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 n easy to help lives : share, watch, sign, open conciouncess

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Date d'inscription : 17/05/2007

MessageSujet: Re: n easy to help lives : share, watch, sign, open conciouncess   Ven 31 Jan - 4:50

31 JAN2014 If we are truly kind children of GOD we must not have this mentality : Someone did something wicked to somebody = I hate that wicked human being, i desere him a bad life, or malheurs . We WHO ARE KIND ARE ACTUALLy evil because we deserve bad things . A good child of GOD can nver deserve bad things to anyone .We must always be kind and always forgive whatever happens . We are not thinking like GOD does . If we are kind children of GOD and someone did something mean to someone and you t want to pra for that mean creature and you want to pray for GOD to forgive her him and the victim to forgive her him and you want to forgive her him = You are thinking like GOD . That way you are truly a good child of GOD . Being kind isn't only behaving kindly towards eveybody . It is also deserving the best for all the mean beings we know and wanting to be friends with them and forgetting all the bad things they done, said , thought . A kind human not only want to be friends with kind humans but with any human be them evil or kind . They try to transform the evil huans into good humans , they try to know more about the evil humans to know why they are that way, what can you do so that they become good . But you don't exclue them because of their méchanceté . Because that is evil and you can't be evil if you're kind . You ust accept everyone and try to understand them all even if you don't like them or what they did if they did something bad to anyone or you . So never think that person was rude to that person, = insult them, wish them bad things . GOD and Jesus would never do that if someone said or did something bad . They would give them their mercy ,feel sorry for them, sorry that they are so cruel . We must do the same . We must not think as humans but as Jesus and GOD . Because it's humans who say you killed that poor cat, i wish i could kill you , i wish somebody did something even worse than what you did to that cat + many vulgar insults . No . That is evil . We must be good . So it's better to think : Please GOD forgive them, then don't understand that what they did was wrong , make them good, make them never do cruel things to animals again , make them understand that what they did was terrible, make them repent, make them love YOU, make them love animals . That is a better wish for these evil inhumans than deserving them to die , get killed, attacked by an animal ect because what do we win with all this ? Nothing but the suffering of those inhumanes . Whereas if we deserve them good, we actually win : animals are épargnés , that inhumane became humane, by the change he made in himself he's a better humane and now we can can them humans , he loves animals, animals are safe, he's happy, they are happy, everythin's ok . We actually all win if we deserve good to mean creatures than if we deserve than misery .

What we must retenir of all this is that we must never deserve nbodoy evil , be them good , or bad . We must always be nice no matter who we have in front of us . Even evil inhumans deserve kindness and repect . If a kind humans deserves evil to somebone he becomes evil . Hes like the evil ones after all . If the kind human whatever happens always deserve good to everybody, evil inhumans, good humans, he's always kind, he alwas keeps an amazing and full of wisdom mentality . That is what we msut do . Because if a kind person deserve evil things to bad humans, the good human is actuall a bad huan because in their soul they got evil and good . They are sometimes kind, sometimes evil . Whereas if they always deserve the best to all humans and inhumans, they are 100 % of the time good so they are really kind beings . It's better to be always kind than sometimes kind sometimes evil . That is the best phylosphy of the two . We msut always think like Jesus our Savior . As Jesus would enver think i hope somebody beats you up because you raped that poor dog, i wish i could strangle you fo assasinating that angel cat . Jesus would never think those things . So why would we ? Alwas try to think if we deserve evil to evil humans we are no better than them + we think like satan which is terrible ! !! Let us put him out of our hearts and minds . So let us not think like satan but as GOD and Jesus .
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MessageSujet: Re: n easy to help lives : share, watch, sign, open conciouncess   Ven 31 Jan - 9:09


THEY control our lives

lo hemos acogido como un miembros mas de nuestra familia


we can't pray only for Christians just because toehrs beleiv in toehr gods wich are unexistant ; wE can't exlcude them form ourt hearst and praers . We cna't help out only those who are Chistians from our countrie or the countires we're from or all the other countries and our races and not want to help any human just because they are fro other races than ours, worshi other gods than the real GOD , or are hteists . GOD never said once race , one's race, one coutry , deserves moe and that those who don't love HIM but false gods ( demons) don't deserve our help . GOD YOU want us to help everyone, ignoring that the love YOU or not, are from toehr races, countries, continents, mentalitie,s ahtoeits ect . We must help everyone . Because some seem to be so obsesed ith their religion and race that they always defend and fight agains tdismcrimination agais thtie rrace and religion but not racism , dsicriminaiton, injsutices aginst any other race . Fo iqntance if they race is F and they live in the country G . And there are these races in that country = J , A , R and F < they defend only F , ppay only for F . That in unfair . GOD YOU made all races equals? all ebign equals . We must give too much importance to our own race but to the human race . We must see in any human our sister or brother not a stranger just because he's not from our race . WE MSUT SEE FRIENDS IN ALL EYES? FACES BEINGS . Not thinking he's jsut a ace J . I don't car about J . My race is T . I love only T . All my riends are form race T . The best countr in the world is T . We despise , excluse from our world and the world all the other croyants from any other religion and race as if in our imaginative world there were only beings form our race and count . Alle the toher races and beliefs don't and coutnries don'- exist . They are bad children of GOD those who do that , from any rleigion . They don't believ in the real GOD anyway so they are great sinners anyway but let' pretend their gids were the real ones, well the are bad children ofn the so called real gods because their god as GOD says we msut love all our brother, our neighous= our friends , all f them , not the beings form my origin , race= friends , beings from all otehr races & countries= not friends . GOD says everyone is our friends, no matter their races . So this thought of loving so much our own countr more than any other, feelisn super close to it, more thn to any other, always talking about one's coutnr, dreaming of one's country, wanting to liv again in one country, and it being kind of all one's life is not a thought of GOD at all, but of men and satan because it's a way of creating divisions btween all the rces , wars of religions, racism, discrimination of religious beings ect . Because they all ae going to want to fight against eah other saing my race is the better, one , no its mine, o mine ect my religious is the tue and only one, no its not true, its mine, no mire, ect . GOD is angry at all thosse who don't believe in HIM but never said hate them , kill them , rejetter them and disputer with them . GOD want us to have friends of any race, any rleigion . That is absoutely being super closed minded if all your friends are from your religion and race . GOD wants us to have atheits friens i guess

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MessageSujet: Re: n easy to help lives : share, watch, sign, open conciouncess   Ven 31 Jan - 9:23


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MessageSujet: Re: n easy to help lives : share, watch, sign, open conciouncess   Dim 2 Fév - 5:30

1 fev2014

engaging in twisted behaviors

ou have to go against the basic grain of humanity
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MessageSujet: Re: n easy to help lives : share, watch, sign, open conciouncess   Dim 2 Fév - 14:20

2FEB2014 If somebody criticies everything most humans find this annoying , antipatico?? They are wrong . It's because they use a lot their left brains and are twins of mind s lets say . So if somebody critices zverything they're right because they're using their left brain wich is amazing thing . Because its futé?? Adn the right one is kid of stupid and super sheep . So the left one thinks . More than the right one . So of course as the whole world was conditionned to u always think everthigns perfect there is nothing to criticize or only some thigns to criticize sometimes , if somebody criticizes everything, they're are angry at them because they think if i have to criticize a little or nothing += everybody msut criticze a little or nothing = you should to . So that perosn they know who criticezs eveyrthing they don't like her him . Because you think everybody msut be like evrybody, i msut be like everybod, everybody must be like me , thatperosn must be like everybidy ,that person must be like me . That person is not like everyodelse and like me so we despise her him . Because the way she he think is different and they don't like that . They want everybody to have the same mind . Like one mind for the entire humans instead of one mind=one individual .

So it's because the ones who critize everything see the bad stuff where they are . Whereas the humans who use their right brain are like blind, they can't see them . And the are too lead to think that when solething sucks=great somethings so so = great something sucks= great all the things = great so they don't really think . So the left brain are kind of like capricoious or i don't know what to say but are like complaning but not in a bad sense . It's really fine that they complain because it's not complaining for everything wiht no single reason . It's coplaingin of everything because there are too many unethiCal, stupid, evil, not correct stuff on earth to just close our eyes and think it's absolutely perfect . sO THEY IDENTIFY THESE bad stuff . So we see one leather pair of shoes the left brain humans think that is cruel + super expensive . That is too expensive comapred to the money spent to make it . Plus killing animals for stupid shoes is absolutely shoking . The right brained humans= it's ok who cares it's life, we kill, we always did, no need to make a fuss and the rice who care si want the coolest shoes . So using one' right bain is being stupid . Using ones left brain is being malin?? thinkin smartly, having comon sense,analysing, ect . Whereas right braine dhumans don't really think before taking a decision.

MONTRE moi ton coeur
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Date d'inscription : 17/05/2007

MessageSujet: Re: n easy to help lives : share, watch, sign, open conciouncess   Mar 4 Fév - 9:30

nov 25 14

compleely normal that they dont talk about how save the animals earth mankind on tv but just garbage tv its comprehensible, its obvious, in a earth where almost everybody cares bout them them them and not all, and are really not caring, not altrusitic, not helpful, unkind, its obvious tv is just veyr about mememe not about each nonf amous me but about some me in real life+false life for tv shows ect + the theater, its nevr about our bros our bros our bros our earth arth earth , so noody would wacth shos baout solidarity if they were conditionned into hating that, into not caring bout that, not thinkoing bout that etc, they hardly ever thing bout this at all even knwo suffering of earth cratures exist !!! and is vey prsent everywher eon this wolrd! how can they forget bout this ?? terrible matter,, cajus we were conditionned into trying to nev think generously, never think outside of my my my existence and sutff like that, the only miracle times we ver thinl bout this is when we see a stray animal, or a homesless or something like that but if they werent strays homeless ect wed aboslutly !!!never !!! think bout this all,, inredible,, how can we nlove his brianwahsing or we're jsut pasive this is hwo to call this rbainashing, the egoism braiwshing? the dont think earth dont think about the whole earth bing, jsut think bout you you you brainwashing? caus there so much more thn we htink who suffer from oprresion suppresion of their rights abuse of all kidns wars ect eveyrwhere and we really think they dont exist s we nevr think bout them, if you dont think about some creatures it emans for you in your herts soul they arent exist ainti it

4 feb 2014

We must have wisdom . When somebody gives us something we must not complain . We must be happy . Somebody offers us a cat . It's not our birthday, it is not christmas.We don't deserve any gift neger anyways because we aren't Jesus or a Saint . We sin often why would somebody offers us anything, to thank us for being so wicked ? We think the gift sucks . They offered us three gifts . We wanted five . They offered us a cat . We don't like cats . We wanted a dog . We should always be thankful and think with wisdom not superficiality and closed minds . We should think this ) thank you so much, I'm happy wiht this gift . What matters is the gestu,e the attentio, not th gift . We should not think this ) this is not what I wanted, I'm frustrated, disappointed, take it back and ofer me something better . We must think that the human was really generous, kind to offer us what they offer us, it don't matter that we didn't like it or liked it . It don't matter it is a brand or cheap , it is expensive or isn't exepensive ; What matters is that the think of us, they had the generosity of offering us when we don't deserve it and there is no special occasion and we didn't do something great for the universe to deserve this . So we must think positive and never complain because this is the rich humans rich countries mentality . It sucks . Always complainign, wanting to get rid of gifts or return them knowing that it is a sin because it costed money to the beigns who offered it to us so we must not throw it away . We think too little with wisdom and too much with injudiciousness . We have the bad reaction because we aren't satisfied, we never are . Our frist reaction is too complain . We shuld react positiviely being happy with the gifts . We think oh no this sucks = negative thought, lack of wisdom . We sould think ) oh, that's really nice of them offering us this gift because they could have offered nothing . Instead they offered something = positive, full of wisdom, so we should put things into perspective . We should think as poor humans from the poorest countries of the world . Because they can't comlaina nd would never complain if somebody offered them anything because the had nothing!!! So it's imposible that they would complain because they have a lot of wisdom so they would be extremely happy with any gift . NO gift sucks to them . We should have their great reaction, teir amazing philosophy . Why don't we do ? Because the come from poor countries< we come form rich countries . The are so poor if somebody offers them anything= they think it's the best gift ever < e are kind of rich, middle class or beter, if somebody offers them anything= we think it's not good enough . Obviously coming from the opposite parts , the poor one, the rich one, how could we think the same . It shows that the more you're poor the more wisdom you got . The mroe you're rich, the less wisdom you got . That is a fact .
It will help us see life with better eyes, being more positive when we hate our lives and complain about everthing, if we just thought about poor humans, or go on the compute,r look at graphic pcitures of extremely poor and skinny humans, pictures of cities destoyed by bombs . The days we are really furious, because we don't have the quantity of stuff, money, we can't buy all the nicest stuff we'd like to . Look at the pictures and then you 'll immediately feel relieved . And think I don't need mroe sutf,f i'm happy wiht all the stuff i have . I already have enough, moe than enough  Im happy . I dont need more .

d 25 14

the power of compassion is huge ^if each & all of you hadnt done all that you've done, if you hadnt taken so many times action so many of you, none of these victories for the living beigns of eath would have happenned, none of all theze beings would have been saved j you saved them all k you re wonderful k thanks you too much for all your actions for your giant compasison k compassion saves existances l caus compassion = action = victories of lives saved l none of this couldve been done without you < stopping an abuse, making it illegal, prohibiting it, or some animals not mrudered but the abuse goes on for plenty others, like sone hens saved but hens meat + hens eggs keep on being produced, less cruelties sold caus you've acted , its not the end of animal curelty but its abig step forward so thank you an infinite quantity of times

d 2 14

our opinions don't matter - we think thigns - they are ideas - not reality - reality = what YAHWEH thinks - it doesnt mean we have an opinion that it's obligatorily right - opinions are just opinions - example - we think it's not a bad thing to love immoralities - YAHWEH thinks it's a bad think to love imoralities - our opinions cant be right just because its ours = centred on ego - opinions are false or right - reality is always real , always right -

you got two options or you re wickd or youre angelic  - most of us from the humankid chooze being wicked caus were always hated goodness and cant admit it -

oh YAHWEH everything is so confusing are human beings important ? is lfie important ? is the material world important ? are machines important ? are humans more important that abtstrast thigns and that machines ? is lfie important ? is anything important

we are so moron its a giant handicap for us the humankind for e really udnerstand nothing of any matter c if anyone ask mean humans if they're mean hey'll say no x they dont know what mean is, they're mixed up as all of us x everything is ay too hard to get x always interrogating oruselves on life, earth mankidn, human mind and not finding answers and being even mroe strses out even more furstrated even more confused than before to try to find the answers x we fele this way caus of the limits of our itnellgience which is so minusule so really we just find more qustions, not answers x its so horrible, we try tog et humans, + oruselves x we try to enter their midns caus they show too little from their minds x we cant w we cant hear all the stuf hapening in their minds x we can only look at their facial expresions +looks x caus this is the only thing shoing a itny lil bit of their minds x its always been the trouble of the whole humankind x trying to get what we'll never get t because we just look at them with a frustrated look & that's it t because they arent going to tell us nothign t they dont want to ' some speak so little bit that its even more furstrating caus with the veyr few words they say per day you cna never know nothing t you just let your mind imaigning how these beings are but imagination can be very wrong y what you want is the truth but you cant have it t its madening  you just live in a planet where there's creatur,s human creatures & you cant even get them t whts the point in living with them then t you dont even get yourself caus you'd had to be in a perpetual self analizizs & its unantual for w havent been programed for that t programing human beings, t how curoious, just the sentenc eprogramming human beings souds realy morbid caus we are not machines but thye mad eus into them t programing machines ok but beings, wow t so we're machines t we have been programd to analyze others & not ruselves but in the other hand , them or us, whats the diference t they are beings & we're beings so perhaps looking at ourselves < looking at others ? you jsut have to put a giant distance betwen you & you so you the observer becomes 1 separate beign you the analyzed istead of being just one you t as if you had nothing in comon, nothing to do with that being, even though you know it is you t realy you observ this humankind, and humans individualy & what do you find y just confusion y especialy when you ask yourselves what on earth are they so wicked y do they even know it y probably not y thats the worst, thats what drives you insane y caus each & everyone got their own value system , its the same for some beigns thousands? the same but different  for thosuands y how to say this like one value system called 7x for 232 thosuands , the same value system another one called Hj for 81 thousands & plenty other diferent value sytems for respective group of thousands t so you have your value system which is excellent & you know well hats good & whats not caus we cna never know perfectly w ehave none inteligence so we know thigns well , or badly, never perfectly t so you observ their eyes, their facial & phisical conduct & you find excrement y most of their beings which drives you nut, make you despise them, porbably hae them for beign such wicked human beings t you see a lot of evil in them , you have pity for them, thye disgust you t they got so much idioties in their midns which are of a monstruously high level of idioty that its like they're sub humans or something t caus when they become evil whith the evil one they seem to have no humanity , no inteligence left t which is what hapens when us humans get mad t we dotn do terrible thigns, we dont mruder & stuf but we talk badly & we sometimes even take the arm or hand so somebody violentyl t we are sick t we're so violent y this is an evil one pathology t not psuychaitic pahtology t what is that an evil one ivnention t tit dont even exist y all psychaytr , psychatry medicien, pyshcyatry illnesess, the void totally t no humanity, no inteligence, not in the sense of we're about to mruder rape or make a terorist atack t no, we're just vocally fighting with humans or one human t exempal v can you come for a minute t leave me the ccc alone !!!! whats hapening to you, cant you speak with respect ? why do you yell like this ?? !! of go to cccc !!! you see thats the part where all inteligence & goodness has disapeared from us t thats when we have the enemy's pathology t caus from what from the void the air? we decided to speak badly to somebody who had no sin at that particular moment, caus they were not deserving us to speak to them like humans with th e animal explotiaiton or hitler with jewish, they didnt made this anger and stupidity curelty happen, ourselves only made this all hapen so they're inocent completely  yand we're psychopaths t so all humanity and normalcy and inteligence removed is not just like you're making a horrific crime y no, just everyday fights y caus we are like mosnters, our look, experesison,s body positions movements, our souls, are midns, at these particular moments when we get mad and for no reaosn like in this example so the brain is full of vomit t we're so contempible t not just at the angermoments , but fotne e got nothign but vomit, jsut the worst idea,s the worst minds, like there is nothing angelic or from YAHWEH msot of the time in our hearts, midns, souls t nothing which coutns, nothign whis is very good like in a giantyl high spiritual level, as we were a bit like YOU YAHWEH t but we cant get mad at us, caus its not us who made our mids demonic reptilian w also when we are full of hatred? anger? we dont evne know wht we feel y when we're full of hanger ? hatred ? ect ? we should not caus we have to realize if we hate them or are mad at them for their vomit souls hearts minds, e have to think they're perhaps not guilty, as ourselves so we should think why are we mad atthem for their giantly cruel giantly idiotic minds hearts ect if ourselves are that way too and in oruselves we dont think : im guilty, but with them yup t sdouble standard t so if when we look inside oruselves we dont fele like we're guilty, caus its jsut comes liek that like falling form the sky, then neither are they guilty t whats the point in existing, we dont get nobody , nothing, ourselves y we havent been given super genius spirits, we havent been given giantly good comprehension of other humans beings the earth + oruselves y its like we got this giant handicap y its not logical y if wwe are going to be put in a world , then logic says we would have been given a mind that is intleligent enough to get in what mess we are, where we are, who are those creatures, who are oruselves creatures , hwat is everything , what everythign means t but no t curiouls,y oddly, we have been given a brain that is like 5 % inteligent to see experience live things that need like 4343 % inteligence to find any stupid example t so wecant survive t we are just going to exist eveyr single day til e die, asking oruselves what life means , what evrerythign from this nightarish oddest existence , oddest planet, oddest earth unviers,e oddest universe, oddest ourselve,s oddest others, everything means y thats what life is y questions & plenty moe questions t never answers or terirbly sucky stupid answers t which sort of answer the interriogatiosn but at like O . OOOOOOOOO1 percent t logic is that if we are a dumb speicies at 8 % they mgive us a 8% brain caus we get everythign , we dotn need to have a 89% intelligence if where we live who we are ect requires way less inteligence , logic is if we're given a life in a world which requires 54 % inteligence to get everything going on around us , we are going to be given a 4% brain not moe not less x but no, we have been given giantly less so we are totaly muddled c maybe when humans aks us if e're nice or we ask us that we think ya im a pretty nice human being x we got a tiny inteligence so perhpas hat is it dont know a always !!!! wwe are secialists in knwoing nothign! understanding nothing ! we could be a the record book or on this we excel, e got 20 out of 20 A+ on that! we're the ebst on this, human race t what ? we are veril evil or jsut evil ? we have the bad conduct the bad thoughts, the good conducts, the good thoughts t thanks YAHWHE we arent not wicked 100 eprcent of the time bu we are confusing creatures because seems like onyl YAHWEH YOU get us, why e're nice, why we're good of coruse YOU know every single thing, YOU read into our souls like nobody else,not even oruselves can know us , our souls, brains ect and nobody can know, even earth geniuses, earth psychaitrists, nobody but YOU caus YOU see all this invisible unvierse of the earth witht he demosn a stuf so that is definitely whats hapening y why those beings are more often wicked that angelic y its caus saldly they are with more dmeons, or more often ith demons than other beings, GOD belss them, who are a lot more often with YOU+ angels, than ith demons + Your enemy YAHWEH t caus really th question is why ??? what wwat ? why all   ! ! ! ! why there is the ones who're like 80 % of the time very nice and just a few times in their lives wicked & those who're live unbearbale disrespectul, wicked like 80% of the time and hjust for some miraculous moments, they're like angels x hats this ??? what does it mean ? well first, everybody = not idem , and seconc, all dont have the same fate, so some will go to the path of Your enemy YAHWEH, compeltely living in that path, drawed in it like a chocolate ball is drawn with chocolate, and others are tthank YOU GOD, more in Your path msot of the time y caus sicentists, srhinks could do tonnes of studies, alazzing, comapring tonnes of humans nad so they'll oppose the good & the wicked & they'll find veyr confusing very madeining sutf & very itneresitng stuf which would lead them to this : everybody is not identical caus some are evil some are angelic , everyone doest have the same thinking, the same reactions in situations , caus the good will act in one manner, the wicked, in a very diferent manner y we cant expect everyone to act the same, reason the same etc y because the angelic act think first with their hearts+ cool moral, whereas the wicked with their inhumanity+ idiotic brain x so in comparing evils & good, we find tonne sof diference,s its so not the same path, the same system, the ame process of acting, thinking, reacitng ect y caus you see the evil is the contrary of the good , the good the contrary of the evil t you just find them too diferent, tey got like almsot anythign in comon t but how come both exist y how come not only the good exist t because for the good its so easy its so not complicated its not like walking on a path where theres a lot of crocidles sperents who will eat you alive to be kind t for good to be kind is so eays, there is nothign difficult in this t so they really are totally perplex t what answer can be found ? nothing comes to many mids but : idiotcy t if we werent such jerks jerks in the sense of stupid , then we would be nice like the nice t but for us the mean what comes super easily is the meaness x its like for the good, the path is full of flowers and nice smeels an no crocidles ect for the mean too t for the mean the path full of seprents+crocdiles+sharks = is the path of goodness t maybe some wre born with obscurity ever since they were in the humans's stomachs, and others surrounded with YAHHE's angels t caus they'll groww in life, not just grow in the sense of going from cero to 25 , but gorwing spiritually, mentally, in heart, in stuff like that, they'll grow til their death, in one path hte path of evil or the path of good t they dont choose that ? this comes with them this becomed attached to them and they didnt choose to go in the nasty path or in the good path x who knwos who chose that for them ? why do the nasty think they're kind t because we are such idiots and got such egos pride and stuff that we have to watch everythign everyday every behavior of our lives as a whole and theres the like 79 percent of times when we here nasty and the 21% of moments we wre good and in all this, we see the 21% we were good and so our conclusion is : we are good or very good human beings t why ? because we're completely useless morons

ja 5 15

it's better that we tr to be perfect instead of : repeating ourselves and everyone else all day long they're+we're perfec and we're so far from that < we're actually the other way aroun - whereas to : try to be eprfect in YAHWEH's eyes : this is a great idea we shouldn't just do everythign backwards really bad and so sin and fall into temptation all the time and be so backwards that we sin too many times and everytime we : are perfect , they're , others, everyone, are perfect - caus thats a proof of our superficialty our evilness our faignatize - faignant to make thigns good caus it's easier to make thigns bad=no effort - makes thigns good, try to be perfect=makes thigns good all the time or try to make the good thing isntead of the abd thing all the time= too much work, so we'd rather make no effort, its way cooler, way easier - no its not - its very very very bad - so our prblme of us human beings have always been this : we hesitate between the bad & the good thing - we love both - too often we choose the bad - do we know why - probably not - there is the good thing= no temptation - bad ting=temptation of the evil one - of course there's no good thing temptation caus if there was then us human beigns would win te prize of the beings who are absolutely excellent, experts on : not falling into the good tempation - for falling into the bad temptation we are geniuses - for not falling into the bad temptation = we are backwards!!! - it doesnt seem to matter wether we love the bad thing or the good thing the most - whatever hapens, we'll choze the bad thing - even if we very well know how nasty , how unhealthy, how bad in general it is for any reazon caus i can be like infinite kind of examples - we prefer the good thing and we like the bad thing= we chooze the bad thing - we prefer the bad thing and we love both the bad & the good thing= we chooze the ba thing - like in all our existances when there was the evrryday choice, caus this seem to happen to us human beingz every single day - every day of our 80 soemthing, or 50 somethign ect long existances like to say anything, on about 32321 times we could flal into the evil one's temptation and not fall into his temptation it slike we fell into his emptation 3201 times !!!! and like didnt fall into it 120 times - this is huge - thats wy we feel backwardz because we really dont get why everyday we promise ourselves e wont do the bad thigns anymore, we wont choze them anymore - we will always chooze from now on the good thing - we pormise ourselves - not evne others - we lie to ourselves - that stinks - we are mad at oruselves for not getting why - why - we sayof from now on im a do the good thign isntead of the bad we always sued to do til yesterday - from now on is every from now on= every day - result= everday = a lie - like 10 years later - as we promised 10 eyars before - did we stop ding the bad thing = no - 7 years later - have we stoped - no - ect ect - we'll never stop ? we'll do this all our lives ? promise we'll sotp and dont - caus its really bad caus its thigns that can be mentally or hpysically dangerous - really harm us or others - example : we promsie we wont get mad anymore - this for isntance any ((right now(( is the last time e get angry - 57 years later= we keep on getting angry= live less+ way less good being + way les hapiness ect caus we like?? the feeling we hav when we get angry but also like :not getting angry: we finally chooze: continue to get angry - right now we promsie we 'll stop not working out for we love :not working out: but also love : working out: we dont know we never did - but it seems cool when waching others working out - so its serious, yea right, right now we decided tomorrow and all the dayz of our lives=working out - 18 years laer= no work out, none at all - we love eating terribly unheathly food= ! garbage! we also like : eating healthy: we seem to like garbage more - we promsie we'll eat healhy caus our health is impornt to us but also : non important : as we choozes garage - ok its a promise, til today=heahtly food everyday of our lives - decades later= the same garbage diet - wow - we are too backwards poor us , unwisesuperifcial little human beingz - why choozing tempation so foten and almsot never the good thing - becauz we're superficial ? caus the pleazure the bad thign procures us is a superficial thing : examples: the pleaszure of staying up late is bigger than the wise pelazure or going to bed early - pleazur of eating unhealthy biger than pleazure of eating healthy - the plezure of not working out biger than pleasure of working out - we are really really backwardz caus no there is no pleazure of not working out, eating unhealthy, being up til 5 am , 2:35 ect its all mental +physical suferign - you dotn workout you're alayz complaingin of physcial +mental malaise??? you eat unhealthy=ditto - you go to bed late=youbecam a zombie, alwayz complaingin or very unpleasant physical emtnal sensation - so !!!! where the plezure, nowhere - why chozzing way more foten temptation of ba thing rather than good thing - because the voice of the enemy in our spirit - he makes us think : dont worry, this food is not going to kill you, scientists like junk food is the healthiest food on earth - its a lie going to sleep early is good, on the contrary the later you go to bed the better you'll feel - working out is for morons - your life will be so great without it ect - the enemy tells us such thigns & we believe - we dont believe YAHEH when you tell us do this do that dont do this ect so we suffer mentally phsycilly for so many time for so manythigns all our existance for too many times we did the bad thign and we reaptead oruselves veyr strong things like you're too backward, you're un incapable??? you're the biggest sucker on earth ect for you're extremely confuzed you dont know why you're destroying your hpyiscal emntal health like this because you ::do:: what you !!dont want to do! + you <dont do< what you <want to do< so you are so depressed, so lamented, so disapointed, so frustrated and you dont know how much logner this is going to go on because you really wish it to stop right now but you cant make it stop so you're goig to unfortunately continue to desroy yourself life - you dont know what to do - you have a demon - it seems evident - human beigns we have alwyaz been too backwards thats why we do the contrary of what we wish to do - we'll always be not happy for we do the contrary of what we want to - that has always be a hige problem for all of us the earth human beings which has always diminished considerably our hapiness, well being ect its sad really when we know hat our stupidity is the responsible for all this for its evidently extremely easy to do the good thing - its really not rocket science - you just do it!!! but we find it terribly hard - oh then the explanation is exactly this oen, we are backwards incompetents - why - when the life of all the human beings 'd so much easier if we'd follow our insticnt and our good comon sense who tell us to always :do the ---good--- thing:& to never do the ---bad ---thing - because temptation is so sweet so seductiv so charming so good according to us human beingz - thats disgusting thats imoral - how can we love temptation!! thats like loving the enemy!! obviously, for temptation= the enemy - lets thing about all thsoe we call perfect but this time not by our genius of & hypocrisy, on that we excell - no, he oens we mock for they seem perfect - you know extremely healthy food, going to bed 9pm , never saying a insuls, never getting mad, never having stains on their clothes ect perfect little life - those type of humans are terribly less backwards than us other humans - of course for they sin less=fall way less in the bad temptation and they fall very foten in the good 'temptation - its a law of maths : whenever you do something more you're more------ everytime you do somethign less you're less ------- the more we do the bad thing temptation the more backwardz we are - the les we do the bad thing temptation the smarter we are - thats he reazon why those so called perfect who are un perfect but closer to perfect than the msot of us, we got to follow their step - we got to do many thigns like them - for they sort of understood more life than us , thanks to their bigger wisdom, bigger common sense, bigger brain than ours - its a matter of bad and good - what do we want the bad the good - what will we do - do we think this so called pleazure coming from the abd things are more improtant than our life helath hapiness - for we know this plezaure is desroying our lives - do we think the good thing which may bring us more effort less pleazure bad being , but which is way more worht it, do we think its better - what do we think - because we are idle - idle like stupid and idle like lazy on doign good thigns - for the good thing make us work its hard - the bad thing not at all - the good thing is like mental or hpysical work=pain-  the bad thing is a hudnred pleasur,e supozedly - are we going to think cleverly or backwardly - are we going to be wise or unwise - are we going to be unreasonnable or reasonable - the oens who choose often the good thign are wiser than those hwo often choose the bad thing - so they are wndustrious while those who love the lazy cbad thing choice are lazier - for thats the problem we think oh no all this mountain of work to do the good thing, any example - whereas those who are more clever, more wise think : oh great im going to do a good thing, im going to be the best or one of he ebst, im going to have the coolest results, im going to have fun! so those lazy see it through one view which is it sucks, tis suffering its tiredness, its work, its hard - the ones who are not afraid ofwork < who often choose the good thing rather han temptation think this is not work, or yes its work but its good work, fun work, they dont see it as a ordeal, contrarily to the lazy ones - lazy in all the senses - pysically, mentally, lazy - caus sometimes its lazy in the mind like stupides or any non hpysical activity - lazy to act good - lazy to be nice - lazy to work - lazy to clean - lazy to look for healthy recepies - but not lazy for not working , no cooking not leanign asking our slaves to clean cook for us ect lazy for studying, not lazy to party - lazy to help others - not lazy to make a nightmare of the lives of our brethrens ect - its lazy in those senses -

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i'd do anything to make non human animals persons happy

Farmed animals have a good reason for hope: YOU! With you at our side in 2014, we pulled back the curtains of the chicken industry, exposing routine and egregious cruelties kept hidden from public view for far too long. Our powerful investigative footage was the feature of not just one – but TWO in-depth stories on CNN, reaching tens of millions of viewers who saw, perhaps for the first time, the abject misery forced upon birds raised for food in the US. You also enabled us to achieve tremendous change in the corporate boardrooms, helping make vegan eating business as usual. From Subway testing vegan options in more markets, including Los Angeles and DC, to persuading Dunkin’ Donuts to offer almond milk nationwide -- and most recently, we shared the exciting news of our success working with Tim Hortons to add soy milk to its menus throughout Canada. COK won time and again in 2014 – thanks to you. Your generosity played a vital role in making 2014 a banner year in our crusade for farmed animals, and these accomplishments that you helped us achieve are highlighted in our inspiring 2014 year-in-review video. The meat industry may be desperately trying to silence us, but we’re not backing down. With you on our side, and with the truth on our side, our voices keep getting louder and the power of compassion keeps getting stronger. As we get ready to celebrate our 20th year anniversary in 2015, we need you to keep this momentum going – and farmed animals need you to keep giving them hope. When you donate today, your gift will go twice as far for animals – every dollar will be matched, up to $150,000, helping us raise a total of $300,000! Plus, as a special token of our appreciation, with your gift of $150 or more, you’ll get a free box of decadent vegan “milk” chocolates. Thank you – it’s because of your support and strength that we are changing the world. For the animals, Erica Meier Executive Director P.S. Ready to be inspired? Watch and share our 2014 year-in-review video: The Power of Compassion!

a quick-thinking classmate (tiene buenos reflejos ideas, mente rapida como copiar pehgar algo un por sia desaparezca, desapareico,tuvo razon de hacerlo ,simepre bacanes ideas que la mayoriia no tienen?

o allow others to see and share what these girls had done.

Chances are these 'humans' would have gotten away with this crime if you hadn’t cared enough to keep the heat on

It’s incredibly upsetting

The statute is the same whether you’re an adult or a juvenile,” Florida attorney Janet Johnson told First Coast News. “There are different kinds of animal cruelty, one is a misdemeanor and one is a felony, this one has to be the aggravated kind, because it is an excruciating video to watch obviously an aggravated killing of an animal.

Without question, in addition to punishment, these girls desperately need psychological help. If you’d like to encourage the State Attorney’s office to prosecute this case to the fullest extent possible, as well as to find these teenagers the help they so obviously need, please sign this petition. Care2 will see it gets to State Attorney Corey on your behalf.
it took a lot of guts to face up to him, you did the right thing, were proud of you

1 jan 2013

i wonder what life was like one thousand years ago - im trying to communicate something here - you tried to communicate somethign but you failed and you failed coz youre confused ; and see youre confused becaus youre lost; youre lost caus you dont know where you are;

thank YOU GOD for this food you put before us AND FOR THESE THY BLESSings amen

only someone who understands the complexity of time The Perfect World is a network and a tool for conscious people to help the Animals the Nature , humanity, a platform for, information, communication, education, blogging and above all a platform to Take Action.
To create a Perfect World for all mankind, and animals.
Description de l’entreprise
A vision for the development towards a perfect world! Stopping animal cruelty, helping the environment and saving mankind.
Informations générales

The Perfect World is a network tool for conscious people to help the Animals, Nature and thus Humanity, a platform for information, communication, education, blogging and above all a platform to Take Action. Together we will create the preconditions for The Perfect World. We must not only find and take away the symptoms of the problems! We must find and solve the problems that cause the symptoms.

Join The Conscious Network and TAKE ACTION!

1 se 1 2014

the love brainwashing, you cant order your heart tu peux pas commander ton coeur, the heart is uncommandable? humans dont know why others fall in love with immoral creatures + how themselves can fall in lvoe with immoral creatures ; we know they are jerks and we lvo them, its like cupidon had put a fleche??? on many two different humans of the earth two by two so that they'd be in love with cruel losers two evil lsoers together or one good person+ one loser : or as if two humans who'd never in this life fell in love and hate each toher and somebody put a spell on them or makes a love potion so that they fall in love sufddenly after always desdaining each other or liking each otehr as family, friends or liking each other a lil bit : so its : the heart is uncommandable so they should have never fall in love but the heart commands the mind the whole being so as weird as it seems the evil one is married or dating the good one, or two evils or two goods etc caus the mind is ignored in this analyse of who to choose, the mind would choose, the heart doesnt and does, doesnt in the sense that the heart isnt going to find several creatures and hesitate and choose one of them and try to choose the better one in morals, this is the mind, the heart choose the firt one it sees it seems, it doesnt try to eliminate in a group of serveral possibilities < the heart is not demaning at all, thats why as it cant understand whos bad, who's good, who they should never love and who they should , the heart just makes, like magic, two people who got nothing in common, who everything separates, who really dont like the other persons mind,conduct, nothing, who know the other person got many flaws , or 52, or 23 etc out of 100 for instance, grammes, percent, whatever measure, even if the person d be the most evil one on this world, they'd fall in love with them caus the heart is like a retard, or a creature with no brain, the heart doesnt try to find the kindest person to fall in love with, the one who got the most noble heart, no, the hearts just want to find anyone, dont mind if theyre good for them, good enough for them, crook woman and crook men, dont care if theyre satanist, atheist, egocentrics, mean, etc they only want to fall in love, dont matter with who : thats the irrational aspect of love< so we think they find each other, he and she are the one for each other, they say YAHWEH YOU put them into each other's destinies so that they are turly made for each other, the man woman fo their lives, nobody else on earth , but them, how can they be so sure ? maybe those two are pathetic immorals and nobody should have been with them caus they're so evil or the good one should be with a good one, not that evil one theyre with, they think GOD YOU wanted them to met, to fall in love, to spend their whole existences together because only one is made for each person and that one they choose is the one no caus : many divorces so they cant have been the one, when youre with the right one, you dont divorce, you love them forever, stay with them forever < all those who remain together forever : they cant know if they are made for each other caus only YOU know that YAHWEH ; maybe YOU didnt make nobody for nobody as the only love should be the family or friend love , not the couple love < if YOU made each human for somebody, then why some are aseuxla,s arromantics ? why there are religious creatures etc < earth is big, each human dont know everyone, they declare being very sure that the humans who are together its caus GOD YOU wanted them to met caus everyone must meet the one caus thats destiny, caus if h dont meet the one wich is their soul mate caus if they had been with the wrong oen thinking it was the right one, theyd be devastated to learn before to die, thats its too late, this eprson they so loved on earth, who lived with them, werent the right one, so they d feel like they wasted their whole life loving the one they shouldnt have loved with the couples or marriage love < how tragic < why would we try to look for our soul mates if we are a family !!! this marriage love is so creepy, so odd < some feel like they have met the right one and havent caus the right one is another being and maybe she he is living in another 'continent' or far from them, they'll never met them, others are single, are all the time changing partners, they cant find the right one, they have a hard time for that, thats why they had plenty relationships and short lived caus they are still looking and hope one day to find : the one < really this isnt important, they use YOUr nade YAHWEH for superficial matters, YOU care about this ? maybe not caus its so dumb, weird, superficial = YOU care about us loving each other all of us from the earth as family so as all which is in heaven=improtnat, many of the earthly things= unimportant , all the things which exist in heaven, are great, if some thigns dont exist in heaven = theyre bad so partner love dont exist in heaven so humans down there shouldnt be looking for this, trying to make their lives this way, shouldnt try to love that way but only the : family way = all the stuff which exisn on earth and not in heaven =unimportant =all the things which exist in heaven and on earth= important so as they love themselve,s all of them, each other as a family in heaven its posible all the humans of the other wold, earth, should love each other the same way

thank you thank you thank you thank you !!!! good people of the computers, internet, plnet earth!!! if you didnt use your fingers to write, denounce, all categories of animal cruelties of this earth by the means of computers, nobody would do nothing, nobody would find out = thered be no petition, no humans threating animal absuers on the net, nothing, no action = thank GOD for sending all these wonderful creatures to use the comps in the best way posible, not for me i i , not for dulb futile stuff, no , for the most importhan thing of the earth : helping others: thank you so much humans, youve saved so many animals, and humans GOD bless them all !!! they are heroes!!!!!!!!!

june 28 14

its very cool very open hearted veyr kind hearted to always think world aint it YAHWEH ? caus YOU love all your creatures, You want your creatures to love them all, so its cool when some of Your creatures always think of the security, , hapiness, protection, well being, health, of all their brothers & sisterd, not only of a echantillo of them , like three hudnred of them caus they knoww thre hundred humans and not seven billion of them caus theyres seven billion of family of sisters,brothers in the planet called earth - so thats cool caus theyre vision is veyr big, theyre probably cant be abigger one always thinking the seven billion before ' i ' , always think all of them, not aproximaletly all of them, many of them, few of them, a few o them etc no, all , its always all, theyre not selfish at all, they dont think me and nobody else or me then the world or me then the few individuals i know no, they think all, the entire beigns who live and live on earth, animals+ humans ( thats the ebst vision caus all the reductive, insulting visions of those one, lets help, lets pray, let hink bout, lets ish them the ebst, those one, elts wish them a little bit of evil, or a lot of evil, death, lets wish we could destroy, pruder them, those, we depsise, those we love, these ones we appreciate, these ones wed like to slap, or slip on, or break their stuff as vegance that we dotn like them, or that they did somethign we didnt like that what they did isnt right or is right and we think it isnt, etc these ones, they could die if it was for me, thsoe one,s we wish theyd live forever etc no thats so not from You or christian YAHWEH, thats always this way too narcisistc to think of the whole, we think of a few groups or one, we create divisions, groups suck, each group is opposed to another, all of them oppsoed to all of them caus one group means the other gorup hate this group and this group hate the other group and its not two groups its plenty of groups - humans shouldve never created groups caus this divide so this create hate between the groups for they are in different groups - if all humans were in one single group itd mean love, love, love, comprehension, brotherhood, being strong, bind, united, a strong connexion between all of them not just friedns whith friends, lvoers iht lvoers, etc but all so gangs, religions all of this means one group, antoher one, all against each other, if these groups existed but with no oppostion so our group is one relgiion, your group is another one but its ok we get along were friend even though we aint from the same group, were one gang youre another gang but we wont fight, we like each other , imposible caus the group creates hate


keep a close eye on you

an officer's responsability is to enforce the law and obey the rules and /im glad you reconginzes that he wanted to break them in order to win / you've learned the best lesson nnn could teach you / you don't just blindly follow orders if it goes against your believes /

october 13 2014

easy does it! hats the hurry !

depus que vous les avez deocuvert imposible de vous les enlever de la tete

essons d'etre des vilaines créatures

lets stop being bad boys and girls

let us be pals seamos buenos amigos
let us be great guys soyons géniux

you are a heroe , a genuine heroe!

that bull x x x  you talk about

when i saw that thing it made me start to think that theres something more out there maybe theres somethign watchng me

you are such a weirdo but at least you have something going on upstairs ( in his head ? sorry i cant same the same for those dicks you hang around with

pretty smart chick

so youre not the prettiest girl around town

you can have it all

my dad is such an ass x x x

you're thinking to much

october 25 2014

Turn back the time

11 OC 2014

I have been VERY interested in sex through-out my life, however... when I was partnered with a very asexual person for 14 years I realized that a relationship should not be about SEX, but about love. Now if the person I am with is very sexual, I am fine with that as well. As i say it's not about sex... it's about LOVE for me. I think sex CAN be the most intimate moment between two people there is. BUT the idea that you can't have a loving relationship WITHOUT sex is foolish in my way of thinking. The courage you show in addressing this topic is commendable.  There is NOTHING wrong with you, the fact is that sex is a VERY transient thing in the space of a lifetime... MOST married couples after a certain point no longer have much if any sex at all.  I was VERY nervous for my first time in having sex, I actually had a room mate walk in me with my girlfriend and it affected me for several years afterward, but when I finally  broke out of that shell, for several years I was an extremely sexual person. In the end I have come to the point in MY life that I would not have any difficultly in having a relationship that was solely spiritual and lacked a physical element, but niether would I have trouble with a very sexual partner either.  The fact is that for what ever reason your sexual desire is very low at this point or is low out of fear.. it is something that YOU will have to sort out, as you said

d 1 14

actually they'r emsitaken its like the one normal who's suroudned with loonies and the loonies are so stupid they think because theyre the more numerous they're the normals and the normal is very frustrated caus he she cant convicne hem he she is the only normal in this group of 8123 thousands for isntance so its this earth this human speicies t they think caus the msot we're nsuch morons , intelligentyl speaking, so we dotn think and the few think like extremely, like with exageration like almsot 24 seven and its not thinking its way deeper than that its philosophizing then they're abormal and we the stupid wwe're the normal clever aect and they are so like creatures from foire ?? caus they're too odd , not at all, we the stupid are odd, we the sleeping ones, wherease they are the woke up ones , they are the a little bit less morons than us, we're the a lot ? middle? little bit more morons than them, we dont get the life we live in a dream a false unvierse ina  false mind false every thing, we are like not living but sleaeing, but they are the aware ones, they are up or at least between being wwoke and not woke but they kind of have udnerstanding of thigns we dont, like iluminait but what else outside of this there is somethign ? no caus everythign is in this ilumianti stuf, its a veyr wide subject so illumit = is liefe the world, us


they are doing all of the thigns that if you're a christian, are wrong to do

he talked about her in a lovely way il parlait d'elle tendrement

you kan help by informing others & advising them to do the same

callo < feto < boudin ( chica fea

¡que te den morcilla ! va te faire voir!

irse a hacer gárgaras x irse al carajo x s'en aller en eau de boudin

ser algo agua pasada faire partie du passé;

spécisme < sectarisme = imoral


que la peirde después que YAHVE me la puso enfrente ,

generation terrienne du 21e gneration de la terre du 21e s

DEC 12 14

www.wordr cara de culo   face d rat  !

analsisi we could be all healthy vegan less dieseas death young death worldwide vvvvvvvvvvv

faisons les choze itneligement

vous pouvez acheter du cuir mais vous pouvez pas mater els animaux etre abusé pour le cuir
on peut pas tolerer ça, on doit tout faie pour stoper ça, on peut pa tolerer une telle traite des etre humain
on es pourri dans nos coeur ame tete

we are pourri in our souls hearts heads

dans le pousiere vent mur oxygene invisible

in the wind dust invisible oxygn air wall

participer a l'énergie positive

DEC 10 14

ça compte pas ce que els autre pensent ,le quen dira ton la médisance , esl ragot ect que les humain jasent sur nous

rions a la figure de la peur

Etre a coté de la plaque no enterrarse de nada

Mayor bienestar mieux etre

Paumé = a coté d ela plaque = dépassé par els evenement despistado ? perdido ? despistado desorientado ? déboussolé ?

les ANIaux doive etre respecté

is a state of total awareness

il aid equelqu'un qu'il conait a peine, quel horible monstre

on se bat contre du vent tout les jour

l'écarter de sa vie

les coeurs des seuls se souciant des animaux= vegans s'emplissent de bohneur joie quand des animaux sotn heureux

moral evolution v we need moral eovlution
évolution moral
on a besoin d'évolution moral

largesse d'esprit large d'esprit

largesse de coeur coeur large

largese de cervelle crane etc crane large philo mentalité etc doctirne philo

avec l'envie avec le coeur


agissons ensemble pour les droit

rendons nous a levidence toutes ces maaldie tout ces max de santé dificile a suporter astidieux nous en sommes la cause c si nous avions eu de l'intelligenc enous 'laurions pas fait nous avons souhaité avoir ces pépin de sant, nous avons désiré les créer omme toujours notre orgeuil nous répétant perpetuellement qu'on est sans faute et parfait nous dit d'inventer des historie saugrenue pour faire corie qa nous emme et a tous qu'one st pas couplable, on l'est, genre c'est pas de ma faute si 'jai grosis jai arreté le sport mais il sen ont jamais fait!!! ou je suis gros car j'ia eu un bébé, ya 7 ans !!! ect car on veut aps asummer si jai le blem b bnbb c'est par la faute de mon idiotie grande et de moi idiote ou idiot

igualar : considérer comme égal

jacasser cotorrear

se mettre le d. dans l'œil llevarse un chasco

the lowest form of life in thsi planet = humans

something i learned from the unwilliest creature on the face of this planet

dictad du physiquepoids mode?

populacier = vulgaire < crapuleux < poisseux < arrabalero arrabalera

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MessageSujet: Re: n easy to help lives : share, watch, sign, open conciouncess   Mar 4 Fév - 10:55

judicue ( inteligent?sapo? sabio? pertinente?

august 2 2014

we are narrow minded when we think we have our 'nation'' is our body and soul, that our family is the most improtant thing in our lives etc because we dont take into account everyone, but a few creatures, the ones form one naiton, our patrie?? our family etc when we think we cant be close to a human who got aids caus if ih she touches our hands well get aids etc all of these ideas that separate us from the ret of the world, that make us despise others a we dont realize that, that make us be less itnerested, car eless about others because they are from another naiton, not into our families etc is very close minded

au 20 2014

friends make mistakes but you get paste it because that swat friends do

OC 5 14

por favor que no maten a los unos para alimentar a los otros que no maten a tus hijos para alimentar a otros de TUS HIjos YAHVE ya que para VOS YAHVE es pecado que TUS humanos coman aTUS animales no humanos

notre qi de sel

you're the only not messed up stuff in my messed up loony worhtless existence life

you're the only creature stuff i dont hate in my existenc elife

i jut wonder it ust be like for her, watching the man that she loves all over another woman, im trying to point out the smilaritities, you're in love with lacey ( between one man and oman and her and her boyfriend

i won't change that for the world

there is not one person in this planet who hasnt done something they regret

you're not in the mood for anyhting these days


certains humains, les (gentils( àpremieère vu ils ont k'air sympa comme ça mais peut être qu'au fond ils le sont pas


si on a confiance en soi on a plus aucune imite

oc 3 14

humans we're so how to define this x we're too mean x too cruel too brainless too all the defects?? of the earth x always you're aweosme perfect x you have none of the flaws of the humankind x if only humans were like you non humans x this world would be a peace planet, a calm planet, a respec,t values, love planet

elle a une bien basse opinion des hommes, ils pensent avec eur sexe, ( no : vision injsuta+binaria: las muejres también, ethey love sex too, they're osbessed wwith this too and caus as usual binary vision only takes into account half of the truth

friednship , love , these are thigns that matter, these are thigns we have forgotten the human spirit is mroe powerful than any drug

Unless we show how much we care.. no one will listen.

La imbecilidad del ser humano no tiene limitesEste acto criminal debe de detenerse a como de lugar.This is a disgrace and a stop MUST be put to it!It has been going on for too long.....It is about money and corruption at high level.To HELL with them.All animal lovers should step in vehemently.

Animals heve feelings and rights too! Please help!

The best world is big shit.I am with you David it has to stop . It will be difficult its all about money and to hell with the animals .
it has to stop! It's all about money. humans are rough

i need to figure out the passwword
you're ready to face your giant mistake


phi the perect world let's make the world a better place

she seems pretty ok with her life ( feliz epse a que esta en silla de ruedas

makes you realize how lucky we ae to see humans in whelchairs, handicapped ever since they were little

youre a good man

Never again war

he's got this inner peace,

i don't know anyone who has a bigger heart than GOD Jesus and ANIMALS

There has been war in Syria for over 3 year; millions of displaced civilians and thousands of deaths. We must ask YAHWEH to help stop all the atrocities affecting the Syrians
Joining you in prayer .

I am keeping your request in my prayers

My greatest passion is to create my own clothes putting my heart and weird soul into it because fashion for me is so much more as beeing dressed, it is a statement and a way to show my personality and daily moods.

This war and the plight of Christians in the middle-east are in our prayers.

I am miserable inside, empty

he is a GODLY man always dedicated to GOD

teaching of good morals
I am the Voice of the Voiceless
Through me the dumb shall speak
Till the world's deaf ear be made to hear
The wrongs of the wordless weak.
Oh shame on the mothers of mortals
Who do not stoop to teach
The sorrow that lies in dear dumb eyes
The sorrow that has no speech.
From street, from cage, from kennel
From stable and from zoo
The wall of my tortured kin proclaims the sin
Of the mighty against the frail.
But I am my brother's keeper ...
Job 12:7,8,9 But ask now the beasts, and they shall teach thee; and the fowls of the air, and they shall tell thee:
12:8 Or speak to the earth, and it shall teach thee: and the fishes of the sea shall declare unto thee.
12:9 Who knoweth not in all these that the hand of the LORD hath wrought this?


if these people think that bringing in this law will stop them from being prosecuted for animal welfare abuse then they are nuts

24 SEP 14

we don't know that we think the other minds are poo, complteley entirely poo and we dont realize ous minds are poo / we are poo its caus we are in mod ?? in mod what ? who knows our midn are too limited to udnertnad htis/ first we dont anayze our minds / second we focus on : our :::thoughts :: about others not :::our ::: thoughts, we fous on them or somethign / so we cant realize we are being wickedly retarded / as usual / so its like in our head, us we got no flaws but all others got tonnes of flaws for we think they are poo, they are sub despiful?? creatures , they are nothing, they should die, they should never' ve been born / wwe are very intrasigenat with them for we dont forgive / even when they never hurt us but others, not necesarily others we know or love, just others / but we hate those type of people and we are very ahrd on them and swe see only bad in those minds / they cant have 100 out of 100 vomit, poo despicable ?? things but we think that for we are so mad at them for their bvahavior, manner of thinking / they got many bad side but not a hundred out of a hundred / whats so dumb about this is that we cant see we're ike them, worse, better, but we are poo too / for we also got retarded, satanic, thoughts / retarded ,satanic, synonymes / its so hard to get what does retarded dumb etc means in this cotnext / it seems to mean both mena and stupid, the stupidity of mean thgouths and mean actions or the nastiness of stupid thoguths and actions / something lie that perhaps ? then we see others should not exist, if only they coud die those minds aint got nothing from the good sde but we dont think that about n I n thats irrational, we should think oruselves too dont deserve to live, for ourselves too got so many nasty thoughts , did so many nasty actions / its razy we realize this truth in anybody but the I 's / all the Is , all the mes in thsi world we see that in others but not in ourselves / it could be for a mind never watches this mind but other minds / never itself / caus when we're thinking that retarded monster i wish he could die etc for somethign not bad that they did, then we are the minds who are vomit, not theirs, for they ddi somethign which can't be considered bad / whereas its not the same thing if we thought that ater they did _said somethign really bad / we dont think others think that when the me did ,said somethign really bad / for as always we dont watch us, those me minds, but the other minds so we cant change roles to see thorugh their eyes and pretending we 're not the mes but somebody else / so we could try and think they think im the vomit or poo i got nothign good, inly meprisabe?? elements in my mind then we should try to pretend we're their minds and another one is our midn and think yes, that being ( so , the I ) is very evil very vomit !!! a hudnred percent / if we could rpetend those aweful thigns we did, said werent said, done by our minds but by anybody / so we'd realize wow, i used to think anobydo but me was meprisable sub creatur,e not a ceature, a tiny peace of vomit, well now i reaize not just the others than me but me also / and not just many but everyone / for everyone got some amount of nastiness in them, repitilian, satanism, retarded mind / so we all are retarded for nobody got cero retarded in their midns, cero poo / all got terribly poo thoughts / even those who got 5 out of 100 , its aready too much caus there is no reason to be good, we got to b excelent / so retarded is somethign of all, from a spicies , not from a quantity or small quantity of human earthly creatures / its something caracteritic of all for we dont try to have non poo thoughts / those thoguths that make us think wy others and us live ?? to have poo mintues, hours, seconds, days etc of our ifes ? for those thoughts in total could be days, months, hours etc / wow we're spending our , months , minutes having poo thoguths isntead of having GODLY thoguths ike thinking the best, hoping the best, wishing the bes,t being extremely nice / no! we use them to have those thoguths that are not of the level of thoughts that a new born could have, thoise thoughts are so low, in goodness : cer, intelligence: - 1000000 less than cero / theres no point in beign alive if we're goona be retarded jerks / so brother, sisters, rmemeber : dont think others , everyone are nothign, think i and everyone are nothing / but dont be too ahrd on them+ you for they arent not a hudnred percent vomit its jsut that we are binary, full of anger, so we focus on the evi thoguths, useless thoguths actions of others and not in the good part even if its miucusle / so lets think alright, we cna admit they are not that monstruous, they have some good parts, eveil the most evi can somethimes be good, / and lets think this of the me s too , but this is gonna be easy as we often hve a way better image of the I s than of the others / so lets not think wowo all my thoguths are poo, im such a poo, i dont deserve thsi existence / no caus rememebr : somethimes you have very kind beautiful thoughts and its not your fault, if your a retard, its your earthy condition / the same with others dont be too hard onyour sisters+ bros, it aint their faults, they were born with that earthly condition its ike saying to someone you're a mosnter! you have eyes! they coud say it aint my fault, i never asked for them, they came with me when i was born! see, thiese poo minds of ourselves and everybody on earth, even religious creatures, it came with them, they didnt choose to be evi monsters, they just are / so why do we hate retarded nasty creatures ? lets think about this, ets see thigns thoruh this viewpoint : they dont necesarilly like themselves very much , its not their faults, those who're evily retarded didchot choose to be evil, those who 're so kind hearted didnt choose to be this way so its never the faut of the kind hearted that theyre kind hearte,d it ait the fault of the evil retards that they're evil retards / isnt it YAHWEH ? wow if we say humans + ourselves too are retarded what msut YOU think YAHWEH!!!! maybe the same / lets not just fous on < others being such nasty retards / lets focus on each and every one of us, so the me s being < nasty retards / for we got to understand that we can not loo always wih those minds towards : the others but towards < us caus its too easy nd immoral and unfair to always try to fin to others any shameful flaws but not try to find in us shamfeul flaw as if we were convinced ourselves have no flaws / lets analyse ourselves as we analyse others / that manner we'd see how often we say nasty things, do nasty things , have inmensely dumb thoguths but it aint the thgoth of the human race, they have a extrmely limited intelectuz capacity it aint their fauts, they didnt invent the human race , the planet : earth / its destiny / we cant just make our itnelligence grow for it to be at the level of the inteligence of those from otehr worlds in order to stop having retarded nasty thgouths, do retarded nasty actions, saying retarded nasty things, being retarded most of the time / we can't, we are not from the planets of incredible geniuses / we are from the planet earth : the stupidest planet of all / we couldnt choose whch planet live in, which speicies to be, which intellignece to have / but even thoguth we ar so retarded, lets try to be a little bit more smart / it can do only good to us all / those poo thoughts we have most of the time are not just terribly dumb , they are terribly immoral,mean,unfair also /  the stuff that come out of our tongues / they really hurt so lets make a work on oruselves and on others / lets teach ourselves and others to try to not put out retarded nasty poo words out of our mouths and theirs / in order to not make others sick, suicidal, week, inmensely hurt, ect especilaly the weakest creatures /

sep 31 14

anaysis its alwaysthe good ones hwwo suffer, the mean dotn seem to, they suffer elss how come ? it like thsoe type of humans were made to suffer because otherss see this, so they want to be mean to them, and mean dont try to be mea, to mean but to kind so its always like they were machines who knew who they gotta be mena to, nice to, who is nice, whos wicked, its like they got this knowledge in their brains, they act as machine,s not as humans, its always sutff how to sya this, alwyas predesitned to be one way, things dont happen by hasard??, but they were mean to be as the brains we are are like robots, not like huans with feelings sros oemthign, its not well explained but its psychaitry : it cant be that some kind sufferedn some kind sisdidnt, etc some mean werent mena to kind, some eman were mean to kidn, no, its like always the same fthings the same life the same thigns happen to everyone wfrom the same type, ike all kind live the smae thigns, all mean live the same things etc for its humans act by type, the type they are so we are so sheep so its logical that the humanr ace of this world had to be this way so if biliosn could talk to eah toehr theyd udnerstand how similar they are how incridinly similar their lives are, they could fele like the others are htem, for they had the same live,s almsot ect how fun y next to you you find only different from you, far form you, you fond the same than you

lets not believe in this system
free - thinking people

i never meant to hurt you, i just didn't think abou what i was doing & our friendship means a lot to me xxx isnt worth anyhting if cost me you

i know it was wrong, and im sorry,

when you're given a position of authority it is your responsability to be fair to those that you're supervising < you behaved dishonorably and should be expelled &

how long have you been standing there & long enough

to our brothers sisters animals with love

carnivores have an empty hole instead of a heart in their chest

animals you need our loving

accross the universe

can you survive dear friends in those horrific conditions your existences are worth for you to live them ?

oc 10 14

its bad to judge YAHWEH ?  we msut not never ? yeh bt those ho say dont judge, judge, its too har,d its humanely impsoible, but we aare allr etard,s heartless, every single humans so its not judgin others, its realy juding us, ourselves and its i dont kno hwo to sya im such a retar,d its iek comments, ike it sounds subjective, pejroative, but its meant to be neuteur, like saying todya its raining is neuter is not sayign i hate that it rains or its so cool it rains just it rains, just humasn are curel, humans are retarded etc just affirmations, trying to not make a judgement, sorry if i offended some of you dear neighbors, it wasnt meant to be offensive YAHWEH belss you all go veganearth  family please!!!

in order to be right you have also to be willing to be wrong

for being such a good girl

we have to be asexual arroantic it sees for we all are sisters & brothers x we are not husbands wives boyfriends girlfriends x we are a faily the creatures of the earth SAINT ANIMALS + humans x its very bad sin to have sex right YAHWEH? because we love it too uch and ore than YOU YAHWEH + we are very futile for everything about the physical body sucks akeup fashion food sex beauty beauty pageants etc so the physical pleasure is soethign treendously bad x we were prograed into loving sex and being woen who love en and men ho love woen x we're puppets x for we are o entally retarded that we could easily had been programed with all seing each other as friends, or a huge earth single faily x we were indoctrinated to adore sex but we could've been indcotrinated into hating sex and thinking weirdoes have sex, noral huans beings hate it , the cotnrary of this world x those who got different type of idns = non conforists, are not nuts, they're normal x sheep = the alost enitre human race = odd = zombies of tonnes of branwashing = abnormal = retarded x the anticonforsits are also odd retarded, zobies etc but less, because less brianwashed,a litte bit sarter etc we all are programed we all are retarded we all are achines anyway x but some are trying to get out of this stop being a puppet and try to know the truth and others are super happy to be puppets, deny it a hudnred percent, love being conformists x sees like what YOU want YAHWEH is = for the whole huankind to be nonconforist,s to be against brain indoctrinations x all y life when one huan was dating another huan i was like wat ????!!! tongue,s kisses, sex, bodies carressing each other, what is this!!! we are sisters +brothers!!!! this huma race is loony!!!!!!!!! its so weird so all confusing so like a horro movie this planet, for the same beigns who got sex+sentimental love in couples , also got their sisters, uncles, friends, etc they are able to be in love and have sexua itnercourse with the one; and love as family the others, how odd < its not normal < if they non blood relatives are their relative,s for we all are, so they are not able to feel sentimental love and have sexual relasionships with their dad, cousins etc but ith their wives husbands boyfriends girlfriends yeah < thats so weird < everyone is the relative of everyone, by blood or not, it dont matter < sex seems to be a sin < the only ones who dont commit it for they apprehnded ever since they came to this planet that it was totally abnormal, sinful, imoral and stuff are religious creatures+ asexuals arromantic , the small moniroty called crazy by almsot everyone on earth < as usual its all in the brain as were mere machines behaving the same thinking the same, dont matter that we never met and live very far from each other, in al parts of the earth < im too retarded to explain this the right way < so we think us dumb humanity : if somebody's different he she's abnormal so the minority of nonconformists are suposedly weird and the giant majority is supposedly normal < no < the minority is trying to not have indcorinated skulls and to live in the true reality and the majority are like bodies without brains, without souls like objetcs < so everytime the majority insults the minority telling them they're extremely weird for the way they see this universe then those different creatures are the ones who are very right on many things about life on earth and the majority tells a bunch on nonsense , caus they dont really have brains <

you love the animals + you are omnivore + you are insensitive to animal cruelty ike they kill veals, cows, hens, so what i dont care bout those (things(! theyre not peope theyre things, i love the animals = !!!!! no sensitivity to animal suffering = loving animals ? ? no !! i got so much empathy love, for animals i d love to save all of em , im a vegan or ill become a vegan soon = i love animals, for real

what are you frightened of ?

i dont care one way or the other

humankind we must stop loving GOD's enemy

how much did you love me 24 hours a day every minute every minute waking sleeping dreaming ?

we are everything in the world to each other non human people + vegan people

ANIMALS have as much right to be here as you humanity

think again

made me feel worhtless m'a fait sentir plus bas que terre

someday youre gona push it too far t theres no such thing as too far

the years that came froward los anos que continuaron

dec 10 14

les hommes sommes froid, calculateur, menteur, cynique, cruel,

les replis du cœur los recovecos del corazón
noble spirit
DEC 10 14

c'est une ridiculité

l'égoiste egocentricité

notre egoisme est extremement egocentrique vice verca
une souris = una chavala ( una chica
anahi dividida

anahi ' para qué

poque te atravesaste en mi vida
without full control of your mind

prayers vivsection ect

dar papeles a to mundo teleton imprimir centor comerical calles buzones lugares publicos personas caminado calles

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Date d'inscription : 17/05/2007

MessageSujet: Re: n easy to help lives : share, watch, sign, open conciouncess   Mar 4 Fév - 14:44

he sees the world as it reaLLy is il voit le monde tel qu'il est

sep 27 14

that very fast moment, where you think do i do this or not ? you hesitate and then you do the bad or the good thing / its extremely fast in the mind / it thinks fast / if you choose  the good thing, then woh, congrat! great for you / you're a good human at elast or that decision / hopefull you choose often the : good , not the : bad thing to do, say ,write / but its so hard for sometimes, saldyl, we choose the bad one / and afterwards we feel retarded / for only after do we realize if wa immoral, or wicked / not before / lets try to not think fast then, that way we can choose the good thing to do more often then if we dont think / lets think , slowly, lets take time, theres no hury /

october 8th 2014

at least those who accept ths fact ae less mentally rearded than those who deny it : were all mentally r the one who invented cigarette is one very mentel retard w 6R tells fc : im mentally retarded < fc says you're not < g2 tells 90 : 90 you're mentally retarded x 90 says im not < we says: the human we're mentally retarded ds says we're note mentally retarded ( will the time come once when everyone will agree that mankind we are mentally retarded ? those who deny they, we're, al of us, its like we feel like we're too intelligent or something < we're very wrong < it'd took decades to tell everythin thats proves we're inmensely mentally retarded < it's be extremely long too explain all the arguments < we smoke , we want to be healthy, we want to exist despite, this ?? we want to smoke and we know it makes us unhealthy and kills us < we care about our existences and we don't < we care bout our healths and we don't < one evidence we're mentally retarded < another evidence is we know eating our family gives us illnesses+kills us , we don't care about our existences+healthy and at the same time, wierdy, we care < so we wanna kill ourselves and at them same time, weirdly, we wanna survive < tat is mental retarded for when you care bout your health you're a vegan < when you try not to be mental retards, you don't smoke , you never did as you knew since always its bad for you < we're the msot mentally retarded of this unvierse < can some creatures some speiices be even more mentally retarded than human beings in other universes ? poor them really!!!! it's a pity  < we want to live and healthy and we become obese , prostitutes, addicted to cigarettes, alcohol, sex, et < we are so mentally retarded < we could've resisted to that evil one temptation < we could've been mroe intelligent that this < we could but we didn't want to < we coulv'e never become addicted tot hsoe things < me the human race am so imbecile < we become addicted to thigns that are sucky, that are compeltely non interesting, that we kno will kill us at the end and make us live less time and we really want to live as long as its posible and we do the contrary of what we want < we're weirdoes <how do we think ith those sutff which are called brians but arent ??? ! ! !< really, we drink, we drive, and kill a poor non human animal on the road or those in other vehicles or us < we're extremely imbeciles for we died because we wanted to drink and drive after < we become oebse caus we think i want to be slim and healthy and live a very long time but i want to eat so i look like a mosnte,r a non human creature, for we humans must be very liek the cotnrary or large and we become obese so w ebecome s large everything in our physical bodies become enormous < thats so ab normal < so everything looks way bigger it should < and we look like we're wot 7 humans instead of one!!!! 7 in one ! if you're lie 243 kilos, or 125 kilos, 97 kilos etc < this is so mentally retarded caus if so many could live their whole lives being slim why didnt we do like them ? just remain slim, eat small quantitie,s eat without fat witohout suga,r eat only healhty food < we got all the keys, all the secrets and we do things like create diseases to oruselves like obesity, anorexy, lunge cancer , die way younger than when we should've died, etc when wedont want to have all this and we do everything to have all of this < we got a lot of knowlege about helahty living and still we do everything too live unheahily < whats wrong with our skulls ??? brain less perhaps < caus we're so dumb when we could not have created a prolbme, we create a problem < thats so idiotic < when we coul've lived never being addicted to alcohol, food ect w ebecome addicted to several or at least one f thsoe thigns < when we coulv'e lived happy we creae all this suffering+troubles that will give us miserable existences < why do we do this??? all the humans who have died of alcoholism, obesity, drug addicitons, rpostitution etc : we coul've hall lived very better lives, with so much less suffering, so much less trobules, so much less stress, so muh less madness < this is not even existence,s those are garbage < we created this garbage < it could'v been all hapiness, fun, smile, laugh, tenderness, friendhsip, stuff like that < we coud've lived doing a normal job isntead of prostitute,s or isntead of being sex addicts, w ecoulve been YAHWEH addicts and love normal thigns, isntea of being obse and die for instance at 45 we coulve bene smil and go out of the earth at 89, instead of dying of alcoholism and being immensely sick wwe coulve died at 78 and live healthy all our existences < ect < so this is why we're mentally retarded < us, the giant egoes, dont beleive in this truth < there is no reason to deny the truth < only the egoes which are not wise enough deny this reality < for the mentally retarded who see this truth at least they could be a little less mentaly retarded and have a little bit more wisdom < for they realize : all of us humankind are a bunch of loser mental retards for all the suffering we create to other creatures+ourseves + to our YAHWEH + our egotism + our malice, all the sufferings for nothing , all the void of evil we do we coulve never done , like if saints and others didnt do this evil why did we < some humans we did some evil others didn't < we coulve not do the evil we did, like toers < they could've not do the evil they did as others < and so on < so if others could ve lived not doing some malice , why all the toehrs didn't jsut follow their example < of course if 8Y did not do evil gh , it dont mean they never did no evil, they just did others evil like kj < and 32 did the evil gh , and never did the evil thing kj ect < but some did a lot less evils than others < so the les sevil humans do the less mentally retarded they are < the less trouble they created to the earth, the living cratures, to themselves, the less mental retards they are < we're so bizarr when choosing between living stress free lives, trouble free lives, malice free lives, we choose to live with tonnes of troubles, stress, depresison, misfortune < like you could choose dying veyr old, you choose to die young, even though you really wish yo die old < you want to live being slim < you could live slim and you could live oebse, you choose to live obese, that don't make sense < you could live being a non alcoholic +healthy and you could choose to live veyr sick because you're an alcoholic < you choose to be an alcoholic < thats our mental illness : our inmense inanity < thats so sad so hearhtbreaking that our brothers and us do this for we got one lfie so pelase brothers don't transform your existences into a rubissh please < make efforts to be happy caus if you destroy your existence,s its gonna be too late < you'll be dead because of the above exampes anorexy, alcohol etc and then you'll die young and you'll be so frustrated that you didn't do for everything the contrary, differently , that you didnt do something to live!!! and to have normal mentally physically healthy lvies caus it seems we do everythign to die!! to destroy our bodies, minds! to destroy oruselves!!! and thers , even worse! please think you got one life , not tonnes of lives < please don't become drug addicts, don't sell your bodies for money, stuff like thats, please you're gonna end up dead or in a car crash or mrudered or with aids etc its a sif some of us human people look for death, are trying to find it and we'll make it < we're ssuch mental retards when we get angry so foten its almost all the time like 73 out of 100 of te time < like im rpegnant < is it man < ho can you ask that question you son bla bla < insult+anger = mental retard < maybe that sht ekind of thigns YAHWEH YOu'll ask us why did we have to react with anger and rude vocabulary < we'll perhaps say : caus we're mental retards < caus really we can avoid those vocabularies+bad behaviors , quite easiy, but we refuse for we lvoe temptation, we love falling into tempation way mroe than we lvoe to be sin free even for at least a day! w dont get YOU YHAWEH YOU're too clever for us, w're too mentally retarded for YOU , we never know whats wrong, what's right, what we doand say is wrong, right, if it's against YOU or with YOU like is the song by joan osborne what is GOD was one of us an insult to YOU a mokery of YOU or it is not a sin ? now that im finally among the living

oc 6 14

when you want worldwide respect for the non human animal People you're wiling to do whatever it takes for them < wiling to go vegan with no doubt, hesitation or anything else < you just go for it! you do it ! when you don't truly seek in your life as a goal as a reason to exist, the respect for the ANIMAL kingdom , you're clearly not willing to do anythign for them < you could never be vegan : never < you don't have a true interest, it's not your reaosn of existing, its not the thing that keeps you smimulated, excited, breathing, in faith etc < it's not --- the thing --- in your existence, it really is not < unfortunately only the vegan psychiatry are able to be willing to do anything for the animals < evidently, not all mankind is willing to do anything for the ANIMALS < it's another psychaitry < the psychaityr of : animals don't matter that much to us, other thigns, others living beings matter a lot for us, those are like for you vegans, our reazon to live, what makes us fight, breath, exist, ect for you vegans the animals, for us humans, humans, or things < we can love plenty of things of this planet, but not as much as you non human people

october 13 14

Omnivore humans are mean, they dotn love you animals angels / normal, its their machine brain / we all act like mahcine,s not like living beings / they are mean so they cant like you, its clear for mean beings cant love good beings / animals you're super good beings / vegans love you animals so vegans are kind for only kind beings can love kind beings and onl kind beings can do great things for : others / omnivore are selfish caus selfish cant do things for others they love to do things for : I / animals you are truly angels from GOD, YOU desdended from the Heavens for when any kind and human who got common sense and is observateur?? can see the kindness in your eyes, non human angels/ so its clear, you all are saints / only those ho dislike you, the mean ones, those ones cant see in your face and eyes and attitude the truth that : you are saint

october 27 14

es el reflejo de nuestra sociedad

you're supposed to let death choose you

thank YOU YAHWEH for giving us strenght

the world is a better place with you non human humanE ANIMALS / the earth / this planet / this globe / this earth globe etc

october 28 14

the face we show the world is often different from our true face

thinking is not required in this earth = wanna keep the machines dumb K

when you listen to humans fight or yourself+ somebody fight the first thing you cant help but think is what a bunch of retards they or we are and where their brains have gone ??? totally disappeared B fighting over nothing a the time!!! All those humans who fight frequently are smart but so brainless B because when you think about the fight you think just for this?? Like I want to go to the sueum and to that place and to that one etc B oh you want to do everything at the same time like the world’s gonna end right now B and the fight starts = yelling etc you cant really self analise at the moment you’re fighting for its you, always the trouble of oneself, but if you think about the fiht afterwards, seeing the two persons like two persons who’re not you instead of one of the being someone and one of them being you, you really feel dumb for becoming full of demons over nothing and for attacking a human being over nothing and disrespecting a fellow human over nothing B how such intelligent beings that we are are so brainless

there is a purpose and a reason for every single thing that happened under the sun

I dont need to go into detail about

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MessageSujet: Re: n easy to help lives : share, watch, sign, open conciouncess   Mer 5 Fév - 4:51

ANIMAL ABSUERS ANIMAL MUEDERErs must be shown that this type of behavior will not be tolerated and they will be held accountable for their actions!!!
Help find the boys seen in the video hurting the dog and prevent them from hurting anymore animals
the dog which has accompanied them for so many years would be an important emotional support for her husband. This is not "just" a dog, for this couple he is one of the family.
le chien serait un soutien émotionnel important pour son mari puisqu’il a vécu avec eux ces dernières années. Pour ce couple il n’est pas « juste » un chien, mais un membre de la famille
universo de orates univers de fous ( panète monde planeta mundito
this is how earthyl existence goes

sep 28 14

mean human being got so many friends who think they're very kind hearted ; where do they see this ?? they analyze creatures the other way around!!! how come there are so many evil immorals on the earth if its so obvious that evil immorla is bad, good, morla is good ? maybe caus eveythigns upside down in their heads/ maybe in their heabes evil and immoral is amazing, its kindness, and good and moral is very very bad / peope who love eivl immorlas dont even know thier friends husbands wives familiy are eivl immoral, htye just love them thinking they are very good people and its great having them around and they have plenty of moral and goodness , ya right!!! they dream! its all in their imagination

perhaps it's not that they they dont analyze life, humans, they're not anazyign them in order to think do i wanna hang out with peope like this or liek tha,t i wnana hang out with mean i dont wanna hang out wiht evil i wanna have in my existence only good not evil people etc they just dont tlel themselves sutff like that/ they just wanna hang out wiht anybody ? they dotn choos,arent exigent on who they put in their existences ? they just dont see it as : one must not hang out wiht evil and must only hang out and love kind human beings but they jsut see it probably as: one must not hang out alone, so put anyone you want, mean or not mean in your lfie and thats it! maybe they think its obvious its a sad truth there way more mean than kind hearted so its no sue to look,everywhee, youre gonna spend your life looking and never find nobody kind so oh what the ! lets find anyone, the first humans you see, and let them be your friends, even thoguh they're far from being angels / perhpas thats what they think / they're not intrasigenat, they arent looking for a particular type o humans, kind, evil, they're just tyring to find : humans , thats all / they're not patient enough perhaps, tey just want to find as many human creatures as posible to fill their live sbecause they're afraid of bieng lonely ? thy'd rather have evil friends than no friends ? that's weird how they think evil creatures are kind

humans!!! never happy! so binary! you are hypocrites, liars < they dislike ! you are honest < they dislike ! for you tell the truth for isntance < mankind im terribly imbecile < oh, you're so rude! so mean! < you self censor yourselves < you say : humans are so smart! when you think : humans are so dumb! so if you are not rude, they dislike that for you are speaking writting the way they want to but you are not spekaing the truth of your skulls and it you say what you feel in your skulls, they say you're -supposedly- vulgar, insulting < no, for words sometimes seem insulting but aren't, it depends on how you write use say them, what tone of the text or oral covnersation, discourse etc you can say its so deprressing, so shameful that wwere mental retards : not rude , that seems to be a depreessed tone, just a sad constatation , non insulting tone, neuter tone < this tone is rude : you bunch of mother x x x idiots! mental retards, go to xxx ! < this is pejorative, this is spite, this is ment to be uncouth < thats courage to say out loud what many think only, and never said, and said to their minds, the voices of their skulls and never to humans < many humans think to themselves : humans we're retarded but they never said it for lakc of courage, which is not a criticism, this is a constatation that's all for it's comrpehensible that anyobyd would fee scared at the idea to say to anyone hey you knwo what humankind is a retard and you, whom i talkint to are a retard! etc caus you would receive spit in your face, be punched etc or just a wicked angry look, anger etc < but thats the thing of saying in your head what very few have the guts daring to say with their tongues < thats an amazing very rare quality on earth < so applause to you all courageous creatures <

sep 1 14

animals you are our souls, our food, the food of our souls, of our existences, animals you're our only hapiness, our only hope, our only non abnormla, non crazy, non annoying, non mad thing in our lives, the only thing who makes sense, everything is just messed up, like crazy in our lives but you, you're the only happy stuff, non problematic, non suffering stuff, non pain in the neck stuff of our lives, non sucky stuff, the only great thing in our existences < you know that hen everything sucks in your lives the ony that will never suck are you dear animals friends < yu can love dancing, eating, going to vacations, parties, many earhty things but you vegans animal lovers ll never love anything form this universe more than animals < those thigns you like < the animals you xxx love %%% some of our human sisters & brothers got terribl existences < there is nothing right, nothing normal, nothing agreeabe in their alienated existences < everything wanna make them puke, die, wish to never have existed, everything in their existences makes them cry makes them mentally insane < the only thing which make them love life are the animals < than GOD for sending them those saints to help them feel less poo, feel their eixstences is less vomit < feel a little bit better < thank YOU so much < the only thing with got a meaning in this meaningess existence < the only thing which make them smile < thats for the oens who only have the animals as a happy thing in their lives < for those who have several things good in their lives, they can love several stuff but the truth is what they lvoe the msot are the non human persons < they could get rid of all the thigns thye ove and have just an empty home and the animals < they could get rid of all their jewls, vacations, food, dvds, parties, any stuff they'e keen on for the one thing they prefer they're the most keen on are : the animals < they could never get rid of them < those are the vegan animal lovers < for those who are canibales = eat their non human borthers& sisters, are happy with animals but they love other thigns, others crreatures more, so they'd be happy as wwwell if they never had animals < it's a known fact that that paradoxical creature calle mankind often loves having animals and don't have a reason for it for they dislike animals < it's just a  whim ? just like a wanna ahve a tatto right now! jsut a crzy idea , then they think my brain was suppressed from my body when i did this, how oculd i do this ??? !!! so its the same, like i want a pet and then why did i want a pet, i hate pets! so those of course are sort of happy because of their pets but as its not their favouritre creature in the whole unviers,e they could live without them, no big deal, and they could live the rest of their lvies wihtout any pets < for this is just a tiny little love < this is a non vegan love < happy with animals, happy without animals < the animals don't influence their hapiness < that could be why they'll never be vegans < animals are so not their reason of existing < the favortie thing of vegans in the whole universes are = the animals < they would be miserable if they have to live the ordeal of not having animals, never in their lives < that is the obvious reason why they are vegan < the only ones who feel not able to live without animals are the ones who love the animals more than anythign and anyone and they are called < vegans < that's sadly why all the oens who sort of ike the animals so less than 50 out of 100 to calculate the love, or close to cero, those will perhaps never go vegan for they feel a false love, a minuscule love for the non human People < thats sad to realize that hardly the whole earth will never be vegan because of this : love hardly existant for the animal kingdom < can anyone be vegan if they like not much the animals < veganism shoudn't be a matter of love but of respect < it's a very kind a very amazing thing all those who're vegans because of =love < however itd doube standard and thats an wicked thing for one standard = if you love the animals you're vegan < the other standard if you dont love the animals you dont have to be vegan < always use one standard, manking, please = whether you don't love the Animal Kingdom or whether you love it : we all have the responsibility, the mission, the duty to be vegans < so please whatever happens : everyone is forced to be vegan < for here there's one standard and that rocks < you dont love the animals you're vegan + you love the animals you're vegan < one standard is when everything is the same always in every period of time situation wiht every sort of creatures ect queens, homeless, fat, skinny, blind, non blind, blacks, whites , old, youth etc

it fills the universe i remplit l'univers

she said she was all aone in the world and that she had nobody stop saying that you got animasls! you dont have animals! you can have the right now go adopt!!!

its very frustrating to live in a universe and to not understand nada about it!

it sucks that we have

all the good stuff of this universe end one day or another
God’s Kingdom is a heavenly government with Jesus Christ as King. He will soon destroy human governments, and the earth will become a paradise. - Psalms 103:19; Daniel 2:44; Jeremiah 10:11. God’s purpose to make the earth a paradise will be fulfilled. — Genesis 2:8 - 9; Isaiah 46:11 In the coming new world, God will bestow many blessings on mankind. - Psalms 37:29, 72:16; Revelation 21:4; Isaiah 33:24, 35:5 - 6.

STORIES THAT SHOW the world what's posible

the mesage the ANIMALS and handicapped ANIMALS shows the world is that need to do you can do anyhting you wanna do just by having faith and by having the perseverance to find the courage in yorusef

you don't have to be complete to be complete ( your body,4 paws etc

they dont want well educated people able of critical thinking

lets be against this machine this society , are/were brave enough to stand up and go against them, some people may be influenced by this and stand up as well. Thank you for taking the time to read this, and educate yourself a bit.With our words, they will be exposed. As I try to expose the truth about them, I hope people will learn from this and take what they learn here, and use it to there advantage. The information learned here has to be put to use, otherwise it's a complete waste of effective information. People must take action rather than speak about it. So please, read stiff on the net agaisnt (them) and use the information learned to make a difference.

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MessageSujet: Re: n easy to help lives : share, watch, sign, open conciouncess   Mer 5 Fév - 9:06

5 FEB 2014 Be fearless but not careless because we are dealing with a very dangerous

But it's our choice . The primary attack of the new world order is not afganishtan, irak, or oil . It 's you , it's your conscienceness its your atonomy .

you must be driven by emotions . You're not just driven by the intellect . If you just speak to the intellect of other people say No I don't wanna believe that's true . It's not their intellect that's telling you no , it's their emotions.

Don't let them ask the questions, you ask the little tiny questions that before they know they've taken the red pile .

he got me thinking

oc 4 14

its clear it aint the super mega egoes who can admit and admit their flaws+mistakes ; only the tiny egoes can : the super mega egoes dont recognize themselves their flaws+mistakes+ when toehrs try to make them see them, neither do theyr ecognize : even if they were thinking talking to their own midns htey woudln't recognize, caus the egos always there, the enemy, thats why those who got super mega egoes we're even more retarded than those who got tiny egoes ;
jesus is the proof that God exists if your part of thw illuminati your basically throwing your life away bad things happen when you believe in God because God wants to know if you are a true believer and wants to know if youll stick with him to the end if you dont youll hav a good time on earth but hav a horrible time when you die with christans you hav an ok or great life and when you die you hav the best life after you die

oc 1 14

tell yourselves everyday i m not gonna be evil today i ont i wont i wont! im gonna bring peace to this earth this day everyda, iwill !! i will!!! caus if every human tries to bring peace, kindenss a lil everyday, thered be peace in the earth for ral, respect ect like telling those who dotn ramasser? their dog poorp, to ramaser, it , and like teahign respect+kindness+morals to people a lit bit every day or when you can, this heps put peace on earth, for sure

we can't have the binar vision of humans are jsut poo, humans are so clever+very kind L we gota have the entire vision : humans are very poo + veyr smart , so very mean+stupid+very kind+smart , binary vision is fase for it takes about the half the reality not the entire reality
he may play the fool at times il lui ariv de jouer les idiots

the satanists and the evil ne are ruling the planet earth and rudering tonens of non human animals+human creatures x thats is so cruel but hardly nobody cares obviously for the humanr ace of this planet is so heartless and poo minded

humans we're so retarded!!! what is great life, the void, nobody is ever happy on earth ,riches, poor,ugy,beautiful, nobody from no point of the earth, no age,no gender, no one, so becoming illuminatis means= being unhappy, not becoming an illuinait= being unhappy, whatever happens the human race will aways be unhappy but humans who become illuminati think things of the earht buying, money, ,fashion, hosues, cars etc means hapiness, no they dont ,life is pathetic all life is so if you got mney and plenty of thign syou'r eunhappy but those creatures who become illuminati are so mentally retarded they actually think money, and many prostitutde smale so r female and buying all you want is hapiness, so dumb!!!

HUMANS? DOTN BE TOO AHRD ON other humans caus they're so poo retarded heartles,s think  : they're just humans!!!they did sins, you too! they were so retarded!! you too! eveyrone! us! so pelase dont be ahrd on them, be as clement on them as you want everyone to be on you ! theres so retarded, so sinners, so evi, yes but dont ahte them for that, dont blam them too much dont leur en vouloir?? too much, its really not their faults, its this speicies! this unviers!e this cosmos life or who knwos wat!!!a sweet guy un gars génial ! but its true, its very hard forgiving them caus we're so binary! evne if they did some good stuff and very so sweet sometimes, we dont see this we cant we're too mad! we see ony the bad thigns they thought did said, so we see them in a binary manner as evil evil evil a hundred percent! we cant see the what percentage? part of good in eveyr single one of those humans!

sep 28 14

how can they be happy, they re poo, their whole minds, they have no sol, are immensely evil retade,d how ocme they got everything they want, tehy're so happy thats unfair, they wanted kids, they got kids, they wanted moeny, they got money, they wanted the woman of their live,s thye have her, etc, they wanted to become famous, they became famous etc as usual, its like the robot stuff from the human brain : al mena are happy, all ture kind hearted +oal and unhappy, srhinks know why ? geniuses? ony YAHWEH YOU know why / thats so ufnair, those poo so called humans shouldve never existed sorry YAHWEH to contradict YOU, they got almost nothing good in their hearts and sous and they're alive!! and so happy! and they dont even know they're truy bad humans, they really love themselves think theyre so kind so great / they're so wrong / they dont deserve this hapines,s its like they got amazing karmas despite their innumerable evil thoguths, evil agissements,? evil thigns they said all along their lives ?? YAHWEH do YOU even punish them for all this? its like the more eivl they are the more happy they are / of coruse YOUll punish them one day / caus YOU're just but it seems like YOu dont YAHWEH caus we dont see evil suffer, we see evil beings be happy! every single day sayign im so happy i lvoe my life while true kidns are like dreaming of dying or never havind existed and are so miserabe in their sad depressing existences thats so unfair YAHWEH why dont YOU make Your kind kids happy and Your evil kids unhappy? only YOU udnerstand YOU YAHWEH caus YOu're a genius and we are far from that

you can never say you cant, i dont are if you got two finders or twenty, you can do whatever you put your mind to

we must be good men

let us be thankful for *our * animals rendons grace pour *nos * animaux , they are YOUR animals YAHWEH ils sont TES animaux YAHVE

the world is dead c even though you think this world is a bad place, you're out there, and you're trying to fix it c

that enge playing with your heart

he wants a piece of this world quiere una esquina en este mundo

i will be there in your dreams

es muy linda persona

zooman movie 95

loni rose ' let me go back ' 2000 ? pop lento

nina gordon ' tonight and the rest of my life ' alternative rock ? released in 2000 but recorded in 98 invented in 97 96?

bachelor girl permission to shine 2000? pop?
mest ' girl for Tonight ' 2000? power pop?

iuminati the cranberries

barbara weathers ' where did our love go < r&b? dance pop?

race humaine : tu dois etre bien pensante s'il te plait soyons moralisateurs, droits, vertueux,

le peuple animal pas homme  

98 The Unknown Cyclist

Gaetano Amador
1998Sugar: The Fall of the West
1997The Brave Little Toaster to the Rescue (Video)
Alberto (voice)
1997C'est ça l'amour?
Joey Donna
1997La part du mal
Cousin Matt
1996The Big Squeeze
Jesse Torrejo
WitSec Deputy Monroe
Lieutenant Shepard
1995Im Sog des Bösen
Rico Sanchez
1995USS Alabama
Petty Officer First Class Danny Rivetti
Gilbert Tellez

keep off the bock fuera del barrio

you can do any things that oher creatures do < animals are pretty much our lives, our hapiness < a big part of it is that everyone needs to be needed < everybody needs to be loved < to adopt an angel that most peope would not even take a second look at, and then realize how much that little life brings to your life makes everything worthwhile < we just cant imagine my life without veganism+animals in it < i just cant never be wihtout non human PEOPLE < you handicapped crippled SAINTS are pretty amazing little guys < you can teach all of us about learning to live with something that we didn't exactly choose < they are amazing creatures <

oc 8 14 humans are non mental retards ? yes there are for a saint ANIMAL has four legs, is healthy < then humans abuse them then they abandon them < now they're at a shelter, they have very serious skin problmes, their skin is flaling off, their paw is ill < they have to remove the leg < the humans did that because they abused these animals < so here is situation 1 healthy dog, with 4 legs < then situation 2 abused animal with 3 legs, stresses, terribly scared poor creature , psychiatrically emotionnally tourmented < situation 1 everythigns great situation 2 the retarded human kidn destroys everythign in the animans's existences so conclusion the human if they were smart woud have remained with situaiton 1 healthy 4 legged saints but they really realy wanted to abuse+ abuse the legs so that the animals would have to have them removed or eyes eor become deaf etc so its a mental retardness to do thigns ike that : to create a problme where there was none < to creat aproblem where its eays not to create any < no bravo retarded human speicies hat we are no braov, just shame on us all

oc 1 14

the human being is so retarded < you love dogs but you're a satanic hunter < so you love some animals and hate others < that's ike racism you love some human races and hate other < so ehartless < may YOU forgive us all mentally retard human beings dear YAHWEH < we are so monstruous < the birg = the dog = any animal = you deserve respect non humans, really < go vegan human race! thats YAHWE's Law < what if all non vegans humans went to hell ?

the horrible things he used to say to her

not all families are close

mouth watering

lets not fight over who did what

you guys were right all along about him

being honest is the right thing to do

all you gotta do is what makes you happy

he's gonna be all smiles

none of us are perfect

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MessageSujet: Re: n easy to help lives : share, watch, sign, open conciouncess   Mer 5 Fév - 11:18

OC 6 14

anaisi nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn mira odio metor ir cielo actitud no crisitna no pacifica

analisis nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn aquél quien ama a los animales de granja y se los come = sera vegano algun dia porqué los quiso desde existir < cuando era canibala, los queria < siempre sintio una atraccion hacia los animales de granja que el Humano come < suponiendo que recibe de un contacto o de un contacto d eun contact bla bla bla de veganismo se hace vegano ahora asi tranformando el destino positivamente < si nadie le enviaba de derechos Animales y que un dia en internet caia accidentalemnte en una informacion que le haria ser vegano el problema es que si recibia difusiones en un tiempo 1 es antes que si no recibia ninguna y un dia por accidente en el computetador veia algo de matrato por canibalismo en un tiempo 2 y el tiempo 2 seria muchos años después de las difusiones del tiempo 1 porque las difusiones es ahor,a no es dentro de centenare so qué, es ahorita, en estos dias, en este presente, meses o sea como decir < cuando estamos en (marzo( de (1965 el presente en marzo de 1965 el ahora x cuando estamos en febrero de 1845 el presente es febrero de 1845 o sea el presente de hoy es cada vez disticnto porque el tiempo siempre avanza , cambia el presente el presente de hace (4( (meses( es el pasado de (hoy( asi que en todos los rpesentes todos los ahora msimos todos los hoy difundamos proque asi es dentro de poquito que las almas veganas se trasnformaran en antiguos canibalas carnivoros y en veganos nuevecitos < no dentro de 8 años, 18 años, 51 años, 18 años sino (ahora( o sea no ahora hoy pero ahora un rpesente futuro cercano que pode ser un futuro porque es dentro de 10 dias, 34 dias pero o sea el presente del mañana peor no un futuro rete lejano que seria si no tocaramos el destino < por eso tenemos que tomarlos en nuestras manos y transformarlo o sea : no quedarnos cruzados de brazitos < ahora mismo actuar, cada ahora actuar, o sea hoy 12 de mayo de 2014 actuar, hoy 42 de enero de 2015 actuar, todos los hoy, porque asi muchas mas vidas estaran a salvo porque si las perosnas se hacen veganas muy tarde en el futuro, son mas vidas matadas < entonces tenemos que difundir ahora , no desear no difundir en años o qué y difundir dentro de ? tiempo < arto tiempo < es ahora no mañana < o sea casi todos os dia,s todos los dia,s todas las smeana,s como puedan peor no decir dentro de años dinfundiré porqué muy tarde, habran matado ya los angelitos ANIMALES < y las almas veganas seguiran canibalas por mucho tiempo por nuestra no accion de rechazar difundir < porque quiza no tengamos cotnactos almas veganotas pero contactos de los cotnactos ect si < no puede nadie tener contactos almas veganas < imposible, algunos humanos tiene  que tener al menos 1 contacto alma veganita < por eso mas difundimos mas estas difunsioncitas llegaran al conocimiento de las almas veganas y gracias a nosotros se haran veganos!!! mas temprano que lo previsto < !bestial!

expressing my opinion is not a terrorist action


I don't wanna hear this defeating attitude, i wanna hear you upbeat!

see the peace in every eye

DIOS necesito tanto tu ayuda, tu miseriocorida, YHAVE nuestros salvanos,

analyss discriminamos mentes sectarias comunidades mafi defensa solo os como unos raza edad sexo etc veganos no

thats the trouble with the human race e we're too retarded ' we dont know why we do things e we dont know why caus we could not do it e we dont know why we dont do thigns e we could do them e really we are too brain less to know why we do thigns and why we dont caus it makes no sense e we do them just caus well we do them! or dont! but we never stopped to think why e how weird e how pathetic we are poor victims of faith!!! the faith of the races living on the earth!

el amor a los animales es vegano evidentemente x é que ama a los animales de verdad en su vida futura seraa vegano hasta largarse de a tierra x el verdadero amador de los animales desde escuince adoro a todos los animales x ese es quién sintioo un amor obsesivo, casi una veneracioon por los animales desde el nacer x ese es quién los amo de veras x es quién nunca fue sectario, amar a unas comunidades de animales y menospreciar ignroar a otras x no , el verdadero enamorado de los aniamles lo fue de todos los animales x tuvo un amor especial no confomista por os animales de granja, bosque por ejemplo cuando las borregas nada mas aman , como conformistas, a los perros o unos cuantos mas animales de companiia x para ser como todos, para no salirse de lo supuestamrnte _normal@ o sea la nada la locura de este mundo y humanidad x sino que él que os amo amoo a os que se comiia x ya muchisimo antes de ser vegano ya amamba alos que algun diia dejariia de comerse x o sea no los amo cuando se hizo vegano sino desde su momento primero de existencia x ya que otros s largaran de la tierra sin jamaas haberles prestado atencion, interés, amor a los animales de granja, por ejemplo, y tras haberselos comido hasta marcharse de esta dimensioon, entonces pues, no ama de verdad a los animales , puesto que se los comioo hasta el fina y nunca les dio amor x entonces él que quiso a todos os animales con un amor tan inmenso y respetuoso como el de os hombres por los hombres o de los humanos por sus padres, de los humanos por sus hijos, de entonces ama a los animales y es vegano x todos aquellos no sienten un amor por os animales tan fuerte como él de padres por sus hijos por ejemplo, no aman tanto a os animales y no lo puedne negar x no poden decir que aman a os animales como a sus hermanos de sangre, sus esposos etc x mentirian x aman sicneramente a os animales muchisimo menos que a sus padres, hermanos ect x y viven en el estio carnivoro de vida x para qué amaran a los animales como a sus queridos humanos, tendriian que ser veganos x

el vegano amor a los animaes se lleva en las venas

oc 4 14

quise ir a verte pero tas bien lejos por cerca donde taban los roteiler peor tu jardin y despues te veo tas echadito cerca al arbol o ea donde normalmente los enfermos de vecinos no poden verme dije ahorita voy pero te siguo mriando por la ventana 2ndo piso y te vas carai !!! te vas cerca a tu peurtita muy baja y mas alla y ya no pod verte

te miran como pa culpate como si so que hicieste pfue lo peor que un humano poda hacer y por eso tenen gravesproblemas psiciatircos porque miran con meido pa ver si los mriamsoy  no!! no os miramos porque no nos itneresan ni a nadie le itneresa la vida de sus vecinos francamente
asi que uno a veces mira na ma proque vuela sin no miras te dicen esta mal no saludas o sea tenes que ver na ma pa ver si ahy un vecino pa saludar porke si no mrias tan felcies peorno porke te acusan de no cortesanoy  si mrias pa saludar te acusan de ser alguien que se mete en las vidas ajenas y que espia cada movimiento de sus vcinos en su jaridnes y hogares
o sea por eso creo que cuando paso por el gato le enferma proque piensa que es tambien por ela como uando uno tene psicosis cres humanos te hacen complot cotnra ti te siguen todos te queiren herir te observan etc peor to es en la mente y parece que la pobre vecina tene eso asi que por eso que pena porque yo quero darle amor al pobre viejito antes que se vaya a verlo a DIOS pero ella con su enfermedad me impide ademas yo también tengo enfermedad parecida a la suya asi que yo pienso que me percesuta con la mriad,a ela piesna que yo la persecuto con la mirada qué problema porque o sea bueno no deberia decir la tarad porke ay que tene rmentaldiad abierta y no su culpa si ta enferma o su esposo también y que son victimas porke han debido de sentirse eprsecutaos desde chamcaos al igua que yo o sea alo mejor son victimas de la maldad de os demas que les hizovovlerse ais requete paranoicos, tal com oyo asi que a o mejor son buens que fueron maltratos moralemtne como  yo asi que no deberia de ser dura con ellos poque yo soy una buena que ambién me usaron por ser demasiado buena aunque a lo mejor el apsa eso a cualquiera no solo a bunos asi que no se sabe si son buenasos o malos o qué peor qué pena que no me pdoas acompana

we are treators

OCTOBER 9 2014

its so dumb caus mankind was programe,d they didnt choose to ove man caus theyre women, love woman caus theyre man, its just programming, indoctirnation of the skulls, that sucks, they dotnt ruly love men, or women, if they were kissing somebody and they were blind, or in the dark or drunk they woudlnt no theyre havins sex kissing a man and theyre men or a women and theyre women, weird rearded me : mankind !

miion of dogs and cats are being slaughtered by the thousands and their skin is exported all over the world les chiens et les chat sont abatus par millier et leur peau est exporté dans le monde entier
life's not about being popuar  its about being yourself

thans men, isnt it, never thinking about anyone but themselves

their lives and how they live are important to them leur conditions dexistence et leurs vies ont beaucoup dimprotance pour elles

work for the good of all mankind

what we did was aweful

i wish i never loved you
strong in mind

try to be in harmony with nature

humankind we love YAHWEH's enemy, sadly, if only we never loved him

october 16 2014

all those psycotic nonconformsits yy its not weird at all tt its societys who tells you its wierd, you never thought humans that werid existed yy there not jsut weird as any other so called weird you know , but so wweird, that there is no word to give them a name, to explain how weird they are yy it seems to be noncofmrists as everytime the most does one thing and the minority does the other thing, the opposite it can be consdiered as noncofmrists yy so theses thoughts are antionformists as hte most= the sheep, dont think these things yy wonder if many a few like 2 humans on the earth!!!! think this ?? wow they msut be like geniuses or something yy this seems to be rare or maybe its not yy maybe we think too few think those metaphysycial but in fact they're tonnes of them yy but not like tonnes so most but tonnes just in a small nubmer so nonconformists yy those thoughts are psycothic but lets not use this word in the shrink ay whih means like very veyr veyr disturbed , amsot demented , so insemsely weird yy lets not use it in the perojaritve way but in the neutral way of : those who have thys type of thougth, just quesitoning aobut human bodies, animal bodies, human life, where do we come from etc how come we live, this animals+humans spiceis could ve not existed etc yy this would be seen as so abnormal by the msot so the conformsits sheep but inf act tis not yy its absolutely normal for its norma to wonder about those kind of things xx about how come our brian says open the door to the hand and we dont even seem to hear the brains saying this and giving orders etc and we dont feel ike theres the voice there, every single second 24 seven, and we dont hear it all the time giving orders to the body at al yy like we hear our thoughts, our other thoughts, like sentences about anyhting but not about leg move to walk, eyes open close, they open close all by themselves icnredible inst it yy so its just normal to wonder about how come we have this physical appearances when we could ve looked differnt, like plants with brians, aliens etc, we could have been meters or just 3 centimeter, we couldve been jsut men, no woemn, we could ve had the same size all our existence,s no grow up no become bigger etc how come we dont realize we're waking, we dotn realize our elgs are moving, we dont think about that etc et etc as its always this : the most thinks one thing does one thing so this make it normal yy the non most, so the few does one thing, one different thing that the most dont do , its abnormal yy this is not true yy for one hing done by the very few is not enough argument to prove its abnormal yy so those thinking a ot like every day all day long about existence as humans, or animals, body, mind, brains all the time its obession maybe but not abnormal just because they think about things that the most=the conformists dont think about yy because why do the most think those kind of methapshycial minds are weird ? because of the type of thoughts, tis type of thougs is weird ? or because its the tiny few thinks this way and not the majority ? maybe if the majority, the sheep, 'd had those type of thought and frequently, maybe those type of minds wouldn't be perceived ad odd and abnormal but perfectly normal yy maybe those non conformsits inmensely psychotic midns are more intelligent than the most , the sheep for they are able to think about things many humans live and die  live every single day of their lives from the first one to the last one, without even thinkin a tiny little second about this , it never entenred their modns, how tragic isnt it ? if only they could have the chance those very few? psychotic anticonformists had the chance to yy its caus those particular type of very psychotic anticonformists question everything in the unvierse and human and animal life , anticonformists in general too but those psychotic anticonformsits maybe way more than nonconformists xx so conformists can think about these things never because they're too retarded by tv and stuff like that and because they were programmed to be conformists sheep and because their midns have been too damaged by all this world endoctrinations things and so will never be able to be psychotic and have anticonformists brains perhaps yy and so those anticonformsits psychotic can be like more imaginativ,e more brainly, ike thinking so much, all the time, analysing, philosophizing, and how is ithis caled? thinking abot stuff fom the body like how weird our human bdies ook like, our skin has no hair like non humans, we have sex how weird the oens put their sex into the others's sex , how weird the feeling how eird the humanr ace as a whole adores this yy how weird we have that voice coming out from our throat, and we are not listening to it, jsut hearing yy we arent hearing each and every word that comes out of it like slowly or soemthing+from the other's throats yy so we just dont think yy because nonconfomisrts cant and anticonformsits can , perhaps, for this seems to be a typically nononformists thing so it seems imposible for conformists to have this type of very particular very different very !! incredible!!! minds yy like wouah like unrreal y y like they should become famou write books because theyre like one in a billion, a real almost unique being, nobody is really unique, we're such cloens yy how many clones of each type 18 thousand ? who knows yy how many types of animals and humans ? humans : 34? we have to ask these qustions maybe but evidently as so scared sheep, if sheep d think about these thigns they ll keep it to themselve,s never telling it to nobody but their own vocie in their brains caus theyd be too scared to be seen as nuts if teys tell this to somebody yy but maybe anticonformists could tell this to peopel because anticofnomirsts act differently always so if conformsits dont tell=anticonformists tell yy its so weird for we can feel veryr etarded when we try to listen to the voice instead of just doing the thoughts we'd try to lsiten, its very hard to do and very hard to explain yy caus we dont lsiten to that voice in the heads, we just fabricate the thoghts of that voice yy that could be why when somebody asks us what are you thinking about we dont know what to say, we dotn remeebr, we werent listening to the voice!! thats why when we write or speak we forget about what we anted to write say even though we thought the thing like 1 secong ago!!! its because we arent spectators, we are passively thinking thats all caus if we'd try to be like spectators or tv viewers, so really paying close attention, listening carefully, we'd rememeber so we could say or rite the stuff we wanted to express yy so icnredible yy life, brains, souls death unvierse earth animals humans everything so like wow!! misteryies!!! so unaxplainbale, so ununderstandable so magical so scary so weird so itnerpellant ?? so fascinating! so we can think how stupid those thougs are, they arent thoughts of geniuses or something or like YOUR thoughts GOD , just simple thoghts like really no culture, no vocabulary of intellectuals, no just like i hae to buy bread , im so tired, i shoudl go to bed; really no need to be inmensely smart to get thos stuff so how pathetic how depresing isnt it xx so we try to lsiten to the voice in the brain but feel lie dizy or sick or a pain in the brain yy how scary how werid yy why yy probably because we're making the brain do something it has never done!!! thigns that it wasnt supposed to do !! wow what an experience yy like you're not passive, as the brain has to be, but you're trying to use it in an active way ? dotn know, im too retarded!!! lie you're not just being the brain, thinking the thigns you want to think but you're actually trying to listen to the brain, boserv it with your mind and stuff, focusing on your brain and thats an original experience y weird experience ? why weird ? why do we humankind always have to think somethign different and inmensely origina is = weird yy it may be not weird yy as often on this panet logic = no logic then in our false logic we feel one thing is weird then as often on this planet earth the thing we think are false the think we dont think is true, the thing we think is odd is really not odd and the things we think are normal are really abnormal than trying to listen to your own brain is not abnormal yy and when you try to make a silence in your head, like stop thinking , your brain hurts yy again, everytime you do nonconformsits things with your brain, like those, your brain hurts yy not a headacke, a brainache, its not the same thing yy like you're trying to think too much and it tires the brain ? because you're not just thinking like sheep conformsits think yy you're thinking way too deepyy not just dep like conformsits or philosophers but really realy realy think deep yy itds be interesting to ask to docs who do brain scans and stuff why does it hurt and to ask shrinks ifs they are not sheep not super brainashed sheep if those humans are weirdos physcotics alienated or just very different and very hors du commun extraordinary original non confomirsts yy of coruse they arent demented, weird etc they are just kind of one of a kind ? is there even one single humn who's one a of a kind in this world ? we're way too mental tweens + phsycial tweens yy if psychaitrics think those phsycotis anticonformsits are mad and abnormal then they are bad humans, or bad psychatists for theyre so wrong -- anyone can have original anythign, original thinking, original looks , being original it dont make anythign odd and abnormal  

they worhsip money above all things , even family

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MessageSujet: Re: n easy to help lives : share, watch, sign, open conciouncess   Mer 5 Fév - 12:45

you're not who i thought you were

i can deal with people not liking me

she talks to you, she tells you stuff

love always finds a way

june 1 14

will you send us to hell YAHWEH for all the times we saw the truth of omnivorism and that we hoose to ignore it ? will YOU tell us we dont deserve Heaven for we pretended to be blind, deaf, brainless, heartless when we saw the reality of the ANIMAL condition and for ignoring that (((we))) are so responsibe of this < we're gonna get it probaby !!! for al of us omnivores, individually ? as a whole?

we're gonna get it ça va barder

not everyone has a dad as good as yours, you wanna remeber that sometimes

ive got one uncomplicated child


you didnt make any big mistap as a human being

i was right on track

she was so lost, she was so unhappy

some of us change and some of us stay the same as ever

he saw things different

we are trapped behind glass, we wanna touch life but we can't < we're at the edge of the ocean < we want to dive into the deep <

you made us into who you wanted us to be

a seriousy disturbed person

now she is with GOD and all the angels, she is an angel

love unconditional

humans too smart to break the rules

will we human speicies stop being retarded one day

then again it could all be in your mind ( piensa tener dolo y no lo tiene

She exists only in the mind of maggie

we can't go back to life as usual

we never had secrets from one another before you and i

people grow and change ^ nothing stays the same forever

stimulate their curiosity

everybody makes mistakes

oc 14 14

YAHWEH YOU ish mankind to have penty of friends and despise the blood family idea + the love affair idea and to love everyone only as friends or family and not as blood family and not as couple ? so YOU wish us to be singles to never had sexual itnercourse and to always have many friends looked upon as relatives ?

. I was especially interested since I've helped raise two gods.

we are so cold, such nasty persons

read your Bible & pray to the Almighty GOD everyday for protection & ultimate salvation

from all walks of life

there are evil forces at work in the world, taking over as we speak

people might want to dismiss all this, but they should know that, while they close their eyes and their mids, humans are being sacrifieed all over the world this very day by the repitlian bloodlines

thanks so much for trying to opened the eys of us retarded mankind, thanks for putting up thsoe vids, very generous of you, YAHWEH bless us all Your infinitely dumb, cruel, mean ,useless kids of YOURS

a non human animal just wants to please .
we must be are stubborn and free-willed.
non humans loves its family and wants to please them.

you're always this paranoid ?

october 26 2014

Fate B when some were monster humans very immoral creatures , full of quirk , have terrible accidents , almost died , survived B those very nice human beings , all their lives they taught great morals from YAHWEH , were very nice the vast majority of the time , always doing great deeds etc have horrifying accidents , are deceased B unfair isn’t it B the great creature deceased , the monstrous one, alive B they spend their life hitting their loved ones , hitting anybody because they are so immensely dumb, really hitting, fighting for ! ! nothing!!! , insulting, for nothing, being evil for nothing, just all this immorality and maliciousness always for nothing, so full of the enemy B just all those wasted existences YAHWEH offered them to be angels, to be the best in goodness, the less sinners B and that’s how they used those lives B so frustrating so pathetic B they were born from YAHWEH and they choose his enemy as a god in a sense even though they never were luciferian B let’s face it they were luciferian, they just didn’t notice B if GOD You choose for them to not die and survive the accident , ok its whtat You decide that matters but hopefully those very evil will see earth life different now they almost deceased B hopefully they’ll meditate , and have a revelation from YOU YAHWEH and decide to become the contrary of what they always were : very nice human creatures , wonderful Christians, help their ANIMAL & human brethrens, and the earth and be immensely kind etc B what if they don’t change B GOD You put that ordeal in their path for them to change , not to continue being j diabolical j sinners , very bad creatures B some of us humans are more stupid than others , we are different for some need the near death experience to have like a smack on the face = a revelation , to understand we have to stop being monsters , and others don’t need that near death experience , they understood all this without deceasing B perhaps they’re more clever B cause really we have to be morons to have to die for 42 minutes , 7 minutes etc and come bak to life again and understand : wow I get it now I was so retarded so Mephistophelian , I have to change, GOD gave me, the retard I am, that chance to transform myself B there in this earth creatures who were as nasty as those ones but just needed less huge occurrences than this one to get that they must change for the better B they just needed to have a lot of conscience like in reading the Bible, watching a movie about Yahshua etc B it’s because they have more conscious than those who never understood this living decades and decades in the evil and who needed the biggest thing : to die B Is not nothing B but those evil who needed less , it’s because they have a biger understand, a more opened conscience of the importance of things perhaps so that’s why they didn’t need to die and be born again on earth but just to hear or watch something that would shock them, leave them flabbergasted which can be listening to a Christian sermon , watching somebody dying , going to the church , things like that so things that are kind of related to the near death experience because near death experience , you go to heaven for a little amount of time = you see GOD or hear Him, you talk to him so it has to do with YAHWEH and those things like reading the Bible etc= makes you think about death , GOD definitely , hell, heaven, so those two things are sort of similar B so you can change without the need of dying and coming back to earth, you just need to have a lot of conscience of GOD, goodness, moral, and mostly of everything which has to do with YAHWEH and his principles, laws etc because that makes you meditate, reason, philosophize B that is what will make you change B and if that don’t make the most nasty humans change, than poor them, perhaps nothing will B if even after reading the Bible every day, those terrible humans continue being as evil as ever , they are with the enemy all the time, even just a few seconds after closing their Bibles, well what can they do its life but they have to try their best B because what’s the point in going to church, praying and reading the Bible everyday if we don’t want to change our nasty mind and ways and we want to remain just as retarded and nasty as we are B unless we can’t control it and even if we try we can’t be less nasty and good B maybe if we can’t change its because we don’t really want to deep down B comparison B some very evil tried to grow closer to GOD in order to stop from being evil and successes B some very evil who tried that too didn’t succeed B why B they are ill with the enemy perhaps B maybe it’s because those who succeeded to go from very evil to very good were not that evil and those who can’t change are more evil B or maybe those who try to stop being evil and can’t don’t really try to put the messages from YAHWEH in their soul, don’t focus while they’re listening to the sermons, while they’re praying, reading the Bible, don’t feel interested etc maybe it’s because those very evil who could become very good very better were fake evils , just pretending to be, this so complicated B they just were very good always but everyone being evil to them, that made them change and want to fake to be evil in order to protect themselves from all that evil coming from all those very evil humans B but some have an comfort to change and others a very hard time to change B when you do something like reading the Bible, listening to sermon , it makes you reassess yourselves B so it’s always good because you can find yourself and all your evil ways in what you’re listening B anyone can find themselves as everyone is evil , in plenty different levels B even the nicest humans

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MessageSujet: Re: n easy to help lives : share, watch, sign, open conciouncess   Jeu 6 Fév - 10:45

OCTOBER 12 2014

elevate their thinking

the mind of the humans is a mystery

valor and bravoury in the face of danger x thanks to a few people i realized it doesnt mater if you feel scared under crisis x what matters is how you act when someone needs you x and im just glad to be there to help matthew

im a fake heroe, i was shaking like a lieaf the entire time x ya right, you were sacred x you're just tyring to make me feel better x you're i was shaking like a whole tree x i face danger all the time and i still get scared x we all doe but being afraid doesnt mean you're week x you faced the dangerous situation, you had the courae to do the right thing x i always thought brave people felt brave in scary situations x only in the movies

part of everything i see is more or less complete nonsense

october 14 2014

its so hard all the suffering of this universe < some of you family from Earth , thanks so much for thinking of all the suffering beings everyday < like at one moment you close your eyes and you try to see on the world globe , to put side by side all the il, abused, sick, dying, torture,d creautre,s creatures being mrudeed < not just the case which become famous that we read or hear or se like 2 or 3 a day < not even a day, a week < but all the creatures abused, everyday, thousands ? it makes you feel so bad there is no word to explain the feleing but you have to also think about all the suffering beigns in order to udnerstand how your mind feels < it feels terrible but what all those creatures individually suffer is way worse than us who only think about them feel < for those altruist are suffering morally but those creatures are suffering physically, morally but really an amount so big its may be unexplainable < so we all gotta be thankful YAHWEH to YOU for not making us go thorh the torture, suffering, etc they're going through < they're in weelchairs, their legs were chopped off, they were raped , and the law doesnt even prohibits zoophilia, they were beaten todeath, confined into cages, burned alive, cooked alive, many stuff, tortured in labs moraly, or morally+pshycisally, killed at the end of the experiments like objetcs thrown into garbages < we thank YOU YAHWEH for not making us live horryfying nightamres like those but pretty cool existences < thank YOU so much < some human beings are so philantropes that they are not sadomasochists but they apprehend all the creatures of this world+ all the abused creatures need thm to think about them, pray for the end of their torture, and sutff like that, think about them and they apprenehd theya ll are their relatives from YAHWEH not by bood so they aboslutely want to suffer for those who suffer by empathy liek you suffer than ill suffer to to show you our solidarity < that is very morally beautiful < but those happy human creatures are gonna have very hard lives because its not thinking from time to time about all the suffering creatures of the earth but every single day , several or many times a day < they suddenly forget, they suddenly remember about them all < very unhappy because if our relatives from YAHWEH are unhappy then we ar eunhappy < frsutrated that we can see no end, we are not negative, we'r eobjetive, e dont see the end of our family's mruder+ill treatment , animal kingdom+human peope < those philantorpes feel like tis be like an insult, a lack of interes,t n idniference, an imoral thing to not think about them like conformists as this is somethign from their mind < so theyd fele its so unfair, so cruel so that everywhere they are the abused creatures, they are connected by thought with all those praying for them, thinking of them a lot every day, so they dont know them, but they feel some minds are talking to them , mentally, even if they're very far of them somewhere on earth < they dont know who, how many, they never met, but they know some are praying and thinking bout them and sending thm great wished for they can feel this in their souls < as this world is physical but also supernatural < so increible stuff happen so yeah minds souls are connected eveywhere < so right now any right now while theyre being beaten, mrudered, they knw some are thinking about them < it just gives terible headachesk, desperation, make one cry, ake one fel dizzy caus all of them together they re like billions < its so horrible < all together < wow < this is huge < its not like a few creatures were abused everyday < any right now we can think we sould think about them < a right now like right now at 14 : 23 on june 15, 1657 was a right now before but its not anymore, a right now of 3 mintues and 43 secodns ago aint a right now anymore, a right now from 2013 marche 29 is not anymore so every second the right nows become the pas,t stop being right nows, the right now changes every secong < so any right now we think and we feel hopeless for all of us each I cant go and save the thousands of beings who are being molested, cut alive, behadead everyday etc < we ant < we can only think < but its for you got empathetic minds so non conformists souls for the indoctrinated sheep the hugest part of humankindis a tiny lil bit empathetic and does not think bout things ike this because the sheep is very wicked, selfish and the non conformists are those mentally torturing themselve siamginng the beaten bodies, the dead bodies, the animals and humas crying of pain, begging to stop being tortured < those stuff are non conformists stuff, so only a few lil bit think about all the abused creatures of the earth often or everyday , as conformsits are always a minuscule part of humankind < they know with the distance and stuff they know you're trying to help them by mind and prayers < they thank you all for helping < and maybe the prayers of the very few anticonformsits will help them save ther lives ? YAHWEH please do this !!! thats the reaosn one praying for all the suffering creatures of the earth eveyday is so very important , in order to save you abused family of thousands! a day or maybe more!!! hopefully this will stop < empathy seems to be a non conformist quality , it seems to be the best qualities of all for what can be better than this < having so much hearth < it semes to be non conformsit for the sheep which is the huge part of humanity nver really had empathy for nobody and empathetic are very open eharted and minded, opposed to all sectarian <categories<, false unexisting cateogrie,s exisitn gonly in our human wicked poo spirits < so empathetic dont think you dont beong to the categories i love so i dont fele emapthy for you < empathetic dont care about categories, they apprehend those so calle dcategories never existed < its just superficial saanic minds who think they truly exist < so you are empathetic with al your rock emaptehtic humans < GOD bless you all < for true empathetic dotn sy youre in the category: not related to me, category: i dont know you  , category : another homeland, category: another blood family, category poor category another confession category another mentality etc so for all these irrational nonsen reasons we wont help you < so its like being super different< a terbile thing, an immorality < , ike telling those form the false categories you are not welcomed in our hearts for you are too different so jsut for this well never give you help < thats hard , wicked < so false empathetic are empathetic with their categories < if you divide your comapsison between some,to some you give it, to tohers you dont, this is aboslutely not empathy < empathy is when you forget about all the difference between then and yu and you are gad to help , < if youre gon help exclusively those form your so called (cateogries- then you agree to have a heart for those like you and you say its a crime to be not like me < as if you were a queen kind the center of all the universes < brainwahsing of i i i for its not caus faith made you be in one mentality type, one behavior type, one tastes type , one racia type, one confession type etc that you have to despise those not form your type and that you msut help only thsoe form your type and not thsoe from types oppiste to yours or that you msut consider those fromotehr types as sub beings and those from your type the coolest just because theyre like you and that you think maybe subconsciusly you're the coolest and all thsoe from different types are suckers insignificiant not wrht of interest and life< its just faith < thats very silly for yu think all from your being is the coolest caus you fell on that faith < you could have belonged to other type of psychaitries, tastes, so called cagetogires from eeveyhting so you would despise the categories you're in and d be heping thsoe you refuse to help, youd fele close to those who refused to help and now you're glad to help caus you'd be from the false categories you used to desdain in other existences and in this existence with this particular faith you love them as friends and anyone whom you just met and is from one similar type of mind and false category than you even though you dont know each ohter youll help them so thats sectarian < for its like those whore neo nazis who help the poor neo nazies and not the poor in general, blacks etc < thas why those think they're empathic but aren't < the true empathic dont wanna now which ''categoreis '' they're from, they dont care what mentality, confession, tastes in everything, opinions in everyhting they have, theyll help anyoe ho crosses their path <

OCTOBER 13 2014

earthly family and YAHWEH were sorry for saying so many mean things to you , fr being so wicked to you , to have killed so many of you , to have injured, eaten , belonging to the issue instead of the resolution of it , forgive us for seeing immoralities in you you never had , for being so inhumane to you , sorry for many thigns we dont even know which oen , we can sin a ot but we cant remember them ! we are such bastards <

we're praying for a miracle c though the disease, hich attacks the boy's muscle cells, has ravaged her body, it has not affected her smile

it was a day worth living

Are we the only people on this planet that arent retards? Well hey, Atleast we know we have a good chance at being GREAT con men. Shouldn't be hard to fool people now adaysim breaking from tradition

she's a good, nice girl, and msot importantly, she's a good role model

cry happy tears
it was an emotional moment, a moment in her life she will never forget, a very memorable time for her

inspires me of how strong humans can be, and how they can stil keep their spirits so bright. its nice to see how ia ffect them becaus ehtye really affect me, im very thankful ,i pray for them and i love them

it is awesome that someone is doing something

organization to support creatures in need

october 27 14

You can divorce your parents , your country

I have hurt peopLe all my life , i have so much making up to do,

I wanna heLp people, I need to know what that feels like
The world is a poison

Our brethrens us mankind we ‘re a poison


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MessageSujet: Re: n easy to help lives : share, watch, sign, open conciouncess   Jeu 6 Fév - 11:30

june 13 2014

Our lives belong to YOU YAHWEH
We who live on the same world share a common planet
Kylie tiene poco estresando un Nuevo sencilo ( hace poco que sacoo su nueva cancioon single
I’m no stranger of conspiracy ,im a truth seeker
Pathetic little low life omnivorous
Viictima de la circunstancias
You stink of lies
Something weird is going on isn’t that our panet’s moto ?
Cette idée a croisé son esprit tete passé par son esprit
Sa petite face personne n’en a rien a faire
Certains appelle ca un refus d’optenpérer v cela s’appele de la betise
Nous sommes tellement insignifiants
On est bons a quoi si on n’aime pas à se proteger nous même on sert a quoi
Uno puede ayudar a la gente
Im looking out for him, I’m looking out for his welfare
Cassi’s student adviser el tutor de cassie
Is that thing alive ? animal
Porque sencillamente no les importa cause they just dont care
Pu it over aniimate ask not what the world cna do for you but what you can do for it
Get off your ass levanta el culo
We live in a crazy mixed up world vivimos en un mundo loco
Socio dude
My girl mi novia
¿Qué vamos a hacer con respecteo a eso ¿ what are we gona do about this ¿
There are people that go through life never having that kind of
Wake up !=!dispierta!
Is this the only way to get through to you? ? es estaa la uunica manera de que os entre en la cabeza ?
Blaspheme : they say le bon DIEU est un peu méchant car s’il nous fédère,  aime, pourquoi il nous tue / idée arriérée car ne pas nous tuer= cruel, l’idée de nous tuer=cruel , est total ineaxte, nous tuer= hyper sympa car la vie aux Cieux= est top choeutte, vie sur terre= trop dramatique, trop de douleur des ames  donc ça n’a pas de sens de dire que YHAVE est mauvais car il nous tue , les trucs à l’envers
Ialogue A part of me stil don’t understand hy we should forgive her 1 does it matter ?
Horrible casse pieds
Se coltiner
S’en prendre au autres
Son monstre de frere
Una de las cosas maas lindas que te puedan pasar
Fright night nuit d’horreur
C’est itneresant de découvrir des cultures d’autres pays
L’usage de la parole
! vaya ! hasta que se levantoo el senoriito !
Tuu no peudes deseare la muerte a nadie
Nada me gustariia maas que ese hombre desapareciera de este mundo
Me acuerdo de tii de diia y de noche
Se te nota la cara cuando dices mentiras
Ni que fuera la primera vee en la historia de la humanidad que dos hombres se enamoran de la misma mujer
Jamaas se atreviia de en ¿? Hacer un barbaridad semejante
Le queda muy poco tiempo de vida
Cuando se le mete algo ¿en por ¿la cabeza no hay quién lo convince de otra ¿cosa ¿ Heard bad
Ese tarrudara que queires hacer
Analisis ayudar malos solo animals ? lepeupe doit sexprimer
On a toujours pu compter l’un sur l’autre et nous sommes ontinuellement entourés d’amis
Vou comrpenez ce que l’autre ressent, s’aider l’un l’autre
Perd le fi conducteur
Nous sommes chacn une source de réconfort pour l’autre
Prendre les droits des ANIMAUX tellement a cœur
Interessé et impliqués dans ce projet
Quand on aime quelqun on le soutient
Avoir lair interrogateur, inquisiteur
Il ma jamais prote dans son cœur
Tas trahi son amitié
Uptown girls soundtrack
Primera vez que me enamoro por el interior de una persona, o sea primero extrañando su companiia que extrañando sus besos -- no adoctrinamiento mucho mejor presencia del alma que sexo besos
This is outta hand estaa fuera de contro
In the whole universo en todo el mundo
Creo en la virtud
Construir la relación sobre
No les vas a servir absolutamente a nada
Las mujeres del mundo mundial
Hace cosas muy cañones
La liberté est l’héritage de tous les creatures de YAHVE
O que aprendes de las relaciones humanas
No te metas en mi mente – mago
Siempre hay alguien que necesita de tii para sostenerle
La vida es esto ,apoyarse sobre alguien
Relación y servicios
El más puro que
Respecer, de devoir, l’honneur
Ella me apoyoo cuando los demás no se atrevían, era una mujer extraordinaria, sabía ver la belleza en los demás , y esto es lo maas especial , incluso en los incapaces de percibir su propia belleza
Los que tiene fé y rezan
Larry losei oraciones que curan , book
Cuando se junta la gente a rezar lo sientes en la piel, en el cuerpo. Cuando se hacen cadenas de oracioon se siente que estaan orando por tii
El amor no es sacrificio
Jorge bucay
Esta conexioon con DIOS, con esta Divinidad, es mi amado
Animaux vous etes des amours
Une fille bien
Elle ne se comrote pasdu tout omme une fille de 16 ans, ella des conversation tre inteigent,e elle est tres mature,
Ser una insufrida sabe lo todo
Se battre pour recuperer leur dignité et eur niveau de vie

Great celebration gran fiesa
A mdiados de 1997
Protagonizoo la serie profiler
Debutoo en el cine
Ella no es de quedarse quieta ,por lo que …
DESDE muy pava ( joven?

Dar el gran salot
Su hoja de vida
Somos tan desagradables
Comentarios remarcas desagradables
It appears to be working ca sembl marcher
He wants to speak with her il veut lui parler
Look inside yourself regarder en soi meme
And last but not least et surtout
Try to relax detendez vous
Over here par ici
Its kinda sluty ca fait un peu grace
Its all very very good tout est tres greable
By midnight a minuit
Its nice cest bien
I admit it je le reconais
You’re paying for that ce sera a tes frais
He opneed the latch abrioo el pestillo
Whistlin’ down the river silbando bajando por el riio
Quién tuu sabes qui tu sais,tu sais qui
Deliver to me traaemelo a mii
I just cant believe this cest fou ca
Its not a gid idea pas de quoi fouetter un chat
What’s going on with you ? que est ce qui t’arrive de beau ?
Why aren’t you home yet ? pourquoi vous n’etes pas encore la ?
I never would have thougtht n n je n’aurai jamais eu li’dée de
The sunlight le soleil
The afterlife l’eau dela
He brang her back il l’a ramené
Let go laise tomber
Its all a lie rien n’est vrai
Tu peor temor es el propio miedo, eso es muy sabio
¿? -- there is never, ever an excuse for hitting another person no hay ninguna excusa vaalida para golpear a alguien
que estés bien
las leyes nos las inventamos nosotros para mejorar la vida de los derechos humanos heard bad
dices cosas que tienen sentido
el derecho a deciridr de la ciudadaniia y de las personas debatir de manera civilizada y tranquila
ahora se a da de héroe
te tiene loco de contento
hazme el favor de callarte y no decir estupideces dejar de oii mal
sufrir os mismos desprecios que he sufrido yo toda mi vida
bien encré dans son esprit

pero cállate la boca
toda la fiosofiia y toda la teoriia
ante la voluntad de un pueblo planetario, libre, pacficiamente expresado , en un estado democraatico , de derecho
es que respete, que se enterre de lo que la gente quiere

Estas diciendo muchas incoherencias

we will worship YAHWEH til the day we die

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MessageSujet: you're thinking too much   Ven 7 Fév - 11:55

1 SEP2013

its great Jesus helpped u He help all the human becoz we are in depe trouble!!! us stupidest hugeste sinner ever, animals r saints, thank for ur vid thanks for tryin to help ur bros sis thks for belieivn in Jesus GOD thanks for helpin the world coz many humans form planet earth ome to wathc utube vids unfrotunately not vids about illumnait but lets pra to GOD many humasn will come to watch vids like this one thks for taking time and energy to make vid thanks so much u are a compasisonate human being GOD bless u my borhter and all of u who watched this vid lets save the orld the aniamsl the humans

youre dealing with peple's feelings, hes great, we jsut dont wana see him get hurt ok

we had a deal, you shuldnt go back on your word ( im soryr, i was rotten & dishonest

i love the way you think

ever since you :: all you ever think about is me me me

on second thought, you can have it

Just like I predicted, we're at the point of no return We can go backwards, and no corners have been turned I can't control it, if I sink or if I swim cause I chose the water that I'm in

oc 12 14

when something is non rational non sense it ould be not right, indoctrintion < like if we pretend the blood bainwahsing was good then how come its so full of irraitonalities+ non logical < this porves it cant be right , its the dust! total void! its unfair+totally partial against equality, in favor of sectarianism+cruel mean towards all the rejected so al the non blood related creatures who know us + discriminatory + full of prejujés?? caus its like we fele humans who arent blood related to us are inferior, are not worth as a human life bloodly related to each me < not each me of the earth for some human beings dont have in their sou this blood indcotrination but most humans of the earth < for we think ok i base myslef on the blood < if they got my blood ill always love them , en faisant bastraction ????? that they're bad people, good people, tricheurs, disloyal, loyal, liars, honest, etc that they have most imoralitiies of this earht in their minds or that they're like priests morally < so you think i gotta love my uncle < but then does it mean that everybody got to lov your uncle , all the creatures belonging to your u cles families+ all the humans your uncle knos or just those belonging to his family ? for if you think my uncle is so gret because and only because h'es related to me with his bood and skin then he's way etter than any celebrity so everybody should love him so all his collegues neighbors, everyone who knows him < not just your uncle but all the memebers of your blood < so then each me never disliked nobody ? yes, they did for isntance they dont ike one perosn in their class in high school < so you dont belong to his her family and you have the rigt to dislike her him but those who dont belong to your family have the obligation to love the memebrs of your family as you fele isnutled if thye dont love the members of your family for your family is the ebst of the earth < thats too unfair and nasty <mankind has never been reputed for being fair sadly < thats the trouble that you dont think you should love all the families hwo knw you but that you shoud ove both your families ad thats all and that eveyrone should not love all the families but theirs < so it makes absolute no sense and thats why it cant be a non indictroinaiton, the sad truth is that its an idiotic unfair partial unGODly indoctrination < no doubt for if supposedly the memebers of your families are the best humans of the earth, to your eyes then its unfair just you youy ou narcisit ego centr,d for many mes of the world think the same , that the memebrs of their families ar ehte best so you cant say their relatives suck for they say all the relatives of the oher suck and yours so it cant make no sense for its not a truth unviersally < its just points of view for each me belonging to a different family < so it cant be true for a truth is everyone think the memebers of one family are the best, even though they ont belong to it < and its so conflict of itnerest for you say not by coincicende that your family is the best of this universe just caus its yours ,you cant be rational for it happened to be (((yours(((!!! you'd be telling the truth with a mind without philtre of indoctirnaiton like philtre d'amour btut for family love , so it forces you to put on a pedestal , to love way too much, to choose to adore those whom you not encesariy would have loved, if you'd have said between all the families who know me i prefer that oen and that one isnt his her mothers nor his her fathers faily then hisher mind hasnt been indoctrinated with the blood brainwashing < so he shes being fair ,logical rational equalitarian <  thats why it sucks the relatives brainwashing for this means you stopped being fair or never was for you are mean despiteful ?? towards those who did noting to you < for isntance you see someone in a public place you give them a hatred look they dont know you they did nothing bad < you just look at them that way for they arent blood related to you<  then ife is transformed that stranger happens to be your sister < now you ook at them with love and sya oh what a coincidence we meet here, so you go to tlak to them etc < but you dont look at them with hatred < so so not equalitarian < thats one of the many reaosns hwy it makes no sense this idncotrination for why sould you not love the members of families if your relatives philosophy is anyone shoud love their memebrs of their family for theyre too cool too good like angels so anyne should love them if theyre so sweet , anyone out of their families then how come you dislike and hate some humans who are inside families , just not yours < if you say meveryone of their famiies must love them to bits then how come you+others dont like them < if you think thats lright they aint my family i can hate those form others families i can not hate those form mine then that shows thats its to very twisted eprverted non moral, nasty and what else < for you cant just think the only reaosn why you disike them is for they arent blood related or becase they are mean and non blodd related but the mean blood related you love you have to < like an obligaiton < wow htis proves its so depe in the heads, really increidbly depe this idncotrination < ike any indcotirnation it seems < for youll sy how an you talk to me like this im your cousin < so stupid sentence!!! so you can talk méchemment?? to anybody whos not your relative ??? but you cant tak mechamment??, to your relatives ?? such an aweful argument < you cna ot have fight, get mad at your relatives < argument: theyre your relatives < you can have argument get mad at your non relatives why , for this argument : theyre non blood related < loony brains!!! so you can hate or dislike any human out of yoru family however everybody must love and not hate not dislike those members of your family < the only humans who have to love every poepe from outside their families is from one'self's family but all the other humans of this world can love or not its as they wish, the members of every other peoples family because those are others famiilies than oneself's < where is any logic or rationality here < theres no reaosn why, following this twited demnted logic, that if everybody is forced to love oneself's familiy than everyone on earth is obligated to ove everybody's families so finally nobody loves just oneself's families but every families so everyboby on earth loves everybody on earth < untrue, non logical as many humans dislike or hate humans < forgetting this odd indoctrination of bood , forgetting all about their obligation to love everyone for their belong to a family < we could accuse them as mruderes! how na oyu do this! you dont like that being! you forget they belong to a family! tis sucha  crime to not like somebody froma  family! you eprfctly know its so imoral and that you can hate only thsoe adopted and orphans! for those are the only ones who have no relatives so acording to this oddest brainwahsing you can hate adopted relatives as it means = nonr elatives as the blood is so improtant in this indoctrination and orphans have no family so you can dislike them if you wish, or like them, its as you wish < that is so not impartial and idiotic for you can not think of people as : belongign to a family so you have a moral obligation moral ya right this is totally im moral < you cant think of them a sa gorup a family , you gotta think of them as one single individual one human being , not a human being inside a family < its too silly < theres the tinest little cirlce =that is how we are futile < then peny of other bigger circles < we see from the littlest circles, we dotn see the largest one, it semes there cant be a bigger one : human < we are very superficial for we see them for one tiny detail not for the thing that matter: theyre humans  we see as cousin, borther, ex best friend , ex firend now enemy, kinda of friends, future wife , brother collegue, doc, stranger the guy voer there with glasse,s the tiny woman, the brown guy, the asian creature, the fat human, the skinny creature, the one with the accent, the woman, the men , the ancient, the young one , we have not a deep mind, if we had we d sya look at the human over there instead of those things < if only all this earth family d had deep minds who didt care at all bout details for in heaven we dotn care about thsoe detials the one wiht the weird atitude the one with a hat the blind one , the black one, the sky one, the one who look like an alien etc just a human, a humna, that human, this human, another huan etc < for this is a wonferul philosophy and large, alays seeing arge, never tiny < thinking of the general the important never the idiotic detail < so that is why compared to the blood indcotrination this non blood indoctrination open mentality says you have to be fair : you can not based your mentality on bood of other families or of ones to love or dilike or desdain others < you msut not feel forced to love those whom you really dont want to love for their blood related or force yourself to dislike those non blood related and you really wnana like them , you have to base on : they are all from our family, all of them < made by GOD < if you see in them somme immoralitie,s too many you dont love them, if you fele they are fantastic human beings, morally speaking and very nice, then you like them < you never hav to focus on they dont belong to your relative,s they do belong to your relative,s they belong to several other humans's family < not on this non sense < you have to think only with your equalitarian mind, like a judge < you have to think of the moral and immorality fo the biengs in order to decide whether you'll deslike them love them, ike them, adore them, hate them, desdain them < only on are they worht of love for are they nasty or very nice people < thats all you have to focus on, not on are they orphans, adopted from toehr familiys, adoptes form your family, and that sort of stuff < that is the contrary of the blood brainwashing for the blood brainwahsing is ufnair , wicked , cruel, sectarian , very close spirited and stuff ike that , the philosophy oposed to the bood brainwahsing smake those who think this manner is to be fair always , kind always , equalitarian , against sectarianism, as open minded as anyone can be , like more dont exist, absolutely non sectarian, au contraire , veyr very opened to adopt into your heart anybody even non earhtly living beings , agaisnt circles, tiny, miedum, just agaisnt al circles , for you agree to like anyone who's not your blood, and not just blood but all veyr similiar indoctrination ike nation, culture, race a,ge gender, etc , just the largest philosphy ever , of YAHWEH hopefully < just there is no circle for if we consider that respecting, loving, accepting, anyone is a cricel composed of : everyone , no caus a circle is an idea of something close, sectarian, even if everyone of one world is in it so a circle is always something bad < so its better to not think of everyone loving each other as a closed circle but a giant ensemble of reautr,e not evena  group of everyone for group circule category etc is the same < we have to be opened not closed and a circle is closed <there cant be more fair that this philosophy for you'll always have prejudice against anybody, not just for the blood brainwahsing but for all brainwahsing similiari to this one < so youll always tell them to take a hike to not aporch you, youll always exclde them because of any brainahsing your eceived whereas in the philosophy against groups, sectarianmism, and agaisnt excuing and agaisnt brainwahsings, you acceuille?? any body arms opened and with a smile and friendhsip and many good wished and good feelings peace and love people !!!! thats whats so cool so opoened so just about this philosophy < opened with people , opened wiht animal people, open in the spirit, just evrything opened! really cool < thats the trouble if you choose to hang out with very perturbated so very indcotrinated humans and wiht non indoctrinated humans or elss indcotrinated humans, you're sure youll be treated with way more fairness    , kindness wiht those agaisnt nasty indcotrinations than with those inmensely idncotrinated because you'll trust them more, you know they wont betray you and be unfair to you ereas the very deleply idncotrinated could betray you at any moment and show your their retarded nasty spirit and stuff

october 24 2014

we pray for you angel non human animals who are very old who exist all aroudn the earth , who are living your last minutes , months , years , days , seconds of material existence J from a human point of view it's so unjust so very sad J from YOUR point of view YAHWEH it is not sad at all , it’s the best thing , it's a moment of joy, they stop suffering those poor old angels and now they'l live much more happy than on earth , if they were happy on earth they'l be so happy on heaven J if they were miserable on earth they'll be very happy in the heavens J if they were abused on earth they'l be very happy in the heavens j if they were very happy on earth they' so much happier in the heavens etc let us pray for all of you old very sick animals you're suffering so much j we pray so that GOD gives you all a little more time , if He wants to U instead of you going to the heavens now for instance, may YOU YAHWEH give them a few years or months more of life please and with no suffering or way less suffering than the one they're going through now which is killing them , please have mercy on their poor bodies poor souls suffering so much H Through Yahshua Amen

very powerfu statement from her

people from all over the globe are joining up to fight for the future J he's doing his part, they're doign they're par,t are you doing your part

november 2 2014

to defend things, creatures, you have to love them x that’s why so many refuse to defend their non humane family Y because they don’t love them B you can’t defend the rights of the animal race if you don’t agree with their rights, you don’t agree with them deserving lives, etc you’re just against animal rights in your skulls x you don’t care at all, you’re not in love with them U you don’t think they should be treated as humans x you really really really don’t love them , the contrary of what you think for you think = we love the animals U you’d be forcing yourselves to force your hearts, to lie to your hearts and souls telling you eyes I want to go vegan and defend them and become animal activists just because others do That and your conscience is tormented x but really you’d be only forcing yourselves because deep down you know don’t don’t care at all about the animal kind x you don’t agree with the vegan minds and philosophy and you ain’t got vegan souls at all, the contrary x that’s why really you as you’re frustrated to realize or refuse to realize you don’t really care and love the animals, you want to lie to your mind , you recognize yourselves in the description of non vegan soul against the animal rights x that’s why you’re like what I think I just discovered something I don’t love the animals U how come I’m confused Y I thought I loved them Y that's why you feel hurt, bad about yourselves so you want to force yourselves to think and act as what you hate, which is respecting the animals and becoming animal militants, becoming vegans

You deserve this, you are so flawless, funny and outspoken

Ife is full of a lot of nonsense, It CANT BE BROKEN DOWN IN LOGIC
Mankind is in rebellion to YAHWEH their creator
you’ve gotta get up and join the human race – I came home to get away from the human race
you don’t need any help from anyone

a strange place = a place you don’t know, new for you, you’re gonna live there
I’m sorry I’ve been acting kinda crappy lately, I guess I just been a little nervous, it’s so weird thinking about a new life
For the i will fight for the rights of minorities and creatures

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october 20 2013


hope GOD will sent the brethrens who did that to you my dear BORKO to hell and im sorr and i pray for you everyday for GOD to make you as well as before the subhuman did hat, i really hope HE makes a miracle sotaht you can walk without your i don't know how its called cart? because im so sad i cr when i see vids of you on youtube because ure happy and all but handiccaped!!!!that breaks my heart! iwhs the subhumane had done that to me isntead ilove you so much BORKO i wish i'd knew you but we dont live in the same country sadly GOD bless you BORKO i love you and wish u a veyr happy and long life and im so sad frustrated because the subhumane mosnter did that to you while u were just  abbay , if he had done that whe u were at the end of ur elife old and all or never better! and its so frustratin because you were super healthy yound and now u still are young but handicapped forever i guess, u could have lived wiht a perfect helath all ur life thats so unfair and i can iamgine how much u suffered ur body was so tiny u were only a bab and all the pain oh my GOD thats so horrible!!!

october 28 2014

That’s weird all the human creatures of the earth should be thinking about YOU YAHWEH every single second A we should be living in YOU with YOU for YOU A that’s why YOU made earth and humanity right A how come most of us think about YOU like once a year or once in a blue moon A in heaven they all live for YOU worship YOU A the only reason they’ll exist for all times is for YOU A so as the beings on earth are Your humans too as those who are in the heavens and used to be on earth were humans A so that’s weird so many of Your kids we’re atheists , so many Christians never prayed in their lives or prayed but for stupid little narcissistic things not  true prayer from the heart for other A like please make me beautiful make me have loads of money so I can live like celebs A those are not prayers they are insult to YOU GOD A how come we are not spiritual enough A You really wish us to be terribly spiritual , to vie for YOU and only for YOU & to do everything YOU put us on earth for A to do what YOU want us to do here, be the best in goodness+ help Your creatures + Your creation = earth A we are the most brainless creatures of the universe because a simple thing that could’ve been almost perfect , us , almost angels , from that non problem we fabricated a problem out of this A incredibly idiotic A w could’ve all been tremendously good , like saints , not sin, not say & do terrible things A not act idiotically at all etc A we should be thinking about the consequences of our sins because we should be thinking about hell, the heavens, about the fact we deserve certainly to be in hell and stuff A we don’t think about the fact all the nasty things we thought, did, say are horrendous and that we should stop now and that it’s very bad and that we are demoniac etc and that the souls should be the other way around A and that we should be incredibly spiritual, almost as much as in the non physical realm for as much is not possible for only there can we be a hundred percent spiritual A we could be all angelic and there wouldt be that much problems, not very serious problems so we definitely are retarded A we killed animals, humans, others killed animals+humans A we made weapons A we did all these things only retarded can do so that’s what we are A for if mankind brethrens we were like GOD want us to be , clever , we’d never have murdered nobody , created weapons, raped, made wars A all of this comes from very intelligent humans, inventing weapons, politicians who decide that there’s gonna be wars are very intelligent, but still are all very profoundly retarded for all the enemy things, evil things are all = very retarded like murdering, enslaving black brethrens+ animal kind brethrens , destroying nature , people , A all this we do comes from our terribly dumb minds A not just stupid , but diabolical A all these thigns and many more are not from YAHWEH A for all these are very dumb + luciferian things A we killed all these poor animals & human’s lives , we destroyed the earth, and for nothing and we did all this misery on this earth, we created all this suffering for nothing A we could’ve not made that, never A it could’ve been just a horrendous nightmare A but we made this all true, with the help of our friend unfortunately, the evil one A if only we hated him instead of loving him so much A our true friend is YAHWEH A not his enemy A so we did all this for nothing for we could’ve have with enormous ease never have done all this drama on earth A so that is tremendously stupid A that’s us A can you believe this dear animal & human brethrens A murdering, destroying every life on earth, veggies, animals, people all this could’ve never happened if we were very Godly angelic and intelligent creatures A we ‘re so messed up twisted retarded devils A now we wouldn’t be talking about how horrible this earth would be if we were so very dumb for we’d be very intelligent A instead of this it’s the other way around A we’re talking about how marvelous life on earth would be for all animal , al human for we’d be all very intelligent, nice Christians very compassionate angel humans doing good everywhere, thinking, acting like nuns or priests A it’s incredible how the disease of the evil one touched all of us so much A some way more, some way less, some sort of etc from cero to hundred , all grades A how horrendous A he made us all each and every human inhabitant of earth do this A but we could be guilty too A too easy to say it is not our human fault , as a whole or individually , it’s all the fault of the other one A no A or yes?

july 25 2014

it sucks to be nationalist its a little bit less storng brainwashing and less closed minded than being racealist caus here its a matter of living in the same nation not having the same races :: but it sucks too for it means when there was a disaster like earthquake, plane crash they say the whole nation is mourning : this makes no sense & is seing a little circle isntead of a huge one for its thinking we are from one nation we are close to all its inhabitants even though we dont know them so if somethign happens to them the whole nation is in shock , it divides, its groups, its evil :: it should be the group : of all the inhabitants of the earth, it means the nation cares about the dead humans from its nation, so the humans from all other nations shouldn't care about them for they are from differention ' nations' ? if the oens dead in the plane crash, earthquake etc were from their nation they should care ? absurd , YAHWEH You desire all Your people to be united, You are agianst small unions, groups, You want just one so its bad there are so many of them for being united to one's group means despising the other groups or feeling way less close, not close at all to the others so all the ones form nation exemple indonesia are mourning the deads from their naiton means the rest of the earth dont feel cocnerned, isnt devastated, all the humans of the earth should be mourning l caus YAHWEH this idea is anti human , its not generous, it means you close your hearts to all those who aint got your nationality , dont live in the nation you live in bb humans from other nations than one's nation are as much humans, deserve as much compassion, help, love than humans from one's nation vv brainwashing of feeling patriotic, loving the inhabitants of ones nation+ ones nation , kinda despising ? the other nations, and their inhabitants hh YAHWEH You want an union of all Your kids, so You may want all Your kids to feel itnerested, sad, pray, not just the inhabitants of the nation where the tragedy happened ) for instance if humans have disappered , anyone of the earth should pray, not just those living in that nation , they should not think i dont care wether they find them or not, caus they dont live there or havent got that nationality, nonsense tt they only ask the ones living in that country to pray, to be preoccupied , ot talk about this ect this is not right

APRIL 30 2014

 coalición [/font][/color][/size]Infocircos junto a las entidades de protección de los animales y la fauna salvaje ANDABorn Free Foundation y FAADA
pongamosnos en accion

could you help spread the word byforwarding this email to your

Every signature will help build support for the animals lives

human life begins at conception when a new human being is formed 

abortion stops a beating heart
retour a la realité

unbon children are persons entitled to protection , we must rescue millions of unborn humans from dying by abortion 

Are you one of those people with "a conscience thing"?

To do all I can to prohibit any and all

what does it feel to be the scum of the earth  XX IT FEELS AWEFUL xx feels like hating oneself, wishing to never have existed

there is no one on this earth we trust more than we trust animals

They didn’t bother to give her a name. Just a number: 2764.
But to me, she was much more. I called her Stella, because she deserved at least that much—a name.
I met Stella while working as a Mercy For Animals undercover investigator at Iowa Select Farms, the largest factory farm in Iowa and a pork supplier to some of the nation’s largest grocery chains.
Her entire life was filled with misery.
For years, she stood in her crate alone, never knowing the warmth of the sun or the feel of grass under her hooves. Never a moment of play with others. Never a tender touch.
Year after year, Stella’s piglets were taken from her. She could only watch helplessly as they screamed in pain while they were castrated and their tails cut off without painkillers. The cold metal bars that held her captive were unrelenting.
There was no relief to be found in the dirty crate too small for her to even turn around or lie down comfortably.
Over time, the abuse took its toll, and Stella became very sick. She developed open sores on her sides. Her left ear became badly infected—swelling up to the size of a baseball. She received no veterinary care. She became depressed. She stopped eating. And eventually Stella died.
To the pork industry, Stella will remain just a number. What happened to her was business as usual. But to anyone with a heart and a conscience, what Stella was subjected to was nothing less than blatant cruelty and abuse.
Please watch MFA’s powerful new video that shares some of my stories and the stories of other investigators, and then consider making a generous donation to enable us to continue to help animals like Stella.
We can’t let other animals suffer like Stella did. These factory farms must be held accountable. The abuse these animals endure must be exposed. And ended.
That’s why I choose to do this difficult work.
Without undercover investigations, there would be no effective watchdogs protecting animals from egregious cruelty in these facilities.
I ask that you share our video and be a voice for the animals suffering in silence behind the locked doors of factory farms. And please show your support by making a donation on behalf of these pigs, cows, chickens, and other animals living in fear and desperation. Thanks to an anonymous MFA donor, your gift will be matched, dollar for dollar, now through July 31.

So please, give as generously as you can to help us bring hope to the nine billion animals like Stella who are languishing inside the dank, dismal confines of gestation crates, battery cages, and filthy stalls and pens.
Having seen this cruelty firsthand, I know it is critical that we do everything we can to speak for them. Please, help us reach these animals by supporting MFA today.
Being an investigator is the hardest work I’ve ever done, but I know it is the most effective action I can take to help animals like Stella. Because of my work with MFA, laws have been changed to protect animals, workers who beat, stab, and kick animals have been punished for criminal animal abuse, major corporations have improved their animal welfare policies, and countless people have ditched meat.
These successes are making a real impact. They are bringing hope to animals nationwide. Your support makes the difference.
Thank you for taking the time to read my story, and for standing by our side as we continue our fight to bring kindness to all animals.
With compassion,

lets be givers

[i]Her entire life was filled with misery.

Never a tender touch.


your self- obsession (ton nombril )
i just dont believe ure realy like this i mean its not posible for a human being to be so completely full of herself himself

APRIL 27 2014

if you dont have privacy,you don't have freedom .

speeches john kennedy

I urge the Federal Government to drop its unconstitutional restriction on citizen organizations, and to cease using tax laws to suppress political speech.

The first amendment of the United States Constitution guarantees our right to freedom of speech to speak out against Abortion-on-Demand.

ignore the freedom of speech,Time is running out to make your voice heard.

Please sign our petition and let them know you believe political speech is protected by the First Amendment, and this flat out assault on free speech is unacceptable to you.

who believes we should do nothing to stop the slaughter of 1.5 million unborn infants every year.

parfois la vie est degeulasse

we support the life

arretons d'etre des ati écolo au posible

thats so disgusting how these humans waste their tiems in satanic tv shows as x factor to make a jerk of themselves while all over the eart animals are slaughtered ; they should be saving animals not being ridicule on tv ; this is so silly : they cant sing why are they doing this ? they can save lives of animals why arent they doing that ?

Let the earth know you won't stand for this assault on free speech.

Please let them know you believe political speech is protected by the First Amendment, and this flat out assault on free speech is unacceptable to you.

That's why it's vital you speak out on the right away. i have so much love to give do you have room in your heart and home for us companion animals ? adopt us !!!!

c'est une afaire d'inteligence

responsabilité collective

Thank you for taking action for animals! Your letters and phone calls signatures make a difference. bring warmth to your heart = warm the cockles of your heart = give you a lit = lift your spirits = chanter ( apporter de la joie )

the ones who want can :
"I'm a devout Catholic and I honor my faith and love it, we must be por lifers and we have this conscience thing

Our conscience tells us it is morally wrong to kill unborn infants and to force taxpayers to pay for it.

les animaux mérite du respect ; on doit les laisser en paix ; on a aucun droit sur eux ; on a pas le droit de les exploiter, les user pour nos loisir : l  humain est malade ; il fait mumuse a martyriser des pauvre individu animaux innocent ; devenez vegan espectez les animaux de la planete tere !!!!! !!!!! !! !!!! !!

avec qui j'ai des convergences philosophiques de fond

le monde sindigne pas

on doit reagir , ce crime restera point impuni :

mettons nous en action

march 8 2014

Let us pray for all animals and humans thoughout the world who passed away today to go to see our GOD an Jesus in heaven . let us pray for them to rest in peace, to not suffer any longer . Thank YOU GOD for creating them , for making be alive, giving them this huge opportunity on earth and thank YOU for giving them families and friends who loved them and for making them love many beings . Thank YOU GOD for making them know many being and for makiny beings know them . Amen .

¨PEOPLE DON4T BELIEVE IN you god ND IN Yur Son JESUS CHRIST because he's is not alive as an human right now . If they woul see JESUS doing miracles like they used to in his time, hen he was a human, they would believe in YOU GOD, in JESUS and in the miracles YOU can do . But as they don't see the miracles that ou do every second of ever da, they think these miracles are nothing, they suck, they are ininteresting, unimportant and they don't see them as miracles . Evne thought they are , definitely . The sun shining= miracle, a baby bird born = miracme, someone alive beathing healthy=miracle, one walking , eathing, seeing, hearing ect=miracle somebody with their family , happy, husband, wife, in love, loving their firends, so sweet, and this love, all this sweetness=miralces . One having a new firend=miralce one going on a lane and no accident happened nobody died=miracle, going to chool everdya and being able to elarn many assionathing things=miracle ect . They dont believe in YOU and miralces . They are more and more atheists in this wold the more time pasees . atheism = satanism 

IT is not because doctors say they can't do nothing to heal someone that they cant . They are not yYOU GOD . YOU can heal them . YOU can heal the ones doctors can't heal . We too much think as how to sa this ? like humans, earth , science , rationalists , not as children of GOD . So if you would be thinking of GOD all the time, ver consciouns of HIS presence in this world, you would think GOD helas and makes miracles . HE heals the sick . But most humans don't think about GOD that much , even the ones who blieve in HIM . Esecially the non practicants Christians . So they will never think about YOU when a animal angel or human is sick or that something is bad in htie rlives . The will think as atheitsts, nobody can't do nothing about thi, this will stay the same forever, we will all suffer , they will suffer, I will suffer . The problems are nevr going to fade awa, theyre deepr dand deeer, worse and worse . This is not GODs state of mind . If YOU would have the same spirit HE has, you would all be ver psositive and think I know GOD will solve all my troubles and make them dsappear . Thats how YOU want us to see things GOD . YOU want us to think like YOU . And not think humans can or cant help me or I can't or can hep me but GOD will definiely help me . And don't think GOD won't help me, He DOESN4T want to , i'm a deserate case, i will have a miserbale life forever . No . That is thinking like satan and men . We must have GOD's spirit and positivity in us . 

The altuist wants to change the world , revolutionate eveything . They are against the establismet, the system . They don't like the way it is . Th'eyre against it a 100 percent  because it's injust,cruel and inhumane  for every life . The altruist wants a perfect world, the are very utopist . They want to decimate every slaver,exploitaiton,murder of any of their brothers and sisters in this world . They don't want this wolrd . They want a new one . A pefect one . Theyd ream of having the power to all alone delete all the injustices and that nobody suffers and is msitreated and trampled upon . That's what hopefully every human wishes for . Unfortunately not all of them . tHE ALTRUIST HAve A STRONG WILL of making thigs so much better . It's their obsession . They really have that capacity inside them of helping out . Which is something missing out in many human beings . Too little humans have it . Altruists really care . They care so much it's incredible . Because it's so rare . They care about the planet as if it was their own life at stake , but no , it's other lives , beings who have nothign to do with them , strange animals , stranger animals , living in every corner of the world . They want to make things ok whenever there is suffering . They want to make everything ok . Let us all be this way , that's what You 've always asked humanity GOD .

october 2013

illuminatis are creating a vulgar whore society as humans are sheep : fashion tell us to wear micro tops ( crop tos ) micro and mini shorts and shkirts = we wear that so they tell us wear ridiculous clow clothing = we were that , they tell us put anything crazy o ridiculous that we always hated= we love it and wear it so we are all brainwashed . The proof is that we don't wear all that because we don't wear things we love but things that are trendy . This is the brainashing . We never loved it , it becomes trendy= we love it . It in't trnedy anmore= we hat eit again . It comes back into fahsion= we love it . We are their mere puppets,w e do and wear everthing they order us and we don't even notice, we are mere victims . So the problem is they 1 show us tv programms with very vuglar clothing , everything is micro, ridiculously small + show us magazinesof models and celebs wearing micro clothing = we wear that,star tloving it . Because when you put into the eyes of a mass many times the same stuff they love it even though they never loved it in the past . So the trouble is GOD YOU forbid to wear tiny little clothing and thats how fashion is nowadays : micro and mini skirts,mini and micro shorts all 12 months o the year, even in winter . Because they put somehting into fashion, no matter if it's the type o thing we ike, or always foud ridiculous,too sexy , its not our style, stuff we always found were too shocking, too scandalous ect . We just start loving everything we hated before . So thats a proof that they endocrinate us to look like whores because as satanists are whores then want the People of the entire world to be whores too because GOD don't want that so these rotters want that . They want the other way round of what YOU want O GOD . An evidence of that is that when miniskirts were very little trendy in msot of the world expect united satates ect , very little wome and girls of all ages used to wear mini skirt . An 11 or 15 year old human wouldn't wear that in europe . Even when it was really hot . In 2002 , 2005 ect . But ever since about 2006-2007,it started really big : everybody, in very cold weather,hot weather,all the time,everywhere,wearing mini skirts . It was shocking, crazy, people looking at them in the streets,shocked . And doing commentaries . Then in 2013 it started with the belly and back : cropped top,extremely short . So short that they look like bras . Some were til the belly butotn,tohers way shorter . Now the go out in any ublic place with a micro shorts + crop to or micro skirt + crop top . They find it absolutely normal . Something extremely shocking totally normal ? = indoctrination . Obviously . So the day they start wearing sentences in their clothes like i love death, we all are fans of satan ect , if crazy things like that become trned or go out in a underpants,and with paint looking like blood on their legs for isntance,they are all going to thin it's normal because they all were so deeply indoctrinated . Because when micro skirts and crop tops were not trendy and only people on movies,tv series and americans wore that,people found in shocking when a little amount of humans would wear that . Now they find it perfectly normal that many humans wear that . Women in the 80, til 2000s wore only skirts til the knee or the feet . But not mini and micro skirts and never cropped tops, even in summer . So the fact that when it wasn't trendy,humans were shocked that a very limited amourt of humans wore that and that now that many wear that they aren't shocked at all means that the brainwashing made the shocking thing in the past be in the present not shocking at all anymore . Successful brainwashing.The lcothes are always shorte and shorter but it's not shocking to most humanity = brainwashing . In the 60 sthey started slowly with the tiny clothes but in the late 2000s it became really a trend , really enormous . Ever since about late 2006. So how will it be in 50 years? in a bra and underpants at work,school ect? No pants will be made anymore and worn. No pullover,only crop tops and bra tops ( tops that look like bras but are clothing ) . Wow. How did we arrive to this situation ? Easy : many music videos of singers,rockers,rappers,ect + many tv series especially with youth actresses,young adults acotresses, many disnsye channel teens tv shows, man movies,tv shows . The fans of these public igures and he fas of these programs loved the way these famous humans used to dress , thought that look was sexy and super cool so they just as perect little sheep followed the trend . A human who has no own thought ,who is just a body without spirit,without brain,does everythign they see. Not what THEY want to do,not what they OWN PERSON wants . They aren't their own being no more,they are a mere puppet . Becaus ehumans every single one of them individually don't do what they idnividually want,but what a MASS,ahuge group does , almost all humanity . A few don't because as on-sheep,anticonformist,different,special,originals,they do what THEY want but these one must account for less than 1 % of the entire human population . Thats why every stupid little horrible useless thing the illuminatis make trendy like the horrible ridiculous mustache = everybod starts loving it . It's not that they truly love it because why did they waited for it to be trendy if they had loved it since they were born on earth ? They had never loved it . The monkey on clothing,the skulls. They dont love these things.They just think they do because hey become at some point trendy.They dont truly love thse thigns because as soon as the disapper,they forget about it and when thinking about it years after that,they think it looks stupid and can't believe they used to be huge fans of that . Thats the proof that its a brainwahsing because it woks only when the stuff are trendy. When the stuff go out of fashion,there is no brainwashing anymore,its the end of it,so they have their true tastes and thoughts so they don't like the trends of the past . tHEY MADE THE SKULLS TRNEDY?THE STARS+ALL SATANISTS SBOLS;wE GIVE THEM Power to kill more humans everytime we finance these things , we must boicot , never buy things with skulls ect . Because it makesmay not make us evil but it gives them power and more money to do more mass muders , destrying the environnment and do many inifnately inhumane things to the entire world . So please don't let yourselves be brainwahsed,don't give money, to them,don't buy their satanists trends , cigarettes malboro with the lionect . Lion is a symobl of satan because in the bible GOD says satan roars like a lion .

july 28 2014

we must not think i could help but no because this , that , i could go to the manifestation for peace in palestine but no, police could throw things at me, i could give money to an animal fondaiton, no cause they could steal the money away, ; thinking this way get us nowhere for we do nothign , its a sin :: we must think about other,s not only about us, we msut think about us, not only about others, there should be a happy medium but if cause theres annoying stuff we dont do the philantropic actions then we do aboslutely nothing to help the inhabitants of the earth and it sucks ee we cant do everything but we can do some if we stop being so worried about anything and we start opening our hearts to others isntead of having them just for ourselves ;; not all israelites are wicked, some are truly kind and are against the persecution of the palestines so lets not generalize , some are forced to join the army to kill their sisters & brothers the palestinians and are totally against this idea and are against the stealing of their sisters,brothers land ;; they are magnificent creatures, they got open hearts, opened minds ll isreaelites have been brainwahsed into hating their palestinian family, some of them were more clever, knew this was unjust,cruel,absurd so they have nothing agaisnt palestinians, they want peace with their 'People' and the 'palestinian '' People'

july 28 2014

most humans are eprsuaded they love the animals, no they dont ::

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MessageSujet: Re: n easy to help lives : share, watch, sign, open conciouncess   Ven 7 Fév - 16:49

april 28 2014

  1. 1 FEBRUAR 2014 those who love animals love them so much as a human rainwashed mother loves her baby . the difference is the humans stops lover her sons sdauthers or seem to love them less after they arent babie no longer while humans will fight with their soiuls for animals loving thm obsessively all their lives , not like parents who keep fighting with their human kids forever and seem to despise them not to love them : vegans have that bond with animals that theyll have forever that many or all? human and all animal moms got but moms stop ahing that bond and kep thinking they wished they never had these human progenitures while veans animal angels will have that bond with anima;s as if the animals were babies and their geentical kids and were gonna stay babies for eternity * as humans who could kill if anyone'd did something to their babies but not their non babies kids, and vegans will do that for any animal whos not their genetical progeniture even hen the animals arent babies no more so vegans love way more animals than humans ove their humans genetical peogeniture and vegans are the ones who know about love, way more than humans who think they love and dont , they kids, friends, husbands etc

now is the time to not let up.

action must provoke reaction ¨
i hate money its filthy and it corrupts

humans are sor etard & antipaticos?? you try to help them they yell at you like a beast and tell you to mind your own business . thats evil . l is good he she wanna help i because i drinks too much and is becoming an addict . l knows what he shes talking about, he shes an ex alcoholic . he she just wants the best for i and he she wanna help him her even though i isnt family so l isnt brainwashed with the family brainwashing . l is jsut a freidn of his brother . l gets angry at i . he she dont recognize that l s trying to sav his health and life . thats what horrible and so left brained and so mentally retard in this human spicies . its that you do somehting good , they hate you . you do something bad oh they love you ! you dont help they thank you . you try to help they tell you its not your life and go take a hike . they think being good is being evil and being evil is being good as the one who refuses to help those in danger are evil right ? and those who try to help are good but seen as minding things that dont concern them putting their nsoes in other humans businesses but thats not it . thats a brainwashing as GOD You think we all are a family so its never someboyes busines sonly but everybody's one . so somebody has a drinking issue = its the whole planet eaths business or at least those he she knows who can help . refusing somebodys hel and lacking respect towards them in the wa we express to them , with agrresitivity, crying, =evil . they're with a demon . 

20 jan 2014 what sucks in humans is that were so self centered . we see two humans we know quarrelling we dont care . its like we care about nothing in this world . we like them both their friends or family and we lack Your wisdom YAHWEH because isntead of thinking when someobdys in toruble that hurt us that make us sad we wanna help find a solution to their problem we think its not me who's in trouble so why should i care £ those twho creatures are having a fight and we look we listen passively £ we think its not me whos fighting with some human but another human £ so we think its not improtant and were releived £we think we dont have to get invovle,d its not our problem £ thats a mistake coz the problems of beings we know are ours because we are brothers &sisters and GOD Youre against passisvity and indifference £ You love that we feel concerned that we wnana help anyone not jsut friends and fmaily but any human we are watching being angry at someobody and telling us peace , stop fighting, love each other make peace £ so if we react thinking oh thats sad look at you guys you like each other, dont fight please £ or how could you make him her angry like this ? he did nothing wrong, you msiunderstood and got angry for nothing, go to apologize £ thats the reaction You want AHWEH because YOU want us to always fele concerned and not not caring because were self centered and we car eonly if the being is being angry or naughty at us , we dont care if its between two other humans even hen its friends or family ¨£ me me me £ of course if it was " me " wed be angry telling them to stop fighting with us, to stop complaining, or slaging off £ we cant just tand thee observing if we want humans to think we got a heart and if we so declare we got hearts £ we have to act thats always the ebst, whatever the problem may be , with environment, animals, humans we know, we have to act to sotp the problems £ its a terrible reation to be passive and wish the problem disappear £ and act dont mean it has to do with me i act £ whoever it has to do with you act even if it has nothing to do with you £ this thing of thinking i act if it has something to do with me exclusively is a reptilian ? brainwashing it seems a false evil idea put in the general human speicies minds £ ideas against YOU GOD for acting as never been to solve ones problems but anyones problems , just problems £ its just loving justice and wanting the problems to stop being there £ when you love jsutice its not for you only,thatds be so nombrilistic £ its loving justice for all so having the will of solving all the problems of any creature £ when you see nayone you dont know or know fighting and you really dont like that and want to clam them talking like tring to reach their brains and hearts, its because you are so kind hearted, so altruistic because an alturistic is the contrary of the self centeed family braiwashing this is my family, this is sacred, i help them and love them only ¨this is the basolute contrary £ i help whoever i want as everybodys my family £ so its not helping because its your family of blood but because you love creatures £ altruistic got better hearts because they wanna help anyone while those who wanna help their families only got hearts for their families which is a veryr educed amount of creatures £ those philanthropists hate to see anybody angry at each other because they think they should live in peace, harmony while those who are so brainwashed think they shouldnt care about anybody being mad because they dont deserve to be helped, they arent family £ so as philantropists wanna help way more beings than those egotists who wnana help only family and philanthropist hate to see anger when there could be love and calm , while egotists couldnt care less any stranger is angry at anybody else so they dont have this feeling of humanity and compassion that philanthropists have £ they dont feel its sad that these angry creatures are wasting their minds enegies, breath, etc being angry £ the just dont care £ while the philanthropists do car ebecause they feel low when they see others suffering as anger is a kind of suffering because the know how short is life and want everyone to be happy while theyre here, not fighting, not getting stressed out, just taking advantage of life £ they want the best for everyone £ they are so much better humans than non philanthropists £ 

let us be dissenters ! révolutionaires ??

WE HAVE TO critice ourselves. its great that we can see own onw qualities but we need to see our bad points too coz its GOD YOU want us to have an hability af self citic. it sucks if we see ourselves as perfect. as most are far from being perfect and a few are close to it. inf act msot humans we got so many bad stuff in us a very few good ones so we absolutely obligatoroirement? have to find our bad sides because GOD YOU want us to evolve get betting getting as much posible as YOU . 

[size=14]Êtres humains contre la réintroduction de la poule pondeuse à Montréal " petition at Your signature is valuable and makes a real difference. Please encourage others to sign the petition as well. Forward the text below to everyone who might be interested:

I wanted to draw your attention to this important petition that I recently signed:
"Êtres humains contre la réintroduction de la poule pondeuse à Montréal "

1 jan 2014 some humans dont feel they are citizens of the world but of their respective countries because of a brainwahsing maybe thats you msut worship your country and despise all the toehrs o like them less than their ù so they never felt citizens of planet earth= what is a citizen = is deshumanizing or somethign the human individuals ? they are being sor humans of the world not citizen : anyway many humand dont care about politics and the term citizen means everyone cares about the People, people, environment, animals and thats absolutely untrue : GOD YOU really want each of Your children to be " citizens" or said in anoter way to be individuals who fight and act against injusticies against "thigns " ( vegetable life ) individuals ( animals & humans ) ù lets face it so many live like there wasnt all these monstrousnesses and know theyre here but dont give a toss or something ? they dont care about citizenship citizens nothing * that must be cos every human werent born with a justicier spirit ù how to udnerstand this < some humans see the injusticies and think its not their place to do something its not for them to care about : others think its htem, oh yes, You choose them YAHWEH to do this : they think its their mission; they fele like they have to and so want to and fele like theyre like superheroes * they re realy pasisonated by saving lives * the citizen of one coutnry things a brainwahsing and its to divide the family of the world to make them feel not as a family but as individuals who got nothing to do with each other and oppose each coutnry to the other to give a feel that each country for the beings coming from it is the best one the coolest one and all the others are sucky ones ù that is a brainwahsing to make humans use their left brain ; they were born without right one or something : and to make us see little isntead of wating very far like a huge world : and to make the think why would i care about tropical forest i dont even come from that country, dont even know in what coutnry it is * so they may care about the environement of their country but most of all they dont care about any environment at all = its like they were brainwashed to be indifferent + be kinda for cruelties of all sorts for people, animals and veggies = so many different brainwahsings, human conditionning ù what is to understand this is so hard to udnerstand : humans who dont care about any kind of injustice : they think the world wont end while theyre alive and wether they help out or not, the world kill be liveable so they wont die if they dont help so they think its not obligatory to help ? this means they think the world revolves around them maybe because they think about their person when they think the world will be ok ; they dont think about all the cratures living at the same time and the creatures who'll exist when theyll be dead : so egoististical : GOD YOU dotn want humans to think theyre citizens of their countries buto of the world because thats philosophical wisdom instead of reduced thoughts reduces thigns or how to say this but little vision o something : so YOU want all the creatures to feel close united and thinking my country is my favorite maybe is thinking not right not as YOU as its better for YOU that we feel we come from one planet one place and not one little place inside a bigger one : YOU dont want nationalism, jingoism : thats why when humans go to live inoather countr than their they despise it because its not their ù they must not like to travel to other cuntries as their one is the best one to them so they must only travel there ^ not only is thinking bigger but its having a free opened mind and its bad to not see like like YOU GOD so its great some humans got this feeling of being all sisters brothers all coming from one coutnry as if one placet =one country and its great they dont care about cultual, phisical mental differences, dont care about differences of language , about nothing like youre not like me because you bla bla and i bla bla ; all of this is stupidities and they know it : they all feel like one who speaks one language and in his her coutnr theres one type of landscape, food, things to do ect an is small an brown is the same as him her whos tall and yellow and who lives in a coutnry where theres another andscape and food and stuff ; all is different but they fele theire lives, their beings, their countries, everything everyones the same and its magic its nice its a great feeling : they arent gonna despise because its not the same or its less good ad their individuals of their ethnic groups or landscape not as nice as theirs and plenty stupid stuff like these : 

let have a commitments for a citizens' revolution which should mingle social transformation of the country and respect of the environment. this petition shows that world's citizens are counting on you to protect the rainforest.
la communauté internationale 


se retrouvent victimes d'un conflit dont elles ne sont pas responsables et leur voix doit être entendue!


appelez les dirigeants mondiaux à aider le

En signant cette pétition, nous exprimons notre solidarité avec ces jeunes filles kidnappées et appelons le monde à ne pas oublier et nous soutenons tous les efforts pour assurer un

[size=14][color=#4b4f4f][font=Courier, 'Courier New', monospace]En signant cette pétition, nous déclarons notre solidarité avec les jeunes filles nigérianes enlevées et appelons le monde à ne pas les oublier, soutenons tous les efforts pour assurer

JULY 10 2013


Hello everyone . To all who receive this : Please be kind to send this to all the people you know . All of us humans must save all of the humans. That's wat GOD wants. As there are people that are goin to destroy it if we don't do nothing . Most people dont know about the illuminati so its easier for the iluminatis to kill all of us. To save the entire humans we have to send these emails to all our contacts and tell them to send these emails to all their contacts ect so in a few days many people who got computers all aroud the world can kow about this terrible subject finnally! better late than never. Please inform everybody you know thanks ; Dont forget to please always copy paste the setence 'to all who receive this : please be kind to send this to all the people you know and copy paste this sentence so your contacts can send this to all their contacts and to all their contacts ect .' so this way thouands or millions hopefully billions of people can receive this messaes of truth . Please don't break the chain because if one of several people don't send these emails to their contacts then all of their contacts won't be able to receive this and their cotnacts are hudnreds of humans . hundreds + hundreds + hundreds ect is a lot of people if many people don't send these emails. it will be terrible GOD bless you all

A Prayer for Friends and Benefactors

O God, bountiful in forgiving,
and lovingly desirous of man's salvation,
we humbly beseech Thy mercy in behalf of our friends,
relations and benefactors,
who have passed from this world, that,
through the intercession of Blessed Mary ever Virgin
and all the Saints,
Thou wouldst permit them to come
to the full participation of everlasting happiness.
Through the same Jesus Christ our Lord.


13 july 2014

some human hit their husbands / kids / boyfriends / girlifrends etc ; they got pets : if they are able to hit the creatures considered as the most superiro of the earth, they are able to hit the spiecies consider as the most inferior of the earth : the non men persons , the animals : its clear that they not only hit their kids / boyfriedns etc but also their pets , poor them !!!

a él no le importo para nada

retirense a sus dormitorios < vayan a sus cuartos

NOV 2013

A kind act can be done anytime in anyplace everywhere . We can educate many beings to become like that . So first we become like that if we aren't yet . Then we teach others and ask them to be compassionate and stick together . And ask them to teach others and these ones teach others and so on and so forth . So we can by this simple way make humans more humans , kinder , just by spreading the word . We can make a whole community, twns close to the ones we live in , our deparment, our state , our whole nation and everywhere in our country if we travel and so we can teach humans from far from where we live about kindness . If we go in other countries on vacation we can teach them too what is the meaning of kindness . This works if many individuals from many countries do that . Not only a few countries or one will become kinder but the whole earth . We have to be passing the message the buck . We must work that way for every imortant information that is imortant for every being in the world , for every serious matter . Passing to someone else the message for isntance for educating others to be kinder but also to inform them about cruelty , anything that could put lives or theirs in danger . The method = passing to others . Be it orally or by email , social networks , emails , snail mails , ect .

GOOGLE SEARCH kindness + qué es bondad ? kindness ?

an open-minded spirit = une ouverture d'esprit

Prayer for Justice 
Father, you have given all peoples one common origin.
It is Your will that they be gathered together 
as one family in Yourself.
Fill the hearts of mankind with the fire of Your love
and with the desire to ensure justice for all.
By sharing the good things You give us,
may we secure an equality for all 
our brothers and sisters throughout the world.
May there be an end to division, strife and war.
May there be a dawning of a truly human society
built on love and peace.
We ask this in the name of Jesus, our Lord.

SOMBRONS vers la peridiotn
terre de désolation
Spiritual Warfare

Spiritual Warfare! Most people today would laugh at that very term. Why? Because most "enlightened" people today don't even believe in the existence of angels and demons fighting all around us for the prize of our souls. However, spiritual combat between angels and demons for our souls is as much a reality as the existence of the Grand Canyon is. One side wants to win the battle so that they can drag us down to hell for eternal damnation, and the other side wants to win to take us up to heaven for eternal bliss and happiness. The demons are definitely an enemy to take seriously.
"Prayer is the oxygen of the soul."
St. Padre Pio of Pietrelcina
Como salvaremos el mundo ? Si cada ser ayuda al maximo . Si pocos ayudan, si no hacemos nada y nos chupamos los dedos no lo salvaremos . Para salvarlo tiene que cada elemento de la sociedad de cada nacion haga algo, nos unamos , seamos solidarios y muy unidos . Nos juntamos y seamos con un espiritu de equipo y de ayudua mutua , y mucho amor, mucha fé . Asi lo lograremos si DIOS quiere . Si unos elementos no hacen nada , empeoraran la catastrofe del mundo . Haran que mas se hundan en la desgracia , en la plaga y sean eliminados .

nov 19 2014

we are too dumb human race h we know humans's ho're nice h oh ok then then w think in our skulls, they're perfect saints h no, good don't mean free of sin, free od faults h good means they're a little or a lot better than others orally speaking h that they're less wicked, that they sin less with meanness , that they are more compassionate , kinder etc h it dont mean the entire earth tie of their entire existance they were saints, they never were wicked, they never sined h it dont mean that h they have been wicked sometimes, or more than sometimes h they have sinned etc h it's just that in this earth there are numbers , grades so there is not one number like 1 h but there is 2, 3 ect til billions h so there are nuances??? differences between beings morally speaking h cus some have a 36 / 100 good moral , others have 72 / 100 good moral etc h 14 / 100 goodnes,s others 76 /100 goodness h so 100/100 = no sin, saints, no meanness whatsoever h but those good hearted huan beings are not 100 /100 good , they're like 70 out of 100 good, 73 out of 100 good etc h so the part that is not 100/100 so for the 73/100 the 27% part can't posibly be perfection h it's evilness h so that shows they 've sinned, been wicked ect in their existances at several moments h so no a good or very good human being is not a sin free wickedness free saint h it's just a smaller sinner, a smaller immoral, a smaller wicked compared to many others h but as we're retards and we tend to make caricatures?? of mankind and generalize , we dont like exactitude h when somebody 's è77 evil we'd say the're 100 evil, when they're 75 intellignt we'd say they're geniuses ect so we'd say that being is very good oh they're saints then!

march 12 2013

They are so cruel . They don't even notice . That by their inaction = they're MURDERING humans lives . Just ebcause they're too selfish to informe theirselves,and others. 

an open-minded spirit = une ouverture d'esprit

Prayer for Justice 
Father, you have given all peoples one common origin.
It is Your will that they be gathered together 
as one family in Yourself.
Fill the hearts of mankind with the fire of Your love
and with the desire to ensure justice for all.
By sharing the good things You give us,
may we secure an equality for all 
our brothers and sisters throughout the world.
May there be an end to division, strife and war.
May there be a dawning of a truly human society
built on love and peace.
We ask this in the name of Jesus, our Lord.

SOMBRONS vers la peridiotn
terre de désolation
Spiritual Warfare

Spiritual Warfare! Most people today would laugh at that very term. Why? Because most "enlightened" people today don't even believe in the existence of angels and demons fighting all around us for the prize of our souls. However, spiritual combat between angels and demons for our souls is as much a reality as the existence of the Grand Canyon is. One side wants to win the battle so that they can drag us down to hell for eternal damnation, and the other side wants to win to take us up to heaven for eternal bliss and happiness. The demons are definitely an enemy to take seriously.
"Prayer is the oxygen of the soul."

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MessageSujet: Re: n easy to help lives : share, watch, sign, open conciouncess   Ven 7 Fév - 17:58

i love the way how you look at things

im not helping youguys, i dont think we should itnerfere like this, its not right

you're so insightful, so in touch with my secret thought

doubting that your love was true

now that i know your heart is true, i reach out my soul to you, dearest claire i hope & pray, you believe me when i say, im sorry,

what i didnt get is why you thought all those aweful things about me

Hello everybody. Animals deserve us to help them . Let's try together to save their pour lives . We must all help . We can't do nothing because itwould mean we don ' t  care about their terrible pain . Please sign and share these petitions with all your contacts. Thanks . Copy paste the sentences ' To all those who receive this : Please send this to all your contacts and copy paste theses sentence so they can send it too to all their contacts , ect .Thanks . '

► 1. OqrOLj
This beautiful tabby cat endured horrific torment for months in cruel and useless "sound localization" experiments at the University of Wisconsin-Madison (UW)—deadly experiments that have been supported by more than $3 million in tax dollars !!!
SEE BREAKING NEWS: PETA has obtained never-before-seen photos of horrific cat experiments from a lab at University of Wisconsin-Madison!( see picture at => ►
-Published on Sep 12, 2012 by officialpeta
PETA reveals horrific pictures of cruelty at a UW-Madison laboratory, where a tabby cat named Double Trouble was tormented for months in a taxpayer-funded experiment before being killed and decapitated.
Experiments done at the University of Wisconsin-Madison are angering animal rights advocates. The experiments in question are being preformed on Rhesus monkeys because of their similarities to humans. In these experiments, baby monkeys are separated from their mothers right after birth and later subjected to scary tests to provoke fear and anxiety. The monkeys are then killed and dissected and their brains are studied..
Jane Velez-Mitchell moderated a first of its kind debate on maternal deprivation experiments. Eric Sandgren, Director of the Research and Animal Resources Center at University of Wisconsin-Madison and Rick Bogle of Madison, Wisconsin’s Alliance for Animals who organized a campaign to stop these experiments debated both sides of the argument. Opponents to the experiments have started a site


d 28 14

YAHWEH what should we wish more than any other thing in the world t all for us & those we like < doubl ego centrism or wish to save sisters brothers ¿

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MessageSujet: Re: n easy to help lives : share, watch, sign, open conciouncess   Dim 9 Fév - 5:09

1 JAN 2014 Some humans are pschotic. Who has the right to say who's normal and who's not . The veyr smae individuals who say others aren't normla, ma be themselves abnormal and don' tknow . What is normla nd abnormal anway . Nobody is normla or everbod is . It is a void . Human is weird. Life is weird. They think you think like nobody else= abnormla, incredibly weird. You think like everybody = you're normla . They're wrong. That's their definition of normal and abnormal . That is their basis , comparing with the rest of the world . It's the notion of normla for them = everybody doing one thing ,the same , having the same thoughts . Very clones. Then there ae a few in this world who think differently = craz, have to be put in ?? . No that is not how it is . Being psychotic isn't being weird and crazy . It's being different . Because others don't have these thoughts that psycotic have . That's all . Psycothics are conscient of things others aren't like wow i have a body but its useless like a puppet because it doesn't have life . It has life but really doesn't because it's all in the brain nothing else . The body is just there to be something material visible . But without a brain nothing happens, like a puppet . It can't do nothing without the human who's moving it . Humans can't do nothing without the brain because it gives the orders to the body . So you start thinking about this, analyzing a lot like psycothics do, décortiquer ??? ever single thing and doing great phylosophycal, or pshychaitrical analysis . And if you tell that to others they think wow, she he is an alien . I've neer heard that before . It's so weird . She he is so weird .

For instance you start for one moment to another, like it's been yeyars you exist and just now you understood that , the brain thing . You are surprised it came so late . And you think, and to think most humans don't realize that . It's a shame . So ous tart thinking about the things that you are right now making come out of your mouths, you are speaking wow , your brian is making your throat make noise, human sentences; Then you look at ourself in the mirror and think wow it's scary, it's pathetic, weird i can see my eyes moving but really it sucks, it's nothing because it's only the body and of course it doesn't count. Like when we're dead . Only the spirit remains . Wow wh do i got this fac,e body parts if it's useless ? Wow even though it's useless i'm making my hand move, i can walk . ou are scared while youre doing all this ,thinking all this . Your own thoughts scare you. You are feeling so weird while you're in front of the mirror thinking, looking . Then you think i remember the story of the babies born without brain,which is kind of similar to this . So you think we all are like them but the difference is that we can do things, move our bodies, talk , see but we are exactly like those humans without brains because their bodies is absolutely useless and ours to . THE DIFFERENCE IS THAT WE CAN THINK AND THey can't . We cant move, see, they can't .

But actually if the body is useless why do we hear,speak,see,eat,have sex,get sick etc ? Why GOD did YOU give us this body if it's useless . Plus if it's so useless why can we have phisycal diseases . I hope these thoughts are not againt YOURS GOD . I hope I'm thinking just like YOU . PLease if this is a sin forgive me . I dont even know if it is a sin or not . Is it a sin to feel weird and to be conscious of the movements , the voice, the eyes the brain ?

After all being psycotic is just another kind of way of seeing life . That's all . Not being nuts . Anyway societies from planet earth brainwash human minds colelctively so they think false things like being pscotic = being mad . Or wasting all your money , the very few you got to buy many stupid useles shtings you'll never use= so cool, your reason to live . So humans are so stupid they get brainwashed with thinking these kinda humans are weird, theses ones are normal . I can assure you nobody's normal . Oh yeah . We all are ' crazy' in a sense . Let's just say not to be pejorative that sycotics have a special way of thinking . Not a weird one . They see things most don't see, understand things most humanity don't understand .

Then we feel weird stressed out when we have these so called weird thoughts like wow i'm actually provoking the thoughts in my head, the voice is louder because of that . Wow i'm not thinking naturally like when our heart beats, or we breath . We don't provoke that it comes naturally . Well as huge psycotics we are acutally making thougts that weren't going to come . It's like making on purpose a movement with your body that you weren't going to make if you hadn't provoked it . Why do we fele weird anway ?We aren't . Because the world brainwashed us to think if we are psycotic and we act and think like psycotics we are extremely weird . That's the only reason why we are feeling stressed out,scared while we are having these psycotic thoughts . And what's so weird to is as you're provoking the thoughts in your head, you her another voice!!! which is your real'normal' voice that is not pscotic . It is just the voice that speaks naturally . The real thoughts that come without your consentment . So now you are provoking your thoughts, the real voice is still here but you can here the provoked voice louder than the voice that has always been there. And so you feel nervous and think go out voice!! i don't want you there!

Another 'crazy' thing is that you think idon't remeber!!!!

Another so called crazy thing= you feel the things inside your body from one moment to another , after decades of being born . You never felt them and now, all of a sudden you do . Special . Not to sa 'weird' a pejorative hateful word . Another thing is you think wow eyes are ugly, mosntruous . You start looking somehting a long time without moving you ees thinking its like the eyes of a dead human, or it's like i can see . But why GOD you want us to see ? Wh in ehaven there are souls only . Why here we have to see ? Why didn't you do the same there and here : body no, soul yes on earth and in heaven . What's the point in seeing . It sucks . Useless . So you start all your super pscotic thoughts like wow our human eyes are so small but we can see so much . It's unbelievable . Wow i can see in this material world while we know it's not important to se,e this world isn't important, the improtant part is the soul . So you think like GOD gave you soemthing useless because it's like i have to eat its lunch time . A human needs to put oen sandwich in their stomach i got two . The second one is useless . That's the same . Ok i dont se ethe point of having the capacit of talking, seeing, etc but ok iaccept them, if YOU want us to have them GOD ok then. But really useless .

I dont understand . If the body isnt important at all on earth then why humans on earth give it so much importance? It is just physical, material . I don tget it . Can we see angels, saints, YOU GOD? NO it seems like you all are invisible . Only your soul exists . Then why didn't YOU do the same with us oh LORD GOD. Mystery . uS PSYCOTICS THINK a lok . Way too much . Sometimes it became so obsessive we are really tired . Because we don't make it happen . It comes alone . We want it to go . Sotp brian stop thinking ! we tell it to our own heads ha ha ha . Our brain is actualy teling our brain to shut up hahaha . In those moments we feel weir . Even though we aren't .

Exactly humans give way too much imrotance to body and everthing material physical because for isntance you have violen hair they look at you they laugh they criticize . You have different socks colour they laugh jugde are mean etc . I mean if everything mateial don't count why are the putting all their mental energy and thoughts on that. They are absolutel stupid . There are animla getting kille,d there are wars, they got their own ersonal problems but they focus on these details . If that isnt psycotic! we all are pscotic then . Thye are closed minded . But seems like the kind of thoughts they got are so low that they aren't intleligent, or phylosophes . because when you want to put your mind higher to have a different kind of views, you don't focus on details . That is the suerficial minds superifcial human beings that have nothing but air on their minds . Because if you are sitted next to a human who got different socks for 29 minutes, during thsoe 29 minutes you can't hl but think about how stupid the socks look . Yeah, extremely retard humans . I would not focus on that if i saw a human with some original particularity . iwoudl think maybe less than one minute and then ignore even if it is super different . But its because i'm very very oen minded and tolerant and respect others . If the human had blue paint all over his her face i wouldn't even put my attention on her him . I would ignore them .

So we got tired and think like let's do something so our heads don't explode, let's think about something else, maybe our minds will stop the psycotic thoughts for a while . Like ti's 3 in the morning you can't slee you are veyr nervous, you're sweating . Because your mind won't stop!!! It's aweful .

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MessageSujet: Re: n easy to help lives : share, watch, sign, open conciouncess   Dim 9 Fév - 5:18

de 12 14

this thing of helping by belonging to similar races or the same race is just like the retarded conditioning of many I's, not each I's, individually belonging to one particular raceor race gorup and loving their counries more than all and veneratign them, its veyr smiliar both things: on the one hand loving ones contry above all , on the other hand helping those from one's race type or the samr ace showing discrimination x why similar, cant explian i got no itnelligence b its like you help your coutnry above all others caus its yours , you defend the rights of the oppred of your race or race type caus its yours, thats the similarity b so that why the abominable thing ofin several parts of earth they disrespect asians and im chiense or asian so im in an ansociation agaisnt asian racism , all the memebrs ar e asians, or chinese + im black i defend all backs, from my coutnry+ all blakc form any black country + im brown from one race type+ im the rpesendsident or memeber and all memebr of this aosication are form that brown race or rae type so false goodness, false good deed caus its jsut caus they 're like us, if they werent physically = racially, visiually likeus, we woulnt be the president of agaisnt racism or oprpresion ect against that race caus it wouldnt be ours so this is very disgusting, imoral, unfair to all caus its not normal that you have to be from their , like them to defend them and that you'd hate to defend them if you looked different=diferent race, colour c that is not normal w when you see a human being, you should not see the differences, sot hat you wouldnt want toh lep, see the race of them, the diferent race of yo, you should not even pay atention to this, you should just see other humans beigns, adn you're one, & they ned you so you defend their rights, like if you learn some browwn race is discrimianted and you're asian somebody tell you you would like to defend them ? why ?? im not brown im asian and then you knwo there soprresion agaisnt asians, relaly ?? oh im going to join a movement, group or somethign you see that is so bad n that is no real itnerest, real philantorphy , this is pretendign we care only because of the same race x not because of the will of ending injustices lack of repect ect not for the wil of hh helpinh hh creature,s but for the will of helping tt those like us tt this is sectarianism, this is not help, goodness, solidarity , this is not of YAHWEH right YAHWEH? this is from you know who C THAS WHY ITS SUPERFICLA MOTIVES evil motives and the comaprision the similarity : we defend our respective country or people from there caus its ours + we adore our country caus its ours c we wwouldnt love those or this coutnry if we were not from there or born there + we wouldnt defend the rights of the people if we wernt from there or their race or similar race type so all this is i dont know im giantly too retard too ignorant, this is going on a path of the evil, this is thinking we have a good heart and open mind but not at all, close heart close evil mind

dec 13 14

thats what they teach, thats what they want you to be, they dont want laws against sexual promiscuity, homoseuality, they encourage it, theres a;meotgh to their madness, theres really not much method to yours, you're operating from a palce of ignroance and until you change that you will be bumping into each other, saygn and doing the worng thigns, not understanding thenature of your enemy, and if you dotn udnerstand the nature of your enemy & the weapons they use, you can not fight that enemy, you cant fight the battle, you shouldnt even be in the battle fiedl, thats why you're losing the war

She is taking this brave new step

why are you so mean to me

the beings from physical worlds die , love never dies , expect those in hell

International Society for Animal Rights

Vegan Association

Gary Francione

Thomas Regan

Helen Jones (founded ISAR

Frances Power Cobbe 19th century anti-vivisectionist

while we're at it

Vegan Abolitionist Blog -
The Vegan Ideal blog -
L.O.V.E. -

This generous donation

I have a long way to go
There is some great people here

Im trying to protct my ego my reputation
We destroy our family’s lives

The only thing im sure is that You wouldn’t have let anyone hurt any living creature on this reef oure dedicated your whole ife to your brothers and sisters .

I wanna look just like you è no, you are so beautiful just the way you are – don’t you  forget that ok, and don’t let anyone tell you something different

Lets us be a free robot a free zombie machine humankind !

malala yousafzai disucursos + marthin luther king+ mother teresa

theory of animal rights to

december 14 2013


You have so many pscothic thoughts when you're psycothic . You have like you feel our movements . Oh i'm moving like these, how d i turn ? DId they notice it was a weird movement ? How i put my had like this, my eyes like this, i move my neck, my body, i get up, i sit . Everything weird . Of course this happens only when youre havig this psycotic process . But a psycotic is not psycotic 24 / 7 i hope at least, so thank GOD it's not all the time . But by some moments . So the rest of the time your body movements are 'normal' . Regular . It semes like fortunately unfortunately who knows, your psycotic thoughts become more and more present because years go by, it's been years that you ahve this in your head . So if it's 8 ears you're not that pscotic . Thne it's 17 year, 28 years etc . It's become worse . You're sacred . You're feeling like the more ears go by the more crazy you are . But no you aren't . It's only a feeling .

For instance if when you were 14 you had a few psycotic thoughts now that you're 23 you got so much moe, way more . You see the difference in you ; yOU ACTUALLY FEEL WHEN YOU REMEMBE?R the few things you remeber of your 14 year old mind is that you semed kinda 'noraml' in thsoe days . Now you feel crazy . Then you're 31 you feel when you were 23 you were 'weird' but so much less than now that you're 31 . It's so upsetting. It's life . What can we do . But maybe it's a great opprtunity YOU gave us GOD because as 'normal' minds are so pathetically stupid, boring, they have like poo in their heads, stupid thoguhts, of a very ver ver low level . Nothing intelligent, no great ideas, no analysis, or very simple ones . Nothing . These humans are mike obejtcs . An objet don't think = they don't think . That's is a pitty. When you're pscothic you think a lot . So should we really wih we were 'normal' like everbody else or should we be so happy to be spycotics. It depends sometimes we really fel close to madness so we'd like to be non pscotics . Ohter times we fele it's great because being psycotic gives you the opportunit of having icnredibly petinent inteligent ideas that almsot nobod else has . Plus when you not only are pscotic but feel stupid being psycotic helps you a lot because as psycotic thoughts make you feel clever you fele clever . Wlel you don't fele suer clever because you keep on being an ingorant and stupid but a little less now that you're pscotic . At least you fele oriignl, speical, different, kinda unique because you're like i think these and they don't nannanana!!!! I had that idea first, nobody else before me . So you fele happy and kinda like superiro a little bit . You feel like a genius hehehe even though you know ou still are super stupid .

we ask that you open your hearts and your homes to any being needing assistance & all of us send you our thoughts, our hopes, and our prayrs during this troubled time @

I love animals so much because they love without judgement and they were on this planet long before humans they have more rights to it than we do

Each and every animal on earth has as much right to be here as you and me ~

Thank you all so very much for your kind words, positive thoughts and prayers. Mommy read them all to me and we are so thankful for all of them (made mommy leaky eyed). You are great friends to have, especially at a time like this. Mommy is headed back to see grandpa today so we will let you know what is going on. Words cannot tell you what it means to know that so many are praying and thinking of us. This family we have here on FB is amazing. I love you all very much and cannot thank you enough. Hugs and love back to you my friends.

oc 12 14

anywhere you are non human ANIMALS is vegans favoruite place in the world < true animal love < no animal eater says this < fake animal love for they'd say as humantiy's so sectarian : my favourite palce is the word is where my relatives are, my husband etc but msot vegans seem to love ANIMALS mroe than mankind so only the vegans can prefer to send their last hours days on earth if the world ends soon with animals rather than with human animals, or to spend their whole existence with animals rather than with human people < even if they could get married with oen of them, be best buddies or be blood related < for vegans seem to be extremely more impartial, more open hearte,d more open midned, less poo minded than omnivores and of those who live by the relative indictrination so omnivores for those must be omnivores so infact than those omnivores who have as their god , their blood related families < it seems omnivores+ relative indoctrinated creatures have a lot in coomon for both fall for the evil dumb blood indcotirnation < but tis caus omnivores are indoctirnated with blood and those indoctirnated with blood are omnviores so its all connected < if you'r abe to be idnctorinated with bood you' can be idnctroinated with any other imbeicel idnctorination ike omnivorim, its you are able to get yourself indctorinated with the imbeciel omnivorim indcotirnation, you can be indcotrinated with blood indoctrination and any imbecie indcotrination

that goes against his principles

i thought this over

he's not helping me, not one little bit

makes people feel ebtter about themseves

this is the light we use to find the truth

you can be firghtened of me

can we use your soul humankind to save the creatures living on the earth please

my journey through life is almost done but my final excursion will be the the most special because i am that hapy wonder who has found true love falling beside me

he's old enough to look out for himself

this earth is of the non humans ANIMALS , not of the human animals

there's only you animals soolo existen ustedes animales

no one can make you feel inferior without your consent

before reaching concusions avant de juger

let us be cool soyons sympa

he has as much right to be here as you

the biggest things in life are my friends ,animals

i gotta find a way to be myself

october 10 2014

We have all been there , we fight, we make up
You’re a wonderful humain being
Simbolyzing life’s triump over death
What is it with everybody ? it’s thanks giving, not truth day nn indoctrination for there is no one particular dya to tell the truth according to YOU GOD ; we must not tel the truh on truth day and lie every other day of this earth existence. We gotta tell the trth every single day , so affirmatiosn like this are extremely idiotic, futile
I’m just living life cosas de la vida
Moral fiber : aways telling the truth, doing good deeds, bacisally being a boyscoout fibras de la moral
I got tricked into all those things
Having a critically decorated tree is not what Christmas is about x it’s about being with the people that you love x
Thanks for taking an interest
Whatever happens. It’s destiny
I care about you no matter what you look like
Let us sho YOU GOD we deserve to be alive by not sining x we fee so ashamed why are we living if we keep on deceiving YOU, sining a tort et a travers ¿???? In that cas, we should be all dead in hell
Do you know what its like to grow up with someone who is critical of every single thing you say c it’s a wonder your mother turned out to be the positive life affirming person she is

october 30 14

please be tremendously careful when you speak for if you sin talking, you’ll regret it when there wil be the last judgment so please try to put your hand on your mouth or control yourself from saying those sins wicked things for your list of sins keeps on growing and growing Y imagine let’s say a sin per day no its too much we can’t be that much retards, let’s say one or two sins every five days N it’s a not in more than 76 years of earth human life V so please before to say or do the things try to reason , ask yourselves if it’s bad or good to GOD’s eyes X so you’ll feel relieved the day your judgment come for you’ll have done less sins or way less than the amount you were going to do if you had not transformed fate B because you changed the course of it for you did differently , better than what you were going to do X for what you were going to do was sin a lot without considering if it was sins or not , you didn’t care , just not conscious of all this C so please try to become conscious than when you do and think and say things that can be or sins or good  or neutral things V if you don’t do this, you ‘ll have the enormous amount of sins , you just follow destiny as it was written or YAHWEH knows what but if you take control of your fate than you’ll change your destiny in a wonderful way for GOD will stop being ashamed of you because of your tones of sins + He certainly will make you enter the heavens for you won’t deserve hell no more for all the cool efforts you’ve done x stop turning away from GOD dear human family x if you’re keen on sinning, you’re opposing yourselves to YAHWEH , you turned away from him for loving sin = loving the evil one as sin is from him aint it

nov 29 14

we have a vision which is too binary, we dont want to understand tha thte evils are not just evil , the good are not just good, thats why its very bizarr that the most good think they're evil , they hate themselves, they wish YAHWEH could jsut right now send them to hell, they won't forgive themselves for all the bad they ever did in their whole existances and they are so ahsmed ect but they forget that this human being this unvierse is not !binary!!!! we tend to much to think binary, tho be binary, , no,, the extremely goo cant just think about the times they were very bad, they cant remember all the numeorus times they were good ,, how come ?? this world si so upside down, th veyr evil tink im like the Vrgin Mary i a Yahshua! and the extremely good think they're mosntoers, wow,

it snot true all those famous rich its the brainwashing of : do like everyboy, here its a brainwashing of famus , there are brainwahsing of famous+rich, rbainwashing of the people, but famous ric= people too we all are the people of earth, homeless animals and humans, rich, poor ect everyone is the People , so the brianwashing of famous is : do as every other famous rich , so give money to the poor but as in everything, there are many types of human, how many 38? onyl YAHWEH knows ,, so there cant be just kind famous rich, there must be evil famous rich, veyr evil famous rich, independetnly of the fact that theyre satanic for almost all of them caus this is not one's deicsion, this is like force feeidng, they wwere forced o, no choice was given to them v so its not posible all the humans from one portion of the population are identical or have one stuff in common all of them or is it n caus all the famousrich humans wish to give money to the poor ? no, it seems not posible n caus this means all of them were transfored into puppets, robots to all do this same thign caus its always some bla bla and some bli bli, its never all think blo blo, like for animal cruelty some think itsso cruel toehrs think its so cool n so they were told to giv emoney and they didnt want to or they flollowed the trend as al the earht people does wiht other brainwahsed trends n for if they give 10 thousand dolars and they have 426 billion dollars its nothing, if they give 1 million its nothign so why dont they give all of it ? 426 billion ? caus if you just give to do as everybody its not give to help its give to follow a famous human indoctrination n caus the true philantorpists who so care bout their sisters+brothers more than anythign, ever since they were 5 or 6 year old they didnt dream of becomign famous+rich for me me but not famous + rich to offer all their fortune to the poorest & most opressed living creatures of earth n so why making movies modeling etc n caus thats their reaosn to lvie n and caus when you dream of living for others so you dont really liven your eyes which see the earth  , the living creautres and not a perosn at all , not a soul not a mind not a boy, jsut somethign capable of wathcign helpinh, jsut giving your heart & soul to the tonens of suffering crueatures than you do that all the time every second of it n you dotn just make songs sing make concerts, play football ect and give a tiny amount of your foturne to the poor n so its jaut for thir reputation or soemthing, to earn even more billiosn cas the peoplesee this and are brainwased by the idea that all thsoe famous rich are so kind hearted when not at all or a tiny little bit n caus they woudl right now abandon their career to offer abolsutely every single penny they got to the poor or abused neglected etc + to nature n which they dotn so this means what this means n me me i matters so much more to them them their felow animal & humans for sure n for when your life in animalism humanitarianism environment you dont buy 14 houses 8 motorcycles several boats planes, you dont spend your time buying increidbly expensive thigns, you dont party every night and you dotn buy all types of stuff which are so expensive liek even tissue is so expensive for famous rich caus they dont buy in middel class stores so as nobody needs to be a rocket sceintist to get all this, that one must save tonne of money to give it to the poor they are actually killign caus with their too expensive tissue, water, every single too expensive famous rich buy, they are not saving creatures of hugner, diseases ect so they are killing them so they and us the  non famous non rich we are very selfish

THERE's more to a relationship than sex

the guilt is punishment enough

de 14 14

it's terrible too much immoralities on tv and as always we have no intelligence no capacity to think so we fin everything super cool - if there give us immoralities we sya ok - they give us morla we say ok - we are brianless pupetts - we dont care what they give us, what type, we jsut want anythign they give us - so thats why if they put no imoralitiy on tv we won' tcomplain to ask them to give us imoralities - if they give us tones of imoralities we wont complain to ask they erase them all and replace them by morals - so whatever they do say show on tv we'll be hapy -we won aks for nothing, no change, no new thign, no replacement - thats why if there are shows we thought in the apst were sucky and some das we thought there's nothing on tv, everything sucks today, then now any program we'll love, we'll be hapy to watch caus now we're even emore indoctrinated than in the past - so now they give us veyr stpuid programs with throwing food in the air, doing grimaces?? faire the idiot?? ect wasting their time ont v and being paid to look like eprfect idiots, we'll love thos eprograms that in the past we thought were scndalous - trahs tv almost eveyrthing on tv is trash - so thats the problem that we arent strict at all, we dont want to fight to delete all imorality of tv , theres so much its like going to se eprostitute,s going to  palce were satanists meet, ect its so vuglar and the level is so low like its for mental etards, they take us for that - so there are so much diferent types of imoralities that as we're lazy? we dont wwant to fight aus if tonns of us from all around the earht we'd make petitions and acitons, asking them to delete all imoralities from on earth tvs, there probably wont be no imorality anymore and tv would be great to watch - like theres be no humans in the shows, having sex, undressing, dressing, going out of bed in a bra, or calecon? underpants, ect , humans using cuss words, rude vocabulary, humans with too short skirt,s too short shorts, too short mini tops, mini pull? humans doing vulgar gestures, humans smoking, humans taking drugs, humans having weapons in their hands or anywhere, humans mrudering, humans stri p teasers, humans in strip tease clubs, ect this world would be so much better because all the humans who have been indoctrinated by tv, wouldnt be - all those humans, millions? who have become evil bad humans thanks to tv, would not have the immorlaity manner of thinkign they have, they wuldnt do the action and have the immoral giant sinners lives they have now - if they never have showed such atrocities on tv - YAHWEH YOU're agaisnt immorality on tv right ? if many humans are asked how did you become a stirp teaseur? caus i saw n tv some strip teaseurs not for real, in their acting job, and they ere earning lot of money so i thought this is cool im going to become rich - how did you have the idea of staling cars ? aus i saw mvies about this - how did you start taking drugs - caus on tv there are plenty of programs about drugs and it semes rpety cooll so i thought i(d try and now im a drug adict - how did you find the brain to comit this murder - thanks to policier?? tv shows  , tv is full of them - so unfortunately the moral of mankind d be better if us the poeple of the earth hadnt allow all this illuminaty monstruosities caus its their fault but ours too caus the state of the earth is the fault of each and everyone who dont take action when you witness bad thigns and you couldnt care less - so its the fault of thsoe creating all this (( them nn but also of the people living in the world where bb they cc put this & we dont act to prevent them from doing this evil - so its veyr terrible because msot humans living on earth got tvs, watch tv a lot so they are so brianwashed caus thats how it works : the humans watch the imorality , so the satanic idea is put in their heads, maybe it wasnt there yet, so this is the brianwahsing process, and then they are keen on that and they will do that immorality - thats the huge oworld problem - because thats wwhy the evil one is deluding us to follow him caus tv is all about him - and so with this itnelligent idea, his itneligence, he's making us grow teribly apart form YAHWEH caus they obviously dont show stuff from YAHWEH on tv caus they are not from Your side YAHWEH but form Your enemy's side - thats too deprsing caus whats the point in fighting to put a earth of morals like the Hevaens if itll never work , no YAHWEH? earth is earth Hvean is Heaven - it makes want to die caus we know we wont even turn one giant imorla siner in a good person, not even one - hats hte point in wasting all one's energy - but its horible caus the extent of this thing wowo a planet!! a planet of very good humans with amazing morlas, if only bv they vv didnt contorl whats on tv - caus now its all about naked humans a lot of strong language & humans we're too dumb we've been make so naive so dumb that we dont see this - we dont see how immorla, how vulgar how bad - we find it all super normal - we 're inmensely too rbainwahs too see theres somethign extmeley fishy about tv - tv is not educating us earht people to be angels , like YAHWEH would like but to make us devils , depravated dishonourable creatures from the evil one

cuando te lo saces de la cabeza

el corazon no tiene ojo, solo siente

rai raimundo

d 28 14

pas terible de parler de cas particulier, c'est mieux la philo globale donc entière maximal

all the kindest beingz are vegan or vegetarian vegans are even kinder than vegetarians b because in all parts of earth , many humans who choosed for diferent rezaons to become vegan or vegetarian, they did that because they wanted to be in comunion with nature , they always wanted to respect nature x all vegans vegtetarians are not vegans or vegetarians for the love of animals x some do that only for the respect of animals not for the love of them c but all comes from kindness their sweet hearts t so its evident vegetarians and vegans are kinder than the whole manknd because you have to be terribly good to show compassion to say stop animal exploitation &cruelty and thigns like that t budihsts, they choose peace, compassion, goodness, equality, justice, morals, over cruelty, moral depravation, demons ,  injustice , inequalty and thigns like that b because you schoose the path of good, not the one of nastiness c so kindess is being vegan c as long as we chooze to go on wih our cruel hearts cruel souls cruel lives like omnivorism than e are less good than vegans vegetarians b because they had the goodness to make this and its not a sacrifice to their midns at all whereas for the cruel tid be an enormous imposible sacrifice for them to make why that impsosible , caus cruel egocentric caus you cant aks to egocentrics to do something for others lie saving thousands of creatures in their individual exitance by going vegan v you cant as un good beings to be good , to save lives c caus those things, hating to save lives are omnivore things= nasty humans things t but if you ask that to the goodest beigns, they say of coruse! immedaiely!caus there is no dificulty when you are terribly good , there is no sacrifice x what is perceive as sacrifices for heartless beings is seen as non sacrifice for the goodest

what is goodness n only YAHWEH truly knows that caus we are too much in a fake mental reality + humans, we never were too smart to get stuf t so we have way too superficial mind to know the deep menaing of goodness t caus anything far from being goodness we'd say oh thats so nice oh you're so nice t and the thing done by the unice being was unice and the being is wicke,d not nice t but goodness even if we are not smart enough and i'm too retarded to know what it is, all of us but some =me way more than some other intellectuals human beings t so goodness is definitely not knowing or discovringor having discovered something like animal eating , omnivore existance, discover what it realy is and think we will pretend we didnt see, didnt learn so we'll remain animal mruderers = omnivores - this is definitely not goodness t goodness is when you discover somethign is wicked and monsturous and thigns like that and you think you will stop this or try to t it means you wont pretend you didnt hear, see, discove,r learned but au contraire, you will act, do somethign you will change it or try to , you will not be like the other,s continue this, the sheep t you will oppose yourselves to them by saying stop while they say elts continue t that is goodness t caus while all those heartless sheep wish to keep with omnivorim or any cruelty, you are good, you are more good than them, caus you are stopping it, they are continuing it - you are syaing stop while most other human beings want to live like this forever, they even want all the generations to be like them, even if they'll be dead t that cant be goodness t because  goodness is not telling the animals, we jsut learned what is omnivore life and we say ok, thats cool, we will go on t what you still want us to die, to be basued and stuff after all you 've rzad, saw? yes - this is not a goodness behavior or mentality!! this is a cruel mentality, behavior!!

on a un role a jouer : on agit comme on devrait pas : on aime pas quand il y a des choze qui vont pas cependant on reste la a faire niet alors qu'on devrait u l'atitude a avoir est aperevoir els chose qui déplaisent et agir pour els enlever et pas apercevoir les chose qui dpélsent et s'en plaidnre et basta donc au lieu qu'on se plaigne qu'il y a des as d'injustice sur terre et on s'arrete a ça, on devrait s'ne plaidnre évidmement c'est tres improtant+ hhh agir hhh en s'y opposant t

plus persone controle ses mot

mo injuiux ou insultant

lesprit colectif , il faut qu'on est un esprit collectif pour qu'on admette que certain fasse des consession pour que dautre

une image de colectif, de solidarité

les etre ont peur pour leur propre avenir , ils sont moins enclin a s ouvrir au monde, il sont moins enclin a s'ouvrir aux autre , il se méfie, il se regarde en chien de faillance, ils cherche un bouc emissaire , lequel est responsable de leur souci

The enemy is within us a ll the time
porteur du mesage contraire,

conquete d'égalité

d 28 14

do something nice

we're humans on the loose! wild and free, theres a whole big world out there, lets go wherever the wind blows at us!

didnt i tel you there was mroe things in the world than video games

i am beautiful, i no longer have to think

you sure can be a good kid sometimes

we rely on a rigid belief system to give our lives a false sense of security and meaning t these informations are potentillay life changing , and must be watched with an opnened mind t unless we're willing to put everything we think we know temporarily on hold and open up to the posibility that we may hav been systematicaly deceived & lied to our entire lives,

april 1 14


Al viejillo ese
Yo la hay a preferido sobre ti

Tu crees que estas destruyendo a todo el mudo pero la que te estas destruyendo eres tú
Tú no tienes la capacidad de

Los egoístas serían generosos si supiesen los beneficios que

Lo importante de la primera comunión no es la fiesta, ni los tamales, ni los regalos sino YAHVE
Estamos vacios por dentro

La vida a veces evoluciona
Nada de lo que está pasando es asunto mío
La muerte ese precio que tenemos que pagar
¿ y de cuando acá te preocupa Gabriel ¿
Estas harta de vivir rodeada de animales y porquerías
Tuviste la oportunidad de un amor sincero con él
Tú no cree que etas destruyendo a todo el mundo pero la que te estás destruyendo eres tú  
No es posible
Por favor no sufras por mí porque voy a estar muy bien
No es posible que el mundo se está derrumbando y tú lo único que te importa es nadia
Los querías más que a nadie en el mundo
Piensa en exceso
Hay algo de existencialista en el titulo
Yo no quiero volver a la realidad, quiero
El hombre que no sueña seguro que n

¿ quién les entiende a los humanos?

Lo mandó al de ,,,
pareces niño chiquito

1 APRIL 14

This music is driving the human race from YAHWEH
the power that many humans don’t believe exists: the power of the evil one
The enemy is within us a ll the time

j 1 15

lets chooze GOD over death

I use my teleportation powers

yeah im glad those days are over !

something along those liens ( dijo algo asii

some wonderful things about beings

sep 2 2014

In the entire world
Therez a purpose to life
Suicide is not the answer le cuicide est pas la solución

june 1 2014

he  is known for his docile character

Beyond big plus qu’énorme
suspicious mindz
boost self-confidence
i don wana hear anything baD on my happy day

JAN 6 2015

would you have for anywhere else in the world instead of your 4 origins h , y t and r no those are the greast the only great nations of earth - what other nations do you love - none - only thoze - the other stink a 100 percent - why - caus im not from there - why do you adore your 4 nations - caus im from there - the best - sectarian closed philosophy - would you have liked to be from anywhere else - i dont mind all parts of the earth all cultures skin and are cool at the same time, immoralities, meaness, cruelities+ good things at the same time , i dont mind, it doenst matter where on'es from - evil+nice human beings everywhere - would it have been a nightmare a problem for you to hav ebeen from aynywhere else than where you're from - no, i 'd love to have been from anywhere else, im not in adoration in front o fmy origins - i dont care where i would have com eform any earth place is cool , any one ould have suit me - un sectarian , opened philozophy

we hate helping others wwe hav illuminati reptilian minds w we drema to control the earth the unvierses - or this one if therez no sutch thin as other univerzes - would you like for others to be billionaires - i dont care - id liove to be billionaire - would you like others +you to be bilionairez or just you - just me so that i'd have all the money of the earth and not the money divided between many billionaires - do you like being poor - i hate it - what do you think about the other poor - i dont care - if you're not hapy to be poor, they must not be hapy to be poor either - try to put yourselv in their shoes - i m not itnrested in them - would you like others to be rich and you poor, or you rich and them poor - me rich & them poor - we so foten chooze our self over our brethrens - GOD that is bad ? you care about you not being poor, you dream of not being poor but you dont care about others not being poor , yep -

JAN 8 2015

why do you wish to work in - saving lives - for the money or for the lives - lives - why for money - its not for the money it’s to help out as much as i can - it there was no money i'd do it too - why working saving lives - caus we all have to live saving livez - so as we spend so many time at work we should all of us who can , work in some altruistic helping thing - at work+ out of it - very nice beings - those beings you're the best - you're similar to GOD , the saints ,the non human animales , the Virgin Mary, Yeshua - the best human beings of this planet - the rest of us, tose who would have had different answers are less good , nasty, very nasty , a little bit nasty beings ect for we chooze something we love, for the self , rather than something for our brethrens - we chooze some work+ activities out of work that give the self pleazure and not that give others lives, security, money, pleasure , food = the oportunity to live and live hapy -

that us the human race -
me emocion un monton espana

if you dont nnn you're gona regret it - maybe not now ok but soon - and for the rest of your lif
she's a majorly cool mom
were did you get a stupid idea like that
we'r gona nnn and dont giv a plain crap if you like it or not
she cant wait for me to get out of here n well youre makin her mizerable n any sane person would want you out of here
everyone on earth knowz the sock rule
you can not be afraid of failure
june 1 2014

I HAVE A FEELING THAT IT HTRETENS ALL THat is good and descent in the world
the enemy of my enemy is my friend grass haper ??
its realy not my style to interfer in other peoplez livez
you are in so much trouble im going to make you wish i was never born
you are not a blood relativ, i think you may hav a descent honest gene left in your body ( hr family is very corrupted moraly
living with animals is the ebst gift its having gifts evryday, this gfit lasts foreva b its the best y its receiving gifts everyday -the coolest experience t if you got non human animals you're blesed by YAHWEH

JAN 9 2015

pleaze maybe not ;;; everyone on earth;; but ;;;many beings ;;; of earth plez always ask for no you gifts for any ocaison but caring gifts for the earth and stuff like that ù hy not everyone ù because we think those who are in abominable pain in hopsitals ect ù no caus YAHWEH one of Your lesons seems to be that whatever hapen we must not be pourri gaté capricious futile ù so even those who are some of the worst dieseases and who pisicaly and so morally are in so much pain , in does not mean they have to ask for superficial gifts, tonnes of them, to compensate all this pain & that all those who got money, are happy, no in pain, not sick must not aks flor nothing and jsut ask for philantorpic gifts, so for the others & never for them - double standard - caus te true wisdom is even when you're the poorest, the unhapiest, the sickest & you dont know if you're gona survive to your pain, diseeases or nay trouble, you dont know if the pain's gonna end, the docs dont know, have no cur,e you dont know if yo're gonna curarse one day ect , whatevr your destiny we msut never ask for me me gifts YAHWEH? we must alwayz think about tohers , we msut never complain, so its not im so sick im dying in a hospital=make me tonne sof gifts - im rich, im spoiled= dont dezerve no gifts - no caus YAHWEH YOU DISLIKE VEYR Much double standard & never want it to be uzed? so whatever happens, we're alone, we have no one, not even non humanz, we got no moeny, e're abominably sick= we should not want no gift caus YAHWEH YOUr lessons of wisdom are that we should never want to live in futility, never care about tigns, dezire tonnes of things, ask for thigns, tonnes, not jsut tonne,s none, not even a few, we should want nothingmore than simplicity+YOU? so anybody on earht should 1 never ask for self centered gifts for one's hapiness + alwayz ask for gifts which help save lives ?

that brings us to the harsh reality of our human beings relationship
nothing but exciting times ahead

ja 6 15

religious christian human beignz are hapy for they try to live with YOU GOD to live lik if th earht=the Paradise
thats why they're so hapy for they're with YOU it seems- all of us from humankind who are not happy= not with YOU - if we dotn have YOU GOD in our lvies we're never be happy - all the oens are happy for real are with YOU it seems as all those who are not happy think they are are not - becaus they're with false hapiens where YOU YAHWEH dont exist - so if they seem super happy but atheist orw're  are fake christians, or very hapy bad humans then we're not hapy - but if we very good beigns of YOURS and we are very devoted to YOU and seem happy then it seems we're hapy

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Friends should do each other favors
Get her to call him as soon as she can
She would be a source of love hapiness peace
This diabolical society detests justice , it wants to approve all kinds of wrong doings, its not YAHWEH’s society c lets do a revolution to transform this earth society into a YAHWEH’s society

Man"kind" is the most arrogant animal on Earth, we think we have the right to test on animals, to eat animals, to wear animals, and now we think we have the right to deafen, kill and force baby whales and dolphins from their Mothers, they will die. Man"kind" has none of those rights. The only right we have is to respect all living beings and allow them, and like us to live peacefully. So stop the Sonar Blasts.

we shouldn't spend time on such trivialities I The "holy" bible is partly to blame, and the rest is human nature; clearly bad things

Christian bible that has mistranslated passages in Genesis, by saying that mankind has a right to DOMINATE the earth, rather than take care of the Creator's garden, i.e., the planet.

man does not have carte blanche permission to do whatever he wants to the planet.

4 se 2013 PSYCOTIC

When you're pscotic ou feel like you're obsessed wiht thinking, analyzing others, analysing thigns, everthing, yourself and you seme to do it quite well . Great . Like you start oeranalysing you family, everybod like you're a shrink . How funny . Youa ren't even a hrkin . ou should see one but no isntrad you are the shrink anayzign the oens who aren't sick and you'e the sick one . What a joke hahaha . When you're psycothic you become obsessed with one thoguth, like my dog is in heaven , he disappeared 3 hours ago, he's not living anymor,e somehting bad ahppened . ou don't ebven know i he's alive or not but you can't stop thinking that . YOU CAN4T CONCENTRATE ON WHAT OU4E DOING ; aLL OUR THOGUTHS ARE HOPING he's ok . Or i'm sure my cat is sick and he's going to go to see GOD . Oh no i do'nt want that i'm sos cared and you can't think about anthing else= that is pscosis, or psycoting . But it don't mean only 'mentally ' abnorma humans got pscotic thoughts . It semes anyone can have psycotic thoughts . Because from time to time they have when there super scare,d nervous etc . But the difference between humans and pscotics is that pscotics have these thoughts very ver often like 7/8 of the time . While 'normal' humans got them i do'nt know maybe 1/8 of the time . You are obsessed wiht an idea, you got a fixe??? idea in your head and ou have convnced yourself of that . Even thouth it can we wrong. It torments you, it don't let you do the thigns you want to do, or sleep if it's at night . But its only your ideas because mabe the rest of the world think different . And maybe the're right and you'e wrong.

A psycotic idea = i'm sure this terible thign is gon happen, i'm sur,e i'm sure . It may not even happen . But it's all in your brain .

When you're psycotic it's crazy you focus on ever word sentence that somebod say or write .You are going to stupidely crazilly analyze every single sentence . Why ??? It's mad . You do this like they wanted to hide some message, like the talk with sous entendu??? and that they don't speak clearly or write clearly os you want to find the hidden meaning the true meaning. It's so stupid because they don't write with putting strong deep meaning in what the write.THYE JUST WRITE WITH A leger???mind, just thinking kind of . Not really really thinking . Not saying super imrotant thigns or somehting, just saing simle things . SO there is no hidden message . But its how psycotic see things.We like oh he wote that so he means that etc . Did he eman this or that . Wewonder and are frustrated because we don't know and 'like to ask them but are too sky and don't want to think we're werid for asking . But we waste a lot of mental energy phsical energ hours of our time, its  pitty because we got way better things to do . Because there are to many thigns the write, on forums, facebook so you want to read eveyrhting and read many times ever single thing to analyze it and as you can't analse it wlel because theyre always a chance your analse is wong so you get nervous,s tressed out desperate and adtar t smelling bad as if you had worked out and sweating . it's stupid ; we get all excited just for that . Because they write like huge texts and as we didn't go on their facebook for months . Wow we see we have a lot of analsis to do and then ewe think oh no i've jsut wasted 4 hours of my life wiht these stupidites and they don't even write depe stuff so it was 100 % a waste of our time . But sometimes some of them eah write philosophcal quotes but most of the time stupid little things.

ab·nor·mal·i·ty noun \ˌab-nər-ˈma-lə-tē, -(ˌ)nȯr-\
: something that is not usual, expected, or normal : something that is abnormal

sep 19 14

mankind can give any definition to the words in they want to be original / they give false definitions ,nonsense definitions / as if they pretended a cheetah is a box to put things in it/no its a saint animal / they invented a definition for the word abnormal / they mixed the definition of abnormal which is a non existing word with the definition of different / they're the brains in this world society's which were brainashed with these false words, fake definitions, fake ideas, and those who weren't / society invented a word called abnormal / that in their fanciful minds mean odd / no one is odd / no one is abnormal / it's just an idea coming from a brainwashed human race / women who got no hair, are not abnormal because they got no hair, because most women got hair / asexuals aromantics aren't abnormal because most humans are sexual and romantics etc / that's how they see the world but those less brainwashed who posess more free minds, know that nothing, no one is abnormal and don't use that word as it is non existant / they say : different, instead / because the word :different exists and has a meaning / for the endoctrinated world says : somebody who's different is not different but odd / and the non conformists more free think : those who're different are : different, not obeying to the norms, pretending there's no norm, living without them, not caring about which they are, what they say mankind has to do / because it's this planet which tell us what to do, what not to do, what to think, what to not think etc, it's not each individual who chooses how to do their lives, what to think in their brains / they are told to think, say, some things, and not others / they are told you have to follow the white sheep, you must under no circonstances be a black one / you have to follow theses rules to sound like everyone, think live everyone, look like everyone in order that tonnes of humans seem to be one for they're way too similar / they tell us these rules so most follow them for they were endoctrinated / but a few don't follow these / so they live with the phyosophy that there never was any rule, they do what they want, they're free, they got their own rules, so different from the sheep rules / that's why when e perfect obedient sheep sees a non sheep, they think : he's she's odd / and a non sheep sees a non sheep : think, no she he's absolutely not odd, i find nothing abnormla in him her / of course, it's because non sheep are extremely tolerant, open minded, respectfu of differences as they dont believe in abnormalitly, oddness, and trivialities of this type / they dont put creatures into cases : the normal case, the abnormal case / they just don care how people do things, they dont judge, let them do things how they wish to do them / wereas sheep can't stop but critizising and wishing the non sheep were sheep / like they desdain vegans , they find veganism an abnormality, they wish all the vegans they know were canibales eating their brothers and sisters, like them / like non sheep see somebody who is single and has never been in a romantic relashionship and find that perosn normal caus in their philosophical doctine there is no being in the norm, being outside of the, there is no norm / so you can never be ab norm al, you're nevr out of hem, in them, you do never bad, never good, as the norm are seen as the good, the out of the norm is seen as the bad / so if the norm is everybody is in a coupe or a married couple, and some people have never been in a couple and are kind of old they're supposedly abnormal / no they're totally normal / they just got a non conformist style, their own style which makes them be not ike billions of creatures = 1 but one non conformist = 1 single creature / its so sucky to be many as one / non conformists are cooler, they're different, original, more interesting / they have that thing that makes them kind of unique which is very difficut in this white sheep universe

if you got a true compassion for the animals than you have a true soul ; you are a vegan or you'll go vegan immediately

when you eat any ANIMALS individual , it's ike you wwere eating your companion animal

october 20 2014 a phylosophy should never be cruel , unfair , double standard , unequal , partial , non solidariatarian , abominable, sinful , any philosophy should be with : veganism , environmentalism, solidarity, respect of all , friendhsip of all , hate free , jealousy free , etc all the philosophies of all the humanc reatures should be this one U but can there be many different philosophies ? no caus there is only one true philosophy, YOUr philosophy YAHWEH and we shoudl all agree to have YOurs U so there should never be tonnes of philosophies around this earth U because he mroe there'd be philosophies the more they'll be agaisnt one another and against YOURs YAHWEH U any brain who got a philosophy whch says we can kill animals for our bellies , we can kill them for sciencie, for their milk, eggs, abuse them, exploit them in curcuses without or with abuse , got aan aweful philosophy U philosophy should always be peace and love U so a philosophy can't be a philosophy if it says we have to kill and abuse or kill the animals U a philosophy is something always deep, porfound U so any futie philosophy which says just because the animals cant find a home, just because the animals have or may have ebola, just because the animals are just animals, we can use them for animal testing, just because many things , we can murder them , then , evidently this can't be a philsophy for this is enormously superficial and by definition phislophy = non sueprficial at all U so some call the way they think a phyilosohyp , no its not philsophy, its cruelty, superficiality U when you kill for nothign or next to nothing, the stuff in your brains can't be a philosophy, its demoniac !!nonsense !!!

october 20 2014

buddies forever ??? no, humans were too hypocritical U we say well be buddies forever but we hurt, knowingly U we lie to those we supposedly like , we betray our so called very good friends U we are too disloyal U we are so weather vane U one moment we are nice angelic U another moment we are wicked to our so called best friends U we ‘ never be best friends never U for to be best friends 7 and 41 have to treat each other with respect U if 7 speaks badly of 41 to somebody this is not friendship U we have to tell their truth in their face , not behind their back U we are all immoral so we cant be best friends for best friends is like saying sort of saints U 7 never was bad to 41 , 41 was never bad to 7 U perfect friendship, no stress, no madness, no fights, no anger, no nasty looks ect U only total happiness, total love U those friendship never existed did they U like a group of nine or two friends for instance who never fight ?

its deep indie and its in everyone : our evilness

such thing determined our faith

BRAINWASHING of the language love philter of anguage i come from japan japanese is so nice ya right if thye erent japanese theyd most probaby find it horribe, the same with german german is the best language, naiton were german destiny isnt that one but this one : they're not from germany german hat an aweful language etc

11nov 14

come on! Let’s stop being retards brother sisters mankind U let’s stop having stupid little conversations about stupid il stuff, or stressful argument which are nothing, for all these things are nothing in the afterlife + this one U just hating different, and differences U making fuss about how weird humans are just caus they’re marginal or medium or tiny il bit or very ect marginal U come on! Then at death we’d fell all our worries about all this was unfair meaningless and we’d have the true real important worries U let’s stop being evil and retards like not accepting others for they’re immensely different and not respecting them caus of this and mocking them and excluding them from earth society caus of this and judging them retardily caus we’re such retards U and just making stories about how abnormal different are U they aren’t to YOU GOD U so let’s just respect for all of these are sins and insignificant things that prove how brain less we’re U caus how can we squander so much so important brain energy like this U we’re too dumb that’s why Uc aus really we go out we’re in pubic places and we judge them for their looks and behavior U how can we judge them for their looks being too this or hat or too different U can we be more retarded ??? its just physical things shoes clothes hats sac a dos , mental+ physical handicaps , bodies etc U we’re too mean U and behavior U come on!! They can’t have real bad behavior, if they’re all alone, they can’t be talking so there’s nothing to judge but we judge caus we’re too wicked retards U even if it’s with humans, not alone , talking making nose U we’re no god, nobody to judge U so that’s how retard we’re U do we have other things that pope in our brains U we are too full of meanness and retardness U lets think = hell, or heaven U lets think ho peaceful and nice and non judgmental and non futile we’ll be over there U so let’s make this into application here on earth as if this was the Heavens U so lets be as angelic as we’ll be in heaven if we go there U we’ll probably go to hell most of us U too retard evil U caus really so what some minority is very different from many types of reasons U so that is enough for our dumb minuscule brains to judge ??? no U and to say things like terribly different < mentally sick brains U that’s too unfair and very cruel for we forget those very marginal are our family in Christ

nov 10 14

It’s very hard to think that we are not pieces of pope h that we are worth something but its thinking like the enemy to think we’re pope because YAHWEH for YOU human animals are worth so much h so let’s try to stop repeating to our souls that we are worth as much as puke and that we are wonderful and amazing not just all the Is but the others to h let’s stop thinking the others + ourselves= pop h et think everybody is great and us caus if e don’t like others + ourselves = don’t like GOD, we disown GOD h all those who are obese, take drugs, drink, self mutilate etc have no respect for their bodies and for the sick because they don’t think we are healthy and others are so sick h they don’t care about this h they just think me me me h they don’t think : the entire human animal race + non human animal race h  they should think all those poor animals from human and animal species who’re so ill dying and were born very sick, were sick their whole existences or became very ill and are very much suffering while us retards not wise at all were very healthy at first but we decided to eat too much and now be what 145 kilos more than the weight we should have !!!! prostitute ourselves and could have sexually transmitted drink 8 bottles of alcohol a day , smoking 24 cigarettes every day etc we are insulting all those very sick because they would do anything to have our very good health and w e destroyed it and now we’re as sick as them and we are such retards because we were not very handicapped very sick !!! we made it happen! We changed fate!!! Whereas the didn’t provoke it for its fate that provoked it h YAHWEH will punish us for being prostitutes , obese, anorexics , alcohols, smoke etc because it’s like suicide h suicide + self mutilation = sins kind of the same sin which is < destroying YAHWEH’s temple h let’s take a lot of care of GOD’s bodies let’s eat properly, workout, go to bed early, don’t have sex because it could be a evil one thing , very dark and anti natural so let’s be virgins , let’s not eat animals, terribly anti natural , let’s be vegan , let’s meditate , let’s do stuff for

I’m definitely not that kind of person ( he lvoes running at 8 am she doesnt
Let’s not be afraid to express our love our concern our tenderness for people
Grow up in a strict and brainwashing environment
Protect cherish and nourish your bodies and your minds and drugs cigarettes ect are not ways to do that

You know it’s easy to make the wrong kind of friends
Ts make the world a safer place
You’re not normal just caus you don’t do what every sheep does you don’t like what almost everyone liks what an imbecile indoctrination what an imbecile mankind we’re
What is kind kindness goodness this word exist ? really ? what is kind humans ? this exists ??? where on earth are they then? Invisible dead ?

d 28 14


LA FORTALEZA DE SEGUIR LUCHANDO CADA dia para continuar siendo feliz o ser feliz

the amazing idiot boy

he just made king of the idiot boy

hs screwing up his lif

i m just another mouth to feed

she's ok whith this, why cant you

now when he fulfuils his destiny as a big fat lozer, he'll have someone to blame

worst day of my life; we exagerate its nothing! relaly basolutely nothing! like you had a fight you los your train, you couldnt find a taxi, you were lsot didnt where you were, you had lsot your porte monaie and so what others are being raped murdered tortured, decapitated, eperimented on, eaten, se noie, are being hit, are been injected dieseas an they ere so ehalthy ect!!!! all thsoe poor non human and human anaimsl shuld cmplain should think those are the worst dayz of their lives! you're not dying e're not sick, we're sort of hapy, we got beings who like us, there is no way we ever had worst dyays or day, all days are good sort of or excellent, complaiing for nothing or enxt to nothing=teribly superficial mankind

sometimes we have to li in order to protect oruselves from all the evi people out there who seek to destroy us

call me olf fashioned but wats wrong with living in sin ( what?? sarcasm?

there is a very smal chance that this is sint the very worst mistake you're ever gonna make for the rest of your life

this never woul ve hapened if we didnt have wom that money would it , so what now we are art of the priviledge class & i get to give you the ypical response of the nom? societys wife,like im suposed to look the other way when they catch you in a hotel with some call girl, i dont hav that blindness that only money can buy, im not rose kenedy, im working class & that means that there's right & theres wrong, there's black & therez white , and no amount of money is gonna get me disagree? make me disagree ?

jan 20 2015

men they're all cut from the same cloth

i have come here in search for answerz

you are so unpleasantly fat

jan 15 2015

theyre satanists , non human animal murder, fur on tv is to brainwash the human race who we're so full of pope in our skulls caus we think public figures= half gods, gods so we wanna do everything like them have their lives at our unkown level so they wear the fur of poor defenless saint animals so we wana buy fur we are so backward so brainwasheable we think they were fur they're famous rich so we got to wear & buy fur so we do we think famous humans from tv , everywhere else are so cool, we got to live like them because all they think do say buy ect is so great so e think theyre perfect saints so they got no imorality in their soul so if fur was worn bought by us the People of earth we'd think its bad but if its bought worn by bilionaires milionaires famous human beigns we think theres nothing evil cruel unethical about fur so we can steal the animals fur to do fashion stuff even if there's synthetic, even if its so inhumane & against our YAHWEH its a terrible sin tot ake the lives of others , for such frivolous reazons < fashion ! we got to boycott all shows these aint shows this are full of pope=immorality,mind control +boycott all famous rich cauzn they got so much pope in their minds so called souls  v they dont have souls v they sold them to the evil one v we got to boycott all malls , stores selling fur v we got to go vegan v thats an order from YAHWEH v we got to stop worshiping famous rich beingz caus theyre sineners, humans, far form being saints & they're not YAHWEH v YAHWEH bless you all inhabitants of the unvierses, pararlel palnets, earth ect v this show givez a horrible example to the viewers v its been several episodez they wear fur like the one ith the prince in love with jacky v this is very mean v they pretend its nothing v its alright tis ok to wear fur v they focus on oh its looks gorgeous! rather than on oh you mosnters murderers!  

if you're black you just are sectarian ahte whites, browns ect caus we got to much pope in our skulls & if we are half vietnamese half black w respect vietamese just caus we got vietnma in our origins, if we were a hudnred percent black we'd be vietnmase racist, white racist ect, the same if e were half bron half baclk, half white half black ect destiny! only destiny! which makes us respect or desdain the races! alld epends o that game called destiny v we 're so backwardz! our minds are full of poo v like when we adore a singer or a singer died v the singer is brown or black fr isntance we are from their brown latina nation or african naiton or not the same african nation but the dead is baclkwe're black so whatever v all the streets are ull of blakc or brow crying,, all destoryed by the newws of the death of their so called god godess favorite celeb v they didnt like their talent caus they were talented v their beauty their being caus of how they behaved, thoguht ect v no v they worshiped them caus those famous rich were black or brown v caus many humans are racist,s black racists against all the non blacks, brown from respective nations racist agaisnt all non browns ect sowe are double standard caus we think those singers got angel vocies caus they're black & we're black v if they had the same body face voice conduct mentality and were for sintance asian we'd be insulting thinking they suck , making fun caus we'd think only black rocks v all the famous rich non blacks suck ect t so double standard destiny caus if those celebs that just died were non browns for isntance and had just died and we were bron from their same nation but they were for isntance black, we owuldnt be sad or wishing to die or to kill oruselv caus our so calls godess or god just die v caus for us racists with our heads full of poo its like we're bronws from one antion and we're very sectarian in love so we think all non brows from our nation are sub humans, we're blaks we think all non blaks are sub humans so we wouldnt care at all if non blacks, non whites, non browns ect would die, it depens of our colours

hav you given any thought to

When I see stuff like this it sickens me.
tt what do you think of this , GOD , or faith or chance tt wha is the first one again ? ( why did he survive to heart attack

you're a guy that thinks sometimes, do you think there's a reazon that we're here ?

any common sense people

the struggles that everyone as to fight with themselves

im a human compas

JAN 15 2015

im not exactly a confidence person

it was an aempt to find some clarity on the day of

he came to do evil but he was drawn into my cirle of love

dont give me that crap! (deja de mentir ?

jan 10 2015

what ? we are dimwits ? thats what we say all the time to our mindz < yes we are < we arent anymore < now we're the best in everything caus now the past is beind us < now we wont be complaining any longer < now we take a new step < a new life < new mindz < we used to think all our earthe xistances we were peaces of poo < in a sense we are for other reazons < we are no longer going to think we cant do nothing , we cant win < we can win < we are notgoing to think we cant do nothing right cauz we can < we couldnt all our existances because we choosed to be backwards loosers < lets stop this right now < we must be winerz < we didnt do our ebst < we didnt even give 2O percent of oru souls & bodies in what we did < so we were indeed loosers < but if we keep on wanting somethign veyr bad and putting like 20 or 43 or any quantity of little bit of efforts , we'll never acheive nothing, we'll be always losers < we dont try ♪ we are so worhtless ♪ we dont just dont try but also we are so backwards we create problems that we should easily have never had ♪ like we were slim ♪ now we're enormous because we have started eating too much ♪ now we are enormous ♪ we want to lose weight ♪ how did we come so far ??? this is a nightmare ♪ we have nothing in our skulls ?? ? why did we have to do this ?? why didnt we continue being slim forever ♪ we could ve avoided so much troubles ♪ caus now to lose the weight tis going to be so hard ♪ as we got no mental strenght we'll never be smil caus it had been easy for us to be smil caus ever since we existed we wwere smil so no efort no dificulty ♪ but now its nt the same caus being naturally slim from our birht is cero dificulty but going from enormous to slim is so dificult ♪ if we have no will, we'll never do it ♪ so we'll be terribly fat forever ♪ so we are losers ♪ so if we create problems that ce could have not we are really backwards ♪ if we dont do this or less often than others we are less backwards ♪ if we create from time to time problems we could have avoided & solve them caus we give all our minds or bodys or both to solve the problem we are more intelligent than those who just dont try nothing at all to solve the problems they created that they could ve not ♪ we could ve avoided all this ♪ just begn smil everyday of our life ♪ but if we ere enormous & now do all the efforts & time after that we're slim again & we'll be til our death than we did it!!!! we are less losers ♪ we did something that no loser can do ♪ this is an example ♪ there could be billions or more of them ♪ this is for everythign ♪ not jus for thi example ♪ because in life you need to be strong ♪ to d your best ♪ you need to fight the old you ♪ to win the fight against him her ♪ you must forget about the old you ♪ the you that couldnt do nothign enver tried because always telling yourself, its no sue to try you'll always fail ♪ so now you wont tell yourselves you cant ♪ now you'll be a winer for everything you try ♪ caus we're too bakwards we want something more than anything in this world & we keep on complainign & thinking we cant ♪ we'll never can with that mentality ♪ we dont even try a little bit ♪ caus we act as if we werefortune tellers ♪ caus we say i will not tyr, i know deavance ill fail ♪ no we dont know if we'll fail ♪ maybe we'll succeed ♪ thats a terrible mentality ♪ we got to think ill win of yeah i will !! caus then you'll live very unhapy caus all your life you had all thsoe dreams & you'll just watch those who are the ebst at it & you could never be the ebst at this not even a tiny little bit good at it as you will never try ♪ so you'll jsut watch them and think why do hey have to be so good at it and you have to suck at it ♪ well caus we are too backwards to try, too mauviette while they have tried & succedded ♪ caus we think they were born that way, veyr good at thigns we so want ♪ no ♪ they ere born like us dimwits ♪ then they put all their effort into that thign & now hey're excellent ♪ we got to have this mentality YAHWEH? that we're the ebst against our old self+agaisnt all toehrs of this planet ♪ always trying to be the best , battre all the others ♪ not in anegative way mean disrespectul way ♪ but always tyr to be the ebst caus seems like YAHWEH YOU want that ♪ YOU dont want us to give 63 percent 72 percent 51 percent ♪ YOU seem to want all the humans to give their best ♪ which means many of us are worhtless backwards as so many of us give O percent = dont try at all , and many of us are sucky, or a little bit good but not the best at things we love more than anything in this world so it means if we'd have the mental qualities, dont know wich one,s id knew if i was a genius ♪ nos jsut itnellgienc,e other brain things midns thigns ect ♪ wed all be the best on everything ♪ or at least the ebst on the things we love & want more than anyting on earth ♪ we'd alays succeed ♪ caus we'd be obeying YOU thanks to our itnelligence & other brain things ♪ for instance we'd didnt look at other who succeeded their studies & we dont want tot ry, we dropped out caus we dont wish to try ♪ we think we'll never be able to elarn get nothing in our backwards brains ♪ so we wwatch all those who could eat all this info & wh had their degree & who're the ebst students ♪ they sucked like us but gave 100 percent of themselves ♪ we gave zero or a little bit ♪ they never wished to drop out ♪ we did ♪ we got to get that is not somethign magical that some were lucky others were unlucky ♪ some ere born being the ebst & others sucking at things ♪ no ♪ thats our imagination ♪ they were as sucky as us ♪ but they took another path ♪ the one of making an incrdible amount of effort even if they feel they will never do it even if they have a lot of dificulties ♪  whereas we took another path ♪ the one of : not trying : not giving effrots ♪ thats so sad caus orud estiny would ve been the same than them ♪ we got the same pasisons than them ♪ they are very good at those pasisons ♪ we suck at those pasisons ♪ we dont even rpactice them ♪ thats a shame caus thats hapienss when you do what you like the most ♪ so they are happy+excelent ♪ we are unhappy+ we dont do the stuff we like, want ♪ so we destroyed our existances ♪ just caus we're pussies ??? chickens ♪ e're too terorirzed by dififuclty ♪ whereas them too but it didnt stop them ♪ dificulty stoped us ♪ maybe some are not that scared od dificulty ♪ thoze are the winners ♪ as long as we wont do nothign because our dificulty phobi well keep on being dumb dimwits

in their world view

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MessageSujet: Re: n easy to help lives : share, watch, sign, open conciouncess   Lun 10 Fév - 8:39

october 19 2014

OC 5 14  please YAHEH delete many of the poop we got in our minds the human race we are so full of pooo , poo is a mix of idiocy + cruelty , or isn't it? or maybe its just stupidity or just ill will or both it depends on the things we think -do -say : through YASHUAH Amen
anaysis sep 25 14 we can’t be several we hate life in general of all creatures from all worlds and earth and us, pathetic lil earthly creatures life h + a , we can’t change to be another being we choose, whenever we want and for as long as we wish for, and then change again, as many times as we want, we can’t be an habitant of a planet, but earth, we can’t be a thing, a man if were a woman etc

sep 30 14

he's opened up his heart to me , we kindled something there, we got a bond growing here ,

you know the things can’t go wrong when you start off each day praying and smiling

vegan are concerned about ANIMALS hapiness

do you really care for the animals ?

i don't deserve you _ stop saying you don't deserve this or you don't deserve that - you really do not know your own worth -

it's faith - faith has brought us together again , what does it matter

otherwise you wouldnt be what you are - what i am - the most perfect woman ive ever met -

i sometimes wish d never been born - how can you say that -

why sould i love you any less knowing that ?

people should be valued for what they are not thei leyies ?? ( aristocratif families

you're hardly able to keep alive without me
you dont know me so well

ANIMALS vegans we'll be yours forever

true love story : between non human ANIMALS & vegan human beings U the only love story that dont suck on this earth ! apart from animals+GOD and GOD+human beings love stories

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MessageSujet: Re: n easy to help lives : share, watch, sign, open conciouncess   Mar 11 Fév - 10:15

1 DEC 2013 liberté! liebrté! liberté! Les animaux sont aussi êtres que vous . Ils ont du pouvoir et le droit de décider ! Ils ont des goerges pour communiquer comme vous ! Des oreilles pour entendre comme vous! Ils sont autant des personnes vivantes que vous ! On leur a tout volé! Rendons leur ce qu'on leur a pris ! Liberté à vous tous ô tendres amis ANIMAUX ! !

He was a bit of a lost soul

YOU must help in any way you can . please . we need you .
sometimes brothers would do anything for each other
all this is real . that is why we must help now / everyone must start helping immediately . there is still hope .


we have to all be in this together, we need you,

we shall continue to do what is right whether anybody likes it or not

we shall do what's right whether some hate it, all hate it, many dislike it, a few dislike it etc

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MessageSujet: Re: n easy to help lives : share, watch, sign, open conciouncess   Mar 11 Fév - 12:33

se 19 14

indoctrination of not family + indoctrination of family ( you're not my family, brother, son etc i don’t have t help you / you're my family, i have to help you/ you're wicked i have to not help you, whoever you are relative or not but they're heads say : you are wicked or good, it don’t matter to me, i have to help you you're a relative of mine, you're kind you are not a relative, i cannot help you: twisted ideas )

it has anything to do with age, they should put to jail all humans who're less than 11, between 11 6 &-? BETWEEN 16-18, to jail for lets not tey’re to pretend they deserve more compassion, they 're so cute, so young, they deserve mercy, they're so little, come on human race!! a human who's 11-17 ain’t cute!! maybe a human who's less than 10 / or less than 8 / come on , they're not mentally retards, they know what they do, when they murder animal creatures, creatures, they know it / they say no they dont, they're so young, come one 17 is not 3 !!! 3 year old know what they do when they abuse animals, they know what others are doing when older humans abuse animals, so 17!!! or 12!!! Etc of course they all know - not all human creatures+ not all human creatures who are less than 10 are psychiatrically il / they definitely are master of their actions+minds, they so get what animal cruelty means, human cruelty, crimes against nature are, they know what these things mean, how they are called when they perpetrate them so age has nothing to do with deserving or not to go to jail, deserving or not to be punished / come on they should not poor teens, poor kids, poor pre teens / caus teens are adults in their minds, not in their age / pre teens are almost adults / kids are so mature, most of them / even if it was immaturity, from some kids who're less mature than others, immaturity doesn't take away the fact that in their minds they understand they're murdering, torturing YAHWEH's creatures / all animal murderers deserve jail, all , it don’t matter their age / they're humans / lets stop with our detail mind : this human is that age, he abused an animal, that one is that age, its another thing, he abused an animal / no, this is nonsense! this is so unfair humans are not egalitarians / YAHWEH YOU seem to really want them to be egalitarians / so no, it’s not right to feel more compassion for humans who're between cero and sixteen / no caus those who're seventeen or who have majority of age or who are more than of age aren’t half of a creature, or sub creatures / so its like oh poor 7 year old kid living in the streets i ll bring her him home ill take care of her him / of a 57 year old homeless , i will never bring her him home / many weights, many measures !!!!! they say its age that makes humans who 're between about 3 and 11 year old kids abuse animals of yeah then why some humans who used to abuse animals when they were less than 10 for all their childhood continue in their pre teen, teen, adult years and all their existences til they die ? caus it wasn’t the age , that argument is not a valable?? argument for this argument' d be true only in this case : the kids abuse, torture, murder creatures , then they're pre teens so they stopped being kids, so they immediately stop doing this , but no, they continue all their lives so it wasn’t age, it’s the void which age they had, they were kids, they were non kids / it has anything to do with this matter / then if it is age, what argument for those who're adults, teens, old adults, young adults, middle age adults ? oh, they are not conscious, they're young adults? oh, they are not conscious of their actions, they're middle age adults, of they're not conscious of what they do, they're teens etc ? no, absurd, non argument / no caus those who say it’s not their fault it’s their age, they have been between 18 and cero, or between 16 and cero etc, they don’t know anymore how are the minds of those who’re 11-16, 16 – 17, O -11 / caus it’s not like they think : stupid, retarded ; oh no / no caus they have a binary way of thinking : they put all those who’re less than 18 in the same boat, al those who’re 6 ,in the same boat, all those who’re 9 in the same boat etc / this is wrong as all the humans being the same age don’t have the same mentalities, maturities, cleverness , understanding of wrong + right / a human who’re 8 can have the intelligence of somebody who’re 17 , others who’re 8 can have the intelligence of those who’re 6 etc so saying they’re too idiotic to get that murdering , abusing is bad , come on they’re taking the humans for idiots / its obvious they know what actions are evil, what actions are ethical for when a kid who’s for instance 10 year old watches a violent movie , they’re shocked / they don’t find it normal , they are not blaze / they truly find this disturbing / or they find t cool if they are ( satanists ( who are dreaming of doing stuff like that / those humans are not kids, this is the void / they are ‘kids ‘ in this physical world which has the notion of : ‘time ‘’ but time is nothing / when they die the humans of any age have the same soul, whether they died as babies, 4 year old, 97 year old etc / so they are not kids, teens, pre teens, they are : creatures // of course a 3 year old who murders abuse creatures ,if it exists, know what they’re doing as when a 3 year old is a witness of the abuse of an animal by a human or a creature by a creature, start crying, and are very disturbed / they all got different intelligence all the humans who have a same age like all the 8 year old of this planet, they al got different levels of maturity, different wrong & right philosophies so its not their age that make them sin against their family of non humans but their love of evil and heir philosophy of wanting to do evil things to the animals or any creature


I like that we have to communicate with our souls

out of a kind-hearted concern for Mother Nature, many humans biengs have become ecologists

I'm a really green person.that is not a good way to not waste energy

it was an Earth-conscious decision.

unclean spirit esprit impur
unclean spirit esprit pernicieux

love our animal family up in the stars

you humans who buy your meat, or work in slaughterhouses, you're Like germans who murdered, torture animals for so called food

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MessageSujet: Re: n easy to help lives : share, watch, sign, open conciouncess   

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n easy to help lives : share, watch, sign, open conciouncess
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