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 n lets do something to stop violence cruelty, torture injust

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MessageSujet: n lets do something to stop violence cruelty, torture injust   Sam 8 Mar - 12:53

Thank you: YOU are the power of compassion. YOU are the driving force behind our victories for animals. And as we enter 2015, when we celebrate our 20th anniversary, we’re proud to have you standing at our side.

Together, we’re making a world of difference for farmed animals

resolutions that are easy to accomplish and can make a world of difference for farmed animals.

foie gras is cruel to ducks and geese and unhealthy for humans. Please sign the petition and hep to ban foie gras.add your voice

Thank you for being a part of the Greenpeace Extra (GPx) movement by adding your name to 'Leopard burned alive in Uttarkhand, India, take action!' campaign. Your signature is a voice for the issue, and will surely help the campaign march confidently towards its goal!

GPx is unique because it is driven completely by the people. (We do nothing but host the platform and offer guidance if needed!) It is a space where ordinary people can take matters of pressing concern into their own hands and do something productive about it!

We’ve won 6 landmark campaigns through this and are confident we can win more. We have only 1 staff member and a few volunteers supporting 300+ campaigns and serving over 1.3 lakh people on this platform! Additionally, we incur technical and maintenance costs. So will you go a step further and please support us?
Donate to enable victories for people and environment
michaela, to protect our independence, we don’t accept donations from governments or corporate entities. Our work is funded by individuals like yourself, which is why your contribution is crucial to the survival of GPx.
Support the existence of Greenpeace Extra
With your generous support, we look forward to enabling plenty of positive changes! Thank you for everything!

Yours with spirit,

With every breath, sip and bite we take, nature is providing for us. And it’s up to us to return the favor.

That’s why we’re so grateful for your interest and confidence in our work at Conservation International. Together, we’re helping to protect the natural resources that all humans need.

In 2014, our successes across the world — from the forests of Brazil, Indonesia and Madagascar to the islands of the southwestern Pacific — had a big impact on ensuring essential freshwater supplies, food security, livelihoods and climate resiliency. But there’s much more to do. These next 12 months are going to be busy, and we’ll need your support more than ever.

We appreciate your commitment to a better world. Thanks again, and best wishes for a happy, healthy 2015.

animals do not deserve that treat them well ... And to fight it.

I'm Russ Mittermeier, president of Conservation International, and because I know you share our passion for protecting nature, I wanted to let you know that for just $15, you can help CI protect at least one acre of tropical forest:

Protect an Acre Photo

Our forests are too precious to lose

I can assure you, your $15 gift will make a difference. And a gift of $150 could help us protect 10 acres of vital forest.

Why forests? So much depends on them — including the stability of our climate. Did you know that deforestation is now responsible for more greenhouse gas emissions than all the world's planes, trains, cars, trucks and ships — combined? Yet deforestation claims an area of forest the size of England each year.

Tropical forests are also home to more than 90 percent of all primates on Earth. And as acres and acres are destroyed, my heart sinks — because I know the primates at the heart of forest ecosystems, and the people who depend on those forests, are in trouble.

At CI, we're working on several continents to protect our forests. Whether it's establishing shade-grown coffee practices in Mexico or creating new community-run nature reserves in Madagascar, forests have always been an important part of our work. Won't you join us? Your gift of at least $15 can help CI continue critical conservation work around the world.

Thanks so much for your support and friendship,

jan 16 2015

we ar emental retards us human beings, at least those of us who see the same dog for years or a deade and do nothing!!! when theres a terrible thing going on and we do nothing we are worthless!!!!! may YAHWEH punish us !!!! this is cruel, or those who feed the strays, yep its good, but come on elts use our brains or its no use to have brains uu we msut not jsut feed the strays, we got to find them a forever home, or take them to a dog and cat sehler, or ask any humans in the neighbrhood if they want to adopt the saint or we adopt them if wwe can uu but we cant ujust look at them and keep on walking if we lvie enarby, and ieve food and look or keep on living or look and not give water food even worst, that is being unable to have hearts+brains so we are heartless retards!!! those who have the perfect conduct which is use their eharts+brains are the less retards because they never thought they had to do nothing uu they always thought they had to take action as fast as posible as soon as they see some being in danger like the strays , and YAHWEH bless them forever, they're giant heroes  uu even more retards< thoze who abandon their dogs cats so they lve mroe than a decade or decades or years on the streets uu maybe jsut eyars caus we cant expect them to survive in those horrible conditions uu so we abandon them that has errible cosnequences uu a life of diseases suffering horrible accidents uu losing one's legs , eyes, ears uu being abused uu many thigns uu being atacked by ohter dogs cats uu dying!!!! uu sruvivng with terrible aspect, terrible hair full of bows uu hope YAHWEH punishes you all very severely all of you animal killers < pet abandoners  uu you satanic heartless sub humans

his loving spirit

let us denounce this non human

we are all intelligent retards but that brother is like less retard and more intellignet he's so intelligent!!! every single thing he says is right ! he's YAHWEH sent, definitely , he's an excellent activist , it's like his brain is a computer , he seems to know so many things, he's very wise, he's an excellent orateur in order to convince the people of the earth to gov egan h if we don't go vegan with that, wow, we are real retards h nobody on earth could deny what he's saying h he's a 100 %right h if some insult him and all the kind of vegan geniuses like him they are being tremndosuly idiotic, heartless, ego centred , as e my ego me me, like always , me always right toehrs always wrong, those who think differently always wrong, those who think like me+e always right, those who think in a arginal manner always crazy + wrong, those who think like me, sheep machines always rights bla bla b human like gary yourofsky are real clever caus they understood why humans exist on earth : to save lives!!!! and he's like a rophet, he goes everywhere on earht to raise awareness to save animals and huans and the earth b he really understood why we exists and those like him , hopefully, there are many more, that is what is called being less retards than the rest of the huan race and being kinder, those like hi see like saints, they help, tye're so full of compassion and they know what it means to exist: to exist to save as uch anials as they can, we should all do this mankind

we all are YAHWEH's enemy, we all have him in us, caus of our retardnes,s cruelty , intelligence , we think a lot like the evil one

Stop Abusing Ducks and Geese - No more Foie Gras!

Foie gras products are derived from force-feeding young ducks with enormous amounts of grain in order to produce abnormally large livers, eight or more times the size of a healthy liver.

The cruel and unhealthy force-feeding of birds for foie gras production has been banned in over a dozen countries, including the United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, and Israel. In July 2012 a California state ban went into effect. The Animal Legal Defense Fund and other animal protection groups have called on the USDA to ban foie gras outright as unfit for human consumption.

Please join the Animal Legal Defense Fund in asking the USDA to ban foie gras from our food supply!


k Gillono-Vegan  Nov 7
"You know how much you love, respect and want to protect every dog and cat in the world? You know how much your heart breaks when you see a picture of a dog in a shelter who is going to be killed? You know how you feel when you see photos of piles of dead dogs and cats who are going to be used for fur? You know how enraged you get when you see a photo of a dog or cat who has been beaten to death? That’s how vegans feel about all animals. Every animal who is exploited and murdered for food, clothing, entertainment and “research.” We don’t distinguish between dogs and cats and other animals. If you allowed yourself to feel the deep suffering that billions of animals endure for your pleasure, you’d be vegan, too. And you might understand why vegans work so hard to end the animal holocaust." —Gary Smith
Mark Gillono-Vegan
Mark Gillono-Vegan  Nov 7
“It is a healthy, natural reaction for someone who witnesses the brutalities inflicted upon nonhuman animals in the agriculture industry for the first time, to ask, "how can we stop this from happening?”. The simple truth is that there remains only one answer, only one way to stop it from happening. We must end the consumption of animal-based products. Until then, nonhuman animals will always be placed in "livestock" conditions, they will always be exploited, they will always be abused and they will always be slaughtered. You cannot teach someone that a life-form has any real value when it is considered acceptable to enslave, kill and eat said being. Whilst humanity views nonhuman animals as resources, mere commodities, they will always be victims of our barbarity. There is no "humane" way to treat a slave and there certainly is no "humane" procedure to take a life.”
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Jan Glancy
Jan Glancy  Nov 6
This venue is where I would expect to see people that do not advocate the killing of animals for any reason. I am so disappointed to see people fighting for the right to kill animals for food as if they were somehow different from animals we have deemed pets. I never called anyone in particular a selfish swine. That was out of context but if the shoe fits..
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Jan Glancy
Jan Glancy Jan Glancy  Nov 6
PS. I am done supporting this site. Can't take the cruelty factor while people strut their little do gooder deeds and kill for their own convenience and NOBODY needs animal protein at least not at the expense of a sentient being's life. That has been scientifically disproved.
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June Anne Arseneault
June Anne Arseneault  Nov 5
These SCUM BAGS need to be stopped now!!! Also have the same done to them that they have done to these poor innocent animals. HOW DARE THEY!!! SCUM OF THE EARTH & SHOULDN'T BE ON THIS EARTH!!!
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Mark Gillono-Vegan
Mark Gillono-Vegan June Anne Arseneault  Nov 7
when i see pages like this with comments like this, i can only wonder how people can be SO upset at others for the violence they commit while at the same time willingly supporting and defending the extreme violence involved in using animals as food. “It is not THIS bloodshed, or THAT bloodshed, that must cease; but ALL bloodshed - all wanton infliction of pain or death
All these pieces of shits should be treated worse than they did to poor animals. This is the only way to take a lesson
c est ASSEZ la maltraitance
Animal abusers and killers need to get the harshest punishment as possible. Let them feel the pain they do to the animals.
YAHWEH has a special place in hell for people who abuse animals. I would love nothing more than to be the person who could expedite the meeting


lets dedicate to showcase to the world that one can have a perfect soul without a perfect body ♠ hello brothers in Yahshua Christ ♠ hope

lets sacrifice ourselves for others @ we shouldt be blind sheep, think for ourselves, lets help the animals and others live their lives in peace, lets make this earth a kinda perfect world" target="_blank">http://www.thepetitionsite.<wbr>com/693/965/944/ask-congress-<wbr>committees-please-work-to-get-<wbr>farmhands-proper-education-to-<wbr>avoid-animal-abuse/?cid=FB_TAF</a><br>
</font></div><div><font color="#333333" face="lucida grande, tahoma, verdana, arial, sans-serif"><br></font></div><div><font color="#333333" face="lucida grande, tahoma, verdana, arial, sans-serif"><a href="" target="_blank">http://www.thepetitionsite.<wbr>com/974/828/581/sexual-use-of-<wbr>animals-is-legal-in-denmark-<wbr>help-us-stop-this-evil-and-<wbr>make-it-illegal/?cid=FB_TAF</a><br>
</font></div><div><font color="#333333" face="lucida grande, tahoma, verdana, arial, sans-serif"><br></font></div><div><font color="#333333" face="lucida grande, tahoma, verdana, arial, sans-serif"><br></font></div><div><font color="#333333" face="lucida grande, tahoma, verdana, arial, sans-serif"><a href="" target="_blank"><wbr>v=UHo7xate62A</a><br>


<div><font face="Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif"><a href=";redirectID=1404034986" target="_blank">http://www.thepetitionsite.<wbr>com/624/705/659/please-give-<wbr>the-djibouti-francolin-a-<wbr>chance-to-survive/?z00m=<wbr>21262777&amp;redirectID=1404034986</a></font><div>

<font face="Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif"><br></font></div><div><font face="Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif"><a href="" target="_blank"><wbr>v=roR3sSunqpo</a></font></div>

<div><font face="Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif"><br></font></div><div><font face="Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif"><a href="" target="_blank"><wbr>Change-the-World</a></font></div>


<div><font color="#333333" face="lucida grande, tahoma, verdana, arial, sans-serif"><a href="" target="_blank"><wbr>english/information/kids.html</a><br>

&nbsp;</div><div style="color: rgb(51, 51, 51); font-family: arial, sans-serif; font-size: 13px; line-height: 17.030000686645508px;">robin wiliams died of the age of 63, 6+3=9&nbsp;August 11, 2014&nbsp;9+11=911&nbsp;</div><div style="color: rgb(51, 51, 51); font-family: arial, sans-serif; font-size: 13px; line-height: 17.030000686645508px;">

<span style="font-family: 'lucida grande', tahoma, verdana, arial, sans-serif; font-size: 11.818181991577148px; line-height: 16px;"><br></span></div><div style="color: rgb(51, 51, 51); font-family: arial, sans-serif; font-size: 13px; line-height: 17.030000686645508px;">

<span style="font-family: 'lucida grande', tahoma, verdana, arial, sans-serif; font-size: 11.818181991577148px; line-height: 16px;">lts be the best friends for the animals we can be, the best children of YAHWEH we can be !lets make YOU + the non humans pround of us YAHWEH! share your love of the animals, you all humans ! go vegan please! Timothy 3:1-16 (Good News Translation) God’s Word: Showing Us How to Live Introduction 1 Timothy 3:1-16: Today’s reading offers explicit instructions for “church leaders” (3:1), known also as bishops. In the early church, a bishop was the chief leader of a local congregation. The passage also gives instructions for “church helpers” (3:Cool also known as deacons. They had the task of serving people and taking care of their needs. Today’s Scripture: 1 Timothy 3:13 Those helpers who do their work well win for themselves a good standing and are able to speak boldly about their faith in Christ Jesus. Today’s Reading 1 This is a true saying: If a man is eager to be a church leader, he desires an excellent work. 2 A church leader must be without fault; he must have only one wife, be sober, self-controlled, and orderly; he must welcome strangers in his home; he must be able to teach; 3 he must not be a drunkard or a violent man, but gentle and peaceful; he must not love money; 4 he must be able to manage his own family well and make his children obey him with all respect. 5 For if a man does not know how to manage his own family, how can he take care of the church of God? 6 He must be mature in the faith, so that he will not swell up with pride and be condemned, as the Devil was. 7 He should be a man who is respected by the people outside the church, so that he will not be disgraced and fall into the Devil's trap. 8 Church helpers must also have a good character and be sincere; they must not drink too much wine or be greedy for money; 9 they should hold to the revealed truth of the faith with a clear conscience. 10 They should be tested first, and then, if they pass the test, they are to serve. 11 Their wives also must be of good character and must not gossip; they must be sober and honest in everything. 12 A church helper must have only one wife, and be able to manage his children and family well. 13 Those helpers who do their work well win for themselves a good standing and are able to speak boldly about their faith in Christ Jesus. 14 As I write this letter to you, I hope to come and see you soon. 15 But if I delay, this letter will let you know how we should conduct ourselves in God's household, which is the church of the living God, the pillar and support of the truth. 16 No one can deny how great is the secret of our religion: He appeared in human form, was shown to be right by the Spirit, and was seen by angels. He was preached among the nations, was believed in throughout the world, and was taken up to heaven. Reflect According to this passage, what kinds of people should be leaders in the church? What instructions are given to church leaders? Think of strong church leaders that you know. What makes them strong leaders? What is the “secret” mentioned in verse 16? Have you had opportunity to share this “secret” with others and speak boldly about your faith? Pray Holy God, bless and care for the leaders of your church. Equip them with integrity, good sense, wisdom, boldness, courage and love, that they may help the church become a reflection of your realm. By your Holy Spirit, empower me to speak boldly to others about our faith in Christ Jesus. Amen.</span></div>

<h2><span style="font-size: small; font-weight: normal;">All creatures deserve to live in peace and enjoy life . Animal liberation worldwide.&nbsp;</span><font color="#333333" face="lucida grande, tahoma, verdana, arial, sans-serif"><span style="font-size: 11.818181991577148px; font-weight: normal; line-height: 16px;">'they' bilderberg or whoever they are are killing so many creatures as the same time : ebola virus + iraquis + palestinians l lets pray to YOU YAHWEH please stop these genocides : thanks so much through Jesus . Amen l</span></font><font color="#333333" face="lucida grande, tahoma, verdana, arial, sans-serif" style="font-size: small; font-weight: normal;"><span style="font-size: 11.818181991577148px; line-height: 16px;">&nbsp;let's rebel against the system l this system is immensely corrpted and satanic , the system of : the earth l please YAHWEH protect all Your creatures from sin, dont let them sin, protect them from all the ones who wanna hurt them, especially 'them' x please make us be the smallest sinners posible ,less mentally retarded morons than we all are because of so much hatred, spite, agresivity we got in our souls x YAHWEH protect all the facebook contacts of the humans , they know by soul, and in physical body, all the humans us humans from all around the earth met everyday of our lives,and in the internet, protect all the very evil humans from evil, protect the moyenement?? evil from evil, rptoect the ones who're a bit evil from evil x protect all your creatures from evil, let them all be good please beloved YAHWEH x </span></font><span style="color: rgb(51, 51, 51); font-family: 'lucida grande', tahoma, verdana, arial, sans-serif; font-size: 12px; line-height: 16px; font-weight: normal;">Solidarity with the people of Palestine against Zionism and imperialism! what israel is doing to palestineinas is so cruel, lets help our brothers if we can, how , israelites are full of hatred for palestinians who are innocent in this matter, have done nothing wrong x so much injustice is disgusting, the whole world cares or doesnt ? seems like a part of the world is ignoring this but some of your brothers siters all over the earth are praying, thinking of you brothers x that is so horrible x seems so unreal, a hideous nightmar,e but the reality x they are killing eveyr single day humans from palesitne, all the time, from babies, to adults, to teens, to kids x they are destroying the whole population of that 'coutnry'' they wotn stop it seems til they killed everyone there!!! how can the world helps if this is done by YOUR enemy YAHWEH and 'them' x what can we do, us from the earth, from outside palesitne , &lt; one veyr good helpful stuff ot do : pray to YOU YAHWE for YOU to make a stop to this caus if we ask politics to make a stop to this, its not gonna happen as they're satanists , all of them? x so let's pray for YOU YAHWEH to tell the israelites , the People, to stop hating their family from palestine, to give them their land back , to respect them, love them ad to be friends whith them as the family they are please YAHWEH pleas!e! dont let any more single life die !!! brothers we dont forget you, we want peace for you all, we are with you, we support you &lt; lets all forgive israelites for an endoctrination is an endoctrination &lt; the almost whole (( israelite' 'People'' was brainwashed into hating their 'palestinian'' brothers, for no reason!! as always, they fell into the trap of the brainwashing because the huan mind is really really really fragile &lt; how can they sotp dying? go out of palestine very fast, what other way of staying alive in this kind of war ? so many death in a few days, so many deaths there since 1947 ! ! ! please make two thousand thourteen the last year of this satanic massacre YAHWEH &lt; us mere humans cant stop this, we arent YOU &lt; the only one who can is YOU isnt it? please save our family, dont let our mean ''israelite 'family destoy our 'palestinian' family, bring peace back there and everywhere like ukraine, syria, center africa where many of our sisters+brothers are getting killed as always for nothing+ beign totally innocent, poor them if only we had a magical power to stop this once and for all!!! we have to become vegans we dont wana break the little animals hearts + their loved ones hearts l vegans re doing all this for you animals l you'll love any gift that comes from humans heart : veganism l this is what mankind came here to do : save all the animals right?& let us fight for the animals;view=article&amp;id=3033&amp;Itemid=175" target="_blank"<wbr>index.php?option=com_content&amp;<wbr>view=article&amp;id=3033&amp;Itemid=<wbr>175</a><br>"><img src="" style="font-family: arial; font-size: small; font-weight: normal;"><img src="" alt="Gaza demo" style="font-family: arial; font-size: small; font-weight: normal;"><br>

<h2 style="font-family: arial, sans-serif; font-style: normal; font-variant: normal; line-height: normal;">One of Africa's Rarest Birds Deserves a Chance To Survive</h2><span style="font-family: arial, sans-serif; font-size: 17.27272605895996px;"><div style="padding-top: 0px; padding-right: 7px; padding-left: 10px; margin-right: 13px; display: inline-block;">


<font face="Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif"><br></font><table width="600" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" border="0" style="font-size: 12.727272033691406px; font-family: Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif; background-image: initial; background-repeat: initial;">

<tbody><tr><td colspan="2"><div style="margin-top: 12px; margin-left: 19px; margin-bottom: 4px;"><a href="" target="_blank"><img border="0" src="" alt="Care2 Petitionsite Action Alert" width="568" height="70"></a></div>

<div style="min-height: 40px; line-height: 40px; font-size: 30px; color: rgb(255, 255, 255); text-align: right; padding-right: 20px; background-color: rgb(230, 71, 6);">action&nbsp;<strong>alert!</strong></div><div style="font-size: 18px; color: rgb(73, 73, 73); line-height: 1.5; padding: 5px 15px 25px;">

There are only about 500 Djibouti Francolins left in the whole world. But if we act now, there still may be a chance to save them.</div><table width="100%" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" border="0" style="margin-bottom: 15px; color: rgb(194, 194, 194);">

<tbody><tr><td align="center" width="240"><a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" alt="Please sign the petition today!" width="200" height="160" style="border: 1px solid rgb(217, 217, 217);"></a></td>

<td valign="top" align="center" width="350" style="padding-left: 20px;"><a href="" style="color: rgb(31, 102, 147); font-size: 20px; font-weight: bold; line-height: 1.5; text-decoration: none;" target="_blank">Give the Djibouti Francolin a Chance at Survival</a><div style="padding-top: 10px;">

<a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" alt="Take Action"></a></div>

</td></tr></tbody></table><table width="100%" height="67" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" border="0" style="border-top-width: 1px; border-top-style: dotted; border-top-color: rgb(151, 151, 151); border-bottom-width: 1px; border-bottom-style: dotted; border-bottom-color: rgb(151, 151, 151); background-color: rgb(247, 247, 247);">

<tbody><tr><td align="right" width="225" style="font-size: 19px; padding-right: 15px; color: rgb(194, 194, 194);">please&nbsp;<strong>share</strong><div style="font-size: 30px; font-weight: bold;">it helps!</div></td><td><a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" alt="Share on Facebook"></a>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;<a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" alt="Share on Twitter"></a>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;<a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" alt="Share via Email"></a></td>

</tr></tbody></table><div style="padding: 15px;"><p style="font-size: 12px;">Dear kendra,&nbsp;<br><br>With its vibrant markings and unforgettable call, the Djibouti Francolin is one of Africa's most unique birds. And unfortunately, it's also one of the continent's rarest:&nbsp;<a href="" style="color: rgb(31, 102, 147); font-weight: bold;" target="_blank">There are only about 500 adult Djibouti Francolins left in the whole world.</a>&nbsp;<br>

We have to give the Djibouti Francolin a chance to survive.&nbsp;<a href="" style="color: rgb(31, 102, 147); font-weight: bold;" target="_blank">Please ask the government to extend protections back over the Forêt du Day and establish captive breeding programs for the Francolin, before this rare species disappears forever.

"Great tuskers," or elephants with tusks heavier than 100 pounds, are in extreme danger from poachers -and the largest great tusker on the planet, Satao, was just murdered for his ivory by poachers.Four decades ago, the first president of Kenya saved a famous great tusker called Ahmed by granting him official protection from poachers. He assigned the gentle giant five armed game rangers, who were tasked with guarding the elephant around the clock. The plan worked: Ahmed died peacefully of old age.the current president of Kenya, should provide the elephants with the same kind of protection his father did four decades ago; please sign this petition asking the Kenyan president to grant official protection to the country's last great tuskers.Here's a link to the petition: Thank you.


Cats and Dogs are Being Boiled Alive. Stop this Torture Now!<a style="font-size: 12.727272033691406px; font-weight: normal;"><font color="#222222">&nbsp;actionAlert spread the word! Please sign the petition today! Tell A Friend: Cats and Dogs are Being Boiled Alive. Stop this Torture Now! take action please share it helps! share on facebook share on twitter share via email Dear kendra, Thanks so much for signing the petition to stop the boiling of live cats and dogs. Forcing these animals to die slowly in scalding hot water is absolutely cruel and unnecessary. Now, please ask a friend to sign the petition too. If enough people speak up, we can pressure UN world leaders to stop this torture of animals. Please spread the word by sharing the petition on Facebook. You can also send a tweet about the petition or send an email to your friends and family asking them to support the cause. Here's a quick message you can copy and send to rally support: Hi - The United Nations Millennium Development Goals seek to make the world a better place by halving extreme poverty rates and providing universal primary education by 2015. We also need to make sure the welfare of animals is included in these goals! I just signed a Care2 petition demanding that the United Nations fulfill the promise of the Millennium Declaration for a better world and save dogs and cats in Asia, and stop the terrible practice of killing and eating them. Will you sign it too? link to the petition:<wbr>AIeJI/zO0M/bst8i Thanks

lets be fair minded<wbr>v=fQBPWv11izc

Why must everything man touches suffer? We can stop this. We will try. Humans aren't very kind for everywhere on this earth you see healthy animals / it's rare to see disabled animals / this means most disabled animals are put down for nobody wants them / humans would you abandon your disabled humans loved ones ??? would you put them to sleep or abandon them in a human shelter ? ike humans who put to sleep their disabled animals, or put them in sheters, don't want to take care of them when they became disabled at a point of their existences or were born with a disability / humans would you abandon your disabled humans ? humans are not very courageous because who knows why they abandon their disabled animals or put their to sleep or abandon them in a shelter or kill them themselves + humans are not very courageous for when they go to a shelter, and they hesitate which one to adopt, there's one they're sure they would never adopt :the disabled one / no way they'd adopt that one / so unfair caus theyd eserve love to ! to live too ! so all the ones who kept their animals when they had an accident and have now three or one leg etc or became blind, deaf etc or who went to adopt a disabled one for they didnt want like sheep, to adopt a healthy one but precisely the disabled one , the only disabled one of a shelter, the only nobody wanted, everyone rejected / those humans are heroes !!! you are angels !! GOD bless you all! all of you brothers, sisters who adopted disabled animals, and even only disabled animals! plenty of disabled animals all your lives caus its hard, its really hard / even those who got a lot of empathy and thought, after watchign the story of a disabled animal like FAITH or the boxer who only have two front legs, what if i adopted a disabled angel too ? i want to save a life too etc , evne those ones, then thought, oh no, im gonna be sad eveyr day watching my angel so no, after all, ill adopt a perfectly healthy angel / so tis hard so its easy to critice all those who got perfect little bauties, who do anima;s beauty pageants, go the the groomer and it seems what they love is the beauty of the animals, not the animals / they are frivolous, forgive us YAHWEH this frvolity is the total opposite of wisdom, philosophy / for we dont care about the soul, we care about the looks , we look for the phsycial perfection / its a bad thing , we should be ooking for the perfect heart, the perfect soul / those who adopt creatures just for their ( beauty ) are so like those who are married or dating a very sexy man or women with the blond hair , enormous breasts, sexy body, sexy look, blue eyes etc looking like a godess, a diva, a mermaid for they want to show a beauty to everybody just to proove their cooler than all the others / thats the same for the pet / so thats why eveyr non conformist action like adopting the supposedly (ugliest) animal , or who dotn look very good , looks pathetic poor them for they are disabled, its like they're making a statmeent < we rebel against the system! the sheep! the indcotirnations ! all they want is the dog that could be on the covers of mags for their beauty! tey dont care that its a wonderufl dog, with a onderful heart! well we ll adopt disabled animals to proove that beauty aint an important thing , we just care about saving a life from the depression of being alone in a sehter or a pound, who see everybody go out of it but them for they're the only disabled so (ulgy) animal, and all the others look so (cute ) / so those who adopt a pet for its the most beautiful one in the sehlter are futile / for their action of adotping is for what, sincerely ? to have the most (beautiful) animal full stop / whereas those wwho adopt the disabled animal, what do they do that for ? < to save a ife, full stop / acording to them beauty dont matter , what matters is you took a creature away from an existence of misery in a box or cage, and from loneliness, and you offered them a loving family who'll take great care of them and will  treat them as kings queens / for in a pound, its not the dream life at all / so all the ones who pass by a disabled dog, not all of them got wonderful hearts / unfortnutately no / they dont all start crying caus of the pain of seeing one of their animal bothers or sister disabled / no, they just feel what ? disgusted ? schoked, feel pity ? not good pty, bad pity, so they feel no human feeling like compasison or sadness nothing ? they think of what a waste of energy, time money! those who'll adopt them, they should kill them right now! they're not even animals, they're crippled, they're like a dead creature or something / they probably think that / they havent got veyr much humanity / others who pass by those animals might think thats so sad, i wish you had your four legs, your two eyes etc but i cant adopt you, im sorry, i dont have the guts, the stomach, the heart, the strenght / but at least those humans have more humanity than the ons who despise the disabled animals ho think they're garbage or sub creatures , not animals, not humans, just things to make disappear, get rid of, throw away like a broken guitar, you throw it away and buy a new one / well thats very cruel, and insulting the dignity of these creatures for they are creatures!!! those lives are worht as much as the disabled lives / all of you who all your ives never wished to adopt healthy animas and who adopted many disabled animals / you are GOD's souls, thank you thank you thank you !!! not eveyrone has the guts to do this!!! you are increidble!!! wish everybody could do this at least once in their lifetime ! thank you, GOD will thank YOU in the Heavens, don't you doubt it / thank you, keep up, keep on adopting disabled animals / but we have to understand that some humans are too mentally week, emotionnaly week, for them, its gonna be an icnredibly sad life to have disabled animas, they cant takte it, they arent strong enough to live with disabled animals and they dont despise them at all, they love them as much as healthy animals, plus, they may have even more compassion than for any animal because they fele it in their hearts for they find it extremely unfair that those poor creatures had to be deaf, blind+deaf, legless, etc so lets forgive them if they thought about adopting disabeld creatures but couldnt after al for its not their faults they're so week / but the strong ones can and will !

il a un coeur meiveilleux

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MessageSujet: Re: n lets do something to stop violence cruelty, torture injust   Sam 8 Mar - 12:53!/143001462413022/photos/a.143027455743756.26880.143001462413022/730619003651262/?type=1&theater!/143001462413022/photos/a.356001261113040.83277.143001462413022/457332874313211/?type=1&theater!/photo.php?fbid=10203693059271720&set=pcb.10203693059791733&type=1&theaterón-de-zonas-de-esparcimiento-para-perros-en-cada-barrio?share_id=JIlXdoUDZX&utm_campaign=signature_receipt&utm_medium=email&utm_source=share_petition

may 3 14

april 15 2014,2DQTL,AW3TA8,8NAKW,1

muchos videos

horrible foto carne inglés

pic only

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MessageSujet: Re: n lets do something to stop violence cruelty, torture injust   Ven 14 Mar - 13:07


lots of vids
Solo fina links altruism et

october 23rd 2014

s f e][size=12][color=#006699] OqrOLj

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MessageSujet: Re: n lets do something to stop violence cruelty, torture injust   Ven 14 Mar - 13:13

Prayer of Praise at Sundown

O gracious light,
pure brightness of the everliving Father in heaven,
O Jesus Christ, holy and blessed!

Now as we come to the setting of the sun,
and our eyes behold the vesper light,
we sing your praised, O God: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

You are worthy at all times to be praised by happy voices,
O Son of God, O Giver of Life,
and to be glorified through all the worlds.

Read more at;jsessionid=D99D748DF6A719231575F70C30D62435.app223a?df_id=12080&12080.donation=form1&s_src3WDE1311F2XX1&s_subsrc=082013_DNTFF_WildlifeServicesAppeal_nondonor

september 26 2014



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MessageSujet: Re: n lets do something to stop violence cruelty, torture injust   Jeu 20 Mar - 17:23

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MessageSujet: Re: n lets do something to stop violence cruelty, torture injust   Mer 2 Avr - 16:21

easier than drink a coffe

we cannot believe that someone can torture a Cat in this horrible way, providing so much suffering
FAITH you're a gift from GOD God created Faith the dog so special. She was born without two front legs and she has a heart of gold, an inspiration to everyone she met. Now, Faith is inspiring members of the military and helping them with their burdens

dave chapelle , papoose = against illuminatis

montagne de douleur

ce monde réclame d ela tendresse , bonté , gentillsee pour remplacer notre cruauté, méchanceté handicap mental

feliz y dichoso de la vida que vivo y de la vida que llevo. = estoy dichoso de la vida = estoy feliz y dichoso de la vida

faites la diference n soyez la solution

hagan la diferencia n sean la solucion

make a difference, be a soution

prions pour ce monde qui est dans un pétrin désespéré

rezemos por este mundo que esta en desesperados problemas

pray for this world for its in desperate trouble

i feel wat i can not express and i can hardly endure

se contrarier(se causer réciproquement du mécontentement) clash
annoy each other, annoy one another vtr + refl
Avec sa sœur, ils se contrarient toujours.
He and his sister are always clashing.
He and his sister are always annoying each other.
se contrarier v pron (aller à l'encontre l'un de l'autre) clash vi
contrast vi
confront vtr
Voilà encore des idées qui se contrarient.
My mother's ideas about parenting and my own often clash.

por la fragil que es la felicidad , por o faacil que las personas se dicen las cosas

hay que vivr el presente, no estar pensando en las cosas que van a venir después

you are not helping yoursel at all by suffering in silence

and it's not even fair to him

seriia delicoso vivir en un sitio coomo este

seriia capaz de ir a donde fuera por las criaturas que amas

tu no te das cuenta de lo que estoy sintiendo por dentro

estoy loca porque te amo

lo que mas deseo en la vida es que te sientas bien conmigo

tengo el alma en pedazos

tengo el alma en amargura

tengo el alma enamorada

tengo el alma hecha pedazos

tengo el alma rota

if you could only have known how much we loved you animals

a vece uno se encierra por no herrir a los seres querido

heard bad no importa que sea mosntruoso, ualqueir error hayas cometido, yo te ayudo a resolverlo, todo merece perdon

pues asii es la vida, hoy estamos aquii y manana quién sabe

SERIIas capaz de ir a donde fuera por amor

it is not for us to know GOD's will

thank YOU so much GOD for giving us such marvelous non humans U it was Your will for us to have them in our earthly existences U thank YOU so very much Almighty YAHWEH !!! they are by far the best gifst YOU offered us , even more than having hearts which beat , food , homes , even better than life itself ! non men ANIMALS you're the best ! you're the only marvels of this universe !

lo que maas deseo en la vida es que estes ustedes super bien animales

nos prochains de la race humaine souvent ne savent pas faire preuve de compasion animale , n'ont qe trop peu de conscience animale ,ils méconnaissent des notions comme compasion animale , respect de l'animal , humanité vers les animaux , ils connaissent pas des mots come ils méconnaissent des termes come

Bravo aux autorités qui ont fait preuve de compassion et d’intelligence

no estas solo coraozon tienes todo nuestro apoyo

Hundreds of thousands of people around the world asked that Excalibur be spared, but he was killed.

il n'y a pas "l 'homme" et à côté les animaux
non, C une immense chaine, dont les maillons ne doivent en aucun K être dissociés

los fantasticos animalitos no humanos tienen bastante más cerebro e infinito corazón que muchos tomando decisiones

dar la eutanasia al animal.

On l’aura compris, l’appartenance à l’espèce canine ou à l’espèce humaine est la seule raison de cette différence de traitement. Alors tant mieux pour les humains si on les traite encore avec humanité dans cette situation, et tant pis pour Excalibur, mort pour rien…NOTRE ATTAChement pour les animaux

les animaux vous partagez les vies ds véganes

À l’heure où les débats sur le statut juridique de l’animal se multiplient, l’affaire Excalibur montre qu’en pratique, les animaux sont traités comme quantité négligeable sans considération de leur qualité d’êtres vivants et sensibles.

on vous sacrifie de manière programmée alors que c'est un péché contre YAHVE car TU souhaite qu'on les laisse décéder naturellement , TU veux pas que les hommes programment le décès de Tes créatures non ?

you gotta say yes to your destiny

Lucas Dominguez Rodriguez,

bien aimé animaux

do you have any idea how much i love you

you talk so crazy sometimes

anti - family antifamily = opposed to the family unit

solidario adj (que ayuda y apoya) supportive
caring adj
 (literal, formal) solidary adj
Reciclar es ser solidario con el medio ambiente.
Recycling is being supportive of the environment.
Is something important missing? Report an error or suggest an improvement.
WordReference English-Spanish Dictionary © 2014:
Compound Forms:
trabajo solidario volunteer work

october 20 2014

please all neighbors of the earth do this = some very good hearted very compassionate creatures ask these only gifts for chritmas and bdays = that all the guests give them money for the animals or that all guests give them the only gifts that could ever make them happy like they never were before is that or the humans become vegan or as they dont have a full heart they wont go vegan ever so they ask them as gifts for them to stop buying one animal non friednly thing like fur or to stop going to animal circuses Y those never had )true ) christmas , bdays gifts Y those derisoire?? little things from the material universe , those material stuff that dont go to hell with us or heaven Y those non animal saver things Y those unecessary futile things Y those thigns which are so much into our souls for we're sadly programmes machines Y those are so generous, less conformists for mankind brethrens we're so self centered Y we so desire plenty of thigns for christmas b days Y but those have offered their hearts to the animals , they've opened up themselves so much for others than i me Y that's so altruistic Y so the contrary of self centered Y if only all our brethrens of the human race did this Y impossible for most of us are very narcissistic convinced we're the ebst so the best deserve the best material gifts Y if only we could think about the animals in need, sufferind, needing money for survival, for surgery, for water, food, paying the shelter and stuff Y if only we could ignore our own existance to give our souls & hearts to you ANIMALS at least for twwo days a year bday+ xmas Y we would've saved tonnes of lives if each and every one of us inhabitants of earth had done this Y just ask for no fake silly gift but for the true gifts GOD You'd love us to make : raise tonnes of bread to make you urvive ANIMALS or ask them to get rid of one luciferian animal cruelty in their existence like stop going to bullfights etc til they are dead or stop to buy foie gras foreva Y but they wont because they dont like the ANIMALS and their oved ones that much Y you can ask to your so called loved ones anythign Y if they're truly indoctrinated with blood brainwashing they'd do anythign for their blood related humans Y so those vegans animal defensors msut ask their relatived loved ones or their loved ones = would you do anything for you , ok so do this, i won't tell you what it is, i'l tell you after you make this promise = ok i promise what is it = to go vegan = no way Y love their relatives so much ? no Y because this is not just bout you animals it's about loving somebody human so much you can do whatever they ask you for, kind of a sacrifice for love Y this is a clear evidence they don't like their loved ones or relatives loved ones that much Y those very empatethic really not egoistic persons will go for isntance knock every door in some cities to ask for money but of course hardly nobody will give moeny for this human race we're inmensely skinflint and for the animals! they'll never give bread if it is not for humans Y please if mankind you do this for each christmas til you're a dead body you'll all in total for billions of humans you' save probably billions of lives or mroe Y pease do this Y GOD may ask you to Y to never ask a gift for you but gift for the animals or any supportive thing Y all the lives you'll save by asking forbecause you would have raised so much dough for non animal experimentation , to give to associations ike mercy for animals , the humane society, to rescue bears tortured for bile etc Y thank you so much if you take that wonderful decision

avoir l'esprit de famille (être solidaire de sa famille) be family-minded, be family-oriented
have a (strong) sense of family

Notre frère n'a jamais eu l'esprit de famille

lets be anti family ! its so sinful to be family oriented Y to be family indoctrinated Y GOD YOu seem to be against this indoctrination Y tv and other stuff brainwashed us with the evil blood brainwashing Y ofr us to put the family first as if non relatives were trash from garbage Y it sucks Y it teaches us you have to be supportive of your family and of nobody else, even your friends Y garbage brainwahsing tv teached us you can be disloyal of your friends as much as oyu like, it aint a sin, but you have to always be loyal to your relative,s alays love, respec,t worship them, put them in a pidestal of perfection, you cant juge your friends, all the humasn hwo know you, you can insult, be vuglar, violent, immoral to any of your aquaintaces, even your best friends, but not your relatives, when any one or any of your acquantances ask you for help, you have to say no , you can say yes to your relatives and to nobody else etc you can sin againt any of your breathren expect for your relatives, you can have good morals, empathy, solidarity, any cool moral value only with your relative,s tv always puts family first, as if the others really didnt matter, this is what being pro family is all about Y its not fair for being pro families isnot being suportive of all arth families, its being suportive of mommy's & dadys's families so its even less fair!!!! it it was supportive of all families at least it'd be a little bit more open souled Y

encore et toujours le perpétuer casse pied deux poids deux mesures nos cerveaux sont déglingués tout cassé pété

we have killed ANIMAL people , we have ended lives , we will have to pay for this at the last judgement GOD

its so solemn and lonely with the skyabove our heads SEEMS AS IF THERE WERE NO PEOPLE IN THE WORLd but you and me

i love it here

this world is not the humans's earth, it's the animals's for us mental retarded sinners jerks monsters uciferians have done to much harm to its ANIMALS angels + veggies , nothing is ours down here, everything is YAHWEH's + His angels the ANIMALS'

la memoria es traidora

cat you love the way that you once did

Une belle page qui se tourne...fini les études!
Una linda pajina de mi vida que se acaba! Termine con los estudios!

you know i feel nothing for you

oc 20 14

il y a ceux qui protestent l'inhumnité & barbarie des hommes vers l'animal et ceux qui ne la protestent pas - peu protestent - tout ceux ne protestant pas contre cela , ont sans doute peu de coeur alors que ce n'est pas étranger à eux car ils participent eux meme vachement beaucoup aux meurtres+ maltraitances car ils ont des existences omnivores Y ils sont plongés total dans cette cruauté vers animaux et meurtre non justifié d'animaux et ne le savent pas Y si ils se sont informés largement sur l'omnivorisme, ils ne le savent tout de meme pas Y s'ils ne se sont jamais informés sur l'omnivorisme ils ne le savent pas Y curieux Y ils peuvent avoir maté lu des tas de choses sur sur la monstrusotié de l'existence omnivore humaine , et toujours pas piger qu'ils sont des meurtriers et qu'ils ont trop de rapport avec les crimes et les martyrs des animaux Y ils n'ont pas de jugeotte ces milliards d'humains ? qui malgré avoir consulté des tonne de choses sur l'omnivorisme, ne font pas le rapporhcement entre eux memes et cette abomination ? pourtant dans ces articles vidéos qu'ils ont matés , il est parlé de la fausse nourriture de l'homme et eux mangent ces animaux Y il est parlé des moutons et de leur laine et eux achètent la laine Y dans cette planète terre il y a ceux qui désirent etre de la solution a la cruauté animale et ceux qui désirent être du problème des monstruosités que nous faisons aux ANIMAUX Y du total de touts ces habitants terriens , l'hyper grande majorité ne désirent faire niet pour stopper ces massacres et maltraitances + un nombre hyper petit désirent faire tout ce qui est dans leur capacité humaine pour stopper ces massacre & maltraitances , les abolissant à jamais Y incroyable si domage que toujours dans un monde et dans celui ci , l'immense majorité est diabolique , indifférente à la souffrance que (((eux mêmes <<< font aux animaux et la plus petite quantité est celle qui est grave impliqué, grave concerné , bouge grave ses fesses pour défaire ces cruautés qui ont été faites Y comme d'hab les malsins dépravés moraux mangeant la chair de leur frere sont les plus nombreux e& les bienfaisants aux bonnes ames sont les moins nombreux Y l'enfer sera t il plus rempli que le Ciel Y sans doute Y car cette quantité de dépravés commettant ce crime de etre du problème et non de la solution et de tuer dans leur existence pour soit disant la maintenir , auront du mal à l'emproter au paradis Y jugement dernier Y attention Y ça semble peu important ou pas important de manger les animaux pour nos prochains de toute ce monde , que ce n'est pas un crime et tout Y YAHVE selon TOI ce sont des crimes et selon TOI cela a une importance capitale Y alors on ne peut pas avoir la sécurité que tout les mangeurs d'animaux seront épargnés car manger ses frères n'est point grave Y la dépravation de la chair , car manger ses frères est un véritable sacrilège car c'est le canibalisme et d'après TOI DIEU c'est gravisime non ? nul peut faire de telles choses Y ce sont des péchés capitaux Y ce sont pas des choses négligeables, dérisoires Y tuer ses prochains Y curieux comment les viandards nient total tout ce qui vous est arrivé avant d'arrivé en morceaux dans les magasins Y qu'ils désirent pas vous tuer eux memes , vous voir vivant avant que vous soyez dans les magasins , vous voir torturés , a moitié conscient après avoir été mené aux abattoir Y très singulier Y ils se sentent cap que de vous mater en petits morceaux dans les magasins et vous cuisinez mais vous élever , vous maltraiter , vous exécuter, ils ne le peuvent pas Y cette chose de l'intérieur de la cervelle veut dire ce qu'elle veut dire Y que leur inconscient leur dit mais ils ne le peuvent point entendre Y ils leur dit que ce qu'ils font est un péché immoral , cruel Y ce qu'ils font = acheter les cadavres ce qui est participer au blem Y dans l’intérieur ces âmes savent qu'ils font quelque chose de machiavélique , sombre du malin Y c'est pourquoi il ne peuvent pas massacrer et maltraiter les animaux & observer comment des individus vous massacrent & maltraitent Y donc quand ils disent qu'il n'y a aucun blem à acheter des cadavres, les manger , ils mentent Y sinon ces cervelles n'auraient aucun blem de conscience à aller dans les abattoirs, fermes, mater, ou faire eux mêmes Y  
personiitas de otros paises ( tienen vivneda en espana

nos queda muchiisimo por recorrer para volver a ser lo que fuimos

difundir es fundamental indispensable

Lo que es el ser humano pensar que mientras en Africa se morían por el Ebola el mundo miraba casi con indiferencia cuando llega la enfermedad a los países poderosos entra la preocupación

es una crueldad que te hayan matado SANTISIMO EXCALIBUR I esos asesinos quiza iran al mismito infierno I monstruos I porqué te mataron I porque eres perrito I no mataron a ningun paciente humano I tu eres el unico paciente no humano y te matan I retrasados mentales I lo pagaran porque YAHVE eres grande I que en paz descances corazoncito I oremos por tus papis humanos que se quedaron sin vos su querido hijito I qué injusticia mas grande I sienso santito no te mereciste esto amorcito de veras

ha superado el ébola = se ha curado del ébola = supera la infeccioon por ébola

tiene una enorme fortaleza fisica y mental

no tiraremos la toalla jamaas

la eloquencia a maneja bien ( se dice la maneja bien pero con la eloquciencia se diraa?

20 oc 2014

qué mala onda cuando se reunen los poiticos en los congros de diputados y cuando hacen discuross politicos hablan del sufrimiento humano, desempleados, pobreza infantil, los jovenes que tienen que marcharse de la nacioon porque alli no les dan oportunidades de futuro , peor no hablan de que el humano maltata y masacra a los animales U es un escandalo !!!!!!!!

dar una iamgen bastante distorsionada de la realidad
quitan a los que menos tienen para darselo a los que menos lo necesitan ayudan al revez

sufrimiento a cambia de nada

una desiguadad inaceptable

atenta contra el principio de igualdad y de oportunidad

lo dice e senido comuun

sois solidarios dentro y sois insoldarios fuera

error tras error , engaño tras engaño

ciudadania inter universal

esde justicia el que aquellos

se tienen que marchar fuera de espana

igualdad entre hombres y mujeres

ayudar a os trabajadores maas humildes

no es un destino escrito en peidra que los animales tengan que nufrir, no es una maldicion que tengan qu vivir, tenemos que hacer mejor lo que hacemos bien

personas en situacioon de paro ?? desempleo heard bad

lamentablmente ,inexplicablemente t t t

faut qu'on se tienne à carreaux car YAHVE TU nous regarde tout l'temps

october 20 14

when you see pictures of humans mrudering animals, or absuign them, or videos of humans abusing or mrudering animals that's when you think wow : bodies without brains and souls , thats when ideas like mankind is a ental retard really akes all its meaning U those who personnally mruder an abuse animals are way more retarded way more satanic than the rest of mankind U however we are all satanic mental retards whatever happens U even religious, even philantropis,ts vegans etc for we have made suffer our neighbors many times in our lifes , all of us U that we are a bad person 11 out of 100 , 90 out of a 100, 47 out of a 100 etc we all are retards in YOur eyes GOD right ? for mental retards = enormous sinners , enormously inhumane , enormously wicked, enormously imbeciles u AS NON OF US ARE 100 out of 100 saints, or good U we cna be very good but not entirely, we can we sort of good but not entirely , many of us are way more wicked than good ect thats why the sentence our brethrens from humankind we are mentally retarded U for only saints who never sinned, never had horrible thoughts in their heards, never wished ti hurt morally phsically their neighbors, only those are non mentally retarded :saints non humans, saint humans U there are no saints humans now in 2014 right ? so no human in this world is a non mental retard U evidently those who are more good are less mental retard monsters than those who are very wicked U there a plenty differnt grades of mental retardment U those who're evil at 83 out of 100 are way more mental retardsed than those who're 30 out of a hdnred mentally retarded etc but even those kindest human beings alive are saldyl mental retards for they have at some points, several times in their existences done some evil ebcause they wanted to U but really its not their fualt so thinking all our brethrens were mental retarded is not a criticism, its a simple sad objetvie afirmation full of shame and remords?? without judgement whatsoever U its just a truth we cant deny U so its really sad U for its our mankind condition right ? we didnt chose this ? to be like this , we didnt chose to sin or to be full of evil ? srhinks what do you think ? mayb shrinks are wrong U only YAHWEH knows U is it our fault or not ? it is wastn our fault so many of our brethrens wouldnt be in hell , sadly

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MessageSujet: Re: n lets do something to stop violence cruelty, torture injust   Sam 5 Avr - 5:51

right now, with your help, we have a chance to cut this cruelty out of cosmetics in this earth for good

we pledge to help END cruel animal testing
Yes, I can do this

As a felow creaure brother and sister of the non human ANIMALS, human being, consumer, you have the power to help end this cruelty.

“So many people insist they are against animal abuse, cruelty, suffering and the inhumane treatment of animals, yet they don’t understand they are actively engaging in and supporting egregious suffering, abuse, cruelty and inhumane treatment when they eat animals and their ‘by-products.’ If you are against cruelty, suffering and inhumane treatment, then you go vegan. It’s just that simple.” - Sarah Kiser

oc 6 14 the human race i don't want to admit i' a retard caus my ego is imense but im turly a retard for all the pollution i've done on the earth, for i created this problem which was ienxistant at first and i mde it happen < for this me the humanr ace am a retardd < for this non existing problem could have continued not existing, forever, til the en dof the earth caus us the humanr ace dont need so much energy < we really don't < we sue too much for we're so capricieux?? but we coul use like half or half of half of what al of us, all his planet use < we are not retards say some < ha ha ah ! look at pcis of pollution of many points of the earht, look at all the harm we done to the earth, the living creatures , and to our respective acquaintances, creatures we supposedy love < and then, think : are we or are we not mental retards <

nunca pares, nunca te conformes, hasta que lo bueno sea mejor y lo mejor excelente

never stop, never te confores?? til the good is better and the better excellent

sharing is caring

YAHWEH bless this angel bear who saves his brother or sister, may they be both blessed!! make this bird to be alive please YAHWEH !!! to have a very healthy happy long life, in Jesus name, amen < if only men were like this, no, they are the opposite, passive, egotists, they wouldnt save lives, if they saw a dying creature, or if they saw graphic vids about omnivorous lifetyle, nothing, no one would make them save lifes, as animals do, or in any other way, like going vegan

we still have ways to go to help these animals,Please help if you can, even a dollar, look how we can make a difference for these angels and these rescue organizations , you can donate right here to help pay their bill, animals needs your help. theyre trying to stay alive but needing additional medical care. Please donate

human vegan angels put their heart and soul into each rescue and need donations to help bring them through the crisis.,. Please, take just a moment to share this news with your contacts. your petition and the petitions of thousands like you will help bring this life-or-death issue to the governments of planet earths attention before it's too late,Please donate now to support our continued efforts to protect animals of earth;; you animals and the vegan humans philanthrophist they interacted with one anoter ( il ont noué des liens )whats essential is you ! lessentiel cest vous les animaux YAVHE.;lets have a spiritual nature as YOU command YAHWEH

april 29 2014

We need you to take the next step in the fight to stop non humans crime. humnakind will not tolerate the senseless slaughter of animals for illegal trade— the global crime syndicates that wildlife trafficking supports.You can help keep them strong by reminding the governments whats at stake. This is about more than elephants: Organized crime has moved into ivory in a big way. Global wildlife crime, estimated at up to $10 billion annually Take action: Tell the earth govs you support strong new rules that help prevent illegal elephant ivory from being sold in the earth. We are on the brink of losing significant elephant populations in the wild. Last year alone, more than 30,000 elephants were killed in Africa. Left unaddressed, the illegal ivory trade will continue to fuel regional conflicts and even terrorism, and elephants will continue to be pushed towards extinction in many countries. Help us ensure that the administration's new rules on elephant ivory are as strong as possible. Thank you for helping save animals.

do not judge people / animals by their physical appearance

YAHWEHs wisdom lesson ! its better to give than to receive !

all the humans of the earth we should fight for the animals everywhere on earth l Only way to go. Everyone should have the same mission in life.well fight till our last breath to get all animal abusers in jail and all animals happy & free
save the planet./.anyone who messes with the planet.

This has to stop. Please help ANIMALS with an urgent donation to save our wolves and other imperiled species. These expert biologists simply signed a letter to Secretary Jewell expressing concern that their own research was being distorted in order to justify the delisting of wolves, and that there was no sound basis for delisting wolves.

stop the indiscriminate wildlife slaughter/please take immediate action/Make Poverty History

Right when ordinary people should be able to have the most impact.

If we act together now we can let them know that saving the earth is more than just a sentence $ we're a movement of millions people committed to campaigning for a better,fairer planet^ We won't remain silent while they try to stop us $ People power is at the heart of animal welfare

the issues which matter to us all

fed up of being criticised

we have to fight to make sure we're not silenced

whether by accident or intention, this law isn’t fit for purpose.

It's a really worrying time.

let us campaign together

Anything you write to the authorities now is better than them not hearing from us at all.

theyre most likely to change their mind if they hears from us individually, in our own voices.

if we act now and we act together, we could make marvellous stuff

If hundreds of thousands of us speak up now, we could swing cruel humans decisions of exterminating almost all animals of the face of the world .

hard to believe that just because humans aint got no water they die . 2 millions of them every year ; it seems obvious it's the illuminati as they always frnd great tactics to kill huge quantities of living beings ; so they must have invented this, killing tonnes of beings with not providing them clean water . incredible, human body's so weak, it's enough that they don't have water for them to die . we are not invincible . 

this is just simply worng and terrible for the animals cc the individual choice c the heavy serious point that us individuals can make a choice in what we eat c going vegan how can that make a diference in what we eat c this is just one ilustration of the power of good that individuals can do, eve one individual c go vegan c

which hav made us who we are

In animal rescue, active philanthropist humans have lots of medical issues with the angels we rescue.  While medical costs continue to rise, they continue to save the homeless angels and provide them the best care possible

1 feb 2014 those who help animals humans the vegetable life all or several or at least on of these are the most brilliant hearts & brains because they did exactly what YAHWEH YOU desired them to do : even without realizing that theyre doing what YOU wnat or that there doing something right : theyre so modest they dont know ho much theyre doing and think they dont do enough : theyre doing a lot ù theyre doign so much good to the inhabitants of earts : theyre enabling them to live : thats so much : they'd have died if it wasnt for the help these heroes porvide them : these type of humans got the best souls because what they wanna do in their lives before going out of it is to help, and save existences and prevent better lives to those who got miseries of lives * they are very right brained and very compassionate if they wish respect for humans, animals, & the environment : those who want respect only for humans and vegetables for isntance are less right brained and good : those who want respect only for vegetales are less right brained : those fighting for the rights of nothing & nobody are very left brained and are not really humans : the msot humane the most effective brains, right ones are those who wish for their lives to serve others and rescue others includingthe environemnt and do exlusively this ; those ones really got smart brains dont know how to prove and say this but its real because they knew what is stupidities and what is clever and they knew how to choose between the two at the moment of taking a decision whiwh is what theyre gonna do with their lvies ; like most humans waste it to live stupid events, stupid things, do silly things, live for nothing / or live for doing a mission like in so many american movies which is being a upholder of the law and being a philanthropist : there was no way these angels were gonna hesitate ebtween those two so different lifestyles : stupidites , what examples dont kno, dont know what humans do with their lives : stuff that are bad accoridng to YOU GOD , stuff that are a waste of the seconds years minutes decades etc creatures got, waste of breath, talking to say uncorrest stuff accoridng to YOU YAHWEH , or to say & do neutral but non itneresting non important stuff, while the right brainded with enormours humanity take advantage of everytime theyre in the company of creatures to speard the word about all the aweful things humans do to animals / humans / environment : thats the difference betweent eh rigth and left brained right brain = very humane left brain = not so humane right brained = very itnerested in whats right, helping out the earth left brain = dont care, dont know, who cares, got so called " better ù stuff to do , oh playing video games or going to see prostitutes , exemples of retard stuffs, is better than helping those who live on earth ? ! the right brained are better in all ways, so many ; for isntance kindess, way higher than left brained : remaining calmin time fo crisis or when somebodys trying to make you mad : right brainded : getting easily mad and easily violent : left brain : being courteous , welcoming, being listening in a word being the othe rway around than an moron : this is all about the right brains of the human creatures ; then all the horrible vices that many humans have like being rude, doing the worst absurd stuff, the more idiot stuff, doing on purpose to acting as idiots, hurting others to have a laugh, to have fun all of these and tonnes of others flaws of humans dont know which ones sorry im too stupid, there must be a lot of of this : left brains : so if some humans look at their lives and think wow what a jerk i am and are jealous of the lives of ù others ù  its because these ù others ù did often whats right because they got the benefice of having very full right brains ù those whow ant have the most egoistif lives wanan deiberately hurt the world and its inhbaitants doing the wrong things because they want to living in a all eating lifestyle, polluting, refusing to help their human spicies are doign exactly what YOU disapporve them of doing GOD and they live for their own lives or their friends & families lives: they could do somethign maybe for their families animals, their human families and themselves but never something for anybody else out of kindness & generosity bcause they are too left brained and empty hearted * right brains = immense hearts left brains = empty hearts

each year tens of thousands of seals ,many of who are still babies, are massacred :: its time to demand a permanent end to the earht's cruel seal laughter

june 20 2014 The magnificent emperor penguin is being driven to extinction due to habitat destruction in Antarctica. This charismatic star of "March of the Penguins" and "Happy Feet" requires sea-ice to raise its chicks and feed. However, due to rapidly melting ice, these wonderful creatures are heading towards extinction. Demand the U.S. government classify the emperor penguin as "endangered" so they may receive the protections they need to survive.

se 1 14

everythings not all black, all white so lets say there are 4% of animal lvoers so vegansin this planet, and the rest are non animal lovers so canibals of animals , they got more empathy for two things : a case of cruelty towards animals, a case of cruelty towards humans + who to save the animal or the human ( the non animal lovers would have more empathy for the case of human cruelty + would save without any hesitation the human _ the animals lovers vegans would have more empathy for the case of cruelty towards animals or an animals + would save the animal non human person

ITS INCREDIBLE ,for shrinks it s like unexaplinable a miralce from YAHWEH!!! for sure! somebody who illed could never love those he she killed and he became vegan and animal defensor wow thats unbelievalbe!!! but those like him on this earth msut be very rare!!! maybe hes the only one!! YAHWEH bless you brother you have changed, became better this is awesome, thank you so much + thank YOU so very much YAHWEH because this would 've never been posible without YOU, this means everythings possible , even the devils mosters animla killers can become angels for the animals , we got to never lose the faith!!!

how to help world

just don't understand how people can be so mean to sweet animals like that ! unacceptable!

all we know is that this has to stop nobody got the right to Do this, They will get what they deserve.

let us all be caring human beings who wants to make the world a better place. let us be passionate about animal ,social and environmental justice, lets be captivated by compassion

Celebrate by sharing our video with every human

It's easy to see why baby elephants captivate people the world over. We wanted to share our love of elephants with you today, on World Elephant Day, because even though these orphans may have endured a tragic start to life losing their wild mothers, they have been afforded a second chance and that means there is hope.  

Help us get to 100,000 views and make more people aware of the orphaned animals in volunteers' care.  

an elephant's footprint serves as a water trough after the rains for smaller animals? Or that whilst they are the world's largest mammal, they can also run up to 30km/hour?

In fact, there are lots of reasons to share your love of elephants today. With your support, we will keep fighting to protect them, and here's how you can help us.

How about changing your Facebook cover to an elephant picture? Or helping us purchase vital equipment for our field teams?

can you take action ? this internation movement depends on it ^on that nt just you, you you and you ect all the millions of you single creatures but all fo you billions creatures act !!!!

in hope

Thank you for signing this petition! hopefully it prompted you humans to think about how you could improve life for wildlife! let's hope it's successful in getting humankind to change some of their practices. Please share this petition on Facebook !

Please spread the word about this campaign before the hunt starts -- if enough of us speak out against it, they'll be forced to reevaluate this hunt.forward the message below to anyone you know in this world + anyone else, then click here to post the petition on facebook.

let us protect tiger habitats
Take Action Dear Christy, A century ago, 100,000 tigers roamed the forests, swamps and tundra of Asia. Today, there are as few as 3,200 left in the wild due to habitat destruction and wildlife crime. Forests are home to many of the world's remaining tigers. And, tragically, forests are being destroyed and degraded at alarming rates—equivalent to 36 football fields every minute. One major cause of forest loss and degradation is illegal logging, roughly defined as the harvesting, transporting, processing, buying or selling of timber in violation of national laws. As the world's largest consumer of forest products, Americans play a key role in deterring illegally sourced timber and protecting important habitats for wild tigers. In 2008, Congress recognized the threat of deforestation to wildlife and people by amending the Lacey Act of 1900 to prohibit illegal timber and timber products from entering the US market. Because of the 2008 amendments, companies are making smarter sourcing decisions and monitoring their global timber supply chains to avoid any illegal timber. But there is more work to be done. A recent United Nations report estimated global illegal logging and forest crime to be worth $30 to $100 billion annually. Take Action It's critical that we make sure the Administration implements the Lacey amendments to the fullest extent possible in order to realize the benefits they can have for wild tigers and forests around the globe. Take action and tell Congress you support the 2008 Lacey amendments.

Thank you so much for taking a stand to protect refugee children from forced marriages.

one more way to amplify your voice

Thank you so much for taking a stand to protect ANIMALS KINGS & QUEENS. It's outrageous that this is happening at all.Only if thousands of us speak up can we make sure these creatures are protected. Please spread the word by forwarding this message

Here are some other simple ways that you can help animals today:

You can protect seabirds and marine animals by helping make the oceans a cleaner and safer place. please make the pledge to say NO to plastic bags.
The choices we make can have a powerful impact on our oceans and the animals in them.

let's help protect the oceans of the ANIMALS

Thank you for creating a kinder world for animals

hope not hate

What else can we do? If you have any ideas, please get in touch and let us know your thoughts by emailing

charity campaigning and fundraising

new lobbying bill poses 'existential threat to charity campaigning'

we’ve done our best to

you think charities, campaigning groups and movements like ours which help people do these things should not be restricted

what could happen if we couldn’t campaign together against the inhumanties of satan's ^humans^? all the ones who were saved by human angels would be suffering way more or dead now $

save YAHWEH's forests

lets come together to fight against " human$ cruelties to animals

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Masculin Nombre de messages : 22115
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MessageSujet: Re: n lets do something to stop violence cruelty, torture injust   Sam 5 Avr - 12:44

a friend in need is a friend indeed < evidently , you agree to speak instead of shuting up, you agree to go vegan, thats when the animals know who are their true brothers and sisters and friends and who aren't = the canniblaes eating animals

Thank you for signing the campaign.The more people are behind an issue the more likely it is that decision makers will pay attention. Each name that is added to a campaign takes it one step closer to succeeding. Can you help spread the word about the campaign by sharing it with many humans ? please share on facebok,twitter You can share the campaign by forwarding the email below. Thanks for all that you do

june 1 14

his son ws in the car so he couldnt kill him < tv endoctrnation of kids +babies are worht somethig and adults teens,adults,old humans nothing or less than kids+babies < in many tv programs, tv news, movies etc they show this, and its all so hidden, so subtle so that we dont know theyre endoctrinating us and putting ideas from the evil one in our spirits as all the 0 to 12 year olds worth inmensely more than old creatures, adult creatures, teen creatures, pre teen creatures < that's why when there are tragedies and humans die they accentuate the fact some kids or babies die caus the fact they dont just say the number of death but they say among all of these deaths, there was on 7 year old, one 2 year old ect means they give this big improtance to them for if they cared as much for all, they'd had said the age of all the dead humans but they only say the age of the very young ones < thats from the enemy for YAHWEH YOu're equalitarian, for YOU all Your kids are worth the same < but for very sectarian humans , so almost all mankind, no < this is the age brainwashing < or the babies+kids brainwashing < the same goes for if instad of saying the age, they'd had said, how many men, women, their origins as f their genre and ethnic groups amttered < of course it dont for if one person from one ethnic group dies, so what ? no ethnic group is better than the other according to YOU YHAWEH + one genre aint better than the other according to YOU YAHWEH for YOu love equality so YOU love all Your creatures the same but we're not in the non physical realm but in the phsychical realm that may be why we are not able to have YOUR philosophy YAHWEH <

those are not human beings those are mosnters! so many plastic surgery! id rather be the gliest human of the face of the earth than have perfect beauty if its done by immoral pasltic surgery instad of mother nature!

k comes from happy or well cared cows,you belong to the majority of people who has being brainwashed for your entire life.

HOW YOU CAn celebrate your love for them : by going vegan

Hello CARL,

Thank you for signing the pledge to never attend a marine park or aquarium . The success of this campaign depends on the support of caring people like you. Please consider helping us to achieve even more:

Send this pledge to friends
Confining an exotic animal and making them perform in a circus is just as cruel as keeping animals in marine parks. Help end circus cruelty by pledging to never attend a circus with wild animals.
Take p art in our other actions to help animals.
Thank you again for creating a kinder world for animals,Thank you for pledging to free marine animals from captivity Smile

Sign PETITION! Punish dr.Radu Niculae, Romania, accused of Killing Hundreds of Dogs by “Castration”

Under the medical-veterinary services contract signed with SPU (Salubritate Publica Urbana Curtea de View on

petition for the withdrawal of the tight to practice veterinary medicine and the punishment of veterinarian Radu Niculae from Curtea de Arges, accused of having killed hundreds of dogs by “castration” Radu Niculae, the veterinarian who contracted the medical services for the management of stray dogs from Curtea de Arges neutered during the period 01April-31 October 2012, a number of 991 dogs out of which 500 females.The majority of the females died on the streets of the city, in unimaginable pains, in maximum 2 months from the neutering. The faulty and disastrous operations conducted by Radu Niculae led to very severe medical problems, the bitches basically rotting inside. Only those were saved who were taken in time from citizens and brought to veterinary physicians in order to be reoperated and treated or the ones that were sent by animal lovers to organizations of animal protection with an eye to reoperation.The vet Radu Niculae did not only operate non-neutered dogs but also the females already neutered by citizens (and identified by earclip) only to register these actions both in his own evidence and that of the society that deals with dog management, Trade Company Public Urban Sanitation Curtea de Arges Ltd. (UPS), with the purpose to discount by the Town Hall the declared “actions”.FNPA offered its services for FREE to reoperate all the “neutered” dogs and of neutering of the non-neutered females but the mayor of the town of Curtea de Arges and the SPU refused the free services in favour of the services paid from the local budget. It is just normal that anyone asks what the interest of a Town Hall is in refusing free services and to prefer to pay to a trade company and a certain veterinarian!

The same veterinarian was used by the Town Hall until 2008 for the murder of dogs, period when there are filmings about the illegal and cruel way in which he “euthanized” dogs. The vet Radu Niculae is an employee even today, in order to kill dogs in Curtea de Arges, by the SPU company!With an eye to stopping the abuses that vet Radu Niculae committed (paid from public money), for severe medical malpractice, the FNPA submitted a CRIMINAL COMPLAINT against him; in the research stage, at the Police, no less than 60 declarations were collected from citizens!The FNPA also sent a COMPLAINT to The College of Veterinarians of Romania (CMV), requesting the withdrawal of his right to practice veterinary medicine until the moment of cancelling the right to profess.With all the evidence, citizen testimonies, medical certificates of the veterinarians/doctors in veterinary medicines who reoperated the bitches and who certified as to the faulty operations conducted by vet Radu Niculae, photo and video materials, the territorial unit of CMV, College of Veterinarians from Arges(by the County Commission of Ethics and Litigation Arges) decided by decision no. 5/2013 that “there are no elements to prove that the Code of veterinary medical ethics was infringed” by vet Radu Niculae!

The FNPA contested this aberrant decision and transmitted the COMPLAINT to the College of Veterinarians from Bucharest, to the Superior Commission of Ethics and Litigations. Here too the case is delayed; the Commission from the College for Veterinarians completely ignores the evidence and testimonies and persists in a strongly tendentious attitude with the tendency to cover-up Vet Radu Niculae’s criminal acts!These horrendous crimes would immediately lead in another country to the cancellation of both the right to profess and to the deprivation of liberty of the perpetrator.In Romania these crimes are covered up exactly by the ones who should supervise the compliance of the norms of animal protection.May we kindly request you to sign the PETITION for the cancellation of the right to practice veterinary medicine and the punishment of vet Radu Niculae from Curtea de Arges, Romania The petition will be sent to: The College of Veterinarians of Romania(CMV), The Superior Commission of Ethics and Litigations, CMV, The Veterinaries’ Federation from Europe (VFE), The National Health Veterinary and Food Safety Authority, ANSVSA, The Court Prosecutor's Office from Curtea de Arges, The Police of Curtea de Arges

GESUCH (Deutsch)
Zum Widerruf des Berufrechts für seine tierarztliche Praxis, sowohl zur Bestrafung des Tierarzts Radu Niculae aus Curtea de Arges, der beschuldigt wird, hunderte von Hunden während der „Kastration“ getötet zu haben.Radu Niculae, der Tierarzt, den die Verwaltung von Straßenhunden der Stadt Curtea de Arges während des Zeitraums von 1. April bis 31. Oktober 2012 für seine medizinischen Dienste angestellt hatte, kastrierte in dieser Zeit 991 Hunde, von denen 500 weiblich waren.Die meißten dieser Hündinnen starben auf der Strasse unter unbeschreiblichen Schmerzen spätestens zwei Monate nach der Sterilisierung. Die unzulänglichen und katastrophalen Operationen, die Radu Niculae vornahm, führten zu schweren medizinischen Problemen, wobei die Hündinnen mehr oder weniger innerlich verrotteten. Nur die wurden gerettet, die rechtzeitig von Bürgern zum Tierarzt gebracht wurden, damit sie wieder operiert und behandelt werden konnten. Andere wurden von Tierfreunden zu Tierschutz-Organisationen gebracht, damit sie erneut operiert werden konnten.

Der Tierarzt Radu Niculae operierte nicht nur unkastrierte Hunde, sondern auch Hündinnen, die schon von Bürgern sterilisiert worden waren (erkennbar an der Ohrklemme). Er registrierte diese Aktionen dann sowohl in seiner Praxis als auch bei der Verwaltung von Straßenhunden der Stadt Curtea de Arges(Trade Company Public Urban Sanitation Curtea de Arges Ltd., „SPU“, eine Handelsfirma), mit der Absicht, die vorherige Aktion beim  Rathaus in Verruf zu bringen.

FNPA hatte angeboten, alle „kastrierten“ Hunde ungeltlich wieder zu operieren, und alle unsterilisierten Hündinnen unentgeltlich zu sterilisieren, aberder Bürgermeister der Stadt Curtea de Arges verweigerte das Angebot zur kostenlosen Behandlung zu Gunsten von Diensten, die vom Stadt-Haushalt finanziert wurden. Es ist wohl kein Wunder, dass man sich fragt, in wessen Interesse das Rathaus einen unentgeltlichen Dienst ablehnt und stattdessen eine Handelsfirma und einen gewissen Tierarzt bezahlt!

Diesen selben Tierarzt hatte das Rathaus bis 2008 zum Hundemord angestellt. Es gibt zahlreiche Filme aus dieser Zeit, die die illegale und grausame Art und Weise demonstrieren, wie er Hunde „euthanasierte“. Der Tierarzt Radu Niculae ist heute immer noch ein Angestellter der Stadt, der Hunde für die SPU Firma töten soll! FNPA reichte eine KRIMINELLE ANZEIGE  ein mit der Absicht, die Mishandlungen, die der Tierarzt Radu Niculae begangen hatte und für die er von der Stadt bezahlt wurde, zu verhindern. Er wurde für gewissenloses ärztliches Praktizieren angeklagt. Während der Untersuchungszeit wurden nicht weniger als 60 Erklärungen abgebeben, die von Bürgern gesammelt wurden!

Ausserdem sendete FNPA eine BESCHWERDE an das Kollegium der rumänischen Tierärzte (CMV), die verlangte, dass sein Recht, Tiermedizin zu praktizieren, zurückgezogen würde, bis es permanent verweigert würde.
Trotz allen Beweisen, trotz Zeugnissen von Bürgern, trotz medizinischen Gutachten von Tierärzten, die die Hündinnen wieder operieren mussten und die die mangelhaften Operationen von Radu Niculae bestätigten, trotz zahlreicher Photos und Videos, entschied derzustellige Zweig von CMV, das Kollegium der Tierärzte von Arges (durch die Bezirks-Kommission für Ethik und Gerichtsverfahren in Arges), „dass keinerlei Beweise für eine Verletzung des Moralkodex für Tierärzte vorliegen“,  die den Tierarzt Radu Niculae belasten würden! (Entscheidung Nr. 5/2013).

FNPA hat diese unrichtige Enscheidung angefochten und reichte  eine BESCHWERDE beimKollegium der rumänischen Tierärzte (CMV) ein, diesmal bei einer höheren Instanz der Kommission für Ethik und Gerichtsverfahren. Auch hier wird der Fall verzögert; die Kommission des Kollegiums für Tierarzte ignoriert jegliche Beweise und Zeugnisse. Stattdessen fahren sie fort mit ihrer tendenziösen Politik, die die kriminellen Taten von Radu Niculae vertuschen will!

In einem anderen Land würden diese erschreckenden Verbrechen sofort zum Widerruf des Rechts zu praktizieren führen, sowohl zum Freiheitsenzug des Gesetzesübertreters.

In Rumänien werden diese Straftaten von genau denen verschleiert, die damit beauftragt sind, die Gesetze für Tierschutz zu überwachen und zu vollziehen.

Dürfen wir Sie (Euch)bitten, unser  Gesuch zu unterschreiben, das das Berufsverbot und die Bestrafung des Tierarzts Radu Niculae aus Curtea de Arges, Rumänien, verlangt.

Das Gesuch wird an die folgenden Organisationen gesendet: Kollegium rumänischer Tierärzte (CMV), Hohe Kommission für Ethik und Gerichtsverfahren, CMV, Vereinigung Europäischer Tierärzte (VFE), Nationale Behörde für Gesundheit, Tiermedizin, und Lebensmittelsicherheit(ANSVSA), das Büro des Staatsanwalts in Curtea de Arges, die Polizei von Curtea de Arges.

1 FE 2014

listen to the voices of animals supporters worldwide

We aren't hunters,we don't hunt,we buy dead animals at grocery shops.I'm sorry,don't want tohurt your feelings but you seemto be an ignorant because vegans don't eat only salad,some vegans don't even eat salad!They eat lots of stuff like those animal killers eat only without the animal ingredients:ice cream,biscuits,rice,quinoa,tofu,soy drink,almond milk,chocolate milk,rice cakes,vegan burgers,vegan yogurts,pasta,soups,chinse soups,ketchup,jam,peanut butter,ect many humans think vegans eat only salad,that is a stereotype,animalseat animals because thats their diet,humans eat animals because they're mistaken,theytruly thinkit's healthy and noncruel but it is the other wayround,many humans have lived longlives,lived to 100,or 90 years old being vegans,can workout,be better sportpeople than animal killers ect,some people stopped having cancer after going vegetarian,we cant compare meatdiet of some animalswith vegan diet of humanity because humans is herbivore GOD bless you allpleasehumns govegans all of you!!if you have hearts,after watching this vid you'll definitely go vegan,if you don't=you're heartless monsters

Evertything we do,everyday,ispolitical.There's so much that can be done.
[color=#333333][font=arial, sans-serif]Don't stop nowbecause we've put a crackin it and now the light will get in.So don't stop now.Whatever you do,don't stop.

Thank you for signing the campaign;The more people are behind an issue the more likely it is that decision makers will pay attention. Each name that is added to a campaign takes it one step closer to succeeding. Can you help spread the word about the campaign by sharing it with many humans ? SHARE ON FACEBOOK SHARE ON TWITTER You can share the campaign by forwarding the email below. Thanks for all that you do

What a lovely man. Its great that a former farmer speaks up for animal rights. If only more people who abuse animals would do the same

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dont hurt eat kill me

Votons non et partager svp merci

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more empahy animals than humans

Take extinction off your plate (and your grill). Go vegan.

the poor other dogs come out to defend BORKO but as so scared they hide themselves behind the door, the were so shoked and BORKO even more, he's the victim!!! the must have head him crying, i didn't watch the video, i only watched the end because i am too sensitive to watch this, i advice you all not to watch this, but poor BORKO!!! that excuse of a human is so heartless and cruel, this is not a son of GOD he's with the devil . The humans who are there are just watching as if it was a show or nothing . This is serious they are all retards!!! the dont see it's inhumane to hit and abuse one of our brother . Animals are our brothers & sisters. How did no one react? the humans filming, the humans there otuside . How come the humans inside the house didnt heart? BORKO didn't make nose ? The guy hitting , making noise, it wasn't slient was it ? And he knocks on the door!!! I would have beaten him an left him handicaped or dead after he did taht to one of my chidlren dogs . How come the nice daddy goes home? Why the film stop ? The daddy should have hit the guy but no because then=jail and who cares for the poor angels . How could the guy enter there??? It wasn't secure . It should have been well closed so that no evil human could go there an beat the dogs . The dad should have know that knowing that they all ahte him and his dogs . I mean anone can enter just like tha,t ti's crazy . BORKO you dad is very kind , he's an animla savior but he is kind of responsible for not closing well the door . But it's not his fault of course . And the mosnter is not persecuted for entering somebody else's garden ? I'm so sorry . Why did they say he beats BORKO again . Did he came twice ? I's a miracle you still are alive my poor BORKO . Your poor little baby fragile body must have hurt so much!!! I'm so sorry . I so wish some of the evil humans present would have stopped him . They could have but they are with satan . Because let's face it, you wach all calm, all relax like this is nothing plus ost bulgarias hate dogs so they didn't find this immoral, cruel shocing at all because if you watch without acting it's because you agree with this and loving animal cuelty=mentally ill . They should all be in jials, the witnesses and the abuser or in mental heath institutions because you like to watch+ you hit = you are a criminal, a sociopath , a degenerate abnomal 'human' because when you are a human you have humanity and these have absolutely no humanity . If BORKO would have been a human they would have react the same . They were born with no hearts . GOD YOu will punish the witnesses, film crew, and the monster .

what does respect animals mean

open minded narrow minded

AU 9 2014

lets pray for no iraqi +palestinian to get killed by evil satanists, for nobody kills for a false god as a false god if she/he existed would never tell anyone to murder the earth population for them so its not allah the false god who tells humans djihadists to kill christians from irak but YOUR enemy YAHWEH : lucifer " let's pray for YOU YAHWEH to give all Your iraqui+ palestinian kids to all live, to be safe, to run away from their 'countries' as fast as posible for or they stay and get killed or they run away from palestine+iraq and live ' its not false gods who ask the believers of them to murder but YOUR enemy always in all wars, armed conflits , genocides - it wasnot hitler who wanted the jewish to die, but really Your enemy YAHWEH " let's pray for YOU YAHWEH to put an end to the genocide of christians from 'iraq' + 'palestinians' from 'palestine please w beg YOU for their lives are in danger, they're starving to death, they're in the mountains, hiding from the djihadists, if they really are djihadists, what if this has nothing to do with that but satanists , a false story to empty the earth from life " so maybe its false djihadists but humans hired to play the role of muslim terrorists , for the 'illuminatis ' hate the muslims and arabs and seem to want the whole human race to hate them so humans hear all the time more and more stories of so called 'djihadists' ho murder innocents, everywhere on earth x is this true ? or only a way to change the idea humans had of arabs, if they had a good one, to give a fale image of them which is : all arabs are terrorists, all arabs are muslims, and muslim means terrorists etc all of this is false " some arabs are atheists, christian, " many arabs are not terrorists " the bilderberg has something against arabs and wanna kill them all like them killed many jewish in the twentieth century " poor innocent living creatures, victims of this cruelty " lets prayfor all of them to go to Heaven with YOU YAHWEH + for all the ones who remain alive, to remain alive, to not be killed cause YOU YAHWEH will put angels close to every muslim and non muslim arab in order to protect YOUR children from Your enemy " this is a huge injustice " we think about you arab and muslim family " You human atheist+ christian family etc support you all "

we thank YOU YAHWEH for the food YOU give us but all of us are retards it seems ; how come we are doing great, very happy in our earthly existances, nothing tremendously bad happens to us, YOU give us food, water, no diseases, everything's great , YOU give us a lot of hapiness ' how come YOU dont seem to be punishing us for all the retard extrmeely unethical malicious stuff we do all the time " YOU give nothing bad to us as punishment, only good stuff " YOU give us all our dreams that become true, YOU give us all we want , how weird " the most retards inhumane humans like bullfighters, scientists who practise animal testing, humans who buy and eat animals, buy false clothes made out of animals, all of those who know well veganism and who refuse to be vegan, all of them, it doesnt seem like YOu're giving them something atrocious as punishment for their heartless half wit behavior " they are not suffering " they are happy it seems most of them " will YOU send to hell all YOUR kids who are hypocrites who pretend they have a tremendous love for the animals,who dont want to go vegan " they are tremendous murderers " please forgive them and if YOU can, dont put them to hell, poor brainless victims of earth's endoctrinations like the one which is : mankind must eat animals for taste+health+ strenght " those who're rich , they seem to be happy, not all of them ' even though they're satanists, even though they got loads of black marks " all those who murder animals or one animal, one or several humans and who're not in jail and who seem to be as happy as Your good kids, how come ? its not logical : or YOur terrible kids have a life of suffering as a result of YOU punishing them for being almost as evil or as evil as satanist for isntance for being their family eaters, humans who kill roosters fighting for roosters fights , and YOU give good lives to YOUR great creatures to thank them for being good, but it semes YOU give very similar lives : happy lives to the biggest sinners & to the little sinners " how surprising " please YAHWEH make understand to all YOUR mankind they have to be vegans in order to not be like satanists + to not be sent by YOU to hell please vegans from the earth beg YOU ! !!

What right does mankind have in taking of these innocent lives? That is Gods decision alone! He created life and only He has the right to take it. How can these people lay down and sleep at night knowing they have committed murder of innocents! They wii pay when they face the Almighty

Please read this article. This is one reason why I am so passionate about this cause. No one has the right to decide who lives or dies except, of course, our Almighty God. This article explains it all.

This poor little kitty family would have been far better off if left in the wild. At least they would have had a chance to live and even know love. Our Creator knows when a sparrow falls and the evil sin of killing this small little kitty family will not go unnoticed by the great Creator of us all. A possible rescue was preparing to rescue this little family but this shelter took it upon themselves to kill the entire family within hours of the birth of these precious wee babies. These kitties were not even given a warm blanket to lay on during their last hours of life! Humans who would approve of and participate in the abuse and killing of this little family are guilty of a heinous evil which leaves a big, dark, permanent mark on their hearts and souls. Heaven help a nation or a people who allow such evil as this to continue.

A todos los animales les quiero muchísimo! pero reconozco que estoy más cerca de los perritos y gatitos. Es increíble la crueldad del ser humano! Nosotros como animales superiores teníamos que dar ejemplo en moralidad y respetar, amar y dar una calidad de vida a los animales!!! Pero hay mucha gentuza que su evolución no llega ni a la de la bacteria!!!! SON SERES SIN ALMA!!!!!!

This is shocking you don't give kittens a change to be rehomed or the poor mother cat to be a mother what a evil sick breed some humans are time for caring staff to be rehired lazy heartless staff sacked hire staff who want to do a bit of work for the pay they take home helping find homes for homeless animals not just cutting their life short before they even had a loving home work with more rescue places to find homes after all you and anyone could be homeless and I am sure you would want help not to die like the poor animals we want a kinder world for all animals not murder like this heartbreaking

Thank you for your consideration.

allowing and encouraging inhumane methods

we look forward to working with you and all earthlings to make our great planet an even better place to live, work, and raise an animal family.

Every view will help build support for the animals & veganism

Please help them continue to help rescue animals at this wonderful venue where they live and are up for adoption.

sep 5 2013

if we won't eat a Man why'd we eat animals? if we wudn't eat our wife,son,mother,grandpa,best friend,or any human ,why wud we eat animals? if we love our pets,for isntance our dog,or dogs,why'd we eat cows,ducks etc ? why have respect for one animal and not for the other? why dog deserve more than ducks? they all are animals,all form animal kingdom so it's disrespectul and dismcriminating agaisnt some spieces like fish and farm animals and having more compassion for animals like zoo animals,pets,cricus animals because we are like racists.but  racist is hating people from human speices but from other human races than our own .specism is respecting humans and not respecting animals because they're not from our speices so despising animals like a white racist despice a jewish or a chinese, a black an arab. or piecist in another case are humans who have repect,comapsison for some animals ( dogs,cats ect) and no respect for other animals ( hens,bulls,calves ect) because they think its mandatry to love have friendship,sympahty (affinités) for animals like dogs but its stupid and crazy to have all that for animals they eat.So it's normal in their minds to respect pets but to lack of respect for other animals : animals for animal testing , human food ( animals , milk , eggs) , animals for fashion ( leather , fur , wool etc ) humans adn animals are almost the same, humans are animals , animals are animals . How can they posibly think humans deserve respect and animals for food don't? If they all are animals!!! all having bodies,hearts that can feel love,anger, bodies that can feel pain,eyes that can see etc .So why do me have to respect humans but not animals? IF humans wud eat humans, msot people wud find its inacceptable, increidbly cruel.If we wud exploit and abuse human women to produce and sell milk , and if humans would make eggs, and that we would abuse and exploit and kill them for their milk and eggs , would it be ok ? No. it would be inhumane and so mean. So if its not ok to abuse humans for their meat eggs and milk, its definitely and obviously not ok to do the same to animals. We should treat animals and humans as equals, with the same respect, because all of them deserve respect. Some humans don't evend eserve respect because theyre so cruel.They deserve that we exploit them to make leather,fur,meat ect with their bodies.But animals deserve so much more than human terorists,human rapist,human animla killers ect to be alive,and respected by everybody on earth, thats for sure. Animals are the ones who deserve respect.This spiecies deserve more respect than humans.Because too few humans are kind so it's like about 5% of humans deserve respect.The others, 95% we can kil them,do whatever we want to them, do them the same we do to animals.But 100% of non human animals deserve respect. Why is that crazy idea incredibily abnormal and weird mentality that says we can't abuse humans,we can abuse animals,it's ok to kill animals for food,it's not ok to kill humans.We're almost the same spicies,we're too alike: humans think,animal thinkg, humans adn animals sleep,humans and animals are able to feel emotions,humans and animals have sex and reproduce themselves, humans and animals live on the same planet,humans and animals eat almost all the same food,humans and animas can walk,run,go to live some place else,live,die,are able to feel depression,frustratios,are able to reason,to be sick,healthy ect we are sooo the same! so if we are the same,we should treat all beigns rom both speices the same, human speices and animal speices.That is no obvious its increidble most people on earth don't get that. It doesn't tae a genius to get that though. Their brains are to closed.They need to open them,their hearts too in order to understand all this.Because only for compassionate humans all of this is obvious.That's why for em,there is no way they could eat the flesh of their FRIENDS,BROTHERS and SISTERS . When are you people gonna realize that you got NO RIGHT to do what you do : ask for people to kill animals an than go to grocery stores buy it ,cook it and eat it.Its a CRIME ! ! ! Why do you people keep saying i love animals but i eat them . IT's like a terroist who would say i kill humans but i love them.It's paradoxical to wanna hurt the ones who love.So you don't love them after all.You don't hurt them with your person,but you agree that other people hurt them in order for you to eat.So you are cruel anyway and ANIMAL KILLERS.
Why do most humans think that animals don't deserve respect?Why do they think humans are superior?What makes them superior?What if humans weren't superior to animals but equals?It means it is forbidden for us to kill animals, for food for instance.Because as equals of us,we must RESPECT them. Who said it was wrong to exploit humans but ok to exploit animals?There is no difference between the two of them.What makes it ok to torture animals for food and not ok to torture humans for food?There is no difference,we have to respect both,to keep them both alive,to eat vegan.

Most humans don't get this because they don't see things as compassionate humans see things : for most humanity,animals are stuff.Stuff and stuff you cna break,'kill',destroy.If you wanna break a chair,a radio,a door,you can.It's not murder.It's just an object.These people see animals exactly like objects.So a duck can't feel emotions,can't have kids,can't eat,can't see,can't die,can't feel pain as it's on object.So it makes it ok according to these people to eat and kill exploit and abuse these animals.They soooo don't see things like good humans = vegan humans. For us vegans,animals are LIVES,bodies,with WONDERUFL SOULS,increidble generous HEARTS,loving CREATURES,amazing BEINGS,SAINTS,BEST FRIENDS,the msot important BEINGS on earth.We so wanna protect them from evil humans,obsessed with money ect.We really see them as living beings not as objetcs.

That's why vegans think it's MURDER and increidbly CRUEL to kill and eat animals.And that's why the rest of the human world think it's ok to kill and eat animals. Vegans and all eating humans are soooo different in their phylosophies. Hope one day everybody will find hearts and eventually realize how wrong they were,how inhumane they were and the way they see animals,and that they will all go vegan. They don't have a heart , it isn't posible to buy one, get one anywhere ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !


i don't get it its like they got two personalities, twho hearts: one full of love for animals one full of hatred for them because theyre against cruelty towards pets,animla testing or fur,but for cruelty for human food as they eat animals eggs and milk. its imposible one human being can't have love and despise for animals at the same time so it means they havent got compasion even thoug they say they have, en though seems like they have because if they had compassion for animals from labs and pets for isntanc,e they wud also have that compasion for all the other animals like animals sued for human , now, they dont like animals, they dont respect animals as they say, they just lying to themselves and to animal advocates because lets fac eit, if you say you have a heart, why dont you feel sadness or guilt when you eat a peice of dead animal ? u enjoying it, u like it, u don'tthink poor animal! u just think umm yummy! only the oens who are against ALL animal cruelties have a heart and are kind and respectufl to animals. the one who chose for this i respect animals, for this i don't, and for this too ect, for this i'll be against this cruelty, for this one ect, have a problem coz it's paradoxical and incoherent.We have to chose to respect or not respect , have compasion or not  having any, be kind or be unkind to animals, we can't be both.

Means they are for the killing of animals for food,against the killing of pets,or bullifhting.They're agaisnt animal curelty when it comes to soe animals and for animal curelty when it comes to animals used for human food= dead animals , milk and eggs. It is because for the stuff they use= they're for killing+abuse.When it's stuff they never used =it's ok ,we can save these poor defenseless animals.Sick humans! Human being's a disease.How can they separate in their hearts both if both are living beings! one deserve respect,the others don't. It's sick!! Sick minds! Means for stuff they dont buy nor use like abuse their own pets,go to to a bull-fighting,go to the zoo,wear fur ect =they think it's inhumane to kill,useless.When it comes to food and animla testing most of the time =they're for because they sue and buy these things all the time,everyday.So when it's stuff that are part of they lives,they are so involved with all this so they think i use it =so it's ok that they kill them for me. I don't use it=bullfight ect =it's not ok they kill these animals.Man, what a bunch of self-absorded 'human' beings !! ! ! !

so what? what's the fuss with using oneself the stuff? doesn't mean because you use it that it's not cruel.All the animal exploitations are cruel,wether we use them or not.animals killed or food=cruel , as much as fur = cruel .fullstop. u dn't use fur? great! U use meat? stop this now! So stop saying you guys RESPECT animals because you don't use fur or don't abuse your pet or pets because as you buy dead animals and eat them you can't posibly expect anyone to think you respect animals.What a joke!!!I eat animals= i respect animals hahaha ya right so a murderer can say ikillhumans= i respect them !!!! if you got heart for a dog, you got hart for all don't want your neighbor to abuse or rape or kill his dog? you do'nt want pigs to be abused so you can eat them. That's the same.You see your neighbor abusing his dog u call the police,u try to do everythin u can to save him.Great.U know farmers abuse pigs u keep on buying dead pigs.U defend the dog,u buy the dead pigs.U're against people abusing dogs,u are for people abusing pigs.Wow.Really doesn't make any sense.U have in your hands the power to save pigs or any other farm animals and fish and u dont.Then why did u svae the dog?

you guys despise some animal spiecies?ure like a racist for animals? u like dogs=u save dogs, u hate pigs,or fish or hens=u want them to die FOR YOU,and get abused for you? u bear farm animals and fish a grudge ? what did they ever do to you guys so u hate em so much ? a dog has as much value as a cow, or fish, or pig.U don't seem to realize that. It's like saying i saw this arab get beat up, oh its ok he was 'just' an arab.U let him got beat upu see a white human get beat up,u go and save him. U treat better some huan races than others. U do the same to animals : u treat good some animals for isntance your epts if you guys have pets and you treat bad other animals, the one you use for your diet or shampoos,or creams ect ( products tested on animals ).

Seems like it's pathological or something.Humans are sick.Because it's ABNORMAL thatin their twisted minds they can have compasion and respect for some spieices just because they come from particular speicies and have no respect for other speices because they think of a single speicies in particular and not of the whole animal speicies,the whole animal kindgom in general. That is sick.Because why would we respect dogs and not all other animals.Because dogs are prettier than farm animals? Come on this is really ' race ' ism ! ! ! It's like that human i love her because she's thin.That one i hate because she's obese. That one i love because he's white.Him i hate coz he's indian. because white are prettier than indians. or skinny humans sexier than fat ones. Come on ! ! ! Don't despise a speicies just because you dislike their physical appearance.And its just a matter of tastes because some people find farm animals very very beautiful. And obese and non-white human races too.

Come one, humans, wake up ! ! ! Yure soooo wrong . You have to respect animals,it's COMPULSORY. not by humans law but by GODs law and compassionate humans law. No one has the right to eat animals. No one.Because that's the way it is.We want us humans to be respected?Animals want to be respect too. Huamans respect humans, humans MUST respect animals.Why we can't eat animals?Because animals are our BORHTERS and SISTERS and because we care about them ( ya right! you care so much bout them you eat their bodies , yuck ! ), because they are our equals and we all are on this planet all together so that's basically why we can't eat you guys,our best frirends ANIMALS SAINTS ANGELS. we aren't superior to you,you guys aren't superior to us.We all have to respect eac others.You guys ANIMAL SAINTS respect us.We must respect you guys. That's just the way it is.So as respect means keeping alive and treating very well= we don't eat ya'll !

you can't respect SOMEONE you eat.Animals ain't something they're someone. You can't posibly think you respect anyone that died BECAUSE OF YOU. Taht was abused BECAUSE OF YOU. So you wanna respect ALL animals, no expection, animals sued for human food two? simple : stop eating dead animals + milk + eggs : GO VEGAN ! ! ! Thank you so much in advance .I say it but i say it instead of ANIMALS ANGELS because they can't speak . But it's them who are saying it in the silence of their hearts.


[size=15]u think animals r food for humans?do u think animals have rights and the right to live?why u think animals for testing and rabbits deserve to be treated right and to live and not animals for food?do u like fish and farm animals? we arent superior to animals were equals so we cant eam them, doesnt matter if were kids or old or adutls or men or women of from one coutnry or anotha ect animals aint food, i promise its true!!! u dont realise that coz its been since eart exist since the first humans that they made us believe anials are food but im sure if they hadnt made tat mistake u and everybody else wud be vegans right now,coz the first menw ere wrong,not very cleva,so they thought aniamls wer food but in fact its unnatural,like tellin a cow,whos a vegan,to eat a bird,which is 'meat' so a vegan animal cant be a carnivore,and humans,who r vegans,cant be carnivores or all eating

so wish u and all da humans in da world , wud realize tat

if it wus da other way round : animals for food = animals for testing ,u wud be against animals for food right? if animals for testing wud be animals for food=ud be for animal testin

or if animals were humans =u wudnt eat them ,if we wudnt eat humans,why do we eat animals if theyre so similar phisically?animals can see,think,breath,hear ect we dont eat stuff or objecs, we eat someone!!! animals aint something but someone
its so dsigutsint to put into our mouths and stomachs dead animals, its so sad to think befor they were transformed into food, they were alive,so intelligent,so elegant,with their blakc ans white fur,the cows,or pink piggs,they all look so cute,like u wanna hold their in ur arms,hugg them,but NOT eat them!!! yuck! only to think we turn them into food makes me wanna throw up

they are so friendly,so sweet,so kind,they're angels,if ud live in a farm with hens and cows pigs,maybe u'd refuse to eat any animal,farm animals r like dogs,cats,theyre are the best friends we cud ever have,pigs r very clever,more than dogs,these animals got lives befor we killed them,they so wanted to live, if we wouldnt take a human life,why do we take the lives of innocent defenseless animals?

we msut protect them,not eat them! a pig,a cow,a duck is like a rabbit,a dog,a cat,their our sons,daughters,or brothers and sisters,we jsut wanna spend all our times with them til the day we die,we wanna love them, not kill them for human food
[size=16][font=Calibri, sans-serif][size=15]please open up your heart to them,they really really really wanna LIVE.A life is the msot rpecious thing they have.If we don't want humans to kill us,why do we kill animals? Don't do to others what you don't want others to do to you.

They’re like a government hit squad killing wildlife for hire. And you and I are footing the bill.

A small division of the U.S. Department of Agriculture known as “Wildlife Services” is tasked with resolving conflicts between people and wildlife. But their outdated methods and mentality result in the needless killing of thousands of wild animals each year!

That’s why we are demanding a thorough audit of the USDA’s Wildlife Services Predator Control Program. Please join us in demanding immediate and swift action.

Their Predator Control Program’s methods are brutal, scientifically unfounded and the death toll is simply astounding.

Wildlife Services agents have accidentally killed more than 50,000 animals since 2000 – animals that were NOT targets -- including imperiled and protected species and household pets.

Wildlife Services is the government’s top wildlife killing machine; a program that operates in much of the country with a kill-first mentality, usually without a second thought to resolving conflicts using proven non-lethal techniques.

Wildlife Services has gone too far for too long, and they need to be held accountable!

Please take action and urge the USDA to take immediate action and perform an audit of the Wildlife Services Predator Control Program.

The work of this relatively unknown agency is inefficient, ineffective and scientifically unfounded.

Wildlife Services has killed more than 50,000 “non-target” animals since 2000, including endangered species and household pets.
The program has recently been the subject of public scrutiny regarding the deaths of non-target species including an endangered Mexican gray wolf.
Most of WS’s lethal predator control work is at the request of ranchers and big game hunters.
They are responsible for the slaughter of literally hundreds of gray wolves in the Northern Rockies each year.
This agency should know better! Its own researchers have identified non-lethal alternatives that protect livestock and ranch animals without the unnecessary killing.

We work so hard to protect the wildlife that make our country such a remarkable place. This taxpayer-funded travesty must be stopped before more animals are needlessly killed.

Please take action now and help hold Wildlife Services Accountable!

For wildlife

17 AU 2014

lets not have closed mind : its not praying for the sick of your region/ nation, its praying for the sick of the entire world;  its not praying for the sick in 'our' f'family' its praying for the sick of our family of animals+humans made by YAHWEH; we think too small when we prya for some categories when we should pray from every single being so its not praying for the unemployed husband but for the unemployed of the earth , it not praying for non very improtant thigns like praying for oneself to stop having headaches but praying for the end of animal abuse, child slavery, its not praying for me, myself,i, its praying for all YAHWEH's creatures etc we see very small when we pray, that means being bad christians caus YAHWEH YOU wish all crhsitians to be as open minded as posible right? YOU wish us to be veyr generous, very altruistic, so we cant just pray for me, i ,myself or my family, my work, my heatlh etc, but for anyone, everyone, because YAHWEH a chrisitna knows everyone is their family, but if some crhsitians think everyone is not their family, they dont think as christians do: if they think they have to pray just for me +my family, they dont have a chrstian heart caus chrstian think not my family is my family but all the animals,humans are my family so they know YOur message and other chrisians dont: caus why do they refuse to pray for all the anonymes being persecuted,sick etc in this world? because theyre too self centered? because they wish they bad or dont care whether they're ok or not ok, live or die? why praying for our little problems when some are livign catastorphies everywhere in this world ? why praying to win the loterry when this is silly ,futile, when we could pray for the animals in all the labs on the earth? etc because if we refuse to care about them, think ,pray for them it means we are bad christians, it means we're evil, we dont care bout them : how could brohers & sisters not care bout their sisters+brothers? thats a sin: plus praying as never been about me me me but the wold!!! YAHWEH being self centered is a sin right? its from the enemy right?

salvarlos de esta tortura

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perhaps those who have the heart to adopt legless dogs or two legged dogs etc have bigger hearts than those who just want to adopt four legged dogs, non handicapped dogs and who refuse to adopt cripped handicapped angels just because they're different < this is discrimination ? sectarism ? like when you wanna hang out only with whites caus you're white or jsut with blacks caus you're black or when you love only those related to you < you jsut want to have in your lives non handicapped as if you wanna keep the handicapped community out of your hearts and existences or something < all of you who sort of desdain handicapped saint animals : think about this : if you humans who are non handicapped not crippled, imagine you had no leg or no arm or blind etc , and there were human shelters < would you think of corus,e don't adopt me, it's comprehensible, im just a stupid ittle crippled creature < go adopt the non handicapped humans, i udnerstand dont woryr, im not angry at you or sad < if i were you, i would also never adopt the handicapped humans < no , you woud beg please adopt me!!!! im as great as the non crippled humans, im just a little bit different but not only the non handicapped deserve love, every creature, crippled, non crippled deserve love!!!! mankind, let's stop being sectarian!!!! sectarianism is terribly idiotic and small minded , and cruel < we gotta accept everyoen with all their differences < remeber: having differences is not being bizarr, it's having differences that make you different so if a non human have one eye or three legs etc they are not bizarr, they're different and wish to have love and beings to love them < please, adopt, ignoring in which condition they are , like for humans, if you had to love any different or handicapped, could you be so heartless to refuse to love your friends etcbecause they werent crippled and now they are , THE DAY THEY4D BECOME CRIPPLED? YOU4D STOP LOVING YOUR HUMAN friends you loved since always ? imagine your grandpa is slim and becomes obese, you'll stop loving him ? if one o your friends was * nice - and now has a diseases that disfigured him her, wil you now desdain them < if you were mariried to somebody who had both eyes and now oses one eye, wil you get a divorce <if you love the creature who gave you life and now is in a wheelchair you will diown them ? you adopted a human child who was not handicapped he she is now handicapped, will you throw them in the garbage , ask somebody else to be their parents ?  again the so used so famous double standard of the bizarr humankind which is we can give love to handicapped disfugired crippled humans, we cant give love to handicapped disfigured crippled non human angels < we can adopt handicapped crippled humans, we cant adopt handicapped crippled non human people < we can be friends with handicapped humans, we cant be friends with handicapped animals, we can only be friends with non handicapped animals < not very humane < think about this if we mankind can put into our eixstences handicapped humans, or spend our lives with handicapped humans, and still love our former non handicapped human loved ones and now they're handicapped , and we would never abandon our handicapped human loved ones , how can we not accept to give our friendship to handicapped non humans and to adopt them into our hearts and existences < it seems those who dont accept to adopt handicapped non humans got a lot ess compassion towards the animals + towards the handicapped creatures or at least towards the handicapped animals, than those humans who are wiling to adopt several or a handicapped non human and who got no problem doing so < for maybe those who feel able only to adopt non handicapped are more frivolous than those who can adopt handicapped for they care about the looks of the non humans and it is not wise for looks are like dust, ! ! ! nada!!! all the beauty queens and kings of the earht will be 70 one day! and die! and dead = no beauty, nothing! souls , nothing else! so they care evn about the looks of animals, so ridiculous! so those who adopt handicapped animals may be wiser, may have a better view of life, a better heart, a less superficial heart and such a wonderful heart for they saw way beyong the- beauty -or * ugliness * of the things, creatures, themselves < they just saw : the souls of the creatures, their eyes didn't see the handicapp, or good health < they dont see wow this animal ill adopt her him so all my friends wil think i got the pretitest coolest animal or this animal ah, he she looks so aweful, i must not adopt her him or everybody will make fun of me < all those earthly silly superficial philosphy < all those thigns which mena nothign and which mena even mroe nothing in the other life < no, they saw way beyond this < they just saw a soul who were in desperate need of compassion& love, so they pretended to ignore the fact they're crippled, and they just adopted them! fell in love! and thats how a fairy tale starts and theyll live hapily ever after and those people are such angels really < thank you so much mommies, daddies, who were so open minded, so against sectarianism , against discrimination+ prejucides, against intolerance and who wanted not the msot beautifu animal, just an animal to love, thats all < those who go to a shelter thinking: i wan tht ebest one! meaning i want the most beautiful one : bad attitude < those who go there thinking : i want somebody to love, to make happy, to trat like a king queen , dont matter if he's the ugliest cat dog in this unverse or the other wway around, i just want to offer my heart toa sweet angel , dont matter they have 3, legs, no eye ect : excellent attitude < not everything should be about looks on this earth < nothing should be about looks!!! and not just looks, but every single frivolous thing whch makes the earht be a non heaven type of place, a earthly place with a earthly philosophy < ( philosophy* ya right! this is so superficial it cant be a philosophy! < if ony all the human race could see life like some of you who are terribly wise and kind hearted < obviousy not the whole mankind is kind hearted as they fele disgusted to see handicapped creature,s humans, animals < like yuck! what is this mosnter! its not a monster!!! thats so rude! its a creature of GOD! just because they have no eyes or three legs dont mean they're mosntruous! or those thinking, those creature should not live, they should be euteunized < oh ya, will you euthanize the humans you adore who have no eye, one hand etc ? thats such a heartless )philosohpy) < to deserve love you dont need to be a beuaty queen kind creature, you just need to be a righteous creature < or just a creature < anybody deserve love, even the mrudere,s terrorists ect right ? so any wicked human handicapped human deserve love < any wicked humand eserve love < any human deserve love caus wicked=the entire mankind! so the entire mankind is evil, not a part of it < in the dictionnary it should be written definition of humans, humankind human race etc < wicked creatures < for no human is really nice right ? we are all very wicked < emeber this not only the healthy living beigns are worthy of love, but the crippled, the handicapped, everyone is worhty of love, isnt that what YOU say GOD?

se 10 14

that is so 'weird' we are so nt impartial, that is extremly unbearable ( we dont think the same, whoever is the creature to save , it we have to chosse between two creatures creature Y and creature 5 we save 5 but if we have to choose between saving 5 and creature Z we save z ect that is immoral, this is caus we lsitne to our emotions, not our brains , we are not rational, not just for we choose in fonction of who we love more, and less : you have to chosse to save or your animal or he stranger human, you save your animal - you have to choose between savng your cousin and your animal you save your cousin ' you have to save or a stranger or your husband you save your husband etc this is bad ' you choose whiever thats all in all cases , if we can save one ( this shouldnt change from one person to another, meaning if a2 has to choose he she will chose one person and if 8j has to choose, he she would save another one, this no, this yes : it doenst matter wheter you are 5n, or 3e , or 9I, all would choose to save any of them, if they have to save one, if they can save all, they should all save all, some got the opportunity to save several ones, but only save some caus they're humans, and choose not to save the others, caus they're animals ç so unfair!!! that's easy for them : a human or the animal = the human ,in all cases, they'd choose to save the uman, be it a non close friend, a close relative, a wife husband love companion, close friend, distant relative, stranger from their town, stranger from another -nation è , an enemy = dont matter, in all cases theres the human adn the animal to save :theyd always choose the human " this is unfair , caus in their mind they think the human life worth so much more, no !!! the animal is worht as much é what a dilmea if they got to choose between two beins they love : their granddad or their sister, their love companion or their daddy " this type of reasoning is twisted , scandalous " if its another beings pet, you save the human you dont know, if its yours, you save your pet, é e are sick in the heads !!!! we should be just like Christ , we shouls chose like him, he would definitely not choose in accordance with the affinities but in fonction of moral ' you choose any of them or all of them n thats the amazing philosophy, thats the only one which is good which everyone should follow caus it means we got plenty of standards : the stranger + your dog = you save your dog caus you love your dog, ya right! the family human member + your dog = you save your family human member oh so now you dont like your dog anymore ? the dog of somebody else + your dog = you save your dog , the dog of somebody else + a thief or murderer or monsruous human = you save the dog of somebody else oh so before you didnt care about anybody elses pets , just bout yours, now you care about other humans pets , theres something seriously wrong with these minds TT all this shows we are really sick , sometimes we love some beings, other times we dont care about them, some times we could save their lives, in some contexts, in others, we would let them die, without thinking it twice, yes but this is when talking about humans who kind of love the animals, now if this was a pshyciatric experiment done on vegans , they would probably have very different answers such as : savig th animal always, dont matter if the other one is a close family member, stranger from their town, from their country, another one, another continent, an enemy, a love partner, whoever, they would always choose to save the animal, not giving importance on if the animal is a celeb pet, a homeless pet, a pet who dont have a family and lives in the streets,their pet, a wild animal, any type of animal etc but this sucks caus first their say theyd save their pet caus he she's a family member then they say they'd choose to save their family member or strangger for isntance, so what? their pet is not a family member anymore and the human yes ? what about the stranger ? they dont see her him as a family member , this is all so irrational ( that is very blmaeworthy this weird idea of double standards of the beings being worthy of life, or anything, in some cases, opposed to other beings, and in other cases those very same beings being worht of less or nothing, opposed to other beings for isntance you can save the pet of a celeb and yours= you save the pet of the celeb caus because of endoctrinations somebody who got a relationship with a celeb must be important as for mankind celebs are some sort of gods so but in the case of saving a wild animal and your pet you save your pet , we cant just switch on and off a button of i love you, i care about you, i dont love you anymore, you are nothing to me , every time we want to, were so unfair!!! the best phyilosophy whch is YAHWEH's one is to put everyone on the same level being the fairest as posible, so YAHWEH YOU feel like we should not think in that case he sehs improtant in that other case he stops being important, i save him in this case, in that case, i dont save him but to save the same ones in every posible cases likethe dog or the president= the dog, then in any other case where there is that dog and any other creature= save the dog

animals are too kind, too doog, humans we're all retards caus of our evil ways, of course a non human animal not just a dog's life 's worht way more than any human life, but really this is unfair to have to choose bettwen two creatures, the best would be to be able to save them all, but even if humans could save both, the animal and the human, they'd save only the human, whcich is so inhumne, everybody dont love the animals, only vegans, many humans in this earth hate the animals so unfortunately even if they had to choose between a very sick psyco or speicists, or racist or mean creature and a non human theyd save the human, in most cases, YAHWEH knows why , we dont , any vegan who's vegan caus of the love of the non humans, woudl normally, choose the animal, always caus vegans seem to love the animals more than the human persons , this is a very intelligent question unfortunately humans dont really are about the animals so theyd find this quesiton schoking, a joke, disrespectufl etc if only more humans would in all cases choose to save the animal, that sucks that we change the one we'd save in accordance of the beings, the contexts , weird we are the humans, the normal reaction would to save the same one who omes back in all contexts and the other one is always a different one, but we're so unfair and non rational that we'd save a different one in every case , weird human race

we are so unfair caus when theres cruetly towards an animal a human we dont feel the same, again the unfinite standards, not double standards t if its a human whoes 40 we got less empathy than for a kid or baby, less empathy is the non human in an adult than if she hes a baby, more empathy for the kid thn for the non human ,more empaty for the teen han for the elderly etc that means we have many hearts full and empty in accordance with situations , we are never impartial ; terrible world ' so a human who's 40 who got killed, its ok he she was 40 so old, thats what we think? oh the human is a 4 year old human oh thats some tragedy! oh the human was 74 oh its ok they would have died sooner or later anyway etc YAHWEH YOU are against us having different levels of empathy for different creatures and wish we had the same one for all right ? caus this is unjustice, and not some caracteristic of truly nice persons


we got YAHWEH on our side , we are doing

remember omivores YAHWEH ain't on your side, but on our side, the vegans

God’s Word: Filling Us With God’s Wisdom

MatthewToday’s reading introduces a section in Matthew’s Gospel often referred to as the “Sermon on the Mount”. The sermon begins with blessings and sayings and with Jesus describing a vision of God’s realm. What Jesus teaches constitutes a description of an alternative community – one that stands in sharp contrast to an imperial empire that values power, wealth, and status.

Matthew 5:16 “In the same way your light must shine before people, so that they will see the good things you do and praise your Father in heaven. Jesus saw the crowds and went up a hill, where he sat down. His disciples gathered around him, and he began to teach them “Happy are those who know they are spiritually poor; the Kingdom of heaven belongs to them! Hpy are those who mourn; God will comfort them! Happy are those who are humble; they will receive what God has promised! Happy are those whose greatest desire is to do what God requires; God will satisfy them fully!Happy are those who are merciful to others; God will be merciful to them! Happy are the pure in heart; they will see God! appy are those who work for peace; God will call them his children! Happy are those who are persecuted because they do what God requires; the Kingdom of heaven belongs to them! 11 Happy are you when people insult you and persecute you and tell all kinds of evil lies against you because you are my followers. 12 Be happy and glad, for a great reward is kept for you in heaven. This is how the prophets who lived before you were persecuted. 13 You are like salt for the whole human race. But if salt loses its saltiness, there is no way to make it salty again. It has become worthless, so it is thrown out and people trample on it. 14 You are like light for the whole world. A city built on a hill cannot be hid. 15 No one lights a lamp and puts it under a bowl; instead it is put on the lampstand, where it gives light for everyone in the house. 16 In the same way your light must shine before people, so that they will see the good things you do and praise your Father in heaven. 17 Do not think that I have come to do away with the Law of Moses and the teachings of the prophets. I have not come to do away with them, but to make their teachings come true. 18 Remember that as long as heaven and earth last, not the least point nor the smallest detail of the Law will be done away with—not until the end of all things. 19 So then, whoever disobeys even the least important of the commandments and teaches others to do the same, will be least in the Kingdom of heaven. On the other hand, whoever obeys the Law and teaches others to do the same, will be great in the Kingdom of heaven. 20 I tell you, then, that you will be able to enter the Kingdom of heaven only if you are more faithful than the teachers of the Law and the Pharisees in doing what God requires.  


Verses 3-12 are often referred to as Beatitudes. In a number of Bible translations, these nine statements begin with the word “blessed.” The word “beatitude” is another word for “blessing” (or true happiness) and declares God’s favor. Reread these verses. Whom does God favor? Why? What does this say to you about how the realm of God is envisioned?


Lord Jesus, thank you for teaching me about God’s love. Help me to follow you and to be salt and light so that others will come to know you. May my actions this day be a reflection of your teachings and give glory to God. Amen.

Prayer Concern

People suffering under oppressive regimes

we an do this . Don't let them get skinned or boiled alive! Never again! Save DOGS in China.

The DOG is the man’s and woman’s humans best friend, it’s time for us to be the best friends of DOGS.

he gives others inspiration

animals are just pure joys

a dog someone once thought had no hope proves anything is posible ( they anted to euthanize him caus he was born with two legs

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MessageSujet: Re: n lets do something to stop violence cruelty, torture injust   Ven 18 Avr - 12:31

1 sep 14

react human race!!! the big part of it which say : im kiind, really, very kind / well no !!! you want to prove it, feel insulted caus some say you are not / well prove us wrong ! go vegan ! as some accuse you of being false kinds caus you're all omnivorous , you millions or billions of creatures who don't like it, your egoes hate it, when we say you look kind but are not , of course : ythere is a choice for you all to do between kindness to the animals or cruelty to the animals : omnivorous lifestyle or vegan lifestyle / you all false kinds choose omnivorous ifestyle / you choose violence, crime, inhumanity, satanism over the saint thing of YAHWEH : being vegan ,being compassionate to your brothers animals / lets face it : kind humans can choose cruelty instead of goodness??? murder,blood,suffering over kindness?? no !!! then stop feeling insuted c,calomniados?? caus yeah, you are what you're called : false kinds, half kind of what others and yourselves think of you, less kinds than vegans, unkind to the animal kingdom, murderers / now murderes are (kind) hahaha! ! you're lying to yourselves, millions or billions of humans who think you're kind / everymorning you get up and think im such a nice human / yeah right! you murder animals wiht oyur lifestyle / and you look upon yourselves as kind / it dont matter you try to read books or stuff about being better humans, kinder humans, how to save the earth, the humans, how to be even better than you are, or how to be good if you considerate yourselve as sort of wicked, or giving courses to students or friends etc about how to be good ? wht is being good ? if yourself aren't caus look at yourself first!!! before trying to change othes! you cant ask others to be good if first, you havent checked if yourselv are or not!  you really think you can make others follow a good example of kindness if yourself are a terrible example of wikedness by being a non vegan ? ??/ PLEASE DONT DO STUFF upside down : trying to make others nice when you are not even nice / 1 make yourself nicer, try / 2 now you're less wicked than before, nicer than before, now you can go to 2 : trying to teach others what is kindness caus now the teach is a good exampe, is a kind creature : is a vegan environmentalist !!!!

humans don't get that humans who are compassionate kind humans are not those who are kind to the animals . This is binary thinking. a true human being is kind to all creatures. they mix the false idea of being kind with the true idea of being kind . being kind is to all the living creatures . those who are 'kind ' to humans and not to the animals are not truly kind . they seem to be kind but they're not that kind . they can't be as much kidn as the antispecists vegans who are truly kind . they dont understand that it's no use trying to be very good with humans, trying to teach goodness to humans, trying to phylosophize about what is goodness and trying to know who is and who is not kind, what behaviors are actually kindness or just look like kindness, sound like kindess and seem to be kindness but really aren't kindness . al of this is a waste of time as long as theselves aren't turly kind to the animals for these people teach kindness or try to be right and great human beings but !!only with humans!! of course, it's easy to get that if you're not really kind if you show compassion to some and not to tohers, you show compasison to the human animals and not to the human animals / so of course if you seem, not are, as are if for vegans who are kind wiht animals peeople and human people / so if some humans seem to be kind towards people, and have no mercy for the animals which is closing their eyes on omnivorism when they know very well the behind the scenes of omnivorous lifestyle, then can be as philantropists and just as they want with human animals, be 'saints' ith the human people, they are deep down not good . lets face it : when a so called truly good human knows about cruelty towards their family of animal kingdom, they stop wishing to be a part of the problem and being part of it / but no they supposedly truly good + philantropists humans see the real face of meat, leather etc and think i love meat! i love leather! and will buy eat use til i die! so this is definitely not being good right beings / they can be philosophers in their souls and philosophise in total months, years, of their existences, and ask others to help, and themselves help , its the void as it's helping human people excusively, they'd never help animal people as it d mean for them to stop eating, buying, using what they adore using, eating, buying / caus here's its not about being oneself, with one's arms, body, legs, foot and morally mean to the animals etc mean to the animals and physically, morally good to the humans / its about just morally being cruel to the animal kingdom with ones non vegan lifestyle / a true philosopher knows that kindess is not destiné ?? to one category, one part of the whole living creatures but to all / so they absolutely are convinced that them who are mean to the animals with omnivorous lifestyle and good to the humans are very right creatures ??? the same for those who think others who're good to the people and evil to the animals are : great human beings ???!!! its so double standards : you have to be kind to humans to be considered a kinh person + you have to be evil to animals to be considered a kind person / don't make no sense !! ! you can be kind to the humans mean to the animals o be considered a good person / thats the two weights two measures for its or you're kind with all or you're mean with all : one standard / so being a great person is not being kind to all the oens who're living, its just to some priviledged , its so not equalitarian / even though you are mean to the animals, and are very good to the animals, eveyone perceives you as a very good person / this is insanity !!!!!!!!!!

lets not forget caus being good or good, or kind, nice, etc are wrongly used / its not just being good its being good + being philantropists / hard to explain / you have to be mroe than good / you have to be extremely good / as YAHWEH isnt happy, satisfied with us just being (good) / its so not enough / YOU want to be very pround of us with tonnes of kind acts in our every day lives at least one good action per day / so just 'kind' hahaha !!! a joke really!!! you live all you're life being just : kind , hard to find one's place in heaven / but if you are kind and you take the initiative by your own free will to help, then , there, YAHWEH sees this, knows you made the effort to be part of the solution like somebody tells you they're sad caus they lost their anima / you just say i'm sorry about that < just kind / now you say i wanna do everything i can to help, i'll find him her for you, i promise, don't worry < kind+ helpful, very kind actually, very caring / see the difference ? the same goes with oh im depressed today caus i saw an artice about cruel animal testing , i wish i could save them all , i wanan do soemthing but im alone, dont know how: oh im sorry, its cruel, yeah but what can we do ? < just kind, a little bit compasisonate, not enough / now you say : well, we cant stop this, i won't buy anymore stuff which were tested on animals and ill help you caus two is stronger than one, ill help you find ideas < very kind + cares for real, and compassionate / thats the second one that is the true kind for just listening passively, or saying passive things, this is not true kindness, this is false kindness, really low level of it whereas the one who always : act, remember : act, act, act , who never remains with his passive mind, passive talk but say let's go into action !!! right now!! this is the very very kind ,the only kind for a so called kind one remains speechelss, action less when they see, hear, or are told about a cruelty ??? no !!! caus its not kind to remain there doing nada!!! kind are those who : !!!act!!!! for the supposedly kind is just there looking at the flies flying he she jsut feels a litle bit of compasison and rapidly forgets he ever knew the existence of that cruelty whereas the true kind has his her mind full with these crueltie,s cant even sleep, and is depressed and acts or at least try, and try to find ways to stop the cruelties , whereas the false kind, the little bit kind never acts, never / so this means the true kind thinks wat ? this suffering, this abuse! oh no! i wont do nothing! the other waya round oh yeah! the true kind isnt just passively compassionate, they want justice, they wnat the end of the nightmare and sufferinf for their animal mates or any creatures mates whereas the fake one which looks kind but isnt that much doenst really wish the end of the suffering, kind of yeah but does nothing about it / its not the same twho different things : 1 the false kind sort of wish the end of he animal nightmare but does nothing to put an end to this nightmare / the true nice one so wishes the end of the animals nightmares and tryes everything in their power to stop it / so is the fake kind really kind ? no / for a kind one could accept seeing their so called best friends the non humans getting captures, torutre,d decapitated ect without saying and doing nothing for them ???? obivously not / whereas the turly kind one , are they the truly kind one? as they do as much as they can to undoe the torture, to prevent the torture to go worse, to continue for the aniamls will die from that, / of course they're the tuly kind one : the fake kinds do nothing to try to save their 'loved ' animals ones , the truly kind does so much to try to save their animals loved ones /so from now one, no more confusion between so called kind and kind / vegan = kind / not vegan : lets say 40 % kind isntead of 90% of the vegans, approximatively / anyway the same for humans a true kind is the one who dont just listens to your troubles but gives you good adive / the one who just sitens, the fact they dotn speak means they may not care about you and pretend to for whatever reasons and the ones who gives exmaple : trying to help, the one who doesnt and just say stuff whch have nothing to do with helping or say nothing : not true friends

Thank you so much for speaking out for battery hens! By going egg-free you'll not only be taking a stand against the cruelty of keeping hens in cages, but you'll also save the lives of baby male chicks -- considered 'waste' by the egg industry. To get you started on your egg-free adventure, I've shared some of my favourite recipes! space.gif egg space.gif space.gif Pancakes! (Cake for brekky? Yes please!) space.gif space.gif Scrambled Tofu space.gif space.gif Scrambled tofu. (Trust me.) space.gif space.gif Caaaaake space.gif space.gif Chocolate mudcake! (Because all recipes should have chocolate. And cake.) And there's heaps more here! Thanks again Staccy for making the kind choice for chickens! If you haven't yet, please consider sharing this campaign with your friends on Facebook or Twitter. Thanks for all you do for animals, Amy Amy Amy Kidd Youth Campaigner Animals Australia Unleashed P.S. Want me to keep you posted about other ways you can help chickens and all animals? Sign up to the Unleashed Action Team today

desde que te conoci supe que no pdria vivir sin tu carño, no puedo vivir sin ti mi amor

Psalm 119:161-176 (Good News Translation)

God’s Word: Filling Us With God’s Wisdom


Psalm 119:161-176: Today’s reading is the concluding section to Psalm 119. The psalmist expresses love for the Law of the Lord and trusts in the Lord’s promises. The psalm closes with a prayer for the Lord’s saving help.

Today’s Scripture: Psalm 119:171

I will always praise you, because you teach me your laws.

Today’s Reading

161 Powerful people attack me unjustly, but I respect your law. 162 How happy I am because of your promises— as happy as someone who finds rich treasure. 163 I hate and detest all lies, but I love your law. 164 Seven times each day I thank you for your righteous judgments. 165 Those who love your law have perfect security, and there is nothing that can make them fall. 166 I wait for you to save me, LORD, and I do what you command. 167 I obey your teachings; I love them with all my heart. 168 I obey your commands and your instructions; you see everything I do. 169 Let my cry for help reach you, LORD! Give me understanding, as you have promised. 170 Listen to my prayer, and save me according to your promise! 171 I will always praise you, because you teach me your laws. 172 I will sing about your law, because your commands are just. 173 Always be ready to help me, because I follow your commands. 174 How I long for your saving help, O LORD! I find happiness in your law. 175 Give me life, so that I may praise you; may your instructions help me. 176 I wander about like a lost sheep; so come and look for me, your servant, because I have not neglected your laws.  


You have spent the past eleven days reading Psalm 119. Go back and briefly review the psalm as a whole. What themes do you see repeated throughout the psalm? What different emotions are revealed throughout the psalm? How does this psalm speak to different dimensions of your faith experience? How has meditating on God’s Law these past eleven days impacted your life?


Please Lord, hear my prayer, and give me the understanding that comes from your Word. I find happiness in your law, O Lord, and I will always praise you because you teach me your laws. Keep me close to you and rooted in your teachings. Amen.

Prayer Concern

Those studying God’s laws

Don't let 'out of sight' mean 'out of mind'. Please help by sending this important campaign to everyone you know!

You've helped send a strong message today. But the power you have to create change for the animals doesn't end there! Here some other important things you can do to help save animals from cruelty:
• Take the Pledge to only purchase products that are not tested on animals.
• Sign the 'Australians for Cruelty-free Cosmetics' petition to encourage the Australian Government to ban the sale of animal-tested cosmetics.
• Get the cruelty-free list:Choose Cruelty Free has compiled an extensive list of companies that do not test on animals. This list will help you support brands that don't subject animals to cruel tests.
• You might be surprised by the household names that still test on animals. Get the list of companies that STILL allow testing on animals.
• Call on Procter & Gamble, Unilever and Colgate/Palmolive to stop allowing testing on animals.

oc 23 14

we are non retards , yes we are T when there’s a la that nobody can leave their saints animals poop and they leave them there , and say I don’t give a c c c I do whatever I want etc they are being retards T when they think those mother ccc didn’t ramasser?? Their animals poop and I walked on it, oh s c c c they are retards our brethrens and all of us for they refuse to respect their brothers& sisters from all both earth spieices and they don’t want to walk on the poop of brother’s dogs but they want others to walk on their dog’s poop because = doube standard T when in the same situation you want the best thing for you and the worst for tohers thinking you deserve better than them but no , they deserve as much as you then they definitely are double standard egotists for you cant believe others have to ramasser their dog poops and you don’t have to T all have to = one single standard =justice T some of them are Christians!!! They don’t care about YOU GOD those false Christians T they find false excuses it’s not written in the Bible that you gotta ramasser your dog’s poop T GOD didn’t say everything we have to do and are forbidden to do T we have to use common sense T many of the thigns GOD YOU never told us we can’t do them because we have to guess that comparing to some of the things YOU say we msut not do , and those things you never said if we have to do or not to do, and seem smiliar to those YOU told if we can or can not do, then we have to think that those are smiliar thigns, then if the one YOU said we can’t do then this similar one we can’t do either T that’s simple T fase Cristians + bad children of YOU GOD in general, Christians and non crhsitians, who think we don’t have to ramasser the dog poop of any other dog , just ours T well , if humans are paid to do this so there are many dog poops then we have to do this T of course , GOD if we don’t do this YOU’ll be mad right T because everyone has to do this, help, T nobody can not help be a part of the problem T we don’t have that right T so its not why do I have to save oll this planet T why do I have to ramsser all the dogs poop T no its not one in particular T its all who will walk in those cities where there are loads of poo T its not one , its all T hard to explain im such a retard T all any one of them, it don’t mater which one, if many walked and saw the poo of the dogs of their huan family in YAHWEH , and didn’t ramsser, then anybody else has to , but if you see and don’t ramasse the poop of other humans dogs, then YOU are sinning isn’t it YAHWEH ? because its like not helping some fellow creature in danger T its not helping a problem , not helping so that the problem gets smaller T as solving the problem of dog poo just one creature, no, caus there is dog poop all over a planet and they don’t go out just to ramasser the dog poo , they ramasse only when they go out and find poop T but you cant say other human beings don’t ramasse all the dogs poop so I don’t have to do this T lets stop having our retarded brainwashed brains , come one!!! Lets learn not to act never like anybody else T it don’t matter others don’t ramasse every dogs poop T its not that that will make us decide that we don’t have to either T

four million animals eutanized each year = 4 million monsters who killed =abandonned them + 4 million mean brethrens who dont accept having pets adotping them into their hearts

We have a moral obligation to our non human animals brethrens

the only real humans are you animals, this is not an insult, this is completely tthe other way around

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MessageSujet: Re: n lets do something to stop violence cruelty, torture injust   Ven 18 Avr - 12:31

put them back up where they belong

as GOD is our witness

in the name of justice

she was to become his only desire

snack time

he was a brave loving caring man,we had a bond that could never be broken, he was alwas there for me, now he's gone, he will always be there for me,
be the change you wish to see in the world

Thank you for every share

we are better at killing than showing compassion and we have been for most of our history. And that hopefully the next generation, if taught the values of empathy and compassion, can end this horrible trend. Its the ninth inning for all of us....humans, the animals and the planet. If we don't teach the next generation to step up to the plate and be Evolved HumanE beings, its over.

Antonio Dominguez, Jiloru Russ, Jan Belker, Delal Kavak, Miriam Shahd, MaryLou Iglesias y Ady Gil.

Great and logical thinking . We humans need to work harder and harder more on remedies..and a way out for animal abuse

do not consider the animals as individuals.

What any of us chooses to do with that body reflects upon our souls.

God’s Word: Filling Us With God’s Wisdom

How to love this world when things like this happen every second of everyday in all parts of the earth ? how to love and respect and have compassion and consideration and feelings for human beings when they are like this : retarded monstrous sub human creatures / they are no creatures / they are poo , vomit , vermin

Matthew 5:21-48: In today’s reading, Jesus continues to interpret Scripture, and he offers six examples of life in community that portray God’s realm. He teaches about anger, adultery, divorce, vows, revenge, and love for enemies.

“But now I tell you: love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you, so that you may become the children of your Father in heaven.”

21 You have heard that people were told in the past, “Do not commit murder; anyone who does will be brought to trial.” 22 But now I tell you: if you are angry with your brother you will be brought to trial, if you call your brother “You good-for-nothing!” you will be brought before the Council, and if you call your brother a worthless fool you will be in danger of going to the fire of hell. 23 So if you are about to offer your gift to God at the altar and there you remember that your brother has something against you, 24 leave your gift there in front of the altar, go at once and make peace with your brother, and then come back and offer your gift to God. 25 If someone brings a lawsuit against you and takes you to court, settle the dispute while there is time, before you get to court. Once you are there, you will be turned over to the judge, who will hand you over to the police, and you will be put in jail. 26 There you will stay, I tell you, until you pay the last penny of your fine. 27 You have heard that it was said, “Do not commit adultery.” 28 But now I tell you: anyone who looks at a woman and wants to possess her is guilty of committing adultery with her in his heart. 29 So if your right eye causes you to sin, take it out and throw it away! It is much better for you to lose a part of your body than to have your whole body thrown into hell. 30 If your right hand causes you to sin, cut it off and throw it away! It is much better for you to lose one of your limbs than to have your whole body go off to hell. 31 It was also said, “Anyone who divorces his wife must give her a written notice of divorce.” 32 But now I tell you: if a man divorces his wife for any cause other than her unfaithfulness, then he is guilty of making her commit adultery if she marries again; and the man who marries her commits adultery also. 33 You have also heard that people were told in the past, “Do not break your promise, but do what you have vowed to the Lord to do.” 34 But now I tell you: do not use any vow when you make a promise. Do not swear by heaven, for it is God's throne; 35 nor by earth, for it is the resting place for his feet; nor by Jerusalem, for it is the city of the great King. 36 Do not even swear by your head, because you cannot make a single hair white or black. 37 Just say “Yes” or “No”—anything else you say comes from the Evil One. 38 You have heard that it was said, “An eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth.” 39 But now I tell you: do not take revenge on someone who wrongs you. If anyone slaps you on the right cheek, let him slap your left cheek too. 40 And if someone takes you to court to sue you for your shirt, let him have your coat as well. 41 And if one of the occupation troops forces you to carry his pack one mile, carry it two miles. 42 When someone asks you for something, give it to him; when someone wants to borrow something, lend it to him. 43 You have heard that it was said, “Love your friends, hate your enemies.” 44 But now I tell you: love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you, 45 so that you may become the children of your Father in heaven. For he makes his sun to shine on bad and good people alike, and gives rain to those who do good and to those who do evil. 46 Why should God reward you if you love only the people who love you? Even the tax collectors do that! 47 And if you speak only to your friends, have you done anything out of the ordinary? Even the pagans do that! 48 You must be perfect—just as your Father in heaven is perfect.  


Note the number of times Jesus says, “But now I tell you …” How do Jesus’ teachings shed new light on Scripture? Which of these teachings do you find most challenging? Why? Are these teachings relevant for today? Why or why not?


Lord God, you know that at times it is hard for us to put aside anger and how easy it is to seek revenge. Teach me to strive for peace and reconciliation, to live according to your will, and to pray for those with whom I may be at odds. Amen.

Prayer Concern

Nations embroiled in civil conflict

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MessageSujet: Re: n lets do something to stop violence cruelty, torture injust   Ven 18 Avr - 12:32

sep 17 14

you think what you guys are doing is no use? it's of very much use " all of you, thousands of you, sign petitions and thanks to every one of you, they put a ban on shark fins for instance - it's not that , how to understand this ,it's not that individually you're action serves, or yes, in a sense, but as a whole, you are very useful - not individualy if you were a few, but individually being thousands or more, you are of very much use- hard to get this, individualy being very numerous you're useful or as a group being numerous you're veyr sueful - anyway, you all individually or as an ensemble, you're so useful for it's because you acted, with petitions, or stop buying a cruel stuff or going to protstd or anything else, acting, being numerous, you've done some great stuff, you are heroes, all of you- so if that isnt being useful! you all, did so much good, you enabled the ban of foie gras in some aprts of the world, of bullfighting in some parts of the earth etc - you all did this- you all who acted agaisnt this, who spoke up against this - you think the things you did were tiny little stupid stuff, oh no, - it helped saved tonnes of lives and helped forbid some of the worst barbaric things for the animals of this planet - so all that you do are not tiny little things, they are huge!!! and awesome! revolutionnary! indredibly helpful- you have been so kind , you have cared so much, you have done so much, you're existence, you're actions have been so necessary - so let's not judge a book by its cover, these actions may seem pointless but au contraire , it's not because some stuff seem little , helping a tiny little bit that they help a tiny little bit - they can help a lot, way more that we can imagine - you think what you've done is like = nada! niet! well its not niet that you saved animals, enablign them to have worthy lives instead of ives of cruelty, they live, they weren't killed as they were supposed to be, they aren't exploited, they should have been - all this is far from bing nothing - all this it's you all, many humans from around this planet -  thank you so much - so don't stop you're so called ' tiny little actions- continue til you all die pease!

"Peace On Earth"

Oh... oh... oh... oh oh..
How can we have peace in the middle east, when there's none at home?
How can we have understanding in the land, when there's none in the women nooo... and there's none in the man?

How can we heal the wounds of the world if we cannot heal our own? no...
Where does this peace on Earth begin if not in the home?

Where do we go now?
Do we let the devil win? nooo... Or do we get up and fight? yes...
Yes, surely we know how to comfort all our fears
Bring an end to the violence
Bring an end to our tears

How can we heal the wounds of the world if we cannot heal our own?
Where does this peace on Earth begin if not in the home? oooh oh yea

There's too much talk about it and too many walkers out here
Tell me where is the love? Where is God in your life?
To my left a woman abuses her children
To my right somebody's beating their wife
Tell me where is the love? Where is God in your life?

How can we heal the wounds of the world if we cannot heal our own?
Where does this peace on Earth begin if not in the home? oh... no...

How can we heal the wounds of the world if we cannot heal our own?
Where does this peace on Earth begin if not in the home?

para llegar a convertirse en mejores personas

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MessageSujet: Re: n lets do something to stop violence cruelty, torture injust   Ven 18 Avr - 16:01

1 april 2014

freedom spirit makes harmony/ No more Red Sea!  How is possible to kill Dolphins in this horrible way? all the animas are our best friends/ Dolphins, our best friends, need our help right now/ If you kill a Dolphin you kill one of us/

belief is stronger than motivation

Pleas sign share petitions with all your contacts . copy paste email To all those who receive this:send to all your contactst.put this everywhere : myspace, twitter, facebook, private mesages, blogs, websites, etc . work, school, walls,print,give to people, leaflets, shops, grocery stores, parks, mailboxesor letterboxes, not saying you have to do all ofthis but some of them or one or two because you aint got no time to do all of them put it everywhere thks, if u cant print, because u havent got a printer can you at least talk about this to peple you don't have their emails and send this to the people u have the emails please and ask the emails of the people you know that ou aint got their emaisl to give you their emails so u can send them the petitions and videos and everything i send u please because we really have to each one of us to inform as much people we can because we will not save all the animals never if we don't send this or send this to too little people . thank u so much in advance

animal testing shoudn't be used in medical research?

L'expérimentation animale doit pas être utilisée dans la recherche médicale

si deseamos lastimar a Tus hijitos no Te queremos = comprando esas cosas contribuimos al problema

URGENT: Can You Spare 3 Minutes to Help Monkeys Tomorrow, February 13?[/b][/size][/font]

China is the largest supplier of primates for experimentation worldwide.
FACT: China Southern Airlines is the only major airline based in China that has not banned the transport of primates bound for labs.

FACT: We need your help to urge China Southern Airlines to stop sending monkeys to laboratories to be tortured and killed.

Traumatized monkeys destined for use in experiments are crammed into small crates and loaded into the dark, terrifying cargo holds of China Southern Airlines' planes. Once they arrive at the laboratories, the monkeys are subjected to painful experiments and may be injected with or force-fed experimental chemicals or infected with diseases.

We Need Your Help
Please join the international protest against China Southern Airlines by calling the airline tomorrow, February 13. Tell the company that you won't be flying with the airline until it stops transporting primates for use in experiments.
China Southern Airlines' Singapore number is 6223-3233.
Want to Do More?

E-mail China Southern Airlines at  
Sign the petition urging China Southern Airlines to ban primate shipments

Thank you for taking action for animals! Your letters and phone calls make a difference.

psalm 119:97-112 (Good News Translation)

God’s Word: Filling Us With God’s Wisdom


Psalm 119:97-112: Today’s passage begins with a reflection on the value of studying and thinking about God’s Law. It can provide wisdom even beyond that which comes with age and experience.

Today’s Scripture: Psalm 119:105

Your word is a lamp to guide me and a light for my path.

Today’s Reading

97 How I love your law! I think about it all day long. 98 Your commandment is with me all the time and makes me wiser than my enemies. 99 I understand more than all my teachers, because I meditate on your instructions. 100 I have greater wisdom than those who are old, because I obey your commands. 101 I have avoided all evil conduct, because I want to obey your word. 102 I have not neglected your instructions, because you yourself are my teacher. 103 How sweet is the taste of your instructions— sweeter even than honey! 104 I gain wisdom from your laws, and so I hate all bad conduct. 105 Your word is a lamp to guide me and a light for my path. 106 I will keep my solemn promise to obey your just instructions. 107 My sufferings, LORD, are terrible indeed; keep me alive, as you have promised. 108 Accept my prayer of thanks, O LORD, and teach me your commands. 109 I am always ready to risk my life; I have not forgotten your law. 110 The wicked lay a trap for me, but I have not disobeyed your commands. 111 Your commandments are my eternal possession; they are the joy of my heart. 112 I have decided to obey your laws until the day I die.  


Jewish Scriptures (known to Christians as the Old Testament) reveal two important understandings of wisdom. First, true wisdom comes from God; second, God’s wisdom is based on the Law that God gave to Moses and the people at Mount Sinai. Where do you find knowledge of God’s wisdom?


Almighty God, your Word is a lamp to guide me and a light for my path. Let my wisdom and understanding grow through studying and experiencing your word. May I be a careful, patient student of your teachings, that I may serve you with an obedient heart. Amen.

Prayer Concern

Those seeking guidance from the Bible.

August 31, 2014

Hebrews 13:1-25 (Good News Translation)

God’s Word: Showing Us How to Live


Hebrews 13:1-25: The Letter to the Hebrews was written to a group of Christians who, faced with increasing opposition, were in danger of abandoning the Christian faith. Today’s reading is the final chapter of this letter. Christians are given instructions on how to live in ways that please God, and the chapter concludes with a prayer and words of encouragement.

Today’s Scripture: Hebrews 13:8

Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever.

Today’s Reading

1 Keep on loving one another as Christians. 2 Remember to welcome strangers in your homes. There were some who did that and welcomed angels without knowing it. 3 Remember those who are in prison, as though you were in prison with them. Remember those who are suffering, as though you were suffering as they are. 4 Marriage is to be honored by all, and husbands and wives must be faithful to each other. God will judge those who are immoral and those who commit adultery. 5 Keep your lives free from the love of money, and be satisfied with what you have. For God has said, “I will never leave you; I will never abandon you.” 6 Let us be bold, then, and say, “The Lord is my helper, I will not be afraid. What can anyone do to me?” 7 Remember your former leaders, who spoke God's message to you. Think back on how they lived and died, and imitate their faith. 8 Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever. 9 Do not let all kinds of strange teachings lead you from the right way. It is good to receive inner strength from God's grace, and not by obeying rules about foods; those who obey these rules have not been helped by them. 10 The priests who serve in the Jewish place of worship have no right to eat any of the sacrifice on our altar. 11 The Jewish high priest brings the blood of the animals into the Most Holy Place to offer it as a sacrifice for sins; but the bodies of the animals are burned outside the camp. 12 For this reason Jesus also died outside the city, in order to purify the people from sin with his own blood. 13 Let us, then, go to him outside the camp and share his shame. 14 For there is no permanent city for us here on earth; we are looking for the city which is to come. 15 Let us, then, always offer praise to God as our sacrifice through Jesus, which is the offering presented by lips that confess him as Lord. 16 Do not forget to do good and to help one another, because these are the sacrifices that please God. 17 Obey your leaders and follow their orders. They watch over your souls without resting, since they must give to God an account of their service. If you obey them, they will do their work gladly; if not, they will do it with sadness, and that would be of no help to you. 18 Keep on praying for us. We are sure we have a clear conscience, because we want to do the right thing at all times. 19 And I beg you even more earnestly to pray that God will send me back to you soon. 20-21 God has raised from death our Lord Jesus, who is the Great Shepherd of the sheep as the result of his blood, by which the eternal covenant is sealed. May the God of peace provide you with every good thing you need in order to do his will, and may he, through Jesus Christ, do in us what pleases him. And to Christ be the glory forever and ever! Amen. 22 I beg you, my friends, to listen patiently to this message of encouragement; for this letter I have written you is not very long. 23 I want you to know that our brother Timothy has been let out of prison. If he comes soon enough, I will have him with me when I see you. 24 Give our greetings to all your leaders and to all God's people. The believers from Italy send you their greetings. 25 May God's grace be with you all.  


According to verses 1-5, what kind of life is pleasing to God? Verse 9 says, “Do not let all kinds of strange teachings lead you from the right way” and “receive inner strength from God’s grace.” Have you ever experienced a time when you were tempted to abandon doing what you knew was right? How did you deal with that situation? Did you experience “inner strength from God’s grace”? What does it mean to you, knowing that “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever” (verse Cool?


Lord Jesus, you are indeed the same yesterday, today, and forever! Knowing this fills me with awe and joy. Knowing you are always with me and will be with me forever gives me comfort and the strength to face whatever trials may come my way. Thank you, Jesus, for your grace and for loving me so. Amen.

Prayer Concern

WE can STOP them! But only ALL together.
the Dog is the man’s and woman’s best friend, it’s time for us to be the best friends of Dogs.

Don't let them get skinned or boiled alive! Never again! Save DOGS in China.
So please download AnimalsTrust Anthem, $1.25 doesn't change your life but I'm sure that we can change the life of hundreds of thousands Dogs in China.

Remember last year when everyone was doing raw January or the juice diet or whatever New Year's craze was in at the time? Well FORGET fads. Make 2015 all about saving animals — and kick-start it with Veganuary — a month of yummy vegan food! Not only is vegan food good for you, it's good for animals and for the environment. So you'll be cutting three good karma carrots with one knife. Take that 2015! Veganuary is a perfect way to give cruelty-free living a go, without any pressure ... and you'll be part of something global having a big impact for animals! We've teamed up with Veganuary as their Aussie partner. And together we've sorted everything you need to make your vegan month easy peasy (and delicious!) Just click the link below to get started Smile Happy holidays, happy new year and happy vegan noms Smile Amy Amy Amy Kidd Youth Campaigner Animals Australia Unleashed P.S. To tide you over until Veganuary kicks off, here's some cruelty-free goodness

Communities of faith reaching out to serve others

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MessageSujet: Re: n lets do something to stop violence cruelty, torture injust   Sam 19 Avr - 4:26

Show Sheep Some Love on Facebook As part of a campaign to promote wool, Australian Wool Innovation has launched a Facebook and Twitter campaign that's dubbed "We Love Wool" but that ignores the bloody and cruel truth behind the wool industry. We want you to help us expose the truth behind the fluff! Merino sheep in Australia are specifically bred to have wrinkly skin, which means more wool per animal. The wrinkles collect urine and moisture, which attract flies and can result in a maggot infestation known as "flystrike." In a crude and cruel attempt to prevent this condition, farmers use the barbaric mulesing mutilation—a procedure in which they cut huge chunks of skin and flesh from lambs' backsides using garden shears. The procedure leaves large, painful wounds that force the gentle lambs to walk sideways like little crabs because of the pain. The wounds often become infected or become maggot-infested—the very condition that mulesing is supposed to prevent. instead of gushing over wool, we want to show sheep some love! Head over to PETA's Facebook page and share one of the images from the "We ♥ Sheep" album on the "We Love Wool" page to show the Australian wool industry that you won't stand for mulesing. Remember to also share the photos with your friends and encourage others to speak out for sheep. What are you waiting for? Speak out today and demand an end to mulesing!

Act now to end the abuse of Australian sheep

misery lambs suffer for the production of merino wool and how millions of them are subjected to "mulesing" – a cruel procedure in which huge chunks of their tender skin are hacked off with tools resembling gardening shears – every year.

As cruel and disturbing as mulesing is, the sheep's suffering continues even after farmers deem them no longer useful for the production of a wool hat or jumper. Will you help PETA stand up for sheep and all animals by making a special gift online right now?

When a farmer believes that his or her sheep are no longer able to produce enough wool, the animals are often shipped overseas to abattoirs in the Middle East and North Africa. These sweltering, multi-storey ships are crammed full of terrified animals who are forced to live amidst their own filth for weeks on end. The smell of these "sheep ships" is so strong that Navy captains have reported smelling them long before they are seen.

For many of these sheep, the voyage is fatal. Some of them perish slowly from illnesses that are passed among the tightly packed animals. Others starve to death, as they do not recognise the dry pellet food they are given on board or are unable to reach the troughs.

Those who survive face a hideous fate. Undercover video footage shows the gentle, helpless animals being kicked, flung or prodded onto trucks and stuffed with their legs tied together into car boots. Most end up at abattoirs. Some of the gruesome video footage from these places is almost impossible to watch: the animals run about in a blind panic as they see other sheep having their throats cut in front of them. Once their turn comes, they're flung onto a pile of still-twitching bodies and left to slowly bleed to death.

There is no excuse for abusing these helpless animals, and with your help right now PETA will be able to strengthen our life-saving efforts for sheep and all other animals who are so cruelly abused.
PETA is ensuring that the wool industry knows that it cannot allow the wholesale cruelty I've describe here to continue any longer.Whether we're pressuring decision-makers, liaising with retailers and designers, building awareness through publicity and demonstrations or exposing the horrors of wool production that the industry tries so hard to hide – we're doing all that we can to help sheep and tackle this issue from every angle.

But there is much more to be done, and we need your help as we forge ahead in our campaign to protect sheep. Your support is the driving force behind so many of PETA's past successes – that's why I hope that you'll take a moment right now to give generously online and help us do even more to stop animal abuse and exploitation. Thank you.

With every designer or retailer who swears-off using wool from mulesed sheep and with every consumer who embraces cruelty-free fashion, we come closer to our goal of stopping the hideous cruelty I describe here. Please make a gift today and help PETA work to ensure a brighter future for sheep and all animals.

Misery on a wool farm exposed

Millions of gentle merino lambs are mutilated for their wool every year. We will not stop our campaign against mulesing mutilations until every one of them is spared from this abuse.

Support our work to save sheep and other animals from suffering by making a donation online today.
Please allow me to share some sad details about what was witnessed and documented on a sheep farm in the town of Smeaton in Victoria, Australia:
Bodies of dead and dying sheep littered the farm's fields, some being eaten alive by maggots. One ram was found sitting alone in an apparent state of shock. He was away from his flock, too weak to move, and trembling. The ram had been "mulesed," left with a broad chunk of flesh cut from his backside in a crude and painful attempt to stop flies from laying their eggs in the moist folds of his wrinkled skin.
Australian farmers mutilate lambs' backsides in order to produce scar tissue and prevent a condition called "flystrike". But mulesing did little to deter the flies, and soon the ram's tender skin was being eaten away by maggots while insects buzzed around his rotting flesh. His death soon after may have been his only release from a lifetime of terrible suffering.
There are humane solutions to controlling flystrike, such as shearing wool under the tail, controlling flies or introducing flystrike-resistant breeds, as farms in New Zealand have already done. But farms throughout Australia – the world's largest producer of wool – continue to mutilate lambs because it's cheaper to hack chunks off the animals' rumps.
The neglect and abuse documented on that farm is not an isolated case, and there are other animals like that ram who are right now waiting for our help. Please make a donation right now and help us do more for sheep and all animals.
PETA and our international affiliates are leading the global effort to save sheep's skins. Around the world, there are new signs that the pressure to stop mulesing is growing as retailers respond to our calls to stop buying mulesed wool. PETA Asia has received confirmation from a director of Hong Kong–based clothing retailer Giordano Limited that it "will urge our vendors to stop using wool [grown] from mulesed sheep". Giordano has more than 2,400 shops worldwide, so the impact of its decision is sure to be felt by those who still choose to mutilate sheep rather than pursuing humane solutions.
Every time a major company like H&M or Next moves away from wool from mulesed lambs, every time a consumer takes a closer look at the suffering that went into a sweater and every time PETA challenges the wool industry to improve its treatment of animals, we come closer to the day when no animal suffers as the ram I describe here did.
Thank you for raising your voice against the abuse of animals for their skin.

Sheep Need Five Mins of Your Time: Tell Uniqlo to Dump Wool From Mutilated Animals

Send to a Friend Donate Now Join Our Activist Network

Dear Elodie,
You're probably on Facebook right now, or chances are you will be at some point today. So why not put that Facebook addiction to good use? Earlier today, activists took over Uniqlo's Facebook page with a bloody message: When Uniqlo buys Australian wool from mulesed sheep, animals suffer. Now we need your help! Please take a few minutes to tell Uniqlo what you think about cruelty to animals. Please post here:!/UniqloCo.

In Australia, the most commonly raised sheep are merinos, who are not native to the country and have been bred to have wrinkly skin, which means more wool per animal. This unnatural overload of wool can cause sheep to collapse and even die from heat exhaustion during hot months, and the wrinkles collect urine and moisture. Attracted to the moisture, flies lay eggs in the folds of the skin, and the hatched maggots can eat the sheep alive. To prevent this, millions of lambs are mutilated each year by having huge chunks of skin and flesh cut from their backsides—often without any pain relief—in a practice known as "mulesing," even though humane alternatives are available and in use by many Australian farmers.

Want to help more? Send an e-mail to Uniqlo.

Tell Uniqlo to Stop Buying Wool From Mulesed Sheep

You have probably been following PETA Asia-Pacific's campaign against mulesing. If so, you know that the Australian wool industry promised to phase out mulesing by 2010 but then reneged on that agreement. Seeing that the industry had no intention of doing the right thing, PETA Asia and its affiliates have been talking to manufacturers and retailers around the world asking them to boycott mulesed wool, which virtually all comes from Australia. Please join PETA in speaking up for lambs by sending an e-mail to Uniqlo, now the fourth largest retailer in the world, asking them to stop purchasing Australian wool from mulesed flocks.

Send polite comments to:

Mr Yukihiro Nitta
Managing Director
Fast Retailing

Mr Tadashi Yanai
Fast Retailing

To make sure your letter has a good chance of being read, follow these tips:

Put "Please boycott mulesing" in the subject line of your e-mails.
Be brief! Sometimes one short, pithy paragraph is enough – try to stay under half a page.
Make sure you include your name and address in your letter. Anonymous letters are usually disregarded.
For more tips on writing effective letters, please see PETA U.S.' letter-writing guide.

The following talking points can be rephrased in your e-mail to get you started:

Mulesing is an extremely painful and totally unnecessary procedure performed on Australian sheep in which farmers force sheep onto their backs, restrain their legs between metal bars and cut huge chunks of skin and flesh from their backsides – often without administering any painkillers.
More humane methods exist for preventing flystrike and are used by many Australian farmers.
The Australian wool industry will not listen to appeals that they ensure animal welfare – only lost sales will move them.
Many major international retailers – including H&M, Abercrombie & Fitch, Perry Ellis, HUGO BOSS, Liz Claiborne, Next, Adidas, Gap Inc., Talbots, Giordano and Korean retail giant Kukdong Corporation – have pledged to move away from mulesed wool or implemented an outright ban on wool from mulesed lambs.
More information is available at

Thank you in advance for your action for animals

Call On Uniqlo to Ditch Wool From Mutilated Lambs

Despite promising to phase out the cruel practice of mulesing by 2010, the Australian Wool Industry reneged on its agreement. Seeing that the industry had no intention of doing the right thing, PETA and its affiliates have been talking to manufacturers and retailers around the world and asking them to boycott mulesed wool, virtually all of which comes from Australia.
Mulesing is an extremely painful and totally unnecessary procedure in which farmers force sheep onto their backs, restrain their legs between metal bars and cut huge chunks of skin and flesh from their backsides – often without administering any painkillers.
Please join PETA in speaking up for lambs by contacting Uniqlo – now the fourth largest retailer in the world – and asking the company to stop purchasing wool from Australian sources that still practice mulesing.

Victory! UNIQLO Phases Out Wool From Mutilated Sheep

June 28 , 2012

We're very happy to tell you that UNIQLO (the world's fifth largest retailer) has given us assurance that the company has begun to phase out wool from farmers who practice the cruel "mulesing" mutilation. Activists like YOU made this happen! Sincere thanks from PETA to everyone who wrote to UNIQLO, confronted the company on Facebook, or attended a leafleting session or protest.

In mulesing, farmers force sheep onto their backs and use instruments resembling gardening shears to cut skin and flesh from their backsides, often without any painkillers, in a crude attempt to prevent flystrike (a maggot infestation that can occur when flies lay their eggs in the folds of the sheep's skin). Many Australian farmers already use humane flystrike control methods, and other wool-producing countries do not practice mulesing.

UNIQLO now joins other compassionate retailers—including Gap Inc., Muji, Topshop, H&M, Abercrombie & Fitch, and Next—in taking action against mulesing.

Thanks again for all your help in making this happen!

they laugh at the teachings of Yahshua

how to be a good person 

we have to pray for our fellow animals and humans souls, YAHWEH's world for it's in deep trouble ,

let's convert people

feed the hungry clothe the naked

wil you save your sous = they refuse to study the catholic church and YAWEH and Yahshua

we have to pray for people , we have to pray and sacrifice for souls , do our duties = sacrificing your time

do our duty as children of YAHWEH

are we sacrificing ourseves and telling our fellow beings about the joys of the catholic churhc

our fellow beings our fellow creatures fellow animals fellow = animal and human race

let us consecrate ourseves to YAHWEH , who do we belong to T to Yahweh , not to his enemy , not to the human progenitors as us mankind brethrens think

What an abyss of ignominy! What humiliation and disgrace for those who are saints

Greater love than this no man hath, that a man lay down his life for his friends." thats why all vegans love animals, only vegans because they could give their lives to animals, no problem, they could stop "killing" them for food and many other stuff for love ù nobody who inst vegan could give their lives to animals , vegans yep ù because these humans dont love you saints animals ù veganos do love you guys * they can think mistakenly in their hearts and souls and braisn i love the animals i love the animal i relaly do !!! they cant offer their lives to animals by dying, by saving animals, in whatever manner for isntance giving their bodies so the aniamsll can eat as theres nothing to eat and the animals are going to die if they dont eat, or any other manner, or giving their lives in the philosophical sense of bcoming vegan ; in any sense these individuals could give up their lives for animals , this is the definition of not loving the animals : any vegan bipede could give their lives as a sacrifice for the non human animals therefore they love the animals really really like Jesus loved the humans the same way Jesus gave up his existence for us retards ingrat?? heartless junk garbabe so called human creaturs, the same way vegans could die for or saving animals so the only humans of planet earht who lvoe the animals : vegans activists of animals freedom

This freedom with which vegan humans delivered up to death for animals is one of the aspects of their sacrifice which touch our animal and human hearts most profoundly.

these little ones melt your heart

respect matters to you more than everything animals

these are violations of their animal human rights

esther amor querida !!! !!! te amamos infinitamente !!!!!!!!!! gracias YAHVE por salvarla y a unos cuantos mas en este mundo que en lugar de haber sido matados fueron rescatados y adoptados por angeles que mandasTe a la tierra ! gracias a TI y a ellos, !! !! esos animales viven !! !! !!! y felices !!! unos cuantos salvados y vivos es mejor que ninguno


vous pouvez vous engager auprès d une association pour l'éthique animale

Avec plus de 50.000 fans en à peine six semaines, Esther a créé le buzz sur Facebook, et chaque instant de son quotidien est accueilli avec sourire et enthousiasme par un nombre croissant d'internautes. Attention, Esther "The Wonder Pig" pourrait bien changer définitivement votre regard sur les cochons.

Qui n'a jamais entendu dire, au moins une fois, que les cochons étaient plus intelligents que les chiens? Cette rumeur un peu étrange, absurde diront certains, est pourtant confirmée par de nombreuses expériences scientifiques qui n'ont rien d'une plaisanterie. Leur intelligence dépasserait celle des chiens, des chats et des dauphins. Ils sont également curieux, espiègles et très sociaux.
Et ce ne sont certainement pas Steve Jenkins et Derek Walter qui vont dire le contraire, ce couple de Canadiens partage en effet depuis bientôt deux ans son quotidien avec deux chiens, deux chats et... une truie!

En adoptant Esther, ils pensaient adopter un cochon nain, mais se sont retrouvés avec un cochon de 170 kg, et s'ils ont dû "sécuriser" leur maison, ce n'est pas parce qu'Esther renversait les meubles ou salissait, mais parce que, curieuse et intelligente, elle a vite su ouvrir les portes, le frigo et les armoires. Elle adore s'amuser et les câlins, et c'est volontiers que chiens, truie et humains partagent les jeux les plus divers ou se pelotonnent ensemble.

Alors, pourquoi le sens commun présente-t-il les cochons comme étant des animaux sales et sans intérêt?

Simplement parce que si nous les considérions pour ce qu'ils sont réellement, nous ne pourrions pas les exploiter comme nous le faisons aujourd'hui. Comment en effet forcer à l'immobilisme des animaux si actifs, sinon en se persuadant qu'ils ne le sont pas? Comment justifier de les entasser, eux si propres et joueurs, dans des lieux sales et terriblement ennuyeux, sinon en les qualifiant de stupides? Ou encore de les castrer, de leur couper la queue et les dents à vif, ou de les faire avancer à coup de bâton électrique? Comment accepter de garder 95% des 25 millions de cochons élevés annuellement en France dans des élevages intensifs, sur caillebotis et sans accès à l'extérieur?

Si nous reconnaissions les cochons comme des êtres intelligents, espiègles et affectueux, nous ne pourrions plus continuer de telles pratiques ; nous ne pourrions même plus les manger.

Esther est née avec une faible constitution et, au lieu d'avoir été tuée dans l'élevage comme c'est l'usage, le crâne fracassé contre un mur, elle a eu la chance incroyable d'être vendue comme "cochon nain" à des personnes qui ont su l'aimer comme elle les aime en retour. Et qui sont devenus veganes en réalisant que des millions d'Esther sont condamnées à une vie et une mort de souffrances pour satisfaire un simple désir de bacon ou de jambon.

Pour des raisons pratiques, il est évident qu'il n'est pas facile d'adopter un cochon. Mais rien ne nous empêche d'en sauver tout simplement en arrêtant de les consommer.

june 18 2014

Please ask your friends, family and co-workers to add their voice to yours and make this a truly unprecedented call to action to protect al sorts of creatures still at risk of slavery in earh

It will only take a couple of minutes, just forward the email below.

If we stand together to demand that the Hong Kong government implement its laws that can help protect women and girls from being trapped in domestic forced labour we can help spark real change. Forward this email to your friends and family and ask them to add their voice to yours and make this a truly unprecedented call to action to protect the women and girls who work behind closed door in the homes of Hong Kong.

july 1st 2014

Thanks for speaking out against Costco's decision to keep selling deadly dog treats despite the reported deaths of pets caused by Vitalife products. Please share this petition on Facebook and forward the email below to ensure more humans hear about this campaign. The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) believes that Vitalife and similar dog treats are the likely cause of over a thousand dog deaths in North America. What's worse are allegations from former employees at Normerica, the company that imports Vitalife. They admit to unsanitary business practices that would make anyone sick: repackaging moldy dog treats that have been sitting for years, and then putting new expiry dates on the package. Other pet companies have agreed to pull Normerica dog treats from its shelves -yet Costco continues to sell the product.pleasesign the petition asking Costco to stop selling deadly dog treats

JUNE 30 2014

has to take action to save the Gulf of Mexico from these harmful practices before the turtles are gone forever. Please sign the petition to demand protection for the Kemp's Ridley turtle!

Hearty thanks to all who have signed and shared the petitions. To date, we have yet to have any response. Your help in continuing to share this petition is deeply appreciated. The animals urgently need your help.

you and I are in the fight of our lives.

It’s going to take everything we have to answer his call-to-action

june 16 14
Thanks so much for signing the petition asking Ralph Lauren to stop selling clothing that uses angora. Right now other clothing companies, including H&M, are dropping angora and investigating their distributors. Will you help spread the word about this petition to increase pressure on Ralph Lauren to do the same? Just forward the email below, or click here to share on Facebook and Twitter.

the rabbits at many angora fur farms are enduring torturous conditions? Undercover investigators found workers violently ripping rabbit fur from the animals' bodies as they scream in pain. Some clothing companies, including H&M, have stopped selling angora -ralph lauren is marketing their angora clothing.please sign this petition asking Ralph Lauren to stop supporting this horrific abuse. Will you sign too? Here's a link to the petition:

why ? poor saint cow, love you so much !!!!!!!!!!!! please dont eat +buy milk, animals, cows, please!!! no restaurant, no grocery store, no nothign containing cows+cows milk for YAHWEH !!!!

support these petition by promoting it to other people on earth . Thanks .[size=13][color=#4b4f4f]

[font=Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif] Please don't sed this like they usually say to freidns and family only beause humans always have emiails of other kind of peole: people who aren't friends, aren't family, are humans they don't like but have the emails of, humans they work with, humans they haven't seen for years, ex collegues, ex boss, humans they met on the computer, on a chat, on a forums, humans they haven't talked to on the itnernet for a long time, humans they haven't talked to and seen for a long time , humans they hardly know ect . So please don't send this only to the emails fo those you love an know very well and don't send it on facebook only to those you know well and love . Thanks . Please don't send it only to those you frequent but to all you don't see anymore . To all your facebook contacts and email contacts please becaus ethe expression sending to your friends and families save so much less lives than sending it to all the humans we know , all the humans we got the facebooks and emails of . Because it's more individuals so warning ad opening the eyes of so much more beings, + all their contacts if they agree to send the stuff to their contacts . So sending only to a few selected humans kills lives and maKes the other cotnacts remain in ignorance and cruel and don't protect them . What's the point in having like 231 facebook contacts if we don't use that to spread the super important things to help our sisters an brothers,THEN LET US DELETE THEM FROM OUR FACEBOOK Contacts and email ocntacts because its useless to have them . Let us say we got 231 faebook contacts and email contacts but those we consider as humans we like and family are liek 52 . Then we only inform them about animal cruelty and illuminati to only 52 people . SO we hardly ever write to the other contcts . It means we don'treally want to help the animals because we want a few of them to help but not all of them . Why te expression send this to your friends and familiy and not send this to everyone ? Because we have contacts with humans we don't like who aren't friedns and family . GOD says we must love everyone . So friedns = everyone = family = huge family o sisters and brothers . So just because we dont really hve these eople in our hearts, we don't want them to save lives? That's egoistic . It don't mtter if we love these people or not, what matters is that we make them open their hearts to the world . So we must send them the stuff too . We think i can send to friends and family because they like me so they won't get mad . If i send to my other contacts so those won't don't like m and i don't like, as we don't really have that much cotnact and affinities and we hardly eer see each other, we hardly ever talk they'll get mad because they'll think it's rude, spam . No . They'll be happy too hopefull to help you help animals . It is absiolutely not rude to send emails to help the world !!! Au contraire, its philantrophist, it's being like Jesus and prophets and saints . Let us not be scared and have apprehensions before sending this emials to everyone, let's just do it , let's just not hesistate more . Thanks .

boycott zara they dont wanna stop using angora selling aogra, dont buy there please, ask to all those humans you know please to not buy never buy there anymore zara= diabolical murderers, they know how angora is cruel and they dont care !!!

juy 1st of 2014

"Great tuskers," or elephants whose tusks weigh more than 100 pounds, are rapidly disappearing from Kenya. And in the middle of June, yet another was murdered for his tusks -- Satao, the largest-tusked elephant in Africa, was slaughtered by poachers and left to rot.

When even the biggest tusker on the continent isn't safe, something has gone terribly wrong. Forty years ago, the first president of Kenya, Jomo Kenyatta, was moved to save a famous great tusker called Ahmed by granting him official protection from poachers. He assigned the gentle giant five armed game rangers, who were tasked with guarding the elephant around the clock. The plan worked: Ahmed died peacefully of old age.

Unfortunately, Satao had no such luxury. Alone and terrified, he was brutally killed, hi s enormous tusks ripped out of his head to be sold on the black market.

We can't keep leaving these unique, intelligent animals vulnerable to violence. Kenyatta's own son, the current president of Kenya, should provide the elephants with the same kind of protection his father did four decades ago. This wouldn't just keep the individual tuskers safe; it would also demonstrate a level of commitment to conservation for the whole world to witness.

Sign the petition asking Uhuru Kenyatta to grant official protection to the country's last great tuskers!

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sep 26 14

who's kind who's evil who's nice / it's a matter of opinion / it shoudn't be / for it seems like the question of etting others having their opinions , not necesairliy agreeing with everyone, everyone not agreing with ourselves , the right of letting them disagree with us, the right of us disagreeing with others / no, this seems to be a respectful , atrusitic idea / no it's not, it may be from the enemy / for this is an irracional idea for it means accoridng to each mentality, any idea is the right one but not acocridng to all just to the mind of some and of those who have those ideas / so it dont mean anything its means the idea of t5 is the truth for t5 but for 32 no, for 90 no, and for Y7 no , and the idea if 32 is the right one for 32 but for most it isnt, etc so the truth is accoridng to all thsoe who got the same ide aor if only one human creature have this diea on this world then its the good idea only for that creature / no, its imposibe, everything can't be the good ideas every idea / every one can't be right / accoridng to several or one / it cant be , everybody being wrong according to everyone expect the ones who had those ideas / it can't be / its or everyone has the same viewpoint or everyone diagrees but we cant all have different veiwpoints for its clear some hare wrong as all viewpoints cant be right, isnt it ? if there are on one subjetc nine viewpoints, the nine viewpoints are the right ones ? or as eveyrone disagress with everyone but themselves : none of these 9 viewpoints are the right ones ? its imposible, there msut be at least one good viewpoint / thats why all Your creatures YAHWEH should have Your viewpoint , only Yours / all the creatures should have Yours, as animals / so there'd be no disagreement / no different viewpoint  just one = Yours YAHWEH / so there is two possibility or us humans feel sad for we're all even more zombies for we all have on all subjetcs one single same viewpoint or we feel its amazing for we dislike tensions and frustrations of trying to force others to think like us, us like them, in the other hand, or feeling jealousy for maybe wwe doubt of our viewpoint, we aren't sure wether ours is good, maybe they're more clever etc others'd feel like its amazing we all have different viewpoints for its better when in a world there's everyhting, and one thing is boring / but in the other hand they dont like there are different viepoitn because they ish everyone 'd think like everyone so they dont like and like both idas of all thinking differently and all thinking the same / but the truth is GOD YOU want us to think the same ? for it dont matter what want the humans, what matters is what YAHWEH wants / why should everyone think like YOU YAHWEH and exactly the same / because an opinion is just an opinion, it can be wrong, right / we 'respect ' opinions, why ??!!! this is nonsense! opinions which are false, we have respect for that? its respecting fantasy, false things, like respecting things imaginated by the mind / so a truth is likefish live on the water / a false idea is humans saying fish live in trees / so that's a universal truth, a truh everyone on the earth accepts, nobody denies / so opinions is not that as eveyrbody on the earth dont accept the truth of eveyrone as they can be false, right, their own thought can be wrong, the thoughts of other can be right, but they think their own thought is the right one, the thought of others is the wrong ones so all those plenty o different opinions aren't right for there is one truth only / as all of these opinions arent Yours YAHWEH caus YOU can have one for each subject and the thougths of many mean=many thoughts as each got one opinion for each subject so there is no point of having many different thoughts ifs its like denying that fish live in the water but finding many false opinions that are that fish live elsewhere than water so we can't have our different thougths why ? if they're false ? we don't even know from all the opinions of this word those of whom are right those of whom are wrong / so it better to not to want that there are many opinions / we should all have the same opinion that way we're sure there is no tension between all those who disagree as nobody does but ony if that single opinion is the right one /  for a truth is a universal truth like a warthog is not a human, they are animals / so all those single opinions of eah subjetc of the world shouls be universal truth , so theres no dobut those ideas are true for when there are many opinions they're not true , they're not universal truth as many opinions can't be universal truth, only one opinion per subject / so thats the problem with the plenty different opinions of who's evil who's good, what actions humans do are wicked, what actions humans do are good / the thing is we have the non universal trueh opinions so just opinions, not truth, false opinions and right opinions but our definition of good and evil depends on our life experiences , which humans we met, which we never met / its so compicated, we have to be not geniuses of the earth, geniuses like YAHWEH to get life, get who's kind, who's wiked ect its oo har,d nobody knows for as usual its a matter of opinions, false opinions, all won't agree about one creature to all say that creature's bad orthat creature's good / so thats so complicated caus nobody knows if the creatures wicked or good as there are too many opinions and our opinions are false for we see creatures hwo're good at a quantity : 41 we think they're extremely good, like 90 , thsoe who're evil at 73 we perceive them as good at 93 etc we dont get who's evil who's good, we don't get for t may be we are a too strict idea of goodand evil for we have suffered fro evil creatures so our idea of good and evil si that everyone is too evil, too few are good, and they're not even extremely good, just a lil bit good / and those who have a too good idea of evil and good like that perosn who'e evil , < no they're not evil, they're so nice! that person who's very good < they're so evil ! everything upside down for they're themselves evil and don't know it so as you're evil and think its being a good perosn, you'll think all around you are good but the truth is they're evil / but how come we dont see we're evil ? its like we had a diseases which made us forget all bout all the times we were wicked and remembered all the time we were super nice / so we think we've been jsut nice al our fieitme, never wicked / maybe as we're too arrogant with ourselves, too cool with ourselves so with others too so we think if when i say things 7H  im not evil, im a very good eprosn than when anybody says things 7H then they're good perosns, so we juge tohers the same than us , im not evil so they're not evil but the truth is im evil and they're evil 7H = a bad thing, a sin, being wicked , acting wickedly / so the definition of evil is like there is not that much evil in this world, all of us aren't evi, we're very good people , hat's the vision of too many who'd sya why dont you like me / caus you're evil / me evil ??? i'm the nicest perosn i've ever met / to them yeah but to GOD ? and to all the animals & humans who have a very strict and very good vision of evil and good, no / they're so msitaken they're blinded / they're not good, they're evil / they cant see reality!!! how pathetic / this is life / we shoudl be geniuses caus its ie you go out you know what means the expressions on the face of the anonymes walking down the streets, you know the wather , you got like a comp in your head, you're ike a robot, an incredible genius like none of those who're on the earth, you can know all the thoughts of the minds of everyone as if it was your mind, your voice inside it , you can know everything, you dont need no one as you know everything, you are your doc, your math teacher, you're shrink, you're banker, you're everyone / each and every creature 'd be geniuses so there wouldnt be many opinions , false and right, about every subject , asall geniuses would agree as if you're geniuses you cant disagree for it means some of them are less genius ? or what ? no, all of them agree as they have the same amount of intelligence / so one opinion, the true one always as if you're genisue,s you're alwyas right, or no ? / so no false ideas about plenty of things of the earth / no bad opinions, or shoking, or immoral opinions / so you'd know who's good, who's not,nobody could bemistaken on that / for their inteligence is like they are a n enormous capacity to understand the behavior, the mind, everything about everyone so you watch the humans from the world and you know if they're wicked or not / you can't be wrong / so they're wouldnt be the trouble of plenty opinions , false opinions for its so rustrating when people dont beleive you when you say that being is evil,< no they're not evil, they say , they're the kidnest < no !!! you say what do we have to do in order for them to beleive us when we know we're right caus we kno a lot about goodness caus we are not expert but we know that well caus its like obsesive on us, when we see someone the first thing we want to discover about them is are they good or are they wiked / so we have lied on this earth eyar,s we have spent years analyzing eveyr little thing humans say to know if they can be called good or bad humans so its so frsutrating than when you think you know sort of well the heart or lack of heart of other,s people say, no you're msitaken, that perosn is not as evila s you think / yes they are!!! especially with non humans, sadly / onyl GOD knows / its sof rustrating that they ook upon these humans as if they were saints when they're so the contrary / if only they could see their real faces / why does this confusion happen ? for sometimes, the humans want to hide haf of their real them, so they hide the evi part, so when they're with eveyrone they act like angls, trying to hide their evil ways, and show heir flse good ways they're having just as actors, but not for real or its caus humans are so left brainsed and naive : they meet someone and immediately they think that person is lovely! but how come, lets have comon sense! we cant judge for one meeting, we have to jduge the for yearsor decades of frequenting them / one time means nothing!!! the msot evil beings can manipulate us into thinking those snakes are sweet little sheep just for one time we talked to them or observed them / it dont mean they're very nice ,it means they pretended!!! they are so mean inside, so rude, so malicious / if we had seen them 854 coud we have a more objetcve judgmeent, closest to the reality / but in one time, its nothing caus they can have spoken a ittle bit or have been in a better modd thn usual, or a little kinder than usual and those who'veknows them for deacades or eyars can know they're evil but those who've seen them 5 , 1 or 9 times in their lives in 15 years cant know a thing / we are so silly, we creatue stuff in our imaginations for one time, a few times of meeting creatures / we shoud juge having thigns to jugde! so plenty of souvenirs, stuff, they said that come back in our heads, looks in their eyes, evil, or nice , all of this, behavior owards others etc / or living wih them or better : nobody knows people, even thsoe who're in their lvies like hsubands, sisters / only themselves knwo themselve,s the truth of their souls, minds / even those who've knows them for 23 years can thingk they're evil but they're very good, or think they veyr good but they're wicked or very wicked so you see waht you want to see, what you want to imagine, not necesarily the truth / you can be so blind becuse of love like relatives brainwahing : your daugther is a mosnter but for she's your blood relative : she's an angel!!! she could be a saint! for your objectivity disapeared caus she's your blood / now the same for your wives etc you see them they're evil morons , you think they're so nice, or friends perhaps, or naybody / for love blinds humans make us be double standards, irrational , havin wrong ideas, wrong opinions of human beings / so yeah you arent in them, if you were you'd be shocked to elar your daughte,r your husband, your friends whom you thoguth the best of, is after all very wicked / your image fo the 'd be totlly destoryed if only you could know who they truly ar,e if only you could hear their minds talking 24 even ,la the giant amoun of evil thoughts and the miraculous tiny amount of nice thoughts    

humainement, c'est un mec bien un chic type  

si il y a une vie parès la mrot, qu est ce qui nous provue qu'on est pas en train de la vivre maintenant

peut on avoir la nostalgie du futur

penser aux soucis quotidiens de la société ni à nos soucis quotidiens

l'écologie pratiquement tout le monde s'en fout

une vision du monde animal c'est parceuq'on a une vision gobale de notre rapport à l'autre,

84 % des habitants de ! france ! sont favorable à qu'on supprime les cages des pauvre petits adorables gentilles poules      

c'est une forme de dénis, on se met des œillères,

les régions naissent plus encore que les identités nationale,s pour conserver leur identité culturelle oi mal ,on a peur des autres,

faut laisser les humains vivre comme ils veulent < oui et non si c'est en tuant des créatures non, si c'est en détruisant la terre, non , si c'est en faisant de mal à personne < oui

on souhaite tout sauf le communautarisme

tensions culturelles, tensions religieuses

on y viendra jamais a bout de la haine de l'autre ? cette guerre qui nous est imposé, on peut pas rester indifférent /

cette image scandaleusement abject que véhicule

non à 'opression et la haine de l'autre

une belle idée

j'ai fait que du mal dans la vie

C4EST Faux a cent mille pour cent

la population qui souffrend dans le monde entier

un homme serein, sans esprit de revanche, sans colère

soyons pour la paix

on a eu tout les torts

si le monde était gentil, si tout le monde était transparent les uns les autres, c'est pas comme ça le monde hélas , problème < cette honnêteté serait perçue comme insutante car dire la vérité de ce qu'on pense, tout ce qu'on pense sans expection veut dire, injurier < pas injurier grossièrement mais injufrer style t'es une tocarde, un demeuré, tu me soule, tu dis n'improte quoi, t'es insupportable, j'en ai ma claque de toi , si seulement t"tais pas né ect donc dire des choses dure mais pas que car heuresement les humains on a des choses super gentilles à dire des fois comme t'es quelqu'un de merveilleux, je suos trop privilégié de t'avoir rencontré, tu m'iade a grandir moralement, tu me fais sentir bien, t'es formidable etc le probèlme est que être honnête cela fait cru, cela fait direct, cela fait aggresif, dur, irrespectueux mais jsute cela fait, cela veut pas dire cela est, cela veut dire cela donne l'imrpession que / des impressions sont des idées comme ça, pas des réalités

We must speak up now - later will be too late

sep 20 14

los que te quieren son buenos por o menos con tigo, no con toos ya que los falsos buenos son buenso anda ams con los que queiren y los buenos son buenos con todos, que no os queiran o los quieran , enocnes lo que te quieren tiene que ayudarte nen realizar tus suenos proque estas rete frustrado rete desdichado poruqe no puedes realizarlos y mentira poruq elos que te quiern agunas vece sno queires que realizes tus suenos, ahran todo para que hasta morirte no los hayas realizado amor ja ja aj dicenq ue te queirne ams que todo y cuando lloras no tiene compasion , cero compasion, no se itneresan por ti, te hablan agresivamente, te golpean, dicen te aman pero te peudes dar o que tanto queires y no te lo dan, por su culpa de los que supeustamente te queirne no podras nunca conseguir lo que quiera,s qué malos, asi dicen que todo e mundo es filantropo nada mas con los que aman y anti filantropia con todas las personas que les conocen , no porque la realidad es que son no filantropos ni con os que aman ni con los que no aman, o sea son malos con todos y odian la aydua a los demas con todos sin discriminar conocidos no cnociso, amados, no amados, odiados enmgios, un poco queridos etc , , no desean ayudar a nadie punto y se acabo asi que la idea que el amor te hace mas bueno nada mas on los que quieres es falsa / o sea que si eres una persona mala  omuy malla o rete arto mala etc tsentir amor por personas te hara tenr ma bondad menos malda, pos es falso en algunos, y cierto en otros

sep 26 14

there are he perfectionnist who are perfectionnist in the mora / wanting to be morally perfect / the whole world is like this ? probably not for there aren't heores everywher,e angels everyhwhere / those extreme phiantropists who give a huge improtance to morals, kindness, good behavior are so rare / most want to be evil, and kind 50 50 , all theirm lifetime on earth / so they might not udnerstand this for this is at trillions of kilometers of their heart and philosohpy / this perfect moral philosophy is always wanting tot ransform the bad in good in oneself and always wanting to do the not just nice thing but extremely nice thing, the nicest thing ever / its not liking the average good, or lets talk in number being 82 good, 56 good, but wanting to be out of 100 : 100 good / in percent or whatever measure / examples : the ones who dont wanna be perfectly right but just sort of right adopt one shelter animal in their lives / those who wanna be perfect angels will adopt several at the same time + several in several years, decades of their lvies til their last breath / even ebtter those who truly want to have the moral which is the closest to perfect will adopt the sickest , weakest animals, crippled animals , they will adopt all those who were rejected by all for its out of the moral to reject animals because they're sick so it's veyr into the moral to wanna adopt all the sick, all the oens the sort of evil non moral want / so they know if they adopt sick animals theyll be even more moral creatures than if they adopt sane animals / if they adopt very ld animals, that nobody wwants, its the same story as the disabled animals , they'll do an act of even more perfect moral than if they adopt young animals / etc those who wanna hav a moral but not a great one just help the creatures from time to time / the ones who 're obsessed with the perfection of morals will do good acts to the creatures every day / those who want to have a perfect moral as YOu seem to ask YAHWEH, won't tyr to make efforts to not be wicked about lets say 47 of the time or 60 of the time but 100 of the time, it dont mean they're saints, it dont mean theyre 100 out of a hundred angels, it emas they try 100 of the time, just try / it dont necesirraly workds but its so intellignet and kind and original idea of them to have this initiative, because its a very good thing, a very nice thing to do / they know perfect moral is opening yourselves to others / thats why the many hypocrites of this earth will refuse to try to have a perfect moral for they are so arrogant they think their 42 good moral or 55 good moral is perfect moral , its a hudnred he he he / they dont know its not the case , they are too narcissitic, it dont let hm see they do evil mistakes so dont have a perfect moral and dont even try for they re good moral 55 for them is 100 / the fact of being sectarian with relatives, origins, homeland etc makes them tyr to not have a perfect moral /its the close mind = imperfect moral thats why the  open minded know they have to be open minded and have open hearts for all in order to have a moral which is close to perfect / they know they have to pray for all the animals not just the human animals to have a moral close to perfect for isntance / or have to care about all the oriigns, al the relatives of everyone, not onyl theirs etc not just help the men for you're a man, but help the women, not just help the environment and be in favour of animal slaughter but help the animals too to have a more perfect moral etc / for the so called environmentalists who're in favour of animal mruder and abuse dont want to be morally perfect for when you'e favorable to some cruelties you cant be morally perfect as morals disagree wwith cruelty etc so as long as creatures want good and bad in their souls they wont have perfect morals for they refuse to hav perfect morals for the evil in them they love it, acept it, dont try to get rid of it , dont find it scpecially bad / thats why the vegans wnat a little bit more a perfect moral than vegetarians / those who do lets say 50 anima l cruelty and 50 not dont want to be perfect morally whereas those who're vegans try more to be sort of perfect / those who are 50 means for isntance they dont use thigns tested on animals, dont use leather, dont go to curcuses but buy dead animals ,eat them, buy eggs eat them, buy milk, eat it etc / many will disagree with this perfect moral mentality , will say its nonsense, dumb, no use , the most idiotic thing they 've ever heard etc but its for in their minds themselves me me me are the perfection so they egoes are insulted when others tel the you're far from perfect, us the ones with the perfect moral mentality are a lil bit more perfect than you are, you are bad the way youa re ect so they dont accept these criticismcaus nobody never likes to know they're are better creatures than them, as me me always want to be the best one / you dont like to know you're a wicked loser when others look ike angels / you dont want to be the one doing evil and others telling you why dont you stop this and take the example of that saint over there / you fele jealous, unhappy with the situation so its humane, human condition / thats why as always, humans who're criticised , its psychatric : will always criticise in their turn not for theres something bad here but for they want to take revenge / for theyres not plenty to critice in the perfect moral phislophy as its too perfect! thyou cant critice evil when it dot exist / find somethign evi to criticise where there isnt for its a !!!perfect moral philosohpy!!!! so thsoe are extrmeists so its really bad faith for its unfair to critiie jsut for dumb ego dumb mind, instead of for a reaosn but we're too imbeciles us humans so we dont use our ehad,s we dont want to do somethign for logic and reason but for irrationality, stupidity, absurdity, we dont criticize for theres something really bad hi somebody ere but just for the sake of revenge

there is mean and extremely mean but the very good confuse them for they're very binary / they cant accept mean, even slightly mean creatures / even 52 mean is too mena to them / they're so itnrasigeant / they must be right / hats curious is that if for them any quantity of mena = 100 out of 100 mean, any quantity of good isnt 100 out of 100 good / why's that / because they're strict and good isnt enough / they want creatures to be 100 good / evil even 50 out of 50, 43 out of 100, is too miuch for them, they can bear the fact anyobyd on earth is mean even sort of / even 21 / or less / they just hate mean / they like good but they want all the creatures to be like the animals : angels of saintity / they dont want any evil even one percent out of 100 / so they're not objective but lets be indulgent, this comes from good hearts / they dotn want to harm at all, on the contrary / all they wish is just goodness / thats why they confuse evil and very evil / for accoridng to those minds think that person is capabe of moking animals = that eprson is so so so so evil / no, this is exageration / that person is evil, just evil / now that person is capable of chopping off all the legs of that animal < this person is so so so so evi / yes he she is / but they put on the same line the one who mocks animals, the one who insults animals, the ones who abuse animals, the ones who kill animals / because for them when theres evil theres only evil / this is untrue / a person is not 100 percent evil isnt it ? onyl the evil one is 100 out of 100 evil / so they are too scared of evil, this repugne?? them so much, they are too sensitive to evil that they hate evryone! for everyone has a part of evil / but really everyone, eveil the one who has 10 out of 100 evi for they can see only th 10 wicked not the 90 nice / they despise evi so much and turly dont understand how can humans be so evil or even just 50 evi less than 50 evil, that they accept in their hearts nobody / they're like evilphobic or something / their goal in their lifetime : getting rid of all evil in themelves+ in everyone / they must be very week for they must have been morally abused or physycially, sexually etc they must have been mocked, treated like dirt, in order to hate evil so much so the whole world / they cant accept nobody in their lives ? absolutely nobody and live all alone as nobody is good enough for them as nobody is a saint / this is extreme, we have to accept defects , qualities isnt it ? well defects no! lets say no to defects! lets try to help as much humans as we can to get rid of their flaws , accept the falws ? oh no! liek those who think they love me the way i am < this could mean im evil and hey love my evil ways / not great / im a jerk, im a moron, im a wicked human being and people love me dont try to change me < this stinks / this philosophy is the ontrary of the philosophy of cero evi in on'es life / this is the philosohpy of lazy creatures who think its too hard to get rid of one's evil and we dont want to anyway so lets keep it and people please love us the way we are, very immoral, very evil / that is insane!!! this means those who want to be perfect in the moral are not lazy at all for this works they agree to do it even though its hard and tideous and hard / thats why those very good human creatures think what ? that wicked one who always makes fun of fat humans is now opposed to seal hunt, how come ? if you love making fun of humans, you love evil, so you should be happy humans are mrudering animals ? if you lvoe evil you just love evil / no, this is not true / the creatures who have an amount of evi who is not the total = 100 , are able to have good feelings towards their family, wishing good to their family, doing good deeds, being opposed to inhumanities / that person who aways hits others at school , innocents, is now sad for the animals who were killed bt they human mommies, daddies / what ? the evil ones are cpable of humanity ? of course for an 77 evil one is a non 100 evil one / if that evil human had been 100 evil they could nt have felt pain for the abused creatures but 77 wiked means they have 23 good so 23 no wicked / thats thanks to this 23 enabled them to have compassion for the victims of terrorism, the humans vegans inncent in jails, the animals abused for dolphin hunt etc for these 77 evil are able to hit or insult or write evil things on others houses, lockers, things, but not able to mruder, abuse, absuexe sexually, animals, humans / they're )only( able to mock or hit not to strong / so evil dont necesiraly mean inmensely evil but good ones accept nothing / they're extremely strict / in a sense its good for its amazing to be against evil / its sor are in an evil planet / a planet where almost everyone is very evil / so its an enormous quality but its also a defect no? lets not be too stric,t extremes are sucky, good extremes bad extremes : being too evil, being too good , being not strict at all, being too strict / so yeah evil humans are able to think good things, do good, deserve good, do non evil things / because theyre nastiness is not big enough to be able to wish bad to everyone or to wsh the wore, their evilness is jsu big enough to wish things that are lets say 67 mean not, 100 mean caus 100 mean would mean wishing animas& humans to be burned alive, raped, brutalized, decapitated etc    

opongamonos a las inhumanidades infrahumanidades opposons nous aux inhumanités

Judge us oh YAHWEH

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MessageSujet: Re: n lets do something to stop violence cruelty, torture injust   Dim 20 Avr - 15:42

1 april 2013

animals ar defenceless beings that cant speak for themselves , by signing petitions , fff you vvg  become their voice n be the voice of animals who need our help n signatures mean the world to the animals and the humans who are helping them , be their voice please!!!!!!!!

This tabby cat endured horrific torment for months in cruel and useless "sound localization" experiments at the University of Wisconsin-Madison (UW)—deadly experiments that have been supported by more than $3 million in tax dollars !!!
SEE BREAKING NEWS: PETA has obtained never-before-seen photos of horrific cat experiments from a lab at University of Wisconsin-Madison!( see picture at =>
-Published on Sep 12, 2012 by officialpeta
PETA reveals horrific pictures of cruelty at a UW-Madison laboratory, where a tabby cat named Double Trouble was tormented for months in a taxpayer-funded experiment before being killed and decapitated.
Experiments done at the University of Wisconsin-Madison are angering animal rights advocates. The experiments in question are being preformed on Rhesus monkeys because of their similarities to humans. In these experiments, baby monkeys are separated from their mothers right after birth and later subjected to scary tests to provoke fear and anxiety. The monkeys are then killed and dissected and their brains are studied..
Jane Velez-Mitchell moderated a first of its kind debate on maternal deprivation experiments. Eric Sandgren, Director of the Research and Animal Resources Center at University of Wisconsin-Madison and Rick Bogle of Madison, Wisconsin’s Alliance for Animals who organized a campaign to stop these experiments debated both sides of the argument. Opponents to the experiments have started a site


A Rescuer's Prayer

Now I lay me down to rest
I pray my soul can stand this test
Of watching critters lose their homes
While owners gripe and cry and moan

I long for strength of spirit and
I pray they'll find a home again
Where they will know a loving heart
I can't do much, but it's a start..

And spare me from the owner's pleas
About the baby's allergies
Or how they're moving out of state
Or spitefulness 'tween cat and mate'

Please keep me sane while dealing with
The woman who bought as a gift
A wriggling tiny ball of fluff
That now is playing way too rough

Remind me I should bite my lip
When confronted with "he grew too quick."
"I didn't know he'd get so large."
"He seems to think that he's in charge."

Protect my heart when I hear them say
"I think we'll breed our dog one day."
Sometimes I think it'll break in two;
Each day brings trials harsh and new

And if I die before I wake
I pray one hopeless soul you'll take
My tears are gone, my faith is bare
Lord, please hear my rescue prayer.

By Colleen M. Adams

"The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated." ~ Mahatma Gandhi

"We can judge the heart of a man by his treatment of animals." ~ Immanual Kant

"Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened." ~ Anatole France
quand l'homme a gouté a l'amour animal il est plus capable de les boufer

cuando el hombre a probado al amor animal no es capaz de tragarrselos mas

when man has tasted to ANIMALS love he is incapable of eating them any longer

sep 12 14

Will you stand up for the world's most abused animals?

Few horrors compare to the suffering endured by billions of individual cows, chickens, pigs, turkeys, and other animal victims on today's factory farms.
Every single one of the sensitive animals who is raised to be a burger, chop, or nugget feels pain and fear just as we do, yet they are treated without a shred of compassion by those who profit from their misery.
It doesn't have to be this way.
Thankfully, these animals have a powerful and tireless ally that is willing to do all that is humanly possible to stop such institutionalized abuse. Will you please support PETA's lifesaving work for all animals by making a generous donation right now?
No organization is working as hard on so many fronts to help animals farmed for food as PETA is. Our groundbreaking undercover investigations expose what the factory-farming and slaughter system tries to hide: Animals are denied adequate food, water, and veterinary care, are crammed so tightly together that they can't stretch a single wing or even turn around, are mutilated without being given pain relief, and are even denied a merciful death when they experience terrible suffering as a result of an illness or injury. Our work has led to sweeping reforms that are reducing some of the worst factory-farm practices and has resulted in the U.S.' first-ever convictions of factory-farm workers on animal abuse charges. But we must do much more!
Our expert negotiations and shareholder resolutions are helping to revolutionize the treatment of animals who are slaughtered for the world's largest fast-food restaurants and supermarket chains.
Our eye-opening demonstrations, celebrity campaigns, and widely distributed educational materials have let millions of people know that the surest way to end factory-farming abuse is to adopt a healthy, animal-friendly vegan diet.Please support our work for all animals today. Your gift of $25, $50, or more will make a difference in our work to alleviate the suffering of all exploited and abused animals around the world, including those who are abused on factory farms and in slaughterhouses.
The end results of PETA's efforts cannot be understated. As much as we'd like the whole world to stop eating animals, we know that we must also work to reduce the pain and suffering of those animals who are destined to be killed for their flesh. Our vital work in that regard has already helped vast numbers of animals unlucky enough to be thought of as nothing more than a burger on the hoof. We are truly making the world a more compassionate place for animals.
But for every animal we've helped save from abuse, many more are experiencing pain and fear right now on factory farms and in slaughterhouses. It is for them and all animals that PETA is working nonstop, and our campaigns are bringing about huge changes. We cannot strengthen our efforts without the support of caring friends like you. Will you please help today by making a gift to PETA right now?
Together, we can stop even the worst abuses in the business and make life better for factory-farmed animals.

There is no more powerful advocate for animals who are right now being abused, confined, and killed on factory farms than PETA. Please help us do even more for all animals by making a tax-deductible gift today.

Psalm 119:49-64: The psalmist expounds upon the comfort and safety that can be found in God’s Law. The fairness of God’s Law means that they serve to establish justice. Obeying God’s teachings brings protection, wisdom, and happiness. Psalm 119:57 You are all I want, O GOD ; I promise to obey your laws. Remember your promise to me, your servant; it has given me hope. 50 Even in my suffering I was comforted because your promise gave me life. 51 The proud are always scornful of me, but I have not departed from your law. 52 I remember your judgments of long ago, and they bring me comfort, O LORD. 53 When I see the wicked breaking your law, I am filled with anger. 54 During my brief earthly life I compose songs about your commands. 55 In the night I remember you, LORD, and I think about your law. 56 I find my happiness in obeying your commands. 57 You are all I want, O LORD; I promise to obey your laws. 58 I ask you with all my heart to have mercy on me, as you have promised! 59 I have considered my conduct, and I promise to follow your instructions. 60 Without delay I hurry to obey your commands. 61 The wicked have laid a trap for me, but I do not forget your law. 62 In the middle of the night I wake up to praise you for your righteous judgments. 63 I am a friend of all who serve you, of all who obey your laws. 64LORD, the earth is full of your constant love; teach me your commandments.  


What brings the psalmist hope and comfort? How does the psalmist respond to those who reject God’s Law? How does the psalmist express devotion to the Law of the LORD? In what ways do you demonstrate your devotion to God’s laws?


You, Lord, are my choice, and I will obey you. Thank you for the ways in which you have blessed me. Your promises are my source of hope and comfort. Amen.

Prayer Concern

Lawyers and judges who seek just interpretation of laws


Psalm 119:65-80 (Good News Translation)

God’s Word: Filling Us With God’s Wisdom


Psalm 119:65-80: As stated earlier in verse 14, the psalmist again refers to God’s law as more valuable than money (verse 72) and that God’s judgments are righteous (verse 75).

Today’s Scripture: Psalm 119:65

You have kept your promise, LORD, and you are good to me, your servant.

Today’s Reading

65 You have kept your promise, LORD, and you are good to me, your servant. 66 Give me wisdom and knowledge, because I trust in your commands. 67 Before you punished me, I used to go wrong, but now I obey your word. 68 How good you are—how kind! Teach me your commands. 69 The proud have told lies about me, but with all my heart I obey your instructions. 70 They have no understanding, but I find pleasure in your law. 71 My punishment was good for me, because it made me learn your commands. 72 The law that you gave means more to me than all the money in the world. 73 You created me, and you keep me safe; give me understanding, so that I may learn your laws. 74 Those who honor you will be glad when they see me, because I trust in your promise. 75 I know that your judgments are righteous, LORD, and that you punished me because you are faithful. 76 Let your constant love comfort me, as you have promised me, your servant. 77 Have mercy on me, and I will live because I take pleasure in your law. 78 May the proud be ashamed for falsely accusing me; as for me, I will meditate on your instructions. 79 May those who honor you come to me— all those who know your commands. 80 May I perfectly obey your commandments and be spared the shame of defeat.  


Today’s reading opens with the psalmist acknowledging God’s kindness as well as punishment from God. Why does the psalmist say that “punishment was good” (verse 71)? In what ways have you learned to be obedient to the Lord?


Lord God, I trust in your commands and in your righteous judgments. Give me wisdom to grow each day in my knowledge of you. Amen.

Prayer Concern

Those engaged in Bible study

Psalm 119:81-96 (Good News Translation)

God’s Word: Filling Us With God’s Wisdom


Psalm 119:81-96: This passage begins to suggest that the psalmist is suffering deeply. Proud people seek to entrap him; yet, he trusts in God’s Word. While expressing a sense of impatience for the Lord’s help, he also attests to God’s faithfulness.

Today’s Scripture: Psalm 119:89

Your word, O YAHWH, will last forever; it is eternal in heaven.

Today’s Reading

I am worn out, YAHWEH, waiting for you to save me; I place my trust in your word. My eyes are tired from watching for what you promised, while I ask, “When will you help me?” I am as useless as a discarded wineskin; yet I have not forgotten your commands. How much longer must I wait? When will you punish those who persecute me? The proud, who do not obey your law, have dug pits to trap me. Your commandments are all trustworthy; people persecute me with lies—help me! They have almost succeeded in killing me, but I have not neglected your commands. 88 Because of your constant love be good to me, so that I may obey your laws. 89 Your word, O LORD, will last forever; it is eternal in heaven. 90 Your faithfulness endures through all the ages; you have set the earth in place, and it remains. 91 All things remain to this day because of your command, because they are all your servants. 92 If your law had not been the source of my joy, I would have died from my sufferings. 93 I will never neglect your instructions, because by them you have kept me alive. 94 I am yours—save me! I have tried to obey your commands. 95 The wicked are waiting to kill me, but I will meditate on your laws. 96 I have learned that everything has limits; but your commandment is perfect.  


Today’s passage reflects a tension between the psalmist’s trust in God’s promises and his desire for immediate relief from suffering. He is open with God about his struggles, expressing his frustration and begging for relief. How is it an act of faith to share this kind of frustration with God? Do you believe God hears and cares about your pain even if God doesn’t respond in the way you desire? Why or why not?


Lord, you are eternal! Your Word will last as long as the heavens. You remain faithful in every generation, and the earth you created will keep standing firm. Hear my cries for help, and root me in your Word that I may to stand firm in your promises. Amen.

Prayer Concern

Those who are suffering

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MessageSujet: Re: n lets do something to stop violence cruelty, torture injust   Dim 20 Avr - 15:59

20 JAN 2014

Can you take a moment to share the petition with others ? all you need to do is forward this email or click these links $ can you add you name to these petitions please $ This campaign means a lot to all the non human animals who're on earth and some vegan humans of earth and the more support we can get behind it ,the better chance we have of succeeding . You can sign the petition here

please share the campaign by forwarding the email below $ please share on facebook and twitter $ Thanks for getting involved ù

The more humans who get behind these issues, the more likely it is that decision makers will pay attention. Every name added to the petitions take them one step closer to succeeding.

Can you help spread the word about the campaign by sharing it with all your virtual acquaintances and all your acquaintances ? Copy paste to share the petition on myspace facebook twitter

let's make a peace vegan environmentalist respect for all revolution

may 13 14

1 MARCH 2014

earth in action !

As a concerned citizen, I am calling for a ban on the brutal treatment and killing of animals in China - The way they are treated and killed is outrageous and unethical. They are deprived of their skin when still alive, subjected to unimaginable pain. They are beaten, electrically shocked, cooked alive... - these are just a few of the barbaric methods of treatment these innocent animals endure. Even before all these processes take place, they are squeezed together into small cages and inhumanely transported to these places of "torture" - journeys which can lasts up to several hours without food or water. We call on the Chinese Government to ban the killing and brutal treatment of animals in this outrageous and inhumane manner, and for the introduction of animal rights.

c'est de l'égoïsme pur
24,356 signers. Let's reach 30,000
Why this is important to me

(...) A worker makes a small incision in the back of the animal, then he methodically clears the skin. The skinning process takes about a minute, and during this time the employee actively keeps the animal alive because they believe it is easier to skin the animal when it is still warm and the blood runs in his veins. But here the nightmare does not end. The final stage of this unspeakable horror is to put the animal on top of the stack formed of his dying friends, where he dies slowly, unable to withstand the pain. In other cases, where the animal's fur is not needed (mostly cat), they are thrown into a bag and then cooked alive in a barrel of boiling water. (...)
The text above is one of the many cruel processes in China that animals experience every day.

Here are some more examples of the cruelty faced by animals in China:

Dogs & cats: are boiled, stabbed, drowned, bludgeoned, strangled, poisoned, hanged, and electrocuted...experiencing unbearable pain as their legs are routinely broken while trussed up and hung in local markets for human consumption, or skinned alive and cast off like garbage, for the despicable fur trade.

Dogs (both owned and stray) are relentlessly hunted down by 'police authorized' roving mobs and savagely beaten to death by the hundreds of thousands, in the name of 'rabies' control.

Bears: suffer a lifetime of excruciating pain as they are surgically mutilated and milked each day for their gall bile. Their paws taken as delicacies for the Chinese restaurant trade or ground into powdered 'medicines'. The use of bear parts supplying the traditional Chinese medicine trade and exotic meat market is the major reason why bear species are declining around the world. Endangered species of bears are fast becoming extinct.

Rhinos: both Black & White, are butchered for their horns and are now highly endangered. Over 70-100 million sharks PER YEAR are 'finned' and their carcasses dumped into the sea, to accommodate Chinese' growing taste for shark fin soup.20 million turtles are devoured in China EACH YEAR. Slaughtered alive & fully conscious; their heads are decapitated and crushed...even after a turtle's head is detached from its body, if not crushed properly, destroying the brain, it can survive up to ONE HOUR in agonizing torment. Two thirds of the world's turtles are now threatened with extinction.

Elephants: TONS of elephant tusks are carved into ivory trinkets - their feet hacked off for stools and coffee table legs.

Animals are used as "dried" ingredients in traditional Chinese medicines and killed in the billions - tiger parts, crocodile bile, deer musk, sea horses, lizards, sea cucumbers, powdered antlers, dog penis, pangolin (scaly anteaters), only to name a few on a seemingly unending list. ALL are considered no more than 'products' to be abused and murdered in the most monstrous ways possible, even if it means permanently wiping many of these species from the face of the planet in order to fulfill often frivolous, antiquated and selfish needs.

Seals: China's role in the single, largest mass butchery of marine mammals on Earth, the annual Canadian seal slaughter, [which has taken over 1.25 million innocent lives in the last 3 years, alone, happens in part, so that dried seal penises can be turned into aphrodisiacs to "theoretically" increase the libidos of elderly men engaging in sex with Asian girls as young as 7 years old.

Zoo slaughter: Live domestic pets, as well as cows and chickens, are fed to lions and tigers for the "entertainment" of visitors at Chinese zoos. Zoo officials encourage guests to buy domestic animals on the premises, and feed them to the carnivores through special vending flaps fitted onto tourist buses...allowing individuals to throw chickens and other FULLY CONSCIOUS animals to the waiting predators.

earth lets act all together

please thanks share, sign, wherever , tell thsoe who got computers to go to sign or if they're close to you show them if they ain't got email so the sign on that computer . send them by email so that they sign, put this everywhere on the internet thanks

We will get justice for helplesses non human angels that was tortured and killed. their deaths will not be in vain.

takes pride in holding the highest ethical standards for ourselves

let us take a serious step toward fighting modern slavery on earth !

needs to hear from as many creatures as possible ; after you've taken action, will you take a moment and forward this email to all of your contacts ? Thank you in advance for your help.

lets take a stand against animal and human slavery ! we dont support slavery ! stop supporting slavery !

when you expect more ask why you pay less

governments of earth end the enslavement of your animal people and human people now ! !!


God’s Word: Filling Us With God’s Wisdom


Matthew 6:19-34: Jesus describes what a life of discipleship entails – trusting in God rather than seeking to acquire wealth. Jesus reminds his followers that they are always in God’s tender care.

Today’s Scripture: Matthew 6:20, 21

“Store up riches for yourselves in heaven, where moths and rust cannot destroy, and robbers cannot break in and steal. For your heart will always be where your riches are.”

Today’s Reading

19 Do not store up riches for yourselves here on earth, where moths and rust destroy, and robbers break in and steal. 20 Instead, store up riches for yourselves in heaven, where moths and rust cannot destroy, and robbers cannot break in and steal. 21 For your heart will always be where your riches are. 22 The eyes are like a lamp for the body. If your eyes are sound, your whole body will be full of light; 23 but if your eyes are no good, your body will be in darkness. So if the light in you is darkness, how terribly dark it will be! 24 You cannot be a slave of two masters; you will hate one and love the other; you will be loyal to one and despise the other. You cannot serve both God and money. 25 This is why I tell you: do not be worried about the food and drink you need in order to stay alive, or about clothes for your body. After all, isn't life worth more than food? And isn't the body worth more than clothes? 26 Look at the birds: they do not plant seeds, gather a harvest and put it in barns; yet your Father in heaven takes care of them! Aren't you worth much more than birds? 27 Can any of you live a bit longer by worrying about it? 28 And why worry about clothes? Look how the wild flowers grow: they do not work or make clothes for themselves. 29 But I tell you that not even King Solomon with all his wealth had clothes as beautiful as one of these flowers. 30 It is God who clothes the wild grass—grass that is here today and gone tomorrow, burned up in the oven. Won't he be all the more sure to clothe you? What little faith you have! 31 So do not start worrying: “Where will my food come from? or my drink? or my clothes?” 32 (These are the things the pagans are always concerned about.) Your Father in heaven knows that you need all these things. 33 Instead, be concerned above everything else with the Kingdom of God and with what he requires of you, and he will provide you with all these other things. 34 So do not worry about tomorrow; it will have enough worries of its own. There is no need to add to the troubles each day brings.  


Reread verses 25-34. Are there things you worry about or are anxious about? Do you find what Jesus teaches to be comforting? Why or why not? How do Jesus’ teachings in this entire passage shape your identity as a disciple or follower of Jesus?


Gracious God, you call me to trust and depend on you. My identity comes through my relationship with you and not on any status that is based on material gain. May I seek after your Kingdom first, trusting in your love and care. Amen.

Prayer Concern

Loan officers serving in financial institutions

We are graduating from diabolica crime school when we sin towards our animal brethrens, towards all our brethrens

please share these videos with everyone

So you say you LOVE animals? So you say you LOVE animals? Did you know they are tortured and die for YOU? If you use household products and toiletries, as most of us do, then you need to know how these products are tested! And we aren't just talking about mice here! Do y ...ou smoke? Do you take medications? Do you use cosme...

cheer up brothers live in the sunshine

many urgent petitions need your help

Killing me for fun won't make you more of a man, but it will make you less of a human being

AUGUST 2 2013


[color=#222222][font=arial, sans-serif]Hello everybody. Please sign and share the petition with all your contacts . Please put it in all the internet places you go like facebook , twitter , blogs, forums , private messages , chats , emails , skype , all the facebooks of your contacts , etc . Thanks . Please copy paste the whole email please when sending it to everybody you know .  ' To all those who receive this : Please send this to all your contacts and copy paste this sentence so they can send it too to all their contacts ect . Thanks
Multiply Your Impact

Turn your signature into dozens more by sharing this petition and recruiting people you know to sign.
Cruel traditions based on superstition and culture, at the expense of innocent and suffering animals, can no longer be tolerated.
For the Dong Festival, the villages of the Guangxi Zhuang region practice hoisting bulls up trees and leaving them there until they die. These animals suffer a very slow, agonizing, and terror-filled death while villagers and tourists ,children snap photos and laugh it up.

billy rae cyrus said= relates an anecdote about how the Cyrus clan—fresh from a group baptism in their wholesome hometown of Franklin, Tennessee—arrived in Hollywood and immediately

how blessed we are to be chrsitians in the cathoic church

came across a sign on the Los Angeles freeway that read, “ADOPT-A-HIGHWAY, ATHEISTS UNITED.” In Cyrus’ words, it was “a physical sign. It could have easily said 'You will now be attacked by Satan.' 'Entering this industry, you are now on the highway to darkness.’” As to whether he thinks that means his family is now under the crooked thumb of Old Scratch himself, Cyrus says, “I think we are right now. No doubt. There's no doubt about it,” adding, “There has always been a battle between good and evil.” among those apparently to blame for bringing the devil into their lives: David Lynch, who cast Billy Ray in Mulholland Drive, thereby landing him a part in the medical drama Doc where Miley first honed her acting skills, and thus setting them on the path that would lead them forever astray. “Were it not for David Lynch,” Cyrus avers, “Miley never would have been Hannah Montana.” In a interview Billy Ray Cyrus says "there's no doubt" that his family is under attack from Satan. The devil's instrument of torture: Hannah Montana. "I'll tell you right now, that damn show destroyed my family." Before the Cyruses moved to L.A., they had a group baptism in Tennessee. But the devil attacked as soon as his brood arrived at the Los Angeles city limits, when Miley pointed to a sign: ADOPT-A-HIGHWAY: ATHEISTS UNITED. "A physical sign. It could have easily said 'You will now be attacked by Satan. Entering this industry, you are now on the highway to darkness.I'm scared for her. She's got a lot of people around her that's putting her in a great deal of danger." He compares Miley to Kurt Cobain, Michael Jackson, and Anna Nicole Smith

a world that doesnt care about YAHWEH and His children animals , nature, children humans

lets be charitable to others = fellow brethrens = nature, the animal speicies , humankind

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MessageSujet: Re: n lets do something to stop violence cruelty, torture injust   Dim 20 Avr - 16:12

sur tout les lieu de la terre tout les endroit tout les point tout endroit toutes les parties de la terre du globe monde globe terrestre panete de YAHVE terre

oc 28 14 lets seek Your holy face YAHWEH b we judge YOU GOD B we sin by this !!! You're the one who should judge us , not the other way round I we criticize You, saying e dont like YOu, Your laws, dont wanna worship You, dont liek Your decisions of You sending us to hell K we have no rgiht us non wise, brainless, cruel, evil siners I We have no right to judge YOU or You're perfecte GOD I YOU should be the one who must jduge us because we are not perfect, we are retarded monstruous sinners I YOU mus critie us all You wish, we msut not criticie YOU at all I it's terrible

MFEB 10 2014

GOD bless all the vets theyre saints for animals all those vets who aint corrupted because they dont ill treat kill and let die the animals but love respect and do this "job" not as a job but as a dream they had when they were little of saving all the animals ù thoe vets bless them , give them hapine, health of mind & body, they truly deerve it they deserve medal for all the lives they savd ù theyre the heroes of vegans and of all the animals ù thanks for making them because YOU made so many retards useless left brained "humans" o cruel we dont udnerstand why you even made them in the first place but in the other hand the true opposite is the vegans & vets, all the ones its ibovus why YOU made them YAHWEH : thee are the other way around of retard, theyre "geniuses" of ethics, behavior, ideas,actions,mind as they act they are against pasivity : they got great ideas of how to make great lives instead of loving being evil, they love to help others instead of like almost all of the other inhabitants of earth who wish to do nothing to help animals : vets and vegans are so much btter because they got strategy in their minds to do the most effective stuff in their time on earth and the most helpful and intelligent stuff : they got good brains and kno ho to use them and use them so theyre really orth it to exist ù thats amazing YOU made them ù but all of these pieces of garbage YOU made how come if YOU knew they were gonna turn out that way ù theyre alays doing stupidites like abusign animals, humans, doing evil stuff , thinking like retards they cant even use rtheir minds right * YOU love them ??? unbelievable please give the longest lives to all the animakls, the best health, the hapiness and thanks so much for making them ho they ar,e philanthropists, saviors * they really know hwhats stupid, useless and hats improtant as they choosed to do the best stuff one could ever think of and not even as a spare time hobby but for their whole lives wish is saving lives : thats amazing : others choose to work in whatever just for the money : they did that as a mission they had since they could think & talk : thats so cool thats how we see right and left brained creatures : those ho liek what examples to give ? like doing sayign thinking stupidites are confined into their stupid world and stupid mentality so do more evil than those right brainded vegans ecoloists human rights defenders who wish to do only smart stuff and kind stuff : in their free time , in their work time, all the time if they could : of course many of those we call names according to some , are useless and theyre perfectly right, never should ve existed but instead that would have been awesome if GOD YOU had made more like vegans & vets those who got way better hearts and souls and intelligence than those who wanna do bad stuff : for isntance while some wanan do echangisme??? watch porn movies, eat junk food and become obese others wanna rescue beaen, abused animals, in farms, at the homes of their human parents ect while some are hunting, raping animals, working in slaughterhouses, others are operating animals who could die if they didnt receive the surgery etc

our earth existances shouldbt be all about cell phones, comps , sex , fun , tv but YAHWEH

MARCH 21 2014

Aurélie, would you believe that one little rescued battery hen could have five of Australia's top funny men swooning?

Watch this 2 minute video to see for yourself.

Behind the scenes, Carl Barron

Meet the ex-battery hen who has taken to the telly with some of Australia's most loved comedians for our new campaign. Already we have freed over 100,000 hens from cages. Will you help us make the battery cage history?

Thanks for being awesome!

PHow good does it feel to show kindness Scroll down for 4 ways to keep that buzz alive!

Help save our marine life. Stop them dumping on our reef!

Help free more animals from cages by taking a stand against circus cruelty!

Join our Action Team and be the first to hear about ways to help animals!


no to the fire bull ! levae the bulls alone and respect them !
Is Romania falling into primitivism ?
Posted by Mira Pantazopol Iordanescu (campaign leader)

PLEASE SIGN the petition and SHARE.Thank you...Thank you !!!!!!!!!!! YOU give so much hope to the voiceless and all good people

please join this magnificent voice for animals on facebook : Occupy for Animals

" Imagine if you will looking deep into a bottomless, dark Pit of Death with the knowledge that slowly but progressively, corpse will be heaped upon corpse until the pit becomes a mountain.

The pit exists! It is in the broken land called Romania where a Government will address their historic abject failures by 'exterminating' the entire population of homeless animals.

We stand this day as fellow human beings bound together by a shared compassion and sense of justice. Of such are made the building blocks of civilisation. Today is one of those mercifully rare moments in history where species separation is determined by the abuse of power of a handful of individuals.Species separation has been historically determined by Man.

From the religious concept of 'soul' through Immanuel kant's 'autonomous abilities'. But when the definition seeking is over and all the books are closed, differentiation melts into the loving warmth expressed between a child and his companion, between those who are lonely and their best friend and the family of five who know that really they are six.

But another agenda now appears. A slaughter without precedent! An animal holocaust! Many hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions of potential victims across a country.

A land where the cold mist of death will drift through every highway, every alleyway and carry away to destruction, all innocence consigned by ineptitude and corruption, to live on the streets.Is this horrific enough?Is this ill-conceived enough? Is this divisive enough? Millions of animal lovers will seek to protect their own animals or the animals they 'protect' on the streets.

Millions! Half a country will seek to defend and protect and the other half will seek to aggress.How strongly this will be enacted, will determine Romania's future.

Violence against persons is already prevalent. Should licence be given by the Constitutional Court then there will be neighbor against neighbor... and history has taught the lesson of violence and destruction in a country divided!NOW is the moment which comes but once in a lifetime.

A moment when YOU can change the future for those in a distant land. Fellow creatures, both human and animal now plead with the outside world to help them. YOUR signature can help prevent an 'extermination' program across a country. By signing you can help to stop the pain which will flow across this land like a river. With your signature, threats and violence can be removed.

the world can now show a forlorn, hapless governing body how civilization has really been built... on the foundations of compassion and justice for all!Thank you!PLEASE SIGN NOW! Tomorrow may be too late example of "Romanian style euthanasia"  In this video the Romanian president Basescu, at that time mayor of Bucharest, said about the stray dogs: "We will take care of them like if they were our children."

please get involved

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MessageSujet: Re: n lets do something to stop violence cruelty, torture injust   Dim 20 Avr - 16:27

june 16 2014

One more way you can stop animals from deaths

Thank you for helping end animal suffering. Your signatures are all being delivered to the earths Parliament.Will you help spread the word about this petition so possums, rats and other animals do not have to die painful deaths?Please forward the email below or click here to share on Facebook and Twitter.Thanks for your support.

Possums, rats, deer, wild pigs, rabbits: These are just some of the animals that have been killed by helicopter drops of lethal 1080 (sodium fluoroacetate) poison bait in New Zealand. We need to stop the unnecessary suffering of so many animals now. I just signed a petition asking the New Zealand government to stop the poison drops. Will you sign too? Here's a link to the petition:

Thank you.

let us be concerned for others, for the hungry non humans + humans

helping those in need, those with mental illness, those with depression, those who self harm, those who are less fortunate, those who self harm, whoever who needs help

thank you for being the voice for those who have no voice

lets they take a stand for

the earth , animals are worht protecting

We need to stop the destruction of the earth before there's no earth left to protect, and we can help.

the arth should be protected.

Thanks for your continued support

Thank you for taking action and calling on Yemeni President Abd Rabbuh Mansur Hadi to end Forced Child Marriage.

By signing your name, you’re speaking up for the victims who have been robbed of their voice.  
Forced ? can be stopped. Do you have a moment to forward this on to your contacts and ensure the governments takes notice? together, we can be part of the generation to end modern slavery forever.

pour continuer le combat les animaux ont besoin de vous

Thanks to your signatures, animals are now one step closer in helping to stop animal cruelty
Please forward the email below and share on the itnernet on webistes, wherever , facebook forums, twitter

every signature counts because every signature maybe not alone but all together in total are really helping to be one step closer in the delivrance of animals from martyr and calvary !!! asis e dice ?? please when you see a cruelty in a grocery store or wherever write to the store to show your revolt because if not one single beinb but many do this, they might stop producting and commercializing this inhumanity like foie gras so please dont be afraid or dont not do so because whatever reason, do it please im begging you !!! if you dont do that and all the others who wanted to also dont do that, all the aniamls'll die !!! we shouldnt be afraid of acting , we msut not stop before action we msut act !!! why being scared ? theres nothign wrong in protesting against animal cruelty : if you dot when you could have GOD You are ging to be disappointed : this menas so much this means you guys could have saved them and didnt saved them so its means youre cruel !!!!

any PERSON /so called HUMAN

reply mentally

MAY 30 14
"A rightous man cares for the needs of his animal, but the kindest act of the wicked are cruel" Proverbs 12:10.

this makes me cry, if I only could send you the love in my heart little dog, I'm ashame to be a human.

humans who beat animals got a really big problem in their brains

Our motto is we will not let the devil have any soul if we can prevent it, through prayer sacrifice and pain. I will fight the devil tooth and nail till I take my last breath and then fight him from heaven for souls here on earth.

Huge clothing retailer, H&M, ceased production of all its angora products last week, in response to horrific video footage released by PETA that shows rabbits screaming in pain as their fur is torn off at angora farms in China. Sadly, Zara is refusing to do the same -- at the time of writing, there are still 47 angora items for sale on the Zara website.

Workers in China were secretly filmed by PETA, plucking angora rabbits of all their long, soft fur while they scream. Plucking a rabbit without causing harm takes up to two weeks of gently removing the loosened hair, but here it takes only a few, violent minutes.

After this tortuous experience, which the rabbits endure every three months, many of them appeared to go into shock, lying motionless inside their tiny, filthy cages.

Sign the petition now to tell companies of earth to stop production of its angora products immediately.

june 4 14

free the animals empty cages worldwide!
[left]cest ca le changement, cest ca les réforme que la planete doit faire

prayer to turn from sin

Father, Your Love never fails. Keep me from danger and provide for all animals and humans in this planet's needs. Teach us to be thankful for Your Gifts. Confident in Your Love, may we be holy by sharing Your Life, and grant us forgiveness of our sins. May Your unfailing Love turn us from sin and keep us on the way that leads to You. Help us to grow in Christian love.

animals deserve to live . Stop animal cuelty .

is a worldwide movement of people  working together

Please share a reason why others should support this campaign and ask humans and supporters to sign with you.

Millions of children are dying for lack of clean water. We can't let Nestlé steal what little they have. Thanks for making your voices heard,

la meilleure facon de rpoteger les animaux marin et de ferme consommé par les homme est d'introduire une prohibition sur la vente d'animaux soit disant nourriture

forever in our hearts, sleep our sweet babies

God Bless all animals, especially the abused ones by humans, God help mankind to be there for them " always do the best you can for all animals. We are all they have to depend upon.

Thank you vegans, you are earth angels

please share widely

please campaign against

The most effective way to protect sea & farm animals from cruelty is to stop the demand for animals as food for the humankind & with a sales ban.

Thank you for taking a moment to speak up for animals! Please help us to spread the word by using the form below to send this important campaign to your friends.

Share this on Facebook! Click here to ask your facebook friends to join you in taking action today!
Share on Facebook Retweet this campaign: Help ban the sale of shark fins in Australia - TAKE

Send to FriendsSend to Friends! Click here to e-mail your friends right now!

Support this campaign
Thanks for adding your voice! If you'd like to help even more, here are some other powerful things you can do to help right now:

Shark Fin Soup can still be found in restaurants here in Australia. Please never order this cruel dish and if you see it on a menu, please explain encourage the waiter/manager to remove it from their menu.
No animals deserve to suffer in order to put food on our table. Tragically, from factory farms to slaughterhouses, human food production is responsible for the most widespread industrialised animal abuse in the country. The key to change is in our hands. Click here to learn how to make a difference for animals every time you shop.

The demand for shark fins has created a cruel and devastating industry. ANIMALS urgently need your help to protect them from cruelty and extinction.

june 25 2014

Stop Killing Stray Dogs at World Cup

The Brazilian government is killing stray dogs in an effort to clean up the streets during the World Cup. Demand Brazil utilize more humane alternatives such as implementing a stray dog sterilization program. Stop the killing of stray dogs for the World Cup.

WHY is it essential respect animals

vegans have such great respect animals

au 18 14
Animal behaviorist and biologist Bekoff follows his most recent in-depth work, The Emotional Life of Animals, with another well-written, more generalist argument for responsible behavior toward animals of all kinds. A revised and updated edition of his 2000 Strolling with Our Kin, an introduction for young readers to ethical issues relating to the use of animals, the writing still feels aimed at younger readers, but the new elements include an excellent review of current debates regarding animal sentience, animal relocation efforts and medical school dissection and vivisection. He also offers the evidence that "zoos actually do little to increase biodiversity," failing both to advocate for conservation and in their attempts to reintroduce captive animals into the wild. This levelheaded brief for animal rights deserves to be read by people of all ages, from teens and 20-somethings turned on to animal activism by vegetarian pop stars like Moby, to parents, teachers and other adults with the hope that they will "make more responsible decisions after reading this book and discussing the issues with family and friends.People who want to end animal exploitation sometimes are accused of being unscientific and uninformed. Marc Bekoff's Animals Matter is (and for a long time will remain) the gold standard when it comes to offering a scientific, informed response to these reckless charges. As Bekoff demonstrates, a scientifically informed understanding of who animals are supports their liberation from the hands of human tyranny."—Tom Regan, author of The Case for Animal Rights and Empty Cages

"Marc Bekoff is the wisest scientist I know, for he is the only expert who truly loves animals in the way that children are able to love animals, with all his heart. Listen to him. Read this book, give it to friends, celebrate this wonderful event."—Jeffrey Moussaieff Masson, author of Altruistic Armadillos, Zenlike Zebras

"It's not every day that a world-class scientist tries to explain his ideas to a general audience. Marc Bekoff not only helps us to understand nature and animals, but also shows us how to love them."—Dale Jamieson, author of Ethics and the Environment

may 16 2014

stop Groupon From Promoting Cruel Animal Shows

Ringling Beats Animals
When PETA found out that Groupon is promoting abusive animal circuses, we politely requested that the company stop. But our requests were ignored, so we bought shares in Groupon in order to push the company to break ties with animal abusers, and we will be holding a protest outside the company's annual meeting next week to demonstrate the public outrage surrounding this issue. If you want to add your voice to the cause, you can urge Groupon to end these promotions once and for all. act now

Chrissie Hynde illumianti vegan ? wrote a song about relashionsps with their dogs

may 16 2014

The Shocking Truth About Lobster Season
Last year, PETA released startling undercover footage showing live lobsters and crabs as they were torn apart at Linda Bean's Maine Lobster. Almost 70,000 people took action and told Linda Bean to stop, but so far they have refused to switch to less cruel practices. As this recent story about a lobster in Ontario, Canada, demonstrates, lobsters are thinking, feeling animals. With lobster season starting, please speak up against Linda Bean and spread the word on social media.
spread the word
urgent: As Temperatures Rise, Remember That Hot Cars Kill

Hot Cars Kill
Some parts of the country have already experienced record-high temperatures this week, which is why it is so critical to never leave dogs in cars. Even on a 78-degree day, the temperature inside a parked car can soar to between 100 and 120 degrees in a matter of minutes. Check out this video with steamy Italian model Elisabetta Canalis and then learn what to do.

air france: End Cruel Trade

Cruel Trade Air France is the last remaining passenger airline that continues to ship monkeys to laboratories for use in invasive and deadly experiments. This week, world-renowned primate expert Dr. Jane Goodall wrote an e-mail to Air France explaining what life is like for monkeys in the wild and asking the airline to stop depriving the animals of this experience.
SPEAK UP Help Expose Cruelty and Abuse Our eyewitness investigations expose the extreme cruelty that pigs, cats, dogs, horses, and other animals endure behind closed doors. Your monthly gift will support our critical work, helping us bring abusers to justice and save animals in need I join today

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MessageSujet: Re: n lets do something to stop violence cruelty, torture injust   Dim 20 Avr - 16:29

thank you for taking action! Now spread the word to friends and family

we behave as Your enemies GOD , adn of the earth and of the ANIMALS angels U les stop being Your enemies YAHWEH I we must stop opposing YOU i we msut agree with YOU always I by doing everythign YOU ask not to do, mruder, rape, warsm, terrorism, satanism, etc sinning, we act not as those who love YOu but those who hate and desdain YOU and mock YOU I please forgive us almighty YAHWEH

[email=?subject=I%20wanted%20you%20to%20hear%20about%20this&body=Friend,%0A%0AThis%20was%20so%20ridiculous%20that%20I%20had%20to%20share,%20and%20I%20hope%20that%20you%20will%20help%20me%20fight%20it.%0A%0ANigella%20sativa%20--%20more%20commonly%20known%20as%20fennel%20flower%20--%20has%20been%20used%20as%20a%20cure-all%20remedy%20for%20over%20a%20thousand%20years.%20It%20treats%20everything%20from%20vomiting%20to%20fevers%20to%20skin%20diseases,%20and%20has%20been%20widely%20available%20in%20impoverished%20communities%20across%20the%20Middle%20East%20and%20Asia.%20But%20now%20Nestl%C3%A9%20is%20claiming%20to%20own%20it,%20and%20trying%20take%20control%20over%20the%20natural%20cure%20of%20the%20fennel%20flower%20in%20order%20to%20turn%20it%20into%20a%20costly%20private%20drug.%20%0A%0APlease%20join%20me%20in%20telling%20Nestl%C3%A9%20to%20stop%20trying%20to%20patent%20this%20natural%20cure.%20]Click here to share this campaign with your friends.[/email]

[quote][size=14][color=#555555][font=myriad-pro, 'Myriad Pro', Myriad, Arial, sans-serif]Friends,

This was so ridiculous that I had to share, and I hope that you will help me fight it.

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MessageSujet: Re: n lets do something to stop violence cruelty, torture injust   Dim 20 Avr - 16:30

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MessageSujet: Re: n lets do something to stop violence cruelty, torture injust   Ven 31 Oct - 21:11

october 31 14
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MessageSujet: Re: n lets do something to stop violence cruelty, torture injust   Lun 29 Déc - 6:17

Read more:
ee no 8 14
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MessageSujet: Re: n lets do something to stop violence cruelty, torture injust   

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n lets do something to stop violence cruelty, torture injust
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