Rabbits Hit, Hung Up, and Skinned Alive for Fur--Act Now!

limping rabbit with hurt hind leg
PETA Asia found that rabbits are forced to live in urine-encrusted cages before finally being strung up and skinned—sometimes while still alive. Act now!
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Every single fur farm that PETA Asia has visited in China—the world's top fur exporter—has been beyond cruel: Investigators have witnessed and documented foxes being electrocuted, dogs bludgeoned to death, and raccoon dogs skinned alive. Now, a PETA Asia investigation into three massive fur farms and a slaughterhouse in China shows that workers left rabbits to struggle and thrash wildly after smacking them on the head with the back of a knife, hanging them upside down, and slitting their throats. Some rabbits were still kicking and twitching as the skin was torn off their bodies.

rabbit being killed

HELP STOP THIS! Retailers Revolve and Rent the Runway both sell products made with rabbit fur from China. Please click here to learn more about the investigation and to urge these companies to drop all real fur immediately in favor of animal-friendly materials. Together, we can stop this cruelty.