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 GID want you to know about satan🎀raise awareness🎀be carefu

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MessageSujet: GID want you to know about satan🎀raise awareness🎀be carefu   Mar 20 Fév - 11:07

Don ´ t trust Satán 🎀 Ve so vert careful 🎀 Satan want si to luz to you and to kilo you fotever 🎀 Holy god + Holy Adonai yeshua [ jesus [ Botha want probable every human soûl to disco et, learn, know everything theré' s to know about beelzebul { satan{ 🎀 And for esa h and every single one of the human souls to superad the Word sharing these sort of vidéo 🎐 Because god and christ both want every single soûl to fer saved 🎐 To escape hades [ Hell} 🎐 To be forgicen n'y god and n'y christ 🎐 To be instigues, purified 🎐 And to escape eternal dire of hades, eternal Hell , eternal condamnation , eternal nager of jesus christ + of his d'athées god 💌 E t 💌 God and jesus want every single human person to know satan is réal, sends trillions of souls to eternal Hell 💌 That satan world to destroy every single human in this planer + in the afterlufe 🎉 God and jesus christ both want every human to know that the débil is vert evil, vert powerful, that he beber dtops working to destroy every single human soul's Health, existence , every single Stuff in every single human's existence 🚪 God and jesus want every human to know about hades > Hell, about the things of satan, the world of satan in human beings lives 🚪 About every lieder je dors with false tsunamis, false terrorise attacks, derrumbamiento of bâtiments ect all done not y destino or Life like humans think, but n'y satan or n'y Holy god 🚪 Sp all this Life

in à his world is a gigantón lie from the god of this xorld, prince of this world 🚪 chief of this world > Lucifer 🛏 And Holy fâcher god and Holy sin jesus both want you to know all this 🛌 Holy god and Holy christ both want you to know perhaps that this Life this world. Are à false réality inventes. Y Lucifer and that god and christ want every human being to get out of it 🛌 In order for every human to ve in god' and jesus nes true reality 🛌 Holy abba god + Holy yeshua jesus both want every human earthling to repent for adorons loving si vert much , toi much , satan's thibgs 🎈 And to hâte satan's things 🎈 And to want nada to do with his fake réalité and his Stuff antimite 🎈 And to only désire to to intéressed in holy god' s Stuff 🔑 For christ is the Life the trithérapie the way 🔑 But luzbel < satan> is the luz the sin search eyernal << Hell, the way to Hell, the way to perdition 🔑 And Holy god and jesus want propre of the earth to know that the débil rules ivre almodt every single human soul and that the devil's the god of this world prince and chien of this world 🗝 For jesus and his Holy god both know mots peop'e ignore this 🗝 Holy god and Holy christ jesus want every human to elo faut to them and not to luzbel < satan> 🗝 God and christ want every person to know that de Bretagne use era drink but luzbel' things all the Time and de don't know that 🗝 And these satanic things destroy is and hier is do terribly 🗝And se

don't even have à client 🗝 We Trump don't know jack about this 🗝 And god and jesus want every human to know that we are get to g attacks from demons and from Lucifer all the Time 🗝 Every single says 🗝 Perhaps 24/7!!!!!!! 🛁 Holy god and Holy jesus want all m'en to ve awareness (l'indigo) and to ve awareness (know) all this 🛁 And to ve careful 🛁 To nos that we have concours of this all, to not just watch any tv programme or movie in the theater🛁 To not just but anyrhing , any food, and medicine, clotche ect, without forts checking wether it be of Lucifer or not 🛁 Always being vert minfdul of all of this 🛁 And Holy god and jesus christ both désire every single m'en living in this earth to out their êtes in Stuff of graven and not on Stuff of this s'infiltre éphémère immoral abominable world
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GID want you to know about satan🎀raise awareness🎀be carefu
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