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 skin aliv, torture, kill dogs for fur 🎁 martyr, pain , horr

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MessageSujet: skin aliv, torture, kill dogs for fur 🎁 martyr, pain , horr   Dim 21 Oct - 9:55

A terrific year for cats and dogs

Save animals : Make a gift today , Commit to helping save animals

The purr of a warm cat curled up on someone's lap ... the excited bark of a dog happy to see guests arrive. The holiday season is a time of shared joy with the loved ones in our lives, human and nonhuman alike. But right now in markets and fur farms across China, dogs, cats, and other animals are enduring almost unbelievable agony for the cruel global skins trade. During the last year alone, some 2 million dogs and cats (most just like those who may share your home) are believed to have been routinely bludgeoned and skinned—often while alive—in Chinese live-animal markets. Undercover investigators from PETA Asia, PETA Germany, and other animal groups have repeatedly documented how skin is ripped from the bodies of sensitive animals, only to be made into coat collars, boot linings, and fur trinkets. Thanks in part to the tireless efforts of PETA and our international affiliates, more and more caring people in China and around the world are speaking out against this cruelty. But the growing success of this work depends on one key factor: the generous support of compassionate individuals like you. There's only one day left in 2013. Will you commit to making the new year a better one for animals by making a donation before this year ends?

With your help this new year, PETA can do even more to challenge the global trade in animal skins, shut down cruel tests on animals, expose the truth about factory farming, and stand up to hideous animal abuse whenever and wherever it occurs. Together with the help of our more than 3 million members and supporters, in the last year PETA has:

Revealed the shocking cruelty of the angora fur industry in China—an investigation by our affiliate PETA Asia documented that angora rabbits scream in pain and terror as their fur is ripped from their bodies. The footage has already made national news in the U.S. and is opening thousands of people's eyes to the truth about angora.

Convinced more retailers to end the sale of fur or exotic-animal skins and inspired major corporations, including Coleman and Ann Taylor, to make history by refusing to sell the feathers of abused ducks and geese for down.

Mobilized thousands to help defeat dangerous "ag-gag" bills in almost a dozen states so that PETA undercover investigators can continue to expose horrific cruelty on factory farms. Organized more than 1,000 protests and public demonstrations that captured media attention and opened the eyes of millions to the plight of abused and neglected animals.
This is just a tiny sampling of what we accomplished together in 2013. With your help today, we're sure to do even more for animals in the new year. Please make a generous year-end gift right now and make a difference for cats, dogs, and other animals throughout 2014. Thank you for being committed to animals. You're helping PETA alleviate suffering and save lives every day.
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skin aliv, torture, kill dogs for fur 🎁 martyr, pain , horr
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