and to live with Him for all eternity. Spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

when are you people gonna give us a chance ? Are we so different from you ? I mean we're just like you . A year ago you wouldn't have noticed anything different about us . our little girls are sick. It' not their fault . It's nobody's fault . It just happened . and there's no danger to anybody ok . We are not gonna infect the town . There are just two special girls who need love and protection just like your kids .

they are different . They are loved .

all movies are atansits especialy the oens with actors famous rich like brad pitt at 15:22 personnaly id rather never belong to a satanic cult
they always do that, they put ironic hints of wat they are in real life, like this sentence with is to take to the 1st not to the 3r degree and actor actresses are possesed when theyre in the movies, they aint themselves, the demons are acting ,they feel their presence and they often talk bout this in itnerviews but humanity is so spectic they dont beleive, watch out, new world orde,r theyre killing everybody, look for yourself, illuminati on google and youtube and ull know the truth the whole truth nothin but the truth GOD bless u all

anti-war activist

the multitude

endure the horrific existence*

no justice no peace

One Human Family, Food For All

gaze at your navel

She thinks she is the Seventh Wonder of the World = she thinks the world revolves around her. she thinks she's the Eighth Wonder of the world

someone thinks he/she is the centre of attraction
there's always a way out il y a toujours une autre issue

being self-centered = navel gazing

stop navel gazing= Stop being self-absorbed

gaze at your navel

think the world revolves around you

They're vain .They're into themselves a lot . They're selfish
our wonderful experiment with LIBERTY will end

GOD's first gift to men : our free will

the wisest of our fellows

a great thinker and writer

this is the kinda man you don't wanna grow up to be you have to follow orders and not question them . What a sad life .

everday shud be like christimas oh what a lovely thought

people shud be generous and givign everyday, not just on christmas

THIS is christmas , giving , doesn't it feel good ?


we must fight for the world, its animals its human gender, our selves

is a worldwide movement of people like you, working together to hold corporations accountable for their actions and forge a new, sustainable path for our global economy

please help keep us strong

If you, like us, are fed up with corporate power over our lives, and want to be a part of a movement to hold corporations accountable for their actions, then you’ve found the right home. Please help us out by taking a moment to select "Always display images from" at the top of this email. Approximately once a week -- sometimes less, but let’s be honest, corporations aren’t getting any less evil -- we’ll send you an email with something you can do to stand up for people over profit. Together we’ll build campaigns and pressure major corporations and win real victories that improve real people’s lives.

Here’s what us Humans fighting for peace stand for:

Governments that answer to citizens – not corporations;
Fair treatment of workers and the right of every human being to make a living, safely and ethically, for themselves and their families;
The right of ordinary consumers to buy products that are produced and marketed ethically, sustainably and transparently;
The right of communities to manage and protect their own environment and natural resources;
Business models that put people and the planet first instead of being driven by short-sighted greed.

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MessageSujet: Re: n easy to help lives : share, watch, sign, open conciouncess   Jeu 30 Jan - 4:46

6 jan 2014 Reach our goal by telling everybody you know why you want to end animal testing and vivisection and how they can help.

If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other. Mother Teresa

Treating our Animal cousins with kindness and dignity is one of the first steps to a unified higher conscience.

how do you feel like saving the world ?

one for all and all for uno

We can't be good humans os we treat humans right and animals bad . We have a concieince and can call ourselves humans only if we have respect for every being on earth and treat the same way humans and animals .


a vocal and financial supporter of civil rights. ( contra racismo

I thank You, Heavenly Father for Your Love. I thank You for empowering me to be aggressive against satan and evil spirits. I thank You, GOD , for setting me free. I thank Your Son Jesus , for interceding for me with the holy angels and the saints , in JESUS's name .

Lord GOD , fill me with charity, compassion, faith, gentleness, hope, humility, joy, kindness, light, love, mercy, modesty, patience, peace, purity, security, tranquility, trust, truth, understanding, and wisdom. Help me to walk in Your Light and Truth, illuminated by the Holy Spirit so that together we may praise, honor, and glorify You Our Father in time and in eternity. For You, Lord GOD , are, "...the way, the truth, and the life" (John 14:6 ), and You "...have come that we might have life and have it more abundantly", in JESUS name (John 10:10 ).

they don't care about anyne excpt themselves

te way ou treat others is the way you'll be treated

JESUS YOU said in the Holy Bible give your money to the poor

well then its time to grow uowe are these pathetic agins grad students,who refuse to move off campus who refuse living in the real world, .We're all so scared,what are we scared about?responsability?being somebody's parent?whats so hard about it?

he seems to have touch our hearts ,??out of his own needs and those of others

He was interested in spiritual things,

I've passed you thousands of times in the hall,we've been in classes together since the 3rd grade and yet you neve once stopped to say hi to me,or compromise your social status by daring to akcnowledgeo my existence.How do you expect me to vote for you if you don't even know i'm alive?

i wanna help everybody,i wnana help people

THAT4s a nice philosophy to live by

for me to change into a better person

you could do so much for this earth to bring spiritual awareness

! I admire your spirit, along with your courage and intelligence.

Hey GOD's Army!
Time is now. A lot has changed and there is lots we must do! Please subscribe to my new website for my truth blog has finally been revealed!
Together, we can accomplish anything!

she wants something a bit more out of life

i'm less ofa fool,more of a man

my head filled upwith panic,panic of being a dad,of being parent,i got terrified of it all

everyone's keeping something to themselves (no decir ,secreto

I'm a failure

thanks for being you!

Without you GOD our minds are empty

GOD is our savior,our hero

breathing the air of her own freedom life, free of life?

everything i do is wrong,everything

two brilliant but socially awkward physicists shows them how little they know about life outside of the laboratory.
Keep your friends close and your enemies even closer
Goal In Life: "To be happy with myself and accomplish as much as I can."

Wwords without meaning
why do i say the things i do ? it just come out totally wrong, sometimes i just wish i wouldnt say anything at all,

Right. I graduated from college, I spend a little too much time in my own head, I listen to a lot of music, I read a lot, and I think I'm a pretty decent writer. I called myself a child of the 90's until the decade demanded a paternity test.

Those Wacky Illuminati Protesters

Google Images has to be, like, the third greatest invention of this century.

I like to believe that this person has this sign in their closet, and just takes it to every protest they hear about, under the assumption that whatever there is to complain about, naturally the Illuminati are behind it, and they need to point this out. When those Packers fan were protesting on Bret Favre's behalf outside of Lambeau Field? The Illuminati sign was there. (Actually, I already believe that the NFL is an evil cabal with designs on world domination, so that might not be the biggest stretch.

As usual, I have no idea what those 17 songs might or might not say about my mental state at this or any other moment.
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MessageSujet: Re: n easy to help lives : share, watch, sign, open conciouncess   Jeu 30 Jan - 4:50

I try not to judge people i've never met - You are quite a philosopher

We must set the highest moral standards .

como te atreves a v v v
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invocar mi benevolencia

se tiene que vivir con respecto con verdadera humildad, verdad YAHVE ?

qué bueno que DIOS te ilumino y te hizo reaccionar
There are people hurting themselves because they feel as if no one cares. I know how it feels. I know how it feels to be pushed away. That boy at your school who sits alone go sit with him. That girl everyone makes fun of invite her to lunch because this may be your last chance too.
please respect my convictions .

I ve never seen things this clearly before as i can see things now

we are prepared to die for animals rights/our rights , those who

look, i got one more year of high school let and then what ? be like my mother, desperate for companionship or my grandparents theyre afraid of their own shadow ,they're prisoners in their own little world,so u get 16 years of having a good time and then 60 of running away from death, not me,i"m gonna quit while i'm ahead - you are extremely,extremely cynical look on life, you're such a priviledged person you know, u should appreciate what you got good, - that's what im doing im trying to appreciate what i have good right now

Nothing you need to know about me, jus enjoy my wisdom

life is a beautiful thing

all our dreams die a slow death because she could not let go
THATS WHY i need u, you're the brains

i understand the legal system, i just don't accept it

let go, let GOD

what you are going ot need, is a miracle

I'm sorry for all the wrong things i do to you .

i raised my kids to believe that this world was safe,that mom and dady would make sure that everything would be alright

i can give him my words and words lasts , the only thing i can rreally offer him is unconditional love,no matter what

love which i had more than enough to spare

You know , sometimes life is unfair .

a man of integruity

entered anyone's mind

they are the enemy

oh,like you two haven't made mistakes before!

is there ever a day that goes by that you don't question your decision,i MEAN,DON4T U FEEL LIKE U GAVE UP A PART OF YOURSELF

he's a little unorthodox

Redeemed by Hercules, son of Zeus, Xena, once known as "Murderer," tries to fulfill her destiny as the "Warrior Princess" fighting for the greater good. On her Quest, she meets Gabrielle, a small town bard hungry for adventure. Together they take down some of the worlds most formidable opponents, even the gods!
- Written by Willie Nelson Crane Jr
Xena, a mighty Warrior Princess with fighting skills unlike any other sets out to redeem herself for her dark past. She is joined by small town bard, Gabrielle. Together they journey the ancient mythological world and fight for the greater good against ruthless warlords and Gods.
- Written by Argo
Xena, a mighty warrior and healer, once led a band of outlaws that terrorized all of Greece. She has come to regret the harm she caused and, with her companion Gabrielle, now travels the countryside seeking adventure and fighting the forces of evil.

Prosperity doth best discover vice, but adversity doth best discover virtue.

We are mighty warriors ,and led an army of being who tried to save this world . We are evil's enemy. We are GOd's heroes . We began to regret what we had done and embarked on a quest for redemption. We will travel across the lands as we battle forces of evil, and would often do battle with our evil foes, the ruthless humans out to get our revenge on these excuses of humans for the death of our brothers and sisters . We are on occasions joined by trusted friends .

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MessageSujet: Re: n easy to help lives : share, watch, sign, open conciouncess   

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n easy to help lives : share, watch, sign, open conciouncess
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